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I have gotten many emails over the past two years wondering what happened when my association with the Quantum Future School ended in mid August of 2003. So, I decided to finally put a page together with some of my views on the matter. Hopefully this saves me from having to recapitulate the sordid events with every reply.

The important points to remember are:

1) There is a difference between the message (Cassiopaean Transcripts) and the messenger (Laura Knight and the Quantum Future Group).

2) The message (1994-2002) is still viable and I recommend it, but the messenger and channel (2003+) are now corrupt beyond hope.

There has been a small number of individuals who, despite reading this page and knowing better, decided to go ahead and immerse themselves fully in the Cassiopaea forum anyway. Given enough time, their weakness of mind, lack of personal conviction, and ego-driven need to belong at all costs made them succumb to the peer pressure found there. Instead of thinking for themselves, they turned their backs on their own better judgment and swallowed the bitter misinformation on that forum. If they had at least emailed me for clarification, they would have been spared the deception.

It's unfortunate such types go whichever way the wind blows, respect authority more than reason, betray gnosis for the sake of ego, and can't distinguish between sophistry and wisdom. As the Cassiopaeans said, "knowledge protects, ignorance endangers" -- i.e. you better know what you're doing, for wandering through that snakepit is a journey that rarely ends well.

If you have any questions, just ask --


I became aware of the Cass material in late 1999 or 2000. Laura personally invited me to their discussion group in early 2001. In the summer of 2002 I attended the first Cassiopaean Conference held in Florida. There I met Laura and her husband and most everyone in the research group. During all that time from 1999 to 2002, their philosophy, research focus, and approach to channeling seemed to have remained the same or else become better.

But several things happened in 2002 that amplified pre-existing problems, to where they started to outweigh anything good about the group. First, Laura brought much stress and negativity upon herself and the group by getting into a personal battle against former associates Vincent Bridges and Jay Weidner. This was then coupled with repeated attacks and disruptions on her message board, some of which involved me and my stance on the organic portals material, and then there came a huge period of upheaval after her receiving a death threat letter where the group was told "prepare to be boarded."

All of this made the group very paranoid, and they reacted by making controls on the discussion group very tight. They started using a mechanical system of copy-and-paste responses to respond to supposed disinformation agents or attack them in return, instead of taking the less convenient route of discerning the nature and intention of these perceived threats on a case by case basis. This blanket approach caused numerous false positives and burnt bridges left and right. So the discussion group went from good spirited and lively, to more oppressive and rigid.

Then in late 2002 they prepared to move to France and ended up being scammed by an Israeli moving company who did not deliver their belongings for several months, thus Laura and her family and team spent numerous weeks in distress after arriving in France. All this pressure brought out their worst sides and weakened them spiritually by entrain them into a state of negativity and overdefensiveness, and therefore they became increasingly puppeted by negative forces. The change was palpable of the year before the move vs the year afterward.

By mid 2003, they had all simultaneously changed from who they were just a year prior. Changes included quickly removing their old website, removing the Cassiopaean transcripts from their website, marginalizing the value of the Cassiopaean messages, shifting most of their focus toward political activism via Signs of the Times, attempting to turn themselves into a conceited Fourth Way school, going against all the positive advice the Cassiopaeans have given, and changing from seemingly good natured people toward increasingly egotistical and bitter people.

Paranoia became the new undertone. In cult-like fashion, outsiders were increasingly seen with suspicion, especially the non-participating wives and girlfriends of male members, whom Laura almost always saw as "vectors of attack" regardless of whether they were actual threats or not. For instance, Laura met my girlfriend once and although our meeting was mutually cordial, months later Laura started propagating a fantasy that my girlfriend was an organic portal sent to destroy her group from the outside through me. And when I successfully disproved that, Laura revised her fantasy by saying my girlfriend was instead a reanimated matrix agent. All this, even though my girlfriend minds her own business and has never engaged in any actual persecution or even so much as infiltration of their group. The pattern was similar to what was experienced by other male members, who were encouraged to separate from their "outsider" partners. Such was the level of paranoia that had already started taking root in late 2002. This led to the group taking the low road in their fights against others, and burning all the bridges they could. The fortress of their defense against "matrix agents" soon became their prison. In the end, the only real difference between the group and a typical cult, is that while a cult discourages use of the intellect, the group encouraged extreme use of it, but even the intellect is not immune to delusion when it reasons from false assumptions and is misappropriated toward rationalizing biases and paranoia.

