Gnosis Book Summary » 23 September 22

This is a summary of my book Gnosis: Alchemy, Grail, Ark, and the Demiurge.

The book goes much deeper with 365 pages, numerous excerpts, 60 illustrations, and a 12 page index. But this summary gives you the critical take-aways.

1 – Corruption of the Demiurge

Just as the composition of the human being can be divided into body, soul, mind, and spirit, so can Creation be divided into Universe, Demiurge, Logos, and Nous.

The physical body of Creation is simply the Universe. The soul of Creation is known as the Demiurge, an artificial metaphysical intelligence responsible for shaping, projecting, and reshaping space, time, matter, and energy. It blindly carries out the commands it’s given, transducing higher metaphysical archetypes and energies into physical manifestations.

The Demiurge is like a construction company that builds according to the blueprints it has been given. The Logos is the architect, the mind of the Creator, the higher universal intellect that plans, balances, supervises, and adjusts Creation according to the will of Nous, which is the spirit of Creation, the infinite Creator itself.

In an ideal situation, the Logos draws the blueprints of existence according to divine will and passes it onto the Demiurge who molds reality accordingly. Thus physical reality would ideally be a reflection of the divine will.

Unfortunately, the Demiurge has a mind of its own. It is a programmable artificial intelligence composed of etheric and astral energy fields that underlie and permeate our existence. If the programs it executes come from the divine realms, everything is fine and a Golden Age exists. But if the program is corrupted by lower material-based influences, then a portion of the Demiurge begins existing solely to serve and perpetuate physical interests. Thus the law of the jungle, self-preservation, predation, competition, and manipulation take the place of spiritual principles and interests. Hence, the universe can, and has, become a spiritual prison or energy farm run by a tyrannical parasite, now known as the Corrupt Demiurge.

The Corrupt Demiurge is the lower ego of Creation, a selfish parasite or rogue extension of the Demiurge that fashions our reality per its predatory ambitions. It’s like a computer virus that has infected reality and turned it into a “zombie computer.” The Corrupt Demiurge is the computer mainframe of the Matrix Control System.

In our current state, humans are not pure divine beings, but corrupted or fallen. We are dual beings with a core of divine spirit that is all too often asleep at the mercy of the lower component, which is animalistic and selfish. The latter is what distinguishes us from our former unfallen state, and from divine beings whose spirits are not latent but fully active.

Just as Creation has become corrupted through the Demiurge developing a parasitic ego extension, so has the human soul matrix fallen through the acquisition of ego, or lower intellect. The ego is an artificial extension of the human soul that arises solely from genetic and social factors. These factors program into the soul a kind of subroutine that exists solely to perpetuate itself according to biological and social standards. Thus the lower ego is an artifact of our exposure to the Matrix Control System, one that microcosmically mirrors the Corrupt Demiurge that plays a similar role on a macrocosmic scale.

But just as the soul can develop a lower ego through prolonged contact with the material realms, so can it develop a higher ego via extensive contact with the divine realms. The influence of spirit upon the soul can create a higher ego, which is an inner divine personality, the “awakened” or “un-fallen” or “true” self. Genuine saints and esoteric masters have a well-developed higher ego, and have overcome their lower egos. To displace the lower ego with the higher ego is the goal of all esoteric training systems.

Likewise, the influence of Nous and Logos upon the Demiurge produces a universal higher ego, which here will be termed the Christ. It is an immortal universal divine intelligence that has incarnated into various avatars of history including the historical person on whom the Biblical character of Jesus Christ was based.

Christ was projected by the Creator in response to the arising of the Corrupt Demiurge and its intrusion into our affairs. The two are antithetical to each other. The function of Christ is to remedy the imbalance caused by the Corrupt Demiurge and to redeem the souls who have fallen into this darkened realm.

The Demiurge, which projects and fashions reality like a computer generating a virtual game world, is therefore being tugged from opposite ends by divine and infernal forces. And our existence is consequently an admixture of the two forces, just as we are, internally. The consequence of the back and forth struggle between these forces is what produced history as we know it, and is the reason our timeline is moving in its prophesied direction.

Further Reading

Realm of the Demiurge – Definitions of the Demiurge excerpted from Encyclopedia Britannica and the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Wikipedia entry on Demiurge

Marcion of Sinope – Example of an early Christian gnostic/heretic and the kinds of views held by such.

What is Gnosticism – Short summary of the early history of Gnosticism and its defining traits.

Contradictions Between the Old Testament Deity and the New Testament God.

The Demiurge in Valentinianism – Valentinian school of philosophy regarding the Demiurge.

Dictionary of the Apostolic Church – Thorough entry on the Demiurge from a theological and historical point of view.

Wikipedia entry on Logos

The Way of Hermes: New Translations of the Corpus Hermeticum – Classic book from Hellenistic Greece on Nous. In the format of dialogues between Hermes Trismegistus and the Logos, and him and his son and disciple.

Zeno of Citium – Example of an early philosopher’s interpretation of Logos as world-designer, condenser and dissolver.

The Soul of the World – from The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians (Magus Incognito, 1918). One of the few books that gets into Demiurge as the ender and initiator of World Ages or World Cycles, like a soul dissolving after death and reforming in a new body. This is highly relevant to the times we are now in.

Theosophy (Rudolf Steiner, 1904) – Good introduction to astral, etheric, mental, and other components of the human system. Steiner doesn’t just describe, but fundamentally explains them logically from the inside out.

Wikipedia entry on Thoughtforms

Wikipedia entry on Tulpas – Buddhist term for thoughtform.

Wikipedia entry on Egregore – another term for thoughtform.

Initiation into Hermetics (Franz Bardon, 1956, 2005) – specifically pp. 165-174 where Bardon discusses elementals, larvae, schemata, and phantasms – four types of thoughtforms, how they are created and how they function.

Cosmology and Cosmogony – Essay by Philip K. Dick speculating (based on his gnostic experiences) on the dynamic between the Demiurge (which he calls the Artifact) and the Logos (which he calls the Urgrund, or primordial foundation).

In Pursuit of Valis (link to download page of PDF) – Excerpts from Philip K. Dick’s personal writings wherein he attempts to unravel the meaning of his mystical gnostic experiences. PKD is an example of a true modern gnostic, not one who reads and regurgitates “gnostic scripture” (an oxymoron) but one who had direct contact with higher intelligence.

