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» What experiences have led you to try knowing all this stuff on your website, and how did you get started?

I had my share of abductions and ghost/demon encounters as a German kid. After my mom remarried and moved to the U.S., abductions continued less frequently and I remembered less of them.

When I was 12, I got a library card and went through all the UFO and metaphysics books at the local library. I also subscribed to UFO magazines and bought multimedia VHS/audio tapes.

I got interested in fringe science and suppressed inventions shortly thereafter, as I wanted to know how alien ships were powered. And so I learned about Wilhelm Reich and many others, and got into orgone experiments and cloudbusting for a while, got pretty good at it. Did a lot of other experiments too. My room looked like a messy science lab.

When I was 15, after I wrote a letter to the editor of Atlantis Rising that got published, an old gentleman saw it and tracked me down by mail and wrote me. He had some info/wisdom/guidance to share and became my pen pal. He’d send me boxes of books on conspiracy, fringe science, UFOs, etc. and I learned a ton. I read William Cooper, Eustace Mullins, Cathy O’Brien, Preston Nichols, James Bamford, and lots more by the age of 16.

When I was 18, I decided to learn HTML and create my own website, to share articles about my theories and get feedback. It was just a fun little project I didn’t expect to get taken seriously over. But I started networking with people and researchers, and it grew more serious, and by 2001, I launched montalk.net.

Around that time, I was heavily into trufax.org and the Leading Edge Research Journal, and the first couple Matrix books. That site jumped the shark with Matrix V and I turned away from them. I connected with the folks at cassiopaea.org around that time, and worked closely with them for a couple years until we had a falling out.

In 2002, I moved to Florida and met my current girlfriend, and she’s had a lifetime of MILAB activity and I had my own weirdness, and together we went through more paranormal/alien/MILAB activity for a while. It was a scary rocky time period. We learned how to combat it using mindset/vibe shifts and self-awareness and self-mastery. It calmed down somewhat by 2004.

In the subsequent years, as my website grew, I corresponded with what by now must have been maybe 15,000 people. It becomes a blur after a while. But I learned so much from their experiences, lots of dots to connect.

In 2008, I joined the Open Minds Forum which was a hotbed of exopolitical debates. Many big names in the exopolitics field were there, but majority were pushing disinformation. There was a contactee by the name of Fore who was there, whom I got to know. I studied his material/experiences and it filled many missing pieces for me. We tackled and beat back the scourge of ET disinformers there.

But in learning from the disinformation tactics used there, I got to see how the alien agenda works up close. And so I wrote Discerning Alien Disinformation to combat it, which I heard caused a big disruptions at the Exopolitics Institute due to the debate that erupted and people taking sides. Luckily, I wasn’t personally in the middle of it and only heard about it afterwards.

And so, since that time, I’ve mainly just been continuing my research and writing when I can. Some things just take a long time to figure out and come to clear enough conclusions to write about. That’s why I don’t treat my site like a blog with daily/weekly entries. I’m trying to have the fewest articles possible that say the most important things that stand the test of time.

As far as aliens go, they’ve been a lifelong problem. I’ve learned about them from books/websites, my own experiences, and the experiences of others. So that’s almost 30 years of active research/experimentation. If they weren’t in my life, I’d happily preoccupy myself with music and science which are my true passions, but having to deal with aliens and demons since childhood I feel it a duty to inform others of their tactics and how to beat them.

In terms of personal sacrifices, I had no social life in school, very few friends, no girlfriend til college, I spent most of my free time in high school and beyond just reading and doing experiments to try and figure things out.

I learned about matrix agents by living under an emotionally/verbally abusive stepfather for 8 years and seeing one upfront.

I learned patience and teaching skills from raising my three half-siblings, which was nothing but babies and toddlers for 9 years straight until I went to college, all while also pulling a 4.0 GPA and perfect attendance in high school which earned me a full ride scholarship to college, where I double majored in physics and electrical engineering.

Raising my siblings used up all my “child care credits” that my soul had to give. I cannot imagine doing it again. Therefore, my path naturally leads to not having children. Same with pets, I’ve gone through a dozen dogs and cats and watched them all die or be taken away. So I’m without kids or pets now because I’m done with it.

I’ve had to deal with alien abductions as a kid and negative programming ever since then, plus psychic attacks, attacks on my health which almost killed me in 2010. They’ve continued attacking and programming, including abduction and posthypnotic programming to induce central sleep apnea and migraines. As a result, my brain capacity now is probably 80% of what it used to be. It’s a war of attrition, but I’m fighting my way to the finish line.

And running a forum for 4 years, which negative forces tried their best to disrupt. That was 4 years of stress and psychic battling against an invisible enemy working through people and through my own ego as well. That’s why I’m so stoic, as a defensive strategy. Prior to that forum, as mentioned I was part of the Cassiopaean research group which ended in a nuclear meltdown, but that taught me about how groups can be compromised and how people’s own blind spots end up being the gateways through which they get taken down.

All that problem solving and researching, combined with networking with others over the past 20+ years, brought me to a point of having enough understanding to put together the articles on my site. I’m not saying they are definitive absolute statements of truth. They’re just the best I have for now.

I don’t wish upon anyone what I’ve gone through, which is why I give a distillation of my research/lessons in the articles on my site to give people some aha moments. If it helps them make sense of what pieces they’ve gathered from experience and research, and if that leads to avoiding unnecessary suffering and time, then I’m happy.

» How can someone tell if they are in an STO or STS state of being? And how can we be more STO in our everyday life?

Within us we have both STO and STS aspects. So which one of those you make your center of gravity determines whether you’re more STO or more STS.

Overall, humans are STS by default when incarnated, as that’s the nature of our biology. We are predators in the evolutionary spectrum of life on Earth. But within this predator resides a soul/spirit/heart that is of an STO nature.

In some people it’s more latent (or absent) compared to others. In some people it’s very bright and clear and active. To become truly STO, a critical mass must be reached in terms of awareness and alignment with spirit to where all that is lower than spirit (i.e. mind, body, soul) is absorbed into it, transformed by it into a transcendent etherealized form. Sort of like Obi Wan Kenobe.

But to answer your question, more STO means more:

  • empathy and understanding
  • sensitivity to the oneness behind all living things
  • creativity, curiosity, openness to learning
  • self-mastery, composure, victory over the animal impulses
  • good natured, warm, loving energy
  • all this tempered by strength, wisdom, and discernment (i.e. not a pushover)

Whereas more STS means more:

  • selfishness, self-centeredness
  • looking for ways to exploit others
  • less empathy, shame, remorse, conscience
  • materialism, hedonism, debauchery
  • constant fear, paranoia, and the mentality of separation
  • misanthropy
  • hating good/nice people or having contempt for them
  • being driven or consumed by one’s Shadow side

Okay, so you have spirit/heart/wisdom on one side, and shadow/ego/biology on the other side. That’s the spectrum, within us, and it’s our freewill where we stand in that spectrum.

» How much of gangstalking is real versus just in my head?

Based on everything I’ve experienced and seen, I am reasonably confident of the following points:

1. Negative forces do exist, and they can be “spirit guides,” demons, aliens, ghosts, our own thought-form creations, and various interdimensional entities. There are also humans in shadow military projects or organized crime who have access to high levels of technology.

2. These forces can influence humans, sometimes possessing them, or speaking through them.

3. Reality itself isn’t what the mainstream public thinks it is. Yes, it’s physical and has matter, energy, space, and time as physics knows about—but all of that is occurring within a multi-dimensional construct of consciousness, more like a metaphysical simulation than a real thing, more like a collective dream.

4. That means reality seems “normal” only when everything is working correctly, and it can just as easily become weird, improbable, synchronistic, glitchy, etc. when conditions are right.

5. Reality not being fully 100% real as the public believes, that also means it can be influenced through technology or through consciousness. For example, reality creation/manifesting is an example of our own consciousness influencing this collective “dream” we call reality. But non-human and high tech human forces can also influence it, sometimes in very anomalous ways.

6. We are engaged in a feedback loop with reality, in that our deepest beliefs and intentions influence what happens next in our lives and what happens, in turn, affects us emotionally and mentally in a way that tends to reinforce our deepest beliefs and intentions.

7. So no matter how it started, if you deeply believe and are emotionally invested in the idea that you’re being gang-stalked, that will influence reality into creating more events that seem to confirm it. In other words, it will make it worse and worse and worse. But not that it’s all in your head—it’s actually happening, just that the reason it’s happening is partially due to your deep subconscious investment in that type of phenomenon.

8. Negative forces (who do exist independently, unless they are your own mental/emotional projections) can take advantage of your reality feedback loop. For example, they can start the whole process by using their own methods to create weirdness in your life, look through people’s eyes, speak through them, appear to you visually in a way that scares you to death, and so on. This is bait on a hook, cast into the waters of your reality to reel you in. The fear that event induces can get you to obsess even more about all of that, which causes your consciousness to influence “reality” into bringing more of that experience into your life, which allows these forces into your life even more. So as you can see, they harness that feedback loop and feed off your energy through it.

9. Once you become known to these entities as someone who is fun/interesting to torture and play with, they seem to make a project or game of it. And they keep trying harder and harder to turn your life into a living nightmare, so long as you accept it, believe it, feel you’re powerless against it, and continue responding in the way they want you to respond (with fear, obsession, preoccupation, etc.).

10. So by turning your back on it, treating it with humor or indifference, blotting it out of your reality through intentional denial, you end up de-energizing the feedback loop, weakening them, making them bored, making them leave for the most part. They retreat, and your life returns to 90% normal.

Much of this is a mind game. A bluff. A form of psychological warfare. That means you have the power to transform what you believe and how you feel about it all. If you can shift into an invulnerable, humorous, sovereign, or “done worrying, I have better things to do in my life” type attitude, you get out of the victim mode that they need you to be in, in order to screw with you.

Now the proof that this is generally true, and that it’s not all just physical gang-stalkers coordinating via radio or internet to play games on you, is that it’s everywhere that you are. It surrounds you. No matter where you travel, no matter where you go. Logistically, that is impossible for a regular gangstalking network to pull off. But it’s not impossible if there are higher negative forces targeting you and working through people and manipulating your environment itself. And it’s not impossible if what you are carrying around in your consciousness energetically resonates and attracts these things.

This is a secret that not many know, but those who do, and who apply it, are able to restore their life to 90% normality.

There’s still a 10% remnant because negative forces do exist, just that you’ve taken away 90% of what they depended on to stage this crazy puppet show for you in your life/reality. You cut the strings, but the puppet master is still in the shadow looking occasionally for a chance to return, which all depends on your vibes/mindset and what darkness/fear you allow yourself to slip back into.

The number one problem is that some people who are told this, they refuse to hear or listen. They seem to be caught in a trance of paranoia and prefer believing whatever fantasy the manipulation has tricked them into believing. And their nightmarish fantasy therefore continues to sustain their nightmarish reality.

Okay, so the proper attitude to take is one of empowerment, strategy, and seeing these forces as less powerful than they try to make themselves seem.

» How do you emotionally handle third density reality, Tom?

One thing that helps is knowing that, if you can’t take physical action, you can still take metaphysical action via intents/prayers/visualizations for a positive outcome whatever that may be. Then you feel like you did something, even if physically you couldn’t. That removes some of the guilt, and practically speaking is about all you can do, plus it’s good for your own self similar to forgiveness.

And with that guilt assuaged, you can then focus on the positive too without guilt weighing you down or acting like a force of contradiction that tarnishes your ability to perceive beauty.

So, you take physical action if it’s in your place to do so. If not, you take metaphysical action. And the rest of the time, you focus on what you want to focus on, ideally the true, good, and beautiful.

The only thing that messes this all up is if you’re the one experiencing the nightmare, with an uncertain future, impending doom, problems piling up and so on. Then it’s not as simple as wishing someone well and going on with your day. You have to give it your all, both in staying cool headed and doing what needs to be done, and in fighting hard to keep your head above water emotionally. It’s a spiritual test, a form of spiritual combat.

The other thing that helps is not taking things TOO seriously to where you lose self-awareness and let yourself (the immortal spirit) be swallowed up in the feelings of fragility of the lower/human/mortal self. If you have a slight “lucid dreamer” attitude, that helps you stay on top of it.

» What is more valuable for spiritual evolution, doing less positive but with greater awareness or doing more positive without it?

So we know a couple things…

Blindly helping others is like handing out free calculators to math students who are too poor to afford them. Yes, you’re helping them with math, but this says nothing about your own math abilities. Likewise, blindly helping people (blind action) is good for them but has no bearing on your readiness for graduation to 4D STO. Because it’s not coming from the place within you (consciousness/soul/spirit/freewill) that is the determiner of what state/level you’re in.

On the other hand, if you understand what you do and why and are therefore motivated by an STO impulse from within you—but you just sit on your rear and do nothing and watch other people suffer unnecessarily, that’s going against your own better judgment and would probably depolarize you away from STO somewhat. That’s a form of “not acting” that is bad.

But then someone could look at that and say, “Well, since being STO-inside but somehow not acting on it is bad, then this shows what matters is the acting because without action it’s all for nothing, hence blind action to help others is what counts”—but that’s false.

So we have two false paths:

  • Blindly acting to help (with that impulse coming from external pressure/programming, not internal knowing/soul/freewill)
  • Knowingly refusing to help when one understands one should (thereby violating the inner impulse of STO/spirit)

Contrast these with the two correct paths:

  • Knowingly acting to help when one understands one should
  • Knowingly withholding help if one understands one shouldn’t help (like if someone is suffering through drug detox and desperately begs for more drugs, and you deny them that, because you understand it’s for their own good to suffer through it).

So sure, helping others blindly is better than nothing, but it’s not enough to be/become STO because what one does during blind action has nothing to do with one’s quality of being.

Therefore, STO helps others as an expression of their being, but simply helping others isn’t necessarily STO because that can come from some place other than being (namely, from programming/social obligation).

So as far as harvest/graduation is concerned, you have to be STO-ish internally first and foremost, and acting upon that as directed by heart/spirit serves to polarize one even more toward STO, whereas ignoring that impulse say in favor of the ego’s fear or distraction with something else will serve to depolarize one from STO a little each time that’s done.

» Unlike most music in the world which is monophonic, Caucasian music is polyphonic, traditionally with lots of harmony and key modulation. What could that mean?

It probably correlates with the Caucasian tendency for innovation, change, revolution, and exploration of new worlds. They keep shifting their tonal center/key. You can’t have key modulation in monophonic music really. Key modulation is the shift between states or realms of being. I think it’s the most powerful thing in music. To lift us beyond ourselves into a different world.

Basic modulation is terribly overused in pop music per the “truck driver’s gear shift” (you know, that dramatic pause when the main theme is getting old and then it comes back a note or two higher).

But the more time has gone on, the more people or at least popular music has lost the ability for it. It used to be a “thing” to modulate cleverly within the same verse or phrase. 50s, 60s music especially. Of course, going back to Bach and before, they modulated like it was second nature to them.

I’m not sure if that capability/resonance says something about the core spirit and its level of evolution, or more just about the “structure” of the physical, etheric, and astral bodies.

I know people with spirits, who are aware truth seekers, who make music or who are into music that isn’t necessarily “high” in the sense of being transcendental. They are not necessarily even talented in the melody or songwriting aspect, and may not even use modulation. But I do know a couple other aware and spirited people who DO have that special something when it comes to making music. It’s just not universal across the board of fringe people.

So I think it may be more a case of musical intelligence that’s partly genetic, partly soul-based. Though, even the genetic component may have been chosen by the incarnating spirit if being a musician is part of that life plan.

Further, in that case, the presence of a spirit might also give the person a potential special ability to tap into a muse (subconscious/Higher Self/home realm, daimons) that leads to melodies and harmonies that have that special “something.” As a musician, I have it, treasure it, and depend on it. This, versus just remixing what one has heard from memory, or going solely based on animal instinct, as a spiritless person would.

Seems like a complex thing with many layers and nuances. But one thing I’m certain of, is that writing deep music or being into music that has that transcendent touch, is only possible if you have a spirit and soul of a certain caliber.

» I get a budding glow of happiness in realizing that I get to use even the dark experiences in life as spiritual practice.

Yes, if you can remember that even when the dark is happening, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your head above water and even turning it around.

When I was a toddler, when I threw a fit and cried, my mom would hold me up to a mirror. Just looking at my ridiculous red snotty face would make me laugh, and I tried hard not to laugh because I wanted to hold on to my sadness/anger.

I realized later, that whole thing was kind of poetic because people are often the same way as adults.

There’s a part of them that loses itself in the mask, and another part that is above and beyond it, and it’s in connecting with (or returning to) the latter (which is where our realness comes from) that we can stay on top of the darkness.

Another similar episode is when I was at a carnival as a kid. I went on this ride consisting of a car you sit in that was attached by a metal bar to a central column that rotated. So like a merry go round, but the car was on a track. I remember sitting in there, the carnival noises blaring, and it made my ears hurt. So I covered ears with hands, but was freaking out because I didn’t have my hands on the steering wheel. So I was steering with my elbow and knees, covering my ears, and trying to ensure I didn’t drive off the track and die. Most stressful carnival ride ever. Of course, the car was never going to go off the track. I was stressing out over nothing all due to the noise.

So likewise, my emotional responses to stressful situations in life have often been out of proportion to what I needed to do what I needed to do. Hearing the noise around me and in my head distracted me from chilling. I could have done exactly the same things but with a different attitude and saved myself a lot of grief. So being calm and good natured while doing necessary and common sense actions, that’s a nice middle path in life.

» Do you think we can summon events or encounters at will, maybe to manifest something within mere seconds?

The factors would be:

  • How much internal psychological resistance there is (through fear/doubt/rejection)
  • How probable it is, like trying to materialize a pile of cash on your desk out of thin air is very improbable by the laws of physics, versus going for a walk and finding on the ground a scratch off lotto ticket that nets you the same amount, which is more probable and plausible
  • How much it interferes with your freewill and learning path or destiny. If it doesn’t impact it, then easier to manifest. If it helps it, then it almost happens by itself. If it goes against it, then you’re on your own and risk contracting demons or internal dark shadow energies to manifest it into existence, always with regrets in the end.

There are times of emergency where the spirit/soul has so much intent and dire need, not to mention possible divine intervention, that miracles can be manifested quickly. That’s where extreme will (or divine protection) overrides the inherent resistance or improbability.

If someone has no resistance (let’s say a 5 year old child who believes in magic and has no negative programming) then only the learning/destiny/freewill issues and probability remain factors.

I read a case once of a kid who had this lunch box with which he was able to power a circuit and run lights and motors without any seeming source of power, without any wires connected. It even worked when the box and light/motor were separated at a great distance. He finally allows his box to be examined to see what was inside. It was a dried up piece of salami. He was autistic or retarded in some way, but therefore didn’t have the filters keeping him locked into obeying the laws of physics.

I read another case of a girl who cut her finger badly, and she and her mom I think simply closed their eyes and visualized it as well and suddenly there was no more cut or even blood.

Bottom line is that we’ve been programmed and hypnotized from birth by the bodily limitations we experience, and this programming is very deep. Some people don’t “take” that programming and therefore are able to do things others can’t.

» Is it possible to grow spirit in the spiritless and how is this done?

It is my understanding that spiritless humans are not truly individuals, meaning, each does not have his or her own personal soul growth path.

For example, if you arranged flowers into the shape of a human being, there is no actual human being there to evolve. Rather, it may be a representation of a human, but ultimately, it’s just flowers.

Likewise, a spiritless human may have a perfectly functioning human body and brain, but the metaphysical energy behind the eyes is more basic, and not human in the way you and I think of the term.

Something more on the level of an animal or perhaps even a plant. Mystics like Rudolf Steiner called it an elemental spirit.

A higher level animal like a chimpanzee, dog, or cat has more of an individual soul path and sentience than your average spiritless human. You can interact with such a pet and sense there is something more there.

When you get into the question of whether rocks and dirt have consciousness, that is tricky because by consciousness we normally think sentience and self-awareness. But there are grades of consciousness, from simple basic existence, to outward awareness but not consciousness of self, to consciousness imparted with will and emotion, to true self-awareness and freewill like what we are capable of.

Rocks, dirt, atoms, electrons, and protons are made of consciousness, just as the objects inside a dream are projections of the subconscious and are therefore made of consciousness. But is that rock that you see in a dream something that is focused unto itself as a self-aware, separate, thinking entity? I would say not necessarily. It’s an expression of consciousness, but isn’t necessarily sentient in itself. But if you go over and focus on the rock, talk to it, maybe it’ll talk back, but that’s only because you animated it with your intention to give it more capability than it originally had.

The reason that is important is because it’s known in occult practices that you can create so-called thoughtforms, or egregores, or tulpas, using your focused thoughts, emotions, and willpower. These energy forms exist in the etheric or astral state as semi-autonomous entities run by artificial intelligences. They are programmed by your thoughts and energy that you put into them. They are like bubbles blown by your soul into temporary existence. So they are in a way, pieces of you.

These thoughtforms can attach themselves to physical objects and even living things. They can influence those things. If you created a thoughtform of fire and burning, and sent it to someone’s house, it might increase the probability of something catching fire there. If you created a thoughtform of an imaginary deity like, say, Ogar the Mighty God of Wind, and fed it with lots of energy and attention, you might even be able to have another person sense its presence and feel a cool breeze seemingly confirming the validity of this made up deity.

Ok, so what happens when you spend a lot of time interacting with a pet or a spiritless human? Your energies are emitted and can imbue the pet or person. They, in turn, will be augmented or influenced by that energy. In the case of a pet, this is a good thing, if you are emitting good energies. I’ve heard it said in several sources that pets come to us in life as part of an arranged destiny to help not just us have a companion, but to help the pet evolve. The pet evolves in its own personal soul path by absorbing our energy and being worked on by our interactions with the pet. This gives the pet a boost that might allow it to graduate from the animal kingdom and reincarnate as human.

A spiritless human, however, might absorb these energies mainly to feed whatever collective entity this spiritless human is but a tentacle or feeding tube for. A pet is already advanced for its species, already individual, and just needs a boost. But a spiritless human is more like a single sucker on just one arm of an octopus. The energy behind the eyes, the lower level consciousness running that person, is not unique, but is part of a collective hive consciousness similar to that of an ant hive.

The seeming individuality and autonomy of a spiritless human is due to his or her biological and intellectual programming, his unique history, and whatever energy he absorbs from you that adds to his emulation. I don’t think he’s conscious of what’s happening. He’s basically like a thoughtform in a human body, influenced by programming and biology and whatever thoughtforms are added to him by others around him.

Spirit is something different from a mere thoughtform. It is a precipitation, a drop, of divinity. Something permanent, real, that reincarnates, that learns, that has spiritual memory and grows lifetime to lifetime. I guess it depends on how you define spirit. But I define it as the seed of true autonomy, sentience, and individuality. Advanced animals have the tiniest seed of it.

But spiritless humans? I don’t think so, any more than department store mannequins or animatronic puppets are capable of having a spirit. They can house a thoughtform, they can have etheric and astral energies animating them, but they don’t have that seed of individuality that survives death and reincarnates. And the proof is that, if you try to help one of them, they just don’t learn. They don’t really grow as people. They don’t mature in their wisdom. That’s not why they exist.

If someone is born spiritless, but is raised with love and care and morals, they will grow up to be a productive member of society who obeys the laws, goes to church, and is a responsible mother or father. They will be a background character, someone who lacks individuality and originality, who follows the herd, who does what their upbringing and genetics have told them to do. They would be motivated by their programming and biological instinct, rather than any kind of soul mission or destiny or karma or true freewill. They would lack empathy and conscience, but would behave themselves over fear of punishment. For example, if they are instilled with a fear of god, with the idea that they are dirty sinners who must seek repentance, they will neurotically stick to a moral code. Not out of love and respect, but fear and conditioning.

The body itself has genetic programming that instinctually gives even the spiritless human motherly or fatherly qualities at least in a material sense, as is seen among all mammals. The problem is when social or biological programming goes wrong, then there is no spirit, no conscience, no empathy to counteract that. For example, if a spirited child were abused, he or she could grow up knowing that they wouldn’t want to do the same to others, so they’d actually be a better parent for it. Whereas a spiritless human, that’s all they would know, and they would perpetuate the same abuse. Even a spirited human can do that, if they lack a connection to spirit and give into the ego and shadow energy within them that was instilled via the abuse.

So if you were to encounter a spiritless human and give them all your love and kindness and attention, a couple things can happen.

First, if their existing programming is already very messed up and they have become social predators, they will simply feed off your attention and will exploit your kindness. The kind of person who always asks you for time and advice to make them feel better but they never actually act on anything you say. They are just milking you for your attention and energy, and when they feel better after they’ve been fed, they go on their way til then need you again. They would be like broken records, always the same sob story, or the latest drama, quite histrionic, and demanding an unusual amount of time and energy from you. But like a broken record they never progress from all that invested time and energy. They don’t grow as people. They don’t become enlightened or mature. They just change and adapt to their circumstances while remaining inwardly the same as always. So that’s the first case.

The second case is if they are harmless background characters. In that case, you would be imbuing them with your own energies, wishes, thoughts, etc. and would be adding that layer to them. So they go from being relatively blank and boring to now mirroring you because now they have become partly your creation.

» About reality creation/manifestation and Covid-19 lockdowns, how do they reconcile?

We live in a collective reality and our physical bodies are subject to the laws of physics which includes space, time, matter, energy, conservation of momentum and energy. This means there is scarcity and competition for the population as a whole.

Physics allows for freewill violation. You can restrain someone against their will if you were strong enough. You could stab or shoot them. If you are spirited, you would suffer karmic regret at a deeper spiritual level that would require a correction later in time. If freewill violation weren’t possible, then karma wouldn’t exist either.

Reality creation generally determines what we attract within the array of what is possible as circumscribed by circumstance. So if you go vacation in Indonesia in 2004 and are on the beach, well when the tsunami happens you will be caught up in that. For all we know it was 90% of the people there who needed/wanted that and attracted it, but the 10% who were there of their own volition are forced to face it because they entered into that collective experience there. If they have positive vibes, maybe they’ll leave that morning for some reason and miss it. Or maybe they get swept by the waves but end up clinging to a tree and miraculously surviving if it’s not their time to die. That’s allowable within the parameters of what is possible.

If you want to reality create to win a million dollars, that’s only possible in a collective reality where society is functioning enough to have a lottery system and money supply available. If you time traveled to 2000 B.C. and tried to reality create a million dollars, that’s not going to happen as it’s outside the bounds of possibility.

You don’t have to think about something in order to reality create it. You just have to have agreed to face the risk according to the rules of the game into which you enter. If you agree that sure, by becoming a physical human I may age prematurely and get injured if you bang your head, then when you age and get injured well that’s what happens.

Where reality creation comes in, is which option from what’s available you attract into your life. That the virus exists, that stores are half empty, that mass quarantines exist is now a fact of life, part of the collective experience whether you wanted it or not. A shared environment with freewill beings means not everyone can get what they want. If the majority ‘vote’ for one thing, all will have to experience it. Like the President of your country. You may have wanted a different candidate, but the rules of voting say just one can be, so if you were in the minority now you have a President you don’t like.

What I’m seeing is that, within the parameters of the virus existing and supply/quarantine issues, people who have a higher vibe are getting consistently lucky with being prepared in time, with finding things they need, and with generally being taken care of. So they get their little corner of heaven even if it’s within a hellish situation.

Reality creation where you saturate your mind intentionally, that’s an artificial form of attraction. Without that, you are attracting all the time subconsciously according to the resonance spectrum of your soul. Collectively, these resonances can create a collective “tone” of sorts that invites a collective experience. That factors in, as does specific elements of karma/destiny. For example, even in our lives we have destined phases or major events, that happen regardless of our current soul resonance, because those were decided or agreed to before incarnating. And that factor mixes as well with the physical determinism factor, violence, injury, aging, and sometimes disease.

Disease itself is partly physical caused, and partly metaphysical caused. Those who have a strong enough grip on their body can prevent getting sick under most circumstances. Nostradamus was able to go around during the Black Death without getting affected, whereas others survived maybe only because of genetic immunity or blind luck. If people can bend spoons, walk on fire, and other mind over matter things, then we can also stave off or invite disease accordingly. The invitation still needs a physical agent to manifest, so it’s not like tissue gets sick first and then some bacteria comes in as some secondary effect. More like, the energetic weakness exists first, then virus/bacteria are probabilistically attracted, then the immune/cell structure opens up to it, then the tissue gets infected.

» Mathematics is an archetypal language. Synchronicity can behave like an archetypal language also. Associating these two seems like a natural thing to do. And doing that would reveal what?

Considering how 111 might mean one thing to one person and another thing to another person, I would say that synchronicity operates via archetypes that go deeper than numbers. The reason is that 111 isn’t just an abstract number, it’s also a geometric pattern in space, hence a symbol for more than just numerical value, and one of the interpretations of that pattern may indeed be the number 111 but it has other possible interpretations that aren’t numerical.

Like maybe three claw marks, or three trees, or in my case flow lines all nicely lined up meaning I’m in the flow. In fact, does it represent the number ‘3’ or the number ‘1’ or the number ‘111’?

So the translation from spatial pattern to meaning is a source of subjectivity and variability there. Put another way, mathematics has a rigor and consistency that synchronicities and even number synchronicities lack.

Alternatively, if a number appears and no one is there to observe it, does it even mean anything?

If numbers are archetypal, but no meaning is read into them, do they have meaning in and of themselves?

Or, here’s another thought. If everything is ultimately “One”, then wouldn’t anything other than numbers 1 and 0 be expressions of illusion and separation? Like one apple vs two apples … requires conception of what an apple is, and space to separate one apple from another, and a buying into a belief that these are two distinct things that are separate. But that’s all workings of the intellect, and space itself is illusion you could say.

Then again, in my Realm Dynamics article, I was speculating about numbers as archetypes and how prime numbers must be fundamental enough that they could signify their own realms. After all, if there are an infinite number of primes, each one could describe an entire dimension/mode of being, right? And then non-primes would just be combinations of primes, just as tertiary colors are combos of primary colors.

So there’s a lot to think about there. I would say that a synchronicity like seeing a dolphin right after parking in front of a car that had “DOLPHIN” on the license plate, I’m not sure how that could be quantified mathematically though. A lot of synchs are non-numerical like that. So either meanings like that are indeed mathematical, like described by a prime number with enough digits to somehow encode the concept of dolphin, or they aren’t mathematical at all, and math/numbers are just one of the many ‘things’ that feature in our ‘reality.’

» Could a cluster of bodily injuries and accidents in a short span of time be a result of a bad attitude or psychic attack?

I’ve had injuries myself and know how disruptive and discouraging they can be.

I believe an anomalous timing of injuries can be due to any of these:

  • Low vibes, bad attitude, victim mindset—like a self-fulfilling prophecy, self-caused.
  • Going off the “path” of your purpose/destiny too far, or doing too much bad stuff that you know deep down is wrong (like scheming to rip off an innocent person). This is karma, essentially, meant to steer you back on the right path.
  • A positive and necessary part of your “path” (destiny) where injury serves as a catalyst for inner growth, or maybe prevents you from doing something that would have been even worse, or opens up new opportunities (like someone who loses their legs but then becomes an advocate for the disabled and helps thousands lead better lives)
  • An astrological/environmental factor, like Mercury Retrograde, where it’s simply a time period where more accidents happen and everyone gets affected to different degrees depending on their own astrological configurations at birth or the above three factors playing into it and making them more susceptible or less.
  • Active targeting by negative forces, notably demons or people who are hateful and curse you in their wicked hearts, who have it out for you and want you to fail in your purpose, cause suffering, and are looking for opportune moments to get through your defenses and cause injury.

Now, which one of these 5 factors explains your situation, I can’t say for sure but it depends on all the little things surrounding it. For example, can you think of anything you were doing leading up to this that would warrant a kind of karmic correction … were you going down any bad or dangerous paths… Or maybe, were you raising your awareness/vibrations in a way that attracted the alarm of demons who up to that point had been keeping you under their thumb … or do the dates of these accidents all fall within Mercury Retrogrades… or did these injuries lead to anything really good coming out of it…. or do you have an underlying neurotic fear of injury and a subconscious preoccupation with it that might have attracted/created them… (rhetorical)—These are the questions I would ask myself to narrow in on the possible causes.

But whatever the case, a lot of this is a mind game in that if you believe you are cursed or doomed or need to atone for some ‘sin’ then that can self-create more misery. Therefore, if instead you induce in yourself the belief that you’re getting on the right track, or are on the right track, that you’re protected and safe, that going forward you’re in a mode of health and stability and such… then that will counter some of the other negative factors above (like #5). You have to make sure not to let fear or anxiety ‘get at you’ and ‘eat away at you’ as whether you create it or merely allow something to get in, that kind of underlying gnawing fear is what has the greatest power of creating more such accidents.

So keep your spirits up and know that you have a role in shaping your future, that you are not powerless, that a combination of common sense safety actions + spiritual intentions can protect you on both the physical and metaphysical side of things.

» How does one free themselves from control/interferences from 4d, 5d, and 6d entities and the Matrix in general and live their divine purpose?

In short, we do the best we can, provided we know what to do and what to avoid.

For example, if a person is wasting all energy on anger-inducing news reading and porn, and muddling willpower through smoking pot, well they can start by cutting back or cutting out those things and substituting with healthier alternatives.

Hyper-D interference requires vigilance and spiritual/emotional hygiene to counter. The methods they use, many are discussed on my website. Awareness helps protect against it.

Some things, though, you just have to counter with willpower. Like if they sick a dark thoughtform on you and you feel like crap, well to avoid yelling at someone or saying something regrettable you have to stay aware and muzzle yourself through raw willpower until it passes.

If it’s dream manipulation, then lucid dreaming would have to be learned. If one lacks the energy to do it, then would need to get more sleep by going to bed 30-60 minutes earlier than usual. It’s no fun, but the choice has to be made to do it in order to have the energy needed during dreams to fight back.

And all that aside, you have to cultivate a fun and rich inner life of thoughts, ideas, discovery, creativity. Get your kicks from learning things, figuring things out, testing/experimenting/trying, helping others if the opportunity presents itself, and doing what you just feel is like a really great idea that you can agree with top to bottom. All these things give you a boost in morale and mood, or they should at least, even if it takes some work to attain the victory that gives you that feeling, and that’s the beginning of a positive feedback loop that grows the more you sustain it.

If you’re plagued by obsessive thoughts, limiting thoughts, self-punishment, guilt, etc. then those are subconscious repressed energies, traumas, and such that also need to be brought to awareness and thought about, resolved, and moved on from.

Since we are beings that are physical, etheric, astral, mental/spiritual, we can have problems or solutions on all these levels. Physical is another one—besides more sleep, it’s important to watch for nutritional deficiencies that can affect energy levels and mood and mental clarity. Without the latter, it’s hard to do anything else. The body can be our prison or our springboard, depending on whether it hinders or helps us do what our soul/heart feels we should do.

» When we talk of the ‘original’ or ‘true’ Creator, are we assuming it only has divine attributes, or all attributes including evil? And when Philip K. Dick says “The Creator of the world is demented” is he referring to the original Creator?

PKD and the Gnostics believed that there was a true god beyond this world who was all good, all divine, all sentient. And that our world is the creation of a sub-god that is blind, demented, corrupt.

Of course, everything that exists is a projection of, and contained within, the one absolute infinite consciousness which we would have to call God, so evil would be part of that and exist within it—however, we have to differentiate between function/form and substance/essence. Two beings can be of the same essence/substance, but express themselves differently in function/form. Hitler and Jesus were made of meat. So what? Hitler and Jesus were made of conscious energy. So what? Function matters more.

I would say that the true Creator (infinite consciousness) is fundamentally good/positive/divine, but that as part of its act of creation, it gave freewill/autonomy to what was created, including the ability to create that which the Creator itself in its original form did not plan or intend. Only by doing this could there be any purpose to creation, because without freewill/autonomy everything would merely be a puppet on a string and the whole result of everything would therefore be known from the start and so since there’s no surprise there would be no growth or learning and hence no purpose to creation.

The autonomy/freewill factor is what creates novelty, progress, evolution, growth, and purpose.

The downside is that freewill must allow for the choice to also go against the Creator. If that choice weren’t possible, there would be no freewill. Autonomy means a fragment/projection of the Creator has options to choose from, rather than being a puppet. And that means if one can choose light, then one must also be able to choose darkness. You can’t have a choice if it’s only one option. So there must be at least two options, and if light is one of them, non-light has to be the other.

So although the projections of the Creator are One in substance with it (made of consciousness), by its own autonomy it can function in a way that’s not in harmony with the original Creator. And so we get evil, and the corruption of the Demiurge.

The demiurge is supposed to be a puppet carrying out the act of sustaining/projecting reality. That’s why I say in my Gnosis series that most likely this demiurge was programmed or corrupted by beings within/near physicality who do have freewill/autonomy and weren’t just puppets. It was dark beings jacking into and spreading their darkness to the demiurge that created a corrupted version of the demiurge which in turn created an even more corrupt version of reality that we find ourselves within now. This corrupted demiurge, projector of this corrupted world, is the one that PKD and the Gnostics were referring to.

» How is etheric different from astral?

Etheric is the subtle energy field that’s closest to the physical, like a mirror copy of the physical except it contains a lot of extra stuff in it that we can’t see with our eyes. It’s like the HTML code behind a web page. It contains the same text you see in your browser, but also contains comments, scripts, and other data that makes the website work but which you don’t directly see. So think of the etheric as a ghostly energy scaffold that contains the “code” from which physical reality is projected but also contains additional code that isn’t physical.

The human body has a very basic etheric field associated with the atoms/molecules, and a more complex etheric field that makes up the human soul itself and would be called its lifeforce energy field or aura. If a person dies, the latter leaves the body and all that’s left is the physical body and its basic etheric field. By basic, I mean that it doesn’t matter if we’re talking about a rock or water or piece of metal, all matter and energy has behind it an etheric field from which it is projected. Just that living things have an additional etheric lifeforce energy field that makes it alive. Plants and bacteria have this more complex etheric energy field.

The astral is outside of space and time as we know it, but interfaces with the etheric and physical bodies through transducers some call chakras and meridians. They are like wormholes I guess you could say, that bridge different realities or different dimensions. The astral is similar to the etheric in that it’s a subtle energy field, but it’s at a higher dimensional level and more part of the field of consciousness, emotion, will, passion, and thoughts than matter, energy, space and time.

So you can think of the etheric as beneath/around/containing physicality, while the astral is around/within/of consciousness. So it’s on the other side of the veil, so to speak.

Without an etheric body, we would not be alive in the physical body. We would not be able to interface with it and occupy it.

Without an astral body, we wouldn’t have feelings, drives, passions, or personality.

If a person is emotionally blocked in life due to childhood trauma, and later this manifests as cancer for example, a clairvoyant looking at this person would see the following. They would see that the physical body is diseased, as any doctor would, and see that the etheric body is darkened in that area meaning it’s missing healthy lifeforce energy, and then viewing the astral body they would see it symbolically as, say, an energy cocoon with a big hole in it and maybe sharp knives embedded in that spot. In reality, there are no astral knives, but there are foreign emotional energy patterns that have disrupted the person’s astral energy patterns in a way that approximates a wounding.

So as you can see, the astral is interpreted by our mind in symbolic ways, as our brains lack the ability to perceive astral energies directly. Etheric energies can be seen more easily if clairvoyant as various colors and patterns and lines of energy. But the astral, being a higher spiritual phenomenon, is translated by the mind into something it can understand and symbols are the language that translates it.

The etheric and astral bodies together make up what I call the soul. I differentiate that from spirit, which I define as the central core of divinity, individuality, and consciousness that survives death and eventually inhabits new bodies per the process of reincarnation.

The soul is needed to help the spirit interface with the physical body. After death, the etheric, astral, and spirit leave the physical body… after a few days the etheric drops off and disintegrates, and the astral and spirit go on to the astral planes until the astral body too drops off, then you just have the spirit in a state beyond space and time where it can commune with other beings and plan its next life. This is the average/general case, not saying everyone follows that exact timing and sequence.

» What do you think of reproduction being used as a punishment or slavery program by the Matrix?

If it’s the result of poor choices, marriage and kids is the #1 way spirited people are taken down by the spiritless or by negative matrix agents. Once you’re locked in like that, you’re screwed. Not saying all kids to all parents are a prison sentence. Just saying that, if the Matrix can work it so that a good person gets slaved to a spiritless or bad person via poor choices that result in marriage and kids and unhappy times, well then they’re done for.

It happens because there is still freewill here. Bad things that are not part of our destiny can still take place. There are negative forces that do what they can, when they can. Yes, there are limits to what they can do. But bad choices lead to bad outcomes, against destiny, and that adds to your karmic load that you’ll have to correct another time.

As for pregnancy itself, just looking at it objectively, it is the way of animals. The birth of a baby soul to a mother soul is a beautiful thing, but the physical process itself is animal in nature. In the higher realms, carrying a fetus in the womb and going through painful child birth is not how things are done.

As spirit beings, we are probably not supposed to ideally be here, but we figuratively ate from the forbidden fruit and incarnated here and now must go through sex and death, romance and war, and all that defines human 3D existence. In that sense, it’s also a feeding mechanism for the Matrix, and helps the ‘cattle’ replenish their own stock.

Any positives to marriage, parenting, and being a child are in parallel to that, not mutually exclusive with it, and is spirit trying to make the best out of some pretty difficult conditions.

Due to our amnesia, we go along to get along, and we don’t realize how heavy, painful, and tragic our existence is as humans. That’s one reason why people escape into fantasy, because a subconscious part of them knows there is another existence that isn’t like what we have here.

» I wanted to ask you what the ego really is. Does it need to be simply suppressed (as in the negative and unnecessary thoughts) or is it something that can be transformed to positive?

I think the ego is the sum of our biological and social programming, which creates an AI-like avatar that a portion of our spirit, which is the source of our self-awareness and positive spiritual traits, wears like mask (or inhabits like a game avatar/character) in order to interact with the world in a smoothly functioning way, i.e. that has a human personality and sense of identity.

If the spirit is absent, or too absorbed in the avatar, the avatar does its own thing according to its programming. And so with organic portals or spiritless humans, that’s all they are. The issue is that biological programming is generally selfish unless it’s like mating or raising a child which has a lot of instinctual programming involved, and society also teaches us to adopt selfish traits a lot of the time.

So we end up with this fragile ego whose programming interprets the world in a certain way according to its programming, i.e. in a threat-assessing kind of way, and the programming happens every day in response to our experiences, wants and needs being satisfied or not, how we model our parents and others in our own heads, and all that psychology stuff.

And so any emotional suffering in life, whether it’s from punishment, pain, regret, rejection, alienation, failure, shame, etc. gets imprinted into the ego and its subconscious understructure, and adds to how it views the world. For example, if you get rejected by three girls in a row you will feel the pain, feel shitty about yourself, ego can’t accept being shit so it has to find a way to turn it around to make itself feel better, and therefore reasons irrationally that women are shit, and once that distortion is in place the ego sees what it wants to see and starts cherry-picking observations to substantiate itself.