It was toward the end of 2002 when one member in particular helped deviate the research focus of the group. He emphasized a Fourth Way school approach coupled with socialist ideology and political activism. Most of their site today is a result of that.

Their fear of losing credibility also made them become increasingly agnostic, inflexible, and narrow-minded in their research and manner of speak, placing defense of their public image above truth seeking, and resorting to metaphysical 'political correctness' and 'fourth way speak' to come off as objective when in truth they were merely intellectually rationalizing irrational impulses reinforced through group consensus.

Additionally, the agnostic uncertainty appropriate to academic research, exemplified by Laura's husband Arkadiusz because he was a theoretical physicist by training, was taken up and emulated by the rest of the group in regards to metaphysical research. This posed a problem because metaphysical research is necessarily of a gnostic nature, and agnostic uncertainty merely puts the breaks on a process requiring agile leaps of innovation and insight. All this resulted in an atrophy, mechanization, and an abandoning of their original spirited line of research. Nowadays more energy is spent on ranting against world problems and defending their views than forging ahead with new research, and because their system is so rigid there is barely any room for fluid expansion of their minds.

In short, I believe the QFS came under an intense "psychic greeting" by fourth and fifth density STS entities, which eventually forced a shift in the spiritual integrity, leadership structure, and research focus of the group. Anyone familiar with the Ra Material's description of how positive channels are tempted and subverted by negative forces will know what I'm talking about.

For them to turn around would require a re-evaluation of their path and philosophy and the processing of their shadow selves. But their pride and ego keeps them from admitting any wrong. My stay with them ended in late 2003 after an ugly split that even today leaves deep wounds in the many people involved.

My Rift With the QFS

All through 2003 I watched their philosophy take a turn toward growing misinterpretation of Gurdjieff, Castaneda, and Mouravieff. This amounted to selective cherry-picking and misconstruing of ideas to substantiate new egoistic, cold, and paranoid impulses that had taken root. These impulses were rationalized with great finesse. What they called "thinking with a hammer" ended up becoming "rationalizing with a hammer." In the next section I will explain what these false ideas were.

My pointing these out was met with adulation by some and resentment by others. Laura probably perceived this as an undermining and upstaging of her work, and the rift started to grow. Being paranoid as she had become to outsiders, to "vectors of attack", to those who were not "colinear" with her group, this mounting philosophical difference between myself and her set the stage for my eventual departure. The difference was between me holding onto the original spirit of the Cassiopaean work, and her deviating onto the new fourth-way/political-activism direction. You can see this on their site right now, the difference between The Wave Series (written before 2002) and their writings since 2003, and also the difference between their current writings and my own. You can also see it by comparing the articles they have written since 2003 to those published on my site.

By August of 2003, this resentment had reached its head. Laura did something cunning and dishonest. She invited me to join their special moderator group, which I accepted. Then she asked me to write an evaluation of a certain member, which I did. In my evaluation, I pointed out how this member had many red flags in their behavior suggesting they could be a 'matrix agent.' (In hindsight, this member was not actually a matrix agent, and the appearance of such was due to my having adopted the same 'see what you want to see' attitude that the Cass group to this day still holds; my subsequent split from the group opened my eyes to the insidious nature of this fallacy, and from that time I have been careful never to make the same mistake again. The member in question has since continued on the path of esoteric research and discovery, growing in insight and wisdom as evidenced by the quality of writings produced. This is a common pattern; it seems those with the greatest potential for light are ejected most violently and coldly by Laura's group, which says much about where the group stands on the STO-STS spectrum).