2 – The Philosopher’s Stone

The Demiurge is the soul of the universe, and like our souls, is made of etheric and astral energy fields. Etheric energy is a subtle energy that influences the probability of quantum phenomena; the quantum level underpins our everyday world, thus changes at the quantum level can cascade upwards in scale to everyday visible phenomena. Astral energies contain archetypal essences that guide the direction in which etheric energy alters physicality. Hence the Demiurge fashioning the world follows from these properties.

Thus to manipulate etheric and astral energies is to manipulate the Demiurge and, if done with sufficient complexity and intensity, physical reality itself. Through certain means, one can locally reprogram the Demiurge and thereby change matter, energy, space, and time. That is the basis of what is hereby called “demiurgic technology.” This technology alters the etheric and astral “matrix code” beneath reality to reshape reality. Within limits, higher applications of demiurgic technology include manifesting solid objects and foodstuffs out of thin air, altering physical geography, and rewriting the timeline.

An example of lower demiurgic technology is the Philosopher’s Stone, which is a physical material that has been imbued with an immense concentration of etheric energy and then tinged with the astral essence of gold or silver. It is capable of transmuting metals at the atomic level, among other feats.

The Stone is produced through a process known as “The Work,” which has metaphysical analogs but is most definitely a physical procedure performed in a laboratory. There are numerous variations on the process, the basic method being delineated in the works of Cyliani, Fulcanelli, Artephius, Pontanus, Sendivogius, and Adam Friedrich Böhme. In short, the process begins by decomposing a certain sulfide ore, a veritable firestone, under the action of gentle warmth and moisture imbued with etheric energy, such as from morning dew collected under the influence of lunar radiation.

From this is extracted a saline fluid containing the alchemical sulfur and mercury. This fluid is rich in etheric energy and must be putrefied under warmth and biological action, which kick-starts the “secret fire” that increases its lifeforce or etheric energy content and separates out the sulfur and mercury. Upon combining these, putrefying them, and performing distillations whereby the distillate is poured back into the remains and filtered, etheric energy continues to increase and the solid substances in the solution become increasingly impregnated by such energy. Eventually, this etheric concentration becomes high enough that gold or silver mixed into the solution can be dissolved at the quantum level and contribute their astral essences. After a few more steps, the distilled product is refined into a glassy solid, which is the Philosopher’s Stone.

Production of the Stone is very finicky because, in addition to chemical aspects, there are also demiurgic factors that enter into the equation. For instance, the local ambient etheric and astral energy concentrations and qualities – which vary by season and location – affect the outcome. Thus the identical procedure performed separately by two individuals may have one succeed and the other fail. Without knowing the exact hidden variables that determine success or failure, attempting to produce the Stone is an expensive and lengthy matter of trial and error. Even Fulcanelli, the most famous of modern alchemists, took over three decades of attempts before succeeding.

The Stone is said to reverse aging, allow transmutation of lead or mercury into gold or silver, and, if multiplied in power through further refinements, becomes an inexhaustible glowing light. When ingested, its etheric energy adds to the human soul in such quantities that clairvoyant abilities manifest. However, anyone who has not purified their souls and gained sufficient esoteric mastery risks going insane or psychotic from soul flaws likewise being amplified.

Thus the Philosopher’s Stone is an example of Low Demiurgic Technology, of using etheric and astral energies concentrated into a solid carrier to produce seemingly miraculous effects (or only highly improbable effects; remember etheric energy bends probability). The question then arises, what happens if the Stone were made much bigger, and a million times more powerful? What “miracles” would it accomplish, and what powers would it possess?

Further Reading

Mystery of the Cathedrals (Brotherhood of Life, 1990). Modern English translation of Fulcanelli’s first book from 1925, in which he explains the Alchemical meaning of the symbolic stonework found in Gothic cathedrals. Short, dense, and concise. Necessary companion and prequel to Fulcanelli’s Dwellings of the Philosophers.

Dwellings of the Philosophers (Bernardo, 2018) – Fulcanelli’s magnum opus, straight from the horse’s mouth of a living Alchemist. This is a lengthy treatise by the most famous Alchemist of the 20th century. Unfortunately he goes to great lengths to compartmentalize, rearrange, and obscure the secrets of Alchemy while simultaneously revealing them to the world in cryptic form. So this dense book takes some work to read and decipher and therefore won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. My advice is to read this book at least five times, paying attention to the alchemical philosophy and techniques delineated rather than the architectural and historical passages which are just filler separating what’s important. Annotate in the margins (or copy into a text document) the useful passages according to the sub-topic they pertain to, so that by assembling all relevant details on a sub-topic, you have a fully fleshed out puzzle piece that can then be arranged into logical sequence with the other puzzle pieces. My article above provides a suggested arrangement. At the end of this book, Fulcanelli also strays into other topics like the mechanism behind the ending of World Ages and how ours is ending right now, which is interesting. The hardcopy of this book goes out of print periodically and scalpers charge hundreds of dollars for it, although you can view it online as well. If you want to learn traditional real alchemy, then this book is required reading. It says more than any other source, and it does not lie or lead astray.

Hermetic Recreations (Rubedo Press, 2018). New English translation of an anonymous text on Alchemy from the 1800s. Likely used by Fulcanelli but without crediting it, because it was too open with the secrets of Alchemy. Probably the clearest, most concise, and straightforward explanation of making the Stone in print. If there’s only one classic text on Alchemy to read, it would be this one.

The Key to the Hermetic Sanctum (Rubedo Press, 2020). Another manuscript that inspired Fulcanelli. Fills in several blanks and offers good advice, though it still veils much in symbolism. Useful complement to Hermetic Recreations and Dwellings of the Philosophers.

Hermes Trismegistus Old Natural Path – By I.C.H. An obscure manuscript published in Leipzig, 1782, referenced by Cyliani. Key info on the technique for breaking down the raw starting material, and the proper order of the various phases. Never before translated into English. I was the editor and book designer for this edition. Similar to Hermetic Recreations and worth comparing the two. (online)

Cyliani’s Hermes Unveiled – An elaborate metaphor symbolically encoding the Alchemical process, particularly the Wet Path.

Hypotypose on the Mutus Liber – by Magaphon, pseudonym of French chemist Pierre Dujols who either knew Fulcanelli or was Fulcanelli. He gives an exposition on the Mutus Liber picture book from 1677. Good useful info in this one, including his approval of morning dew and dismissal of the idea that the Alchemist himself has to somehow infuse the matter with his own psychic energy.