But fundamentally the ego is just this fragile social-biological construct that has a story, a narrative, a way of viewing the world, and feeling certain ways about certain things.

It can be transformed to positive by saturating the subconscious with positive feelings and correct empowering beliefs, and programming the ego in terms of its self-image, core values, narrative, etc. into one that support a spiritual purpose or mission. The only issue is that, fundamentally, the ego is the source of our feeling separate from others, which leads to specialness and competition and fight-flight reactions, so it’s easy for the ego to dress itself up in saintly clothing while power tripping and trying to manipulate others into making itself feel good.

That’s why we have to distinguish between spirit and ego. Spirit has no selfish ulterior motives, it’s just for truth, balance, rightness, beauty, goodness, wisdom/understanding, and whatever else appeals to true sentience.

The ego rationalizes, fears pain and seeks lower pleasure, is lazy and avoiding, is self-contradictory, hypocritical, cruel, cold, and self-deceptive.

Where it gets subtle is that the ego, being a product if your genetics and social conditioning, is therefore partially ‘designed’ by the spirit in terms of spirit having a say in which body it incarnates into and how its life might generally go. Since the latter shape the ego, the avatar/mask you are wearing was in a sense chosen by you-as-Spirit—but, it’s also been shaped by the choices made by you-as-human, and by the risks you’ve chosen to endure by being human (neg forces, things going wrong, suffering in this crappy society).

So it’s kind of intricate there but the good news IMO is that we can transform our subconscious and our ego to more correctly and harmoniously reflect our true nature which is our Spirit/Consciousness, the latter not being a product of either social or biological conditioning other than what wisdom/growth we’ve gained from prior incarnations.

» I know people who had seemingly better lives than me growing up, but don’t understand why they choose to be so jaded, foggy, and vague all the time compared to me.

That’s the thing, you can have two people born into similar circumstances whether both have an upper middle suburban life, or both have a hard life to a single mom in the poor part of town… and yet one person will grow up a kind, aware person… and the other will be an empty, jaded, potentially cruel person.

That tells me it’s something other than environment/upbringing that’s the key factor. Maybe genetics plays a small part but mostly it has to be the consciousness/destiny of the incarnating spirit (or whether there even is a spirit).

Because if you take a lowlife and a monk, and have both die and incarnate into the same family, guaranteed the monk is going to come out a better person despite same/similar conditions.

But that aside, what we see of a person is the sum of their little choices so far in life (and hence also in their previous life, if they have a spirit that reincarnates). Maybe at various points in this life, they had the opportunity to ponder something, or learn something, and instead they felt the mild discomfort that comes with thinking and chose instead to distract themselves with stupid shit because it was more comfortable. If that’s kept up over decades, they’ll wind up a really shallow and jaded person. And it would be because fundamentally they are lazy comfort/pleasure seekers and don’t have, or haven’t developed, a sense of curiosity. Or maybe the pain of not knowing something is lower for them than the pain of thinking deeply, which would be a consequence of a lack of (or underdeveloped) spirit connection.

In your case, since you have a spirit and also went through struggle, that was a lot for you to deal with and process, a lot of yourself that you had to apply. Sad to say, that’s actually the best way to develop a consciously active spirit. Because in situations where there isn’t much stimulation, like say an upper middle suburban life where all is vanilla, the spirit tends to languish and disconnect from reality. Loss of meaning and purpose is one of the most harmful things. That’s why in a nice calm environment like a temple, the monks had to put themselves through struggle on purpose whether through martial arts stuff like the Shaolin monks or concentration and the fight for inner mastery.

Because I’m thinking how, sure, a vacation is nice, but compare a vacation where you just sit there on a boat and watch nice mountains pass by you, versus being on a ‘mission’ to make it up to the base camp on that mountain. The latter is ‘work’ but it’s also a vacation in that you get meaning and purpose from the challenge.

Life can be like that too. Not all struggle is good though, as you know. So much of it is redundant, negs hammering away at you again and again and again. So there’s definitely a sweet spot where there’s enough to bring the best out of you, give you something to learn and practice against. And a lot of people are missing even that. Or else, they suffer and struggle but never learn anything, just drink themselves away instead of confronting their issues.

Some people never introspect. They don’t even know the space inside their own mind. They’re always focused outwardly. They don’t remember their dreams. I don’t understand them, but they exist and I think most of those don’t have a spirit. Nothing much can be done for them… So it goes to show that we may all look human but behind the face it’s a whole zoo of different possibilities.

» What’s your take on socialism/Marxism vs. capitalism?

The ideal system is free market capitalism in which the judicial, legislative, and executive branches of government intervene when there are monopolies or predatory practices that infringe on a free market and violate the laws (including Constitutional rights).

This maximizes freewill, liberty, and personal property. The idea is to maximize people’s ability to choose how successful they want to be financially depending on how much smarts and effort they put into it. It’s about equal opportunity, rather than pure equality, as the latter means if you rise you get pounded down and if you don’t try you get propped up, which is the socialist way.

The Marxists make class a big thing, in order to create division. It’s a trap because it makes the lower class think their identity is that class and therefore they can never rise without betraying their kind. So it’s like that crab mentality where crabs in a bucket stay in a bucket because when one tries to crawl out the others latch on to it and pull it back in, so they all stay in.

The perfect system is where lower classes become middle class, and middle class become upper class, in a chain that lifts everyone up through merit, education, and equal opportunity. That way the entire population improves in quality of life and that’s how the world reaches a better state.

What the Marxists want instead is the reverse, take the upper class and demote them to middle class, and take the middle class and remove their private property and make them live like lower class. That way everyone (except the ultra-elite) eventually becomes lower class, workers, and peasants, arm in arm.

The deception is that a group must remain in power to manage it all, and they become the true ultra-elite, so all you ultimately did was turn a free society into a feudal society where a small nobility presides over a mass of serfs. That’s what Marxism is, behind all the propaganda. It’s feudalism.

And once you add in universal basic income and automation (a seeming socialist wet dream), then instead of private property being eliminated and workers owning the means of production, you end up with the workers being eliminated and becoming the private property of the ultra-elites. How is that for irony? That’s why leftists are misguided. They are donkeys following the carrot right off a cliff. “But true carrot tasting has never been tried,” they say. Right, because it’s always a stick’s length away, and that’s the trap.

So just because our system of capitalism has some corruption to weed out, doesn’t mean therefore that capitalism in itself is bad and needs to be replaced with Marxism/socialism. The weeding out needs to restore it to free market capitalism, which is where freedom resides for the time being, given human nature.

There is wealth inequality today, but it’s not as absolute and evil as Marxists say. Bezos can have his billions right up until he uses it to stifle competition and do bad things, then feds as an instrument of the People must intervene. Others must be allowed to fairly build up their businesses until they too are rich. So the issues with capitalism today are those that go against the principle of a free market. But that can be fixed way more easily than the problems that arise in socialism which are systematic, fundamental, and statist.

Now, socialism can work if everyone is selfless, responsible, and hard working. Then only those who truly try but cannot make it get propped up by the rest. This works in small teams, families, groups up to about 150 people (Dunbar Number) where there’s accountability. Beyond that, accountability goes down as anonymity goes up, and then humans, being part animal (or all animal if they have no spirit), economize their energies as any animal does and become a drag on the system. People in power implement policies to help those lazies but do it in a very idealistic, divorced-from-reality, inefficient, and unsustainable way. Therefore the whole thing eventually runs out of wealth and implodes.

Socialism won’t succeed, or be right for humanity, until Dunbar’s number increases to the millions or billions, which would require a social memory complex, to use Law of One terminology. Until then, socialism remains an incredibly inefficient system that keeps everyone poor and stifles innovation. The only way it’s been able to exist in modern times is off the back of capitalist productivity and wealth. China allows capitalism because it can’t survive without it, but the CCP has the final say in business affairs.

In Scandinavian countries, which socialists tout as successful examples of socialism, the tax rate is high and social services are plentiful BUT only because outside of government everything else is capitalist and the people are hardworking, productive, and responsible. But let’s see how long that lasts with all the refugees and migrants they are supporting.

Normally welfare is an investment in that it helps people get back on their feet to recontribute to society. Not so when it’s dumped into demographics who not only refuse to assimilate, but purposely take advantage and commit themselves to destroying the hand that feeds.

Socialism is like a 10 pound tick on a 10 pound dog… if the dog is strong enough, the tick and dog can both survive, but it shouldn’t be there in the first place. There are often lots of resources for inefficient socialist systems to feed off of. California has a strong tech and agriculture sector that grew to maturity in its pre-socialist days, but now companies are fleeing California thanks to the consequences. Socialist Venezuela feeds off its oil production. Once that revenue collapsed, the country ate itself (or literally its pets) because socialism isn’t sustainable or self-sufficient. And yet its proponents are paradoxically obsessed with sustainability in a superficial way with going green and banning plastic straws, as if spraying the perfume of virtue to cover the stench of their rotten ideology.

That’s how China, California, Washington, and other socialist/communist-like enclaves have survived. When the dog gets too weak, the system collapses, like it did in Detroit, Venezuela, and the Soviet Union. No matter how much political sophistry makes Leftism look shiny and just, when applied in reality, it starts to fail and eventually dies but not before the ultra-elites sacrifice the masses to keep themselves afloat.

Therefore, socialism leads to a form of parasitism. It’s also like a cancer, and is modeled after cancer. If you think about how in CHAZ, Antifa took over a section of the city, created a barrier, ate up all the local resources, demanded outside resources, didn’t produce any resources of their own, and operated by their own laws that went against the harmony and laws of the nation. And, if they had established a zone there permanently, they would have expanded it outwardly and required more and more resources from the outside to sustain itself and its degenerate ways. That is how cancer works.

Socialism/Marxism/communism is a feudalist, parasitic, cancerous ideology disguised as justice, equality, and fairness. And the only reason it exists is because there are enough naïve people falling for it. Those people don’t look long term enough, don’t think big enough, and some are actually slaves to their egos and shadows where envy, jealousy, and childish outlooks reside. They point to corporate greed as justification for their petulance, then gleefully follow the golden carrot toward totalitarianism.

It’s okay to have welfare and social services, as long as there is oversight to prevent abuse and a push to get people back on their feet wherever possible. Teaching a man how to fish, versus giving him a fish. Giving him a fish is how you make him dependent on you forever, and so that’s another thing about socialism/Marxism/communism—it’s designed to create dependency, in order to control.

So it’s about parasitism and control, and that’s why it’s ultimately an un-human, demonic, alien thing that exploits flaws in human psychology to sell itself. I can’t believe people are falling for it. Then again, modern human biology with all its backdoors and exploits, was genetically engineered by these very same alien forces that are now using false ideologies to pave the way toward global totalitarianism.

» How can I better handle being so negatively triggered by things?

First step is analyzing the past situations where you reacted that way. What happened, what triggered it, what you felt before/during/after, and so on.

Then you can make a commitment to identify it the next time it occurs. All you have to do then is stay aware of the present moment, pay attention to the sensation itself without thinking about the past or the future but just remain in the present as an objective observer. Breathe and watch the feeling sensation, and let it pass.

That breaks the hypnotic spell that the reactive triggering has over you. The more often you do this, the more you break that connection.

Next, you can then implement some kind of routine that is activated when you have just almost been triggered into that negativity. That is, something happens, you start feeling the negative way, but catch yourself and observe it, and since you’re now lucid and aware of it happening, you make a conscious choice to do something else, preferably something that stimulates your heart/spirit. For example, can switch focus to understanding, compassion, empathy. Or to forgiveness, acceptance. Or whatever is sort of the opposite of what the reaction’s trying to get you to do.

That way the negative reaction itself becomes the trigger for the initiation of something that is equal and opposite, thereby canceling it out. This way, if the reaction is actually induced by a negative entity like a demon, the demon has no choice but to give up if every attempt it does ends up accomplishing the opposite.

You can also use autosuggestion. To do that, lie down for a 20 minute nap. Relax for the first 10 minutes and try to get near the edge of sleep. Or maybe you did nod off briefly but sort of woke back up again but not fully. In that state, address your brain/body and give it a loving but very firm command (like you really mean it) to … whatever you want. “Whenever something tries to trigger you, you will respond by becoming conscious of it happening and choosing a positive response instead.” That’s one example. Or, you can be in that near-sleep state and visualize yourself in future situations where you behave in a normal/positive way to some imagined provocation.

If you do that several times, you’ll find your natural reactions changing from your previous pattern to this new pattern.

» Do you think the aliens will ever just give up and leave us alone?

If it were just one negative alien faction trying to take over, in a part of the universe that’s not that inhabited, then we might be toast because it would be us versus them, and if they become pissy about us resisting they’d probably nuke the planet when they leave.

But, apparently, we live in a rather inhabited part of the galaxy, and there are positive alien factions too, or if not positive then at least neutral alien overseer groups that act as referees or a judicial system regarding all this.

The negative groups have invested a lot of time, manipulation, and everything to bring us to this point. But it’s a gamble. What they need is our ignorant consent for them to take over, to willingly want the trojan horses they offer us.

So if enough information spreads, if people see through it when it is attempted, then it will fail, and at that point we would have certain rights as a civilization in the eyes of the overseer/positive groups that grants them powers to intervene.

Now, if humanity as a whole needs certain learning catalysts that can only come through tyranny or a close brush with tyranny before it crumbles, then unfortunately that’s what we’ll be going through.

But I don’t think we’re doomed. For the neg aliens to leave, their jig needs to be up. They must be found out, exposed, and people becoming officially resistant to their presence. Then they both lose the outcome they were hoping for, and the positive groups can help us.

Now, things don’t always go perfectly so maybe if they fail they’ll try to scorch the earth, and there will be alien vs alien battles that we’ll see in the skies, as many people have had visions of in their dreams over the decades. It may be that different parts of the planet fall under different alien jurisdictions as the battle plays out and the negative ones are beat back.

Our destiny is to learn the lesson, but the lesson can be learned the easy way through pre-emptive learning and push back, or the hard way through going through the experience first and reflecting on it afterwards.

So I’d say the ending will be good, but there’s some stuff up in the air about how exactly it will play out.

The fact that people resisted a lot of the Covid lockdown overstepping, and that they’re becoming truthers in a way, is a good sign. People are actually getting smarter, even if others seem to be getting dumber. Mostly thanks to the internet and social media creating a mass sharing of good information.

» How much individual free will would we have left after the majority accept negative ETs as saviors?

My takeaway from the various prophecies + abductee/contactee data about this planet’s future is that yes there will be a dark age for a couple hundred years starting probably within our lifetime, and likely brought on ultimately by climate/cosmic disasters that lead to a collapse of civilization.

Aliens will show up shortly before then in order to capitalize on it and control the chaos enough that they therefore control the outcome. In other words, they’d show up at a very sensitive point on our timeline where the future is most in flux.

Except, based on the reports, it seems that their ‘takeover’ will be incomplete. Most likely because positive groups will show up too, and maybe because the planet would be in too chaotic a condition for the whole planet to acquiesce to one alien faction.

So it would be more piecemeal, certain areas having hybrids introduced and come under their control, other areas under positive alien influence. I’m not sure on the details.

Natural cataclysm cycles are real, they’ve happened before, and I doubt they can be stopped, so the alien agenda must work around that, or make use of it. So that needs to be factored in for sure.

The negative ETs would want it so that those who resist can be handled. Probably why they haven’t done it yet. Back around 2008, we were at our most vulnerable and if things had continued then it probably would have happened by now. But awareness of alien deception methods did spread at that time, which may have shifted the odds. My book Discerning Alien Disinformation made waves in the exopolitics community, and even created upheavals behind closed doors there. I’m sure the ETs weren’t pleased about it.

On the other hand, if the planet is in disarray due to collapse, then from this chaos could be forged a new order under their (negative ET) direction. I remember Fore outlining one way it could go. Basically after some collapse, there are dispersed villages of survivors barely making by. Aliens and their hybrids start in one region and sweep through an area offering food and medicine and gaining converts/zealots. Those who resist will be seen as going against the survival of the village. They could be persecuted. This can be repeated from region to region, until the nation is purged of resisters.

But if positive aliens intervene, and maybe provide help and info and encouragement to fight for your freedoms, etc. then that wouldn’t work. And the neg aliens may decide to give it up at some point, which would leave a sparse population continuing to try and survive, with some help/guidance from the positive aliens, in a slow rebuilding process. I think that’s the most likely scenario.

» Do you think twin flames are an archon construct?

I think real twin flames exist, but most of that subject is bait used by archons to hook you up with someone who is one of their puppets, or to get you pining for someone you’re not meant to be with but whom you think is your twin flame.

If two people are truly twin flames, they will feel super comfortable around each other like they’re two aspects of the same soul. There doesn’t have to be a ton of mad sexually charged romance involved. In fact, it might be more like two very close friends who have a lot of love for each other and support each other in their respective personal missions as well as whatever combined mission they might have for a higher good.

It’s easy to get misled with the twin flames subject though. Just because you lust after a guy/girl and project a lot of care upon them, doesn’t mean they are who you think they are, or that they would ever reciprocate it. There’s no worse way to get hung up on someone than to think you and them are destined in the highest cosmic sense if that isn’t true. If you are, it happens in a natural way where you come together and recognize each other at the soul level. It’s not a one-sided thing.

So I’d say it’s a real phenomenon that’s not super common, but disinformation about it has been spread by archon-influenced sources to create a lot of suffering

» What is the connection between archons and karma?

Karma fundamentally is your own self-correction mechanism induced by guilt or approval of what you did. This self-judgment occurs every night when you go to sleep and enter delta brainwave sleep, where the soul/spirit leaves the body and enters a state similar to the state it’s in during the afterlife just a smaller version of that. The self-judgment also occurs between lives in a bigger more profound way with longer term impacts (as it influences your conditions of birth in the next life). These self-judgments cause situations/conditions to arise in your incarnated waking life that offer the opportunity for a corrective lesson to occur.

But if you resolve the guilt, learn the lesson, release and forgive pre-emptively, then the harsh experience isn’t necessary. So karma (of the negative kind) isn’t fate unless you’re born with it then you can’t reverse it (like a birth defect)… Usually it’s more a “to do list” about stuff to go through to correct a choice made in ignorance.

Where archons come in is that they profit off your suffering when you go through a karmic experience. Therefore, they want you to make as many mistakes as possible, and be the slowest to learn from them as possible. So they program, tempt, provoke, deceive, distract, etc. people to get them to attract their own suffering

That’s done by sinking them into negative vibes, seducing them into harming others (and self, in the case of suicide especially), and inducing more guilt/shame/whatever that is called for.

For example, if you’re programmed from birth in a hard Catholic upbringing to feel you are sinful, dirty, unworthy, shameful, etc. then this can sink so deep into your subconscious, inscribed into your soul, that it can bring on an artificial karma pertaining to that.

In that case maybe you feel you need punishment and oppression to make up for the un-washable dirtiness in you. Hence the old practice of self-flagellation, which can continue in a more metaphysical way in the form of reincarnating with burdens that don’t actually need to be there. The bigger metaphysical lesson there is that buying into programming that devalues your true spiritual worth brings on suffering, and until you get sick of that suffering and see the light, you may ‘need’ to go through that.

That’s why organized religion can be a control system that extends beyond the physical world into the afterlife and subsequent incarnations. We’re only as free in the afterlife as we are in this life. If we’re programmed and attached and addicted in this life, we are likewise in the afterlife, just in its own way which is more how it manifests in the astral planes.

But yes, organized religion, like so much else in our world, is an energy-feeding racket that’s been going on for thousands of years. Archons (negative 4D and 5D entities and negative parasitical thoughtforms) are the ultimate architects and profiteers of these schemes.

» Could you elaborate a little on what you mean by preventing temporal paradox or instabilities?

Some aliens seem to be from the future, or stationed outside linear time somewhat. Since you and I are in the same timeline, we appear 100% physical to each other and there’s no ambiguity to that. But if I were to lift myself outside linear time somewhat, I would see you more as a wave function than a particle, in that you’d be a bundle of alternate versions of yourself, i.e. somewhat fuzzy. If I tuned into just one version and lock into its timeline, then that version of you and me would again be 100% physical to each other.

Well, the more freewill you have, and the more you aren’t just a biological robot following your programming, the more your future splits into alternate versions and is therefore unpredictable. I mean if you were a robot, you’d only have one future, and you’d not be fuzzy at all but quite sharp to my eyes if I were outside of time. But if you’re sentient and doing what your intuition and freewill decides, then you’d be fuzzy, or more divergent.

So… the more you know, the less confined you are in your actions. If you know I’m about to abduct you and take actions against that, well now you’re not longer a sharply delineated body in a bed sleeping away, rather you’re moving around and maybe avoiding sleep and such, and now I have a much harder time pinning you down and entering your reality.

The world is likewise. The more aware the world becomes, especially of the alien presence, the less predictable it is in how it will react to the aliens showing up. If everyone’s dumb and mentally asleep then they’re predictable and that makes it safe to appear to the world en masse. But if too much info leaks out, that ‘contaminates’ the timeline by making it fuzzier, which also ups the risk as now aliens aren’t so sure of how things will go, meaning it could go badly, hence they can’t do what they were planning on.

I’m describing stuff that the English language doesn’t have words for, although quantum physics comes closest.

» What is your perspective on the concept of “Spiritual Embodiment”?

I think the negative forces DO want us here to be used as an energy source for them, just that they don’t want our spirit to be here as well in an active and knowing way because that makes us too awake, conscious, sentient, etc. which makes us unpredictable and creative in a way that reduces their efficiency at harvesting our energy. It’s like if you want to milk a cow, you need it to stay still. If it keeps moving and kicking you, that just won’t do.

But true embodiment, the one they fear most, is where you achieve “Christ Consciousness” in this body, i.e. the awakening of the Higher Self within the Lower Self, in a way that remembers what it is, why it’s here, and what it is to do. A kind of Neo moment.

That’s true embodiment. But, what you’ll notice about many of these teachers, their version of embodiment is a lot milder, and they say it’s just about being present in your body, for example, or maybe being tuned into your intuition and doing what your heart tells you to do. Nothing wrong with that, and it’s the first steps to true embodiment.

As far as bridging energy just by being alive, well that’s related to another term you might hear which is “anchoring the frequency.” By being here, interacting with this world, while holding a higher mindset and emotional nature, you add that higher frequency to this reality and thereby lift it up. That means less suffering occurs, odds shift in the favor of positive futures, dark forces have a harder time doing what they do here, skews the probability of violence and crime. That was proven with mass meditation experiments where crime/accident/war statistics were reduced during those days. We can do similar over the span of a lifetime by being our true Higher Self, as we have a ‘vote’ in this collective reality.

But as you can see, there are various things that come under the banner of “embodiment.”

» What are your beliefs on God? And atheism?

My view is that there is only one consciousness and it is that of ‘God’ which I prefer calling the Infinite Creator. All that exists is a projection of, and contained within, this infinite consciousness. But although we all therefore have the same origin and essence, we all differ in our form and expression and history.

And because we have individual freewill, we can still choose to go against the greater good and harm ourselves and others, and so you have the whole “dark forces” category that is born from that. The darkness and light lead to a cycling dynamic that serves as the engine of evolution, at least in this part of the multiverse.

I’m sure there are other worlds where darkness does not exist and all is fun and peachy but that’s only half of what’s possible. The other half is where one participates in the darkness, or is allegiant to light and interacts with/suffers under/fights and overcomes the darkness.

I believe the Infinite Creator also has a part of itself that is outside and beyond this creation, despite creation and its beings being a projection of the Creator. Technically this is called panentheism. But the part that’s above and beyond, I think has a hands-off approach in the sense that it would delegate various tasks to subordinate beings. Why? Because that gives those beings the opportunity of experience and growth. So I don’t think the Creator micromanages our affairs, but delegates it to those whom it concerns. Our own spirit guardian and Higher Self watch over us, and since they are plugged into the Creator and its general will, that results in them doing what is in harmony with the Creator. So they carry out the Creator’s will without the Creator having to personally come in and do that. So I don’t believe the Creator directly gets involved in my life, but I do believe there are higher beings that serve the Creator who do that.

Since we all have a functional fragment of the Creator within us (our Spirit) we have the capacity harmonize ourselves with that divinity. But the ego/body/biology often runs counter to that. Although matter is a projection of the Creator, functionally it is inert and asleep and blind and not sentient or active. Therefore the body follows evolutionary programming that as I said can run counter to the spirit core. Hence, on a functional level, we are dual beings.

Dualism is a real thing, but only on the functional/expressional level. On the origin/essence level there is no dualism, just Oneness. But just because all is One, doesn’t mean we need to let ourselves be fed upon by predators. That’s confusing function with essence, and that’s a common mistake (or intentional deception) we find in the New Age community.

» Where does love come from?

I believe it’s an intrinsic quality of our higher consciousness/spirit.

There are different levels of love, each lower level being like a shadow reflection of the level above it.

What all love has in common is that it attracts and harmonizes two or more things/beings together.

  • Love of “God” or the “Creator” brings you closer to divinity within yourself.
  • Love of another in a platonic caring way makes you want to be closer to them, think of them more, be more concerned for their wellbeing.
  • Love in the romantic sense limits that to just two people and half of that is biological attraction.
  • Love in the animal realm is mostly biology and chemicals and instinct.
  • Love in the plant realm is plants enjoying and moving towards sunlight.
  • Love in the chemical/physical realm is gravity, chemical affinity, vibrational resonances, and electric/magnetic attraction.

As I said, each lower level reflects the higher levels.

That means love as we humans understand it, has different levels and the highest we can conceive is probably just a reflection of something even higher.

But it’s what creates unity, creativity, and life. Whether you’re talking about romantic love and procreation, or platonic love and the doing of something greater for the world, or divine love… it always creates something.

» One of your Recommended Reading listed the book “Initiation Into Hermetics” by Franz Bardon. In your synopsis, you stated this book is for “information purposes only.” What exactly do you mean by that?

I recommend that book with reservations. There is information there that is useful, like about the polarity of the subtle energy body in different regions, the idea of making a condenser fluid from chamomile and charging scrying mirrors, and especially the part about egregores/astral larvae and how, say, someone imagining another person to be secretly a black magician harassing him might be being harassed by his own thought-creation instead.

But I have problems with certain exercises and the overall goal of them. Especially about training the willpower to a high degree and the summoning of elemental energies. This is all magick and to an extent, ritual, and to an even lesser but still significant extent, superstition. There’s too much “trying to control stuff” in what I detect to be a subconsciously ego-driven methodology.

That’s why the book is good if taken with a grain of salt, meaning filtered through understanding derived elsewhere. Because if you stick only to this book, and do only these exercises, and tread the path as Bardon intended—the end result would be becoming a magician with a bag of tricks that also involves making contracts with various non-human beings that you think are elementals but may be astral parasites and demons, who sure enough do your bidding but at a price that may be paid after death by having to serve them for a while. Much of this is enabled by:

  • One’s own ego-driven need to control.
  • The building up of willpower to an unhealthy degree to where it begins substituting for love, intuition, and soul resonance in one’s thoughts/feelings/actions, which leads to an atrophy of the heart center and the building of a kind of substitute dark-energy center.
  • Investment in some level of superstition/illusion which is like putting a neon sign on your forehead advertising to dark forces that you’re gullible and ignorant, which draws them in and takes you off the golden path of what’s spiritually best for you.

These 3 points are what I meant by it getting dangerously close to black magic. It doesn’t involve animal or human sacrifice or wanting to hurt people, but it does get you closer into the jurisdiction of the negative forces that profit off the latter, so the consequences can be similar if taken too far.

But because the book has so much interesting and good info too, I consider it unique and worth checking out for information purposes. If there are some exercises that, based on your understanding of other research and your own logic/intuition/experience determines that it makes sense and is safe to do, then sure do it, but Bardon’s recommendation to not do it piecemeal is because he wants you to successfully tread the path he has in mind, which is a path I don’t agree with for the reasons above.

» Do you think there will be a mass spiritual awakening in the future?

Yes, though for that to occur, it must first be preceded by a more gradual awakening.

This gradual awakening follows an exponential curve, and it’s the singularity at the top of the curve that is the mass spiritual awakening.

And, in fact, that’s what we are seeing now, the beginning gradual part.

For people to wake up spiritually, they first have to awaken mentally. And thanks to the internet, videos, social media, etc. it’s very easy now for people to share information and get a crash course in knowledge that unbinds them from their former ignorant viewpoints.

What’s happening now is a larger part of the mainstream people are becoming conspiracy theorists, getting into alternative health, becoming politically oriented toward liberty, justice, and all that good stuff.

But even they are increasingly becoming aware of the Satanists and pedos in the power structure. Which leads to awareness of demons and/or aliens. Which leads to a larger picture of history and reality, and also to the idea of reality being a simulation—and all of which leads back to our own selves, why we are here, where are going, what we need to do.

So it’s an awakening curriculum with steps, baby steps at first, but it does lead to a mass awakening.

I think that awakening on the mental front will coincide with a spiritual awakening-energy from the cosmos that will help amplify/accelerate it. That may also coincide with earth changes and the alien agenda coming to fruition. Many things converging.

» Why do many psychics and channeled entities not seem to know about the darker things that are going on?

If a psychic knows nothing about aliens/abductions/demons, and reads you and you have those issues, either they will be blind to it or they will see something like, “I’ve never met anyone like you. I don’t understand what you have going on but it’s like nothing I’ve come across before. The data I’m picking up doesn’t make any sense.”

The reason is that just as our physical eyes only see the visible light spectrum, likewise a psychic’s ‘antenna and radio circuitry’ are only tuned into a limited bandwidth of energies, frequencies, and also mental concepts. I guess a better analogy would be language. If someone spoke mandarin to you, the message would be opaque if you didn’t speak it. They could be telling you that your house is on fire and you’d not ‘hear’ it.

So the astral, being all energy, is like that too, in that it’s segregated from things that are not of its nature.

I think that explains a majority of that, including past life regressions, afterlife stories, and such. Just because someone is outside the body, doesn’t mean they suddenly know/see things that are totally foreign to them. They have their particular track or bubble.

When incarnated in a physical body, that bubble defines their beliefs, thoughts, and what they attract in life. When outside the body, it defines what they can perceive and interact with, and therefore get to know about.

It’s tricky business though, because entities can also be impostors who read the mind of the participants in a channeling and weave narratives from that. So if one of the participants has studied alien abductions, maybe the entity will “reveal” some info about aliens drawn from that.

I also heard there are higher forces, whether the Higher Self or guardian spirits or angels or whatever, that moderate/censor what information gets to whom. Like if a person has alien abductions and goes to get a psychic reading and isn’t ready to hear about that, the entities will blind that psychic to that information, mainly for the safety of the person getting a reading. I’ve known of a psychic who is able to read that info, but is warned by such higher entities not to tell the person, as it would disrupt the flow of their destiny.

So there’s a lot of editing, censoring, safety-filtering going on whether we know it or now.

» Are aliens physical like humans or are they interdimensional or both? And how could an interdimensional alien tweak human DNA?

Imagine if you took a human and amplified his/her psychic powers by a lot. Imagine if that person’s aura (subtle energy field) were turned up to the level of some Qi Gong master but then another 1000x stronger. Then imagine if their energy field were so powerful they could start doing weird things like teleporting themselves via the power of their mind alone, or making themselves invisible, or going outside linear time and time traveling.

That’s an example of a higher level alien who we might label as being quasi-physical. That is, they still have a body and skeleton and organs like we do, but their energy field is powerful enough that they can bend the laws of physics as we know them (at the quantum level) and take their body with them when their consciousness switches to a different time or dimension.

So they seem almost nonphysical or interdimensional to us, but that’s just because they can switch radio stations while we are stuck on this one radio station we call 3D physical Earth.

Do those qualify as interdimensional? Or are interdimensionals strictly nonphysical energy beings? That’s a matter of definition and I’ve seen it vary depending on who’s using that term. Myself, I’d say the alien spectrum varies.

At the bottom are those who are just as physical as we are. Those would include aliens who travelled here in physical ships, or maybe who are time travelers from our own future, or some advanced offshoot of the human race that went into hiding underground thousands of years ago. Overall, I’d say these are in the minority.

Then you have the quasi-physical ones who can tune themselves into our dimension/reality or return to another one where they’re tangible to each other but invisible to us. Again, they are not nonphysical energy beings, but physical beings who have an additional degree of freedom over us and aren’t as anchored in time or 3D space as we are. These are in the majority.

And lastly you have ones that are almost nonphysical, basically energy beings who can materialize a body if they need to but that’s not their primary mode of existence. These are the most advanced.

One thing to note… if something like a cat goes to sleep and exits the body in an OBE, the astral cat will technically be nonphysical and an energy being. However, it cannot materialize itself a physical body, and that’s also not its native state. It’s still on the level of a cat. So we shouldn’t confuse nonphysicality with being super advanced. The nonphysical aliens are advanced because they have transcended the physical body entirely but can materialize one as needed when they need to pop into the lower realms like ours or even the regular alien’s realms.

Demons for the most part are like the cat, in that they are lifeforms on the level of animals, humans but just don’t have a physical body and cannot materialize one. They can, however, materialize an etheric body, but need to scavenge etheric energy to do so, which is what they do when they set up camp in someone’s home and feed off their energy and gain power that way until they gain poltergeist level strength or worse. And they can possess a person, but that’s about it.

So as far as tweaking DNA goes, all interbreeding and hybridization has to be done by the quasi-physical and physical aliens, as only they have physical bodies, technology, and genetic code. On the other hand, nonphysical beings can tweak our DNA indirectly through epigenetic changes that happen as a result of the energy field they emit into ours, and the thoughts/feelings/beliefs they can induce in us. For example, if they can telepathically manipulate a person into being depressed for a long time, or poison their energy field, that might activate a certain dormant cancer gene that was always there but not expressed and so the person develops a tumor. Not saying all tumors are that, but that this is one way it can happen.

But as far as inserting alien genetics in a developing fetus, that requires medical technology and thus physical bodies and infrastructure. So, physical and quasi-physical beings would do that, not the nonphysical aliens.

» Why would I choose to come here to suffer? Doesn’t make sense.

Great question. I think there are different answers for different people.

Some are suffering due to being trapped by prior choices made ignorantly or naïvely. Not just in this life with the consequences of drugs, poor diet, kids and marriage and divorce, etc. but prior lives and the major mistakes made there that still carry effects here.

Some are suffering as an accepted risk of coming here into this lower realm to try and help others out, which means facing many of the same problems they are.

Some are suffering because they lost too much of their light/intuition/self-ness when they became overwhelmed by the amnesia and challenges of being here.

And some, which may include some of the above as well, see suffering as a faster and deeper way to change one’s being and imprint wisdom versus just learning it mentally ‘in a book’ in the higher nicer planes.

I think the issue is that fundamentally, this world does offer the pathway of growth and learning through suffering, just a going to a gym and transforming your body is done through suffering, but there’s no guarantee that you won’t get injured or fail to learn or make a bigger mess or get tricked into adding on extra suffering that you don’t actually need.

So it’s a gamble when we come here. The payoff is we come away stronger, wiser, and more profoundly understanding of self and others and the multiverse. The risk is that we forget who we are, betray ourselves, fall for deception, and get stuck in pointless loops of needless suffering.

Maybe the situation is comparable to movies. Why would anyone go watch a movie about drama, suffering, and adversity? Why not watch a movie that is happy and pleasant from start to finish? Why pay money for stress and tension? People might say, well it’s just a movie and in the end you walk out and you’re fine, so there’s no harm in some tension and release. Your higher spirit would say likewise, it’s just a temporary incarnation into the physical illusion and your consciousness is indestructible so there’s no harm in 70 years of tension and release.

Originally, maybe there was little or no risk. Maybe the only resistance was being in a physical body that ages and needs to be fed and sheltered. But the laws of physics and etheric and astral dynamics that make this restricted “game board” possible, lead to their own problems over time, and beings came about (or possibly invaded from another dimension) who hijacked this place. So now it’s a higher risk endeavor, with higher reward as well, but it can go very wrong.

I believe that the control system, the deception, the trickery—that it’s one half of what’s going on here. The other half is indeed the spiritual playground and gym and school. Both co-exist, and we walk a knife’s edge in life between these two.

The price we pay is through our own soul energy and suffering and time. The reward we gain—ONLY IF WE MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICES—is accelerated growth and wisdom.

The fact that we do grow in life, and that we’re not born as blank slates but have subconscious strengths and weaknesses gained from prior incarnations, and that our lives can have an invisible ordering to it like the hand of destiny that takes us along a positive trajectory… that all shows that this place isn’t solely an energy farm or prison. There’s also a positive layer, but as mentioned it isn’t guaranteed that we actualize that part.

Can someone be tricked and forced into coming here? Yes. Is that the only way someone can come here? In my opinion, no. But I do believe our choices carry binding consequences and if they are big enough, we can die and are forced back into a body at some point to balance the equation and finish things out.

So overall, I think suffering exists for a number of reasons:

  • It increases self-knowledge, through how you chose to handle and endure it. Sometimes, bearing suffering with dignity gives meaning and purpose even when all else about the situation seems hopeless and pointless.
  • You have to apply your strength and will to get through it, and that’s an act of consciousness overcoming matter and the world. The latter tries to crush you under its weight, but you’re pushing through despite that. Downside is, you can become calloused and hardened and therefore lose a connection with the heart (or ‘inner child’) as a result but hey we’re reborn as fun little babies so apparently the crotchety hardened crust falls away.
  • It expands our capacity for what we can endure and do. If we’re in the mission/business of helping others, being discerning and tough lets us do that under conditions that would make younger/weaker souls buckle and run away. That means we can help in ways they can’t.
  • We pay the price to the Matrix, in the form of our energy, to be here and do what we need to do for our own reasons. It’s like paying rent or a theme park entrance fee. No doubt, suffering feeds various negative forces. And often we pay more than we get in return. But as mentioned, if we can do it with dignity and courage and get strength, wisdom, or some other positive thing out of it in the long run, then it balances out in the end.

So I feel we just need to be smart and make informed choices to minimize suffering, and if we have to suffer, then do it bravely with determination, and squeeze everything we can out of our experiences in terms of wisdom and character gained.

» Do you pray or meditate? How?

I don’t do transcendental meditation, as I tried that for a while in high school and it just caused me to go blank in the middle of conversations and speeches and it took a long time to overcome that habit.

Here are the ones that I think are worthwhile:

  • Vibe raising meditation. Focus on a positive emotion and get yourself there.
  • Blessing/oneness meditation. Feel yourself one with the infinite Creator. Bless others, and bless yourself.
  • Try to fall asleep while keeping your awareness intact. Also known as Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming. This is tough and can lead to insomnia if not careful, so I don’t do it much anymore, but if you can shift into that theta state and hold it, you can do amazing things (heal, remote view, communicate with the Higher Self, lucid dream, and astral project although I don’t recommend astral projection)
  • Awareness meditation. Focus on your peripheral vision, sounds, feelings, present moment, the space behind you, above you, below you, etc. widening your perception field this way.
  • Energy movement meditation. Some kind of energy work, like Vipassana or Taoist Yoga per Mantak Chia, or Robert Bruce’s New Energy Ways. I don’t do this one too much but I know it can be very powerful and lead to clairvoyance, at the risk of attracting ghosts/demons and causing heart problems in people prone to that.

I think the first two above are the most important and should be done daily. I’m not a fan of meditating for stress relief. I can get that effect 100x quicker and better by taking a 15 minute power nap.

Also, I agree with Paul Brunton that the purpose of ancient meditation exercises was to still the mind and train it for something more important, which is contemplation.

Therefore, contemplation in my opinion is more critical than meditation (but not mutually exclusive). Just grab a pen and notebook and do some self-inquiry, or ask questions or pose problems on your mind, and think them through, using intuition and logic together to arrive at revelations. This is indispensable.

» Do you believe that smudging with sage is more effective on some entities than others & do you have an idea of the science behind it?

Ok, this is based on my experience and also what Fore wrote. The vacuum as you know is filled with bubbling energy, which is like a sea of energetic noise, but this noise can be biased or made more coherent, meaning it can be patterned to encode information. Certain patterns give rise to physics and matter and energy as we know it. Other more sophisticated patterns give rise to etheric energy/subtle energy fields and such.

That means the space we live in, both generally speaking and inside our homes, can be patterned or conditioned to hold various kinds of vibrations or certain patterns of energy fluctuations. The ones that match the kind associated with life, vitality, growth, positivity, etc. will create a very positive atmosphere.

But demons have an opposite energy field that clairvoyants will sense as dark, red, brown, or otherwise dull and dense and malicious. Aliens (particularly the Grays) have an energy field that’s almost opposite ours, and we would get sick in their presence. Grays and demons have negative energy fields that make us weak, sickly, and depressed if we absorb too much of that.

Well, when demons set up shop in your home, they build a nest near the portal they come through, and this nest is woven from their own dark vibrational energy patterns. It’s a thoughtform of low vibrational etheric energy. If they can saturate a room or home with that same energy, they can more comfortably move around that home/room. They’re always worried about losing energy, and how to gain more of it. If they enter a positive vibrational area, it’s like a salt water fish entering a fresh water area. It’s just not comfortable. Or another way to view it, it’s like a sugar crystal entering distilled water. It starts to dissolve. But if the sugar crystal enters a sugar-saturated solution, it stays together.

And so the demons need to saturate an environment with their energy in order to ‘stay together’, otherwise it has a caustic effect on them. Therefore the vacuum energy/etheric energy field in your room is patterned with their vibrations, if they have done this. When you burn sage, you are introducing new particles by the trillions, each of which has the vibrational essence of the plant in it, which carries the energy of the sun, and these filling a space will therefore, like a magnet waving over an old magnetic cassette tape, have the effect of ‘demagnetizing’ the vibrations that are there from the demon. It’s just one vibration replacing another, which can also be done through positive intention and blessing.

Thus, the cleared space now returns to being caustic to the demon, until they can once again saturate it starting from the portal they came through and the nest they build. If, however, you emit a lot of fear, hatred, lust, etc. those low vibrations can saturate an area and that’s more palatable to demons so you’re then helping to saturate the room for them, and they have an easier time taking it from there.

» How do two people resonate in entanglement (e.g. their auric fields)? Is it the case that their auric fields’ energy signatures resonate with each other?

There are a few things going on there.

For starters, when two people meet and instantly resonate with each other, it’s not all just vibration, but also a subconscious impulse that hey this person is important to be with, and that comes from the Higher Self-knowing there’s a mission or destiny or karma involved here so this is part of the script. A pressure is exerted that makes the next sequence of the script play out like it should. So there can be an affinity or rapport just from that alone. One person might be feeling sad while the other person feels happy but they’ll still recognize each other and get drawn together, which shows that it’s not just “the current resonance in the moment” bringing them together, but something deeper.