Laura wrote back on the private moderator forum with a congratulatory post, saying she fully agreed with me, and that I should post my analysis in the main discussion group, which I did as advised. That very night she writes a long post to the main group about how my analysis bothered her so much she couldn't sleep, and how it worried her very much that I was playing "spot the organic portal" like this, and suggesting that I myself was an agent. She failed to mention to the main group how deeply she agreed with my assessment and how she asked me to share it with the group in the first place.

Stupid me fell right for it, in some ways deserved because my main flaw back then was being overenthusiastic with the matrix agent idea. Her post provided the catalyst needed (the nod of approval from authority) for all the other members who ever bore resentment against me, to unleash their viciousness and try to find anything and everything on me they could use to justify their suspicion. Most of it amounted to a projection of their own flaws. They dug up my old out-dated articles, which no longer even reflected my views, and tried to hold these up as examples of my then current mindset.

What they couldn't find, they invented, and what they did find they took out of context. For example, back in 2000, I had posted on my site an article I had written after doing research for a college speech and debate class on the issue of gun control. In the article I proposed that the 2nd Amendment set upper and lower bounds on what weapons were acceptable for defense of a free state, meaning weapons suitable for both battlefield and home defense, which means rifles. They ignored most of the article, took a small piece of out context, and tried to say I was a violent extremist, a pro-militia gun-nut like Timothy McVeigh who thought everyone should have nukes in their homes. That is the hook they have used ever since, because that's the best they can come up with to rationalize their prejudice. Revealingly, they only came up with that long after they had tried and failed to pin other faults on me, like initially saying I was a secret Mormon agent sent to infiltrate them since my email address "tomormonty" (as in "tom or montalk") had "mormon" in there. This shows how desperately they were grasping for straws, for anything to justify their animosity. And to all but themselves, those accusations were clearly divorced from reality, because my articles speak for themselves and indicate nothing substantiating that paranoid fantasy of theirs.

Once they got it in their minds that I was an agent, they saw only what they wanted to see. Meaning, their intellects became tools of rationalization rather than discernment, selectively picking out and distorting things through blood red glasses. And when I successfully rebuffed them on some false accusation, they immediately jumped to another. Thus for every legit defense I had, they came up with ten new attacks on my character, and this multiplied exponentially. This is their standard tactic, winning not through right but might, and it has happened to dozens of other members since then.

In the end it was myself versus the entire Cassiopaea leadership and numerous members who got swept up in the paranoia. On the advice of one member who suggested I do the respectful thing and leave, that is what I did.

During that ordeal and for six months afterward, Laura had a link in large letters at the top of her website saying, "Warning: Disinformation Site" -- linking to a page outlining their slanderous view of me, which was mostly the product of delusion and hysteria. They tried to paint me as a violent revolutionary, someone who thought the world could be changed with guns. What a joke. In an ironic twist, because Laura shouted these lies so loudly from the rooftops, French Intelligence caught word of these claims and allegedly pulled her in for interrogation regarding her connections to this "violent revolutionary" she was ranting about; so it came back to bite her, because had she not falsely portrayed me as the most dangerous man alive, French Intelligence would not have become concerned.

Over time, in order to bulwark their delusion, they kept refining their fantasy, trying to make it sound more plausible, but which to anyone who knows me actually became increasingly ludicrous. As the years went on, it becomes obvious just how removed from reality their view is, which only pressures them into making it even more convoluted in order to save face. Unfortunately the nicely groomed distortions they have assembled over the years sounds reasonable enough to undiscerning minds who take them on their sophistic word, but thankfully to many more my website and activities speak for themselves, however, and it should be clear that I actually advocate spiritual transcendence, spiritual warfare, and discernment to tackle the problems we face, not physical violence. Their current fantasy is that I was a mind-controlled pawn sent in to link them to the militia movement so that the federal government could swoop in like they did at Waco and burn her family alive. The paranoia, fear, egoism, martyrdom and persecution complex underlying that fantasy should be plain to see. Anyone who might believe this ought to read my website and see what evidence exists in my writings of this supposedly violent extremist inclination.

