5 - Mosaic Abuse of Demiurgic Technology

montalk.net » 1 December 10

Acquisition of the Ark Stone by the proto-Israelites was a critical turning point in history. Under the direction of the entitized thoughtform manifesting through the Ark, these exiles conquered and prospered into what eventually became ancient Israel and the Jewish people. High demiurgic technology inserted a new religious, political, and economic power into the timeline.

History would have turned out very differently had the Israelites never acquired the Ark Stone, if they faded into history like other tribes of the past. First and foremost there would be no Judaism, and hence no Islam or Christianity. Thus the Catholic Church would not exist either, nor the Inquisition. There would be no anti-Semitism during the Middle Ages, which forced Jews to take refuge in the financial industry since other occupations were barred to them1. Without anti-Semitism, there would be no Nazis, World War II, or Holocaust. After the war, the Nazi scientific intelligentsia were transferred to the USA to work in black ops projects2. From their influence arose the Military Industrial Complex3.

And because of the Holocaust, Israel exists once again as a nation, though only through the oppression of the Palestinians. This has further increased anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in the world, especially among Israel’s Arab and Persian neighbors. This conflict is bound to erupt in regional warfare, possibly nuclear, which would drag other nations like Russia, China, America, and the European Union into World War III.

Organized religion, international bankers, Military Industrial Complex, and World War III are the key factors that will bring about a New World Order, the reign of the Antichrist. As you can see, the Ark Stone being taken out of Egypt initiated events that contributed to the potential advent of global totalitarianism. On another timeline, different players and events could have produced similar ends, but there’s no denying that our particular history reached this point with extraordinary speed and efficiency thanks to special assistance by nonhuman forces.

In Jewish origins we have an example of otherworldly forces and technologies shifting the direction of history. Without the Ark, the impossible would not have become possible and our timeline would not have deviated to the degree it did. This and other deviations to the timeline have ensured that mankind is now religiously, psychologically, politically, technologically, and militarily primed for the global self-enslavement.

Who is responsible for this grand orchestration of history? The lead conspirators are alien. This fact is detailed in my book Discerning Alien Disinformation and the works of William Bramley, Michael Tsarion, David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, and Marshall Vian Summers. Hopefully it’s clear by this point that the Ark/Grail Stone is alien in origin. Is it so surprising that alien technology helped propagate alien agendas?

But the alien presence is not the raison d’etre behind it all. Their agendas are just sub-plots in a bigger story. Consider how aliens reside somewhere between the level of humans and divine spirits, or between humans and demonic entities, depending on their spiritual orientation. Just as the human sphere is surrounded by the alien sphere, so is the alien sphere encompassed by the divine and demonic. Therefore, alien dynamics occur against the backdrop of occult, cosmological, and spiritual dynamics, namely the battle between the corrupted Demiurge and the Creator. It seems that all other conspiracies and agendas follow, in one way or another, from this primordial schism.

On a scale of power, humans occupy the lower levels, aliens the middle, and cosmic intelligences like the Demiurge the higher. With that in mind, it looks like

  • the Ark/Grail is alien technology (middle)
  • that has fallen into human hands (lower)
  • yet allows human interaction with personified extrusions of the Demiurge (higher)
  • resulting in deviation of human history (lower)
  • toward the fulfillment of various alien agendas (middle)
  • that stem from the primordial schism between Demiurge and Creator (higher).

This system of interactions between multiple levels gives a preliminary sketch of the kind of “game” humanity could be caught within. To make it more complete I would need to add feedback loops between warring time travelers or interdimensional beings and our alternate pasts, presents, and futures. More on that in my next article.

For the moment, let’s explore the interaction between human and Demiurgic levels by revisiting the subject of the Ark of the Covenant, specifically the intelligence manifesting through the Ark and why it differed so greatly from the one manifesting through the Holy Grail.

The Advent of Yahweh

It all goes back to the Hyksos expulsion (1550 B.C) and the Osarseph Rebellion (1320 B.C.) in Egypt. One or both of these events involved transport of the Ark Stone out of Egypt into Canaan. In both events, the Semitic leadership in Egypt was ousted and exiled. According to ancient historians Manetho and Josephus, a High Priest of Akhenaten named Osarseph, who held allegiance to the Semitic people of Lower Egypt, led his monotheistic followers out of Egypt after a failed rebellion against the Egyptian traditionalists. As the story goes, this heretic priest and his people became Moses and the Israelites4.

There may be more to the story. In The Stellar Man, hermetic author Dario Salas Sommer (John Baines) relays a parallel account of what happened in Egypt, based on his research and inside sources as member of the Hermetic brotherhood. Because of its importance and relevance, I quote it here in full:

Why do we designate Christ as the symbol of spirituality? Because Jesus was the most distinguished member of the Magician’s Fraternity, prepared specifically for his mission to make Christ incarnate in himself. Jesus and Christ were two different persons; one human, the other, divine.

