Commentary on God's Gladiators


God's Gladiators is Stuart Wilde's latest book. In my opinion God's Gladiators is the best he has ever written. I read it last week and found it stunningly accurate and well worded. This is obvious from the sheer span of topics he covers, the way he approaches them, and his core message. His other books are "gentler" and geared toward a broader, more mainstream audience. The Infinite Self and The Sixth Sense were particularly good. These served their purpose, but it seems Wilde has now taken the risk of publishing a book that ruthlessly cuts to the chase.

In this book, Wilde talks about "transdimensional" entities who abduct and torture humans, feed off our etheric energies, implant thoughts into our minds, and who manipulate their human counterparts into establishing the various media, financial and political institutions to control our lives. This control system he calls "The Sphere". Does any of this sound familiar?

It may be the latest manifestation of a general trend accelerated in the mid 90s, a trend aiming to enlighten receptive minds toward the idea that humans are imprisoned in a hyperdimensional control system. This concept has been introduced in various forms over the past decades, spanning from books to movies. Some sources are more complete than others, some wrap the truth in symbolism to make it easier to swallow, and some contain various levels of corruption.

Overall, this trend does not seem to favor "positive" individuals any more than "negative" - it simply puts truths out there to catalyze and polarize human spiritual evolution during these "end times". In other words, two people may realize through this information that the media's version of reality is fake, and one of them goes on a bombing spree because nothing matters (Luke Helder, for example) while the other shuts out media-inspired ideals and instead refocuses energy toward personal spiritual evolution. Same truth, different approaches depending on the spiritual polarity and purity of the individual.

I'm not certain who is behind this trend, whether it is natural progression, guided progression, or clockwork coordination. But of the various authors and screenwriters involved, some may be aware of their involvement in this awakening-project. Being that life for many is loosely scripted by their Higher Selves, and that their experiences may be aided by divine influences, there are those who may think they are acting out of their "own" experiences, research, intuition, and inspiration and thus unwittingly take part in this trend. Whatever the case, this trend is very timely -- the present and coming times necessitate some form of mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation of those who will have to go through what is yet to come.

By this point, you may already have in mind some movies that fit this discussion. The Matrix films are obvious juggernauts, comprising what I think are the most complete, precise, timely, and powerful illustrations of the core concepts involved. The Wachowskis obviously know more than they are revealing, or perhaps are working for those who are in the know. Look into their "interesting" biographical backgrounds and put two and two together. Other fitting films include Dark City, The Truman Show, eXistenZ, The Thirteenth Floor, and Donnie Darko.

As for books, one example of a recent arrival is Lynn Grabhorn's Dear God! What is Happening to Us? -- like Stuart Wilde, her previous titles were about using spiritual techniques and principles toward self-improvement, though in my opinion, unlike Wilde her writing style and topics are far more fluffy. I'm not putting her down, or criticizing her audience because we are all at different stages of the learning curve and require sources that best fit our unique needs. So her latest book, while still "fluffy" in my view, does introduce her audience to the idea of etheric vampirism, that there exist what she calls "The Others" who feed upon our emotional energies and try to make our lives hell. At the risk of taking things out of context, I can summarize her solution as follows: raise one's emotional state toward greater positivity because that "sours the milk", and affirmatively state one's intent that "The Others" stop interfering.

Although I can see merit in her approach because it involves raising FRV and loudly declaring one's freewill intent, I think it's only half the equation. It will be a big problem for those whose default FRV or level of freewill is insufficient to begin with. One example that comes to mind are fundamentalist Christians who use prayer to ward off "demonic" attacks - well, that's like warding off the dark by lighting a's bound to burn out sooner or later and another is required. Beingness has an inherent and permanent "glow", and if it becomes bright enough, no more matches are required. Substituting blind faith for the pursuit of knowledge leads to stagnation. While intent makes use of what freewill or emotional reserves one already has, it is through expanding one's level of being and therefore increasing freewill that intent can become more effective. All that said, despite the incompleteness of Grabhorn's message, I still consider her recent book a positive contribution to her readership.

No one source of knowledge contains all knowledge, so everything is bound to be incomplete to some degree. When faulty, some sources make speculations based on incomplete information, and this leads to misinformation. Others sources make statements based on purposely false information, and this creates disinformation, which doesn't make them faulty but instead perfectly designed to do what they are intended to do, which is to subvert the awareness of the recipient. Valerian's book Matrix V is a good example of the latter, while my site is a good example of the first.

As for Stuart Wilde, I don't agree with every single point he makes, but both seem to be aware that we don't know much and that all we do "know" is just a working hypothesis that seems to work until something better replaces it. I admire him for his candid nature, and down-to-earth way of explaining complex subjects. Thankfully, he has applied his wit and literary skill in explaining the phenomenon of transdimensional beings and their control system in a very entertaining but lucid fashion.

If I interpret Wilde's book correctly, we are alone and pretty much powerless in this world and trapped by our own attachments to Sphere/Matrix-inspired ideals. His suggestion for a solution to our entrapment involves requesting and applying the aid of God's Gladiators, those in this dimension and beyond who serve the Creator to the capacity of their being. They sympathize with our suffering but only help those who see through the illusion, wake up, and desire to help themselves. Choosing Sphere-inspired ideals (what Mouravieff calls A influences) distracts us from listening or aligning ourselves with positive impulses originating outside the Sphere (what Mouravieff calls B influences), often from positive beings standing by to help anyone seeking escape. This effort is hampered by the transdimensional entities "drip feeding" disinformative thoughts into our minds (what may be termed false B-influences) to lead us astray.