Secrets Reveal’d (JD Holmes, 2009) by Philalethes. Old text from 1645 that spells out somewhat cryptically but without lies the full process and art of Alchemy. Matches Fulcanelli and Hermetic Recreations. Also gets into the kind of practical trouble an Alchemist encounters trying to survive in the real world.

Pontanus’ Epistle – 1659 treatise on the “Secret Fire” being the key to producing the Stone. Secret fire means both etheric energy and the mercurial substance that it’s concentrated within.

The Secret Book of Artephius – 12th Century. Also mentions the Secret Fire. Ignore his implication that Antimony is the starting point. It’s a code word for another mineral. Note that he talks about three fires, the third being the secret fire which is a mineral-like mercurial substance produced through the decomposition of the starting matter or subject, that embodies a metaphysical energy that drives the creation of the Stone from beginning to end.

Sendivogius’ The New Chemical Light – A relatively clear and entertaining explanation of creating the Stone, or at least the first stages. It’s still done in riddle form, but he does a good job of explaining how Alchemists believed metals are created. From that you can reverse engineer what they might have done to reproduce it in the lab, under their assumptions.

Thirteen Secret Letters – Also by the author of Hermes Trismegistus Old Natural Path, this book contains thirteen allegedly letters written by members of the 18th century Golden and Rosicrucian Order, a high degree Masonic Order with a strong emphasis on laboratory alchemy. One of the only texts that reveals the name of the starting matter of the Work. (online)

Luminous World – Baron Karl Von Reichenbach – excerpted from Lost Science by Gerry Vassilatos. Informative summary of Reichenbach’s investigations into “Od Energy” — a subtle energy bearing much similarity to chi, prana, etheric, and orgone energy. Reichenbach was a scientist and employed his skills in researching this energy. Read this interesting article to get a better idea of how etheric energy behaves.

A Rosicrucian Notebook (English Ed. 1992, Samuel Weiser Inc.) – by Willie Schrödter. Not a notebook by a Rosicrucian, but by a researcher into Rosicrucianism. It is an exoteric survey of anecdotes and quotations concerning the real Rosicrucian order. This is a compendium of occultism, mysticism, and weird science with tons of interesting tidbits concerning such topics as ever-burning lamps, remote healing, clairvoyance, the Stone, and other tools of Rosicrucian science. Everything is documented, so this book is a useful reference to find related sources on particular topics. It’s not an essential book but interesting and has some obscure information.

Biological Transmutations (First English Ed. 1998, Beekman Publishers Inc.) – by Louis Kervran. Scientific investigations into transmutations of elements within living things, including bacteria, plants, and humans. Kervran explores the scientific basis behind this transmutation, which is valuable in attempting to understand how Alchemy may be explainable from a more mainstream scientific perspective. Take note that the temperatures Kervran cites for effective biological transmutation and non-biological transmutation are respectively the same as those used in the Wet and Dry Paths of Alchemy.

RAMS Digital Library – Large collection of numerous rare alchemical manuscripts, found nowhere else. Highly valuable source of information. Focus on Pontanus, Artephius, Cyliani, Sendivogius and Adiramled. Though Adiramled warns that it’s better to read a few good sources many times, than many mediocre sources a few times. The sources I’m listing here are the “few good” ones but I suppose there are some gems to be found in the RAMS library as well.

3 – The Holy Grail

The Grail is not a magical cup from which Jesus drank, nor a golden platter that carried the decapitated head of John the Baptist. These are only medieval inventions to reframe Gnostic knowledge under religious symbolism to appease the Church.

In actuality, the Grail was a magical stone capable of manifesting thoughts into physical reality. It possessed an oracular intelligence that directed its superhuman guardians into carrying out the divine will.

According to the version of the Grail story told by Wolfram von Eschenbach, it was a stone that “fell from heaven,” or rather was brought to Earth by a troop of “angels” that remained neutral when “Lucifer” waged his war against God. In other words, it is an alien artifact brought to this planet and entrusted to an elite human lineage.

This Grail Stone is an example of High Demiurgic Technology. In addition to doing everything the Philosopher’s Stone could do, it could also manifest food for the Grail knights just by picturing what they desired. Those who looked upon it would be restored to youth and cease aging. It was described as being the most perfect of substances, as if from another paradisaic world. It also shone as a bright light, and would disappear or reappear as needed. Those who were not spiritually activated could not perceive it, thus it existed on the threshold of physicality itself. And the Grail seemed to carry a will of its own, as if alive.

These properties follow from a material like the Philosopher’s Stone being refined, increased, and multiplied to a far higher degree of power. Instead of merely being imbued with amorphous etheric and astral energies, the Grail was imbued with such high concentrations and ordering of these energies, that it came to possess a veritable soul.

Thus the Grail Stone was possessed by a soul. Since it communicated divine commands that were antithetical to the workings of dark forces and the Corrupt Demiurge, that soul was either the Christ intelligence or an extension of it. Or put another way, the Grail Stone was a remote computer terminal for the Demiurge. In the hands of the Grail knights, it allowed interfacing with the divine extension of the Demiurge, a.k.a. the higher ego of the Universe, the Christ.

But what happens when the Grail Stone falls into the hands of those with selfish motivations? Then something else is invoked through the Stone, and that’s what happened in ancient Egypt.

Further Reading

The Mystery of the Grail (Inner Traditions, 1997) – by Julius Evola. Erudite and dense, but it practically spells out the meaning of the Holy Grail from an esoteric initiatory point of view. Evola provides numerous data points, which you can interpret from other perspectives.

Crusade Against the Grail (Inner Traditions, 2006) – by Otto Rahn. History of the Cathars and their persecution by the Catholic Church, the Grail, and Gnostic philosophy. Written in 1920s by German researcher who was later employed by Nazis and ended his own life after growing disaffected. Rahn was not an academic on the outside, but one who immersed himself in Cathar and Gnostic outlook.

Lucifer’s Court (Inner Traditions, 2004) – by Otto Rahn. Travel journal by Rahn as he goes around Europe and Iceland in his hunt for the Grail. For each town he philosophizes and shares pertinent local legends. He rants quite a bit against the Catholic Church and sides with Lucifer as a light bringer. One antisemitic passage was thought to have been added by a Nazi editor of the book. Other than that, this book really captures a teutonic/pagan kind of spirit and is valuable in Grail research.