On the other hand, we also know that if you hang around a positive or negative person, their energy can bleed into your field and attune you to their way of being. So that’s a kind of induced resonance closer to what you’re probably asking about.

In that case, there’s definitely an energy transfer involved. Because we also know from examples of, say, demons injecting negative energy into you and suddenly you feel angry and irritable, that this etheric or astral energy can carry patterns of vibrations that encode certain emotions. So we’re talking about an energy field that carries emotional information, that can be transferred from one being to another, and induce in that being the corresponding emotion.

So when two people interact or are close, the energy from one will transfer to the other and vice versa. I noticed that there are two kinds of energies, one that requires close proximity (let’s say 3 yards) and another that can be sent mentally around the world just by thinking of the person. The close proximity energy is intense and is involved in lifeforce energy draining, whereas the one sent around the world is more mental/emotional based (though it can also play a part in close proximity as well, in addition to the other thicker coarser lifeforce energy).

The issue is that I don’t know from a physics perspective what the technical difference would be between the lifeforce energy and the emotional energy. I’m not sure that physics has the concepts or math or terms yet to deal with that.

But, from a quantum perspective, best I can put it is like this.

I believe that our cells and molecules making up the cells have an associated aura. This aura would at best be called the “wave function” by physics, or the “pilot wave” by scientists like David Bohm who say that subatomic particles are guided in their motion and behavior by an invisible field of vibrating energy called the quantum potential, and this field that guides its motion is called also the pilot wave.

This pilot wave would be the etheric body, then, which takes its instructions from the higher astral body and the spirit, and communicates it down into the cells in order to operate the brain and body and keep it alive and make it move and such.

Now, this pilot wave (or etheric body) would be vibrating with a spectrum of unique frequencies. I suspect that our DNA plays a role in that. DNA is like sheet music where the four amino acids that form patterns spell out unique melodies whenever chemical or electrical energy passes through the DNA, which happens all the time as part of cell function. The melodic patterns somehow resonate us with certain probable futures over others. I don’t know how. But it leads to different bloodlines having different predispositions and destinies. You can overcome that with willpower and training, but by default your genetics play a role in not just your personality and appearance but also what you attract in life. This isn’t about race, but about individual family bloodlines.

When two people get near each other, or interact a lot, I think they exchange pilot wave/etheric energy and if both share the same vibrations, those will be stimulated and grow stronger. So, two people given to misery will commiserate and make each other more miserable. If one person lacks the resonance of another, with enough contact and time, the vibrations can alter the DNA expression and also alter the etheric body itself (as generated by the astral body and spirit) in order to induce new thoughts and feelings in the person that match those of the other individual.

This stuff is too complex and I don’t know enough of the details to form a complete there, but that’s all I have at the moment…

» Would you have any insights or pointers for me on telekinesis?

Telekinesis is a fascinating topic. Here’s my theory about how it works.

So according to quantum mechanics, things are the way they are in our everyday macro world (solid objects that stay still unless pushed or pulled) because these are the most probable, stable, and collectively averaged states of what are otherwise non-deterministic quantum fluctuations.

The more you zoom in, the more jittery (in a seemingly random way) things are. But as you zoom back out, the jitters average out to some stable value like the speed of light, the mass of an object, its hard boundaries, and so on. This is called the classical limit, where quantum physics becomes classical physics.

Mainstream physics assumes that quantum stuff therefore stays in the quantum realm because anything bigger and it all averages out to the boring everyday world we know. Put another way, they don’t believe that quantum phenomena exist at the macro scale in any significant way.

But, they easily could, if the quantum fluctuations were ordered (made coherent). I mean there’s nothing that rules out a pencil on a table suddenly shifting left by an inch without anything pushing it. Quantum physics allows for that to happen. But the reason it doesn’t is because, under random fluctuation conditions, the chance that all its atoms would shift together an inch is extremely low. Physics says it’s so low that it’s virtually impossible, therefore it is impossible.

They assume, however, that these fluctuations are truly random. So of course, probability would be low then. But the situation is similar to how when you turn on a radio, by default you just get static white noise. You might think it’s nothing but a white noise generator. And according to the laws that govern noise, it’s virtually impossible that it would just turn into music by itself. Sure, but extend the antenna and tune the radio and you do indeed get music, using the very same circuitry that picked up nothing but noise just now. For someone who doesn’t believe in radio stations or electromagnetic signals, they’d be amazed that this white noise generator is so improbably producing music. But it’s not improbable if you believe that there can be something that influences the radio circuitry to replicate what’s being broadcast.

Similarly, quantum fluctuations can be random if it’s just various quantum potentials influencing them. Quantum potential is a term that deBroglie and Bohm used to describe something beneath the quantum level that affects quantum fluctuations. DeBroglie believed the quantum potential could change almost like temperature changing in water which determines how the water behaves (liquid, frozen, or boiling).

So in order to change how objects behave in a spooky way (like telekinesis) you have to alter them at the quantum level, using something like a quantum potential field, in order to cohere their otherwise random quantum fluctuations in an intelligent way.

Now we know from experiments like those of Dean Radin that consciousness can influence quantum phenomena. It’s just that the effect is quite weak for ordinary people.

But if you’re not ordinary… if you are someone who has telekinetic powers, you could influence the quantum world in such a way to bend spoons and move objects with your mind.

After studying metaphysics, occultism, mysticism, etc. I find that it’s not that simple as simply having strong enough belief to bend reality.

The issue is that when we speak about consciousness influencing the quantum world, are we talking just one’s thoughts? Or one’s emotions? Or conscious beliefs? Or subconscious beliefs? What about the so-called etheric and astral bodies and energy fields (subtle energy) related to Qi energy and prana? And if emotional or subtle energy, which emotions, and what pattern or vibration of subtle energy? What about its quantity/intensity and duration?

As you can see, there are more factors involved. But I believe there are two main components to it:

  • The spiritual/conscious “vibration” level.
  • The amount, intensity, and duration.

The first factor, “vibration” (in quotes because it’s more a metaphor than a frequency in Hz) is measured on a scale between absolute higher divine consciousness and absolute lower illusion-bound ignorance. Emotions can be put on that scale, with suicidal depression being on the low vibration level and loving joy being on the higher end of that scale. But so can subtle energy, with vivifying lifeforce on the high end, and toxic morbid subtle energy on the low end. Same with conscious thoughts and subconscious beliefs. On the high end is enlightenment and liberation, low end materialistic nihilism bound by highly entrenched self-limiting beliefs.

The second quantitative factor determines how much needs to be applied in order to shift/cohere the quantum fluctuations away from their default state, i.e. how much is needed to bend the laws of classical physics. The higher the vibration, the less quantity is needed. Quantity not just in terms of effort and time, but also the density and amount of subtle energy emitted by your body/soul, which acts as a close-range conductive mediator of conscious influence.

So vibration acts like permission level in an operating system. The highest vibration is like root access. With the root login and password, a few keystrokes can change everything easily. But if all you have is guest access, it takes a lot more time and tools to hack away and try to find an exploit. Average people have average abilities because they only have average vibrations and thus average access level.

For whatever access level you have, you need to apply a corresponding degree of effort. For most people, telekinesis is pretty much impossible unless other factors intervene to create a miracle of sorts (like freak environmental conditions that affect the quantum potential so that less input is needed to produce a visible change).

Therefore the most effective telekinesis would involve a state of having:

  • High vibration in thoughts, feelings, and conscious/subconscious beliefs
  • High-intensity subtle energy fields, patterned in a way (via your intentions) to move objects. If it’s patterned to make plants grow faster or heal someone of cancer it’s not the same pattern needed for bending metal spoons or moving a chair across the room.
  • More time of application, more repetition.

If you have less of one of these, you need more of the other.

Further, it’s known that at least with spoon bending, you also have to be in a relaxes state of mind, a kind of “zone” where you’re not trying super hard or focusing in a beta-brainwave state, but are in a more relaxed, accepting, almost child-like wonder state. Effort against resistance is a low vibration state of mind that validates the belief that it’s an immovable or unbendable object, like pushing the breaks while applying the gas pedal at the same time.

Also, strong mental focus and hard concentration seems to amplify the quantum observer effect, where a wave function will ‘freeze’ or ‘collapse’ into a definite tangible state when measured/observed. Quantum physics treats it as an all-or-nothing thing, but experience shows there are degrees of it, and if you can shift into a state of mind that isn’t that focused on one pinpoint of consciousness, likewise what you observe/measure isn’t as locked into a tangible state, therefore it becomes more fluid and thus susceptible to influence via the above-mentioned factors.

And even more, spoon bending is found to be easier when done in a group, in an atmosphere of fun and with other people. It’s as if their combined conscious/subconscious influences, and their subtle energy fields, amplify the ability to alter reality at the quantum level.

As you can see, the behavior and properties of matter are influenced by a variety of factors corresponding to the various energy fields, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and vibrational qualities of the people involved in collectively influencing it.

If it’s just you, and your vibrations aren’t on the level of some Jesus or Buddha, and if your mind has been programmed with self-limiting beliefs, then your remaining options are increasing subtle energy field intensity, and putting more time and repetition into it.

Increasing subtle energy fields, that’s what a lot of Eastern and occult practices are for. Energy work. Things like kriya yoga, vipassana, Robert Bruce’s New Energy Ways system (his book Energy Work gets into that), the system of J. B. Kerning which German Rosicrucians used to become psychic.

By intentionally moving energy around and through the body and stimulating various parts of the subtle energy system, they activate and grow. As they grow and build up a field of intense subtle energy around you, anything and anyone within that field become susceptible to its influence. If you consciously direct that field outward into a certain distant spot, that spot then comes under your influence, for good or for bad.

A lot can go wrong in this process of building up your subtle energy field (cancer, heart problems, aneurysms, disease) so yes it can be dangerous, in terms of energies going the wrong way or getting dammed up, and that all affecting physical health. The quantum potential affects biological processes as well.

Some people are born with the right qualities of consciousness and/or subtle energy configuration to do telekinesis. Good examples are in the Chinese Journal of Somatic Sciences. Back in the early 80s, before the government cracked down on it, there was a parapsychology craze in China. Because China had such a large population under intense surveillance by the totalitarian Communist Party, they were able to find that tiny fraction of the population that had these abilities, and bring them in for testing.

It appears that the quantum influencing allowed objects to be pushed into and transported through a 4th spatial dimension as well. I suspect that this is telekinesis applied through the 4th dimension. And some examples suggest direct manipulation of reality itself, as if it were a computer program or collective dream that can be rewritten. This is Neo-level stuff.

» How is life a “playground for the spirit” as you say?

Because spirit is immortal but learns, grows, and is amused by lessons derived from experience.

If it’s a fragment of infinite consciousness exploring its own infinite potential, then any path of experience from beginning to end has value, even if it involves suffering.

So think of a video game where you explore but get shot up and die and fight people or find things or whatever… why is it like a digital playground for you? Because you’re safe in front of the monitor, so at the end of it you come away with a memorable experience.

Life is the same way, to the core part of your spirit.

Of course, as humans we are looking at it from the perspective of the video game character and we experience pain and suffering so it’s more real to us, but in the long term and big scheme of things it’s not as serious as we think.

But if there’s something that interferes with freewill, that delays the experience for way too long and creates a cascade of negative effects that impacts our future lives and those of others in a way that even spirit doesn’t enjoy (in other words, like in a sports game where the referee steps in because major violation happened that doesn’t allow the game to continue as is) then there’s intervention from above.

Our world now has some divine intervention going on because darkness has crossed a line in some areas, but other things here are indeed just ‘playground for the spirit’.

I also say that life is a gym for the soul, and a prison for the body. The body’s never getting out of here. It’s a life sentence in matter, literally. It gets old, gets injured, feels pain, and dies.

The soul, however, is what experiences that suffering emotionally and psychologically, and changes in its astral qualities as a result. The astral quantum-attracts life experiences that contain an emotional payload and learning lessons. It experiences the highs and the lows, the joys and the torments, and is fully “in” it like an actor who forgets he or she’s acting and is totally absorbed in the character.

The spirit, even more aloof, is knowingly beyond all this and hence what is a torture chamber for the soul is a playground or amusement park ride for the spirit. We see everything from our ego-imprinted perspective so of course we take it seriously. But from an absolute higher perspective, we’re taking things too seriously here.

The big question that comes out of this is: what of compassion? If we shouldn’t take our own suffering so seriously, why should we take another person’s suffering seriously enough to try and help them? That’s a dilemma for Buddhists and Hindus who are into detachment and seeing reality as an illusion to transcend.

My personal view is that suffering and darkness exist not only to be learned from, but to be fought and overcome, and we should neither be so aloof as to neglect our duty to do that, nor so entrenched in illusion that we feel powerless and overwhelmed. The Bhagavad Gita has a lot to say about this issue and is worth pondering.

» Is it possible for occult forces to target an individual over their lifetime? Why would they do that?

Yes, that is quite common among people who have that extra ‘spark’ of individuality and heart that distinguishes them from the average person. It’s like they shine brighter and that attracts entities like moths to a flame.

As far as being targeted over a lifetime, and spiritless humans as vessels, there are really only two types of beings that do that a) aliens and b) demons.

Alien targeting comes with a lot of abduction activity, and it’s rarer than targeting by demons because aliens are fewer in number and are quite busy so they can’t be with you 24/7 whereas demons have nothing better to do than harass and feed off the living all day and night.

So you have to distinguish whether it’s mostly demon, or mostly alien.

Demons mainly aim to corrupt and cause suffering and moral defeat.

Aliens mainly aim to nullify threats and turn gullible types into puppets for their disinformation to deceive the public.

So the alien targeting is more sophisticated, subtle, strategic, and long-ranging (more of a scientific and political and tactical air to it) whereas the demonic agenda is way more ‘anti-spiritual’ and opportunistic/predatory in its nature.

Both wage psychological warfare to wear you down if you’re a threat or ‘food’ for them. I’m talking about negative aliens here. The positive ones are more spiritual and helpful while keeping as low a profile as possible, so the complete opposite.

Spiritless humans are mostly empty vessels. Things can jump into them and speak through them, or manipulate their emotions and thoughts very easily. If they already have broken programming (in the sense of being narcissists or bipolar or borderline) then the entity pulling their strings doesn’t need to put much effort in, just wind them up and watch them do their thing.

As to why a person would be targeted over a lifetime, that’s a multifold thing.

First, there is an element of needing, wanting, or requiring it at a spiritual curriculum or karmic level. That is, there’s an opportunity to fight, grow, and become wiser by facing the risk of this kind of opposition. But all that is, is opening the gates to let in the monsters. The monsters themselves have their own agenda and it’s not good, so it’s not like they’re working on your behalf for your own good. They’re very dangerous. But like riding a horse at a rodeo, there’s something to be gained from it, potentially.

Second, negative forces dominate much of this world. They think they own and run this place. When you come here and function as a force for good, or are too intelligent for them to easily predict and control, they get miffed and feel “Houston, we have a problem” and go to work on the person. The reason they can’t do more than they’ve done is that we do have protection, and there are rules here enforced by higher positive (angel-like) beings… but as long as they play by the rules, they can do some pretty tough things. And if they make their moves right and get to a “check mate” situation then protection can’t prevent what’s about to occur, because rules are rules, and that’s why bad things happen in our world.

» What questions should I pose to ETs to figure out what kind of entities (good or impostors) they are?

Easiest thing is to ask them if there is a negative alien presence on Earth, and if so, who are they, what is their agenda.

Then ask if there are negative aliens that pose as positive aliens. This is the magic question. If so, ask how to differentiate between genuine positive aliens and the impostors.

Ghosts/demons will give bullshit answers that don’t square with research. And negative aliens pretending to be positive obviously don’t want to answer that question, so they’ll deflect or give a set of criteria for discernment that’s laughable.

These questions are similar to sussing out a date or potential friend by asking what do you think about the right to bear arms. If they say guns are gross and should be banned, bye bye.

In terms of whether they are quasi-physical or interdimensional, physical aliens (human-like) that are phased out will (according to contactee Fore, but I’ve experienced some of this too):

  • leave a warm seat if they sit on it
  • block air or sound from a floor fan if they get in front of it
  • seem like a person is there, just invisible

However, energized poltergeists can also be quite tangible. They just don’t have humming ships parked overhead.

What both have in common is that they are near the physical, staged in the etheric realm very close to it. Just that the alien has an actual physical body that’s phased out in that realm, whereas a ghost just has an energy body in the etheric that can affect the physical if they intend it telekinetically.

As for figuring out if they’re from another planet or the future, can’t really tell. It’s not like you can verify it either way.

Main thing is just figuring out their purpose/agenda, and whether they’re astral beings pretending to be aliens, or actual aliens. And if actual aliens, whether they’re messing with you with a B.S. story or outright disinformation, or whether they’re really on the good side. The questions about neg aliens and impostors can help with that, as it gets right to the heart of it.

» If I have freewill how can I use it?

Mostly it involves:

  • Doing something with conscious awareness, instead of reactive/mindless/programmed behavior. That includes being more informed in your decisions. Awareness alone is what can activate freewill. Because without it, you’re being operated by something else.
  • Using your willpower to go against some negative impulse, whether not doing something you feel pushed to do, or doing something you don’t feel like doing because you’re being lazy. It’s unpleasant, but you’re using freewill because it’s your consciousness pushing against everything that society, biology, and occult factors are pushing you to do or not do.
  • Going on correct intuition or inner guidance. In this case, yes you’re following something else, but that something else is (when done correctly) your own spirit, therefore it’s still you. Maybe it knows something your blind ego-based brain doesn’t. Maybe the latter is what’s acting without much freewill, and in obeying this inner knowingness you’re actually enabling true freewill.

You can also think of it in terms of time. If an influence comes from the past and pushes what you will do next, like your social or biological programming, then that’s less freewill. If an influence comes in the present or from the future, like say feedback from your intuition or precognition, now you have choice and may do something that determinism says you weren’t going to do. But determinism is cause-effect from the past. If you do something that interrupts that, or goes against it, that’s freewill.

By the way, you can use freewill in bad ways. Not every impulse you are under is bad. Maybe your spirit or higher positive forces don’t want you go somewhere right now because you’ll be in danger. You can use your freewill to ignore that. You can use it to ignore conscience, empathy, etc. So it’s a double edged sword.

That’s where willpower can go wrong. Willpower is best used against that which impedes your mission, purpose, spirit, heart, etc. like if you’re being a lazy ass and need to stop procrastinating on something important. Willpower is dangerous in that it can substitute for heart/spirit as a motivator, to where you can become soulless but hard as a rock in your will and succeed in life in a material/physical way, but at the cost of losing your creativity and synchronistic flow.

» Do you think ancestral karma exists? And if you do, what does that mean for the spirit?

Yes, and I think it’s encoded in our genes epigenetically. You might know about epigenetics, but Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about it. Where certain genes are turned on, others turned off, and our own life experiences and consciousness pattern can affect that, and those then get passed on to children.

Ancestral karma has to be genetic because our individual souls might jump between races or even planets. And DNA doesn’t change much, but epigenetics definitely does, so that’s why I mention it.

Lipton says that you can change your epigenetic patterns by changing your mindset/perception/beliefs. So that’s how you’d clear it.

If you come from a bloodline of abused victims, you might carry that tendency in you. If you can identify that, write out the opposite behaviors which are more empowering, and reprogram yourself with those by thinking of them often and “acting as if” they were true until they become natural, well then, I think your epigenetic pattern would change along with it.

Sometimes it’s as simple as being convinced that you are free of them. If someone has a healing system that claims to get rid of your ancestral karma, and it involves let’s say sprinkling water on your head… then if you do that and believe it, even if it doesn’t anything by itself, that belief will carry forward in new patterns of thought (of feeling that you’re finally free of ancestral karma) and that changes the epigenetics over time.

» I’m wondering if you’re familiar with the rising tide of people talking about the “Reincarnation Truth”, and have thoughts on the premise?

I’ve discussed this before but will elaborate on it again. Buddhism also teaches that we must become free from the endless cycle of karma and rebirth. So the idea isn’t new, it’s just a new trendier take on it. The devil’s more in the details and how we apply this.

I do sense, however, that there’s a big level of demon-sourced disinformation involved in the “Reincarnation Truth” and “The White Light Is a Trap” idea.

The idea came about in modern days with the help of Major Ed Dames, a.k.a. “Doctor Doom”, a remote viewer who was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell in the 90s. One day he decided to remote view the white light seen in NDEs. His takeaway is that it was a lucifer-like “false light” and a trap. This shook a lot of people up, as it was such a contrarian take on it all.

The problem with this is that Ed Dames is known for tapping into disinformation, and remote viewing has zero safeguards against telepathically-fed disinfo. All it cares about is that consistent results, which can be verified correct if it concerns some physical thing like viewing the Eiffel Tower or something, but regarding alien and metaphysical subjects it’s very easy for aliens and demons or similar to telepathically influence a remote viewer to get a consistently false impression.

Now, why would they want to deceive. The answer is that if you look at the subject of possession, hauntings, entity attachments, etc. like the works of Dr. William Baldwin and Dr. Shakuntala Modi, there’s a recurring theme of earthbound souls who haven’t moved on. They become stragglers here in the etheric plane, near our physical plane, where they become ghosts or parasites that feed off people’s living energies.

Further, they are often working in the service of demons, similar to how kids who runaway from home and wind up on the streets may end up working for gangs or mafia as pickpockets. There’s a whole occult industry of these deceased humans preying on living humans, and taking a little of the energy for themselves while passing the bulk on to their demon overseers.

That industry needs lost souls to recruit from. One way to do that is to convince people to be scared of the light (as demons are) and turn away from it and go into the darkness. Okay, so you get these bitter, paranoid, beat-down people who just want to escape the system turning away from the light and probably becoming earthbound entities who, if they want to avoid dissolving into the light, need to grasp on to anything living to maintain a connection here.

I’m sure there are correct ways of side-stepping the light, but it’s risky and no one truly knows what they’re talking about regarding it. The Tibetan Book of the Dead at least brings up the idea of there being multiple lights and which ones to avoid.

I think what matters more is your state of consciousness and intention/desire when you die. If you focus on releasing all attachment, frustration, guilt, remorse, regret, etc. and only focus on love, gratitude, devotion to the divine, and being spiritually free as the sovereign being that you are… then you’ll gravitate to wherever that brings you.

Whereas if you see the light and mentally give it the middle finger with a gruff “fuck this system” attitude, well even if you turn away from the light you’ll probably wind up in a lower astral “free for all zone” where you get your freedom but are in the presence of other alienated disgruntled deceased people and it’s probably a dark and cold place, energetically-speaking.

The other thing is that the people into this theory haven’t done enough research into things like Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Hinduism, and Buddhism to get the time-enriched data provided by these.

My view is that reincarnation and physicality is a double-edged sword. We are not born as blank slates. We come here with talents, biases, and prejudices already present at the core of our being, even if we don’t consciously remember the experiences that went into them. This contradicts the idea that all reincarnation is a pointless trap due to our memories being wiped each time. No, we come here with something and that’s what we get tested on, and it’s what gets refined.

And the fact that there’s a testing and refinement process that potentially builds something good and lasting in us proves that reincarnation isn’t just a pointless trap, but has a spiritual curriculum to it.

However, it’s a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure book in that you can make really stupid choices that bring on stupid consequences, so the experience can become a trap and a prison if you choose unwisely. People wind up in that situation and then take no responsibility (or aren’t aware of their role in it) and want to just blame the entire system for being a trap and they are just the innocent victims.

Not so… there is freewill, there are lessons, there are consequences, and there are temptations and traps, risks and rewards, potential for growth or setback.

Hence the entire thing resembles an educational RPG video game where it’s possible to make bad choices and wind up on tedious side quests having to grind your way back to the main narrative.

What complicates it is that there are indeed demons, negative aliens, psychopaths, etc. who profit off you taking those painful side quests. That’s the part of this whole thing that’s a trap.

But I don’t believe the entire thing is a trap, or there would be less meaning, good, lessons, and growth in this lifetime.

I think we are as free as we choose to be. And we end up being as free after death as we are in life. If in life we are slave to addictions and false belief systems (like the Catholics are) then we’ll continue that programming after death, for a while until we run out of astral energy and fade into the light all the same at that point.

» What version of Gnosticism do you subscribe to?

None but my own. I don’t put too much faith into the myths of the old gnostic sects, and treat them as I would channeled sources because essentially that’s what they are.

I’m going more on empirical data and philosophy. Plato and the Egyptians viewed the Demiurge as neutral or positive, that much is certain. But many gnostic sects viewed it as evil. The version in my Gnosis series makes the most sense to me, in that both can then be right.

It’s possible that Yaldabaoth/Demiurge in the Sophia story is specifically the Corrupt Demiurge, and that a neutral demiurge existed prior to that under a different name in that story (if at all).

Sophia was the last of the aeons who fell, so that puts her in line with the Lucifer archetype, and her fall is associated with the creation of the blind fool demiurge, i.e. the corrupted one.

It’s really a question of whether there could have been (ever was) a physical-like realm that was not Heaven/Pleroma but was under its rule, e.g. the Garden of Eden. If yes, then something must have created that realm, something similar to what created today’s physical world, but something still allied with the divine. Either it’s God directly, or it was delegated, and in the latter case it would have to be a neutral or positive demiurge-like thing.

Another question is whether this physical realm can become spiritualized, whether heaven can be made to be manifest on Earth. If yes, then it would make more sense that the physicality-generating function of the Demiurge is neutral but can be purposed toward evil or good depending on the nature of that Demiurge.

If physical existence is inherently and irredeemably evil, and there’s no hope for spiritual advancement but to get out of here and return to the Pleroma, then yes that would mean there never was a neutral/positive Demiurge, as whatever created physical existence is serving evil ends, period.

I don’t believe that, however, because mind over matter has been demonstrated by esoteric masters and so the chains of matter, including aging and death, aren’t absolute limits. I see it possible for consciousness to win over matter and spiritualize it, extending the reach of heaven down here into this realm. Which may simply be a restoration of matter’s original purpose before a corruption of the Demiurge took place (concurrent with the Fall).

» Whenever I go to turn on a light switch, these light bulbs burn out immediately. My ears have been ringing a lot lately.

These two things are likely related.

The light bulb issue may be due to electrons in the wiring being held back momentarily, then let go, which causes a surge in current that would burn out a bulb. What holds them back would be a fluctuation in a relatively strong etheric energy field being emitted by you or an entity in the vicinity. Etheric energy alters physics slightly, so electrons would be affected.

Similar thing happens in classic UFO encounter stories where a ship passing overhead causes a car to stop, and then restart right afterwards. It’s as if the electrons in the starter coil became frozen, then unfrozen.

I’ve had it happen myself a couple times, with the lightbulbs. It’s definitely some kind of physics glitch that’s tied into our consciousness and/or etheric energy field being in an anomalous state.

There are people who experience this, along with burning out wristwatches and electronic devices like DVD players and such. It’s a known phenomenon.

The ear ringings, as was explained to me by the contactee Fore and which makes sense and fits my observations, is that when the etheric field of your head gets remotely activated and distorted by an entity (usually alien) doing a remote scan, it telekinetically causes changes in blood pressure and blood flow in that region. The strongest ear ringings may come with inflammation and hotness of the ear for that reason. Likewise, qi gong masters demonstration intense energy output may pop blood vessels in their eyes for similar reasons.

It’s also possible for alien activity, abductions, alien scanning, etc. to cause etheric energy activation in you. So you may not be naturally psychic, but if it does a remote scan, it has to pump up your field to get a better reading, so after that you’ll have a psychic ‘afterglow’ of sorts where you’re artificially pumped up and that too can come with blowing out lightbulbs or reading people’s thoughts sporadically.

So if you haven’t already, look at whether you have any alien activity in your life, or any reason why they’d be interested in you. If it’s not alien, it could be paranormal (ghost, demon, or maybe angelic type beings but less likely) entities trying to worm their way into your life, your head, and your energy field. That, too, can come with etheric energy activation and associated psychic/psi phenomena.

Whatever the case, you’re on someone’s radar due to non-average qualities. If you began your awakening recently in life, that’s always a time period that attracts attention. Attention from the good guys because it’s like a spiritual birth that needs tender care, and attention from the bad guys because it’s also when the future is most in flux and you’re most easily derailed (and most in need of derailment because they want you to stay asleep). Those times can therefore come with paranormal activities as well.

Keep an eye on it, and beware of entities approaching you in dreams, or when you’re in a relaxed or hypnagogic state. If they are deceptive they will try to obtain permission to invade your further, and will then start loading you up with B.S. disinformation by stroking your ego and telling you a fanciful tale of how everything works. This happens more often than I would like. Just mentioning it because you have general weirdness going on.

» You mentioned the Higher Self is like a game player and the lower self is the avatar in the game. But, the avatar isn’t really conscious, yet the lower self has its own consciousness.

Right, the metaphor has its limits. Lower self is only an avatar in the sense that it resembles the essence of the Higher Self and exists in a limited world doing its own thing, but is under the influence of the Higher Self’s synchronistic arrangements and intuitive nudges.

Better metaphor would be if the Sims game were a VR game where the player can arrange things and then put on the VR goggle and experience the character through its eyes and make micro-choices within the situation arranged back when the goggles were off.

Even more accurate would be, when goggles are on, there is no memory of being outside the game. And even more accurate is, player’s consciousness is split, partly existing inside the game with no memory of outside, and outside the game arranging the Sim’s situation, simultaneously.

The key point is that lower and Higher Self are functionally independent (separate things) but coupled in terms of influence.

For example, when you get psychic impression, intuitive revelations, or even dream messages from the Higher Self, you can get those while simultaneously being fully aware of your own self-awareness—but you don’t sense or feel that YOU are the one who created those. They seem to come from an outside source beyond you.

Therefore, whatever it is, it has a mind of its own. You can defy its advice and will, and it can do things that you don’t want to have done (like an accident or illness that forces you to slow down in life and re-evaluate your priorities).

So in terms of function, Higher Self and lower self are independent. But both may be two instances of the same ultimate consciousness.

Imagine if you got in a time machine and went back 5 minutes. You’d meet your past self. This past self has a mind of his/her own, and you do too, but you are the same person ultimately, just two different instances. If one of you then went to live in Thailand for 20 years, and the other lived in the suburbs of California for 20 years, and then met again… your personality would diverge because your circumstances are different.

So imagine if two instances of you had one be born into spacetime as a human, and the other into or stayed within time-space (spirit/astral/hyperspace)—how would you differ, if you were the same at the core but had entirely different environments? That’s how I see the higher and lower self being like two sides of the same coin but with the capacity to act independently.

» How does demonic possession work? Give me the hard science, if you will.

Science doesn’t believe in demons, but if you mean occult/4D science then it’s like this:

Our astral and etheric bodies are meant to allow just our own spirit to interface with our physical body. But that only happens if the body is strong and awake, if the etheric body is full of life, and the astral body is attuned only to spirit/divinity. I’m using old mysticism terms here because it’s a simple model that works well enough.

As long as these are all strong and you are fully here and present, then no simple demon or alien can possess you.

If the physical body is weak, then spirit has a harder time getting through to it. That can come from being on drugs, alcohol, sick, injured, or being tired or starving.

If the etheric body is weak, then likewise. That can come from being drained by energy vampires (by the demon itself or someone who is an energy vampire). It can also come from not breathing enough, from a weak body that fails to generate enough metabolic energy and therefore lifeforce energy, or not getting enough sleep.

If the astral body is weak or rather corrupted, then same. This comes from having a victim mindset, having no willpower, or the opposite of having dark and evil thoughts and feelings. Whether you resonate with predator mode or prey mode, either way you resonate with the demonic realm and less with spirit. That weakens the connection to spirit.

And if the spirit isn’t fully there in the body, same. This happens from being mindless, spacing out, mentally tired, or fragmented from having gone through trauma. An ungrounded, spacey person lacking self-awareness has an absent spirit.

So demons look for weaknesses to be able to get a foothold in a person.

Simple everyday example: in a moment of mindlessness a demon (or an alien) can exert a telepathic push to, say, make you forget to take your keys. So you get locked out of your home or car and have to pay a locksmith to get you back in. That’s the lowest level example.

The next step up would be to inject negative energy into you. You suddenly feel cranky and angry. This only happens if your astral body has enough latent anger and crankiness in it to be stimulated and activated. So already there must be some corruption in the astral body, which is normal for humans. So you get angry and say mean things to someone, and damage the relationship. Demon is happy it caused that.

Next step up would be the demon messing with your thoughts, emotions, and also sleep and dreams, and feeding on your energy. As a result you get nightmares, loss of sleep, and risk depression and irritability. Your physical body then gets weakened, etheric body too, astral body more corrupted as you shift into darker states of mind, and spirit therefore loses its grip.

Next step up is where the demon gains enough of a foothold into your etheric body that it can start messing with your brain directly. That means injecting visuals and voices and physical sensations like electric shocks and pokes and squeezes, which some victims may misinterpret as TI targeting by directed energy weapons.

So then you’d start getting schizophrenia symptoms. Or maybe it hovers about you as a dark shape offering to help you if you let it in. Or poses as a female ghost calling for your help, luring you into the attic where it has set up its nest. If you say yes, it then has permission (as given by angelic entities because you chose it) to jack even deeper into your being. So the voices increase and you lose your sense of independent thoughts and feelings.

Next step up is where it has almost 90% control of a person. The person’s consciousness feels far away, like a passive observer, while strong impulses and automatic thoughts/words/actions come out of them. The demon bas displaces the resident spirit and taken the wheel, so to speak. This only happens after a lengthy period of stalking and weakening by the demon of the intended target, and a bonding with the demon at the etheric and astral levels.

Full possession is when the person isn’t even conscious anymore, or has been kicked out of the body. Then the demon has full control and is looking through the eyes, speaking through the mouth, and living through the physical body of the person. Because demons are anti-life and have a toxic etheric energy field that kills plants and animals and humans, the host body will get sicker and sicker and die…unless it gets replenished with etheric energy from other living humans.

So this person is now a walking energy vampire. And presumably, if they reach elite status (like celebrities and politicians and secret society types) they may engage in ritual sacrifice, drinking blood of babies, harvesting their loosh energy through torture and so on, in order to maintain their youthfulness while having a highly toxic high level demon operating in their bodies. The adrenochrome lore is just the physical part. There’s a lot being harvested at a subtle energy level to feed the demon or reptilian.

Aliens in an out-of-body state can possess humans. Or just telepathically remotely influence them. Deceased humans, or their astral shells, can possess us too as hitchhikers. Usually there has to be an astral weakness or resonance that binds them with you, like if they were drug addicts were craved it even after death and you’re a living human who has a strong craving for it. Dr. William Baldwin’s books, and Dr. Shakuntala Modi’s books, are the go-to for that subject of entity attachments.

» Could you expound on the metaphysical significance of ethnic groups?

It ties into Sheldrake’s theories about the morphogenetic field. His field is specific to a species, but as you may have guessed there’s a spectrum of energies some more general and some more specific. It’s kind of like radio waves, where noise from a malfunctioning transformer can appear across all frequencies, whereas a finely honed transmitter only shows up in one frequency band.

DNA is the modulator of our etheric energy field. I suspect it allows our aura and biology to be scanned by advanced black ops technology. But sure, there would be a race-based version of it too, as well as ones for specific bloodlines, and finally one just for yourself (which keeps the cells in your body dancing to the same tune and thus coherent and healthy).

It’s all bundled together and interacting:

  • types of souls that incarnate into one race over another
  • evolutionary tendencies encoded into the DNA (instincts, habits, abilities)
  • nature of the etheric energy field emitted by that DNA
  • etheric/astral energy field emitted by the souls in those bodies
  • thoughtform entities created by these people via their shared culture, mythology, religion, traditions…
  • karma they have all incurred by their individual and collective past actions
  • telluric energies from the ground, and nutrition of the soil and sea, that influences them based on their geography

I will say that the boundary between races is fuzzy along all these factors. You can indeed have someone who’s mostly been black in their incarnations now be Caucasian or Asian, if special needs require it. Or if a white person migrated to USA in the 1700s, by now their soul has been imprinted with the culture and energies of North America. So it’s not 100% clear but, just general statistical groupings.

The volksgeist (racial oversoul) exists but is fuzzy at the edges. I mean, there are plenty of white people now who think, act, and idolize the culture of blacks, and some blacks who do that with white culture and white volksgeist.

What many don’t realize about genetics is that what we call ‘race’ is only based on external appearance. It doesn’t account for inner biological differences like heart shape, or the shape and size of various brain anatomy. You could have someone who looks white, but maybe 15% of their brain is derived from their grand uncle who came from Africa and it happens to be the key 15% that shapes their personality, biases, and talents. Or vice versa with a black person whose European grandmother is the source of their not fitting the mold of their siblings. That’s why racism based on appearances is a fallacy, and in the end it’s content of character that counts.

Each individual has a unique toolbox provided by their genetics and ancestry. Souls choose whether that is appealing to them. It’s like people choosing sedan over pickup truck or SUV. It fits their needs. If you survey what people choose compact cars, and what people choose trucks, you’ll find definite demographic differences. Same for the souls that incarnate into whites versus blacks or other races. Statistically, yes there would be a difference overall.

I’m half white, half Asian. I was born and grew up in Germany until second grade. Culturally I’m German-American. Energetically I’m Teutonic/Nordic/Celtic. I think that the soul is the ultimate decider of what they resonate and align with. Genetics is your computer hardware, not what data you have on it or what you do with the computer.

» Can you give me the history of humanity from when we fell from a higher density and when the current version of us was engineered to now?

Here’s one version:

  • Aliens already here in the Matrix modify the body of our ape ancestors (1 million – 300 thousand years ago)
  • It becomes a tempting option for us in the higher ethereal planes.
  • We take the bait and incarnate into these bodies, and enter into a cycle of karma.
  • Ape ancestors rapidly evolve due to higher souls being born into them, plus genetically increased intelligence
  • More genetic engineering occurs by other alien groups in the thousands of years that followed.
  • Lots of genetic experiments, different species and races being created (including Neanderthals, bigfoot, Denisovans, cone skull people, etc.).
  • Some humans taken off world, or created there to begin with. White people are an example.
  • Some of those are brought back to Earth after their own planet/environment becomes unviable (planet blowing up).
  • On Earth, they or others are given alien technology and become societies like the Lemurians or Atlanteans.
  • Cataclysm happens, major setback in progress.
  • Survivors are those who retain tech, or those who become savages or remain savages as from before the cataclysm.
  • Advanced survivors eventually come out and civilize the savages all over the world (Sumeria, Egypt, China, America).
  • Alien technology still exists among the survivors, used to build Pyramid/Ark/megaliths.
  • Cataclysms happen again, but not as bad as before.
  • Technology and knowledge get degraded again, alien tech starting to get lost or malfunction or hidden away.
  • Aliens are then forced to go dark, by some higher alien or angel type overseer group.
  • Humanity is left to develop on its own (publicly), with alien manipulation only happening in secret, or occasional sightings.
  • Human groups consorting secretly with aliens become secret societies.
  • These elite groups gain power, manage human history from behind the scenes.
  • Various alien groups come and go, and competing ones manipulate their human proxies to steer human history their way.
  • Everything from then until now is managed by competing alien factions, towards some big conclusion coming up for us in our lifetime. The Great Reset vs Great Awakening is part of that.

» Also can I ask you what do you think the ultimate truth is?

The simple one, that this is all one Mind experiencing itself in a multiplicity of forms, and that the only thing that’s real is consciousness and everything else is a prop to advance the storylines.

But, this truth may be absolute yet there is so much between our level of illusion and that absolute. So much, that it almost becomes meaningless in practice. This understanding of oneness doesn’t help us survive without food, deal with a home invader, or wars, or aging. That’s because those are the consequences of rules we agreed to enter into, by coming here into this mini-game called life on Earth as a human.

There are illusions nested within illusions.

For example, just theoretically, let’s say the sky is fake and our solar system is actually inside a black hole bigger than the orbit of Pluto. And that outside of that, there is no physical universe as we know it, but the scarred battlefield of a war fought by aliens countless aeons ago.

Even if that were true, it’s still under the umbrella that we are all one consciousness experiencing its own infinite potential. It’s just that our assumption that the universe is likewise vast and as we see it, is but a fairytale, and we’re one step below the reality where the solar system is a quarantined bubble of life in a torn up spacetime continuum.

I’m just saying this out of pure speculation, to illustrate my point that we may intellectually grasp (and even feel with our hearts) that All is One, but we don’t know or remember the context of our current situation, so Eastern enlightenment is a kind of enlightened ignorance only.

So ‘ultimate’ can mean either the absolute truth, or it can mean the biggest secret we don’t realize or know. The latter is much harder to figure out.

» I just wonder what’s your thoughts on Neville Goddard, and how those the info he shared integrate yours?

I like Goddard a lot, but there are two catches to what he says:

1. You can manifest desires, but where are those desires coming from? Because our psyche is made of lower and higher aspects, and if we manifest from the lower then we’ll attract lower along with the thing we desire. It will pollute it, and contribute to its ultimate failure and regret. So we have to analyze our own motivations as well, not just accept them blindly and get hung up solely on manifesting our impulses.

2. You don’t necessarily need to visualize or intend for anything specific. It’s possible to hold just the attitude or vibration in you, without expectation of any specific outcome, and attract corresponding experiences that amplify it further. This is, in fact, ideal because it leaves the “what” up to the Higher Self or universe, which is wiser than the specifics you can intellectually wish for. Also, this method doesn’t require any grasping or attachments or thinking about the future; you can be anchored right in the present.

Also I suspect that reality creation involves thoughtforms/egregores/tulpas, and that reality may itself be a structure made of such things, which pin our consciousness into the illusion of a 5-sense physical reality via their grip over our minds.

» What do you think about the Prophet Muhammad, the Koran and the religion of Islam?

My understanding is that his family rose to power during a time of political, economic, and climate upheaval by taking advantage of the situation.

I’m not sure if he was pushed into prominence as part of a secret political agenda (likely) or did so organically as a charismatic spiritual person who just attracted more and more followers.

But if it was a political agenda, it was to consolidate power in the region by doing for the scattered moon-worshipping tribal Arabs (who had been in the region since Sumerian times), what Judaism did for the Hebrews a thousand years earlier.

That is, the goal being to consolidate their varied beliefs and history into a single new narrative and religion that they could rally around, and be controlled by.

Same thing happened with Christianity, likely for the same reasons, in the first centuries A.D. Nowadays we have Mormonism and Scientology, which uses the same formula.

Islam incorporates true wisdom, as do all the other religions, but we also have the Sufis. And for Christianity, we have Inner Christianity. Neither Sufism or Inner Christianity, in my opinion, actually comes from Islam or Christianity. Rather, they are gnostic/pagan/Rosicrucian systems adapted to these religions.

Culturally, Islam is stuck in the middle ages. In my experience, Muslim fundamentalist men tend to be quite sour, dour, misogynistic, and regressive. This is a relic from their ancient roots, the difference being that they hold on to it much more faithfully than Christians do regarding the cultural/ritual practices of the Old Testament.

