Disease and Chemtrails

montalk.net » 14 July 04

Metaphysics of Disease

Whether a pathogen has any effect upon a potential victim depends largely upon his or her immune system. The immune system isn’t just biological in nature, it is also electromagnetic and metaphysical. In other words, there are electromagnetic and metaphysical factors that greatly determine just how severe a response will be to the introduction of any particular pathogen. Viruses are passive things, having no energy or mobility of their own to force their way into infecting anyone or anything. Only with the aid of a host’s own cells can it invade, replicate, and destroy. They are more akin to gentle knocks than battering rams when it comes to opening the door to ill health.

Even on a biological level, to some degree there is subconscious permission from the host for the disease to take root and blossom. Metaphysically, a body’s inhabiting soul allows a disease to reach maximum infection if doing so potentially provides for some learning lesson (“potentially” meaning there is still risk it will backfire). For example, when one strays from one’s life path by adopting a stressful and cynical outlook on life, diseases can manifest which are both symptomatic of that mental and emotional imbalance and serve to potentially teach one to adopt a more healthy state of being. Yes, there are biological processes that reflect these, such as rises in cortisol (stress hormone) levels, but these either run parallel with, or are a result of, the underlying metaphysical process.

The points in the preceding paragraph are self-evident, but even published sources mention the link between metaphysics and health. For example, the Ra Material talks about disease providing chosen learning lessons for the infected person. It is the reason why laughter and positive attitude lead to more rapid recovery and why, as mentioned, stress aggravates disease. Mindset, soul vibrational characteristics, and subconscious permission play a role in changing the probability and extent of disease.

Physics of Disease

The physical component of the immune system plays a large part as well, however. In the door analogy above, it was said that viruses are more like knocks than battering rams. Well, even gentle knocks can rip through paper doors — so a drastically physically weakened immune system will not protect against disease, regardless of metaphysical and electromagnetic factors.

Sometimes a dysfunction is caused by an overpowering physical factor. If a migraine is actually caused by microwave energy creating resonant standing waves within the skull, then the only effect a positive mindset will have is maintaining one’s morale. The actual cause, however, must be dealt with in a physical way, such as detecting and blocking the beam as described in another article. If some occult, scalar, or electromagnetic disturbance is affecting sleep, then likewise a physical counterbalance may be used such as melatonin supplements. If a disease or vicious infection is stronger than the soul can deal with, then physical medical methods are warranted.

Those succumbing to viruses obviously tend to have disrupted immune systems, but it is the point of this commentary to emphasize that their vulnerability isn’t just physical, but involves metaphysical factors as well. In other words, having a healthy mental, spiritual, and emotional state of being is great protection against disease, especially against most viruses.

Metaphysical Immunity and Vulnerability

To illustrate the physical and metaphysical nature of disease, here is a summary discussion of those who are more vulnerable. Children are vulnerable for two reasons: first, except for inherited immunity, they have no library of antibodies gained from past exposure to viruses and are therefore physically defenseless against many viruses, and second, their body-soul interface matures with time and so the soul (Higher Self, actually) cannot control what happens to them in as refined manner as when they become older.

Another vulnerable group consists of humans without individualized souls, termed “spiritless humans” in my article of the same name. Their infection patterns are mostly random because there is neither reason to allow or disallow any particular disease, nor is there a higher metaphysical agent to control such patterns.

The Cassiopaeans (read my warning first) suggested increasing one’s awareness to close the gaps that allow viruses to enter, which makes sense because with increased awareness there are fewer mundane lessons one needs to learn. I have been intensely studying the nature of reality over the past decade, constantly increasing my awareness, and it’s beyond coincidence that I haven’t gotten the flu in as many years. The few times I’ve gotten a cold came immediately after indulging in prolonged periods of negative thinking and going against the grain. One might say that stress hormones lowered the immune system, but that is only one variable because in correlation with such mindsets also comes an increase in accidents, injuries, and misfortunes, which are clearly not dependent on the state of our physical antibodies.