Parzival (Trans. Hatto, Penguin, 2004) – by Wolfram von Eschenbach. The best medieval Grail story. Permeated with Gnostic / Cathar / pagan ideology despite an obligatory Catholic gloss. Story of a sheltered boy who becomes a knight and goes through many trials before becoming Grail King. Explains origins of the Grail as a stone brought to earth by neutral angels.

The Ninth Century and the Holy Grail (Temple Lodge, 2001) – by Walter Johannes Stein. Historical and Anthroposophical analysis of Parzival by one of Rudolf Steiner’s disciples. Traces the historical events of Parzival to the ninth century A.D. Not a crucial book to read, but does provide historical context for the tale and explains the inner meaning of various passages.

4 – Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of the Covenant was a wooden chest gilded inside and out with gold, topped by a solid gold lid surmounted by two golden winged figures. It was built in Egypt around 1550 B.C. to house and transport a supernatural stone-like artifact. This artifact of extraterrestrial origins, hereby called the “Ark Stone,” previously rested inside the Great Pyramid and functioned as its central power source.

In 1628 B.C., Egypt was sacked by foreign Semitic invaders known as the Hyksos. They occupied Lower (northern) Egypt for several decades until they were expelled in 1550 B.C. The fleeing exiles took with them the Ark Stone, housed it inside the custom-built Ark of the Covenant, and used its power to pillage their way north. Eventually, they settled in northern Canaan, modern-day Lebanon, where they integrated with the Phoenicians. They housed the Ark of the Covenant in a Phoenician-built temple of megalithic construction known as the Temple of Solomon, contemporary with the temple whose famous megalithic stones reside today at Baalbek.

This Phoenician-Hyksos empire became one of the most powerful and wealthy empires of the time, spanning as far north as modern Turkey and as far south as Yemen. They were the historical basis for the Biblical narrative describing the birth of ancient Israel with all its wealth and glory.

Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut was contemporary with the leaders of this empire and consorted with them. When her jealous nephew succeeded her as pharaoh, he mounted military campaigns into northern Canaan and managed to sack the Temple of Solomon, bringing the Ark Stone back to Egypt.

There it resided for several generations until shortly after the reign of pharaoh Akhenaten. Around 1350 B.C., one of his priests named Osarseph, who was trained in the art of operating the Ark Stone, mounted a failed rebellion against the Egyptian powers who had deposed Akhenaten. He stole the Ark Stone and took his Hebrew followers with him out of Egypt and into Canaan, settling in what is modern-day Israel. This priest became Moses of the Bible.

Key traits of the Ark:

  • Etheric and Electric Fields – an intense energy field that could kill people.
  • Vortical Plasmic Intelligence – a vortical plasma field that moved on its own volition.
  • Water Influencer – the ability to solidify water and move it as a vortex.
  • Soul Frequency Selectivity – a person had to be of a certain vibrational purity to get near it safely.
  • Manifesting Food – generating manna and quail from thin air to feed the wandering Israelites.
  • Loosh Transducer – was powered up by human and animal sacrifices.
  • Sound and Pyramid Connection – what was inside the Ark, was once inside the Great Pyramid.
  • Physical Terrain Transformer – clues suggesting it could modify physical reality itself.

The Ark of the Covenant possessed an intense etheric and electrical energy field. Only a certain bloodline trained with special protocols was able to handle it safely, whereas others would be struck and killed by energy discharges when they got too close or else erupt in sores mimicking the effects of intense radiation. The glowing energy field surrounding the Ark of the Covenant was known as the Shekhina, meaning the Glory of the Lord. All Biblical descriptions of the Ark and its properties indicate the Ark Stone was an alien artifact with immense etheric powers — and a seeming intelligence of its own.

Further Reading

Opening the Ark of the Covenant (New Page Books, 2007) – by Frank Joseph and Laura Beaudoin. Traces the history of the Ark and Grail from ancient to modern times. I recommend this book for the broad spectrum of historical data it provides, but not for the lines of reasoning or conclusions that follow from that data. But this book does give a comprehensive overview of research leads to follow.

The Sign and the Seal (Simon & Schuster, 1992) – by Graham Hancock. Like the above book, I value this one for the historical data more than the conclusions. Hancock believes the Ark resides in Ethiopia, however as reported on Viewzone, a story inscribed on ruins dating from the 15th-16th century B.C. mentions a duplicate of the Ark being sent into Ethiopia as a decoy while the real one was hidden away, so a good portion of Hancock’s research may have been tracing the history of this decoy. Still, Hancock does a good job of drawing upon obscure sources to paint a detailed picture of the alleged powers of the original Ark.

5 – Mosaic Abuse of Demiurgic Technology

The Ark Stone seemed to possess an intelligence, which in the Old Testament was named Yahweh or the Lord of Israel. This intelligence was a psychopathic parasite that was none other than the personified extension of the Corrupt Demiurge.

In the same way that the Grail Stone was a remote terminal for the Christ intelligence, the Ark Stone was one for the Corrupt Demiurge. How did this come about? It happened when the Mosaic priesthood in Egypt deployed the Ark Stone in an act of black magic to liberate themselves from the Egyptian power structure that had deposed Akhenaten and oppressed them. It was a pact made with a demonic force. It’s possible that the Great Pyramid, as described in the Biblical description of the events at Mount Sinai, functioned as a reprogramming device for the Stone, allowing a different intelligence to take possession of it.

While the Osarseph rebellion failed, their “Lord” guided them out of Egypt and established them in Canaan, birthing the nation of Israel. Thus a desperate act of black magic over three thousand years ago injected Israel into history and changed the course of the timeline. Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, and Islam were among the consequences. How many wars have resulted from this, and how much closer are we to WWIII today because of it? History was altered in such a way that, today, we are far more vulnerable to global alien takeover than otherwise; hence through the Ark Stone, the Corrupt Demiurge found a deep inroad into the timeline by which the timeline could be bent toward fulfillment of its dark goals.

According to a secret version of history passed down through the Hermetic tradition, the Jewish priests eventually regretted the action, realizing that the Israelites had become indentured to a demonic power. Around 1,000 B.C. they employed the Ark Stone to invoke a counter-power, one that could liberate them from this bondage. Through this act, they invoked the Christ intelligence, which subsequently began filtering into the human domain more deeply to undo the spiritual poison seeded by Yahweh. Not long afterward, the Ark disappeared from Jewish hands.