» What can you tell me about the real space program and how extensive it is and how I might investigate this subject further?

Since it’s ultra-classified there’s little if any way to verify it, but Richard Dolan’s done a number of presentations about the secret space program (breakaway civilization) and in my opinion he’s the most levelheaded and well-researched UFOlogists talking about this stuff. So I recommend checking his vids for more on that.

Personally, I’ve come across too many anecdotes of antigravity already being part of black ops development since the 50s. The mystery airship sightings of the 1890s may have been early antigravity experiments by secret/private research groups.

But once you have the means of antigravity, you can also bend space and time and go superluminal. Which naturally leads to an SSP and breakaway civilization.

I would stay away from what Corey Goode, Andrew Basiago, Wilcock, and people like them have to say about it. Basiago seems delusional or pathological. Goode I think is making shit up to keep the audience hooked. Wilcock trusts the wrong sources. SSP has become a hot topic and so all the disinformers, scammers, and delusionals are jumping in that bandwagon and the noise is getting crazy.

That’s why Dolan is a good starting point, as he’s aware of the noise out there and goes on more reliable sources. You’d think that Michael Salla is similar, but he comes off more like Wilcock or Alfred Lambremont Webre these days.

The thing about the SSP is that you can’t do what they do without running into aliens, and since aliens are the pros at this, they’ve probably taken control of the SSP decades ago and so the black ops and SSP stuff is by now an extension of the alien agenda, unless a part of the SSP aligned itself with positive aliens (which is definitely possible). If the latter is true, I think that’s what Trump is acting on behalf of, hence his talk about wonder technologies on the way and the best being yet to come.

» According to the Yugas, everything happens according to a divine plan, so there’s evident forces at play that balance light and dark energies and continue the meta development of human experience on Earth.

If we take “Darkness has a divine purpose” at face value, we might think it’s therefore wrong to fight darkness, wrong to overcome it, wrong to awaken and struggle for freedom.

But, in fact, that is its very purpose. The weights in a gym are not there to keep you from moving, but be moved against so that you become stronger. Darkness has a purpose, which is to be overcome.

I don’t believe the divine actually creates and puppeteers dark forces’ every move. Rather, it allows their existence and movement as a byproduct of this multiverse having individuality, freewill, and physics in it. Freewill allows for personal choice to go with, or against, divine harmony and balance.

Those who choose to go against it, who seek to harm and exploit others and increase imbalance, join the dark side. They do so out of a deep seated ignorance and spiritual weakness.

The Yugas affect many of the factors that go into the well-being of civilizations. It’s probably a combination of the thinness between here and other realms, the ‘vibrational’ quality of the subtle energy fields in our environment, and their strength or intensity.

You can imagine, therefore, that if the veil is thinner between here and the dark astral realms, and vibrationally the environment is further removed from the higher spiritual realms, that therefore dark forces have an easier time accessing this place and messing things up, plus we feel dimmer. In turn, we get more oppressed. Our minds aren’t as bright. It takes more effort and fight to stay bright. And physical, political, social conditions begin to suffer more, just as plants wilt when lacking sunlight and water.

But it’s in precisely these conditions that the positive soul experiences a tougher test. Dark forces, likewise, face opposition and trials in being unable to defeat the spirit in others. In fact, through hardship and loss and seeing spirit triumph again and again, they might have an epiphany that undoes their deep-seated ignorance and converts them back to the right path.

So both light and dark stand to gain from each other. Just that if it were dark 100% of the time, or light 100% of the time, or if each existed solely in its own realm, then there would be slower progress and less novelty. The interaction, and especially the rise and decline between one and the other, acts as an engine that drives forward the evolution of individuals and collectives.

That said, because of the freewill factor, I don’t believe everything goes according to plan all the time. Darkness can overstep its place. That’s why there are angels or other divine entities that intervene on an individual personal level, according to the rules of this place, which factors in karma, lessons, choices and contracts.

And that’s also why I think more positive souls have been born during this time, to help turn things back around to the light, because it may have gotten a little out of control here.

Lastly, a very important concept to consider is that this is not just a cosmic game, but a gamble. Not everything positive is guaranteed. A gamble is where you agree to the risk of losing, but not to losing per se, in order to produce the potential reward. This means that we agree to risk oppression by negative entities here, but we don’t agree to succumb to the oppression necessarily. We only agree by being weak and passive and ignorant and giving away our power once here.

And so if you personally, or if we collectively, face a negative force that’s very challenging, yes that may have been fated or allowed or agreed to as a potential risk or learning lesson, but now it’s up to us to face that challenge and do what is cosmically asked of us, which is to overcome it and stand strong in our spirit and grow thereby. What’s really happening is that the infinite within our finite selves is experiencing a new aspect of its own infinite potential, and growing closer to manifesting that infinite potential.

» I have come across you use the term “the end is imminent”, or something to that effect. Could you expand upon that thought please?

Sure, the end being imminent refers to the convergence and crescendo of various factors:

  • climate cycles
  • solar cycles
  • comet cycles
  • the cycles behind rise and fall of empires
  • the moral and spiritual decay of mankind
  • the Hindu and Mayan time cycles
  • political and financial corruption
  • economic indicators pointing to system collapse
  • geopolitical factors trending towards war against China
  • various prophecies, be it Native American or Biblical or Egyptian, etc.
  • what we can glean from certain souls being born at this time, with what missions, and what those entail
  • what aliens have told abductees, or prepared them for, regarding a time of cataclysm and great change
  • and if none of that happens, we still have the technological singularity to deal with, where technology outpaces the human brain and becomes godlike and takes over our lives

Seems like everywhere I look, things are hitting a critical point in the coming years. Only good news is that this opens up an opportunity for something new and better, but not without much suffering for many in the meantime. A difficult birth.

Five years ago, the thought of COVID and lockdowns and mandates, etc. was unthinkable, but we made it past that point. I think we have a list of further ‘shocks’ still to go.

What I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing:

  • war with China
  • total financial meltdown of the world economy
  • cyber-attack, electric grid outage for a period of time
  • setback in mainstream technology by 20-50 years minimum
  • the arising of a new class of wonder-technologies, based on a new science
  • mini ice-age and/or supervolcano that causes famine and riots
  • geomagnetic field collapse by 2050
  • aliens showing up
  • if things get really bad, a dark age lasting 300 years
  • humanity becomes more spiritual in the end, after it’s all over

» What do you think of the Tartaria conspiracy theory? Some basis in truth?

There’s a secret civilization that arose around 8,000-10,000 years ago, that survived various cataclysms and built megaliths around the world including the Great Pyramid. They founded the Mayan civilization, Sumeria, ancient China, and Egypt. They were extremely smart, started the Bronze Age, but by the time the Iron Age came around they got their asses kicked by Egyptians and various others, and eventually fragmented and split off to India and western Europe (like Ireland, around 1500 BC).

Some of their later descendants formed secret societies to keep the tradition alive, and some of that splintered off into freemasonry.

So by the time you get to the 1800s, some of the skilled stone masons were clued into that tradition and designed things inspired by that. They’d been doing this since the 1200s when the first Gothic Cathedrals were made, using construction techniques imported from the Middle East when Templar archaeologists found ancient ruins underground built around the time of King Solomon. King Solomon’s temples were built by this ancient secret civilization, whom we sort of know as the Phoenicians but they go by many other names including the original Vedics, original Druids, and Trojans.

Ok so that’s where I think the truth ends and B.S. begins with Tartaria. I don’t buy the global mud flood + history reset + all the buildings being power generation and redistribution centers. Their shapes definitely improve on etheric energy inside and outside the buildings, but not like what the Tartaria theory proponents claim.

Also there was an actual Tartarian people that Russia wiped out and tried to bury, but I think they’ve been conflated with the ancient secret civilization, probably as disinfo to cover up the true origins and nature of the latter. Tartaria conspiracy is the Flat Earth of architecture/archaeology. Careful with that one.

» Can you explain everything that happens in between death and birth for the average spirited human?

It depends on the person, as to what stages are gone through and how quickly. Some people skip some steps. But generally:

  • As you die, your vision fades out and you can’t move, but you can still hear.
  • Then you may find yourself outside the body, a total OBE.
  • At that time, it’s possible to have a very quick “life flashing before my eyes” moment. This isn’t the life review, it’s just the “film being pulled out of the camera” (natural consequence of etheric body being severed from the physical, or at least coming out of it more than usual). Not everyone gets this.
  • If you’re attached to the physical, you’ll hang around for 3-7 days, as a ghost, able to see people grieving over you.
  • Then you lose energy and destabilize from the physical (unless you suck people’s lifeforce energy, then you can hang around indefinitely but as a parasite, and potentially turn over time into a demon).
  • Once you destabilize, you fade out from spacetime and enter a dream-like astral environment. It can look just like Earth, and people can be there. It’s more a temporary fake reality that dead people have dreamt up to adjust to life on the other side.
  • When you’re really ready, you fade out from there and move into the light, and leave your human personality behind. Then you do the full life review from a higher state of consciousness, with full understanding and guilt and love cranked up, and the guilt you feel is what seeds karma for the following life.

Some people get stuck at the astral level, the lower astral planes, for a very long time because they’re addicted to base emotions. Some become earthbound ghosts who feed off the living and hang around scenes of murder and debauchery.

Some people skip the astral and go straight into the light at death. Or, they go there and get turned back and then wake up in the body again, per a Near Death Experience. Which, by the way, is interesting because if the white light is such a trap then why would any being there say no it’s not your time yet, go back and go do something positive with your life? Wouldn’t it want to capture and eat the soul while it still has the chance?

When we go to sleep each night, during dreamless stage 4 delta wave sleep, the spirit + astral is gone and goes to the afterlife spirit realm including possibly up to the impersonal ‘life review’ stage, basically like a Higher Self state, to review and plan current progress in life. We don’t remember this. But some of that trickles into dreams, which come out as symbolic aspects of the dream.

For the most part, what you focus upon during and after death sets the trajectory for what comes after. Best thing to do is focus on the highest divine good, on your own consciousness and self-awareness (so that you remain lucid), and on the desire to be free and spiritually sovereign.

» What’s your opinion of the entire moon-recycling center idea that David Icke and similar proponents of that theory keep saying? Is it true in your opinion?

I think there’s truth to it, but it’s not as one-sidedly evil as he makes it out to be, any more than college is evil for making money off kids and not caring if they flunk out.

The Moon does play an important role in what’s going on here. To use another metaphor, it’s like an astral airport for arrivals and departures. Souls don’t go to the literal rocky dusty surface of the Moon. I think what we see is just the physical skeleton of something that has higher dimensional or astral/etheric layers associated with it, possibly even symbolically so.

By symbolic I mean, imagine if while sleeping your blanket falls off and the air conditioner comes on. In the dream, you find yourself in a blizzard and it’s cold. You see snowflakes and clouds. But these are symbolic of the air conditioner. I suspect that our waking reality is similarly symbolic in many ways, and the Moon is that for something occurring “more literally” in the astral planes or hyperdimensionally somehow.

So after death, souls go to one of the various astral planes in accordance with their mentality and vibrational qualities, via a process of resonant attraction to others with similar vibes. If they were tortured souls while alive, they’ll be tortured souls while dead. The middle part of that whole complex of realms is essentially symbolized in the Moon. The higher astral/spirit realms are beyond the Moon, and the hell worlds or lower astral planes are lower than the Moon and closer to Earth. This is what Plutarch quoted in his book on the moon 1500+ years ago.

» How can alien abductions can be stopped?

If an abduction is in the middle of starting, you can do any of the following:

  • Stay calm and think of a higher spiritual power, Jesus Christ if you are Christian, or higher divine forces if you need something generic, and ask them to protect you and remove these being who are not welcome.
  • If you’re paralyzed, try hard wiggle your toes, then foot and legs, and you may break out of paralysis.
  • Think in your mind a high pitch, like a shrill whistle or opera singer trying to break a wine glass, and maintain that as long as you can.
  • Don’t get scared, but start cycling your thoughts and feelings rapidly through different memories, ideas, words and phrases, music, etc. to make it unpredictable and hard to track. Grays can’t paralyze you until they synchronize with your mind and take control of it. By cycling through random thoughts they lose that ability, then can’t paralyze, and therefore abduction is called off.

If one hasn’t happened yet, and you want to stop them in general, you can do this:

  • Put up a surveillance camera (maybe with infrared light) watching you as you sleep, or use a voice-activated digital recorder or app. Aliens never want to be caught on film. They’ll try to glitch the power or corrupt the file if needed but typically they’ll wait until you forget to charge the batteries or don’t bother to turn it on, indicating they are deterred by an active camera or recorder regardless.
  • Before going to sleep, intend/pray to that higher spiritual power that you be kept safe all night and have a restful sleep, and that demons and aliens and ghosts be banished from your premises.
  • If you know an abduction is going to happen tonight, because you’re getting all the signs of it (ear ringing, seeing alien faces faintly when you close your eyes and relax, or hearing odd things on the roof top or outside the house) then run/drive away from there and stay away all night. Helps if you have another person who can keep watch. Aliens want you to be asleep majority of the time. This is the brute force approach. If you can stay awake, lights on, music going, maybe webcam or camera recording, aliens won’t risk it because they need you sedated for their own safety.

» Can being in a relationship be an STO act?

Yes, it can, keeping in mind that as humans we are still biologically STS and so our STO tendencies can only be stretched so far given the limitations of our biology and culture.

I think the biggest challenge is simply finding someone that could reciprocate that STO-ness. Because if the partner is very STS, then two things can happen, either:

a) You are STO in the wrong (ignorant and weak) way where you’re so ‘nice and helpful’ to her that she just exploits your kindness, or becomes disgusted with you because she wants some STS guy who scares her and thereby turns her on (which is a mindset mainly found in low-consciousness abused women).

b) You are STO in the right way, doing whatever’s needed to help her spirit without feeding her shadow, and that may mean being quite firm and even cutting her out of your life if all she wants to do is feed on you without ever helping herself. That ends the relationship as she can’t get what she wants to feed her sick subconscious wounds.

But if you find someone who appreciates kindness and respect, and who is committed to love, and has a spiritual touch, then it’s possible to have a more STO relationship.

» How does visualizing a yellow rose lead to lucid dreaming or whatever it is that Theun Mares is talking about achieving?

The German philosopher and mystic Goethe once described an experience where he visualized a plant while relaxing. After doing this for a bit, it suddenly took on a life of its own and began to grow and present itself very vividly. Rudolf Steiner mentioned this anecdote of Goethe.

What’s happening, of course, is that the visualization serves as a hand rail as the mind slips into a hypnagogic or even a lucid dreaming state. On an etheric level, you are creating a thoughtform of it, which carries momentum and self-preservation such that it doesn’t dissolve as quickly as your casual thoughts do. In this way, it Goethe’s imagined plant maintained its presence as he slipped into an altered state.

The “Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming” technique you can read about on the net, is basically this.

So that’s what the yellow rose does. It could be anything, but ideally something positive or with emotional meaning. Emotions can serve as another hand rail, and not to mention a thought form is more filled out when imbued with emotional energy.

Steiner had an exercise where you create in your imagination a symbol, like a plant or a cross with roses on its arms, or whatever gives meaning. That is pretty close to Mares’s method.

Now, when two people focus on the same thoughtform, it binds them via resonance. If there’s a psychic being out there who does that, or at least watches for it, it will detect you focusing on the yellow rose, if that’s what it is. And so with Mares recommending yellow rose, it helps his students share that common meaning/thoughtform and more easily find each other or at least vibe with each other, and may attract whatever higher entities are watching for it, as it’s a psychic beacon on that particular ‘frequency’.

» I’m a teacher and have been trying to work the curriculum to empower my students to actually think for themselves. Do you have any tips?

For building independent thinking and critical thinking, a lot of it starts with knowing how to spot logical fallacies, lies, propaganda, sophistry, etc.

I remember in my classes, we were taught about arguments based on ethos vs logos vs. pathos and that was a good start, but didn’t explore logical fallacies that much, which I wish we had. Blind trust in authority and emotional thinking is why so much for the world is going down the wrong path. If a student can see the problem with trusting authority too readily, or the problem with falling for a piece of propaganda aimed at the heart strings, they’re already ahead of the curve.

I find that trying to spot what’s wrong with a statement or theory is more productive than simply looking at the dozen reasons why it’s right, because you can pick and choose supporting ‘evidence’ that ignores that few counter-examples proving it wrong. So spotting the flaw, the ulterior motive, the contradiction, what’s being left out or ignored… that’s an important component of critical thinking.

That said, the simplest exercise is to pose a juicy question and allot 5/10/15 minutes for a student to ponder, brainstorm, write out possibilities, think them over, and come up with an educated guess or opinion about it. This combination of introspection, reason and intuition really gets the brain going.

If afterwards they see/hear what other people came up with, they get to enjoy other perspectives and maybe realize what they themselves missed, or perhaps they see what’s missing in those other perspectives.

That’s just one example. By juicy question, I mean something that makes you think, something that elicits “Huh… that’s a good question.”

Or it can be something more abstract that simply engages thought.

Convenient one is a question about the differences between similar things, like: “What’s the difference between a genius and a savant?” Or any two closely related words. Discernment often involves zooming in to distinguish between two similar but different things, where one might be conflated with the other. Sloppy thinking ignores these.

Logical fallacy examples are good too, asking students what’s wrong with this argument. Ideally, they’d be able to spot these more when they see the news and social media headlines.

But the key being: focused thought on a topic, digging within oneself for ideas, analyzing what comes through to ensure it checks out, and distilling it all down to one or more statements that can be shared with others. That’s a full sequence from problem to solution, with intuition and logic forming the steps between. This is what critical thinking tends to entail.

I only mention this because that’s what I’ve done. I read or watch or experience things, notice the unanswered questions or problems or paradoxes, and let that be my question that I ponder on, specifically in my notebook. If I were just casually chatting and walking I wouldn’t be able to drill so deep to break through to a good answer. It’s the depth that matters most, and generally people don’t want to go there or say it hurts to think or throw their hands up. But a little at a time, especially if made enjoyable, builds the capacity for depth of critical thinking.

» What can we have to be most prepared for a nuclear conflict? I’m not paranoid, but just thinking about it as a possibility.

It’s always a possibility, and can escalate very quickly. Did Americans think last year that we’d be close to war against Russia this year? Probably not. Same with COVID, people in 2019 didn’t think it could happen anytime soon.

The best book for nuclear war prepping is: oism.org/nwss an online version there, and a PDF as well.

Nuclear war has three effects, the initial blast and thermal damage, the radioactive exposure during explosion and in the couple weeks afterwards from the fallout, and the longer term loss of food/water/supplies access due to destroyed infrastructure.

Surviving the initial blast is impossible at the actual impact site, but best chance is anything underground with a lot of overhead cover. Basements, underground parking garages, drainage pipes if no other choice, and sewers. To get into a sewer you have to be able to remove the manhole cover, which is not easy, however, and requires tools. Of course a natural cave is good too.

For radiation exposure afterwards, you need to avoid touching or breathing in radioactive particles.

For anything that does get into your body, for the thyroid as you know, you need “iOsat” brand potassium iodide pills. That’s to protect the thyroid against absorbing radioactive iodine, which would cause thyroid cancer.

If radioactive cesium and thallium are ingested, Prussian blue in pill form is a chemical that binds to those particles in the intestines to keeps them from being absorbed by the body, so that they can be eliminated via bowel movement. This is for ingested radioactive particles. It doesn’t remove it from lungs when breathed in.

Ionizing radiation in general causes oxidative damage, among other kinds of damage. Therefore antioxidants like Vitamin C, stabilized alpha lipoic acid, and all the vitamins and minerals needed for cell membrane integrity and tissue health can help with that. Vitamin C is cheap and you need it anyway in a survival situation so picking up a couple kg to have on hand is a good idea.

The safest thing would be to prepare for 1-2 months of staying indoors. Radioactive fallout loses most of its radioactivity after about 2 weeks, so 2 weeks is the bare minimum one would need to stay indoors with windows closed. A slight draft for fresh air is fine, just don’t want to keep windows open to where dust can get in. Radioactive fallout landing on the roof of a building will make top floors unsafe, so the lower and deeper you go into a building the less radiation exposure you’ll receive.

Thus, food, water, toiletries, daily essentials (toilet paper, trash bags, buckets), medicines for months would be needed. I say at least 2 months because after it’s over, there would be no stores or transportation in the local area and you’d be on your own until military relief supplies can come in. Also note that since power and natural gas will be unavailable, during winter it will get really cold too so have heavy duty blankets and/or sleeping bags like the military surplus ones used for winter/arctic conditions. Doesn’t hurt to get a cot and an inflatable camping pad as well if you’re setting up living quarters in a basement.

If you’re going to a fallout shelter, at least have the camping pad and a sleeping bag (even just a medium weight one in that case) so that you can sleep on the floor if needed.

If you have to go out into the fallout for some reason, you’ll need a gas mask (or at minimum a silicone half face mask like the respirators made by 3M with an N95 or better filter cartridge, goggles, and either a full nuclear-chemical-biological suit or disposable Tyvek suit or if nothing else a hooded rain jacket or waterproof parka and rain pants that cover most of the body. Gloves, rain boots too, that can be taken off before going back inside. Ideally you would hose yourself off before going inside to decontaminate.

They also make radiation dosimeter badges, that way you can track your overall exposure. Clip that on at the start of it and by the end you’ll know how much damage you’ve received.

So the two biggest dangers are being caught in the initial blast and radiation, or else breathing in or ingesting radioactive particles in the air during the 2 weeks after the explosion. If you can avoid those two things, you can survive it. Make sure you have a battery powered radio and batteries to know when supplies arrive and where they are, as internet and cell towers will be gone.

The bigger challenge is hanging in there with enough food/water/supplies to last until relief supplies come into town, and what happens in the years afterward if industry is decimated and food can’t be distributed.

» Can the past be changed?

Changing the past directly and literally is very rare and difficult. For example, I’ve heard of stories where say a little girl cuts her finger by accident but is so pure in belief and intention that she closes her eyes and imagines it never happened and then looks and the cut and the blood is gone. That’s a miracle-level change of the past.

But things like bringing back someone who died, or undoing a regretful past event, it would be nearly impossible. If you did bring someone back from the dead, you’re looking at a Pet Sematary situation since their soul may have moved on but now you just have an empty shell being occupied by who knows what.

However, here is what you can do.

You can remove the cumulative imprint that the past has left in your mind, specifically in your subconscious. That is, you can remove the past’s scars and traces in your mind so that your future is no longer affected by that past.

Like if you had a terrible father who abused you and you carry the mental scars from that, and it’s ruining your ability to make friends or find a partner, that’s an example of the past’s trace still active in your mind in the present which is impacting your future. If you re-imagine the past, like that your dad was great and you had a wonderful childhood and he was there for your graduation and has only ever supported you, then that begins changing the traces in the present, and if you energize this alternate past enough in your imagination and feelings, you’ll start pulling in the life of the alternate self that had that past. That is, your confidence and luck increase, and you find it easier to make friends and live a well-adjusted social life.

Or, if a person’s been angry at you for something you did long ago, you can re-imagine the past that it never happened and that they’re cool with you. Then after a bit of time, the person may change their attitude and act like it never happened. If you ask them, they might say yes, I remember you did that thing but I’m not mad about it anymore, I let it go. This shows that the past didn’t change, but the present changed in the sense that they’re no longer mad, and the future becomes more like the one where it never happened.

» What’s with the white light after death? Angel-like beings often tell NDE’ers they have a mission and need to come back.

It depends on what it is he has to come back for. My mom had an NDE ten years ago, from a heart attack due to stress from a bad custody battle situation. She was suicidal and her heart gave out that night. She was dead for at least 20 minutes. As she was dying, she heard my young siblings crying and felt horrified at leaving them behind, even more in being paralyzed and not able to respond to them. Then she floated out of her body and went toward the light.

The light said, “This emotional pain you feel is what you’d feel if you did commit suicide. Do you really want that?” She said no. So it said, “You can go back, your time is not yet finished.” Then she came back to life on her own with paramedics around her (yes, her heart began beating on its own after 20 minutes). And during those ten years she became way more spiritual and helped out friends, neighbors, many Christians in town to adopt a more wise and spiritual perspective. She died for real last year, about ten years after her NDE. So she had a second chance, a decade to do a lot of good. I wouldn’t consider that a trap, but a bonus round to have positive impacts.

I think if we’re all going to die anyway, there’s little motive for the white light to tell a person to come back and do good things with their life before their time is up. If it’s a predator wouldn’t it want to kill them right then and there, stick them in a baby body again to get abused, instead of staying behind and spiritually uplifting people? If this is the same light that other people talk about and fear, why would it do that? I see more logic to it being benevolent than the fearful outlook believes it to be.

» I’ve never seen you go into depth about sexual energy.

Sexual energy as we know it is mostly a biological impulse and process with some basic (etheric/astral) processes accompanying them. Only animals orgasm. Neither plants nor ‘angels’ orgasm. It’s an animal function. If you’re biologically programmed for it, you can experience it.

The craving for sex is an animal craving like hunger or thirst. One can add atop that some higher aspects like love for a partner, just as a meal can be lovingly shared between friends or lovers. With those higher connections fully active, you get a full spectrum experience within the limits of what humans can do without being psychic. This is healthy for morale and relationships.

But at the foundation it’s an animal act that’s centered in the root chakra. Tantric practices can even it out with some higher chakra activations but we must keep in mind that higher beings can do the latter even more intensely without ever going through physical intercourse and physical orgasm.

Which means that, for many people, sex is subconsciously an attempt to achieve this kind of higher spiritual/psychic fusion with another person, but the body acts as a wall keeping them apart (due to the lack of psychic ability). This means sex can be a poor substitute for what is really desired at the core level, which is temporary psychic fusion, and the falling short adds to its addictive property since it’s never permanently fulfilling at a deep enough level.

On the etheric side of things, sexual energy actually starts as non-sexual raw lifeforce energy that enters your system via the root chakra. If it’s not sent up to the higher chakras for creative purposes, it builds up on the lower chakras and reinforces the biological sex drive, and that’s what we normally know as sexual energy. But the latter, libido/lust, is more of a derivative product rather than the original energy.

Now, the biological impulse for sex can build up in a person unless it’s transmuted. If it builds up, is ignored, suppressed, etc. it can lead to dysfunctions which can be psychosomatic (medical, physical problems) or psychological problems (armoring like what Wilhelm Reich talked about) or outright perversion like with those Catholic priests displacing the suppressed impulse upon little boys since they were programmed to not think sinful thoughts about women.

So if a person can’t transmute it by channeling raw creative energy into artistic/devotional/divine pursuits (like the kind that fill them with metaphysical rapture and make them forget all about sex let alone eating, etc.) then if they instead have sexual impulses but forcefully suppress it, then that just leads to pressure build up that becomes more and more annoying if not dangerous. That means it can backfire and twist a person up.

Hence some kind of release is necessary for those who aren’t transmuting it. The trick is that there’s an optimal and minimal level for that, where if you do it even more then you’re creating unnecessary thought-forms and feeding and addiction. Like compulsive porn watchers—thoughtforms are created and surround the person and compel more of the same act, and over time this can corrode the soul like termites eating the walls.

Ideally, it would be transmuted to where it doesn’t build up in the first place, hence nothing to suppress… but if it does build up, there has to be a healthy, loving, moderate, and conscientious release of it. Fetishism and perversion deviate the energy into dark occult thoughtforms that cause other problems in life, so that has to be minimized. With a loving partner and healthy mindset, the social and pychological benefits can outweigh the occult cons. Just keep in mind that sex isn’t the primary form of interpersonal fulfillment among higher beings or even older mature human relationships, so it shouldn’t be seen as the centerpiece of one’s existence.

» What is this “split in humanity” that everyone’s been talking about?

The New Age community gets ahead of itself and promises a timeline/realm split is right around the corner… and so, after months and years go on, they eventually have to say that yes it’s finally here (since people are getting impatient) and then they always fall back on the “The split is complete, but you might not notice it because your memories have been altered with it” or similar to justify the fact that we’re still here.

As far as I can tell, the split is a big thing that starts small many years earlier. It starts with polarization. People parting ways, people finding their own paths more. Think about what Covid has done, or Trump, etc. there are family members who aren’t talking with each other because of that. This is how it starts. As time goes on, more catalysts happen to separate the population out from each other. Eventually though I think reality could fray and split in an undeniable way, but we’re not there yet.

As far as systems crumbling, there’s no doubt that an underlying spirit of rebellion, reformation, and awakening has taken hold among the spiritually sentient people. The rest are as programmed as ever though, as they act like background characters anyway. But a shift has taken place on the astral/psychological level that’s leading to cultural changes which will reflect in political/economic changes. The pressure is building. We’re in for times of revolution and upheaval as old world governments fall and new populist ones take their place. The old is hanging on through fraud, coercion, and propaganda but things are chipping away at that.

My main point is that the actual true timeline/reality split hasn’t happened yet, and I think we’re only about 10-15% there.

It’s always been known, since people have started talking about the Shift or Split or Nexus or Wave (whatever you want to call it) that in the time leading up to it, the old system crumbles and the new reality is born with many birthing pains.

So we’re in it now, the breakdown of the old system, just as predicted… and people are freaking out about it, both complaining that life sucks now and that it’s taking too long. But to me, everything’s on track.

Polarization will keep increasing until the system snaps and a phase shift occurs. A wildcard natural disaster event (or cosmic irradiation by etheric energy shockwave) could happen at any time, but I feel it will occur at a logical point in the sequence of historical events, i.e. when the time is right.

» What is the detail of difference between spiritless human and spirited STS person?

The difference between spiritless and STS spirited person, is that the latter is spiritually asleep, while the former is spiritually dead.

A spirited STS person (the average ones, not the ultra-psychopaths in power) will still have a karmic curriculum to go through. That includes pre-arranged lessons and connections with people. There will be an invisible helpful hand orchestrating their life through suffering and drama to forge them in the fires of life. They might still get symbolic dreams even if they ignore it. They might still get a synchronicity trying to wake them up, even if they ignore it. And their actions carry karmic consequence.

Whereas a spiritless human has none of that. They’re the ones who do evil and keep getting away with it, because there’s no point in sending them a punishing learning experience if there’s nothing in them to retain the lesson beyond this life. The only thing they learn is how to adapt to avoiding pain and getting caught next time, which is a mechanical learning not a spiritual learning.

So STS humans still have residual/latent/background spirit activity in their lives, and are on a track of evolution that extends beyond this lifetime, and this results in metaphysical phenomena (dreams, synchronicity, intuition, karma, destiny) even if only at a low level in their lives, whereas spiritless have almost none of these things.

The only time the spiritless do have some of the metaphysical, is indirectly, like if they live in a haunted house, or if they’re being manipulated by higher powers for/against a spirited human in their surroundings; like if a spiritless mom has a spirited daughter that must survive but just came down with a deadly illness but is ignoring it, a higher being might yell telepathically to get the daughter to the hospital now. It’s only done for the sake of the daughter, not because the mom is necessarily spirited and connected to higher beings.

» Where does spirit come from, actually?

From all I have read and observed, our individual spirit is essentially a crumb or holographic fragment projected forth from very high metaphysical beings. These beings are on the order of archangels or cosmic archetypes. Demigods, basically.

So just as we humans can create thoughtforms through focused thought/emotion that then have some autonomy, likewise we are like thoughtforms created by even higher beings. The nature/type of that being, has some bearing on the nature/type of our spirit, in terms of archetypal correspondence.

It’s like how the archetype of “Taurus” in astrology comes with certain personality traits. Well, the nature of these higher demigod beings has a similar bearing on the core nature of the human spirit that is projected from them.

As an animal evolves more and more, it’s not that it develops into a full spirit. Rather, spirit from above incarnates into that animal soul and gives it something extra, and from that point on the combination then goes on to reincarnate, possibly as a human, with a continuity in spiritual evolution from lifetime to lifetime.

In other words, spirit never ‘evolves’ from below from the ground up. It’s always ‘acquired from above’, sent down by those higher beings.

The spirit, then, when it incarnates into a human body, clothes itself with etheric, astral, and biological form that has certain temporary personality traits and talents that are more like costumes needed for that lifetime. The core spirit has individuality and unique traits too (derived from a combination of the archetypal nature of the higher being it came from, and its history accumulated over prior lifetimes). But these traits of a spirit are deeper and more generic and spiritual in nature than the quirky and colorful personality traits of the human ego.

I don’t think a spirit can die. I can enter a human form and leave a human form, but is itself eternal and indestructible. I suspect it can merge with the higher cosmic archetypal being again, not as a form of death but more a form of awakening like if you dream you’re a politician but then wake up and you’re you again, the politician didn’t die he just merged with the ‘true’ you in that case.

» Do you have an idea or thought as to exactly how those in the 4th density receive and assimilate loosh, fear and sexual energy for nutrition?

In Dr. William Baldwin’s book “CEVI” there’s one account (hypnotic regression) where a client tapped into beings in another realm collecting this energy via etheric cords or tubes that plug into a person and suck up the life force energy. Same or another account mentions these going to vats somewhere, to be processed and shipped elsewhere. There’s a whole energy economy ‘out there’ apparently.

The Fourth Way material, and Boris Mouravieff’s Gnosis books, speak of a substance they euphemistically call “hydrogen” but really it’s loosh energy. They talk about the different grades of it, the chemistry of it, and how our own internal systems can purify it from low grade to high grade. Mouravieff also mentions how the Moon is a receiving station for this energy and feeds on the Earth like an embryo feeding on the nutrient of the mother. Rudolf Steiner spoke of a similar thing about the Moon, except that it’s not the physical Moon that’s doing it, but rather entities associated with the archetype of the Moon.

Clairvoyants who have observed psychic vampirism in humans generally describe cords connecting the parasite to the host, attached at chakra points but most often the solar plexus and root/sex chakra. I think cracks in the aura from trauma (emotional, physical, chemical) can be feeding points as well.

Contactee Fore, who was psychic and experienced this many times himself, said that ghosts or phantoms (phantoms are ghosts that serve demons) would stand near his bed and stoop over him, or float above him, to soak up the emitted lifeforce energy. One time one of them stuck its hand into his chest and ripped his aura open, like busting a steam pipe, and began feeding on the energy pouring out. It caused him pain and weakness for a long time until I think either an alien or angelic being helped heal it.

Another psychic I personally knew, said he would watch alien ships (invisible to physical eyes) park above hospitals, stadiums, and churches with feeding tubes going down to harvest the generated energy from people in these places.

There’s one kind of energy that can be tapped just by being in physical proximity, and another kind (maybe a higher grade of it) that can be done at a distance but requires ‘entanglement’ between target and harvesters, and by entanglement, I mean one thinking of the other or sharing a common vibe. So like if there’s a demon-possessed guru in India that you worship, your devotion to him will send energy there, but it couldn’t feed on you otherwise as it’s too far away… versus a psychic vampire friend you have who can simply sit next to you on a couch saying nothing and will drain your energy due to being so close.

» What exactly are and what is the difference between dimensions, densities, frequency, and realms?

  • Frequency − a measure of how divine or spiritual your consciousness is, meaning your spiritual polarity.
  • Density − a measure of how sophisticated/complex/sentient your consciousness is.
  • Realm − your particular sphere of experience, as determined by your physical choices (which put you where you are) and frequency + density (which determined what part of reality you tuned into and/or attracted).
  • Dimension − In a strict science sense, means a degree of freedom like x, y, z, or time. But in a more casual metaphysical sense, means the particular environment you’re in.

Dimension is almost the same thing as a realm. The difference is, realm is looser and fuzzier concept that is more theme-based, like you and I can be in the same dimension (the 3rd dimension) and cross paths physically but if we’re in different realms then that just means we don’t vibe with each other, barely interact, don’t ‘get’ each other, and aren’t part of each other’s life stories.

Realm is more like a ‘theme of experience’, and dimension is more like the environment or world.

If our realms are extremely different enough, however, then we’ll also be in different dimensions. Being in different dimensions is an extreme version of that, where we don’t even see each other or at least one doesn’t see the other as we’re not even in the same spacetime anymore.

» Do you know what causes Murphy’s Law?

Murphy’s law is caused by any number of things:

1. Pure statistics, but it should happen less often than it does, so it’s not ‘just’ chance.

2. Astrology, where Mercury Retrogrades, full moon, and new moon, especially can up the probability of bad things happening like accidents, misunderstandings, fights, bad news, and things breaking.

3. Negative entities trying to screw you over, and they can do it most easily when it’s something that has a possibility of happening, thus if it can go wrong (per Murphy’s Law) it will go wrong (because the entities take advantage of that and nudge it into happening).

4. Reality creation by your own subconscious, which is saturated with negative self-talk and negative programming, and the deep beliefs or mindset you have about things; for example, if you get obsessed with the idea that you’re cursed, then more and more things will happen to validate that belief so your life turns to hell.

5. Karma, if it’s obvious instant karma, like you took advantage of someone or betrayed your conscience, and now you fell and twist your ankle and spend six weeks healing from that.

I don’t think it’s AI/demiurge directly, but rather the various entities and forces (like astrological forces) within this reality/matrix that cause things to happen here. But, the negative entities serve and feed into the demiurge, so in a way it is that, but just not directly, just as the good things in life like miracles and blessings are via Higher Self or angels or positive discarnate humans and not the infinite God him/itself directly.

» Is there a correlation between heavy metal music and sort of embracing our shadow side?

From what I can tell, the shadow consists of two key parts:

1. The part we equipped ourselves with when incarnating here, to provide the fuel/fire we need to break through inertia and resistance. This part isn’t always socially acceptable, or fit within the parameters of our socialization, but it serves a higher purpose in the end, depending on our particular goal or destiny for this life. For example, an aspiring dancer might need extra sexuality in their shadow, whereas someone who becomes a hero taking down a mass shooter needs a killer instinct in the shadow.

2. The part induced within us by the Matrix Control System trying to beat us down and twist us up, to steer us away from fulfilling our potential. Usually centered around fear, shame, self-hatred, predatory perversion, Oedipus and similar complexes, and depression. These can give rise to creative expression which are only good in the sense of being cathartic but can easily stray into degeneracy and nihilism.

Metal is mostly a shadow-based genre. Which isn’t bad, but does mean it spans the full spectrum of the shadow from the highest noble ‘power’ aspect to the deepest subhuman, guttural, animalistic, or demonic aspects.

It can be pleasurable either in resonating the good part of the shadow we need, or being cathartic for the ultimately negative part of the shadow we’re dealing with, or it can be pleasurable in the same way a serial killer gets off on torturing someone which is obviously and objectively bad. Remember there are different parts of us, and what feels good to one part may feel repugnant to another, so “feeling good” isn’t a singular indicator as it really depends on which part it feels good to, and whether that part is truly us or some demonic graft.

There’s also a physiological benefit to metal. There are vids of babies falling asleep to the sound of a hair dryer blowing. SHHHH is white noise, and for some reason it equilibrates the brain. Distorted guitars and cymbals in metal are sources of noise, and the beat is often similar in effect to drumming your fingers or tapping your foot when you’re focusing on a task. Both together, can make it easier to concentrate or do creative work when that part of the brain is being occupied by the noise and beats. Meanwhile, the music itself can be energizing.

I think on a cellular level, metal isn’t healthy. In those famous experiments, rock music played to plants and cows made them less healthy and productive. But we’re more than just cells; we also have an astral body and spirit, and just as physical force is bad for plants and cows but serves a positive purpose for a soldier or construction worker, metal can serve a purpose on a psychological and astral level in being a motivator or a cathartic outlet.

» Isn’t service to others a chump’s game when everyone around you, including throughout history, is service to self? What if it is in itself a trap?

Humans are composites of higher and lower, light and darkness, and it matters which one you serve.

If someone’s operating from their lower half, meaning they are driven by their ego or shadow, their strongly STS parts, and you “serve” that in a blind and dumb way, then you’re feeding that, enabling it, and it will grow stronger at the expense of the higher part retreating or being cut off.

Conversely, if you do ‘tough love’ with this person, meaning denying their lower half the feeding it wants, and instead aim your actions at whatever strengthens their higher half and weakens or disciplines their lower half, then you’re serving in the correct way. You’re then restoring balance and enabling true free will for them. Otherwise their true core is being held hostage by the demonic, robotic, or animalistic impulses of the lower half.

So service should ultimately serve the light within a person, not their darkness. Sometimes yes you end up helping the lower half to indirectly assist the higher part. For example, someone’s starving and asks you for money or food. If you feed them, you’re feeding their animal body which is technically STS in nature… but in being full, if they can then think more clearly and feel energized enough for them to act more like their better selves, then you’ve ultimately served the light within them. On the other hand, if they were lying and wanted money for drugs, you’d have been enabling their dark side once again.

If you were to write a little inspirational book, you might think what’s the point if everyone around me seems STS. The answer is that it’s not everyone, and not everyone is purely STS all the time. There are certain people who, at certain times, have a pang of intuition or compassion or inspiration that comes from the spiritual. Maybe they come across that book in that moment, and it inspires them so much that they commit to being better people and not get beaten down by the dark impulses. So in that way, you helped stoke the spiritual fire in them. Even if they aren’t saints yet, even if their current state is still STS, you nudged them toward the STO destination.

Where you are right now, and where you’re going, are two different things. You can be on the south side of town but walking north, or south side of town walking further south. We may all be on the south side of town overall, but some of us are heading north toward STO. Those are the ones worth investing in.

So we have to consider not only where a person is in terms of their darkness:light ratio, but what direction they are moving. Some want to grow their light. Some want to grow their darkness. Someone who’s hit rock bottom and wants to turn their life around for the better, is more promising than someone in the vanilla middle zone who doesn’t care and is in fact slipping from apathy and ignorance.

And, we have to discern which part of them is light, and which part is dark, and make sure not to feed the dark part at the expense of the light. If the light in someone cannot be reached, then there’s nothing you can do for them other than deny their darkness its freedom to grow and exploit. In extreme cases, like a psychopath who’s an immediate danger, that can mean putting them down like a sick animal. If that saves an innocent life, such use of force has an STO-like effect in terms of preventing something that would have increased imbalance.

» What’s your take on the Mandela Effect?

I believe the Mandela Effect theory is real, but that most of what people think is that, is not. Because the theory assumes that our awareness, attention, memory and knowledge are perfect. Yet we know there are such things as misconceptions, and it would be foolish to blame reality for all our misconceptions.

So it’s a question of how certain you are of your memory, and how qualified you are regarding that certainty.

For example, someone who sort of glanced at a map as a kid and remembered something being in the general vicinity of another place but didn’t pay much attention — that’s different from a map maker who carefully drew lines and borders and remembers calculating the distance between two points and arriving at a number that, upon checking now, completely doesn’t hold.

Or, if one glances at a news article about some really old actor being in the hospital gravely ill, and three years later finds out they’re still alive, well do they remember correctly the article or did they assume at the time that old + ill = near death and that evolved into “dying” and hence “died” and now they’re puzzled why the guy is still alive. The situation is different if they remember the funeral and casket footage of the actor dying years ago.

