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Coherence Indicators



Current Moon


Current sunspots from


  solar activity

Solar flare activity affecting earth.
Unsettled = easier insertion of negative probable future


Solar X-Ray Flux Intensity (archive)
When blue graph is above dotted line = disruptive



gray = new moon window, oversensitivity and dissaffection
red = full moon window, overreactivity and crazyness
purple = quarter moon window, minor tension

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Sunspots in red box = window of negativity
Reflective of holes in realm boundaries



Where we are in the sunspot cycle.


Magnetometers at various facilities
Indicates disturbances in the earth's magnetic field



Total Electron Count in Ionosphere



Recent earthquakes around the world



current weather
US weather map
Storms in low pressure zones = unstable realm conditions


Astrological alignments
Squares, oppositions = potential friction


Astro forecast from


Monday, 21 Apr 2014 08:07:56 GMT
Current Astro Chart