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Your waking experiences communicate to you symbolic messages in much the same way as dreams do. After all, there is no difference between dreams and reality other than how individual or collective is the consciousness projecting it. Ultimately, both are just made of thought.

So it is useful to pay attention to things that catch your attention as you go about your day. Here I’m talking about things that stand out from the background noise of routine and statistical average. Signs, omens, synchronicities, coincidences, improbabilities — these can be very subtle or maybe not so subtle… it depends on how stubbornly rational you are. One part of your mind may think “that’s a bit odd” and the other part says “forget about it, it was nothing” and you forget about it as though it were nothing.

But if you only practice “reading” reality as though you were interpreting a dream, then you have an additional dimension of information at your service. Just as weathermen take measurements to predict the weather, so can you measure your reality to identify patterns molding the future. Just keep an open mind and don’t dismiss improbabilities when they smack you in the face.

I must point out that there is danger in perceiving such clues or symbols as absolutely reliable indicators. The future is always in flux and changes in response to our awareness. We may experience symbolic synchronistic precursors (omens) prior to something that can nonetheless fail to manifest if we alter course based on our prescience. And to have blind faith in the accuracy of synchronistic clues makes you vulnerable to delusion and deception: delusion because if you misinterpret something but fail to second guess your interpretation, you can descend into madness through self-reinforcement of skewed perceptions, and deception because certain hyperdimensional entities use false clues as bait to fish for the spiritually gullible.

Therefore in order to avoid two errors, one involving rejecting reality clues as subjective tricks of the mind and the other involving having blind faith in their infallibility, a simple approach is in order: think of these clues as questions. When these clues come to your attention, see them as simply asking you to check up on the issue they communicate.

It’s a lot like people asking you questions. “What’s that burning smell?” — and you suddenly remember the brownies you left in the oven. “Feeling a bit stressed lately?” — well now that you think about it, yeah actually and it’s taking its toll. “How about buying one of these fine Rolex watches for your honey?” — uh, no thanks they look fake to me.

Check it… if everything’s fine, then great. If it’s not fine, then you can thank reality for the reminder. And if the message has no validity and seems a bit deceptive, then you are free to reject it.