Cautions Concerning the QFS

The following gets to the heart of the issue. It's not about house raffles, lawsuits, who said what about whom, or other petty 3D dramas. I have no respect for people who attack Laura solely on those grounds, as they are acting like pigs rolling around in the same mud puddle. No, it's about hardcore spiritual disinformation. Whether you understand or ignore the following, that will make or break you, should you decide to get further involved with the Cassiopaea folks. Pay attention and think, and see, and know! Few will ever explain it to you as clearly as I will now attempt.

In my view, while the QFS does a great job attacking the 3D STS Control System by covering such topics as 9/11, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, the Bush Administration, Israel and the Zionists, and the attrocities happening in the mid-East, the problem is that it does this while actually serving the 4D STS Control System. How so? By engendering an attitude rooted in egoism, bitterness, cynicism, cold mechanicalness, and third density thinking. After their changeover in 2002-2003, they started disregarding, marginalizing, and ignoring everything the Cassiopaeans have ever said concerning fourth density thinking, spirituality, raising your FRV (frequency resonance vibration), and all the other transcendent advice given in the transcripts.

So the political activism that the QFS is engaging in is a decoy that allows for a higher negative agenda that has a spiritually detrimental effect, even while informing people of worldly conspiracies. That is why anyone who is observant will currently notice at the Signs of the Times Forum an atmosphere of arrogance, coldness, viciousness, egoism, and paranoia. That is because while they continue to fight against third density conspiracies, the battle against their souls has already been won. They are now existing in a spiritual vacuum, devoid of a connection to higher objectivity. I acknowledge their extremely well-honed intellects, but find it a shame that this intellect has been subjugated by their egos.

Now, the shortcomings of their ideology are rooted in several fundamental problems.

The first problem is binary thinking, where they can only see things in a black and white way. For instance, either you are colinear with them, or you are an agent sent to destroy them. Thus if they are in error, and someone comes into the group presenting a correction, they see it only as a contradiction to their own beliefs and conclude this person is an agent. That is not unlike religious groups who see all who disagree with them as the devil testing them.

Another example of binary thinking is their erroneous re-definition of what Gurdjieff and Mouravieff called "A" and "B" influences. The proper definition is that "A" influences are those that hold you back spiritually, while "B" influences are those that lead you beyond yourself into new expanded states of awareness. And when you fully arrive at the plateau of objectivity from where these "B" influences originate, now you receive "C" influences that lead you even higher, and so on. Thus "A" and "B" are relative rather than absolute terms. The QFS has redefined these, saying that "A" influences are those of subjectivity and "B" of objectivity. This removes the relative chain of "C", "D", "E", etc... influences and presents everything in a binary "A" or "B" way. Therefore as long as they view themselves as holding a stance opposite of mere "A" influence subjectivity, they think they are being objective, that they have full reason to justify and defend their position. So when "C" comes along and tries to point out their error in sticking solely to "B" instead of moving beyond, they see only that "C" differs from "B" and conclude it must a form of "A." And so they get stuck at only one plateau of objectvitivity, never reaching higher plateaus. This is in line with the 4D STS agenda, because it keeps them stuck at 3D objectivity while being wholly ignorant of 4D objectivity which requires an orthogonal shift in perspective and abandonment of ego.

The second problem is hypocrisy. Laura has written plenty on psychopaths, commenting on their defining characteristics that they blame others for what they themselves are doing. Yet ironically, this is what the more vicious personalities of the QFS are doing. For instance, they chastise people like me for playing "Spot the OP" (which during my four years of moderating Noble Realms I had never once done) yet within their group that is exactly what they do: comment on this person and that person being an agent, organic portal, a COINTELPRO operative, and so on. Another example of hypocrisy is how they gripe about being persecuted by others, yet they themselves go viciously and underhandedly at those whom they perceive to be enemies without second thought given to whether the person is actually their enemy. So they blame others for what they themselves are doing. For ones who speak out against psychopaths act very much like psychopaths themselves. Further, they are strong opponents of Zionism and Israel, bringing up valid points about how Mossad wages war by deception, yet they themselves have resorted to deception and trickery to wage war against their perceived opposition. This probably stems from an inability to see themselves objectively.