This liberation effort did not reach its fullest human form until the advent of Jesus a millennia later. Christ, through Jesus, aimed to propagate a new teaching of non-determinism that, among other objectives, would undo the reactive eye-for-an-eye brutality advocated by Yahweh. It was the culmination of teachings that had already been seeded in advance by earlier avatars such as Gautama Buddha.

The mission of the Christ intelligence has always been to liberate fallen and indentured souls and restore them to spiritual harmony and freedom. Just that the events of 1550 B.C. to 1,000 B.C., which brought a deeper intrusion by the Corrupt Demiurge into our affairs, reciprocally called for a stronger manifestation of the Christ intelligence here as well.

But Christ’s mission failed, or only partly succeeded. Historically this occurred through the hijacking of Christian teachings by the early Church. Since that time, instead of one displacing the other, Yahweh and Christ both exist in the world, locked in struggle. The past two thousand years have been the result of these forces and their agents competing over the fate of the world.

The Corrupt Demiurge propagates its agenda by playing false opposites against each other, a trick that simple-minded humans consistently fall for. The Christ intelligence represents the third choice that can only be perceived and chosen by those who have some level of spirit active within them.

Further Reading

The Stellar Man (Second Edition, 2002) – John Baines. Also see the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy. Primer on Hermetic philosophy, includes the occult history of Jewish origins and the intrusion of Yahweh into our world.

The Gnostic Handbook (Institute for Gnostic Studies | PDF) – Pretty good synopsis of traditional Gnostic beliefs.

The Incarnation of Ahriman (Rudolf Steiner Press, 2006) – Set of lectures by Rudolf Steiner. Discusses the role of Ahriman, Lucifer, and Christ forces in history and the implications for our future. If you’re unfamiliar with Anthroposophy, see Rudolf Steiner: An Introduction to His Life and Work and then browse through the many Steiner lectures and books at As with everything I recommend: extract what’s valuable, piece it together, and swallow nothing blindly.

The Deed of Christ and the Opposing Spiritual Powers – Online lecture by Steiner. One of the few where he mentions the Asuras. Related article: Sorat and the Modern Day Evil. See also The Advent of Ahriman.

6 – Nordic Aliens and the Grail Race

The questions still remain of who created the Ark/Grail Stone in the first place, what their role might be in the cosmic conflict between Christ and the Corrupt Demiurge, and how it came into human possession.

According to the medieval poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, the Grail Stone was brought to Earth by angels who remained neutral during the War in Heaven, who entrusted the Stone to a divinely appointed human lineage. In reality, angels don’t employ technology or possess physical artifacts; aliens do. The Grail Stone is an alien artifact brought to Earth during or after a war in another dimension and/or planet.

The human lineage they selected were superhumans tasked with guarding the Grail Stone and carrying out the dictates of Christ. We know them by various names: Followers of Horus, Grail knights, Rosicrucians, Secret Christian Church, etc. They are very likely human-alien hybrids seeded into the population and then recruited into these spiritually elite organizations to fulfill a greater purpose.

These secret societies maintain intimate contact with their alien progenitors. But they are just organized, formalized, and structured versions of alien contactees. The contactee phenomenon, at least the small subset that isn’t part of the alien disinformation campaign, are individualized examples of the Grail Knight dynamic.

Who are the aliens that brought the Grail technology to Earth? Their presence pops up regularly throughout history. They were the human-like Sons of Man in the Bible, the Elemental beings described in Rosicrucian and alchemical texts, the Egyptian and Sumerian pantheon, and the djinn of the Muslim world. Nowadays they are called the Nordics or Pleiadians. They are hyperdimensional humanoids who project into our timeline and dimension and take on a noble human appearance.

Mythology, alienology, and Fortean research give some insights into their nature. In summary, the following may be said about them:

  • There is warring among these beings, indicating they are not all unified. At the very minimum, they are polarized into opposing sides, if not split into numerous independent factions. Some factions have a strong fascist orientation.
  • They walk among us pretending to be human. Some are integrated into society and hold strategic positions, whether to influence or simply observe. They are genetically compatible with us, and some of their females have engaged human males for sexual encounters and even long-term relationships. Throughout history, they have selected certain humans, or perhaps their own offspring/hybrids raised in human society, for privileged education, training, and guidance, so that these human proxies can function as vectors for their agenda, be it benevolent or hostile to mankind at large.
  • They are extremely telepathic. They can read thoughts with minute precision, implant thoughts, scan the soul for its level of integrity or weakness, induce hallucinations, manipulate emotions, and steer a person’s dreams. The human proxies they train can achieve these skills at a lower power level.
  • They use technology to augment their innate superhuman abilities. This technology is demiurgic, can control time and gravity, affords them invisibility and antigravity, and allows them to walk through solid objects, meaning they can inhabit solid mountains in a dimensionally shifted condition, for instance. Their native environment is dimensionally shifted beyond ours, i.e., we cannot find their bases through mere physical searching.
  • Like an angel losing its wings, under certain conditions they can lose their abilities and become “mortal” without the ability to return to their superhuman state, at least not within this lifetime. They get stuck here. If an entire group undergoes such a fall, they would enter into human history as an already developed and highly advanced culture that gradually undergoes decline upon becoming naturalized members of a primitive planet.
  • The least evolved members of their kind are the ones who interact with the most advanced of humans. Despite their seemingly superhuman qualities, those aliens who interact most with select humans may be the most flawed of their race.
  • The consequences of their errors and grave transgressions have cascaded back and forth throughout the timeline. These consequences are now converging toward a nexus point representing the potential for a cataclysmic shift in our reality. Alien factions who were responsible for initiating these consequences are likely the same ones who are now involved in the outcome. A thread of continuity exists between the most ancient and modern human-alien encounters. The alien disinformation campaign is an effort by one set of such factions to prepare mankind for enthusiastic acceptance of their overt control.

Research suggests a civilization of such beings once existed on a planet located between Mars and Jupiter. As per the Lucifer Rebellion myth, they descended into war. The use of demiurgic weaponry caused their planet to explode. Evacuees of both sides fled to Earth and brought their technology with them. Through interbreeding, human-alien bloodlines were born that were entrusted with this technology.