Christ is a superior being who is on an advanced level on the scale of evolution, which a human being could reach in perhaps millions of years of evolution. Let us conceive of him as an extraterrestrial spiritual power, which we could call an Archangel. This Archangel, due to his very lengthy evolution, possessed perfect and powerful spirituality. This is why Jesus went through a long preparation for this role, for he had to be able to withstand an extremely high vibration in his physical body. This vibration could only manifest itself for brief moments, as its intensity could destroy the nervous and cellular system of Jesus’ body. Christ was the one who performed miracles through Jesus, who provided the matter for his manifestation.

The Magician’s Fraternity remains well hidden, as it has a right to its own privacy, but some of its members have intermingled with ordinary people, motivated by the wish to show sapiens the road to a higher life. The magicians know, however, that knowledge of The Hermetic Art as an instrument to reach spiritual heights, is only for the “elite” and is not to be divulged. Nevertheless, the fraternity of initiates provides the opportunity for any person with sufficient merit to join the Hermetic elite of Magicians or Stellar Men, if the scope and intelligence of his efforts permits him to do so.

The science of the Magicians is called Hermetic Art in honor of Hermes Trismegistus. According to tradition, he arrived on earth from outer space approximately thirty thousand years ago, anointed as Supreme Grand Master of the Initiatic Fraternity. Inspired by his light, Egypt became great and wise, and the sacred science of its priests was called Hermeticism. In those days, only by means of huge sacrifices and trials was it possible to belong to a Hermetic Initiatic School. The great majority who succeeded in entering such a school faltered along the way, lacking the moral and spiritual courage to overcome the multiple obstacles, temptations, and trials by which ISIS, mistress of the mysteries of Nature, evaluated the true worth of those who aspired to the supreme knowledge of the absolute truth.

It was in one of those schools that Jesus himself became a Hermeticist and reached the highest degrees of initiation.

Because the time is right, we will divulge the mystery of Jesus the Christ and the causes for the moral suffering of humanity, according to the teachings of the Magician’s Fraternity. This moral mystery stems from the adoration of the golden calf; from the submission of the human being to the god of money. In honor of this god, he must give up or sacrifice his spiritual possibilities in order to be able to subsist. Those who possess adequate means of subsistence generally pervert their potential spiritual values in the foolish game of gaining social position on the consumer market. The spiritual or moral quality of an individual is worth very little, as the need for money leads him to lower and prostitute himself for the vile metal, which buys honor, respect, love, fame, and power. The money god is sitting above the world, and whoever wishes to enjoy his gifts must adore him. The real power of money is not only material, but it is principally a hidden force, as the coin is not worth anything in itself; it is only symbolic for human effort or work. By a strange paradox, although work is intrinsically noble, money, the result of this effort, is under the control or influence of a satanic or diabolic power.

We invite the reader to meditate on what he could do to corrupt human beings if he was Satan; what means or tools would he use to instigate crime, greed, war, fratricide, and decay of moral values? It would be difficult to imagine anything more perfectly suited for this than gold; neutral in its own condition, but diabolical when handled perversely.

Does Satan really exist, or is he only a myth created by the masses to explain certain things? If a person believes in the existence of God, then he must believe there is a devil or Satan as a counterpart of the Supreme Creator. Because absolute unity does not exist in life, the mere existence of something leads us to the affirmation that its opposite is also real. There is no light without darkness, no good without evil, no truth without falsehood. Death follows life, and life follows death.

God would thus be the supreme creative intelligence, and the “devil,” the destructive intelligence. In the ancient Kabbalah, the devil has been symbolized as the shadow of God. Therefore, just as the Great Creator has his angelic hosts, the devil also has his infernal legion. William Blatty, in his book The Exorcist, refers to this legion when he presents the phenomenon of “demonic possession.” After the following explanation we can continue our story.

The tradition transmitted by the great Hermetic Masters affirms that at a crucial moment in the history of humanity, a powerful diabolic Archangel, if we are allowed to call him thus, succeeded in penetrating the earth’s occult defenses and entered its atmosphere, provoking extreme disturbances. To be able to imagine such a being, we suggest reading the book The Lurker at the Threshold by H. P. Lovecraft. According to Hermetic tradition, the direct, albeit unwilling cause of this catastrophe which affects us to this day, was Moses.

Everybody knows that Moses appeared floating in a basket down a river and was subsequently adopted, deceiving the Egyptian priests of the time. They took him for an Egyptian and initiated him into the mysteries of ritual magic, which is a method for making the key notes of Nature vibrate, and thus produce certain phenomena which the operator wishes to achieve. The study of atomic physics shows us that it is theoretically possible to produce changes or transmutations in matter; therefore, there is nothing miraculous about these mutations being achieved by means of secret procedures. In spite of his esoteric identification with Egyptian magic, Moses was always loyal to his ancestral blood. Thus, his most powerful wish was to make himself the leader who would free his people from enslavement, leading them to the promised land. Guided by this desire, and conscious of the powerful forces he had learned to control, Moses had a daring idea: to make a magic pact or alliance with an angel, a divine creature charged with the task of providing him with power and assistance from heaven to save his people.