The Ra Material and related sources identify these Gladiators as STO beings of various types. Some are people who could have transitioned to fourth density but chose instead to remain in third and help others make the transition, such individuals presently comprising a loose network or brotherhood. Other possibilities include those who remain in fourth or higher densities and come to the aid of individuals or groups in third who honestly request their assistance for knowledge. Whatever the case, Wilde describes them as follows: 

God's Gladiators have four main qualities: they are very strong and brave; they are very sacred and humble; within their humility is an absolute selflessness; and they are all heart and compassion.   Their etheric speed of perception is blistering, and they are very silent.   Who chose them?   They chose themselves.  How did they qualify?  Decades of dedication, I'd imagine.   You need their qualities.  (p 207) 

Although a general description, this beautifully sums up some key characteristics of 4D STO beings. I feel they are not fluffy love'n'light entities, but compassionate warriors and knights of a higher order.

Their existence and assistance does not allow anyone to neglect personal responsibility for his or her own spiritual evolution -- to be STO means being neither predator nor prey, neither manipulating others nor letting oneself be manipulated by others. People who abdicate their personal responsibilities and "ask" others to carry these burdens for them are merely manipulating and feeding in an STS manner, and any STO being wanting to avoid being prey will avoid giving in to such manipulations.

There is so much more Wilde writes about in this book. He gives an excellent summary of the corrupt players and principles behind the Federal Reserve, points out the nonsense in media and modern culture, and slaughters almost every New Age sacred cow.  Some of the more important concepts he covers involve the illusory nature of linear time and causality, how the transdimensionals control us both from the outside via its institutions and inside through our own mental "controller" (what Castaneda called the predator), and how light and dark must be integrated rather than perceived as a duality.

I did a lot of head nodding while reading this book because much of what is discussed here I have discovered for myself over the years. Wilde has a talent for explaining these concepts in a very friendly and easy-to-understand ways.  For example, he includes a paragraph concerning his opinions of linear time:

We are told that cause creates effect. We call it the law of cause and effect. But it's quite the reverse: it's the effect returning from the future that establishes the cause. Get ya brain around that one! Which way is time running? Forward in the free will version and backwards in the divine plan; but, anyway, one level up and there is no time. Stay away from worrying about time; it will drive you crackers. (Wilde, p198).

My article "Freewill, Fate, and Causality in Matrix Reloaded" discusses this same concept, but expands into many pages of text because that's just how I do things, and it fits the electronic medium I'm working with. Wilde doesn't have a thousand pages to devote to each topic, nor do his readers have the time if he did, and so in this book he drops a few hints about each topic and moves on to the next, taking more time on more important topics. Subtle approach, but also fast paced and fun which is why this book is great.

One warning: "God's Gladiators" isn't for everyone. He uses several humorous vulgarities, both in concept and in word, that some sensitive people with too much self-importance and self-righteousness might find offensive. His perceptions of the "dark side" may be equally offensive to those who prefer fluffy and "nice" material, who prefer dualistically choosing one half of the dualism while ignoring the other. These would be the same uptight people who liked the philosophy of The Matrix but were turned off by all the violence.

Wilde says that evil must not necessarily be embraced, but it should be understood. I totally agree with this. There is a difference between those who are "nice" because they have never seen dark, and those who are nice because they have been through the dark to understand it and choose the light. It's the difference between short-lived ignorant bliss and the eternal bliss of objective knowledge. A choice is not a choice if the alternate option is impossible to choose. Those who choose light must be those who understand dark but consciously decide to choose the light instead -- perhaps they went through the experience of being dark and know what it's all about. Those who ignore the dark become prey to it, because one cannot defend against what one cannot see. By avoiding the predator in themselves without understanding it, people fail to see the predators in others and thus become prey to their tricks, thereby inevitably staying within the STS predator-prey dynamic.

There are myths and stories devoted to this principle, how the hero was able to overcome the forces of darkness only because he had some part of the dark in him, making him whole, but choosing to use this wholeness for positive purposes. Examples: Luke Skywalker being the son of Darth Vader, Harry Potter acquiring the powers of Voldemort, and Neo being part machine. 

There have been attempts by dark powers to use this non-dualistic wholeness for negative purposes as well, Val Valerian's Matrix V being a good example. Valerian / The Author  discusses some illusories about the light-dark duality, but takes this concept further and distorts it into rabid disinformation centered around a rationalistic philosophy of chauvinistic homomania. One trap in Matrix "V" is that when the book mentions "light-siders" or "dark-siders," it actually refers to third density prey versus third density predators, respectively. Both are part of the 3D STS dynamic and easy to ridicule as undesirable patterns of behavior. Showing that neither of these are viable options, it then pushes its fulcrum of disinformation by presenting 4D STS as the third and only option. Well, if that gets people off, then good for them. Stuart Wilde takes the other approach, presenting 4D STO as an option for 3D STS beings (that's you and me) who aspire to transcend the Sphere.

All this having been said, I bet you're already out the door, headed toward the bookstore. Well, maybe not. But if you're interested in reading "God's Gladiators", I recommend buying it online unless you're lucky enough to have a well-stocked bookstore nearby that carries it or will order it for you. It was copyrighted in 2001 but apparently wasn't published until 2003, and then only under a different publisher. Guess the previous publisher didn't like what Wilde had to say this time.

I can't guarantee you'll like the book or that it will teach you anything new, but it's one I personally find to be enlightening and entertaining.


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