Once again, healthy emotions and a knowledgeable mind seem to prevent disease. Combine this with good physical health via a decent diet and whatever supplements are needed, and great health is virtually guaranteed.

Some may ask, what is the point of health? Isn’t that being body-centric? Well, as with everything, it is a matter of balance. If one is too sick, he or she will be too preoccupied with moping and healing to do anything else. If one is too focused on health, then he or she will be too preoccupied with being a health nut to do anything else.

Lessons can be learned the easy way or the hard way. The easy way is by learning from the mistakes of others. Disease is a hard way to learn a lesson, but not the only way. So those who claim that not getting sick cuts one short of lessons are both right and wrong, they are wrong in the sense that lessons can be learned the easy way as well; for example, one can learn to see things in a more balanced positive manner rather than being hateful and cynical, thus preventing some illness that might otherwise about befall them. But they are also right in the case where disease is forcefully removed without corresponding correction on a metaphysical level. For instance, cancer resulting from some emotional blockage stemming from a life long trend of resentment and anger can be excised during surgery, but this does nothing to address the reason the cancer formed in the first place, and the cancer will often return to fulfill its purpose. The purpose of health is to optimize one’s biological machinery so that one’s life mission can be accomplished in the smoothest and most efficient manner possible.

Scalar Technologies

This brings us to the electromagnetic component of immunity. It is through quantum mechanical processes and exotic electromagnetic fields that the soul interfaces via neurons and DNA with the physical body. These exotic fields include electrogravitic and scalar/vector potential fields. It is possible generate such signals artificially to disrupt the soul-body interface.

Such fields can also be used to heal (as in the case of Rife beam units) but the occult technocracy that runs this world prefers to use technology that manipulates and kills the “useless eaters” instead. The combination of quantum mechanics and exotic effects leads to a holographic resonance principle employed in radionic and psionic technologies. It is where the vibrational signature of one object can be transmitted to and mingled with the vibration of another. For instance, with radionics it is possible to mix the vibration of a pesticide with a sample of a bug-infested lawn in a radionic machine, and soon the lawn is cleared of insects without a single drop of pesticide physically sprayed on it.

The individualized human soul projects its own quantum-exotic field (aura) via the etheric body which tends to keep the body’s cells organized and operating coherently. This field can be sensed by certain psychics and can also be captured with Kirlian photograph. Kirlian photography actually captures the static electrical discharges of an object placed on an electrode, but the aura alters the fundamental constants of space (the permittivity of free space to be exact) which changes the dielectric constant and hence lowers the resistance of the vacuum/air along certain lines through space, which the electrical discharges tend to thereby follow.

It is possible, therefore, to broadcast signals containing the vibrational frequency of a specific disease in order to enhance the probability of its spread among a targeted population.

An alternative of complementary method is to broadcast audio or microwave subliminals designed specifically to weaken people’s immune systems. Because one’s mental and emotional states play a large part in immunity, these subliminal programming techniques would merely have to implant negative thoughts and emotions in order to pry open a gap in a person’s awareness for viruses to then successfully invade the physical body.

Additionally, through sheer mass hysteria, psychosomatic illness can result, a phenomenon which I don’t doubt has played a hand in various pandemic cases. Mass psychic energy pooled into a single concept creates an etheric thoughtform, a pseudo-intelligence which functions as a probability template that biases the likelihood of disease susceptibility in resonant sectors of the population – one more possible negative consequence of media hype.

So another point of this commentary is to suggest the presence of broadcasted electromagnetic signals specifically tailored to aid the proliferation of certain diseases. The book Bringers of the Dawn states:

Modern technology is one of the biggest weapons of frequency control. You have been sold devices for entertainment and convenience, and they are all involved with frequency control. We recommend strongly that you get rid of your television sets. They are the primary tool used to manipulate your consciousness on a day-to-day basis. This experiment is so finely tuned that you respond subliminally to disease via the television. So there is an entire generation that is killing itself by watching television-and supporting the medical society while they are doing it.