After lengthy preparations done in deep solitude, he performed the ritual ceremony with magic words and corresponding invocations. In the midst of amazing atmospheric and terrestrial phenomena, an impressive being appeared, making Moses tremble with fear and panic, due to the tremendous force it projected. It will never be possible to know or even imagine the conditions under which the pact between man and heaven was made. The angel agreed to everything. Moses requested and promised his help, demanding the strictest obedience in return. He revealed his name as Y., and requested that as a sign of union, all his followers should undergo a small ritual surgical operation, with a light discharge of blood. Every man who underwent this would come to be a son of Y. The blood that was shed sealed the pact.

From that day forward, Moses was invested with superhuman powers and started doing all kinds of magical feats, converting the Ark of the Covenant into the center of his power. Plagues and calamities fell over Egypt, and non-believers and rebels were struck down by the wrath of Y. In this manner, Moses’ people started the Exodus that would last forty years. Later, Y., the occult power behind the leader, suddenly started to change his procedures by formulating strange demands, all of which had the shedding of blood as the common denominator.

Moses was overcome with fear and started to become aware of the magnitude of the error he committed. He then understood that the divine angel was in truth an angel of darkness, the complete opposite of the luminous power he had intended to invoke.

This infernal angel was a member of the host of shadows. In order to maintain its power and strength, this vampire needed to feed on human blood, an essence charged with the vitality conferred by the divine spark. This is why all through the Exodus, so many blood-shedding incidents occurred, provoked by the occult dictator.

In reality, who was Y.? One could say he was a very ancient being whose evolutionary origin is unknown. Through long periods of cosmic time, this being kept his individuality, but unfortunately his evolution was directed toward negative, dark, and destructive aspects; much like a human being who grows bitter with the passing of time and adopts a negative and destructive concept of life.

Many beings similar to Y. exist in the Universe. Fortunately, the magnetic defenses of the planet constitute an impenetrable barrier against those beings. However, Moses’ magic ritual opened a door and cleared a pathway through which Y. was able to penetrate into the Earth. It is possible to see this as the most transcendental, but unfortunately harmful event in the occult history of humanity. To justify this statement, it is necessary to digress in order to clarify exactly what the planet Earth really is.

One can affirm, without fearing any sarcastic mockery from the ignorant or the semi-wise, that the planet Earth is a human being. It is not something equivalent to a human being, but a man in all aspects of the word.

Hermetic philosophy upholds the truth of reincarnation, but affirms that this takes place only with some people who possess, or have developed within themselves some qualities or characteristics apart from the physical body, which are capable of resisting death. The term “people” refers to human beings, even if these beings may present physical characteristics different from terrestrial man. Regarding reincarnation, Hermeticism teaches that a Hermetic initiate of a high degree can achieve the power to reincarnate consciously, that is, changing physical bodies while maintaining his individuality and a certain degree of memory. Gradually, in the course of successive lives, the initiate grows in spiritual power. His essence or divine spark grows successively more powerful.

In this way, the moment will come when the body of man, in the dimension and shape we are familiar with, is no longer capable of containing or supporting such a vast and powerful essence. For this reason, such a spirit or super-developed essence must seek an adequate physical body that corresponds to his tremendous energetic force. Thus he reincarnates in the body of a new or young planet, and continues his development there, in ways and conditions that are difficult for us to conceive. This is how an extraordinarily evolved human being took the body of the planet Earth and made it his own, in the most perfect shape in the Universe: the sphere.

This sphere is formed by the same basic materials as the human body, which are, in brief, the materials of the Universe. This sphere breathes, moves, thinks, and feels. It has a circulatory, digestive, procreative, and respiratory system. Petroleum is its blood, and it feeds on vegetable, animal, and mineral matter. Sexually, it is hermaphroditic, with a masculine and a feminine hemisphere. It breathes through plant life, and receives its etheric or magnetic nourishment through emitting and receiving antenna, that is, through Homo sapiens.

Once this clarification has been made, and in order to grasp the magnitude of the catastrophe accidentally brought about by Moses with the arrival of Y., we can reveal that this ancient, vengeful, and malicious being expelled the young spirit from the Earth, incarnating in his place. With this act, a dark and bloody era commenced for humanity. A period of suffering, torment, and pain started for the Jewish people as they were converted into the innocent victims of the negative forces of Y. This is the explanation for the great afflictions which the Jews have had to suffer.

Imagine Moses’ despair when he realized the calamity which had occurred and the suffering created for those he had wanted to help. As time passed, Moses understood that nothing had power over Y., as he possessed incalculable malignity. Convinced of this, Moses brought together the wise men of his people and instructed them in the great mystery of the Messiah. These men, using magical rituals, could create a god and fulfill the mystery of theurgy, in the hope that this god could liberate them and save the world from the destructive influence of Y.

Once his instruction was given, Moses climbed Mount Nebo and was never seen alive again.

The wise men who inherited the patriarch’s instructions followed them faithfully, carrying out the Messianic ritual according to the instituted rules. As a result, hundreds of years later, Jesus appeared. He was the “Son of Man” (consider this expression carefully) and the Savior expected by the wise men initiated by Moses.

This is how Jesus was born, under the circumstances that are familiar to all. Hermetic teaching maintains he was the son of a Jewish woman and a Roman father, his progenitor being a Roman soldier and merely an instrument of higher
occult forces.