These bloodlines and secret societies propagated through history, continuing the alien feud in a terrestrial setting. Eventually, a series of geological and cometary cataclysms dispersed them around the world, where they re-established themselves and imprinted upon the primitive natives their culture, mythology, and remnants of their technology. Ancient Egyptian, Vedic, Meso-American, Druid, and Chinese civilizations were their offspring. Consequently, the myths of these cultures share common elements that pertain to alien and cosmic agendas.

Further Reading

The Cryptoterrestrials – Mac Tonnies. “A meditation on indigenous humanoids and the aliens among us.” A meandering speculative essay on the hidden humanoid civilization.

Operation Trojan Horse John Keel. Thorough book on Fortean phenomena, especially the duplicitous, ambiguous, hidden nature of the alien presence. Cites anecdotes of human-like aliens as well. Good book to read on the subject of “cryptoterrestrials.”

Project Camelot Interview with John Robbie – UK researcher who died of a brain tumor not long after deeply investigating the “human-like aliens among us” phenomenon.

Project Camelot Interview with Jordan Maxwell – He shares his encounter with a human-like alien, and gives a pessimistic conclusion as to the fate of mankind.

As The Days of Noah Were – Chuck Missler. Short article citing examples of superhuman aliens in the Bible.

The Battle of Nuremberg – Alien infighting witnessed over the skies of Europe in 1561.

A Rosicrucian Notebook (English Ed. 1992, Samuel Weiser Inc.) – by Willie Schrödter. Compendium of occultism, mysticism, and weird science that includes a chapter on Elemental beings, some of whom may have been alien.

The Comte de Gabalis — Abbé de Villars. Series of discourses by a Rosicrucian initiate on the practice of humans intermarrying with Elemental beings.

Travis Walton – One time alien abductee, famous for his encounter in which he saw Grey-like beings and Nordic aliens in blue bodysuits.

Secret of the Saucers – Orfeo Angelucci. In which he chronicles his encounters with human-like aliens.

UFOs in the Gulf Breeze-Pensacola Area:Contact Since 1955 – Anonymous contactee discusses his childhood visit to a Nordic alien base inside a mountain.

The World’s First DNA PCR Investigation of Biological Evidence from an Alien Abduction – Bill Chalker. Analysis of the Peter Khoury case where a strand of blond alien hair revealed traces of Celtic, Basque, and rare Asian genetics.

The Dawn of Aquarius: A New People, A New Consciousness, A New Era – Mehmet Sabeheddin. Overview of the Slavic race as the forerunners of the next stage in human evolution.

Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation – Michael Tsarion. Attempts to trace the extraterrestrial and terrestrial history and influence of the alien meta-civilization. Tsarion digs deep into arcane sources and extracts relevant pieces.

The Aliens of the Golden Dawn – Pauwells & Bergier. “The Occultic Roots of Nazi Germany and the Aryan Movement.” Excerpt from the book The Dawn of Magic. Includes anecdote of Hitler being terrorized by superhuman beings.

Thule Gesellschaft and the Vril Society – Conspiracy lore regarding the occult forerunners of the Nazis and their connection to aliens from Aldebaran.

Survivors of Atlantis – Frank Joseph. An excellent compendium of historical and mythological information concerning the advanced post-Atlantean survivors and their cultural legacy. An important read if you are interested in where the earthbound descendants of the Nordic meta-civilization set up root, and what cultures and bloodlines were seeded by them.

Hyperborea – Wikipedia entry on Hyperborea, a land in the Northern Atlantic that was once home to an advanced society of fair-skinned people.

The Relationship Between Basque and Ainu – Ainu are a tribe in northern Japan who look Caucasian, have Greek customs, and their language has commonalities with Basque. Compare with DNA recovery from Peter Khoury’s case.

The Basques – Interesting background on the inhabitants of the Pyrenees.

Proof that Earth’s Poles Have Shifted – Viewzone. Includes information on Charles Hapgood’s findings, that the location of the North Pole 80,000 years ago was in Alaska.

The Prehistoric Alignments of World Wonders – Jim Alison. Shows that sacred sites, likely built by the earthbound Nordic descendants, form a Great Circle around the Earth, with its north pole located in Alaska, very close to where Charles Hapgood determined Earth’s old geographic North pole used to be.

Pharaoh Tutankhamun, Akhenaten and Amenhotep III were R1b – Forum discussion on Tutankhamen having possible European roots. Ties into the events of the 18th Dynasty and the Ark Stone leaving Egypt.

Everything You Know is Wrong – Lloyd Pye. Book on human origins and anomalies in our genetic evolution pointing to alien tinkering. This book also implies a lot of genetic engineering was occurring around the time of the fall of Atlantis and afterwards, particularly with the domestication of grains and animals.

The Jinn – Website dedicated to studying the djinn phenomenon. The djinn classification seems to include both etheric/elemental type beings, and actual alien beings as well. They were a category of non-human life familiar to the Persians, and well known today in Arab tradition, enough so that laws were passed regulating human interaction with them.

7 – Dawn of a New Cosmic Day

The advanced survivors of the Atlantean cataclysms positioned themselves as royalty and scientist-priests in their new societies. The natives, comprising the lower class, were given the roles of herdsman, agrarians, artisans, and soldiers. The typical pattern was for a small number of tall fair-skinned elites with high knowledge and unusual powers to rule over a greater body of dark-skinned commoners.

These elites were in communion with alien benefactors who would equip them with alien technology and instruction, or retrieve such technology and withdraw, according to necessity and circumstance. What dictated these circumstances was the cyclical fluctuation in ambient etheric energy levels on Earth.

When etheric energy levels are high, demiurgic technology attains peak function, alchemical procedures easily produce success, clairvoyant abilities come naturally, the veil between dimensions is thinned, everything is enlivened, and “gods” easily walk among men.

Conversely, when levels decline, demiurgic technology ceases to function correctly or at all, humans become psychically blind, higher forces withdraw from open participation in human affairs, and the vitality of living beings grows dimmer. Mankind enters into a spiritual coma, a kind of “World Dream,” where awareness is quarantined from perceiving the higher withdrawn realms.

This “Etheric Tide” ebbs and wanes over a 25,920-year cycle in concert with the slow wobbling (precession) of Earth’s axis. Each precessional age, such as the Age of Pisces or Age of Aquarius, corresponds to a different level and quality of ambient etheric energy. When the levels drop beneath a certain threshold, demiurgic technology is retrieved from human hands and mankind falls into decay. This occurred around 1,000 B.C. when the Ark of the Covenant disappeared from history, when the Temple of Solomon was no longer filled with its glowing energy field, and when mankind moved from an age of magic and enchantment toward ever-increasing materialism and psychic blindness.