But, I do believe there are legitimate timeline glitch effects. I’m just saying that we also have crappy memories and even remember our imaginations as real events sometimes. Like sometimes people can’t remember correctly if something happened to them personally or whether they saw it in a movie, experienced it in a dream, read about it in a book, or were vividly visualizing an anecdote someone was telling them.

So once you can eliminate all those other possibilities, then you likely have a real Mandela Effect experience. The real cases would be due to quantum physics, which indicates that reality is more of a suggestion than an objective independent thing, malleable to consciousness; the past being selectable from the present, with timelines merging and interweaving in ways that reveal their differences sometimes.

But in real life that manifests more on a personal level via synchronicities, objects going missing or showing up in places in unexplainable ways, deja vu’s, talking with someone in public and later they say they never met you that day and have an alibi that proves it, and Fortean phenomena.

Something big like entire continents moving or flipping up side down on a map, I think chances are high that’s more a case of misremembering than reality changing. So we just have to separate mental misconceptions from genuine reality glitches, and that requires an honest evaluation of our fallibility.

» Can eating meat lower the vibrations of a person, and can a fruitarian diet help bring out psychic powers and raise vibrations?

​With nutrition you have a mix of factors including amount and composition of physical nutrients, etheric energy levels (more in fresh foods), etheric/astral vibrations (animal treated well or abused, meal blessed or eaten mindlessly, plant killed or only fruit/seed taken, etc.), genetic compatibility, and the psychosomatic/psychic/manifestation factor.

That last one, yes there are people who can survive on just ‘prana’ (etheric energy) but that requires enough command over physicality to manifest nutrients within the body or somehow keep tissue mass constant despite no food. Think Obi Wan Kenobe type transcendent powers. If you don’t have such powers and just stop eating, or eat a poor diet, you can last for a while since the human body has evolved to survive in those conditions. But over time the deficiencies rack up and symptoms start to show.

Anyone can do veganism, fruitarianism, carnivore diet, extreme keto diet, etc. for a certain amount of time and be fine. That doesn’t matter. What matters is what happens if you keep it up for years. Problems occur. Humans are omnivores and are meant to eat a varied diet. If not we’d have teeth and digestive systems like cows or wolves. These extreme diets are meant to be temporary, cleansing, medicinal. Not a permanent lifestyle.

With fruitarianism, yes you’re getting rid of the lower etheric/astral vibration factor, but you’re then still dealing with the nutrient issue and genetic issue. Do people know that avocados have persin, a toxin that can cleave chromosomes and cause mutations? Do they know the symptoms of kwashiorkor, protein deficiency? Or acids in fruits rotting teeth over the span of a decade? Or fructose causing fatty liver disease, protein cross linking (aging), and cancer? That has to be taken into account.

There’s a cost. But if you only do it for a month or two at a time, the body can handle that and yes it would probably increase psychic sensitivity and raise vibrations.

Let’s remember Jesus’s words that what goes into your mouth is less important than what comes out of the mouth. If you eat fruits but are a cranky angry person because you were bullied in school and haven’t resolved those traumas, those fruits alone aren’t going to make you a higher vibrational person.

There are bigger factors behind energy levels and vibrational frequency than just what you eat. Like your own choices in life, what you choose to think and feel the most about, how much sleep you get, how much you listen to your intuition / true self, and so on.

» Is Earth flat or a globe?

It’s a globe, at least here in our 3D reality. The deeper conspiracy is that our reality itself might be a kind of simulation, or temporary reality that’s like a side track to the main real reality, or is in some way a gimped version of the authentic. As a result, there are certain glitches or inconsistencies in our everyday experiences and in the world (fortean phenomena, synchronicities, spontaneous invisibility, time warps, etc.) that show the cracks in the façade. Not to mention, what afterlife research, aliens, and metaphysical beings suggest about there being another reality behind the curtain.

I think the flat Earth theory is disinformation meant to distract and keep people limited to lower dimensional thinking instead of thinking hyperdimensionally or metaphysically. It uses a lot of sleight of hand, wrong assumptions, incomplete assumptions, and lack of sufficient science knowledge to pull various “stage magic” tricks to support the idea that Earth is flat. But if you investigate each of the claims, you can find where their reasoning or assumptions go wrong.

To give one example, cameras on weather balloons have been used by flat Earth theorists to show that even when the balloon gets higher and higher the horizon always stays at eye level instead of dropping and curving as it should on a sphere. But to do the numbers, balloons don’t actually go that high, as the highest they go is 23 miles. Diameter of Earth is 7,917.5 miles. So if Earth were a basketball, 23.44cm in diameter, a weather balloon then would get 0.7 mm from the surface. That is so close to it, that the horizon of the basketball would be close to eye level. It would be close enough that the difference versus ground level is too small to be obvious in weather balloon photographs.

Another example is that airplanes on long flights don’t have to dip their noses to follow the downward curving countour of the Earth’s surface. Thus it would appear the surface is flat. But the larger the sphere, the flatter its surface appears when you’re close to it. As an airplane flies over the ground or water below, it is flying almost flat like a ruler, and the ground below is almost flat like a ruler too, except there is a slight curvature to the ground which is matched by the plane’s slight curvature in its path, the two remaining parallel to each other as both curve equally.

These arguments are all along the lines of, “If the sky is blue and the sun yellow, then why isn’t the light that hits us green since blue + yellow = green?” which makes sense only if you don’t know enough about the physics of light scattering and optics. Like I said, the flat Earth proponents are good at coming up with reasons that tend to fall apart when examined, only to come up with new ones as those previous ones are explained away, only to repeat the cycle further and further.

» Do you recommend ayahuasca as a tool for spiritual awakening?

Here are my main thoughts on ayahuasca:
  • Undoubtedly there are cultists, ego-trippers, scammers / marketers / entrepreneurs who have jumped on the bandwagon and hijacked or corrupted the whole ayahuasca phenomenon. Those who have fallen victim to them are not in the best position to vouch for them since their judgment is compromised. You have to look at the things they are selectively skipping over, not telling you, or oblivious to.
  • Ayahuasca opens a window into your own soul, subconscious, and into the astral planes where beings positive, negative, and illusory may exist. To assume there is no deception or illusion there is a grave mistake.
  • Not everything witnessed, experienced, or told in an ayahuasca journey is the truth; and if the truth, there is no guarantee that everything is interpreted correctly without any dangerous missing pieces (“a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”). It’s very easy to jump to false conclusions that way.
  • Most people are not capable of going through such an experience without being irreversibly changed in unhealthy ways by any illusions, delusions, untruths, misinterpretations, or disinformation picked up from such trips.
  • Most people are susceptible to undergoing faulty religious conversion experiences during such trips simply because of the vividness, emotional intensity, and fantastic nature of it; if the same can be achieved via cult rituals, extreme trauma that causes them to crack, stage magic tricks, repetitive programming, etc. then that shows an impressive nature of an ayahuasca trip (“It felt so real! I was really there! These beings radiated love!”) isn’t proof of validity. Unless a person is able to withstand all that and not get affected by false impressions, they are not in a position of authority to vouch for ayahuasca.
  • Direct experience especially of subjective (nonphysical) realms is not always a guaranteed way to attain the truth, if the experience itself is counterfeit, corrupted, or not interpreted accurately. For example, if I hypnotized you and put you through a false memory of having been the king of England, you would directly experience some of that ‘life’ in vivid memory, but that doesn’t make it true. What you learn during the ayahuasca experience must be examined in a sober, lucid state of mind and in context of other research.
  • Hallucinogens open you psychically but in a forced way, which bypasses certain safeguards, meaning that if you have any negative / demonic entities attached to you or present around you, they can imitate positive forces and feed you disinformation. Worse, any trauma, dissociation, or fracturing of the psyche from a chemical experience will make it easier for them to sink roots into one’s soul in the following months.
  • From a Steiner point of view, ayahuasca involves a Luciferian influence. In small doses, when needed, the Luciferian principle can shake one out of a blind, rigid, materialistic “Ahrimanic” state and thus bring one toward balance… but beyond that point it only leads toward increasing mania / delusion / addiction. Therefore if a person becomes a habitual ayahuasca user, they are goners. It changes you in a way that is partially (not completely) divorced from objective reality.
  • Since it opens a window into your own soul, you only get out of it what you have within you to retrieve. A cold skeptic might fall into a black coma, which I think correlates with the lack of spiritual maturity and sentience evident in such an individual. Others who have something, but not enough, will experience something, but not enough to benefit in a completely positive way. That is, any inadequacies, deficiencies, errors, immaturities, etc. in their soul and intellect will influence the experience, which in turn may amplify the first and create a feedback loop; since people who go to take ayahuasca tend to be casuals, tourists, naive seekers, etc. without extensive shamanic or esoteric training and spiritual discipline, any flaws in them may end up getting amplified.
  • Prolonged use of ayahuasca makes you reliant on hanging out with illusions (and real entities too, the two being mixed together) and pulls you further and further away from being lucid, grounded, and able to think for yourself. Also, if you don’t differentiate between the true and the false, you will increasingly accumulate the false and pollute your understanding of reality. 

So I think the main problem is that people who aren’t ready are using it too much and too often, and furthermore are being fleeced or misguided by predators (or self-deluded leaders) capitalizing on the ayahuasca trend. This also means that yes there are some who can handle it, who are hooked up with the right shamans, and who therefore come away with a net positive effect from it all, but I think they are in the minority and others may end up doing more harm than good.

My general advice to people doing it anyway is: do not become a perpetual user, don’t get permanently affiliated with the ayahuasca culture, and sort very carefully the gems from the garbage of what you experience from your trip.

It’s more for those who have trouble convincing themselves through observation, thinking, and putting together circumstantial evidence alone, those who need a sudden spoon feeding of “experience.” They might get something out of ayahuasca / DMT with the risk of getting the wrong things. But ideally it should only be a door opener, and once convinced, they should now resort to logic / reasoning to figure out the rest, or at least go towards esoteric training / meditation to reacquire more stable and safe forms of such states.

I emphasize logic / reasoning because without those, you misinterpret your perceptions, draw false conclusions from vague puzzle pieces, and generally just become an unstable, deluded, off-balance individual.

Generally speaking, while under the influence of drugs it’s also possible that you might acquire certain skewed conclusions or observations, and once the drug wears off those psychological patterns remain. In other words, something that was artificially induced is transferred over to the psychological domain, where it lives on long after the drug has worn off.

For example, some people get paranoid while on marijuana, maybe feeling like their roommate is putting poison in his milk or something. Then after the drug has worn off, he might remember that perception, and start watching his roommates behavior, and start nitpicking to the point of seeing what isn’t there, and becoming paranoid that the roommate is indeed trying to poison him. I’ve known individuals who ended up diagnosed schizophrenic due to this, not because they had a genetic predisposition to it, but because they adopted a delusional mindset that began during drug-induced experiences that corrupted their mental processes; so it goes back to some people not being able to handle psychedelics.

Logic / reasoning is the error-correction mechanism needed to filter, sort, clean up, and avoid becoming unbalanced by the fallible dream-like visions one gets. With logic and reason you can even just rely on the experiences of others. That’s what Steiner said, that one doesn’t have to see what a clairvoyant sees to benefit from a clairvoyant’s observations. He said that the logic / understanding itself was valid in anyone’s head, and if you understood it, it’s as good as having experienced it yourself.

» Substances like alcohol or drugs can make one more susceptible to negative influence. I usually get positive benefits from weed but it seems to suppress dreams for me.

Well dreams are a two-way communication between the physical brain and the spirit / higher mind / higher self / subconscious, with the soul being the intermediate layer that facilitates this transmission back and forth. When you’re asleep, the soul detaches from the body a bit and expands just enough to tap into stimulus from the higher mind. If it were to expand way too much, the connection with the physical brain side would probably suffer.

The opposite is the case when you’re wide awake and in your body, then the soul is too involved in the body to easily receive stimulus from the higher mind. Thus if you take weed, which again is a “muscle relaxant for the soul”, then while awake it would expand your soul slightly and thus allow you to receive stimulus you wouldn’t otherwise. And yes this includes negative entities as well, since they’d have an easier time then jacking into you. Whereas when you’re asleep, weed would have the effect of expanding the soul too much and thus weakening the connection to the physical brain, which has the effect of noising up its dream signal and making dreams less coherent.

So weed during sleep would interfere with both negative entities giving you bad dreams (because the dream itself is too foggy) but it would also cut you off from the higher mind. And while awake, weed would open you up to both. Either way sucks, in my view.

I think sharpness, lucidity, willpower combined with good vibes and a positive attitude is the ticket, and all that has to come from your own freewill and willpower because that’s a bit like free energy in that you don’t have to take / borrow from something (like how a drug affects one neurochemical process by screwing with another). With drugs there are always side effects, crashes, and long term residues because in physicality there is a reaction for every action, a down for every up.

Ideally the human body should be given what it needs to achieve maximum functioning, efficiency, and balance. So for me that means no drugs, just a good diet and enough water and oxygen and sunshine and sufficient sleep (and a little exercise too to keep things from rusting). But on the soul front, that’s where you can exercise all its functions per deep contemplation, creative stuff, meditating on positive emotions, journaling your dreams, and so on, or go deeper with energy exercises which can take the place of drugs in due time.

One exercise you can try, if you haven’t, is Win Wenger’s method called Image Streaming which is basically a form of channeling your own higher mind or subconscious. Just be careful that this can lead to entities coming through and if they do then stop, or at least be highly suspicious of their motives and nature. Myself, I prefer plain old working out problems and mysteries with pen and paper, as anytime I come up with a question or stumbling block my mind opens and I can feel out an intuitive answer, and that helps build up the connection. Research and logical analysis can then flesh it out and see if it’s worth anything.

» Regarding modern science with its materialistic outlook, are you saying that our approach to science is outdated and the principles scientists use today should no longer be adhered to?

Somewhat, I’m saying that scientific proof and scientific standards (as they are currently understood) are appropriate for the material domain but are inadequate when it comes to quantum, synchronistic, paranormal, and alien phenomena because of their quasi-material nature.

Standards that skeptics abide by arose during the 1700-1800s when physics was solely about the macroscopic mechanical universe, where matter did its thing regardless of who observed it or who performed the experiment, or where it’s performed. It was truly objective, material, deterministic, 5-sense oriented. In other words, science pretty much mastered the art of predicting material processes that followed mechanical laws.

But that sphere is just a subset of actual reality. It’s their fallacy to say that everything outside their domain can be explained by what’s within the domain.

The scientific method is correct. It’s just that orthodox science has strayed from that principle. It’s supposed to be: you observe something you can’t explain or aren’t sure about, and you come up with a possible explanation, then you formulate a hypothesis from that to test, and after testing you come to a conclusion of whether your hypothesis was right, or what more you can deduce from the experiment.

Instead, what happens in universities now is that if you observe something the consensus can’t explain, it’s an error that must be dismissed. If you push for it anyway, you might lose your funding or not get hired anymore because you’re clearly not objective and rational since everyone else doesn’t believe it. Hence the experimentation is prevented. Facts are ignored or skewed to fit the theory. The typical reaction is, “Yes that’s what his experiment shows, but clearly he must be overlooking something as it’s simply not possible.”

Only the little things that change the paradigm in little ways (like a new type of battery technology that uses unexpected equations that people hadn’t foreseen) is okay. But anything major like proving consciousness, the soul, afterlife, aliens, ghosts, free energy, antigravity, etc. is too far out and only a few pet projects by tolerant universities ever even go there. Of course the non-public black ops science isn’t burdened by this sheep mentality, hence why they have sci-fi technologies. They care about results, not reputations.

So I’m in favor of proof and scientific method, but only if applied honestly and correctly without selective ignorance, and also with understanding of what proof actually is. Current assumption is that proof is something that can convince anyone, be shown to anyone, and be replicated by anyone. That’s true for material phenomena because aggregate matter is dead and doesn’t react to the “who”.

But starting with the advent of quantum physics, scientists realized they couldn’t predict anymore what a particle would do because it would behave according to nonphysical factors at small scales (little did they know this weirdness also manifested on the large scale, but they couldn’t see the forest for the trees as it was all bunk to them). These quantum factors they simply called “random” instead of investigating what was behind them (metaphysical factors). That’s amazing isn’t it; you can’t explain something so you just call it “random” and leave it at that. How is that any different from religious people saying “God works in mysterious ways”? You realize then, that academia is really just another religion. Hence it has earned the pejorative term scientism instead of science by those who realize this scam.

So when it comes to such paranormal phenomena, “proof” isn’t as cold, hard, and universal as it was before. Now it’s more personal proof, limited group proof perhaps, but not necessarily universal proof anyone can obtain, as some people aren’t cut out spiritually or psychologically for attuning themselves to that sector of reality where these paranormal phenomena exist.

» If our universe / reality is being manipulated by aliens and there are an infinite number of alternate universes, then if the aliens are able to access all the other universes and manipulate them as well why would they only focus on this one?

I can think of three possibilities:

1) Those alternate universes may have their own alternate aliens there. Meaning a billion universes have a billion alien collectives, each one getting one, so there’s no special reason why one universe in particular has aliens as they may all have them.

2) Alternate universes aren’t necessarily inhabited by consciousness, as they are just like video games on discs sitting on a shelf; a possibility that remains unplayed/unactivated. What if our universe or timeline is where most of the souls/consciousness are gathered together, similar to how NYC has a lot of people in it geographically versus some small town in Nebraska. Thus, aliens who’d want to feed off energy or manipulate souls would go where most of them are concentrated, which would be our universe in this case.

3) Aliens can indeed traverse multiple universes, but there is only a handful where the souls are congregated so perhaps a dozen universes, let’s say, and the same way the British had their colonies in various countries, these aliens might have their respective colonies in those dozen universes.

Personally I think it’s #2 or #3. It never made much sense to me that a conscious observer splits every time there’s the tiniest of choices. It’s just not economical. And also it would mean freewill has no point, if it doesn’t matter what you choose if another version of you is just going to choose it anyway. If freewill is to have any meaning, then that which is not chosen must come with some consequence, like perhaps not being experienced.

So it makes more sense to me that one or just a couple of soul groups stick together onto a commonly elected timeline. I do think that internet communities and geographic communities are good comparisons. Maybe there are likewise ‘timeline communities’ and we’re on a highly populated one, which is very attractive to these beings to be here manipulating us.

» To what degree do you think that medicalized, psychiatric and psychological issues in the general society can be attributed to meddling by negative psychic or interdimensional actors?

I’d say it’s probably 50/50. Meaning, mainstream psychology / psychiatry only has half the picture. Like a flatlander trying to understand the cube and only being able to talk in terms of squares and hexagons. Terms like schizophrenia are really syndromes, as the causes are multiple. I mean you have this complete system involving 5 sense perception, ESP perception, the visual interpretation of that data, the conscious interpretation of what that data means, what beliefs those are interpreted under, etc. and an error in any of those can lead to schizophrenic symptoms.

Hence one guy is perfectly sane, brain is fully functional, only problem is he has an overactive psychic organ (say the third eye) and negative entities knowing this are appearing to him trying to scare him into submission. Maybe he can hear clairvoyantly and so they speak to him. He goes to the psychiatrist who determines he’s schizophrenic under DSM-V and that’s the end of that. Another guy has neither hallucinations nor internal issues, however he does believe that reality is strange and so he gets lots of synchronicities and thus logically engages in ‘magical thinking’ because reality has indeed become magical due to conscious biasing of probability; same psychiatrist would diagnose schizophrenia if it were severe enough. And then another guy has a severe vitamin deficiency and a genetic condition whereby his brain misreads information, so he starts thinking the television is talking to him and he seems to dream with his eyes open and doesn’t seem very responsive; likewise, a type of schizophrenia. Worse, perhaps this guy comes to the attention of negative entities who torment him on top of his own delusions.

If you imagine the “human being” to be a system of parts where some parts are physical and some are metaphysical, then for a person to be 100% normal and healthy that means all those parts need to be normal and healthy and have normal interaction with each other. If this system were to become sick or dysfunctional, the same symptom could be due to a physical part not working, or a metaphysical part not working, or both not working. Therefore we have a sliding scale or range/spectrum between physical to metaphysical where a problem anywhere along that spectrum can produce a dysfunction.

When it comes to mental illness, we have different areas of the human being’s system being affected. In some cases it might be more physical, in others more metaphysical, and in others problems in both areas that reinforce each other. So if mainstream professionals only have half the system understood, well that’s a real tragedy.

If a doctor were to open up your head and stick an electric probe on a certain part of your brain, you might suddenly feel like laughing. If he pokes another part, you might sense a presence standing to the left of you. Here it’s obvious the cause is mostly physical.

On the other hand, someone might indeed get some dark ghost or entity attached to him/her and start getting nightmares, then hearing voices, then having parts of the body involuntarily move as if they had a mind of their own. This happens when the entity has synchronized its frequency with the person’s own soul and grown etheric roots or tendrils into that person’s soul (by soul I mean etheric and astral body). Then by hijacking the person’s etheric circuitry, the entity similarly has command over certain neural pathways, and in this way can control the person’s motor functions like arm movement or voice (as happens in trance channeling).

Or consider a person who doesn’t get enough sleep and after two weeks the brain starts dreaming even while eyes are open and person is walking; in this case, the person will have hallucinations and talk at the air, because he is basically sleepwalking. The cause of him hearing/seeing things is different from the case of possession, and is different from a brain injury or abnormality that likewise causes such effects. What the person’s mind sees is just like what we see on a TV screen — does the image come from a DVD? Does it come from a digital radio signal broadcast by a station? Is it the white noise snow pattern or blue screen when it’s not plugged into any signal? To the viewer, each case is a picture but the causes are all different.

Obviously medical science doesn’t believe in, nor care to look for, the supernatural factors here. If a person goes psycho and tries to use his car to run over people, science is like the police who don’t believe in the existence of a driver, and so they weld the car doors shut and cut the fuel line; suddenly the car doesn’t kill people anymore — problem solved right? Science in that case would conclude that the fuel was what caused the killing, since by removing it the killing stopped. Well, same when science uses psychiatric drugs to numb a person’s brain. It gets rid of depression or makes a person less aggressive, but does it fix the source of the problem? of course not.

I think science is right to treat that which is solely caused by physical factors. If a person has a genetic problem causing a brain abnormality and not enough serotonin production, then sure a serotonin booster drug could help. But if the person is being hounded by demons, no way is that going to solve the issue. Thus if a shaman can solve a problem without any physical drugs, that proves the problem was at least partially metaphysical in nature.

» If Nordic aliens exist in a higher realm then how is it that some end up here among us?

Well what I can say for sure is that among the Nordics whom we know of through the more legit abductee / contactee accounts, the ones that interact with us more directly are considered lower or less evolved compared to their peers. Their peers seem to have greater conscious control of their dimensional states, and choose to exist higher up and thus are more ethereal. Whereas the lower ones rely more on technology and are more capable of understanding and empathizing with us, and are likely more tangible.

If they want to, they can project themselves here. I think it involves synchronizing themselves with our timeline and linear time rate. I’m guessing it’s like a more advanced version of you falling asleep and entering a lucid dream of your exact choice. Even that kind of lucid dreaming is not an easy maneuver for us. But I’ve heard in several places that when they synchronize or lower their vibrations to be here, it’s uncomfortable for them and if they stay here too long and loose too much energy and mental cohesion, they risk getting stuck here.

Therefore, statistically it’s likely that over time you’d have more or less of them getting stuck here. The more advanced ones wouldn’t have that issue, but the others who ‘fall off the space turnip truck’ might indeed end up here. It’s even possible that in ancient times, due to various reasons or cataclysms, a whole group of them could have fallen out of lower 4D and become anchored here in 3D. In which case you’d have a people appearing virtually out of nowhere, but with some advanced knowledge and basic technology. Maybe that’s where the proto-Indo-Europeans came from and why their sunken homeland can’t be found.

If they then enter Earth’s karmic / reincarnational cycle, and if they pass on their genes through reproduction or interbreeding, then thousands of years later there would be people alive today who are these same souls/spirits, and perhaps they are the ones being contacted or abducted most by their peers still up and beyond this world. Though I guess they’d be easy pickings for enemy alien factions and black ops projects as well, who would also be abducting them for suppression or utilization reasons.

So there’d still be contact between the fallen and the unfallen, but it’s not a constant coexistence as would be the case if they all lived in the same realm. I guess it’s like having family members in prison; you still get to visit and send letters and such, but the prison has its rules.

» Isn’t all prayer an expression of ego in some way? Because you’re choosing to attach yourself to an idea or outcome that you want, whatever it is, instead of accepting whatever happens without prayer. Does that mean some level of ego in prayer is okay, and if so, where is the boundary?

Good question. It’s a matter of degree really. Praying for your brother to be safe on his mountain climbing expedition (which has say 5% ego because at some level you don’t want to lose him, thus your love has a tinge of possessiveness) versus praying that the old lady you’re scamming of her retirement savings doesn’t realize what you’re up to, there’s a clear difference between these two.

The overall outcome, people involved, intentions of the requester, his nature, the reasons for his request, how much it goes against or fits into the destiny / freewill of all involved, its cascading effects into the future and whom that would affect, whether or not any lessons would be learned, whether those lessons would be worth the cost, etc. these all factor into it, if we’re going to consider a case where it’s a higher being deciding whether to take action or not. It’s not much different then, from a judge or jury making a decision based on the evidence and testimonies given.

So the line isn’t clear-cut and could vary case by case based on those factors mentioned above. Let’s say someone has 75% ego in praying for a hot red Camaro because he feels insecure and lonely and needs the approval of others including acquiring a trophy wife to improve his social standing. Now let’s say a higher being or his higher self knows this isn’t a wise thing to request, but it sees an opportunity in the future where this could turn out to be worth it. Let’s say the guy didn’t have much else planned for his life, so there’s an opportunity for a bonus lesson. So he gets the Camaro, gets the trophy wife, and all his friends become jealous and turn on him, he realizes everyone envies his position, he loses his friends. His trophy wife turns out to be a real materialistic shallow spider and after a bitter divorce takes his wealth. Then he’s left with nothing, having lost everything, and finally realizes the fulfillment he desired was an illusion and the price was emptiness, pain, and loss. After facing the dark night of his soul, he turns within and readjusts his priorities and pursues more organic, spiritual, human goals and in the end becomes a better person for it. Hence his prayer was fulfilled, because it carried that potential outcome.

Not everything one manifests requires higher beings to work it for you. You can, through your own occult power and belief, manifest a lot of things, which beyond a certain point gets into black magic territory. If you have a higher self, it would allow it reluctantly due to the laws of freewill; if you exercise your freewill with enough intensity through focused intent, then you can break through most barriers. People don’t have to be nice ethical folks in order to fulfill their wishes. Through black magick, voodoo, or just a fiery ambition they can bend the will of others and bend probability into manifesting their desires. There’s a price to be paid in the end, but like a credit card the debt can be racked up for a long time, even lifetimes, before being repaid with severe interest rates. So you’ll see certain jerky rich folks or crime bosses who have this “power” that propels them to success but through illicit and immoral means. It’s because they don’t doubt themselves, so they don’t have limitation programming; and they have a strong will and what the 19th century occultists called personal magnetism, which is an auric energy field that bends minds and probabilities.

I’d say it’s about as complicated as chemistry or physics, which themselves are just about energy and momentum conservation which sounds simple but in application it can get complex.

Personally, I advise removing artificial / matrix / social programming that limits you from fulfilling your own spiritual potential and destiny, and exercising the reality creation power only for things that are in alignment with your heart and wisdom, and beyond that maintain a neutral-to-positive vibe level (mindset and attitude) with an eye toward a bit of gratitude, acknowledgement of the unity behind the essence of all things, and notice of beauty wherever it is found, so that you leave it open then what positive stuff occurs which is the best way to leave ego out of it.

» Your site mentions something about how we are more open to suggestion from outside forces when our brains are on “autopilot” or in the alpha state. I’m just curious as to what it exactly feels like to be trapped in your body while something else dictates your thoughts and actions.

Well it would require full possession to be consciously aware, yet trapped in your body while something else has taken over. I received an email from a guy who had precisely that happen to him, something took him over and he was aware but far back in his mind, while something else was moving his body and talking through him. But he had an alcohol issue (wasn’t drunk at the time) but it made him increasingly susceptible to demonic influence. Usually an entity in this case has to hang around a person for months or years and worm their own energy field into that person’s aura, deep enough that they can then hijack that person’s motor and speech centers and push the resident consciousness aside. This is a severe case.

But there are lesser forms of it, which are more along the lines of what I was talking about in regards to being on autopilot. In those cases, it’s because we’re not that aware, not paying attention, that whenever a thought or feeling or desire or impulse comes to mind, we act on it without a quick check on whether it’s a good idea. There are different ways it comes up.

One example is, you and another person are in a room doing something, they’re saying something about their day or relationship or whatever, and then all of a sudden an exact phrase pops to your mind like “If you were smart you wouldn’t continue to stay with him” or something like that, and it’s not your own thought because it’s accompanied by this strong pressure of “say this now in exactly that way, don’t delay, do it do it do it” — and then when you do it, her face turns read with anger and a 20 minute fight ensues and things get really sour. Thus if only you had kept your mouth shut, things would have been smoothed over, but instead there was a big blow up, as that very phrase might have been something her psycho mother told her in the past regarding guys that were actually alright, and it’s a real sore spot for her. Hence something knew this and made you say that exact phrase, which pushed her button big time, which caused a blow out.

To you, it just felt like you couldn’t hold it back, like it’s almost a reflex (similar to how you can’t help but laugh if you get tickled, or kick the covers off if you are too hot). It was a semi-conscious or unconscious move on your part; deep down you knew you shouldn’t say it, but the pressure was there, sudden, strong, and you went ahead and did it, and boom things blew up. That’s one example.

Similar thing can happen on a message board. Let’s say you and person Y have an interesting future if you were to become friends and collaborate, but turns out he’s a deeply committed Christian but hasn’t told you. Well you’re posting, and suddenly get the idea / urge / pressure to vent about Christianity and how stupid Christians are. This thought came out of nowhere, but you run with it and feel a real need to go ahead and post it, to just vent because it feels good to vent. So you do it, he sees it, gets sore about it, and then thinks twice about contacting you to share a cool book he’s read recently which, if you had read it, it would fill in many gaps in picture for you. But now he’ll never PM you, you’ll never read that book, and so that opportunity is lost, all because you fired off an opinion at the behest of some third party entity or remote viewer trying to manipulate the timeline.

Another is, you’re at a book-signing event in a town twenty minutes away, and when the event is over and it’s late at night you discover you locked the keys in your car. Ok, people forget, that’s normal, except you think back on when you did that, and you realize there was an external pressure causing mind fog and a moment of confusion. That’s not that difficult for an entity or posthypnotic command to do. So you left the keys in the car, and using a coat hanger try to unlock the door, then two guys come and offer to help do it for you, but you get a bad feeling, and it turns out they are muggers and so you lose your wallet on top of it. So you go through a night of hell and just have a sucky day. All because of that little moment of confusion earlier. How convenient, then, that locking keys in a car would lead to a mugging, whereas for most people all it amounts to is calling a locksmith or towing company and paying $50 and that’s the end of that. But because the mugging or some bigger outcome was a potential, something saw it fit to try and make that happen through the gentlest of nudges, and the dominoes align and result in an improbable negative outcome.

So you see, it doesn’t take much. Another example is simply waking up feeling a bit down, and within a week having doubt about some project or article you’re working on, then feeling increasingly depressed but not sure why, and then losing interest in whatever positive path you were pursuing before. You think it’s your own depression, but it’s not (not always, sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s not). This is more a long term form of attrition, death by a thousand cuts, which is really telepathic + posthypnotic programming to wear you down without you always realizing what’s going on.

This is how it normally happens, not the “help, my legs are moving me to ledge of the building and I can’t control my body!” type control. For that, a person has to be weakened, or already weak, for a severe form of takeover like that to occur. By that I mean they are fully under the control of something else, not just being mindless and gently nudged for a few seconds to do/say something particular. The latter is just telepathic nudging, while the first is full possession. Full possession is like, a dad being powerless to watch his own body picking up his son and throwing him off the edge of a parking garage. Robert Bruce said that almost happened to him once, when an entity got a hold of him.

I have heard it said though, that if three aliens gang their powers together, they can make any human do anything. But I think there are higher divine laws in place preventing that from occurring in the first place when it comes to certain people, but technically it’s possible. The ones possessing people, though, tend to be demons and ghosts more than anything. I think aliens are more conservative in whom/how they influence people.

Also keep in mind that if someone is being mindless, he/she can also be influenced by your own thoughts (or rather subconscious beliefs and energies) and respond to it. I mean if you feel like you really want pizza, and someone says “mmm I can go for some pizza right now,” well that’s no big deal. But if you have this deep seated fear of persecution, and someone suddenly feels they don’t like you and make a nasty comment toward you trying to make you into the whipping boy or black sheep, well perhaps it was an entity making them do that, or perhaps it was your own subconscious complex bending them into doing that. Of course, they would have to have some level of nastiness within themselves already to even fall for it and lash out, but that’s more a kind of resonance where what you project, they reflect if they have it within themselves something resonant with that energy, to reflect back at you and confirm for you / deepen that issue you have.

How to tell the difference between it being entities vs your own subconscious, well the only way to know for sure is to change your mindset and if it completely stops then most of it was your own mind’s power driving the phenomenon.

» Whenever the Illuminati comes up in your writings, you have other ideas about what it is than I do. I believe the Illuminati is benevolent and has the goal of uniting humanity and all entities as one with God – the final stage of evolution.

This is purely a matter of semantics. As you may know, there is a Rosicrucian order in America called A.M.O.R.C. Anytime you tell someone you’re a Rosicrucian in the USA, they will usually think you’re a member of the A.M.O.R.C. But that organization was started by Harvey Spencer Lewis in 1909 after he went to France and claimed he was initiated there (though hard to say if he actually was). And yet, the “Rosicrucians” were already known about in the 15th century, and they themselves trace back even further to Sufi / Zoroastrian / Egyptian traditions.

So when it’s said that Adam Weishaupt formed the Illuminati, just like the American Rosicrucian Order here we have the Bavarian Illuminati. It’s an organization that takes that name, but doesn’t own the term “Illuminati.”

The name itself, of course, means the “illuminated ones” so the question really is, do we mean strictly the Bavarian Illuminati? Or do we mean “the illuminated ones”? And when someone asks me “what do the Illuminati have in mind for our planet?” here they’re talking about those who perceive themselves, and have organized themselves accordingly, as being “the illuminated ones” which may or may not include as a subset the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati.

Now, the problem is that there have been “illuminated ones” since very ancient times, let’s say 6,000 B.C. So we have 5,000 – 8,000 years of various intellectual / financial / esoteric elite springing up here and there, many with the help of alien / angelic / demonic factions who used them as proxies and gave them certain knowledge and technologies to use for that task. What this means is that the “illuminated ones” are not all of a single orientation or purpose or agenda.

So if you happen to find one group calling itself by a certain name, and they founded themselves on positive principles, that means the following: 1) they said they had positive intentions; they might or might not have, as even negative groups would say they’re positive as a strategic move, and 2) if they started out positive, they may or may not have remained that way.

A good example here are the Freemasons. There are various rites and lodges, and some have been taken over by psychopaths and possessed people. I know some freemasons and they told me about the problem of darkness / possession and psychopathy in the ranks of lodges (not unlike the same problem in corporate workplaces, city governments, school boards, and so on). Some lodges are better than others. It all depends on who joins. Any network of mutual support and power and thus influence is a prime target for psychopaths, matrix agents, intelligence agents, etc. to infiltrate and use toward their own ends.

The Freemasons (by that name) burgeoned during medieval cathedral building times, and they also allegedly started under good intentions. But several centuries later it became increasingly corrupted. Worse, the psychopaths / deluded ones who wore the masonic regalia and spoke the lingo were using those founding ideals to portray themselves and Freemasonry as good, all the while using that framework to propagate their own ulterior motives (or the motives of another darker secret society they were part of. Those secret societies are like psychoactive parasites taking over vulnerable host organizations).

Point being that the founding ideals of Freemasonry aren’t proof of its unilateral benevolence today, as things have changed and corruption varies from lodge to lodge. I’d like to think the same of the remnants of the Bavarian Illuminati. And all this, notwithstanding the fact that Freemasonry and Illuminati and Rosicrucians are names only, and all of them in one way or another are derivative of the concept of an enlightened minority, of which there have been many throughout history, some positively oriented and some negatively oriented.

So yes, it comes back to semantics. What you define as the Illuminati, isn’t even the original Bavarian Illuminati, which itself is just a derivative of “the illuminated ones”, but rather what you have in mind is a reconstituted/revived “in name only” neo-Illuminati. Meanwhile, the real illuminati exist as various factions pulling strings behind the scenes, some are positive and know what they’re doing, others are very negative. I support you in the concept of banding together and fighting for bringing humanity toward its ultimate form though. Just that your calling me out on having a wrong idea about the “illuminati” isn’t really valid as I was defining it in a more general/realistic way whereas yours is more narrowly defined and idealistic. When people ask me about the Illuminati, they’re not asking about what you have in mind specifically, but the more general definition I use, that’s all.

» I assume my Higher Self is part of me, so why would one part of me make the other part learn something that it already knows? Which is the part that need to evolve ?

We are within space-time, and the Higher Self is outside space-time. Or you could say, the Higher Self is in time-space, which is an inversion of space-time. That is, three dimensions of time and one of space, which would look like having a single unified view of possible timelines and being able to monitor and interact with different parts simultaneously. To us it would look like something outside reality and outside time as we know it. There is a physics relation between space-time and time-space, and it truly is an inversion or dimensional rotation between what’s real (physical) and imaginary (metaphysical). So when you quote that our sphere of consciousness was reversed, I think that is both esoterically and physics-wise correct.

We know that of the totality of our being, a part of us is here right now, and another part is back in our native home. This means we are extensions or projections of that Higher Self that exist here, and possibly are stuck here to a degree. Thus of the totality of our being, part of it is stuck. Thus the part that is free would want to help that stuck part become free too.

Does it do it solely for its own gain? Not completely, as the projected / extended part does have its own freewill. We know that we have some degree of freewill, and so we have some degree of independence. Likewise, the Higher Self has freewill of a higher order and its own independence too. Therefore you and your Higher Self, despite being of the same totality of being, are also functionally separate beings, just united at the root / trunk / essence / origin.

If we view the Higher Self itself as the final, perfected, “standing at the end of time” portion of our being, then we are consequently the earlier, less perfect, immersed in time portion. This means that to achieve unity, it can and must help us get to where it is in order to merge. And that means helping us avoid delays to our own personal evolution. The kinds of lessons that the Higher Self seems to give people who make contact with it, always concerns lessons of overcoming illusions and attachments. Illusions like false limitations, fears, and the kinds of guilts / complexes that come with being human and immersed in linear time. The more we make ignorant choices that bring on bad consequences, the more remedial experiences we bring upon ourselves to correct that imbalance, the more slowly we ourselves move toward congruence with the Higher Self.

There may also be value in the Higher Self helping out its projections that are immersed in time / past. There is this principle that higher beings, by helping us evolve, are helping themselves evolve simultaneously via the experience of doing so. Perhaps with the Higher Self, it goes one step further since we are its extension, thus what we are, do, and become feeds back directly into the Higher Self, either increasing its power and purity or holding it back. To use a metaphor, if you contacted your younger self and told this self to eat healthy and exercise, you yourself then would suddenly be healthier too due to the feedback influence from past to future. So the Higher Self may be helping us actually grow and evolve in order to help itself move forward across that threshold separating individual evolution (of which it is the final form) to whatever comes next, which I’ve read in the Ra Material is group evolution via shared conscious energy.

Because we have freewill, the future is still open. Even a being outside of time won’t know everything we can or will do. If it did, then our future wouldn’t be open, and every action preordained, hence no freewill. Since we have freewill, there is still something left to be experienced, and hence learned or gotten from choosing / experiencing in our time-bound form. This means that even though the Higher Self knows a lot, it doesn’t know every last trivial thing. There is still novelty, and hence use and purpose, to our existing here in time-bound form.

I think we intentionally (to some degree) came here, or projected here. Perhaps like an octopus reaching out to touch/sample its surroundings, we have reached out to touch physicality and its experience. Experience and understanding are different from knowing; you can know certain principles like it’s not good to betray your values to appease authority, but it’s another to through it and test your mettle against it; I think that’s why many beings incarnate at all, same reason science classes have both lectures and lab work. Why do the lab if you already have the equations on the board? Because you learn something that goes beyond abstract knowledge.

If you were to take the view that our being here is a mistake and our sole goal is to eject / end-program and wake back up as the Higher Self, then obviously there is no other point to being here as it’s all a big error. Conversely, if you took the view that we are here to enjoy and experience, then there is no point to connecting with the Higher Self since we’ll all go home eventually when we’re done. Well, I think the truth is in between these two extremes. What if we came here to experience and sample and learn, but it came with a certain risk. The risk is that we could get stuck or delayed and enter into blindness, become too attached, and thus never move forward but rather become worse and worse as we degrade ourselves and adopt the values and limitations of physical existence. If that happens, then the Higher Self would not derive any benefit, as the extension begins to whither and atrophy. There would be no point to us being totally cut off, aimless … hence the Higher Self would be invested in helping us.

So if the Higher Self can offer a lending hand, help the extension see that some things are illusions and don’t get stuck on them, then the original purpose of coming here can be restored and the individual can move through physicality in the proper co-creative vivified, energized mode, evolving step-wise up and up and eventually out when it has served its purpose. Then the way forward and through, under the illuminating warmth of the Higher Self, is the way to go, versus a recoiling and ejection from all of this.

Things get more complicated though if you consider the possibility that this world, the way it is right now, is a counterfeit or rigged world versus, say, a more 4D-like environment, which is truer to our purpose of experiencing some kind of physicality. If the Higher Self is in 6D, and we are in 3D, but 4D is where we need to be, then yes the Higher Self would want to help us get out, but not get out and awaken to 6D which I don’t think is possible as we are our own beings with our own freewill and there’s a long distance between us and the Higher Self in terms of what more we have to gain/grow before we become congruent with it. This means that when I say the goal is to go forward and through, I’m talking about attaining the next level in our personal evolution, which is a 4D state, which is just another plateau to explore under the guidance of the Higher Self until we get through that and 5D, then to 6D, and finally we return home then (or at least have no reason to go back).

I do think we need to retrieve our memories and establish an uplink with the Higher Self. That’s the way of returning to our purpose of why we came here. But I don’t think retrieving memories and establishing an uplink makes us identically the Higher Self. I think the lower vs. higher self-division remains for a few more levels of evolution, it’s just the relation that will get strengthened and the gap that grows smaller until it disappears.

» If he wanted to, God could end the suffering, shelter the homeless, enrich the poor, and feed the hungry. But God doesn’t care, more accurately, for him it’s comedy and entertainment.