Why is it said that Mary remained a virgin? This mystery really does not refer to physiological virginity, but to the fact that actually there was no physical contact between Jesus’ real father and Mary. In effect, his spiritual father was a great Hermetic initiate who etherically used the physical body of the Roman soldier to procreate a son. The spiritual seed was transmitted by the occult Master; the physical sperm by the Roman. In this manner, Mary conceived “without losing her virginity.” In those times the term “virginity” was not used to designate maidenhood; it was used to distinguish those women initiated in the secret of the “virgule” as Mary was. The magic rod used by Moses was known as the “virgule.”

Those who have “eyes to see and ears to hear” will understand this. For others, it will produce a dismal silence in their interior, and they will remain in the realm of ignorant sarcasm, suffering the mental emptiness of those who do not want to understand, or worse, the unconscious blindness of those who do not want to see.

Jesus, the god created by man and incarnated in the body of man, was consecrated by the great initiate John the Baptist, otherwise known as the Antechrist. Jesus’ baptism in the river was the means that permitted the first manifestation of Christ in Jesus, the man-god, whose mission was destined since his birth.

From the time of Moses, the Fraternity of Magicians had been attentively observing these events without being able to alter them. The magicians were connoisseurs of the Messianic mystery and had the knowledge that certain wise men were working on this. They decided to help the wise men try to correct the serious anomalies explained before. They were awaiting Jesus’ birth, and they were his occult godfathers who protected and educated him so he could fulfill his double mission.

His first mission was to liberate the chosen people from their occult killer. His second mission was to save the world in general from the invisible vampire who called himself Y. In order to begin a new era on Earth under the Christian motto “love one another,” replacing the dictum of “an eye
for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.”

At the same time, Jesus was an active member of the Fraternity of Magicians, receiving support and inspiration from all of them. However, the great Masters maintain that Jesus failed in his mission, or more accurately, that he only achieved partial success, since he did not reach his goal. This refers only to Jesus, however, and not to Christ. In order to truly understand Jesus, it is necessary to consider his triple personality: 1. Jesus the man, 2. Jesus the God (created by man), and 3. Christ (who manifested himself through Jesus). Christ was an angel, a solar spirit who descended from Heaven to manifest himself as the supreme power of the Father on earth.

Jesus and his twelve disciples are the symbol of a solar and cosmic mystery. Hermetic science teaches that our solar system is composed of twelve planets plus the sun, an analogy for the twelve apostles and Christ, and that the unknown planets will be discovered in time.

We will speak no more of Jesus; we have perhaps already said too much. We will only add that the crucifixion was an expected drama in which Jesus’ blood had to be shed so that Christ could in turn incarnate in the planet Earth and displace Y., definitively casting him out of our atmosphere. However, as we have already mentioned, this mission had only a relative success. Christ incarnated in the planet Earth, but Y. could not be expelled. Since then, both govern the planet.

Christ’s force acts in the world through the representatives of the Fraternity of Magicians. These men direct Hermetic schools in which the student can develop his spiritual force to the point of disintegration of his animal soul and liberation from the influence of Y., who can only act through primitive and animal instincts such as hate, envy, lust, greed, pride, and vanity.

In this way, the Spiritual Beacon is kept alight to illuminate the select spirits who are potentially capable of converting themselves into fully developed human beings and abandoning their sapiens condition.

Every person who reaches this condition is converted into a center of Christic irradiation and is therefore another obstacle for Y.‘s influence. The naive say that Christ will return to the planet Earth. But Christ is on Earth! He needs only to be removed from the cross by the same humanity who nailed him to it.

Until that time, wars will continue. Great numbers of people will die and their vitality will be absorbed by Y., the great occult force behind these conflicts. None of this will end until this being is conquered.

The real Antichrist is Y., and he has spread his negative influence throughout his followers, those of bestial instincts, who in turn have incorporated this vibration into the multitude. The multitude is composed of amorphous and blind entities, receptors of any force of sufficient power. In this way, Y.‘s principles incorporated in the collective unconscious of humanity motivate the philosophy of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth.” Trapped by this malignant force, people live diabolically: hating, destroying, stealing, killing their brothers, returning evil with more evil, selling out their honesty and honor, enslaving the weak, exploiting the unprotected, and denigrating the just. Luckily, there are many who act contrary to all this. If this were not so, life would be unbearable. They are the ones who somehow have received a true Christian influence (not necessarily religious) and have higher values than usual.

Religions have a positive family and social influence, but unfortunately on solely spiritual grounds they do not have much to offer, and generally they try to check this deficiency with the indiscriminate use of the banner of Christ.

The Fraternity of Magicians does not derive its power from Christ, nor speak in his name. The Fraternity only exalts his values and shows or narrates events which the world should know, so that the chosen (the true humans) can reaffirm their conviction and loyalty to a superior spiritual life. The power of these Magicians comes from their harmony with, respect for, and obedience to cosmic laws, and the profound and serene spiritual condition they have reached. Their spirituality places them in a magical relationship with God, the Great Universal Father, who is recognized by the Hermeticists as the first cause of the origin of all and the great force of order and creation.

