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With 2010-2011 seeing the rise of Wikileaks, Anonymous, Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street movements, it seems the “bad guys” are facing growing resistance. It seems they might finally be going down, and a new system of fairness, justice, freedom, and democracy is on the horizon… Wait, maybe it’s not that easy. There are some important things to keep in mind, discussed below.

I see these protest movements as a further advancement of the polarization phenomenon. Polarization means the undecided, apathetic, indifferent separate out into opposing extremes. Light gets brighter, dark gets darker; smart get smarter, dumb get dumber. As time goes on, it gets harder to stay on the fence. What we are seeing now is just the beginning.

At the mainstream level, the polarization phenomenon is still in its infancy. The divisive issues are limited to mundane political, financial, and environmental ones and the response has largely been symbolic. It’s a good start but still in its fragile infancy.

These political and financial catalysts will escalate up to a point, perhaps economic and social collapse, armed revolution, and World War III. But as big as those may seem, these issues will eventually be displaced by even bigger ones. They will give way to an entirely new species of catalysts belonging to a completely different paradigm.

For instance, currently the protesting public are fighting over strictly 3D Matrix Control System issues. Sooner or later these will be made obsolete when the alien issue rises to the forefront. What does it matter that you lost your home, when you’re about to lose your whole damn planet? The alien catalyst will skip the question of whether they exist and go right to how to handle them and whom to align with once they do show up. This catalyst will be far more divisive than the current political ones.

And after the alien factor reaches its climax, it will be displaced by yet another higher level of catalysts of a spiritual nature. That’s where the polarization phenomenon is headed. As foretold in various prophecies, including the purported words of Jesus (see the Gospel of Thomas), in the end the population will be sharply divided along spiritual lines. I don’t mean Christians versus Muslims, but anti/pseudo-spiritual versus spiritual.

“Perhaps people think that I have come to cast peace upon the world. They do not know that I have come to cast conflicts upon the earth: fire, sword, war. For there will be five in a house: there’ll be three against two and two against three, father against son and son against father, and they will stand alone.”

Polarization will lead to an eventual spiritual/gnostic insurgence by those who can tap into another reality and start separating off this one, versus those who are firmly rooted here or of a highly negative disposition. Separation between the two is where all this is ultimately going, in my view.

Many truth seekers start out with easy-to-digest political conspiracies like the Federal Reserve and IRS scam. Then they got into the 9/11 conspiracies, the occult nature of the elite conspirators, synchromysticism, aliens, holographic universe, and so on. In the end they came to some spiritual realizations about the nature of reality, that things are not as they seem. These folks were simply ahead of the curve, meaning there is a larger body of people behind them who will eventually follow. The fringe will keep percolating into the mainstream until saturation is achieved and only the staunchest defenders of the Control System remain stubbornly opposed and thus visibly identified.

The Occupy Wall Street and similar movements are indicative of where populist resistance is located in that growth curve. They are still in the early stages, still dealing with the immediate, tangible, easy-to-digest conspiracies. But as time goes on and new catalysts appear, this will shift to ever more advanced types of issues. Truth seekers who have already gotten to the spiritual stages are microcosms of what is to come, much more severely and deeply, on a wider scale.

Authorities clamping down on the resistance will only serve as another catalyst to inspire more resistance. This is a runaway feedback loop that will end in revolution one way or the other, in proportion to the direness of living conditions. If the good times return, people will go back to sleep. But if economic, environmental, and cosmic disasters increase, then desperation combined with revolutionary sentiment will likely produce violent clashes. Hence the concentration camps and totalitarian police state infrastructure already in place, awaiting use. This could eventually lead to civil war in the USA.

As for other countries, different cultures will handle it differently. The current protest events in each country serve as litmus tests for how bad things will get there; in Rome, there were violent demonstrations, meanwhile in Iceland people were treating it like a festival with food stands and a peaceful atmosphere.

Bait and Switch

The alien issue matters because, foolhardy freedom fighters bringing down the current old world order could — if they aren’t careful — clear the way for an even worse New World Order. The main danger right now, as with all attempted revolutions, is that people are treating the reform or toppling of the old order as their only goal. Like in the French Revolution, they are not considering what to do after.

The revolution in Egypt was a token effort, for while the symbol of oppression was removed, the reality of the oppressive military regime remains. It was only a symbolic regime change. Too often, things turn worse after a revolution. The French Revolution gave way to Napoleon. The greatest dictatorships in history came about through revolutions, because people rejected the old order and walked straight into a new trap.