Personally I think that the true Creator is beyond all this, and that there were various sub forces (alien factions mostly) who were behind a lot of the fighting recounted in religions and myth. I mean the nuking of Sodom and Gomorrah isn’t the action of a transcendental infinite being. Doesn’t fit. But the actions of an alien faction with weaponry, yes definitely. The description of angels and ‘sons of man’ / ‘sons of god’ is more fitting of humanoid aliens.

I believe in angels, and consider them nonphysical autonomous intelligences that enforce the divine guidelines. But there were also aliens mistaken for them. After all, the ancients had no conception for the difference between angels and aliens, or demons and aliens, so they put everything into those categories it seems. Same with the jinn, which is more accurate in some ways but aliens / transdimensionals is still more accurate in my view.

As for the Creator stopping all the suffering, I think it boils down to infinite perspective + infinite patience + infinite compassion = infinite seeming cruelty if the Creator knows that it all ends well and that whatever’s happening right now isn’t as big a deal in the long run. Further, I think the Creator would delegate the tasks of intervention to angels and positive aliens and other beings, because the Creator doesn’t need the experience to grow, rather by delegating it the Creator allows other beings to grow from the experience of helping and deciding. Therefore I think the blame goes more to angels and such if some seeming injustice goes unpunished.

I mean the fact that intervention does occur (stories of people’s lives being saved in mysterious ways) shows that things can go wrong that do require intervention. So if they intervene there, then why not elsewhere? I would say that’s due to the way in which the divine guidelines apply to that particular situation. Something like karma or pre-chosen learning lesson. I mean, say you’re some overconfident soul and want to experience Earth, and say that from age 15-20 you want no help because you can do it all on your own, and they ask are you sure because life on Earth can be real tough, and you say yeah of course I’m pumped up lets do it, and so in you go and then you turn 15 and life falls apart and by 18 you wonder where the hell God is why you’ve been forsaken. I think this kind of thing happens a lot.

I also factor in the idea of spiritless humans, that some people have no spirit, no higher self, thus no destiny, no protection. They live by the law of the jungle and the law of chance. Where was God when the cow that made our hamburger was slaughtered? Where was God when that squirrel got run over by a car? Well that’s the law of the jungle for you. I don’t believe everything can be micromanaged and prevented, because that would reduce a lot of the novelty and freewill in this world.

The problem really is freewill though. You can’t have freewill without the possibility of choosing to go against divinity / spirit. Yes, there are consequences to doing so, but here within linear time (where time separates action and reaction) you can indeed violate someone’s freewill or have yours violated. Yes you may get compensated later on, but for now you got screwed over. Evil is a side effect of freewill, an unfortunate condition for allowing its existence. And so yes you do have forces who have chosen darkness, who violate freewill, and who for the moment get away with it. For that to be prevented in the first place, is to prevent the exercising of freewill, which defeats the very purpose of creation.

From what I’ve seen, the divine laws are absolute and correct and just, but they play out on longer time spans and take into account more variables than are immediately obvious to us, and there will be cases where the equation says a person suffers and nothing will be done about it.

I don’t think it’s that God has a master plan other than the grand experiment to allow individualized beings with freewill to interact within a constrained environment. I do think however, that if freewill is misused to the point that it actually undoes the purpose of this experiment (let’s say, one being tries to enslave all others, hence reducing freewill to just one being, the rest being mind controlled extensions), then major intervention occurs. Also, intervention would be proportional to the crime.

So let’s say that negative aliens come across Earth and infiltrate it covertly and use disinformation to deceive a lot of people. What is the proportional response? Positive aliens or positive souls coming to Earth to work covertly and use real information to enlighten as much people as possible. That’s proportional. What’s not proportional is some mega weapon being used to immediately incinerate every alien and person with malicious intent. Why? Because that would be a last resort if nothing else worked and the whole experiment is about to go up in smoke anyway.

So it’s not like God intentionally intends everything that happens because it serves a master plan; I think God sets up the original conditions and let Creation do its thing, and then inspires the positive-leaning forces within the Creation to intervene where they feel fit. This means there is always flux, change, balance turning to imbalance and back, cycling, and thus growth, experience, and novelty. There are imperfections and imbalances and violations that arise, and then a proportional response which takes time to fulfill since time is what we’re about … action —> reaction takes time.

Generally I’d say that freewill makes it so that not everything is clear cut (in the sense of “what happened to her, she deserved it because it’s all part of a plan”) — since freewill allows for violations of freewill. On the other hand, metaphysical laws and dynamics of the soul and how destiny / incarnations work gives some order to it as well, so that there are indeed cases where things are planned or guided for a higher purpose.

There’s the concept of risk or gamble or game that balances these two things. For example, if a person does not experience a situation, let’s say he or she doesn’t learn or grow or change circumstances all that much. So some kind of catalyst is needed. So if there are any protective positive forces, they might step back and allow negative forces, who are always chomping at the bit to wreak havoc or feed, to initiate a bad situation. This creates a gamble situation where, depending on how the person handles it, either the person becomes weaker due to the attack, or the person acquires the learning / growth / change that otherwise would not have been possible. So in order to gain, there is risk of pain and setback. The situation as a whole is allowed/planned and serves a higher purpose, but that purpose is not guaranteed since freewill allows it still to go off the rails.

Therefore some things in life are not 100% guaranteed good where you can just sit back and let it happen, or 100% a negatively orchestrated attack without any redeeming values. It’s more a wager placed that leads to positive if you put up the good fight, or loss if you give in and do something irrational and self-destructive. This is how I would describe 9/10 of my life experiences. Whenever I encounter an obstacle, I tell myself there may be a hidden door here leading to the reward if only I think outside the box and don’t let myself take the obvious course of reacting to it in a negative and unhelpful manner.

» Just what are your “in-depth” views on magic?

Magic is a science that Science doesn’t yet understand. That said, science and technology can be used ethically or unethically. It depends on the level of ignorance in the user. The more you are aware of the bigger framework and longer term picture, the more your use of it will be in harmony with the whole and of maximum benefit to everyone.

So what happens when you’re self-serving, spiteful, paranoid, jaded, non-empathic, cold, etc. and you come across a convenient power? You use it irresponsibly, without regard or awareness of the bigger picture or long term consequences.

Typically what you will find among left-hand-path folks, thelemists, chaos magicians, black magicians, satanists, luciferians, etc. is that they are either ignorant or spiteful of the idea that there is a bigger framework with its own divine laws and ethics that they are subjected to and cannot get away from. They don’t want to obey anything, but rather find the secret lever that lets them manipulate everything, thus they have power over others instead of being under the power of anyone and anything else. It’s in the same category as nihilism or that there is no meaning in the world but that which you give it; not true, there is an objective framework we are enmeshed in, and there are objective laws of ethics that are in play. These ethics don’t always match up to social / political / religious mores, as the latter are largely products of humanity’s own inept / childish attempt to interpolate objective ethics; but they do match up in some cases, like the golden rule or just not being an asshole; I think both people and the divine forces can agree on that one.

As to why people go down the dark path, well for some, it’s usually because they’ve been fooled by the straw man fallacy that religion has created (a stupid and fake version of god and morality that any smart person can see through) and so they throw the baby out with the bathwater. They have an incomplete, unrealistic, overly anthropomorphic view of “god” and then blame “god” when “he” doesn’t perform to their comical expectations, then turn against “him” and either start worshipping themselves or worship the convenient alternative which is Lucifer / Satan or whatever. Basically it’s a bunch of logical fallacies they have fallen for, mixed with a hurt and starving ego that just wants security and power and finds a good pacifier in belief systems that will give it that. Others additionally have been wounded in life, subjected to conditions beyond their control, and since conventional / physical means have left them powerless, they get a kick out of some occult power that can help balance the situation.

Yes, occult / metaphysical laws are the means to overriding physical ones, but again it’s how it’s used, under what intent, and at what costs that determines whether it’s a positive or negative approach; I mean, casting a spell to get the girl next door to fall in love with you is a blatant violation, whereas putting yourself into the mindset that you are matched up with the perfect partner and vice versa, and synchronicity helps you cross paths with someone also looking for love who is a good fit — that is okay because it violates nothing.

So here are the facts of magic as I understand them:

1) Your deepest beliefs, mindset, root assumptions are directly reflected in your external circumstances through a sub-quantum mechanism. By changing these, you can change what probable futures you enter. Therefore your subconscious is the gateway to tuning your reality. This is the foundation of magic.

2) Probability is also affected by etheric energy fields, because these fields are sub-quantum in nature, sort of like the HTML code beneath a web page. By changing the code, you can change what’s displayed on the page. There are different access levels, from a mere user who changes it by entering text on a comment form, to the designer who can rearrange layout, text, graphics, etc. to the system admin who could completely wipe the operating system if he desired. Likewise, etheric/astral energy that underlies reality has different levels/frequencies to it, and our soul/spirit composition determines how much access we have.

3) Thoughtforms / egregores / tulpas can be created, which function as executables or autonomous constructs in the ether/astral field, that are programmed to carry out tasks. They are artificially intelligent, and are like holographic fragments of the thought / mindset / energy you projected forth in creating them. They can serve you, but they are fundamentally parasitic in nature and will induce in you more of the same behaviors/energies that gave rise to them, thus they can grow out of control and suck you dry if you’re not careful. These things are not necessary to accomplish magical feats, they are just a nonphysical type of technology created with your mind and emotions. #1 above is a deeper level of reality manipulation than this; but some magicians like creating and using thoughtforms; we create them inadvertently every day, and they are the metaphysical component behind addictions and obsessions.

4) The subconscious is a gateway to a higher part of our being, called the higher mind and the higher Self. This is the spiritual supercomputer or satellite that we’re connected to, or that we’re lower projections/probes of. The subconscious is used to communicate with it. It is the seat of power behind the reality tuning/manipulation. However, there is question as to how sentient it is, whether it’s an obedient servant, or the wise master who goes ahead and lets you implement your desire because if you desired wrongly then it’ll bite you in the ass and teach you not to be so stupid next time. Either way, it has a mind of its own (which is the true part of your mind anyway, the part of you that knows better) and sometimes it approves the directives you give it, and sometimes it does not.

5) There is a divine framework and metaphysical law of action and reaction, of ethics and consequences for violation. When you go against it, you rack up a kind of karmic credit card bill, meaning you can “buy anything you want” for now without consequence but the price will be heavy in the end. This is what black magicians do. They bypass what’s right and just, and use illicit means like employing demons or hacking people’s souls/minds (to manipulate their freewill) to get what they selfishly desire. They may have success in the short run, but it’ll weaken their spirits/souls and make them increasingly susceptible to demonic manipulation and possession. When they die, they’ll have a hard time getting away from these demons who come to collect their dues.

6) Purity of intent, correctness of belief (that is, not subscribing to actually fallacious and illusory limitations), and love / empathy / joy are the most powerful forms of magic. They are not used to manipulate, but rather to attune yourself with your own destiny / divine framework, which intelligently optimizes life for maximum happiness and success. It creates synchronicities and miracles. Having a darkened / wounded soul and using black magic to get what you want is sort of like stepping hard on the gas while having the emergency brake one and one wheel missing; it goes against yourself. If you had no resistance, even the slightest push would get you rolling. But to reduce resistance, you have to let go of your bitterness, depression, sourness, jadedness, and egomania and relax into a more easygoing, optimistic, warmhearted and good willed mindset. That’s returning to your true nature.

7) There are higher beings above us, positive beings, who are wise and have great foresight; you could call them angels or guardians. They monitor our activities and when fully justified intervene to prevent certain things from happening, or in helping you out in times when you need it (according to their view); if you were to use remote viewing to try and win the 150 million dollar lottery, it is they who would prevent it if not meant to be. Because of this, magic isn’t something where with a given technique/power you can manipulate the whole world and put elementals at your command and do whatever you want, as if you were king solely by your own decree; rather, what you do must be within acceptable ethical and destiny/karma based guidelines. You have to be mindful of what’s right, balanced, and good for the most in the longest term; that’s the only correct way to use magic. Incorrect way will result in loss of protection from these beings, and increasing susceptibility to the aforementioned demonic forces who are like the wolves that prey on the weak (the spiritually weak in this case).

8) Rituals and sigils, some are complete nonsense and only good as mnemonic triggers to send a particular message to your subconscious. Some are mere token “signing on the dotted line” that you announce to the demonic world telling them you want this in exchange for giving up some of your freewill and soul energy to them (it’s a way of legally giving away your protection / freewill, hence why demons will chomp at the bit to fulfill your desires there, you know like those musicians who said they sold their soul to the devil and then got rich and famous). Some rituals are means of manipulating the etheric / astral and are thus a form of technology. Regardless, rituals you don’t actually understand, or have some superstitious belief in, make you no different from primitive tribesmen or catholic priests; personally I don’t think rituals and sigils are necessary, at least not the complicated ones.

So long as you intend from the heart and are firm, you don’t need the purple table cloth and dagger and other bullshit. Exceptions are technologies like incense, which can directly affect the etheric ambiance of a room and make it harder for a ghost or demon to inhabit the area; that’s not ritual, that’s an etheric science. But tracing a pentagram in the air and chanting the banishing ritual, that’s not necessary because that’s just a more complicated way of expressing intent, which you can do without the arm waving. Same goes for healing; you can do complicated rituals, or you can just lay hands and up your vibes and thereby allow the higher positive force to do its thing.

The view that the ‘muggles’ can and should be manipulated with magic, that’s a black / negative path approach. Fact is, with proper use of magic, you don’t intend to manipulate anyone; however, synchronicity / higher hand will indeed manipulate people (either by inspiring them, or it just happens accidentally) to help you out. And it won’t come at their expense. Not like you intend for money and the higher force kills your spouse and now you get life insurance payments. I mean more like someone feels inspired and out of the goodness of their heart helps you out, and they feel good for it and might receive a blessing in a synchronistic way as well. Win/win for everyone. The demonic / black / negative path is conservative (like energy and momentum) where you either break even or lose some in the end; every winner comes at the cost of a loser somewhere. Meanwhile, the positive / divine / white path is free energy, win/win for everyone (and if anyone does suffer it’s more a correction mechanism for transgressions they have done, with benevolent intent for their remediation). In any case, I don’t think you should ever manipulate anyone directly and specifically, except to wish them well and bless them into having their spirit, mind, and body strengthened and that they have greater clarity and happiness; that respects their freewill.

» Could one use magic to “transcend” physicality and move to 4D in one’s current incarnation?

Yes, but if you don’t change at the core in terms of your maturity, wisdom, awareness, and the kinds of choices you make as a person, then you’re not going anywhere; rather you yourself sink lower and lower while devising increasingly clever means of hacking the world around you.

That’s the story of pretty much the entire negative hierarchy. They lose spiritual power / root access to reality, and have to resort to hacking and energy sucking methods (energy = ability to perform occult maneuvers and reach further/deeper) to get anywhere. It’s a Ponzi scheme, ultimately, destined to collapse upon itself.

So yes, you can astral travel, you can manipulate probability, you could see a bit beyond space-time but that doesn’t make you 4D necessarily it just extends your capabilities in that direction. I think it’s the combination of abilities (used correctly) + heightening of your inner nature (growth in maturity, wisdom, awareness) that both reinforce each other and, in tandem, result in the ability to transcend physicality.

» In my pursuit of psychic abilities I am realizing that the more important task is to develop as a spiritual being first. What are your thoughts on this?

Doing that first would reduce complications later and probably allow you to see / perceive things more deeply and accurately. The problem with not doing that first, is that a person will lack objectivity, emotional and mental stability, clarity of thought, and will have clouded perception (due to etheric/astral organs being corrupted by the negative energies and therefore, like looking through a wavy smoky piece of glass, show a distorted picture).

You see this a lot on the internet, people who have paranormal and occult / clairvoyant abilities and experiences but their beliefs are quite wrong or skewed, or worse they descend into some paranoid schizophrenic nightmare. I think Stuart Wilde went down that route one he started seeing the Morph more but didn’t have a handle on his discernment, emotional stability, or clarity of thought regarding sifting through what he was seeing. Amitakh Stanford is another example.

The other thing is that the more psychic you are, the more easily you are spooked or messed with by negative entities (ghosts, demons mainly). That’s because by being more sensitive to etheric / astral energies, you are thus more strongly impacted by them. So when these folks who have some psychic ability start hearing voices or feeling these entities pinching them or whatever, well that’s the beginning of a slippery slope to madness for them. That’s why developing one’s spiritual warmth and integrity and discernment first (or in conjunction) can help one develop an ‘armor of light’ and strength of character to not fall for that stuff.

I’m not sure if it’ll speed up development, however. The two seem somewhat independent, in that you can be a warm and spiritual person but have no psychic power and vice versa. I mean there is some relation but it’s not guaranteed. That said, developing the heart chakra can lead to another kind of power which is the power of empathy / understanding of people, and also it’ll probably develop your crown chakra as well and lead to more revelations and insights. It’s the third eye that’s responsible for the typical visual clairvoyance, and that one can, in such cases, remain closed while the heart/crown is more open. And vice versa.

» If reincarnation here is so risky, then why not stay in the fifth density and learn there? Taking the risk of forgetting who you are will cripple someone spiritually and ends up wasting time.

As far as I know, there are indeed classes of beings / individuals who stay there and watch other lifeforms (us) go through their experiences. But that’s a spectator sport. Why do people play football when they can just stay home and watch the game… I think intellectual learning isn’t the same as testing yourself and being changed by the experience.

So it’s more than just knowledge-lessons, but also soul-growth and deepest wisdom and self-discovery at work here. Some things we know only because we went through them, and it wouldn’t have gotten so deep into our souls so quickly if one were just watching. I keep hearing how yes you can learn “up there” but it’s slower and not as exciting. Here it’s like a crash course.

As for the risk of forgetting and everything that comes with incarnating: risk is inherent in gambles. The point of a gamble is that you can win something that you can’t get if you don’t play. But to win, you might also lose. The downsides of incarnation, the damage to the soul, the getting lost, etc. does happen but it’s not universally guaranteed. Not everyone goes down the tubes here in life. Therefore it’s not an absolute certainty, but just a potential risk inherent in the gamble for a unique reward. That doesn’t mean everything is great though; I think the overall balance has tipped in the negative direction, hence why a positive intervention of equal and opposite caliber is and has been underway (meaning, the covert takeover of the world by aliens and demons is being countered by a covert and equally long term infusion of covert knowledge and help, a kind of secret war).

One of the fundamentals of this creation is freewill and self-discovery or self-learning, because in acting and experiencing one grows. That’s the point of being separated from the Creator and being endowed with freewill. It’s the absolute core directive of our existence. Again, why are there video games instead of just books and movies? Because people want to play and discover for themselves, they want to exercise their freedom and experience a world.

Facing challenges takes many forms, of which physical danger is probably the simplest and crudest, while challenges regarding trials of one’s faith, determination, confidence, emotions, spirit, etc. are way more along the lines of what people might incarnate for.

On a simple level, people climb mountains and kayak dangerous rapids because they feel they have a certain worth/power and want to put it to the test, and by overcoming that challenge they feel reaffirmed and know themselves better, and perhaps even expand the limits of what they can do.

On a spiritual level, same is true for life’s drama-based challenges. To face failure, persecution, sacrifice, etc. is difficult for the soul. But at some level, or at some point before incarnation, they must have felt that they have a certain worth/power and want to put it to the test, and perhaps grow and expand their limits. They know this world is illusion, that its laws are beneath those of the spiritual laws. But they come here, diving into the illusion, and aim to maintain the spiritual light despite that darkness. Sort of like lighting a candle and diving deep underwater trying to keep it lit. If the flame is strong, it will remain lit. The analogy is good because only flame sources with their own oxidants can stay lit underwater, same way only people who have an internal spiritual connection can survive Earth conditions and overcome them, rather than being overcome by them.

That said, the Higher Self does offer advice through dreams and sometimes directly if you’re psychic enough or it interjects loudly enough; it does so in key times when it’s absolutely necessary ‘to advance the plot.’

Personally, though, I think immature souls need to stop incarnating here. They come here to learn their lessons and experience and grow, but they make a mess of it, which affects everyone else and the planet too, plus it doesn’t help that they’re the dumb ones voting for the establishment puppets and keeping the Matrix going. That gets in the way of what I’d like to be doing here, which is help end this show and start up a new and better one. But who knows, maybe when that time comes, things will happen to make it harder for them to come here (population shrinkage and etheric environment changes) so maybe they’re just squeezing in some last minute experiences in the old world before it’s gone.

» What exactly do you mean by someone being a “matrix agent”?

To me a “matrix agent” is someone through whom malicious third party forces are acting to target someone for spiritual, psychological, financial, emotional, or informational manipulation, diversion, and ruin. They can be spirited or spiritless, so long as they either are knowing and agree, or unknowing and easily manipulated to act as these proxies/vectors.

More specifically, I use the term for people who carry out that function on an extended basis, versus normal people who for only a brief few seconds are ‘taken over by something’ and do/say something that was intelligently guided by a third party force. The latter I think happens regularly as everyone has slips of the mind. It’s only when a person somehow “works for the matrix” more often than not, that I define it as a matrix agent.

Additionally, for me there are highly improbable, odd, suspicious circumstances surrounding their appearance in one’s life. As in, too convenient, too quick, too good to be true, too customized to your weaknesses/biases, and other traits that put it beyond a mere chance occurrence. And lastly, they have to lack a bit of volition, self-examination, and “realness” otherwise they wouldn’t be as manipulable.

Some of them originate with people who from an early age have heard voices or come under the control of demonic/alien forces (several I know have admitted as much) and so they become increasingly integrated with these beings and lose more and more of their own freewill. Beyond a certain level of conscious vacancy, or possession, they are now “pawns on call” living their lives until “activated” and guided toward a certain target. I don’t believe they are necessarily told, paid money, given a phone call, etc. to do that; rather, it happens synchronistically or through telepathic persuasion that they wind their way toward a person. This is my best guess.

Obviously, someone who lacks a spirit has no freewill/volition to resist such manipulations, and their life is much more easily contoured to turn them into this. But, as I mentioned above, through gradual possession or alien control, even weak spirited humans can serve such functions. The main point though is that they are specific in whom they are directed towards, and that there is often a negative paranormal or strange aspect to how they come into a person’s life (similar to how when the federal agencies do a sting on a suspect, the suspect may feel uneasy about the dealer/victim being a bit too convenient and something being off… that’s because forces behind the scenes have set up the circumstances).

This stuff goes a bit beyond psychology and into the research fields of UFOlogy, demonology, and Fortean phenomena. I’m only aware of it because I had to deal with such people on and off through the years.

» Why and how do people become agents? What is the purpose? Is it a conscious choice?

I talk about it in bits and pieces on my site (passing mentions) rather than its own article, but I’ll summarize my current knowledge/theories as follows:

1) They are born that way. Same way not every car produced ever gets a driver, not every body produced in the womb gets a spirit/driver. What happens instead is that the fetus continues to grow or collect around and within itself the etheric and astral bodies, but not the spirit. And so a fully functioning and alive baby is born, but without the higher spark that would allow it to have true freewill in the sense of sentiently contemplating its own life and circumstances and going against biology and social programming to become his or her own individual. Therefore this person will become a product of non-spiritual influences such as the biological and social programming. Any outside forces such as ghosts/demons/aliens would have an easier time inhabiting or steering this person as well. My article on Spiritless Humans gets into this idea.

2) They are born with a spirit, but either fall asleep spiritually in life, or are too young/weak of a spirit, or fragment parts of their spirit/soul off due to chemical, physical, emotional, psychological trauma in life, or it kind of atrophies/evaporates from too much boredom, routine, and misery for too long. These people may be “real” and “grow” up to the point where their spirit core goes latent or is cut off or just plain leaves the body, after that they are just shadows of their former selves, like echoes on repeat mode. Then they are no longer mindful or self-aware enough to be resistant to being manipulated buy those outside forces.

3) They are not even fully human, but artificial beings / constructs created by aliens and/or black ops forces, either reanimated from dead bodies or cloned in special growing tanks. They are robotoids. I talk about them in my Human Simulacra article. I think these are rarer than #2 or #3 above, but their advantage is that they are 100% controllable and can appear and disappear in strange uncanny ways and times.

4) They are not fully real, but quantum anomalies or holographic shells pulled into your timeline/reality due to you bending probability via your thoughts/emotions/intent. For example, let’s say you desire a boyfriend of a certain type (dark, mysterious, bad boy) and use black magic rituals and daily intent to try and manifest him, but you live in a small town in Nebraska where such subcultures don’t exist. Then a week later you encounter the perfect match at the local Dairy Queen and he says he just moved there week ago. He has weird things in common with you, and seems custom tailored to you. But you sense emptiness in his eyes and something sly behind them, as if he were a decoy duck and there’s a hunter lurking around. He ends up being a psychic vampire and loads you up with disinformation and you get sick, etc. and when you’ve had enough, you put your foot down and say to the universe you’re done with him, and that same day he splits town and you can’t figure out where he went. Here, I think you created him by pulling in a very unlikely probable future where such a character shows up, but since he is your creation and no actual spirit is just going to incarnate into a body and grow up to satisfy your whims, he remained spiritless — however, being empty, he’s now an open conduit for dark forces (demons) to work through, and so such forces act through such holographic shells (by holographic I mean still physical and tangible, but not fully real in the sense of being part of your true timeline and having a permanent existence).

5) They are usually spirited, but from a young age were in contact with alien or demon forces who groomed them, wormed their way into his or her mind and soul, and basically turned this person into a steerable and willing puppet. That is, these people hear voices and do what they tell them to do, and have controlled hallucinations and aren’t 100% there in their heads. There are a lot of such types out there. They have a weird world view, usually told they are the center of some made up story these entities spun for them, which gains their cooperation. Their world view is also mostly false and disinformative. I hear from such types periodically. Even if they don’t admit they’re under control of entities, just from their world view I can tell, and when I ask them point blank what and how long they’ve been in touch with entities, they’ll usually admit it and say that most of their worldview comes from what they were told. These types can be moved around relatively easy by such forces to target certain people. But there will almost always be something off about them; either a bit hurried to convince you of lies like some used car salesman, or very slick and calm and sociopathic but with a cold or evil glint behind the eyes even when they’re smiling, or totally discombobulated and hysterical almost (some women agents fall into this category) who are used to trap targets who have the white knight syndrome.

Only the spirited ones can be ‘saved’, but even then, only if they have enough self-awareness, self-examination, and self-correction abilities to snap out of it. The test is that you try and try but nothing works, or any reform isn’t genuine but just an act to placate you until they go back to their control tactics. You don’t have to go nitpicking things, as if you look hard enough you can rationalize even a saint as being the devil, but rather you just have to not be blind to the obvious red flags right in your face. Such blindness comes from false assumptions like the idea that everyone is real and good at the core; not so, some people just aren’t good, whole, sentient people. I think it’s worth giving the benefit of the doubt in ambiguous cases, and overall it’s easier to say with 100% certainty that a person is spirited and real (because of all the character qualities that entails) whereas saying a person is an agent or spiritless is harder since asleep or manipulated spirited people can act like them (there’s a large amount of overlap) and only in the more extreme cases can one say with 100% certainty the latter. Therefore I look more for people who are definitely real, than trying to play “spot the agent” as certain groups and forums like to do.

» I live surrounded by fundamentalist Christians, many of whom absolutely believe it’s a greater sign of faith to buy a new dress for church than to feed the poor. Where do you stand on this?

I am both non-Christian and ultra—fundamentalist Christian. I believe the Great Apostasy, or the turning away from the teachings of Christ, occurred not in the decades after the writing of the four Gospels but with the very penning of these Gospels in the first place.

I like the Gospels of Thomas because they are nothing but sayings of Jesus, the kind that like the Grimm fairy tales circulated orally for some time before being set down in writing. And they were set down seemingly verbatim from what had been circulating. Meanwhile, that core was separately taken up by various propagandists and turned into the Four Gospels with a bunch of padding and other junk thrown in. So I’m pretty hardcore about going back to the earliest, purest, shortest, simplest nucleus of Christianity (the parables and sayings of Jesus) and ascribing to those, because like the sayings of Buddha they are pure meaning without fluff.

So, it’s really something how Christians can be nowadays. So much form, so little substance, and if I dare say it, instruments of the anti-Christ despite wearing Christian personas. Yes, I think the anti-Christ co-opted Christ’s legacy within a few short decades after the dawn of the first millennium, and Christianity has been its tool ever since. By anti-Christ, I just mean the general body of negative forces that are working in opposition to spirit/divinity.

» Have you come across spiritual communes and sustainable communities, and would you ever consider joining one?

I knew of some communes in central Virginia when I lived there, one was self-sustaining, nestled in between hills pretty far from the main roads.

These seem like a fun place, but it’s not really my thing. I would only do it to gain experience/knowledge for rebuilding society after a collapse. I wouldn’t go there just for the sake of ‘saving Mother Earth’ and hanging out with people into that kind of lifestyle.

My view is that given our current lifespans, time, energy, etc. that should be put toward the highest and rarest thing we can put it toward under the current circumstances, which in my case revolves around science, technology, metaphysics, alchemy, and writing/speaking/creating regarding those subjects. So if I put in 4 hours every day on those things, I would contribute something more valuable than if I spent 4 hours growing radishes, because the latter has been done for thousands of years and once you eat it, it’s gone. But knowledge lives on.

People who need that experience, or those whose livelihood is farming, should be the ones to do that. But so long as modern civilization exists and there is division of labor, and thus food to buy in the stores, I find it more efficient to buy that and use the remaining 3.3 hours of work on what I consider to be novel and rare and important and unprecedented.

About saving the Earth, well I don’t believe in careless pollution, but at the same time I’m also aware of volcanic eruptions, pole shifts, comet debris, solar flare scorchings, galactic super waves, and hydrogen sulfide gas releases from the seabed that have in the past, and will again, kill species and wipe out forests and grasslands and poison waters a thousand times over what man has caused.

Earth is resilient, it gets whacked and then life repopulates. But what happens to the soul/spirit is more important, in my view, as that lasts longer and has greater effects into the future. Therefore I’m not into the green, hippie, eco, environmentalist stuff except for the idea of energy efficiency and more efficient farming methods (or hemp farming, which has tons of uses) so as to reduce human labor and costs and thus free up time and energy for more important things.

As to communes in general, I mentioned how when I worked at a bookstore in Virginia we had a good number of alternative people come in every day, except 19 out of 20 of them I couldn’t care for since their ‘alternativeness’ was based in ego, wishful thinking, entertainment, amusement, contrarianism, etc. rather than genuine truth seeking. So in these communes, I can expect to find similar. I don’t agree with liberals or philosophies of weakness and vulnerability, and inevitably a number of people there would fit into that.

Also I’m not a fan of the idea of people needing to hang onto each other for social support (the feeling of camaraderie) to the point where that feeling takes precedence over individual progress, learning, and such. What I mean is, so they get together and shoot the breeze and feel like a family and then what … what are they actually accomplishing other than having a communal pacifier to share?

Reminds me of some people, certain girls especially, who just want to talk for the sake of talking rather than exploring ideas and coming to new realizations and getting things done. For them it doesn’t matter what’s said, so long as the interaction fulfills a sense of acceptance and approval. Or worse it becomes a control tactic and form of energy feeding, like people who can’t think with their mouths closed and have to chatter on all day long pulling everyone around them into their own stream of consciousness and holding them captive. It’s hypocritical. If a commune is based on wishful thinking divorced from reality, and if the needs it actually serves are childish and escapist, then I don’t want to be part of that.

Anyway, I think society will collapse eventually and then eco villages you can visit today will be a good pattern of how to make it afterwards (though to be realistic they’d need armed security and medics for that scenario too). That’s why I said I’d do it for the training, but I wouldn’t live there right now just for the sake of living in a commune, if conditions don’t yet necessitate this.

» When will the materialist scientists finally be able to acknowledge the reality of esoteric (non-material) existence?

The level of proof required to convince all of them, enough so that textbooks are rewritten and PhDs lose their jobs and religions fall, is so great with such severe consequences that it invokes intervention from the various powers that control our world (angels, secret societies, aliens) and none of them want that to occur at the wrong time. Therefore it will happen when the time is right, but any individual attempting to create or provide such proof in the wrong way at the wrong time will be prevented by these powers.

For example, a person with really strong psychic abilities who can read everyone’s mind, they will feel very strongly over time not to share it with anyone. Or maybe they get karmically punished every time they share it a little, and don’t want to suffer anymore, and that’s only step 2 where by step 10 they would be dead of cancer or something. There are many ways in which individuals can be convinced not to share their proof with the world at large, even if it’s okay for them to share it with a smaller network of people who don’t impact world history.

Technology though is the easiest to convince the materialist. Let’s say you invented a special camera that can see into the etheric plane and therefore show what ghosts or demons or aliens or whatever are in your vicinity. To go from wanting to create this, to eventually putting it on public display or mailing ten demonstration devices to various academics, that is a very long sequence of steps where each way there can be made obstacles. In the very beginning, it can be done just by making the person not have enough willpower to research how to even invent it despite it being a cool idea. Then they can delay you getting the parts needed to try it out, give you brain fog, make your brother go broke so that he needs to borrow your money and now you can’t buy what you need, all the way up to not having funding to produce the ten demonstration devices. And if somehow you do succeed and creating a machine, then unless you make it fully public instantly (and then they will play on your greed, make you think that since you invested 120,000 dollars, people don’t deserve to have it for free … you need to have compensation, so you try to attract investors, but turns out they are even more easily mind controlled and either never come, or end up being scammers and the you go to jail for fraud, and so on). See, it’s all very easy to stop.

Fact is, certain people are meant to believe because they experience it for themselves, or they already have something within them that is open to believing, so they do the research and are smart enough to realize that non-material things exist. Meanwhile, other people are not on that path at all, or are puppets of the matrix, so no amount of proof will convince those folks. Then the rest are people who can change their minds given enough proof, but that proof may not come if the higher powers don’t allow it.

There’s a reason that angels and aliens don’t just reveal themselves openly on national television, or reveal themselves to the president for that matter. That’s because all sides, no matter what the side, wants the current level of silence/skepticism that we see, for various reasons.

At the same time, knowledge of these phenomena is spreading. Just not to the point where it affects the economy, wars, or causes religions to fall. Everything else though, from movies to TV documentaries about the paranormal or aliens, is not only allowed but encouraged. And yet, nothing is forcing the skeptics to sit down and watch those programs. Only people interested watch them. Thus it doesn’t violate or upset anything. That’s the way this world seems to be run at the moment.

But I do think a time will come, a deadline of sorts, where conditions are right for the final revelation to be given about aliens/angels/souls to the mass public. Think about this: right now, all the laws in the western world do not include “the soul” or “demons” or “aliens” as factors. No economic decisions are based on it. No wars are fought on it. Only entertainment, TV shows, books, radio shows, etc. seem to incorporate these ideas, things that aren’t that consequential. (Of course, in secret, the shadow government/military does know about these things, and manipulates the world accordingly).

Now, imagine if the paranormal were factored into public policy. For example, let’ ssay aliens are now admitted as real, and then the question is who in the population has been contacted by them, is working for them, or is being influenced by them … should such people have the right to vote? Should they be allowed to own guns? Should they be treated as dangerous to the nation? Or only those being contacted by alien factions the government hasn’t made treaties with? If people were to vote on which alien factions are kosher, would they vote for just whoever is the prettiest looking alien faction? And if that faction ends up being a bunch of liars, as most politicians are right now, then laws will get written favoring their agenda and the rest of us can’t do anything about it since that’s democracy and the will of the human race, which thereby sanctions it under galactic law.

Same with the soul. Let’s say the soul is recognized as real, and that it leaves the body at night when you sleep. Then someone invents a robot that can house the body of a soul, and now the government realizes it can make you work while you sleep by having your consciousness be transferred to that robot body. Or advertisers realize they can now project advertisements into your dreams. Or when a criminal gets sentenced to 8 life sentences, there are built prisons specifically for souls of those who died in prison, to live another 500 years trapped in that soul-prison.

Or let’s say the military then has open permission to use this occult knowledge in warfare. Maybe now they collect and breed demons to use as spiritual warfare on lesser nations. Maybe demon bombs that are dropped in and possess people and make them kill and eat each other, maybe combined with special drugs dispersed as gasses that make people susceptible to it. Or a kind of metaphysical soul weapon that activates in a city and distorts the soul-body connection so that everyone falls over into a coma and then dies.

By limiting humanity’s knowledge to very narrow regions of science and beliefs, it makes them more controllable. The good guys probably see that there would be bad consequences such as the examples cited above, consequences stemming from that power being abused (considering mankind’s current state of morality). Meanwhile, the bad guys don’t want that knowledge out there either because then liberators could use that tech to see them and expose them. You can expose the bad guys, but you can’t fix human ethics that easily, not without lots of time and effort, and so right now is too soon for this knowledge/tech to be made official.

But private use is okay, it seems. I mean, it still gets moderated if it becomes too public (if it offers too strong of proof, as that can upset the world script). I wish it weren’t this way, but that’s what I see from having researched it.

» I always believed in prayer, but only recently I’m starting to see how baptizing could be significant, and I am curious if you have any thoughts on it.

Baptism is pretty complicated. Let’s say you have someone who has a very high soul frequency, kind of psychic, can heal with his or her hands. Now she scoops up some water and blesses a child with it. Like a Reiki master initiating a student, some of her energy would go into the baby/person and probably give the baby a positive nudge in life.

On the other hand, take a priest who is shallow of faith and just does it as part of ritual. I bet nothing happens energetically, except maybe an occult branding due to it all being a Catholic ritual, say, whereby the baby’s soul has a bit of the “Catholic™” logo stamped into it, figuratively speaking. I mean if the baby were baptized with blood and dedicated to Satan, I’m sure as a child he/she would have a greater degree of negative paranormal happenings. And since the Catholic church is full of Babylonian / Mithraic / and other pagan symbolism and we know about the pedophile issue, it’s not actually that far removed from Satanism. Maybe that’s why there’s a business for Catholic exorcists, if Catholics attract a higher degree of demonic ‘infections’ due to the nature of the organization of which they’re part. Just speculating.

But I think even baptism is just a symbolic act, a kind of ritual ‘time capsule’ that generations pass down without necessarily knowing the meaning. Like what if it’s just a symbolic representation of being filled/showered with divine etheric energy dispensed by the Holy Spirit? (Which I believe is real, and is an artificially intelligent helper sent by the divine to protect and enlighten us on a case-by-base basis)? What if a clairvoyant once saw this as sparkling water raining down on someone and turning them into a spiritually awakened being? (Which is supported by anecdotal reports of feeling rain drops or tears on one’s face when under the attention of divine forces). Well, then that gets passed down as pouring water on a baby or dunking someone in a river (I’m talking here about the story of John baptizing Jesus, which may or may not have happened, and if not, then was a symbolic story about some higher metaphysical/occult truth).

Interestingly, in the Grail stories, a person had to be baptized to be able to see the Grail, otherwise it was invisible. That tells me the real baptism is a kind of divine etheric charging effect in that case, that activates one’s psychic/etheric organs and thus can see things others cannot. But ultimately baptism is a concept with multiple layers of interpretation, many of which are valid in their own context.

» Is there a way to seek help from the positive beings?

Yes, first step is freeing yourself of beliefs (subconscious programming) that shut them out. I’m talking about thoughts that you are undeserving, that your destiny is to be in misery, that you are forsaken or abandoned, that this world is dog eat dog and we’re all alone, etc.

Those thoughts are precisely the same ones that negative forces use to wage spiritual warfare on a person, to grind them down spiritually and choke off their access to the positive forces. It’s to get them to freely choose to enter a prison of their own making, though with the blueprints provided by these negative forces.

Anyway, using affirmations to counter-program negative thoughts can help remove those, and then with optimism and hope in your heart, you are in a better position to work ‘hand in hand’ with the positive forces.

Then you just get yourself into a positive, uplifted, heart-ignited mood and address the highest positive force you can think of, whether it’s your Higher Self or the infinite Creator or the angels or whatever. Ask for help. Bonus points if it’s for something intangible like happiness, wisdom, understanding, knowledge, insight, and so on. If it’s for material circumstances, that’s fine too if you earnestly and honestly feel it’s right and just. End the request with a thank you and a feeling that, like ordering something online, the deal is done and you can feel relaxed and glad that your request will be answered. If they decide it’s not wise to fulfill, no big deal, then it just won’t happen.

Where you’re asking from, what assumptions you’re asking under, that plays a role. For example, let’s say someone is lazy and doesn’t want to think too much or investigate anything, and thus not apply themselves and grow from that exercise. Let’s say this person then requests the Creator to send him or her a wise master to tell him all the answers to life, handing it over on a silver platter. What’ll usually happen is, a synchronicity will occur whereby this person (maybe online) will come across such a seemingly wise person, say someone who acts like the self-appointed guru on a forum, and they connect. But really it’s a lazy person connecting with an egomaniacal guru-complex person. Lots of B.S. is exchanged and one day the person will realize what a bunch of B.S. it all was, and regret having come under the control of someone who was only out to gratify themselves. Well, that’s because the person was asking from a place of ego and ignorance to begin with, so he manifested an appropriate fit for it.

Therefore the more right, just, honest, wise, correct, etc. the request for help, the more likely it will receive an equally honest and just reply. The mind is quite powerful though, and even in the absence of positive forces, one can use strong intent and almost black-magic like power or ritual to manifest the answer to to one’s desire no matter how dark it is. That’s because then dark forces (demons usually) step in and answer the request in exchange for the person’s soul energy, spiritual integrity, and personal power. There’s also the neutral case where in the absence of higher positive or negative forces, a person’s mind alone can nudge reality into manifesting certain things, hence some people who aren’t particularly nice, nevertheless end up becoming rich or lucky in life because their minds/thoughts are oriented toward that outcome and so they attract it.

» Why do those running the control system even allow us access to books such as Fringe Knowledge? Don’t they have the power to truly censor us?

Sometimes the act of showing their hand, proving their own existence, or turning someone into a martyr has worse consequences for them than simply holding back. But there are other more metaphysical reasons.

There are equal and greater neutral and positive forces that prevent them from having free reign to do whatever they please. Think of the referee in a soccer match, the players could easily kick his ass but that’s not the correct way to think of his role; his role is to be given a power necessary for the proper function of the game. Those running the control system are masters of their own domain, but that domain is like one half of what makes up our reality. The other half is under the jurisdiction of positive forces. Not in terms of geography, but in terms of who / what / when. In the end it comes down to us, individually, and how we use our freewill to align more with one or the other, if we use/have freewill at all.

If you think of a deer in the forest, it’s an animal and its freewill is less compared to ours. Its spiritual priorities are lower too. It therefore lives largely by the law of the jungle where the weak get eaten by the strong. So when a human with a high tech rifle and scope enters the woods and kills it, that happened because it could.