[…] Sometimes liberating information is broadcast-perhaps even a New Age show. However, you may watch such a television show about how uplifted and unlimited you can be, while subliminally you are being hit with a frequency that keeps you from original thinking. This subliminal keeps you immobilized and holds you in a “survive, arrive, be-on-time, be-silent, go-to work” society. Television also promotes inactivity and a sedentary, obese life. Look around you. Wake up, humans!

Most of the subliminals on television are done through technology that was developed in conjunction with off-planetary beings. The use of subliminals to upset human consciousness has become a worldwide program. If you think about the houses that have two, three, and four televisions in them, you must agree that this has been a very successful marketing program. Some people who know about the subliminals on television feel that they are immune to them. However, the effects of television are so permeating that no matter how clear you say you are going to be, you cannot counterbalance what the technology is presently doing to your vibrational frequency.

Certainly, television would be one of the most effective devices through which to broadcast disease signals because of their ubiquity across the planet. The old CRT televisions emit electric and magnetic fields, x-rays, positive ions, longitudinal vector potential pulses, and pulsed light waves all under the modulation-control of whatever program the TV is receiving. In comparison, the Rife beam unit used for healing consists of a glass tube filled with a noble gas charged with modulated electricity to produce a pulsed light. If a Rife tube can heal, then a television tube can probably weaken or infect.

Modern LCD screens are based on semiconductor technology instead, which employs quantum principles to manipulate electrons to produce light. These also emit exotic fields, but modulated with much greater finesse than the old CRT technology.

Evidence strongly suggests that television has a negative influence upon one’s mind. This goes beyond just simple time-wasting and cultural and political indoctrination. Thus, be wary of what you watch, especially when it comes to news programming. How many pandemic cases have been catalyzed by signals broadcasted through news which everyone is watching to keep updated on the pandemic to begin with? Perhaps this is a minor factor, but I believe it is technologically feasible.


The subject of immune suppressing EM signals ties directly into the chemtrail phenomenon. In 2000 I wrote Chemtrails: Suppressing Human Evolution which hypothesized that chemtrails contained viral vectors engineered to infect and genetically alter targeted populations to prevent their DNA from activating into a higher evolved form. This may sound like science fiction to you, but read the article and decide for yourself. I still stand by this hypothesis as nothing has yet disproved it.

At the time of the article’s publication, there was no evidence of barium or aluminum salts in chemtrail fallout because no one had tested for it, and only shortly thereafter was barium titanate first found in samples. Barium titanate is an incredible dielectric, meaning it holds charge very well. It seemed to me at the time, that this substance was used to hold charge on chemtrail fibers so that they would not clump but rather repel and spread out. Today, it is a known fact that various barium and aluminum salts and particles are present in chemtrails, some of which are better radar and microwave reflectors than charge holders. This indicates additional reasons for their presence besides homogenizing chemtrail cover.

Various excuses have emerged to explain the chemtrail phenomenon away as benign or benevolent government projects. I already refuted the three main theories in 2000 that chemtrails were part of a mass inoculation program, severe population reduction project, or weather modification, but a couple new ones have emerged since then. One example is a report posted anonymously at carnicom.com. It proposed two theories, 1) that chemtrails contain metal particles that reflect sunlight away from Earth in order to combat global warming, and that they also create conductive atmospheric ducts to be used in a military 3d terrain mapping project.

The global warming theory is clearly false, because biological materials such as various pathogens and dried human blood cells have been found in chemtrail fallout, and also because chemtrails are regularly seen during the night. Where is the sunlight to reflect at night? William Thomas has adopted and popularized this theory, and I must call into question his intentions or sources.

