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Some call it weather engineering, others call it rain-making; cloudbusting is the science of correcting unbalanced weather patterns. With the right equipment, skills and conditions, one is able to initiate breaks in droughts and the weakening or deviation of torrential storms. Cloudbusting principles are based upon Wilhelm Reich’s research into orgonomy.

Orgone is a creative life-force energy that manifests in various ways, from sexual biological functions to psychological states, and from thermodynamic effects to meterological phenomena. According to orgonomy, the function of such systems depends upon the amount, quality, polarity, flow, and direction of orgone energy. The redirection of orgone energy effects changes in these systems. Various devices known as orgone accumulators, cloudbusters, and DORbusters are capable of storing, emitting, or redirecting orgone energy.

There are many articles, books, and videos to be found on this subject. Those wishing to consistently experiment with are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with this subject before beginning to experiment. The purpose of cloudbusting is to correct unbalanced weather systems, or experiment to learn how to do so.

Cloudbusting is not for those who want a thrill, are consistently reckless, want financial gain from influencing the economy by manipulating weather, who wish to feel powerful, or use the principles of orgonomy for any negative or selfish reasons. One may certainly attempt to use it for these reasons, but karmic, ethical, and metaphysical consequences are severe. Also, it is the conscious nature of orgone that obstructs its detrimental utilization by those with negative soul characteristics, for such negativity atrophies the flow of orgone within such individuals to a degree that they become less successful in their attempts to do so.

One must also have an understanding of meteorology and have access to live radar and weather maps and know how to read them. Aside from the scientific aspect, there is also much visualization and intuition involved.

Several articles on this website introduce one to orgone theory and cloudbusting:

Microbusting shows how weather may be influenced on a local level, within the visible sky. It is based upon my couple years of experimentation and observation. This article was written in 1998, and has some outdated theory, but the methods described are effective.

Macrobusting shows how weather can be influenced on a national level, how low and high pressure systems may be triggered with the help of cloudbusters. Again, this article has some outdated theory, but methods described do work.

Cloudbusting Demonstration is the account of an experiment conducted in Florida, to test the responsiveness of weather in subtropical environments. Additional factors, such as the soul nature of observers, unfortunately resulted in a strong response greater than I had ever encountered or could have predicted. This article presents a basic introduction to cloudbusting theory.

Experimenter’s Equipment has many photos, anonymously submitted, of actual simple cloudbusting devices, with construction details.

When the reader searches for other sources of information on orgonomy and cloudbusting, he will encounter the works of several researchers. I will list their names, recommend some items they have published, and give my opinion on each of them.

Wilhelm Reich

CORE – Cosmic Orgone Engineering. This is the definitive cloudbusting manual, written by the discoverer of orgone energy. It is absolutely essential that one obtain and read this manual in full, for it provides a foundation necessary to effectively do any cloudbusting operation. The link takes one to a partial online version.

Wilhelm Reich wrote many books, articles, and papers, and I recommend reading all one can find. His work also provides the political, psychological, ethical, and medical implications of orgonomy, all of which is critical to know when it comes to cloudbusting, for “weather engineering” has consequences in each of these areas. The psychological area of study in orgonomy explains why many people are emotionally armored, mentally sick, and incapable of understanding or accepting the idea of orgone energy or cloudbusting. However, because of the limited time Reich had to do his research, and the time period in which he experimented, some of his research is incorrect our outdated.

Dr. James DeMeo

Orgone Accumulator Handbook – explains how to build and experiment with orgone accumulators. This is the best and most concise book on the nature of orgone energy and how to experiment with it. Includes diagrams and plans.

So You Want to Build A Cloudbuster – long article by Dr. DeMeo discussing misconceptions and unheeded cautions by modern day cloudbuster experimenters. He makes many good points, and one should read this article to gain a wider perspective of the implications of cloudbusting. Good as this article is, there are some problems. First, Dr DeMeo is a conservative orgonomist and sticks strongly to Reich’s original principles, some of which I find outdated and incorrect. Second, not everything can be viewed through the eyes of orgonomy, rather, orgonomy is a subset of a larger uncompleted paradigm. Third, Dr DeMeo ridicules the chemtrail idea, saying they are ordinary contrails and indicate healthy orgone concentrations in the sky – he obviously has not done adequate research into chemtrails.

Trevor James Constable

Loom of the Future – A book-length interview with Trevor Constable, with pictures, diagrams and news excerpts that detail his modern method of cloudbusting. He has expanded orgonomy principle, and built cloudbusters many times more effective than Reich’s equipment. This book also discusses the ethical and political aspects of orgonomy. Highly recommended book.