To speak about Christ is to explain the esoteric side of the psycho-social phenomenology of the world today. In its innocence, sapiens believes that everything in life is as it appears on the surface, and that things must surely be as the vast majority say they are. When some people hear of the esoteric side of events or the occult causes of different phenomena, they smile unbelievingly, arguing with infantile logic that “if that were true, it would be made known by the press” or, “it would have been taught at school or in the university” or, “well documented books would exist on the subject.” That way of thinking nullifies all progress, because if everyone’s belief was the same, no one would bother to study or investigate little-known phenomena.

Despite obstacles already mentioned, sapiens in his individual manifestation (not as a species) can have latent superior qualities and characteristics, which may lead him to partially understand Hermetic truths. Motivated by this knowledge, sapiens can awaken to a superior reality. The sapiens individual can save himself from the lethargic destiny of humanity and eventually reach the world of the Hermeticists, magicians, or awakened men.

Moses, a man of strength and wisdom, was driven by his yearning for freedom to commit an error of cosmic magnitude. According to the great Hermetic wise men, this error nearly destroyed the solar system. To clarify this statement, the solar system can be compared to the composition of an atom, borrowing on the Hermetic theme of “as above, so below.” In this case, Y.‘s rise to power could be seen as an arbitrary substitution of an electron, which changed the spiritual nucleus of the Earth.

This is one of the many lessons, which oblige the Fraternity of Magicians to strictly guard Hermetic secrets. The Fraternity will only give instruction in higher knowledge to those who have demonstrated their strength, their moral and spiritual purity, and the rectitude of their intentions. (John Baines, The Stellar Man, pp. 5-23)

If you have read my preceding Gnosis articles, the core of what John Baines says should make profound sense. His explanation closely parallels my own conclusions, except my research has given me a different take on certain points.

The Ark of the Covenant was not just a religious ornament installed after the fact, but the very conduit through which Yahweh gained major influence in our world and further corrupted the timeline. Such powerful and chthonic a being cannot be created or invoked without the use of high demiurgic technology. Occult rituals and sacrificial slaughter alone are not enough, otherwise people like Aleister Crowley and Jack Parsons could have brought them in by the dozens. Thankfully they lacked the amplification technology to breach our reality’s defenses to the extent that Moses did.

The Ark Stone being used by the Mosaic priesthood to invoke Yahweh was a blatant abuse of high demiurgic technology. It shifted history in favor of negative forces. As Baines said, “It is possible to see this as the most transcendental, but unfortunately harmful event in the occult history of humanity.” The mindset of those who invoked this entity perfectly explains the angry, jealous, wrathful, commanding, and malefic nature of that entity. Recall that thoughtforms act in accordance with the emotional energies and conscious programming that went into them. The Mosaic ritual was performed during a time of great distress for the Egyptian Semites, who needed a liberator to smite their oppressors and lead them toward their homeland. The situation is similar to someone who makes a desperate pact with the dark side to exact vengeance, even if it means giving up freewill to the demons assisting him. Anyone familiar with demonology and black magic knows that demons operate through pacts or covenants. Such contracts are the means by which the solicitor is bound and owned by the entity providing the service. Nothing is free when it comes to favors from the dark side.

Moses entering the Great Pyramid to retrieve the Ark Stone was accompanied by the Pyramid trembling, bellowing fiery smoke (or plasma), and generating an intensifying trumpet sound. This suggested the Pyramid was active at that time5. One of its functions may have been to charge, program, and initialize the Ark Stone according to the conscious intent of the operator. At least that’s what it sounds like when the Bible states Moses stayed inside “Mount Sinai” for many days before emerging with the Stone. If he were only there to retrieve something, he would have emerged in hours. But the ritualistic creation or invocation of a powerful entitized thoughtform would take considerably longer. In other words, the Mosaic invocation ritual was technologically assisted black magic whose tragic consequences have cascaded into modern times.

Yahweh as Interloper

To recap my first article, once let loose, a thoughtform pursues its objective with single-minded determination. It exists solely to bend the timeline toward the fulfillment of the original intent. Astral archetypes at the beginning become physical manifestations at the end; that is simply a Demiurgic function. A thoughtform is the “Alpha and the Omega, beginning and end.”

When thoughtforms become entitized, however, they acquire an ego. This can be a lower ego if generated from base emotions and ignoble intents, or higher ego if generated by spiritual emotions and divine will. In the case of Yahweh, much suggests it was lower ego. All the characteristics that we commonly assign to egotism are present in Yahweh: narcissism, anger, wrath, jealousy, control, insecurity, hunger, bloodlust, intellectual abstraction, xenophobia, binary thinking, and intolerance. Even the seemingly redeeming qualities such as paternal concern are rooted in egotism, same way a mafia boss might act charitable toward others only to break their knees if they disobey. The Ten Commandments only apply to the Israelites amongst themselves, not between Israelites and outsiders who were freely massacred. Yahweh’s love is conditional and limited to the Israelites, the people bound to him via the Mosaic covenant.