And that’s where the current protest movement, which will blossom into mass civil disobedience once economic and environmental conditions plummet, will lead. If our current political order brings the world to the brink of annihilation through, say, World War III involving small scale nuclear warfare, or if further man-made disasters like Fukushima occur, that is the perfect pretext for alien intervention, heralding the start of the next phase of catalysts. Those who are smart will stay out of the beginning phases and prepare for the more important latter ones. Let those who don’t know better take part in the early stages. They will be exhausted, aimless, and unprepared by the time the latter phases develop, thus stronger wiser people are needed to move in at that point; this will happen naturally according to our abilities and destinies.

As discussed in “Discerning Alien Disinformation”, alien factions already have their ground teams in place, and here I mean programmed abductees and contactees groomed for the task, to guide the formulation of the new world after the current order is dismantled. It will be a symbolic regime change; sure the old order of Neocons, bankers, Rockefellers, Bilderbergers and other 3D boogeymen will have gone, but they will give way to 4D boogeymen who are far less kind.

Thus there is a strong potential for an Anti-Christ-like system to replace our current failing political system, through the help of these revolutionary movements that will one day evolve into alien/contactee guided movements once the catalysts shift from the political arena to the alien arena.

Therefore I would caution anyone who believes the current revolutions, the seeming downfall of the corrupt elite, and the eventual overturning of the old global political system, are 100% the product of “good guy forces” liberating humanity. To believe and promote this, is to play into the hands of alien factions ready to step in as false saviors. Undoubtedly there are benevolent forces helping us, and that includes certain alien factions and possibly time travelers from our probable futures. However, the picture is complicated regarding the distribution of their varying intentions.

Consider the human-like Nordics for instance. In modern contactee lore they’re always portrayed as the good guys, but sources outside that well-manicured field point to a more realistic picture, that these aliens are actually of mixed motivation.

For example, the Thule and Vril Societies, who were the occult forerunners to the Nazi movement, were in contact with beings from Aldeberan who communicated tactical and technological information to them and helped inspire the Nazi obsession with Nordic supermen. Hitler himself was visited by such beings, who scared the hell out of him, but who also showed him what mankind “must become.”

Centuries earlier in the Reign of Charlemagne, the Nordics attempted mass contact but that didn’t go so well when their contactees were hunted down and burned for consorting with demons. What was observed back then was that these beings, once called Elementals, were divided into factions at war with each other.

And if you go back far enough to Egyptian and Sumerian times, you find these same humanoids posing as Gods (like the “System Lords” in Stargate SG-1) and sending their followers to death in wars against each other. There was infighting among the “gods” even back then. Sodom and Gomorrah remain radioactive to this day.

So, there is much to say that human-looking aliens are divided into different camps, and should they ever show themselves to mankind there is no guarantee it will be a benevolent Nordic faction. Anyone pushing Nordics as the solution to mankind’s problems needs to investigate their nature more deeply; some may be fourth-density Service-to-Others beings, but some are among what the Ra Material calls the Orion Crusaders. It’s a mixed bag, and there’s no excuse for ignoring the risk of getting conned by charming cosmic scam artists. The real good guys may not even intervene until humanity has passed the test of discernment and rejected the impostors.


There is room for cautious optimism here. Optimism because the status quo is crumbling, and caution because nothing guarantees where this will go. It could go very well, or it could get far worse. There is great naïveté in thinking this is it, it’s over, we’re home free, the bad guys are going down, and we’ll be in a Golden Age come 12/21/2012. Sorry, the data just doesn’t indicate this. If anything, such views have been pushed by the same disinformation sources that have been furthering the alien deception agenda for many years.

Thus we should remain vigilant and discerning. Currently there are two parallel trends occurring. One is a genuine gnostic spiritual awakening whereby certain individuals are becoming truly more wise, discerning, and empowered. They are wayfarers of the final spiritual catalysts that won’t hit the mainstream for some time to come. The other trend is a burgeoning foolhardy mindset of false hope and false change that, through dialectic synthesis, will birth a new control system worse than anything previously seen in history.

These two trends reflect the one and only polarization trend that matters, which is separation between:

1) The spiritual.

2) Those who belong to the false pseudo-spiritual vs. anti-spiritual dichotomy.

These are the prophesied Christ and Anti-Christ dualities in their early stages, manifesting on a global scale. While the first may triumph in the end, the latter will be the dominant force on this planet for a while longer until people finally wise up.