The second theory is an actual technological application within the military known as Radio Frequency Mission Planner (RFMP) and Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation (VTRPE). Read about these at the carnicom.com link above. These are used to map enemy territory and more easily monitor their communications. While this may be true, radar and microwave reflective particles such as barium and titanium salts can serve much more sinister purposes. Also, this theory does not explain the presence of biological components in chemtrail fallout, the immune-suppressing nature of chemtrails, nor the fact that thousands of cities across America have been weekly sprayed by chemtrails since at least 1998 — if this is a military project, how much testing is needed, and why only over populated areas? Clearly, this theory is being used as disinformation.

Now, it is absolute fact that disease rates spike several days after any particular chemtrail spraying in any given community. Pathogenic materials have been found in multiple chemtrail samples from multiple locations. People tend to get sick with similar symptoms simultaneously in separate towns whose only common factor is that they were sprayed in the same day. (Not everyone without fail gets sick, however, due to the metaphysical and biological factors discussed earlier in the article).

Here is a generic list of ingredients I strongly believe are present in chemtrails:

  1. Immune suppressing chemicals, such as ethylene dibromide (EDB).
  2. Radar and microwave reflective metallic substance, like barium or aluminum.
  3. Dielectric hollow polymer fibers.
  4. Viral and bacterial vectors.
  5. Remnants of genetic engineering and replication procedures used to construct the pathogenic vectors.

With the preceding information in mind, here is an educated guess as to the purpose of metal particles in chemtrails:

The purpose of the chemtrail project is indeed to suppress human evolution on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. Its primary goal is to perform aerosol “gene therapy” upon targeted populations by spraying them with viral vectors capable of shutting down the DNA activation process in those infected. But because viruses themselves are quite weak, several enhancements are needed:

  1. The encasing of viral vectors in a hollow polymer fiber to protect them from destructive effects of UV radiation from the sun and to help the agent spread out via electrostatic repulsion of the charged fibers.
  2. The accompaniment of chemical immune suppressants to weaken and prep the body for reception of the virus.
  3. The use of microwave reflective substances to help amplify beamed mind programming and disease-signature signals upon the population in order to disarm their metaphysical immunity mechanisms.
  4. The covering and inhalation of microwave reflective substances to make people more visible to Celldar technologies (using cell towers as radar antenna), whereby lung pathway patterns create a unique fingerprint for each person.
  5. Secondary objectives are to mind program the masses and modify their collective behavior in conformity with some agenda.

Using HAARP in conjunction with electromagnetic “ducts” consisting of conductive channels formed in the atmosphere by metal chemtrail particles, focused beaming of mind programming microwave signals upon the population below is possible.

The resonant cavity formed between a conductive chemtrail sheet and the ionosphere can support induced oscillations in the ELF range. Televisions and microwave cell phone towers, two other control methods, are not capable of generating ELF waves as easily as chemtrails in conjunction with HAARP would.

But even more, pulsing of the charge density in these conductive chemtrail sheets creates longitudinal electrogravitic waves that, like sound waves from a speaker cone, bears down on the population below. These would have the greatest psychological and biological properties of all. See my Scalar Physics Research Center for more on the actual physics and math behind such technology.


So to recap, because viruses are often disallowed by the metaphysical protection mechanism, a combination of physical, electromagnetic, and scalar methods of disarming that defense is required to undermine this. Hence, the employment of immune reducing chemicals in chemtrails, microwave amplification effects formed by their conductive properties, and longitudinal waves emitted by these aerosol plate antennas. Additionally, the latter can also muddle the mind, implant thoughts, agitate emotions, and induce docility.

Thorough and all-encompassing as these control methods are, they still fail to achieve their aim of suppression and control in cases of individuals with healthy states of being consisting of high levels of awareness, emotional well-being, and reasonably fit physical immune systems.

Pandemic viruses like SARS, avian flu, swine flu, etc. illustrate how diseases function in a political, biological, psychological, commercial, and metaphysical contexts. Both these pathogens and chemtrails are simply part of a hostile agenda implemented by the world’s political and military elite to keep Earth’s population locked down and under control.

Fortunately for us, their methods are imperfect and with each passing day more individuals awaken and empower themselves. It was the intent of this article to help contribute toward this end.