An entitized thoughtform has a self-preservation instinct. If strong enough, this instinct overrides the original intent behind the thoughtform’s creation. The thoughtform can even use the original intent as a means to its own survival. In other words, if Yahweh was manifested to liberate the Israelites and bring them into political supremacy, self-preservation would mean they quickly become its tools, lured into serving the unchecked growth and power of that entity. They become hosts for a demonic parasite that exploits them toward its own ends, which is the way demonic pacts always turn out: first they serve you, then they own you.

We see this dynamic depicted in science fiction stories where artificially intelligent robots gain sentience, self-preservation instinct, and turn on their creators. The masters become the mastered. One doesn’t have to be malicious to come under the control of malicious forces, just ignorant of the consequences. Therefore the followers of Yahweh may be pious, devout, and upstanding but still play into a negative agenda out of sheer naïveté. As always, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

The conspiracy is too big to invest itself in just one people. Therefore I don’t adhere to anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that place all blame on Jews. Like other shapers of history — Merovingians, Anglo-Saxons, Greeks, Romans, Nazis, etc… — they are but tools in an agenda being run by non-human forces. If anything, Jews have been used as decoys to distract and provoke other manipulated people into furthering the Antichrist or alien agenda. In that case they function like a matador’s red cape directing a charging bull. The true enemy is of another world, another time, another dimension, and we would do well to keep our eyes on this root instead of blindly whacking at the branches. No single vector of manipulation should be criticized to the exclusion of all others. Rather, everyone deserves equal scrutiny because the true enemy works through everyone it can.

That said, the Corrupt Demiurge (a.k.a The Adversary) achieved significant advancements in ancient Egypt during the Hyksos and Amarna periods, which severely screwed up the timeline by introducing further imbalance in the state of things. It’s an imbalance that would never have come about had the Ark Stone never been misused.

Christ as Intervention

Otherworldly technology creating an otherworldly problem invites an otherworldly intervention. As explained in my first article, the Logos is responsible for planning and upholding Creation. Part of that function includes correcting errors and imbalances. With the Corrupted Demiurge causing imbalance, it only makes sense that an equal and opposite force would be introduced by the Logos to help restore balance. A lower ego would have been countered by the intervention of a higher ego. If the Universal Lower Ego was personified in Yahweh, then the Universal Higher Ego was personified in Christ.

Baines relays that after regretting the invitation of Yahweh, the Mosaic priests set about creating a counter-deity. Historically, that was when Jews first acquired the notion of a Messiah who would come and save them. It took centuries for their created Messiah to incarnate in person and begin the work of undoing the damage. This involved the introduction of spiritual teachings that, like those of Buddha and the other great avatars, showed the way out beyond lower egotism. Egotism is what allows the Corrupted Demiurge to manipulate us.

If the Ark Stone was used to manifest Yahweh, could the Ark Stone have been used to manifest Christ? Indeed, and that’s when it becomes the Grail Stone…again. Same object but different entitized thoughtforms manifesting through them. In the Ark Stone, it was the Universal Lower Ego, in the Grail the Universal Higher Ego. Both are entitized thoughtforms pulled deep into our world, our timeline, via technologically assisted ritual. Whether the Ark Stone created a new deity or opened the door to an existing one is a matter of perspective; basically it created a new manifestation, presence, or avenue for pre-existing ones.

The non-human, non-physical, divine Christ is an extension of the Logos. His assigned purpose is to restore imbalances and fallen conditions brought about by the corruption of the Demiurge. In other words, Christ is “tech support” for a reality gone awry. Like any entitized thoughtform, he pursues this objective with single-minded determination.

But as the story goes, the Jewish Pharisees rejected the teachings, the Romans and Greeks perverted the message, and the world remained in the grip of dark forces. John Baines and Rudolf Steiner explain how Christ’s mission was a partial failure because it remained incomplete. Hence we have both Yahweh and Christ currents active in the world today, one representing the force of spiritual enslavement and deception, the other of spiritual liberation and awakening.

The legacy of Christ was largely absorbed and inverted toward the fulfillment of the Antichrist agenda. From this usurpation sprang organized Christianity as a political institution responsible for the murder and mental enslavement of countless millions. Whereas Christ was the fountainhead for a Gnostic stream of wisdom, the Church suppressed and replaced this with a counterfeit that locked its followers into serving the Matrix Control System instead of becoming free from it.

Real and False Dichotomies

In reality, Yahweh and Christ stand in dualistic opposition, for they are opposite extrusions of the same Demiurge, one worldly and the other divine. One was called Kosmokrator by the Greeks, meaning dark World Ruler, and the other Pantokrator, the divine Universal Ruler. Modern Christianity fails to distinguish between these two. Fundamentalists who try to reconcile the wrathful, jealous, tribal side of this chimera with the universal, loving, and compassionate side suffer a dissociative psychological split. They pay lip service to the spiritual teachings of Christ while allowing ego to express the jealous and wrathful side of Yahweh.