Etheric Rainmaking – Constable’s video proving the efficacy of his cloudbusting devices, with time lapse photography and footage of his devices in operation. Also recommended.

Trevor Constable has done decades of hands-on research into cloudbusting, and has developed new concepts along the way that allow smaller, but more powerful cloudbusters to be built. He has documented his experiments and includes them in his book and video. Constable’s work points way to the larger paradigm of which orgonomy is just a small part.

Don Croft and Karl Hans Welz

How to build a Chembuster, Holy Hand Grenades – those researching cloudbusting will eventually run into Don Croft’s chembusters, of which DeMeo is so critical.

I have built and experimented with some of Croft’s devices, and am familiar with their theory and application. They utilize a matrix of plastic resin and metal shavings, crystals, perhaps magnets, and copper pipes or wires.

The original inventor of orgonite is Karl Hans Welz who developed orgonite devices in the early 90s. Years later, Croft made his own versions and inspired a large community of orgonite makers who, having lost sight of Reich’s theories and Welz’s design principles, now favor artistic expression over functional effectiveness.

Welz’s orgonite material works as claimed, which is primarily to transform deadly orgone energy (DOR) into healthy orgone (OR), and secondarily to generate a diffuse orgone energy field. Unlike the Croft community, he doesn’t claim they can neutralize cell phone towers or smoke out reptilian aliens from their underground bases.

Whereas Reich’s accumulators were layers of organic and inorganic materials, Welz used fine metal powder in a resin matrix. The powder increases surface area and distributes the field unidirectionally. In some devices, he further pulses the material electromagnetically to stimulate it into regenerating its orgone.

As for the Croft-inspired devices and the community based around them, I have a less favorable impression. First, instead of fine metal powder, they use coarse metal shavings, flakes, or BBs, and often in too small a quantity. The whole point of fine metal powder is to maximize surface area, equivalent to increasing the layers of an orgone accumulator. By using smaller quantities of larger particles, the effect rapidly diminishes.

Second, it can stray into the realm of magick and make-believe when spirals, crystals, flower of life emblems, and gemstones are incorporated with intentions that go beyond the actual reality. Of course spirals have some effects, crystals have some effects, and gemstones have their own individual energetic qualities, but remember that without a dense orgonite matrix of fine particles, there is not enough of a base of orgone energy to begin with be modulated by these things.

I will say, however, that quartz crystal is a good idea as it likely helps to keep the orgonite matrix from saturating, as is a problem with accumulators in general. I just think that the cool looking gems and spirals and such come at the expense of orgonite matrix quality and power since, after all, you can’t see these items if you made orgonite properly due to the concentration of metal powder making it opaque. Having half your orgonite pyramid be clear resin defeats the point, and sprinkling a sparing amount of metal flakes in the base isn’t going to do much.

Second, the Holy Hand Grenades and Towerbusters are claimed to disable negative influences from cell phone towers. At best, they locally transform some of the DOR (deadly orgone) generated by electrical devices, as orgonite is supposed to. But they have zero effect on the electromagnetic radiation coming from the towers, into which most of the harmful effects are encoded. The EM resonant waves still build up inside the skull, DNA and biology is still messed with, and manipulation of emotion still exists. Just that deadly orgone is mitigated locally around the orgonite devices — though, remember, without fine metal powder, the effects are greatly reduced. I believe the purported positive effects of these weak devices come largely from talismanic (magickal), placebo, and reality-creation effects.

Third, while the basic theory of orgonite seems sound, the various Croft-inspired derivative devices based upon it are indiscriminately channeled or fancifully imagined. Depending on who the source may be for some of these designs, they might actually be harmful, if not just causing people to believe they are doing good when they are wasting their time with ineffective devices.

And fourth, busting chemtrails does not get rid of the chemicals therein, which fall slowly to the ground anyway. Trevor Constable explained exactly why chembusters are a bad idea — in short, they alter orgone concentrations directly above, which causes a harmful rebound back to the ground but this happens downstream from the weather flow, which can result in damaging storms or floods hundreds of miles away. So with a chembuster you’re only removing the visible aspect of a chemtrail by altering its water vapor content, doing nothing to the particles therein, and wrecking weather hundreds of miles away without knowing it, and with potentially also causing a local drought over your local region with incoming rain storms tending to dissipate when reaching the region and reforming thereafter.

This is not an armchair criticism, but an analysis derived from actual experimentation and participation. Despite deriving from Welz and Reich’s sound theories, this particular field is interspersed with wishful thinking, disinformation, and misplaced paranoia. Not to say there isn’t honest research being undertaken in this area – I just urge those who experiment in this area to at least get an understanding of the fundamentals of orgonomy from Reich himself.