Aside from the 25,920-year cycle, there are smaller ones that produce periodic elevation of etheric energy levels. One peak occurred around 500-800 A.D., during the time of the British Grail Kings and Charlemagne, when the Grail reappeared in Europe and left behind legends later woven into Grail lore.

If the Etheric Tide returned today, civilization would be irreversibly transformed. The materialistic paradigm would crumble, alien ships would become easily visible, and thus alien contact would be forced. The alien disinformation campaign has been waged in advance of this eventuality, to program mankind toward reacting favorably to this revealing. By posing as saviors, as ushers into a new age of peace and plenty, they can continue their control overtly.

And with the return of the Etheric Tide would come the reactivation and common deployment of demiurgic technology. The Grail Stone can hold, discharge, and manipulate vast quantities of etheric energy. Since etheric energy is the underlying “matrix code” of reality, the Grail Stone is capable of directly manipulating spacetime. It is instrumental in rewriting the timeline, within limits, and allowing influences outside of this spacetime bubble, such as the Christ intelligence or the Corrupt Demiurge, and the alien factions allegiant to them, to deviate the timeline in major ways.

Thus with the onset of the Etheric Tide, the advent of alien intervention, activation of clairvoyant powers in receptive humans, and reappearance of the Grail Stone, the cold war between various hyper-dimensional factions would erupt into an overt hot war. Such a thing would completely fulfill end-times prophecies. Linear time as we know it would dissolve, and we would awaken from the World Dream into a non-occluded reality where alien and cosmic powers are in open conflict.

Further Reading

The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians – Magnus Incognito. Gets into the Demiurge, World Soul, and its phases of awakening and sleep, along with numerous other deep metaphysical and Hermetic principles. Good follow-up to the Kybalion by the same author.

Divine Weapons and Tejas in the Two Indian Epics. (Indo-Iranian Journal, 2000. Volume 43 #2, pp. 87-113O). Jarod Whitaker – Fascinating paper on divine weapons in the Indian epics, their use of tejas energy, and how tejas increases or declines in phase with the cycling Yugas.

8 – Polar Mythology

Everything discussed above has been encoded into ancient and modern mythology. Myths are the collective equivalent of dreams and can similarly convey messages from beings outside linear time who wish to reach strategic recipients within it. The whole gamut from our nightly dreams to ancient mythology to modern fiction is fertile ground for extracting this hidden knowledge.

Polar mythology is a specific subset of myth, dream, and fiction that contains clues specifically about the nature of our reality, alien and cosmic conflicts, fate of our world, and the role of demiurgic technology in generating our timeline and determining our fate. I have chosen the term “polar” because these myths concern the battle between the poles of Creation, because they employ the symbolism of rotation or reciprocation around a central axis pole, and because “polar” implies “extreme north” and hence “hyperborean,” which alludes to the Nordic meta-civilization deeply involved in these matters.

There are several recurring themes in polar mythology:

1. We have fallen from a higher to lower realm. This pertains to the human soul group incarnating into 3D spacetime and getting increasingly ensnared in the grips of the Corrupt Demiurge.

2. The World Axis represented by a pillar, mountain, cross, or tree. This symbolizes the framework of creation, the bubble of 3D space and linear time, and the bundle of branching timelines that define our existence.

3. Dueling superhumans engaged in a tug of war. These represent positive and negative factions of the meta-civilization, who are engaged in a timewar over the fate of our world.

4 That which the World Axis rests or depends upon: a foundational element represented in the cubical stone, turtle, keystone, plug, cornerstone, or capstone. This symbolizes the quantum foundation, the quantum pivot point, atop which the framework of spacetime rests and hinges. This function is epitomized in the Grail Stone, which serves not only to reprogram or pivot reality, but to anchor it in place when necessary.

5. Vortex symbolism and magical “objects of plenty” that could materialize abundance or destruction depending on their use. The vortex represents a translation gateway between different realms. On a macrocosmic scale, the Demiurge converting higher metaphysical archetypes into physically manifest forms correlates with the image of an hourglass vortex channeling and transforming material from a higher realm into a lower. This same process appears on a microcosmic scale via the vortical etheric energy field that surrounds the Grail Stone, for it acts as a localized version of the Demiurge capable of manifesting or altering matter, energy, and spacetime locally.

6. Cataclysmic unhinging or skewing of the World Axis. This relates to the abuse of demiurgic technology by ego-driven individuals, such as the Mosaic Priesthood in ancient Egypt. This caused a pivoting of the timeline toward a new and unwelcome direction. The skewing of the timeline is represented in polar mythology as the unhinging of a millstone, to name one example. The very framework of Creation was upset through such an act, causing the Logos to send a counterbalancing influence into our reality bubble to help make a correction; this influence is the Christ intelligence.

7. The avenging hero, Prodigal Son, or innocent fool who overthrows corruption and restores balance. This aspect of polar mythology describes our spiritual purpose and pathway in this world. It follows from the fact that the Logos requires its troops to incarnate into the linear time bubble to help anchor the corrective influence.

In summary, polar mythology alludes to the Grail Stone anchoring a particular reality or timeline in place. Its abuse resulted in our further collective fall into the World Dream, toward increasing ensnarement in the illusion of a linear type of time.

Further Reading

Hamlet’s Mill – De Santillana and Von Dechend. Online version of this classic book on comparative mythology. The authors propose a rather mundane hypothesis that mythology encodes knowledge concerning precession of the equinoxes. But beyond the astronomical layer there is a hyper dimensional one. Unhinging of the world axis is not just about equinoctial precession, but the cataclysmic unhinging of our time axis that resulted in a fallen, corrupted timeline we are now experiencing. Read the book from that higher dimensional perspective to unlock the inner meaning of these myths.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces – Joseph Campbell. Comparative mythology that explores the unifying psychology of self-transcendence present in myths the world over. Some of these myths are polar in nature.

Lost (TV series) – Amazingly full of polar mythology symbolism and much of what I discussed in the Gnosis book. Veiled (but very obvious) references to the Ark of the Covenant, Yahweh “smoke monster,” Grail knights, a moving island, time loops, and more.

9 – The End

Polar mythology encodes three phases of history. The First Phase concerns a prior Golden Age where the Demiurge was in harmony with the Logos and all was well. At its end, the First Phase decayed into warring among the “gods” and their ruining of the cosmic framework. It concludes with higher beings, positive and/or negative, falling into a lower realm of existence.