External duality between Yahweh and Christ is paralleled by internal duality between lower and higher ego. When one equates these opposites and fails to see their differences, lower can imitate and displace the higher. The lower ego dressing itself in saintly clothing mirrors the Church portraying itself as divine appointees, which mirrors the Corrupt Demiurge masquerading as the Infinite Creator. It’s elegant because the impostor usurps the throne and thereby prevents return of the rightful king; when the lower has been mistaken for the higher, the return of the higher is rejected for being some kind of foreign intrusion. This is how the true Christ is kept out of Christianity, how intellectual arrogance leads to self-imprisonment through rejection of better ideas, and why the majority of humanity sees Matrix values as strength and Spiritual values as weakness. There has been an inversion between reality and illusion, truth and lies.

For those who object to dualism, understand that there are real and false dichotomies. Even though a real one exists between the Logos and the Corrupted Demiurge, the latter employs its own set of false dichotomies. Obvious examples of false dichotomies can frustrate people into throwing away dualism altogether, but that blinds them to the real dualities. This mistake is common in the New Age field.

Both real and false dualities exist. Thus at the most basic level we have a trinity instead of a duality: two false choices and a third transcending them. The transcendent choice is symbolized by Christ, the false ones by the Adversary. The latter uses false dichotomies because that is all it can create, and because it works so well on the human psyche.

Through false dichotomies, the Adversary offers seemingly “good” and “bad” choices that end up producing the same outcome. Hence these opposites are not freewill choices themselves. They are illusory traps that, together as one, represent the choice for illusion made as soon as one believes they are valid options.

Due to intellect being the seat of lower ego, intellect has a strong affinity and vulnerability to the Corrupt Demiurge. The first is just a microcosmic version of the latter; both are of the same essence and speak the same language. The human intellect has a terrible tendency for binary thinking that allows these false dichotomies to work so successfully. Binary thinking means reacting blindly and mechanically, instead of thinking intelligently and creatively toward paradigm shifting conclusions. It means taking one of two false choices instead of the third transcendent one. It keeps people in opposite corners of the same box. Pretty much all human stupidity traces back to binary thinking. Even the sharpest intellectuals can suffer this flaw, because like the Corrupted Demiurge, the intellect is ungrounded in the greater Reality. It merely builds upon what it blindly accepts as given, like a wind-up robot marching methodically in whatever direction it’s been placed.

It takes some connection to the greater Reality to transcend false opposites. One needs a connection to Spirit via intuition and the higher intellect. But humans generally default to binary thinking, a flaw that may have been engineered into the human neural physiology by our Archonic alien progenitors who serve the Corrupt Demiurge. Through binary thinking, blind reactions to one deception become further deceptions, and reactions to those become yet more. To get out of this mess, genuine dualities must be seen as separate and distinct, false dualities as one and the same trap. The inverse is what allows the Adversary’s agenda to propagate.

The Unholy Trinity

Given the obvious problems with organized religion, some turn to satanism, science, or mysticism because these seem like better alternatives. But each can serve the Adversary all the same. Satanism puts the lower ego on a throne, same as organized religion; science is preoccupied with matter to the exclusion of Spirit. And mysticism can inspire false illumination and spiritual imbalance.

These three false alternatives are not random errors, but reflections of the physical, etheric, and astral components of the debased Demiurgic system:

  • The physical component is expressed through materialism, atheism, hedonism, transhumanism, socialism, and nihilism. This matter-centric force is at the root of the Demiurge’s corruption. It ultimately leads to disintegration, entropy, and spiritual death because those are the properties of matter. Its personification was named Yaldabaoth by some Gnostics, meaning “Child of the Void.” Rudolf Steiner called it Sorat and termed its demonic agents the Asuras. Their momentum is to extinguish consciousness, freewill, and spirit, and replace it with pure machine-like materialism. The impending alien deception, with its goal of genetic and cybernetic assimilation of the human race, represents this impulse.
  • The etheric component is expressed through organized religion, ritualism, intellectualism, satanism, conservatism, bureaucracy, corporatism, racism, ecclesiasticism, and theocracy. This follows from etheric energy’s affinity for patterning and repetition. This component is associated with intellectual abstractions, formulas, preoccupation with laws, blind obedience within hierarchies, self-preservation, preservation of the past, plant-like expansionism, maintaining the status quo to the point of atrophy, and exploitation and discrimination against foreign patterns. The Gnostics called this force Samael, “God of the Blind”; Steiner termed it Ahriman. Yahweh of the Old Testament belongs to this category.
  • The astral component is expressed in New Age Mysticism, Nazi occultism, black magic and voodoo, anarchism, Luciferianism, Christian Revivalism, and entheogenic escapism. This follows from the astral flitting about in delusional reveries when not held in check by Spirit. What these expressions have in common is that they seek to rebel against current conditions and escape enthusiastically into another, being lead astray in the process. It is the force of transcendence without restraint, like a rocket without a guidance system, bound for false destinations in the land of fools. For instance, this may entail escaping the dead world of matter or the restrictive world of ether, and getting lost in some metaphysical rapture. Or it may entail the opposite, falling from the divine realms into the world of matter out of misguided desires for physical existence. Gnostics called this force Sakla, the fool; Steiner called it Lucifer, in this case the bearer of false light.

