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Mind Over Reality » 4 October 23
Join Tom and Carissa for an unprecedented drill down on consciousness, reality, and the Law of Attraction. This 8-part podcast miniseries aims to decipher the deepest and darkest mysteries of this Matrix construct.

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Part 1: Consciousness, Synchronicity, and Manifestation

✧ What is "frequency" really?
✧ Exploring mind vs. matter
✧ Synchronicity vs. causality
✧ Examples of reality creation
✧ Understanding thoughtforms and the Demiurge
✧ Shaping probable futures through mindset

Part 2: Vibrational Matching, States of Consciousness, Manifesting Pitfalls

✧ Attracting like-minded individuals
✧ Contagious synchronistic numbers
✧ States of consciousness shaping reality
✧ Spontaneous invisibility
✧ Synchronization of multiple realities
✧ The pitfalls of manifesting from the false self

Part 3: Synchronicities, Emotions, and the Subconscious

✧ Synchronicities and their meaning
✧ How emotions shape reality
✧ Thoughtforms & feedback loops
✧ Karma, reincarnation
✧ Psychopaths and empty individuals
✧ Cultivating a positive ego core

Part 4: Manifestation Modes, Realm Breaches, Quantum Entanglement, False Beliefs

✧ Specificity vs. generality
✧ Entities manipulating the subconscious
✧ When negative forces breach your realm
✧ Quantum entanglement & tangibility
✧ Monkey's Paw Principle
✧ Higher positive beings
✧ Rethinking necessity of suffering

Part 5: Limitations, Timeline Alterations, and Unexpected Consequences

✧ You receive only the closest approximation
✧ What happens when you reality create a person
✧ Altering the timeline vs. jumping to a new one
✧ Holographic placeholders
✧ How negs "tag" you to track you
✧ When a manifestation backfires

Part 6: Targeting, Frequency Manipulation, Battle for Personal Sovereignty

✧ Gangstalking & paranormal harassment
✧ Personal frequency's role in attracting it
✧ Realm breaching as a step-by-step process
✧ Freewill occult warnings
✧ Black helos, MILAB handlers, and surveillance
✧ Shifting frequency to beat them

Part 7: Retro-causality, Probable Futures & Resonance, Symbolic Synchronicities

✧ Retrocausality
✧ Trans-temporal feedback loops
✧ Attracting probable futures through resonance
✧ Physics as programmed consciousness
✧ Dream weirdness vs. Fortean anomalies
✧ Precursor synchronicities
✧ Signs from the departed

Part 8: Dream vs. Simulation, Transcendence, and the Power of Divine Will

✧ Semiotic & Reflexive aspects of reality
✧ Etheric plane as "Matrix" code
✧ Superconscious beings beyond spacetime
✧ The purgatorial function of reality
✧ Myths that warn about misuse of power
✧ Transcendence through divine will

4 Oct, 2023 - Mind Over Reality

(YouTube | MP3 ) Eight-part podcast series with Montalk and Carissa on our matrix reality and the powers of consciousness.

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28 May, 2016 - Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment

(YouTube) How non-human entities covertly manipulate people in their everyday lives. Roundtable discussion with Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, Bernhard Guenther, Laura Leon, Carissa Conti, and Montalk.

23 Nov, 2015 - Love Bite Plus - Paranormal Interference in Relationships

(YouTube) The role of alien, black op, demonic, and interdimensional entities in manipulating human love relationships. Their motivations for doing so include energy feeding, experimentation, genetic pairing, mind control handling, and suppression of spiritual awakening. We also mention red flags to observe and how to deal with these forces. Panel discussion with Eve Lorgen, James Bartley, Laura Leon, Bernhard Guenther, Montalk, Carissa Conti, and Arella Eliora.

8 Jun, 2015 - Interview w/ Jason Demakis - Reality Creation, Quantum Physics, Realm Dynamics

(YouTube) How consciousness influences reality on the quantum level. The nature of synchronicity & its workings. Timeline dynamics – how our present decisions effect the PAST as much as the future! How the Law of Attraction really works. Polarization of consciousness, and more.

7 Aug, 2013 - Illuminating the Shadows w/ Sienna Lea - Part 3: Hidden Alien influence

(Youtube | Transcript) This episode reveals the hidden alien interference that can be sneaking through the backdoor of your mind. Tom and Sienna discuss how even though we are told by many new age teachings that we are creating our own reality until we are fully aware of hidden alien and demonic influences many of us remain unwitting puppets for other dimensional forces. This episode dives deeper into the covert machinations that currently maneuver unconsciously through billions of unsuspecting souls.

7 Aug, 2013 - Illuminating the Shadows w/ Sienna Lea - Part 2: Whose Hands are on Your Steering Wheel?

(Youtube | Transcript) In this episode Sienna and Tom take a look at whose hands are on our steering wheel, and what we can do to take charge of our lives. Tom shares some of his alien encounters, and they break down the demiurge control grid, and how we can be recruited into serving it through our shadow selves. Methods used by alien races to enslave us are discussed and what we can do about it. Ways to discern through the Laws of Attraction are also explored, along with a path to true sovereignty.

7 Aug, 2013 - Illuminating the Shadows w/ Sienna Lea - Part 1: Wising up to Alien Interference

(Youtube | Transcript) Part 1 of a three part series with aimed at helping us wise up to our true nature and to the reality of alien interference on this planet and in each of our lives.

27 Jun, 2013 - 3. Spirit over Matter

(YouTube | Transcript) How Spirit and the Divine Realm triumph over Matter and the Matrix Control System.

27 Jun, 2013 - 2. Five Critical Human Weaknesses

(YouTube | Transcript) The fundamental flaws that keep humanity in the dark.

27 Jun, 2013 - 1. What is the Matrix Control System?

(Youtube | Transcript) The five components of the Matrix Control System.

25 Jun, 2012 - Veils Afire - Episode 3 - w/ Karrie Reynolds

(MP3 60MB, 83 min) Prophecies and predictions, effects of etheric energy increasing in our world, the alien disinformation campaign, positive aliens, and timeline splits.

13 Jun, 2012 - Radio3Fourteen w/ Lana Lokteff

(MP3 40MB, 86 min) Alien agendas, abductions and races. Etheric energy, mayan calendar and end time prophecies, demiurgic technology. Mind over matter, and music.

19 May, 2012 - Veils Afire - Episode 2 - w/ Karrie Reynolds

(MP3 93.7MB, 129 min) Alien monitoring, whom they ignore, recruit, or destroy, nighttime visitations, abductions, pre and post abduction symptoms, daytime telepathic persuasions, mind programming, alien opportunists vs strategists, runaway paranoia feedback loop, positive aliens and divine intervention.

10 May, 2012 - Veils Afire - Episode 1 - w/ Karrie Reynolds

(MP3 44.7MB, 74 min) Hidden nature of the alien presence, their origins, their capabilities, common types of activities, spectrum of alien types from terrestrials to ultraterrestrials, Nordic aliens, non-humans and hybrids embedded in our population.

27 Jan, 2012 - Truth Frequency Radio w/ Chris and Sheree Geo

(MP3 128MB, 140 min) Alien agendas, time travel, psychic vampirism, scalar physics, linear vs nonlinear time, heavy metal, reptilians and demons, demiurgic technology.

16 Mar, 2009 - Kerrang Radio w/ Nick Margerrison

(MP3 19.7MB, 27 min) Primary alien groups, differences between positive and negative factions, future alien deception.

30 Mar, 2008 - Kerrang Radio w/ Nick Margerrison

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