Now imagine if someone writes a spiritually empowering book, and those running the control system don’t like it. Well, that person and those who are ‘meant’ to read that book are not on the level of the deer. They indeed would be if they made certain choices in life that weakened them spiritually, such as adopting either a very predatory/violent or prey/victim mindset. But if not, then through their choice, their vibes, who they are at the core, they have now come under the jurisdiction of positive forces. Their freewill made it so.

Therefore if it’s ‘meant’ to be, negative forces then are limited in what they can do to such a person. They can’t aim a laser satellite at his house and burn a hole through his brain even though they have the technology to do so. Either they wouldn’t even think of it (memory would get blanked out) or the satellite would malfunction or maybe they don’t want to risk evidence of such tech to be out there. Whatever the case, they simply don’t do it.

However, they can for example use remote telepathic persuasion to try and induce depression in the person. That again respects his freewill, though it pressures it a bit. For the person this is a test of sorts; if he stays strong against it, he will become stronger as a result. But the risk is that he will choose not to fight and adopt those thoughts as his own. If that leads to a downward spiral, it can make him so weak and negative that he falls out of resonance with the positive forces, and if all hope is spent, he can then indeed be killed, maybe through a home invasion and murder or cancer or car accident or whatever. But ultimately, he via his freewill is the one who calls the shots of what happens.

Thus anything that comes under the jurisdiction of a higher law, acts via higher principles that are kind of opposite those of the law of the jungle. Therefore some people you’ll find seem to have divine protection, while other people don’t. It’s further complicated by karmic / destiny factors, such as someone being born here already having chosen the manner and general timing of death, so they lead a good life helping others and then when they reach the appointed time they spin off a bridge and drown in the river. Seems like a tragedy, and sometimes it is, but other times it’s planned.

But if a person has protection, say because everyone whom he/she affects ‘needs’ the consequences of his/her actions, then their ‘need’ extends to that person in ensuring that he/she survives to fulfill it. That is, so long as this person stays on the ‘right side of the divine law’.

The simpler answer to your question is that dark and light forces basically just want to help/recruit their own, and if a person goes over to the dark side out of his or her own freewill, then so be it, and vice versa. It’s not like the light forces are trying to correct every last person to be good. They know that a person who chooses darkness will come around eventually. Likewise, the dark side doesn’t try to destroy every good person if they’re doing their own thing and not rocking the boat too much. It’s just that when a person does too much to rock the boat, that equal measures are taken to try and pound him back down, but they have to act within the rules of the game (such as the telepathic persuasion) mentioned above.

If the person has made bargains with the dark side, gained from them in some way, then the person has given away some of his protection too. For example, entering the military and gaining higher secrecy clearances comes with signing lots and lots of paperwork and agreeing to face the punishment of death for revealing it. If this person later goes on a lecture tour spilling those secrets and gets hit by a microwave beam and dies of an aneurysm while on stage, well that’s all legal.

I myself haven’t done that, made any deals or contracts, and I try to keep my vibe up. Further, whatever offensive actions have been taken against my book I through persistence and foresightedness have been able to overcome. For example, the book was done when a computer glitch caused the whole thing to be erased including the backup copy. There was a 95% chance that the book would never have come out. I tried a data recovery program but it didn’t work. I tried another, didn’t work. I tried another, didn’t work. Most people would have given up at this point, but recognizing the future was on the line, I tried two more and the last one managed to retrieve it, hence the book exists today. It’s little things like this, rather than government troops coming in burning my books, that are how it’s usually done. The lightest of touches that lead to changes in the future; they just have to target the right moment, the one where mere glitch or errant thought causes a change in the way things go. This is all spiritually legal, as it targets weaknesses that are equally opportunities for growth if overcome, so both sides potentially get something from it, and it’s the person who makes the choice of which way it goes.

» How might genetics relate to spirituality?

Genetics is kind of like car models, in that you can ask yourself what kind of person drives a BMW versus a Toyota. This has to do with what kind of soul chooses a certain genetic profile (if the choice is available) over another. To answer that question properly though, race is too general a classification since it has more to do with specific bloodlines or particular genes. For example a soul may incarnate into a body that appears to be of African descent not necessarily because it fits the “black” profile, but may because that body has 6 to 7 specific useful genetic traits unique to that body, and these traits may or may not have anything to do with the African ancestry. However, if a soul wants to go through the whole racism thing, feeling oppressed, working through issues of self-image, etc. then maybe it’ll choose that body in a particular place and time to face that challenge.

So it’s about the skills, biases, predispositions, self-image, how one relates to society, how it affects one’s relations in life, etc. that are behind what genetics are chosen by what incarnating consciousnesses.

Now, you can look statistically at different races and make generalizations about majority tendencies. And in turn, that would mean that statistically the souls who occupy these bodies might likewise have certain profiles / patterns that generally are attracted to those genetic factors. The coupling is weak but it’s there. But it’s weak enough that you can’t say, oh that particular person is white or black, therefore that particular person has this or that soul. That would be actual racism. But it’s not racism, in my opinion, to objectively observe the more general trends and coupling/correlation factors.

In my observation, people with light colored eyes and fair hair and lighter skin are less grounded, more prone to neurotic tendencies, more aloof, less emotional, not as deep and real and here, less outgoing, less animated, and quite frankly more cold, reptilian, alien, intellectual, disconnected, and potentially psychopathic. Like any stereotype, it’s a weak general pattern but doesn’t prevent individuals from defying that pattern. Therefore if you are none of these, no big deal, you are the exception then to the pattern.

Similar stereotypes can be made about the other races. But again, race is such a general category that to be more accurate you’d have to drill down into specific bloodlines. There are bloodlines that are given to math and science. Others to music and art. Others to being drug and alcohol addicts. Others to want to be defenders and protectors. Others to want to climb the social/political ladder. They may all be white. They may all be black. Hard to say, as it’s about specific genetic threads here, rather than the complete package that makes up a race.

That said, if you go back far enough in history, it does appear that certain tribes back then were naturally more given to soul-based things like art, music, industry, poetry, literature, and so on … while others were content to remain as animals. In the Middle Eastern history for example, there were a group among the Amorites who were known to the Akkadians as being backwards, animalistic, nomadic sub-humans. They didn’t bury their dead, they eat all their meat raw, they didn’t know how to farm, they stank, and they had no spiritual inclinations. Was that all completely culture? Or was there some genetic-spiritual correlation factor? And what happens if those genetics intermixed with the other cultures? Would it result in a mixed culture where one out of every X people would lack the genetic profile attractive to a soul interested in art, culture, music, altruism, or spirituality? That’s the only way I can see race factoring into spirituality nowadays, except I think the genetics today are so diluted and intermixed that it’s impossible to give a free pass to anyone because of their race, or condemn them because of their race.

I think once portable genetic sequencers become cheap and common enough that anyone can buy one, there will be a real war of ideologies and ethics about how that’s used, what it all means, and how genetics factor into human behavior. It’ll also expose a lot of the lies that history, anthropology, archeology, and genetic academics have had the luxury of upholding. That’s coming in 10-20 years if the world continues without interruption. You’re going to see a new level of racism and anti-racism, new sects/ideologies erupt out of that. Interesting times.

Now, genetics just provides a toolbox. It’s you the soul who decides what to do with it. If your family has one soul origin, and you another, then of course you’ll be the odd one out despite having similar appearance. I’ve known the opposite case too, where a whole family resembles each other except for the one guy who happens to be really pale with really dark hair while the others look like average brown haired white folks. That guy then is ‘different’ at a spiritual level from the others. But is the behavior due to genetics, or was genetics selected due to the soul’s desired behavior? When two parents come together, only half of each’s chromosomes are selected “by random chance” to make the baby. Of course it’s not random chance all the time, it’s a palette of colors for the incoming soul (or whomever runs this operation) to choose. In this way, an incoming soul can, if it wants to, look quite different from the siblings.

» What if every action we took was already predetermined?

Predetermination is possible but goes against currently known quantum physics, where it’s been mathematically proven that hidden variables (deterministic factors we haven’t yet discovered) cannot be behind quantum phenomena. The implication is that true non-determinism, or pure ‘randomness’, does indeed exist. And since our brains are quantum computers, I think that implies our thoughts and hence actions are not all 100% predetermined.

However, I know from experience that a lot of our lives is indeed predetermined — either due to destiny/karma or choice at a higher level, or due to the usual physical deterministic factors like genetic defects or being born into bad circumstances or maybe being born into Nagasaki a month before the bomb.

I’ve experienced negative forces being able to see my upcoming future, but I’ve also been able to become aware of them being aware of it, and then applying my awareness through sheer willpower and foresight to not take the route that was, prior to this point, the predetermined and most probable outcome. In other words, I changed the future. It was only possible by becoming aware of it. Awareness of something is what opens choice. Without sentience, there is no freewill.

So based on my experiences, I would say that our lives take place in the fractal zone between physical determinism (material causality) and metaphysical determinism (fate, karma, the will of higher forces). Even if our lives are 99% deterministic, it’s that 1% that makes things interesting. It reminds me a bit of the train system. Trains run on predetermined tracks. The train operator merely chooses to switch tracks here and there and control the speed/timing. And yet, somehow that makes for an interesting system that isn’t completely deterministic.

I would also add, that you are free to change your thoughts/feelings/beliefs and thereby change the probabilities of what external circumstances you move into. Therefore if time and place is the most valuable asset, you can indeed influence this at the quantum level through the reality-creation / mind-over-matter phenomenon. Not instantly, not completely, but partially and over a variable amount of time, and that’s basically changing the map or terrain of your existence.

» What do you honestly think about the unfairness and injustice that good people tend to experience?

Probably two things to this:

1) Our modern world has been constructed as such by psychopaths and anti-spiritual forces. They used networking, deception, manipulation, force, demagoguery, and all kinds of cunning tricks to allow the corrupt to secure their power. They have control over much of mainstream media, entertainment, music, finance, education, medicine, science, universities, military, and industry.

So it’s a very hostile environment for good people. Good forces and good people still have a presence in politics, media, entertainment, music, and the other fields mentioned above, but they will always be the minority. The real reason for this is that the human species at the moment is relatively dumb, and so there are too many dumb or naive people who keep voting these politicians into power, who keep supporting war, who keep ridiculing the truth researchers and freedom fighters. So it’s basically a big population of sheep that are feeding a bunch of wolves, and so the good shepherd can neither manage the herd no take down all the wolves because there are too many sheep and the wolves are too strong.

The whole thing is a syndrome comprised of multiple problems.

First problem is that mental illness is rampant and legitimized in our culture to the point where the insane can hold political office, hence the existence of liberals/democrats for example. They don’t reason objectively; they rationalize subjectively. Logic for them is a tool to serve their emotions, prejudices, biases, and childish fantasies and truth for them only has value when convenient. So they are mentally ill, emotionally stunted, and irresponsible people, but due to good use of sophistry can appear sane enough to get into positions of power or earn respect from people dumber than themselves, of which there are many. But basically they are overgrown children or with bad logic and there is no boundary to the level of stupidity of which they are capable.

Second problem is that most people are extremely easy to nudge and persuade subconsciously by ghosts, demons, aliens, remote influencers, subliminals, voice-to-skull technologies, manipulated dreams, abduction and posthypnotic programming, etc. It doesn’t take much to find people who aren’t mentally put together very well, who lack intelligence or discernment or good reasoning skills, and nudge them toward certain viewpoints, beliefs, lifestyles, and actions. So long as they lack a critical level of sentience required for self-examination, self-correction, and lucidity, they are one-way programmable machines that take whatever input they are given. I think these comprise the bulk of what you’re talking about. They are groomed to act as mouthpieces for the control system, at every level of society not just obvious positions of power. They don’t always know they are mouthpieces. Most have just been shaped like clay to serve their function.

Some, however, are conscious of their roles. These are people who can hear voices, or can perceive the entities or at least what the entities project into their minds as an image of themselves (which is usually a disguise). These people are given a bullshit story about the benefits they’ll receive for working with these entities, and it serves their egos in some way. Many enter into an active relationship with the entities, allowing them or encouraging them to take more control. The person loses more and more of himself, and eventually becomes an instrument of these forces. Outwardly they can be good at hiding it, unless they are severely mentally ill then they’ll talk about it and appear schizophrenic to others and give it away. But point being that there are people who knowingly and willingly serve a hidden manipulator. The probably think of themselves as prophets or secret agents for that force, to be rewarded for serving it.

Then lastly there are people who are completely empty, fake, and entirely controlled by the hidden manipulators. They could be robotoids grown in a lab, a reanimated dead person now controlled by some AI, an AI program that doesn’t even have a body and only pretends to be human on the internet, or more occult/quantum possibilities like thoughtforms made temporarily flesh or some glitch in the matrix that creates a breathing human being but one who is only a holographic shell that can be puppeted by hyper-d forces. What distinguishes these from the previous examples is that they are 100% controllable and don’t have their own sentience.

So it’s a sliding scale really, from the more plausible and mundane to the more fantastic and bizarre. But all of these act sort of like the control rods in a nuclear reactor, slowing down the reaction. Or alternately, sand in the engine. They act as friction and control systems that moderate human civilization, adding friction, stress, and deception everywhere. They are the friction that generates the heat (loosh energy) that the matrix forces feed on, and the crude oil on our feathers that keeps us from flying. Some are just stupid childish people, others are groomed/programmed, others are actively being piloted by a nonhuman force.

Therefore the good people for the moment can only serve the minority who aren’t the sheep. That is, a minority serving the minority, and not globally but more regionally or like how I on the internet am only reaching a small percentage, but at least then it’s quality people over quantity, which is fine.

But basically, if physical force allows it, then a good person can get overrun or defeated from time to time. The spirit is immortal and other helpers can be sent, so from the big picture perspective it’s not THAT big of a deal with a good person gets taken out, as they just return home and come back for another try.

2) Good people aren’t always strong or wise or discerning or good fighters. There was a time when a good person was also a good fighter; these were the old chivalric knights from long ago. As centuries went on, “good” became contaminated with the idea of meekness, per the lies and mistranslations that were inserted into religion. And politically it became “good” to be against violence, to let the state/police do all the protecting for you, to hate guns and be a progressive person who was actually a wimpy hipster.

Point being that the ideal good person is someone who not only has a good heart, but is also brave, smart, powerful, and capable. Good people who are like harmless bunnies are okay, and many still achieve much. But when they come up against negative suppression, some go soft too easily. If they were also good fighters (social fighters, legal fighters, word/research fighters, etc.) then they could push back and balance things out more. In fact, I think that’s one of their lessons, to gain a bit of ‘tactical skill’ to make themselves a bit tougher, but without losing their heart or divine energy. That’s the only way to liberate dark forces from their own ignorance, to show them it’s possible to be a good guy and a bad ass at the same time, which is more than they will ever be if they stick to their ways. It’s not about being a devouring wolf or peaceful sheep, but about being the shepherd who has the best of both and then some.

» When faced with a great task how is it that you stay focused, knowing full well that all these years of work will eventually materialize into a finished product?

It helps to break it down and focus just on what the next step is. Big wars are won via little battles. Each little battle won provides a reward that motivates one on to the next step. Getting absolutely nowhere for seven years is different from unlocking it piece by piece over that time and each time getting rewarded a little bit.

It also helps to have confidence and knowing… rather than just having blind faith… by already having proof, glimpse, seed, insight, etc. that shows you a promise of what the end holds. The future must pull, rather than the past pushing.

Dinking around with a keyboard trying to compose something from scratch, having faith that the great melodies will come, never works for me. First the idea must strike me like lightning on its own at other times, or a bit like catching a faint whiff in the air and then digging deep to retrieve the memory of which it reminds you — then the idea is so awesome that it begs to be expressed in recorded format, and so this maddening itch to make it manifest is what motivates the arduous recording process.

I already know what I want, I already know the melody is great, I already know the end result will be worth moving toward. The labor is in implementing, rather than conceiving. Conception must strike as a revelation, and it must come first. The same goes for the articles on my site.

Of course when an obstacle is encountered along the way, then yes there is some labor toward getting past it, but the same way you can hear people talking on the other side of a thin wall, even if you can’t see them or make it out clearly, you can intuit that the answer is there beyond the obstacle, and you might even feel its general shape. That’s the proof/seed/glimpse needed to motivate. Again, it’s not purely blind faith and bumbling, nor is it 100% clear vision with a deterministic implementation of known steps. It’s a transcendent intuition acting as a tractor beam pulling you toward its physical manifestation, a strange attractor.

As long you can fire yourself up, keep your eye/heart on the feeling and motivation that enthuses you about the project, then the more you’re fired up by it, the more you will automatically focus on it and make it happen. If you just have no motivation and no heart and just want to make an album because that’s what’s expected of you, then you’ve already lost and everyone with ears to hear will know that you had no mojo in making it, so no point in even trying.

Like I said, if a song recording process is just flowing then I’ll give up other things because I’m too wrapped up in it to care about those other things. That’s what I meant by obsession being a key to making breakthroughs. Controlled madness is the key to genius.

» Have you ever had astral travel experiences?

I have done it a couple times intentionally when starting from waking state, and maybe two dozen times spontaneously from a dream state.

The spontaneous ones, most happened from a lucid dream state. In the lucid dream, I found that by focusing on my own self-awareness and breathing and body sensations I could exit the dream and wake up in my astral body already partially detached from the physical. Often this would be accompanied by a feeling of intense wind, a rushing white noise sound, maybe a foggy bright light surrounding me, and a feeling of vibration or acceleration. Then it’s easy to use typical exit techniques to get out. The lucid dream technique works because my body is still asleep and so is too tired to wake up suddenly, unlike trying to project starting from a waking state where it takes an immense amount of relaxation to shut the body down.

So the intentional ones from waking, well those require the full body relaxation techniques, however I am naturally not someone who falls asleep easily or quickly, and so it took me ninety minutes last time trying to both fall asleep while simultaneously keeping my awareness intact. It is incredibly boring and difficult. And yes, the moment I fall asleep and recognize I am, it’s very easy to get shocked by this and wake back up. I haven’t been able to overcome this consistently.

Now, when out of my body, I did not actually fly off and go into the astral planes. I stuck around in the room for the most part. One time I had to wake up quickly and so I dove into my body but the wrong way, and I felt like being a shoe inside a drier tumbling around for a few seconds until the soul snapped into place in its proper position and I was able to wake up.

An acquaintance of mine had a forced astral projection once. He wasn’t too bright, and was cocky on top of it, and he mentally called out to the ‘shadow people’ and challenged them, saying they were pieces of nothing. Well, that evening he and his girlfriend went to bed and shortly thereafter he awoke to several such shadow beings in the room. They grabbed him and pulled him out of his body and toward the doorway, trying to haul him away. He saw them doing it to his girlfriend too. She was able to pull back and woke up, but he was still out of body. She saw his body choking and tried to wake him up but he wouldn’t wake up. Meanwhile he was pulling away as hard as he could and finally broke free and returned to his body, woke up gasping for breath, and his girlfriend told him what just happened to her and it matched what he saw. I mention that because it’s one of the rarer types of experiences.

I don’t practice astral projection anymore as I find it risky. I don’t agree with people who say there is absolutely no risk. Some of the people I know who do it a lot, over the years they seem to lose more and more of themselves, and I noticed something dark takes the place of the vacant spots in their soul. Like a drunk person swearing they aren’t drunk, I don’t think they’re capable of noticing that they’re suffering from the effects of long term astral projection. But make up your own mind on that; I recommend all the writings of Robert Bruce if you want to research it more.

Lucid dreaming seems safer to me. The astral stays close to the physical body, and just like using a computer to connect to the internet, one remains ‘close to home’ while potentially using the lucid dream environment as a virtual kind of interface with whatever beings/realms/energies one can potentially connect with. I think that’s safer than going astral and trying to visit those realms directly.

» So, what is the best “system” to awakening the spiritual powers?

Good question. I would say that every system has something of use, and it’s easier to find books on each system than a book that has already combined the best of everything.

Off the top of my head, the system would have to include the following:

1) Getting in touch with your heart, creativity, empathy, intuition simply by exercising it and cutting through the B.S. of the ego/insecurity complex in our minds, and allow expression of the heart of the soul (a.k.a. the spirit) within you, which is your earnest honest true Self anyhow.

2) Stimulating your subtle energy body, similar to Robert Bruce’s NEW system or Vipassana, or taoist yoga.

3) Being able to bridge the gap between your conscious and subconscious minds via a form of ‘active dreaming’, such as the method told by Theun Mares, or more popularly, the Silva Method. This requires being able to fall asleep while keeping the mind awake, so that you can enter into a controlled dream environment that acts as the GUI to your subconscious.

4) Attempting to perceive through the faculties/organs of the soul. Rudolf Steiner recommended looking at a seed and trying to see its lifeforce energy potential which should look like a pink flame, for example. Or likewise with a living plant. Being more empathic/aware of people’s emotions and the thoughts/sentience behind their eyes.

5) Distinguishing between lower and higher impulses and following the higher ones, especially during everyday tests of life.

6) Tuning up your thinking/discernment abilities big time by deep contemplation of mysteries/ideas in a clear way.

7) Making sure to breathe more, get sufficient sleep and proper diet, since bad physiology can hamper mental concentration and mood.

» A friend who is a gnostic ex-instructor said that the demiurge is not a bad thing. What is your opinion about this?

My view is that the Demiurge in its original and true form is good, or rather neutral, being the ‘potter who shapes the clay in accordance with the will of the designer, which is God’ — you could think of the Demiurge as the computer graphics card that draws the video game environment and runs it, but which is not the programmer or designer of the game itself.

However — I believe that this graphic card has caught a virus, and that part of it (not the whole thing, just a portion) has taken on a mind of its own and become selfish, tyrannical, and parasitical.

I view this as precisely paralleling what happened to the human soul. At one time, it was good, serving the highest component of the human being (the spirit) as an interface between spirit and body. But then “The Fall” occurred, and this soul acquired an ego and lower impulses, which as you know, is capable of being selfish, tyrannical, and parasitical over the human being and other humans as well.

This makes perfect sense because the Demiurge is the very soul of the universe, acting as interface between God and physicality, just as soul is interface between spirit and body. If one can get corrupted, then so can the other, for both are made of the same stuff in my opinion, which is etheric and astral substance.

Thus just as a higher and true part of our being still exists, so does a higher and true part of the Demiurge still exist, which I believe is the Logos/Christ/Holy-Spirit, to use terms familiar to us. But simultaneously the Corrupted Demiurge exists as well, and has some influence over our world.

Hence our world is no longer being fashioned by just one potter, but at least two, one attempting to make it into something beautiful, the other into something ugly and self-serving. The Demiurge is ultimately just a servant though, and as far as I can tell, the Corrupted Demiurge came about — and works in service toward — negative beings who have chosen to follow the path of negativity. It is their freewill, their choosing to ignore their own spirit and instead follow the ways of matter, which is the law of the jungle, that made them pervert their creative abilities and inject the virus into the Demiurge, creating the Corrupt Demiurge.

We do a minor form of this everyday when we unleash torrents of negative emotions and hateful thoughts, which create a localized thoughtform, egregore, or tulpa that then bends probability to create events that manifest more of the same. If you imagine this happening on a more cosmic scale, then that’s what I believe is the origin of the Corrupt Demiurge.

Thus those who say the Demiurge is good, and those who say it is evil, are both correct, just that they are looking at different parts of the Demiurge. It’s like saying, is the human soul good or bad? Well, the soul has its corrupted and uncorrupted parts, due to the Fall.

» Doesn’t the act of self-indulgence represent an STS activity that drains off life energy to negative entities?

We are STS beings due to our biology, psychological structure, and soul structure while here as incarnated human beings.

But where we are, and where we are going, are two different things. We may be STS, but some people are moving in an STO direction.

However, even if they are, the fact that they still are STS at the moment means certain limitations or requirements are present.

These can be gradually overcome the closer one gets to becoming STO, but the problem occurs when you have not yet overcome or cannot yet overcome a certain need or limitation but pretend to ignore or suppress it nonetheless, in which case it can lead to imbalances.

Indulgence is an example. There are different degrees of it. Having a cup of tea and enjoying it is an indulgence. Sinking into depravity with hookers and cocaine is an indulgence. Are these on the same level? I would say they are not. In addition to something merely being an act of self-enjoyment, sometimes it can also cause harm to others and harm to self in the long run. So you can’t just gauge an act on whether or not it pleases the self, but what its overall consequences are on the balance of one’s own life and the lives of others. This is what makes one STS act “more STS” or “less STS” than another.

If an STS act, such as enjoying tea or buying a new shirt/dress, is generally harmless and also supports one’s psychological/emotional health, then it can have a net positive effect — not by doing anything STO per se, but by preventing further imbalances (such as depression, flatness, lack of energy). Then it’s okay.

Of course, if one needs drugs and prostitutes to feel happy and prevent depression, then it’s due to some very strong and unnatural dysfunctions (such as severe addiction, demonic shadowing, emotional scars) and the source of that desire should be addressed and overcome, which is perfectly doable and necessary since even average humans don’t engage in that behavior.

When it comes to sex in general, there is a point of balance where for an individual in question (it varies from person to person) any more would create obsession and excessive loss of energy to negative entities, and any less would cause neuroticism, frustration, wet dreams in men, and unintended consequences like lust manifesting in strange and perverted ways (like what happens to men raised strictly religious, or who become priests, who repress it improperly via guilt and shame instead of transmuting the energy, and due to their guilt of thinking about women they unintentionally allow those feelings to divert onto lust for young boys instead; thereby the repression causes the opposite effect, perversion instead of piety, of what it was meant to accomplish at the outset).

Thus the minimum indulgence needed to avoid net-negative biological/psychological consequences and maintain wellbeing seems justified, and then as one matures spiritually that threshold ought to gradually lower without bad effects. The two worst things one can do is deny one’s needs while not having successfully evolved past them, and to indulge in one’s needs with voracious abandon like the left-hand path disciples do. Both are acts of ignorance with consequences.

» I am very interested in how you appear to be left alone. Is there a technique that you use to keep these forces from bothering you and stopping your work?

I actually get a lot of external and internal negative resistance, but am good about watching my footing. They can’t just kill anyone they want. It works through a process of weakening until a target has given enough consent, through repeated slip ups and refusal to correct him/herself, that he/she can be killed. If I were any less careful I would be dead by now. I almost died in 2010 but pulled through.

For instance, to take me out is not as simple as shooting me through the window. If they did that, not only would higher powers intervene and prevent it before it happened because it violates the rules, but if I did die, it would only confirm for everyone that I was right. Better to not give me that kind of credibility.

The best way they take someone out, is through maximum plausible deniability. Like telepathic persuasion so that a target gets into criminal behaviors, drug abuse, schizophrenic symptoms. (Or maybe an illness, so the at the cause of death appears natural, but that illness would have to be permissible within the karmic context of a person’s soul structure and spiritual weaknesses). If the target can be driven into suicide after a period of unstable behavior, then not only is he eliminated, but everyone thinks he was nuts. Mission accomplished. But to get to that point takes a period of weakening, say a ten step program toward elimination. I know the signs of the first several steps, and whenever they happen, I correct myself, and thus never reach the latter stages.

So I am very careful about any deviations from my normal state of equilibrium. My life is quiet enough, which I purposely did by not having any kids or psycho girlfriend (I have a very sane one) and by working at home, that even small attempts don’t go by unnoticed. And so I stay in a safe zone. Likewise, I know that if I pushed myself out there too hard, I would cross some boundary and lose some of the protection I have. For example, if I started going on tons of radio shows, made myself a real fringe celebrity, and viciously attacked all elements of the matrix that I could, the response would be overwhelmingly harmful. I stay under that threshold at the moment, more for lack of time though.

As long as I stay on my site and put up articles that people can choose to read or not read, I only get resistance in proportion to that, which is usually in the form of abduction and mind-programming to induce depression and loss of confidence so that I abandon my path. That’s my weakness. My girlfriend doesn’t have that weakness, and so instead she gets near-death attempts while driving, but something always intervenes and helps her survive it.

So in short, they can’t kill me yet because I stay in the safe zone, but I do get a lot of problems because they circle like sharks looking for the smallest opportunities. That’s why I don’t do drugs, because drugs create cracks in the psyche and soul, through which such forces can pry open a deeper attack avenue.

If I were truly disinformation, then you would see me being propped up and applauded by all the disinfo fringe media outlets — you would see me being thrust into the limelight, on Coast to Coast, speaking at exopolitics conferences, and generally be a nice good PR guy for the Greys or fulfilling some black ops agenda. Since they have subverted fringe media, it’s rare for good researchers to get on (they still do, but not as often or as loudly). It’s the disinfo vectors who get on with gusto because they were groomed for that purpose.

The exception, or rather confirmation of the above, is those with military or secret society ties who do get killed. They signed lots of papers, or did lots of rituals, which gave away their freewill. They chose, knowingly, to sign up for something that they could be killed for if they leaked secrets. And so that eliminates their protection. Examples include Phil Schneider and Dean Warwick.

The other example are those who are about to unleash technology that would completely change the world before its time and do trillions of damage to the control system economy, such as Stanley Meyer, Stefan Marinov, and Eugene Mallove.

I only appear to be left alone in the sense that my website continues (I take precautions for that too with multiple backups, though my site is blocked on a lot of web filters). But internally and peripherally there has been a battle since the beginning. There was a very low probability that I would still be here now, but divine protection and my own foresight and prudence allowed it.

» How would you define intellect? I’m writing about how the environment programs ego into soul.

I would define it as the computational part of the soul-brain system capable of remembering, recalling, comparing, contrasting, and reasoning. It is a computer that takes given inputs and produces certain outputs according to rules and models developed since birth, which have been programmed in through environment and biology.

The important thing to remember about the intellect is that it has no “truth compass” on its own, no baseline, and its outputs are only as good as its inputs and models. If the model is skewed, the output is skewed. If the input is incomplete or wrong, so will be the output.

So for example, if a person is primarily driven by emotional biases in life, like let’s say this person was rejected badly as a young teen and developed a hatred toward the opposite sex, then his or her intellect will take that as the unquestioned input and shape the line of reasoning accordingly. That means this person might engage in remembering selectively, comparing and contrasting the wrong things, and reasoning in fallacious ways to rationalize the input. In other words, emotional irrational thinking.

The same happens in the temples of Academia and Religion when a person’s root assumptions about the laws of physics or the validity of the scripture is accepted so deeply, without question, that it then guides all subsequent computation, which can only lead to elaborate ways of defending those assumptions. When trying to debate such people, they do all kinds of intellectual acrobatics but never question or unseat their root assumptions, which are their sacred cows.

So it really takes self-honesty and self-awareness to spot what one’s intellect is doing when it uses cherry picking and logical fallacies to defend an emotional bias or wrong assumption, and it takes willpower and humility to let that go and engage in an act of self-correction. You have to be self-aware and capable of self-examination to pull this off. It’s frightening how few people have this ability. Further, the input has to be something tied to Truth, and that is none other than a keen and well-honed intuition that can spot when something is intrinsically off. That kind of intuition doesn’t come from the brain, but from the higher part of the soul (the subconscious being a gateway toward that part).

People who don’t have that connection are at the mercy of limited inputs as come from society/authority (peer pressure and group consensus), from their biological instincts (fear, lust, self-preservation, etc.), and direct programming through cultur, media, religion, education.

I should also point out that there are people who pride themselves on having a strong intellect, who set themselves apart from other people who are animalistic and unintelligent and emotional — however, these very same prideful people are often missing intuition, and therefore are nothing more than computers regurgitating their societal programming. Their baseline is set by fallible and sometimes malevolent authority. Many have PhDs and Nobel Prizes. Point being, even with their reputation, they are still blind and wrong on a lot of points because they don’t have an even higher faculty which is intuition, which becomes divine reason and gnosis when developed to its highest degree.

That’s why these floating intellects are like the three blind men; for being such experts, it’s funny how even the supposed greatest minds of our time all disagree with each other about something, proving some or all of them don’t really know what they’re talking about. I’m sure aliens would be laughing at all this if they were capable of humor, and if they weren’t suffering from the same problem in their own way.

» What do you make of the timeline shift/delay of The Wave/Realm Border Crossing, if you still support that concept of how Earth and humanity will shift upwards in evolution?

Well I know with the alien agenda, there have been build-ups and call-offs over the past decade. You can track the buildups through the intensity with which alien propaganda floods media, entertainment, music, internet forums and blogs, comments sections of websites, and so on. There was a heavy buildup in 2008 but by late 2009 that one had its rug pulled.

There was another lesser one in 2012, but by then the tide had shifted towards general caution/paranoia against aliens whereas up to 2008 it was a widespread gullibility and wide-eyed embracing of the alien phenomenon. That makes it harder now for them to pull off what they intended, which is a coming out to probably resume the old affairs they had going on prior to 1000 B.C. when ‘gods walked the earth and communed with man.’

I think all that’s happened is that some conditions or variables changed, and they merely reformulated the agendas a bit to add extra leverage.

It’s not so much the Wave that’s been delayed, but everything. Economic collapse and war, for example. Even the solar cycle got delayed. We’re still on the upper end of the downward side of the cycle, as if the sun was put on pause there for a while. Five years ago, US and Russia were ‘friends’, and now with the orchestrated Ukraine drama the stage is being set for an eventual problem. These are all arrows that point. So it’s like the pieces are still in play, just the timing has changed. If you’re going by the Cassiopaean paradigm, even they said the timing is variable and depends on where we are in our learning cycle.

In quantum physics, events can happen at a certain specific place but the timing then becomes uncertain. There is a window within which probability says it should happen, but within that window you can’t nail down exactly when. That depends on the freewill of the observer. Therefore if you treat the Wave as a macro-sized quantum phenomenon, it’s our personal and collective consciousness and state of readiness that determines where, within the window allotted, it actually occurs.

I’m not sure how big the window is, but there are a lot of trends converging toward singularities within our lifetime. Well, within the next 20 years I mean. Ray Kurzweil has his piece about the technological singularity, while others say regarding this that we could face a robot apocalypse eventually. Meanwhile climatologists and pole shift theorists point toward Earth change singularities. The wise economists likewise know the economy isn’t sustainable and we’re hanging by a thread. Point being that even without a “Wave” we are still up for some major upheaval in the coming decade or two, if we make it that long.

Therefore to answer your question, I believe that linear time and calendar dates are not sacred, but rather it’s the sequence of events and why it’s all happening that is of importance here. Due to the quantum nature of it, the involvement of freewill adding wildcard factors, and/or perhaps due to higher up ‘referees’ seeing where we are in the game and adjusting things accordingly, the timing is variable, but I do believe there is a deadline and it’s within our lifetime.

» Is astrology of any significance in indicating a person’s true self?

The way astrology works is that if you don’t have much of a spirit, your soul is like clay that gets squished into the mold of whatever astro configuration you’re born into. But if you have a spirit, then based on your past lives and what you plan for this life, you have certain talents, traits, biases, and predispositions that are more like a hardened piece of clay that has to find the right mold to fit into.

Therefore a spirited person will be born into a time/place that fits his or her requirements and pre-existing qualities, instead of being completely molded by it. Even if astrology does further molding, that is probably chosen or accepted by the spirit as being useful or necessary for this life.

Therefore a person’s astrological profile can be indicative of his spirit’s intent for this life and what he has carried over from previous lives, or the profile can show what astrological factors have molded his malleable soul.

However, not everything in this life is 100% planned and micromanaged. And given there are only 6-7 billion people, there are not an infinite variety of choices to be born into, therefore there are some sacrifices and compromises. For example, if the only body available is one that has 90% of your requirements, but the remaining 10% means you’ll be strongly affected by the moon in a negative way, well then sometimes that’s how it has to be. Then in life, the moon makes you angry or irritable during full moons, and that’s not part of what you wanted, but you have to deal with it.

Thus astrology is not something one has to submit to, as parts of it can be fought with willpower. The other positive parts, one can capitalize upon and use. Like me being a Taurus, my perseverance has come in handy in writing some of the longer series on my site.

» I’ve had entities speaking through people towards me, and shadow entities harassing me at night. How far can I go with this before it gets out of hand?

There is a class of entities that are nonphysical and usually invisible unless you are clairvoyant or in an altered state of consciousness. I’m not sure if they are demons or ghosts, a mix of both, or something in between both. But they are quite common and since most people can’t see them, feel them, or do much thinking about them, these entities are barred from affecting most people in a direct way. However, sometimes a person is clairvoyant or did too many drugs or is susceptible to their games, and then these entities are allowed (by metaphysical law) to do more brazen acts.

This starts small, usually, some weird event, an anomaly, a sighting of some kind … maybe that’s all they are “allowed” — but if the person gets shaken up by this and it changes his viewpoints drastically, and the person begins obsessing and thinking and fearing it more and more, that person then kind of rolls out the red carpet these entities to invest that attention/energy into increasing the strength of their manifestation and power in that person’s life. So a feedback loop begins where weird events egg the person on, and the person manifests or increases the power of these forces through their continual focus and fear energy feeding them, and so back and forth it goes and yes it can spiral out of control.

The worse it gets, the more errant/wrong thoughts slip into the person’s head, by design, both through telepathic persuasion by these entities (such as the idea that “everyone around you is a hybrid with a crystal transmitter in their heads, they can hear your thoughts, they’re just pretending to not know”) and eventually you trust no one, lose your job, end up homeless or in a mental institution, and then your life is screwed. These entities get a kick out of ruining people like that.

Meanwhile, the guy next door lives his life peacefully like nothing is happening. Gotta wonder why. Well, it’s because he’s not susceptible to these games, or doesn’t have the clairvoyance needed to see these entities in the first place, or if someone near him has his thoughts spoken through their mouths, he brushes it off like nah I didn’t just hear that, and goes back to texting on his cellphone. Why is it that one person ignores it, and another person starts shaking and takes it so seriously that he eventually becomes a basket case? Well it has to do with our soul and psychological makeup, and these entities purposely seek out those who are responsive to such taunts and tricks.

Therefore, you have to change your soul and psychological makeup to no longer be as jumpy or easily provoked by this, and so in becoming unresponsive these things lose interest. The fact is, reality is somewhat malleable and our thoughts/beliefs play a partial role in shaping what happens to us. If you had instead believe that angels were at work and that heaven is winking at you from every corner and trying to drop miracles into your path, you would instead have become a lucky person with miracles happening everyday, just because you believed it. Of course demons and angels do exist, and some degree of belief or orientation toward them is needed to make the strongest connection possible that allows their acts to become more visible in one’s life, but the point is that our mindset/attitude/beliefs or where we direct the majority of our thoughts, meaning what our outlook is on life, this plays a role in how strongly these forces can manifest in our lives.

Therefore the good news is that you can change the channel if you want, call their bluff, not respond emotionally to their provocations, and direct your interests / pursuits / kicks towards other things. The thing you should avoid is feeling like a powerless victim. They want you to think that, because they don’t have much power themselves, but if you believe you are powerless then they can control you but really it’s you controlling yourself believing it’s them. Think of it like some punks at a zoo behind the thick glass, tormenting the apes on the other side — the kids can’t actually get in there, but imagine if they convinced one of the apes that they had superhuman powers to kill at a distance — they could cause hell for the ape, but all the ape really has to do is ignore them. The punks may pound on the glass some more but eventually they leave unsatisfied.

So this is about as accurate and concise of an advice I can give you regarding these entities; I’ve gotten a lot of emails from people who have the same problem, and luckily the above solution works so you can give it a try if you’d like.

» According to researchers, it appears there is not a single case of a Christian being abducted against their will. Many have gone willingly, but none against their will.

That’s not entirely true, but there’s a lot that can be said about that.

For one, an abductee can believe in anything so long as he or she believes in it enough to derive a feeling of sovereignty, protection, and confidence from it. Doesn’t matter if it’s belief in Jesus, Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, Archangel Michael, or just one’s own higher Spirit or Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha, Odin, etc. or even He-Man or Superman for that matter.

Even without belief in such divinities, there are other techniques such as righteous anger or imagining a high pitched sound in one’s head that according to anecdotal claims can stop an abduction in its tracks. Repeat that often enough and the aliens give up. The constant between this and the previous example is that the person doesn’t allow himself to be taken over by utter fear and terror, because he has a method of keeping himself together and resistant.

Further, some ‘alien abductions’ are not aliens at all, but demonic forces screwing with a person under the guise of alien contact. Once you get into the realm of demonic activity, then yes there are angels and a Christ-like force (or rather something closer to the Holy Spirit, since after all, Jesus said in the Bible that he was leaving but sending the Advocate in his place) that can offer protection if called upon. This is no pitch for Christianity, as even a Muslim who calls upon Allah will receive the same divine intelligence that serves all of humanity regardless of what name it is called. But this assistance works better if the person has himself together, which is why the first point I mentioned above is still valid.

And lastly, some demons are either lost souls / dark ghosts, meaning former humans who devolved so much in life that they slid into demonhood after death, or else they are artificial thoughtforms spawned by the past couple thousand years of religious terror that people felt. This energy agglomerated into semi-autonomous entities that seek more of the same energy, and today’s alien mythos is a good cloak for them to wear when terrorizing people beholden to the possibility of that. This also means, however, that this subset of the demonic hierarchy believe in the validity of the Christian paradigm as outlined by the Church over the past two millennia, and therefore things like crossing yourself or chanting lines from the Bible or sprinkling holy water induces repulsion and terror in them. If you brought over a demon that has its past history in Hindu India spanning centuries, then lines from the Bible will likely have no effect on it, as that’s not part of its programming.

So back to aliens. To paralyze you, they need to invade your aura using their own aura and take control of key substructures within it. They have to lock onto your pattern and track with it. The more willpower, confidence, and sovereign feelings you have, the more you hold a tight grip over your own aura, thus preventing them from overriding yours. Conversely, if you suddenly shift to a pattern they can’t reach, or that breaks their pattern lock, then you slip out from their paralysis induction. If they can’t override it, they can’t paralyze, and then you are free to react physically and kick them in a head if you were so inclined, and that breaks protocol because it endangers both parties so they have to call off the whole thing.

» I haven’t ever seen you comment on mental illness. I wonder, what are your thoughts on western medicine’s diagnoses on mental illness (particularly bipolar).

Western medicine doesn’t believe in consciousness, spirit, the soul, afterlife, destiny, karma, ghosts, demons, aliens, etheric and astral fields and energies, chakras and meridians, possession and entity attachments, or astrological influences. For that reason, it consists of squares trying to understand cubes.

If you consider the human being as a composite of physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual components interacting in a dynamic open system, then there are many places in that system where dysfunction can creep in. But no matter what the root cause is, psychology and psychiatry today wants to project it down into a two dimensional understanding. Therefore what it calls schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc. are various parallel dysfunctions lumped into the same category.

For example, a person without an active spirit component will lack self-awareness, self-examination, and self-correction and therefore have no counterweight to the pull of programs, biological and hormonal impulses, and other physical influences, and so like a ship without a ballast this person will wobble and bob about unpredictably, flipping over from time to time. Emotional swings from extremes to extremes, irrationality, and so on. That would fall under the bipolar classification.