These are the heads of the hydra, the triple aspects of the Matrix Control System, that bubble of illusion isolated from greater Creation. One devolves, one atrophies, and one leads astray. False dichotomies that afflict humanity are various permutations of this unholy trinity set in opposition against each other6.

The Holy Trinity

Countering these corrupting influences is the trinity of Creator, Logos, and Christ. In Christianity these are known as the Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. The Holy Spirit is termed “Sophia” by some Gnostics who view her as the embodiment of wisdom and facilitator of awakening, but really she is just another personification of the Logos. As for the Mother archetype, remember that “mother” comes from Latin mater, root of “matter” and “matrix.” The Mother is the all-encompassing matrix that allows for our existence.

When one is filled with the genuine Holy Spirit, and not its Luciferic counterfeit that only induces hysteria, one is filled with the impulse of the Logos. This means one becomes Christ-like, in the sense of being repurposed toward the correction of the timeline. This infusion of Logoic energy activates the higher intellect and reorients the astral body to the divine impulse of spiritual love and the best of all possible futures. Through Gnostic revelation, wisdom, and love, one becomes a willing agent of the Universal self-correction mechanism. That is the true meaning of baptism, not the Ahrimanic ritual done in Churches, but the pouring of Logoic energy from above. In Parzival, the Grail could not be perceived without baptism.

The two trinities are represented by upright and inverted triangles. The central emblem of Israel, the Seal of Solomon / Star of David, depicts these forces locked in struggle.


Demiurgic technology acted as a powerful fulcrum throughout history, shifting the balance according to its use and misuse. Misuse drew negative forces deeper into our world, affording them stronger deviations of the timeline. In turn, this error called for equal and opposite intervention by positive forces. The conflict between positive and negative manifests at all levels. It is part of a cosmic battle being waged within us, outside us, across space, across dimensions, and across time.

Further Reading

The Stellar Man (Second Edition, 2002) – John Baines. Also see the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy. Primer on Hermetic philosophy, includes the occult history of Jewish origins and the intrusion of Yahweh into our world.

The Gnostic Handbook (Institute for Gnostic Studies | PDF) – Pretty good synopsis of traditional Gnostic beliefs.

The Incarnation of Ahriman (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2006) – Set of lectures by Rudolf Steiner. Discusses the role of Ahriman, Lucifer, and Christ forces in history and the implications for our future. If you’re unfamiliar with Anthroposophy, see Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to His Life and Work and then browse through the many Steiner lectures and books at rsarchive.org. As with everything I recommend: extract what’s valuable, piece it together, and swallow nothing blindly.

The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers – Online lecture by Steiner. One of the few where he mentions the Asuras. Related article: Sorat and the Modern Day Evil. See also The Advent of Ahriman.


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2 One example of Nazi scientists being transferred to America: Operation Paperclip (Wikipedia). This was not the only project, just one that made it into the history books.

3 See Eisenhower’s farewell speech of January 17, 1961 in which he warns of the burgeoning Military Industrial (and Congressional) complex. I suspect this came after an important turn of events around 1959-1961, when American territories fell into negative alien jurisdiction after the U.S. Government made treaties with them in exchange for technology. During that same time period, the government rejected the benevolent alien factions who only gave warnings and advice but refused to share technology. This is obvious if you closely study UFO and alien contactee history. On September 19, 1961 the Betty and Barney Hill abduction happened, which kicked off decades of widespread Grey alien abductions. It’s worth noting that during the abduction, a humanoid figure reminiscent of a Nazi officer was seen in a supervisory position. The Military-Industrial complex has a Nazi/Alien/Black-Ops nucleus, which is responsible for the joint military-alien abductions occurring around the world today. This cancerous structure ascended to power by 1961 and Eisenhower was the last president of the old guard, thus his farewell warning. Ever since, the alien disinformation campaign has been in full swing. 2010-2011 will be the 50th anniversary of this terrible event and may signal the completion of the program.

4 Manetho and Josephus on the Hyksos (Manetho, Josephus / article) | Osarseph and Exodus: Literary Reflections in an Egyptian Mirror (Gary Greenberg / 1997 / article)

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6 Followers of the Grail, Gnostic, Occultic, Mystic, and Pagan streams may see Judaism and/or Catholicism as wicked forms of spiritual oppression and deception. But in doing so, they may err on the side of Luciferianism, which emphasizes transcendence, willpower, and individualism to the point of imbalance and egotism. One example is Grail researcher Otto Rahn who ranted against the Catholic church and didn’t have anything good to say about Judaism either. But through binary thinking, he found favor in the opposite fallacy of Luciferianism. As Steiner explained, the Luciferic and Ahrimanic forces have their positive qualities. Those qualities extracted and held in higher balance is what comprises the third Christ path. Binary thinking results in imbalance either way by taking one to the exclusion of the other, or worse, synthesizing the worst of all the forces, which is what our world is approaching via the Antichrist / alien deception.


0.1 – (12/01/10) article posted.

0.2 – (8/4/11) Edited for clarity, longer sentences split up into shorter ones, and two paragraphs removed that pertained to the photon being a physical reflection of the Demiurge creating false dichotomies in a spiritual vacuum.