The third problem is assuming colinearity equals objectivity. For instance, they talk the talk about "errors in your reading instrument" (meaning your deviation from objectivity) but then make sure their "reading instruments" are calibrated correctly according to how well it matches what the rest of the group thinks. Thus group-consensus is their measuring gauge for objectivity. In truth, this leads to everyone being equally deluded. And considering how easily new members capitulate to the authority of Laura and other main players, it is very easy for an erroneous idea, a false rationalization, an emotional bias, on the part of the leadership to tow the rest into line with it, cementing it under the illusion of everyone's "reading instruments" being properly calibrated. Any new member who lacks sufficient level of intuition, discernment, and spiritual strength will be sucked into it. Mouravieff warned against just this phenomenon, speaking of false "B" influences and certain occult charlatans who have a magnetic field about them that draws in weaker minds.

This is the primary danger to neophytes who come upon their group and decide to join; unless their "I" is sufficiently developed, they will bend under the influence and become hypnotically magnetized by this black magnetic center. When this first begins, they will feel an inner conflict between their legitimate inner knowing, intuition, discernment, experience, wisdom, etc... and the illegitimate pressure and sophistry of the group. It's a two-prong attack that hits their conscious mind via sophistry and subconscious mind via the black magnetic (actually etheric) field. Those who feel this conflict the worst will wrestle with themselves for a while, vacillating between doubt and trust. Eventually they either come to their senses and pull away, or undergo a cult-like conversion experience in which they resolve never to listen to their inner knowing again, for the sake of "objectivity." Interestingly, you can detect in their subsequent writings an undertone of doubt stemming from their knowing deep down, unconsciously, that something is off. To squelch that sensation, they compensate by upping the zeal of their commitment to group consensus. Often this bubbles up as redundant declarations of sycophancy that beg for self-assurance, commiseration, and a pat on the head. But all in all, it's the equivalent of sticking fingers in your ears and saying "la la la" louder and louder to shut out the sound of that fire alarm.

The fourth problem is their ignoring certain important aspects of the works from which they draw their inspiration. They quote often from Boris Mouravieff, about how emotional shocks are needed to fuse the magnetic center. The part they skip, is where Mouravieff mentions how only when negative emotions transmuted into positive emotions can the energy fuse the magnetic center. They skipped it because, first the idea of "positivity" is seen in their binary minds as "emotional self-tranquilization" or "buffering", and secondly because their egoistic negative selves want nothing to do with feeling positive. So instead, they engage in constant self-flagellation, thinking that gazing unflinchingly at picture after picture of blown up Iraqi children means staring truth in the face, that it means becoming more objective because you are not turning away from the truth. Well they ignore the difference between truth and fact, that facts are what happened and truth is the objective principle to be learned; there comes a point when further facts exemplifying a truth become redundant. But they think that, since an alarm clock wakes you up in the morning, if you keep the blaring thing pressed against your ear all day long you'll become more and more awake. Instead you go deaf. This self-flagellation is what has traumatized them emotionally and deadened their sense of empathy and compassion, which again is an example of the 4D STS battle against their souls. Once you learn the lesson, you move on. But they prefer redundant facts over truth. Mouravieff said this kind of thing leads to building a black magnetic center, because it constitute false "B" influences. A magnetic center cannot be fused by negative emotions alone, and attempting to do so builds an inner core of negativity. That is the blackness an intuitively observant person will notice when participating in their group nowadays.