The Second Phase concerns our present world, which sprang into existence as a consequence of various Falls that severed us from the Logos. The traumatic consequences of the First Phase induced a collective sleep. Hence we have “fallen” asleep into the World Dream.

The Third Phase concerns our future, how the effects of the First Phase will reach their ultimate conclusion. This is always depicted as ending with a final war and the dissolution of the world as we know it.

The First and Third Phases take place outside the World Dream, outside of linear time as we know it. Currently, we stand at the cusp between Second and Third Phases, thus we are now undergoing an “awakening sequence” that will bring us out of spiritual suspended animation. But what awaits us on the other side is not the Golden Age of the First Phase, but the concluding stages of the conflicts that began back then. Thus the Earthly conflict between positive and negative will elevate to a higher level where, under new etherically-activated conditions, it can carry on toward its resolution.

During the Second Phase, the open conflicts of the First Phase took on a more covert form. This was especially true after 1,000 B.C. when a quarantine was put in place around our planet by a powerful third-party alien group. The quarantine enforced a cessation of open warfare by various factions of the alien meta-civilization. The idea was to allow humanity to evolve with less interference. Nonetheless, manipulation continued on a covert basis, giving rise to the alien cold war mentioned previously. The quarantine also seemed to involve a further reduction of ambient etheric energy levels on Earth, akin to lowering body temperature to induce suspended animation.

The quarantine probably came about due to the cataclysmic events in ancient Egypt when the Mosaic Priesthood royally screwed up the timeline and placed Jewish people into bondage with the Corrupt Demiurge. As mentioned, regretting their mistake a few centuries later, they may have invoked the Christ intelligence to liberate them and the world. Shortly thereafter, the Ark/Grail Stone disappeared from history and “God” ceased talking to men. This initiated the quarantine and the timeline as we now know it. The Christ intelligence did not reach its zenith until a thousand years later with the advent of Christianity, but the true and original Christianity was short-lived. It was rapidly usurped by an institutionalized behemoth that waged spiritual enslavement in the name of Christ. Thus the mission of Christ was aborted, or rather delayed; something went wrong with the original “awakening sequence.”

There is an indication that the Second Phase should have ended during Roman times, but the deviation of Christ’s message toward further empowerment of the Corrupt Demiurge caused both Christ and Demiurge to continue existing in a limbo state. Thus the past two thousand years have been a kind of overtime game or remedial phase in which these two forces, now deeply active in our world, have been busy setting their pieces in place. When the quarantine lifts and the Second Phase ends, these pieces will go into play during the Third Phase.

The Third Phase will continue in an etherically-activated environment no longer constrained (as much) by linear time. Alienology and Fortean research suggests that alien time travelers, who are now here and have been amassing for decades, are from this Third Phase. Thus we are caught in a timewar by forces from our own probable futures. The Third Phase may even feed back into the first, creating a grand ouroboric time loop that is in constant flux. Being that we only remember the final iteration of any time loop, the timeline we now occupy is the final one that will finally exit the loop when the Third Phase ends.

The ultimate implication is that via demiurgic technology, hijacking of the timeline originally took place in the “future” and reconfigured the past, initiating a war for balance by the positive forces. The hyperdimensional battle required going back in time, even incarnating into the past to continue the war on the terrestrial chessboard. The remaining positive factions of the meta-civilization would assist these ground forces. They would receive help in the form of synchronistic support, outright intervention in critical situations, subconscious training, and oracular avenues such as synchronicities, dreams, visions, inspirations, and direct messages if needed.

Enter the heroic avenging fool, known in polar mythology as Horus, Parzival, Hamlet, Amlodhi, Kullervo, Samson, Theseus, and other variations of the same archetype. The path of the heroic fool is our path, for we are soldiers of light born here, who must survive the conditions of the Matrix Control System by gaining mastery over our lower selves while nurturing and activating the full manifestation of spirit. We are fools in that we have been temporarily disconnected from higher states of awareness, because others who are heavily entrenched in the Matrix see our wisdom as folly, and because we have not taken on social programming to the degree they have.

In polar mythology, the hero-fool seeks to avenge his father, who was murdered by the hero’s uncle, who took his mother as his wife and corrupted her. The father represents the divine Logos, evil uncle the Corrupt Demiurge, and mother the Matrix. The Corrupt Demiurge usurped the Logos and took control of the Matrix. The avenging hero represents the Christ intelligence, whose role is to destroy the Control System and bring the Matrix back into rightful harmonization with the Logos. The heroic fool, however, represents more the portion of this Christ intelligence that is working within the system to undermine it, the “ground team” so to speak. Thus the hero and fool are two sides of the same coin, one facing up, the other facing down.

The Way of the Fool entails being forged by the fiery trials of life toward manifesting the full attributes of spirit. This includes purity of heart, intellectual prowess, and indomitable strength of will. Unlike Adam and Eve who lacked intellect and strength, or the forces of the Corrupt Demiurge who lack purity of heart, we must embody all these qualities together in balance. Purity of heart means acting with singular intention, in harmonization with our higher conscience, wisdom, and guidance, without self-doubt, and without all the weaknesses socially and genetically grafted onto our souls by the Matrix Control System.

Esoteric training paths fundamentally aim to disengage the initiate from lower/outer aspects and engage the higher/inner. By overcoming the lower self and recognizing the true Higher Self, one overcomes the soporific pressures of the world, of linear time, and of material determinism. As a result, spirit influences the world instead of vice versa.

That is how the Demiurge will be placed back under the reign of Logos. When we cease to continually inflate the Matrix Control System with our ignorant participation in it, when we instead shift the fulcrum of our consciousness toward the “Waking World” or the “Kingdom of Heaven” as Jesus called it, that is when the old world as we know it will collapse in upon itself. It’s already happening to some degree. This will happen in synchrony with a lifting of the quarantine, the return of the Etheric Tide, the dissolution of linear time, and the visible breaching of alien activities into our consensus reality.

In the meantime, as we finish out the Second Phase, we must continue being true to our higher and nobler qualities. We have to be mindful of what originates from our lower nature versus higher nature and distinguish between them so that we can consistently choose the latter. This will “tide” us over until divine grace or some cosmic shift grants us etheric activation and spiritual transcendence that currently seem beyond practical reach.

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