And the fifth problem is lacking introspection, self-honesty, and genuine self-control. The kind of control they do exercise is making sure to taylor their attacks and rationalizations through language and pretense in a way that minimizes how they can be attacked in return, to be nasty while appearing calm, to sound rational and pious while being the opposite. The fallability of the QFS leadership is not being acknowledged in their group, and this allows their weaknesses to compound. For example, do any of them ever admit to still being abducted and mind programmed? Of course not, but it could very easily happen. It appears they are not even considering or admitting that possibility, that at night while sleeping they are having posthypnotic triggers implanted into their minds, which provide impulses that later they take as their own and defend with their misappopriated intellects. And therefore 4D STS have a wide open conduit into the minds of the QFS leadership. This is evident in all they have done since 2002. Without acknowledging this problem, they provide an outlet for the accomplishing of that agenda. The lack of introspection, of noticing the ego and keeping a leash on it, and instead defending it as though it were some noble impulse, that has led them farther down the path of self-destruction than anything. I have wrestled with these issues too, but because I am always wary of them, I have learned to nip them in the bud.


Due to the outward changes that occurred in the group in 2002-2003, I no longer have respect for the people, the work, or the channelings that came afterward. The integrity of the channel depends on the integrity of the participants. The real Cassiopaeans no longer communicate with them, and any new sessions after 2002 are especially suspect. They have a self-congratulatory tone lacking novelty, as if Laura were running the board herself like a ventriloquist to back up her own assertions. Even during 2002 there were starting to appear red flags in the transcripts that the channel was starting to break up.

Let not the credibility of their work prior to 2002-2003 reflect undeservedly on their newer work. The old material consists of The Wave and several other pieces, whereas during the writing of The Adventure Series is when the changeover occurred. Also keep in mind that her books Secret History of the World and High Strangeness consist primarily of material written before 2003, even though they were published afterward. For example, in Secret History the later additions are distinguishable because they are sections overly preoccupied with such 3D STS Conspiracy memes as "COINTELPRO" and "Zionists" and "Bush Gang".

Nor let their shortcomings take away from the value of the Cassiopaean Transcripts from 2002 and earlier. One must not throw the baby out with the bathwater. The baby here is the gnostic teachings of the Cassiopaeans. Distinctions must be made.

If the QFS wants to avoid heading in the direction of 4D STS candidacy, hopefully they, at the very least, start acknowledging the importance of transmuting negative emotions into positive emotions, not by ignoring truth, but by viewing it in a higher divine context. By raising their FRVs this way, shifting away from combative dualism, they should vector enough toward positive probable futures in order to re-establish connection with higher positive forces. But I have little hope they will pull through.

As for new members joining their group, I hope they realize that personal experience, intuition, and critical thinking take precedent over statements others make on the basis of authority, and that includes the apparent authority of group consensus. They ought to think for themselves and not ignore their own "gnowing" by getting wooed by the mesmerizing authority of some esteemed but fallible person. The need to belong, to be led by the hand, to wear the identity of a group like badge -- these are all weaknesses steeped in ego and emotional insecurity, and they must be overcome. Otherwise a person becomes fickle, spineless, sycophantic, and easily suggestible. Reflect deeply on the truth and stick to your convictions, changing your stance only in the face of an even more logical and solid hypothesis, but never change merely on the basis of another person's or group's authority. Watch out for rationalization and sophistry on their part. Think with a hammer to ensure they are not just rationalizing their own biases and trying to pull you into the same delusion. Believe only what makes clear sense to you, but never cement yourself into that belief. Be open to "B" and "C" and "D" influences instead of thinking you have fully arrived at objectivity upon reaching "B". If someone proposes an idea that contradicts yours, is it because they don't know what you know? Or because they know something you don't yet know? Move beyond binary thinking, and start applying the "third man" principle, that of moving beyond false opposites toward a higher median, an orthogonal shift in perspective beyond the plane of the lesser dichotomy.

Some of my articles over the past years were aimed at counterbalancing what I perceive to be spiritual disinformation being disseminated on the QFS website. While my material is not perfect either, at least I try to correct and improve the material instead of branding constructive criticism as a "matrix attack."

I believe that building up the magnetic center requires transmuting negative emotions into positive ones, and that awareness and positivity together make the best combination for spiritual progress.