Meanwhile another person has a fully formed consciousness but is highly deficient in certain nutrients which disrupts the brain neurotransmitters and creates erratic emotional responses that swing about depending on which neurotransmitter is impaired. This person too will be put into the bipolar camp.

Meanwhile, due to drugs or childhood trauma or dabbling in black magic, another person has picked up a few too many discarnate entity attachments (ghosts and astral soul pieces) that now reside inside her and periodically take control when they get strong enough or are triggered, and she then switches on a dime into a dark and depressive or aggressive mode, then they let off and she switches back to a better mood. Some of that might also be classified as bipolar.

So how is it that three different colors are all labeled the same shade of gray by western medicine? Well that’s modern medicine for you.

Same thing with schizophrenia, there are different types and different causes and some of those are conflated together into overly simplified subtypes of schizophrenia by the orthodox. There is a big difference between your mind-reality feedback loop growing out of control and causing a quantum catastrophe that makes things like aliens, MIBs, black helicopters, strange people following you, and other weird phenomena start to happen in overdrive … and living in a perfectly mundane world but some critical error in your logical processes or root assumptions or some damage to a brain region leads to a disconnect between external reality and the internal model of reality, leading to irrationality and false conclusions that might be classified as paranoid schizophrenia. And there’s a difference between that, and having a demon attached who hijacks one’s audiovisual neural circuitry via etheric interfacing and induces hallucinations such as hearing voices. And there’s a difference between that and being unwittingly clairvoyant and picking up on the streams of consciousness of the people in your neighborhood. And yet, all of these modern science wants to just call “schizophrenia.”

It really makes you wonder what the perfectly healthy human being would be like that fit none of the diagnoses in the DSM-V. Would probably be the most boring, mundane, cliché, matrix drone in existence. Which tells you something about what Western medicine is secretly pushing for.

» I would like to ask if you think that malevolent beings from other planets telepathic hacks into human minds to instill feminism, communism, religion and humanism to cause division to one day invade planet Earth when we are defenseless.

The human mind and human societies have many exploits and backdoors, perhaps by design. Also, there are too many people being born without spirits or who are just very immature souls here on a thrill ride to experience human existence. Well good for them, but if these same people then end up supporting the Matrix Control System and voting for its political candidates, that screws things up for everyone else. So the point is that the human race is flawed and corrupt and easily manipulated.

The same way a master mechanic knows his engine well, aliens know us well. That is, they know the part of us that isn’t the part associated with true freewill, awareness, intuition, and sentience. The latter all come from spirit, which is beyond the aliens’ understanding. When a person fails to use that higher component and relies instead of reflexive mechanical behaviors in thought, speech, feeling, and action, then this person is both predictable and controllable. That defines the majority of the human race.

These false ideologies all make use of the various blindspots in the human psyche. Stage illusionists know human psychology pretty well enough to misdirect attention and thereby pull off their tricks. Well, aliens have that down to a precise science. Not only aliens, but demons also know people quite well, and also certain elite secret society groups and cryptoterrestrials that have refined their control techniques for millennia. Communism, fascism, socialism, and modern liberalism all play upon certain pathologies that a sector of the population is guaranteed to have. I won’t get into them, but they’re the reason there’s that saying about being able to fool most people most of the time.

Now, whether it was specifically aliens who came up with, say, feminism or whether it was demons who hatched the plot, or whether it was elite human social engineers — it’s hard to say where it all began. I mean what if a human elite group came up with the idea to achieve objective X for their own gain, but little do they know that aliens had been manipulating them to use as stepping stones toward objective Y? Who then is responsible for it? I’d say a bit of both.

The name of the game is inversion, corruption, imbalance, and reaction. Take whatever is the most optimal positive future for humanity, and find ways of inverting it, corrupting it, unbalancing it, and provoking people toward blind mechanical reaction. This goes for sexuality, spirituality, social interactions, technologies, education, economy, defense, science, medicine, and so on.

For a long time things were unbalanced toward the darker aspect of male energy, hence the violent oppression of women. And then like wild-eyed monkeys Western society reacted the opposite way, overshooting equilibrium and moving into an equal and opposite imbalance toward the darker aspect of female energy. Well, how about a balanced society made up of the positive aspects of male and female archetypes in harmonious balance? Obviously that’s the one thing they don’t want, and the one thing society seems to be incapable of achieving. Why? Because it takes everyone being aware, smart, and sentient to not act like reaction machines. Only certain rare societies found throughout history, who were spiritually homogenous amongst themselves (as in, no spiritless or mischievous and immature souls padding the population) were able to carry this out.

So anyway, even the alien agenda itself is just a subset of the war between positive and negative spiritual powers, and all this inversion and corruption is really a form of spiritual warfare meant to erode the connection people have with objective spiritual ethics via their heart/intuition/spirit. By eroding that, by destabilizing society, and by corrupting it to a point where consensus reality itself becomes twisted to the point of possibly manifesting, attracting, or invoking apocalyptic disaster scenarios, the negative alien agenda has an easier time penetrating through that metaphysical “blood brain barrier” and turning Earth into a zombie planet of theirs. From the spiritual warfare perspective, it’s about completely consuming and enslaving the light.

» Do you consider that the Earth grid originates as part of the Matrix Control System, or more likely perhaps that it has been partly hijacked?

I did experiments with hypnopompic hallucinations, which I consider to be a makeshift form of temporary clairvoyance due to the subtle body being not fully locked into the physical body yet when snapping so quickly out of sleep. I’ve seen weird things during this state, most which were just environmental etheric effluvia hovering about. However, I managed to do this in the parking lot at night once. When I opened my eyes after just falling asleep I saw a black square grid in the sky, black against the dark blue of the starscape. I did this a couple more times that night and saw the same thing, or else symbolically a square metal cage grid in the sky. Recently I heard from a clairvoyant who as a child said she could see a dully gray grid crossing the sky and thought everyone else could too until they asked her what she was going on about.

So I do believe there is a control grid overlaying Earth. However, this may not be identically the same one that the ancients aligned their sites with. It could be a graft, a foreign construct, placed upon Earth to control its natural grid which would be akin to the meridian lines of the human body. I view the grid of the Earth, the natural one, as a harmonic standing waveform of energies, or else as some kind of crystal lattice in the etheric with node points here and there. Whatever principle is behind the meridians in our body, may be playing that out on a larger scale. Yes, I do think it’s been partially hijacked, but not completely.

It all depends on what reality actually is. Are we really a planet floating in space, in a galaxy in a universe… or is there some deeper thing going on, perhaps a matrix-like collective dream, or some hyperdimensional quantum hologram that’s merely projecting all this, where these grids are just the struts and trusses of the façade. I don’t know the answer, yet.

At the moment (or for the past 5 years at least) I’ve been researching who these ancients were, and what their role in engineering our civilization has been. The origins of civilization as we know it, and the advanced societies from 5,500 B.C. onwards, the megalithic builders, global navigators, ancient Vedics, proto-Indo-Europeans, their affiliation with the cone headed people and giants of olden times, and what took place in Egypt/Levant that lead to the myth of the Israelites and all that came from it. I think either aliens were involved, or an ancient offshoot of the human species who became so intelligent and advanced that they hid from the rest of humanity and became its puppeteers, like some psychoactive parasite controlling the brain of a host.

» How do second order beings, archons, or astral parasites control synchronicity?

There’s a difference between a pure synchronicity like a magazine being misdelivered to your mailbox that might have “[your name] enters danger!” on the cover (in reference to some character on a TV show), and say, people all day long coughing standing next to you or saying things that cryptically alluded to what is on your mind. The latter can be induced through simple telepathic nudging, either via your own subconscious influence on them, or via an entity doing it. So beware that when people are doing the synch via certain behaviors directed at you, that’s on a lower level than pure synchronicity.

I don’t believe aliens or ghosts or demons are able to directly and easily create the higher type of synchronicity because that requires a long chain of cause-effect and precise delivery of the message to you that originates back in time some ways. Like the magazine cover, some person thought it up a month ago (influence #1) and then mailman had to misdeliver (influence #2) and that takes more finesse than just scribbling a telepathic command into the mind of a coworker.

That said, thoughtforms/demons/ghosts do have energy fields that can increase the probability of basic processes in an area. For example, demons can set up camp at a road intersection and pump it full of their toxic energy, and that creates an altered region of space where an accident is more likely. Another type of energy might make fires more likely, or cause computer glitches. Astrology like mercury retrogrades might involve such modulations of the etheric “matrix code” making up the fabric of our reality.

But again, these are crude things and not precise synchs that would require full knowledge of every variable and surgical control of the timeline, which only higher entities (including our higher self, to which our subconscious is a doorway) can enact. Like if you get a certain fortune cookie message, how would a demon know which cookie contains the message, and how would it be able to make the waiter grab the precise one… that’s too much precision for it.

That’s why things like pendulum dowsing and Ouija board and trance channeling are more susceptible to corruption than tarot cards, I Ching coins, and other purely synchronistic methods of divination, as the first are more easily influenced by an entity merely nudging the auto-motor functions of the arm, whereas tarot is harder to influence that way.

The higher beings who have precise control of space-time can easily affect the outcome of shuffled cards or thrown coins, by contrast, and I think they are responsible for the purer types of synchs too. The higher part of our consciousness is at their level, or close to it at least, and is able to also precisely alter our reality, just that if we pump fear or paranoia into it then it carries out those instructions too, for it is our personal demiurge.

» How would I find a mentor or school or society that would help me reach my goal for ultimate spiritual growth? How do they make themselves known to new recruits?

The real ones, the real deal “beyond the matrix” types, who are of a superhuman nature… those come to you when you are ready in their eyes, and they cannot be sought or bought or fought. You become ready by sheer personal spiritual development and proving your mettle in standing for goodness, truth, self-mastery, etc. in the face of this world’s control system. They are psychic and listen to higher divine commands and come to you when destiny calls for it. You prove yourself not by trying to prove it, as some Christians do by being compulsive philanthropists in hopes that God will grant them eternal life as a reward, but by what your natural actions, reactions, chosen areas of focus, and personal spiritual accomplishments say about your level of maturity. It’s not a valid test if you know you’re being tested and act accordingly. There are others like myself who just try to be all around good people, who know some things and try to help others, and these you might find as you already have by coming across my site and emailing me, or contacting someone on a forum who genuinely seems to know what they’re doing. Or more often, you might encounter them through synchronistic means by praying/intending for someone who is wiser, more positive, and more enlightened than you who is willing to help you out and bring you up to speed. If such a person exists, you will then cross paths with them at the proper time, almost as if by accident. That can happen sooner, easier, and more frequently because such people are closer to your level.

» What are your thoughts on the more esoteric applications of music and sound?

My aim has been to figure out the hidden science of music that would allow intentional engineering of various effects in the audience, effects ranging from changes in consciousness to improvements in health and evocation of the deepest feelings. On the most basic level, we know that different intervals have different feelings associated with them. The minor third sounding sad, major third merry, perfect fourth regal, perfect fifth powerful, and augmented fourth alarming.

I find it amazing that these boil down to simple ratios of frequencies, 2:3, 3:4, 4:5… How is it that two numbers —cold abstract mathematics— can evoke a response from the rich and sacred domain of feelings? Math and feelings seem like total opposites, and yet there is a connection. Then stack these intervals and like mixing primary colors you get secondary and tertiary colors (chords) that encode even more moods and feelings.

Well, aside from encoding feelings/moods/stories, I’ve heard of another kind of music that is able to act directly on the body, on the subconscious, on the source of will, on matter, energy, space, and time. It’s not music necessarily meant to sweep you off your feet emotionally, but a kind of objective music that does something to the foundation of our existence.

I first heard of this in the books of Gurdjieff, the Fourth Way founder and mystic. He talked about the power of “inner octaves,” which as best as I can tell are the octaves between notes, so basically microtones. The intentional use of microtones, generally in monotonic music like you hear in Arabic / Indian / Mugham / Tuvan music, seems to be what Gurdjieff had in mind. Further, in my study of drumming and groove, microtiming is also important in getting the body moving. So microtones and microtiming are involved in this objective music.

Further, Gurdjieff mentioned in his book “Beelzebub’s Tales to his Grandson” an anecdote about a mystic or occult scientist who was able to manipulate matter and biology using sound. The mystic said there are two types of sound, one that has the power to do this, and another that is the ordinary sound we know. Well, from my study of physics, I hypothesize that sound with a longitudinal electro-gravitational component is what Gurdjieff had in mind. The 19th century inventory John Keely is another example of someone who was playing around with the more esoteric type of sound, his strange resonator machines being capable of effects unexplainable by conventional physics.

So when you send sound waves through air, you get longitudinal pressure waves making up the sound. This is common knowledge. But air molecules moving aren’t that special. However, if the source generating the sound is piezoelectric, charged with static electricity, or if the medium has a net charge (such as a charged plasma, or air charged with negative ions) then these sound waves will move those charges and some of that energy will then turn into longitudinal electro-gravitational waves, which may have further power than just ordinary sound waves. Then, if you use microtones and microtiming on top of it, you might be capable of inducing some unusual phenomena. Even intervals/chords sent through that mechanism may generate unusual effects.

Overtone singing (khoomei) is another mechanism that can generate weird phenomena, even on its own; once I demonstrated it to my girlfriend in the kitchen, my voice projecting toward the back wall of the kitchen near the ceiling; well, our cat sat in the kitchen staring at that spot on the wall for the next hour like she was watching television. I might have opened a portal or something. We were having paranormal phenomena during those years anyway, so I think my sound was just modulating, simulating, or activating what was already a “conditioned space” of sorts.

Anyway, to explain this further, I need to mention that in occultism it’s common to divide subtle energies into the etheric and astral energies, or etheric and astral bodies, etheric and astral planes, etc.

The etheric component is the one closest to physicality, and is a kind of “metadata” or “html code” underlying physicality. It not only encodes physicality but has aspects beyond the physical. It gives structure to physicality and is associated with form, energy, patterns, repetitions, and maintaining the ordering of the quantum processes that drive biology. For example, it’s what triggers neurons into firing when consciousness thinks a thought; it is what keeps DNA functioning in an orderly way, in contrast to death when the etheric leaves the body and then the body falls into disorder and decays.

The astral, meanwhile, is the seat of emotions, passions, impulses, sentient perception, and other psychological/soul energies and power. The way it’s usually explained, plants have only a physical and etheric body and are only dimly conscious and don’t have emotions and passions and other such higher feelings. They are more of a stimulus-response type awareness. Animals have an astral body, however, and we can see their desire to move, live, react, act, etc. as a consequence of that. Humans have all these and then some higher components that also give us self-awareness, true freewill, and the ability to retain our core identity after death and into a new birth per reincarnation.

The basic structuring of a human being would be something like: body -> etheric -> astral -> spirit/consciousness with the etheric/astral acting as the interface or transducer between the heavy physical and the totally nonphysical spirit/consciousness component. Some traditions divide these into further layers, with the mental and causal components added between the astral and spirit layers but I don’t find this to be necessary.

Well, the objective music Gurdjieff talked about acts mainly on the etheric/physical body, while the other kind of music that stirs the feelings with sweeping harmonies is more of an astral thing. And of course, pure beat/rhythm acts on the physical (or at least the physico-motor circuitry in the brain) to get the body moving. So there’s a correspondence between types of music and what parts of the body/soul/spirit they target.

Therefore it stands to reason that a clairvoyant who has a pretty well-developed etheric body, with etheric faculties and organs activated, who has control over his/her etheric field (the aura) and the etheric field of the environment — that this person can generate “sounds” within that etheric field. For example, instead of just whistling a tone, also imagining it and radiating that intent out through the aura. This would have similar, if not the same, effect as the electro gravitational longitudinal wave mentioned above.

Therefore a combination of sound and etheric field manipulation via consciousness may have been the key through which various individuals/groups throughout history have accomplished seemingly miraculous feats. Feats such as levitating huge stones, changing the weather and manipulating the elements, curing disease, and so on.

Now, exactly which microtones, according to what microtiming, at what frequencies to use… that I don’t know yet, the above is what I’ve deduced from researching a wide range of fields. But it’s enough to show that modern music theory is just the tip of the ice berg, a fragment of what is a complete and awesome science of music.

The ancients seemed to have had knowledge of this. The Great Pyramid (and all the other megaliths during the stone/copper/bronze ages) was constructed with some kind of sound technology to levitate the stones, and tuning forks were a big part of it. But if you just applied tuning forks to a boulder today, I don’t think you’d get levitation effects because the etheric / longitudinal aspect is missing.

That said, the inner workings of the Pyramid suggest the thing was constructed as a machine. The inner chambers were filled with a plasma gas ignited by whatever was in the King’s Chamber (probably the fabled Ark of the Covenant, which was said to be a highly charged object that would electrocute people). The Grand Gallery in the Pyramid, according to Christopher Dunn, contained numerous tuning forks or Helmholtz resonators, which would have generated a rich spectrum of frequencies similar to how your vocal chords do.

At the top of the Grand Gallery, and before the King’s Chamber, is a little ante-chamber containing a series of vertical stone slabs that cold be raised or lowered, which would modulate the spectrum of sounds the same way your tongue and teeth and lips do when you turn those vocal chord emissions into vowels. So when that vowel sound was pumped through that charged plasma in the Pyramid, you had specific longitudinal waves entering the King’s Chamber and interacting with the power source in there. Above the King’s chamber are various horizontal stone slabs, loosely laid down so that they could resonate, and that is reminiscent of the sinus cavities in the human skull. Thus the Great Pyramid was based on the human vocal system, but for the purpose of generating an etheric/longitudinal wave.

A friend of mine figured out that the vertical mechanical resonant frequency of the Pyramid matches the 7.8Hz Schumann resonance of the Earth. This is based on the height of the Pyramid and the speed of sound through limestone. The weight of those stones bears down on the pink granite of the King’s Chamber, which is piezoelectric, which is capable of converting those mechanical vibrations into electrical and thus longitudinal waves, not to mention the gravitational waves from the stone itself shaking. So whatever the Pyramid was designed for, it must have had something to do with the Earth, the ionosphere, or our biological dependence on the Schumann resonance. That’s as far as I can speculate on the purpose of the Great Pyramid.

Anyway, all this is to show that there is much more to discover in music, both in the composition of it, the execution, the source of sound emission, and the medium in which the sound travels.

» I find it all but impossible to achieve a balance between the spiritual and the material. Every time I try to participate in the pursuit of ego gratification whilst remaining present, my good habits quickly deteriorate and I feel drained and depleted.

We are composite beings with higher and lower aspects, sort of like rider and horse. The rider might be some noble knight on an epic quest, but the horse just wants to eat, drink, and reproduce. As long as the rider is seated, both move together for better or worse depending on who has control.

It’s a mistake to confuse the horse with the rider, or believe they are the same thing. What I mean is, a person might have certain faults or addictions that overcome them and then they feel shitty about themselves. Well, if they stopped identifying with that “other” part of themselves, which is just some biological/social machine ultimately, then they can pick out what is the true, untouched, transcendent, and sovereign part of themselves. Then instead of thinking “I’m good ! I’m bad ! I’m good! I’m bad!” in a bipolar way, they can always be cognizant of that transcendent core that’s always there. That forms a stable seed that they can keep building on, reinforcing, growing. It should form the core of their self-image, a kind of spiritual fortification within their psyche. Viewing it as a combat between this higher integral self and the lower machine is how one can avoid identifying with, and thus excusing/rationalizing/defending, the latter.

So stated plainly, you just have to be self-aware and catch yourself during these moment and remember that it is not you. If it were you, you wouldn’t feel drained, depleted, uncentered, and regretful afterwards. Now, most people aren’t perfect but it’s not an all-or-nothing thing. It’s more a “do your best and never give in” kind of thing. If you fail, pick yourself back up and redouble your efforts for next time.

Whenever I write, speak, or do something, I’m self-aware of whether or not it’s serving some cocky, contemptuous, ignorant motive. If it is, then I view it as a parent would view a bratty child, a kind of “No, you’re not gonna do that.” If needed, I will even think of the opposite. If it’s contempt for something innocent, I’ll try to see it from that being/person’s point of view and come to an understanding. This is only possible if I have dissociated myself from that impulse, and my ability to do so proves it wasn’t actually my true Self.

Regarding the emotion of hate and whether it is a vice, some things are worth hating, such as hatred of the outright lying and deception by people who know what they’re doing and have chosen the dark side. But hate has a cost, and it’s only worth it if it motivates you toward action to right a wrong. If you can’t do anything about it now, that hate will just poison your soul and cause health issues in the long rung, which is what so much of news including alternative news websites try to induce anyway, for they are acting as unwitting tools of the Matrix Control System despite exposing its lower tier conspiracies.

I found that a touch of sorrow helps with empathy. If you don’t ever feel sorrow for someone or the world, then you’ll never want to put yourself in their place or so much as lend a helping hand or word of advice.

» What are your thoughts and opinions on the subject of black goo and the black goo remedy, morgellons, and black magic nano technology?

Diseases manifest more easily in people whose thoughts/vibes are a match to that disease. Morgellons tends to affect people who are especially neurotic, prone to victim mentality, and who have a paranoid exasperated feel. Whether it’s nano tech or some space organism or some mutated natural organism, I can’t say for sure. Nanotech exists, but evidently it isn’t powerful enough to override us all since even you and I are having this conversation.

I think there are metaphysical laws in place that prevent certain things that happen outside of their proper place and time in some people. So disease designers, if they really know what they are doing, would have to tailor an organism to work within those restrictions. Thus, in this case, maybe it can only infect people who have a certain vibe/mindset.

That said, there is a lot of B.S. in this subject too. Like the one about swishing wine and spitting out all these ‘worms’ and stuff, well that’s really stupid. It’s actually the acids in the wine pickling the skin in your mouth and tongue which then sloughs off when you spit it out. Whatever truth there is in the that field of study, it’s heavily contaminated by paranoid fantasies and deliberate misdirection.

» What makes synchronicities (artificial or otherwise) far from being random, but meant for us to notice?

Well the fact that most people never notice it or care, means that the synchronicity generators have targeted you more strongly in addition to you also noticing it more strongly. If they tried it on someone who didn’t care or wasn’t observant, they’d probably only vaguely notice and then try to ignore it or distract themselves with something else, making the whole thing redundant, and thus the synchronicity generators having a bird’s eye view of the timeline and probable futures wouldn’t bother with those people anyway. Therefore, your receptivity to synchronicities plays a role in whether they are even generated or not.

I don’t know the exact mechanism behind a synchronicity other than it being a modification to reality that affects no one but you in any significant way. For example, if I were part of an editing team for an important book, or say some new edition of the Bible, if I were to cut out a chapter then I’d get fired or yelled at. But if I change the word crimson to maroon, no one would care except for maybe one person who hasn’t heard from his mother in a few weeks after she said she was going on a boat tour among some islands and he’s been fearing she’s marooned on some island; he picks up the Bible book and sees the word maroon when he opens it. To him it matters, it has meaning, as it relates to his situation. For everyone else no big deal.

And because of that, such changes are “allowed” because they don’t disturb this “program” we call reality. We can experience synchs, distractions, etc. because these fall within the allowable malleable aspects of reality. Reality isn’t as stable as it appears. It’s a quantum cloud of possibilities continually taking shape, held in continuity by inertia, the laws of physics, and people’s programmed expectations.

But reality fuzzy around the edges, and within that border of uncertainty things can change or get weird. The more your everyday path in life deviates from the herd, the less you “track along” with the main and stable “lane” of probability, and so the weirder things might get. This can be for positive or negative, depending on which way you deviate. If you deviate in a kind of “the world is out to help me” belief system then the instability can come in the form of positive synchs, and the opposite is true as well.

I think negative entities hijack, amplify, try to initiate, or somehow piggyback upon this mind-reality interaction, which is why pivoting ourselves at the subconscious or emotional level can in turn pivot the nature of our everyday experiences.

» What kept you from becoming damaged despite everything that you’ve gone through in life? Most people who have been abducted are wacky.

According to my alien contactee friend, he said that encounters with aliens in life tend to have a fracturing effect on the mind, and thus many people tend to be wacky/loopy. I’ve seen it in such people. I can feel it, intuitively, how their mind feels to themselves, and yes it’s a bit dissociated and wacky. The human mind isn’t suited to dealing with the cognitive dissonance it brings. Also alien experimentation and programming adds fractures to the mind as well. And the etheric/psychic field aliens emit can distort a person’s etheric body too, leading to further damage.

In my case, well I would say it was mainly bout self-awareness, self-examination, self-correction, and introspection. When engineers build a robot that walks, they build a feedback circuit into it that says if you tip one way, then extend leg or arm the other way to correct balance. That’s a feedback loop. Likewise, if you are self-aware, then if you begin going off the rails one way you can then use willpower and logic to create an opposite course of action to correct yourself. This means looking within and being honest with yourself, and writing stuff down to stay objective, and being aware of when you’re not being objective… which means, being aware of the root feelings and assumptions behind your choice of action or feeling or perception. If you can pull that off, then it’s difficult for anything to knock you off kilter.

Most people are externally focused, so inside they are easy to yank around by psychic/hypnotic strings by third parties. And those who are introspective, often don’t differentiate between what feelings arise from ego/trauma/programming and genuine discernment and intuition. And so they, also, are easy to nudge into depression or paranoia or whatever. Thus the key is to draw a line between what is your real self, real intuition, real logic, and truth … and what is not, even within your own head, and to treat that other part of ‘you’ (the false / ego part) as an enemy to stay watchful over.

Again, most people don’t have that ability because there are too many distractions in life and not enough challenges that force them to perform that level of discretion by turning their mental telescope inward. Also their level of consciousness-intensity plays a part, which may vary from person to person depending on their “soul age” or perhaps how much of their total consciousness dipped down into the body this time around (in terms of reincarnation), or how much they lost due to trauma, or how much they failed to develop due to distractions in childhood, or even brain structure differences that impede attention and focus.

» What do you make of skeptics saying the abduction phenomenon is just an artifact of sleep paralysis?

Sleep paralysis involves waking from sleep and being unable to move because the body is still asleep. If symptoms only involve temporary paralysis and nothing more, then we can say with confidence it was likely a sleep paralysis episode. However, if the person also recounts hearing voices, feeling a presence in the room, or seeing entities, then two possibilities exist: either these are hallucinations, or they are perceptions of objective phenomena. They might be hallucinations if the mind was only partially awake and hence some dream processes remained active and induced hypnopompic hallucinations that overlaid upon physical perception. On the other hand, alien visitations and abductions reportedly also involve paralysis and the presence of nonhuman beings. Aliens have telepathic and telekinetic abilities and are able to modify an abductee’s nervous and subtle energy systems to induce paralysis for control and safety purposes. Superficially, these two phenomena overlap and so skeptics make the convenient but fallacious jump toward discounting alien abductions as mere sleep paralysis.

The difference between sleep paralysis and alien encounters comes down to how many elements are present in the experience for which sleep paralysis is not a fitting explanation and vice versa. If one wakes to see a parade of dancing bananas floating before one’s face, then since this has no correlate within the abduction or occult fields and is just plain ludicrous, that points toward it being a hypnopompic hallucination. But if one instead sees the ubiquitous gray aliens, humanoids in jump suits, reptilians, or shadow figures fitting the behavior and characteristics of demons, and more so if there happen to be multiple eyewitnesses, if the abduction takes place while one is driving, if there are anomalous injuries or bodily marks afterward, if pets react traumatically, etc. then sleep paralysis becomes increasingly less viable as an explanation. That skeptics want to dismiss it all with two dimensional excuses shows they are naive at best and biased sophists at worst.

» So what do you think about all these sloppy false flag mass shootings?

Well for starters these staged shootings happen just prior to import court decisions regarding gun laws and police state stuff, so the shadow elite are just trying to circumvent the checks and balances in place. So they’re trying to set up tyrannies / police states, using these fake events as justification.

But there’s more to it. I suspect that the ultimate agenda for this nation is to create a civil war that balkanizes (splits up) the USA into pieces so that external invasion becomes possible. How do you bring down a nation that is heavily armed? You get that nation to aim those guns at itself. Boom, auto immune disorder. Once weakened, then it wouldn’t be as difficult for Russia/China to sweep in, or for Europe/UN to come in under the guise of humanitarian ‘liberation’ or ‘security’ purposes.

The way the civil war would happen is by crossing enough of a line that armed people rise up. But for that to happen, they need to be angry and well armed, and that’s what all these token liberal threats about gun control are about, because instead of curtailing guns, all the administration has done these past seven years is create a gun buying panic. So they’ve actually increased it. It’s commonly jested that Obama is the greatest gun salesman of the century, based on the sales statistics.

Plus the whole prepper movement, survivalist shows on TV… it’s programming to create a survivalist/insurgent mindset in the public. Not the whole public, just the more right wing leaning folks. Which is what they’d want, since you can’t have a civil war if everyone’s on the same page, so you need a 50/50 kind of division (in actuality it’s 30/70) so one side is the government supporting Joe-coppertops, and the other the increasingly anti-authoritarian / libertarian types. If it ever happens that some kind of round up, detention, confiscation happens, then that would be the trigger for radicalization of the freedom movement. And this, in turn, would lead to enough chaos and decentralization that from such chaos a new order will arise.

Though like I said, as we’ve seen in Egypt and Syria and Iraq, etc. when one dictatorship is brought down, you just get chaos and warlords in their place, and they then justify the invasion by other powers who then set up shop. That’s how one sovereign regime is replaced by foreign ones, first through internal war and revolution, then invasion. I think that’s what’ll happen with the USA.

The rest of the world will have their own thing going on, but all of it plugging into a master plan. Europe will be balkanized and turn fascist when ethnic tensions and fear of cultural annihilation by migrant swarms reach their snapping point. All this, in concert with economic instabilities brought on by climate and resource disruptions, and all this as a prelude to alien invasion under the guise of benevolent intervention.

Despite all this, there will be positive underground support networks, conclaves, and sanctuaries for the spiritually awakened. It’s not all doom and gloom, just collapse of the status quo. It’s only doom if you’re clinging to the past.

» Do you think practicing universal loving kindness would be good for countering alien abductions and negative programming?

Negative programming is designed to cut you off from your heart/spirit/discernment, and to pull you deeper into the STS or negative mode of existence. Therefore the practices regarding the heart, which can be found in Buddhist and Sufi studies can help counteract that, yes. Further, by raising your vibes this way, you come closer under the jurisdiction or respect of divine/angelic forces, who then can offer more protection.

And also, being in an extremely negative and paranoid mindset can enhance abductions through a reality-creation effect whereby you resonate with the types of scary experiences that these beings wish to enact, and thereby it allows them or empowers them to carry these out. Hence by staying in a more positive and empowered mindset, they are less likely to do the more overt types of abduction phenomena like the really crazy experiences you sometimes read about.

Can it stop them completely? Not sure about that, but it could cut out 90% of it. The remaining 10% might be due to any remaining karma, weaknesses, lessons-yet-to-be-learned, and physicality of your body that allows them to get away with certain things still. However, no sense in making it worse by having poor spiritual hygiene or a negative mindset.

Therefore the answer is, yes the practices can reduce a lot of it, not all of it, but enough that it makes a difference and is therefore worth pursuing.

» What are the possible meanings of various crop circles?

I believe crop circles are mixture of the following sources:

1) Genuine hyperdimensional benevolent intelligences using orbs that emit energy/gravity waves,

2) Black ops military using microwave/gravity lasers from satellites or cloaked crafts,

3) Human crop circle making teams doing it for sport, and sometimes under the inspiration of those hyper-D forces mentioned above. Not just boards and ropes, but more sophisticated but similarly simple methods.

So if you try to interpret circles made by black ops military, or by human teams doing it solely for sport, you will either get nothing meaningful or else decipher a thinly veiled message that the makers intentionally put in there but disguised just enough to give it an air of mystery and seeming to be ‘alien’ in origin even though it’s not. In the case of the military, they could do it for disinformation purposes. The Chilbolton Glyphs are a good example of that.

That leaves only #1, and the inspired ones of #3, making genuine circles with a higher meaning. This meaning, however, I don’t believe necessarily has intellectual content, but might be more archetypal patterns meant to impress into the subconscious and into the etheric body of the planet or collective consciousness, similar to Reiki letters being traced onto a patient.

So there is the challenge of figuring out which are genuine and which are not, and then among the genuine whether there is intellectual content there or if it’s more archetypal in which case there is nothing to decipher since it’s sub-conscious in its actions and doesn’t “spell out” anything in a way the intellect can grasp.

» Do you have any thoughts on numerology?

Numerology is normally used as a means of divination and reading hidden meaning in words and phrases. The way I see it, our reality is rearrangeable in many ways by intelligences outside of linear time. If they are beings who respect freewill, then the less some change violates freewill, the more easily they can make it. Thus they can very easily change or mold from the very beginning anything that doesn’t really matter to us whether it’s one way or another. Meaning, the things we overlook, or don’t know any different concerning it.

Here’s an example. The language you know was taught to you since you were a kid. You don’t really question why yellow is spelled with “ow” instead of “eau”. Same with your name, what if your name was Harry instead of Barry? I don’t think that would violate your freewill. Thus I think these kinds of things are changeable by beings outside time, at any time.

Alright, now what if you devised a system of interpreting the small details, reading meaning into them? Then that allows these forces to embed decipherable meanings in otherwise small details that people overlook. Hyperdimensional steganography. I mean, who normally cares about what number a name or word or phrase adds up to? No one who doesn’t know about numerology. It makes no difference to them. But if you make it have meaning for you, then I believe the very spellings of words can change in order to ensure it has the right numerological result to communicate the appropriate meaning. The same can be done with anagrams.

Another aspect is the internal structure to numbers, how they seem to have a meaning behind them. Considering that numbers are internally rigid in their relationship and structure, and not like human language which is subjective, I think the order there was instilled by the very founder of our reality. Maybe the Creator, or the Demiurge if you go by the gnostic system. I think it’s this being embedding clues in the very structure of existence, of its own existence. Dropping clues that our reality is intelligently constructed and giving clues on the intended purpose of things.

This is a tough question… as we know from playing around with numerology there is something to it, even with anagrams… but trying to figure out how it works, why, and who put all that order in… I can’t be certain…

» If beings must become positive to transcend the material world, then how can negative beings exist outside the 3rd dimension? Do they use technology or did they come into existence positive and turn negative? And if they turn negative why aren’t they forced back into the material world?

My view is that both negative and positive beings can transcend the physical universe with its linear time and three dimensions of space. So maybe you misunderstood me, or I worded something poorly, to give the impression that only positive beings can transcend the material world.

Notice, too, that as long as a being is even partially physical, technology must be used to leverage themselves in the face of physical limitations. Thus aliens fly around in ships and use technology instead of just doing it all with their minds. So both negative and positive aliens are beyond our level of materiality, but are still fettered with a less restrictive but still existent type of physicality.

Angels and demons are examples of completely nonphysical beings. And correspondingly, they don’t use technology. You don’t ever hear of an angel with a ray gun, or a demon flying around in a spaceship. They just appear and disappear, by themselves without gadgetry. Aliens use gadgetry because they are partly physical to varying degrees.

That said, positive beings do have less restrictions than negative ones, when it comes to both the alien and demon/angel level. For instance, negative aliens might be far more dependent on technology to accomplish their goals, than higher positive aliens who are more skilled at doing things with just their consciousness. The reason is that negatives are going against the grain, against the flow, and this extra resistance means they need more technological leverage to do what they want. Technology is a way of using the rules to do your bidding. Thus they can use it to hack, infiltrate, exploit, find loopholes, and so on. They cut themselves off from the Creator and don’t get access to that infinite energy, that synchronistic support, that warmth. So they have to scrounge harder and be more cunning to succeed, thus their reliance on technology. Additionally, they lose more and more freewill as they go on, because they bargain it away to higher negative powers in exchange for greater power over those below… It’s a pyramid Ponzi scheme, the dark hierarchy.

So what this means is that, if you go far enough up the levels, you do reach a point where positives keep evolving and growing, but the negatives have reached the end of the line because they’ve exhausted their remaining spiritual energy. So that’s the point at which negatives can’t go beyond. But they can indeed go WAY beyond the level of materiality we are at. So relative to us, there are definitely higher negative AND higher positive forces.

» Why do aliens look like familiar Earth organisms? Why would they look like lizards or familiar Earth organisms?

According to abductee reports, the places that aliens claim to come from are all in our local galactic neighborhood. My best guess is that we are all genetically related thanks to a common alien creator group that seeded variations of the humanoid template on different star systems within proximity of each other. By proximity I mean within 100 light years, versus 100,000 LY being the diameter of the milky way so that’s .1% of the diameter and close enough for genetic horseshoes. Reptilians may not have evolved on their own. They could have been a human type hybridized with a reptilian animal species. I don’t know what the original humanoid form must have looked like. This would all explain why we can breathe each other’s air, even interbreed, communicate, and why they’d have an interest in us. If they were plasma lifeforms from another galaxy I doubt they’d be here or be interested.

From abduction accounts, we know that there are Nordic aliens who looks similar to us, can breathe our air, and have had sexual relations with humans that produced pregnancy. Reptilian aliens likewise have raped human women but I’m not sure whether that’s lead to pregnancy. In any case, the Grey hybridization program likewise indicates that these alien types have DNA, which itself is odd if they were truly independently evolved beings from another world. Their humanoid morphology likewise indicates we are related.

So what I’m saying is that various planets may have had their own life sprouting on them naturally, but through intelligent forces, one big bundle of life could have been dropped on all of them, or perhaps some cross-pollinated with others. Either way, I do think there is genetic cross-pollination between Earth and other worlds. As far as Reptilian aliens go, if they are humanoid-animal hybrids, then the reptilian animal may either be an Earth animal, or perhaps another reptilian-like animal on another planet that has common artificial ancestry with those reptilian animals of Earth.

Even if life were only seeded on ten planets total within 100 light years, as long as intelligent beings traveled between those worlds, there is good chance of genetic mixing among then.

» How did the aliens arise? Were they genetically designed just like we were?

Considering lots of animals got where they are through seeming natural evolution, it stands to reason that some aliens out there likewise may have evolved naturally. It’s just that once they become intelligent enough to colonize other worlds and do genetic engineering, then you have some intelligent races being the product of genetic manipulation and evolutionary acceleration. The human species being an example. Too many oddities in our genetics and rapid evolution for it to be natural.

Maybe you’re familiar with the Drake Equation, which estimates the probability of intelligent life in the universe. It fails to take panspermia or genetic manipulation into account, which dramatically increases the chances of life being out there.

» If the NWO is alien, then why do these b**tards do everything to cover up UFO research? Is it not more logical to assume that maybe the Controllers are humans and do not want us to know about dudes bigger and badder than they are?

I think it’s humans and aliens collaborating, with primarily aliens at the top, and mostly humans at the bottom of the NWO pyramid. That pyramid is the capstone of the bigger pyramid of which we the people are at the bottom. I agree that, at least as the military/official level, those who know of aliens didn’t want the word to get out because they knew that the human power structure is royally screwed in the face of overwhelming alien power. Last thing they want to do is admit to the people that things are NOT under their control. That creates panic and loss of faith, and there goes their job security

Now, next questions are:

1) Why are aliens also covering up their existence — why do they only allow sightings that are easily rationalized away, or only done out of sight to select people? Why nothing so prolonged and indubitable that every last person on Earth is forced to believe they exist?

2) Why are both aliens and secret government groups nonetheless releasing info, creating sightings, and slowly acclimating the public to the alien presence? — by that I mean the controlled sightings, the drip feeding of the population through movies, TV shows, documentaries, mainstream fluffy abduction books…

3) Why are these forms of controlled release contrary in their conclusions to the truth being discovered by deep researchers who know that the alien presence has a strong nefarious undertone?

Why do these controlled sources consistently refuse to address: a) the idea that human military and aliens are working together, b) that aliens are involved in creating artificial humanoids, in cloning and replacing human targets, and c) that the alien presence is pervasive and in our face, in our lives, and that they engage in mind programming and posthypnotic programming on a massive level?

Well, I think it’s because both the human and alien elements of the NWO have a plan in place to program the population and prepare them for the eventual coming home party, or the coming out party, of the alien-human control structure — and to welcome it openly. That’s what the alien disinfo from the 1960s to 2000s has been trying to push people towards. To make them like the human/alien controllers, and to be unaware of the darker side of the alien presence.

Thus, researchers like John Mack, Karla Turner, and Phil Schneider get killed while disinformants like get pushed into the limelight.

» Why would the aliens need covert control? Why fear us? Is this not a case of Bambi meets Godzilla?

It’s not that they fear for their safety, so much as fearing loss of investment and efficiency.

I mean, consider a con artist who infiltrates a company in order to pull off a huge embezzlement scheme. If he does it covertly, he has a chance of pulling it off because everyone plays their part and hands him the cash with naive trust. But if a slip up makes his act overt, then all that game playing and setting up the pieces ends in ruin. Then if he really wants that money even with everyone knowing about it, he’d have to do it by force. It would get bloody and costly.

So it’s simply a matter of efficiency. It takes far less energy and resources to influence covertly. It’s because they derive their power from what we give them through our own ignorance. What you don’t know, can be used to influence you. If you know it, and you’re aware of it, then you can resist it. Otherwise you think you’re acting of your own volition, when in truth you’re being led. Ignorance is our fulcrum upon which we can be pivoted. Thus if they position themselves at the pivot point of an entire civilization, they can steer it with utter efficiency, stability, and security.

If they went overt, then instead of running itself, the system of humanity would turn its eyes toward them. A portion would indeed resist. Efficiency breaks down. Force then is required to overcome that resistance. That resource is costly. Using too much force makes everyone scared, uncooperative, and more willing to resist in the future. And the whole investment scheme goes down the tubes.

Thus if they want to go overt, they would require the respect, awe, and blind obedience of humanity. Only then can they come into the open. By going covert long ago, they allowed mankind to develop its own technology, its own police state infrastructure, and its own global government so that down the line, after humanity was sufficiently programmed, the aliens can go overt and simply take over the steering wheel. If they stayed overt long ago, they would have had to provide the technology, training, guidance, manpower, etc. to bring the primitive native population up to standards. But now, Earth is ready to go and the aliens didn’t have to expend all those resources. They just had to covertly influence things here and there.

» One could argue that MILAB’s (military abductions) suggest that UFO’s are an Earth-bound manipulation more so than ET. How do we foreclose on that possibility?

The military/government involvement in abductions is only a recent phenomenon, probably starting in the 50s and really taking off in the 60s. The UFO phenomenon itself goes back to ancient times. Like even in the late 1800s there were mass airship sightings, which clearly weren’t human military in origin. That’s just one small example. There are medieval reports too of UFO phenomena (see the Nuremberg UFO Battle of 1561). Go back further to Mohenjo Daro, Sodom and Gomorrah getting nuked, every civilization claiming it was started by some foreign superhuman (“gods from the sky”), etc. and the idea that it’s all the work of the Military Industrial Complex starts looking like a joke.

So it goes back in time quite a bit.

Now, abductees of both military and alien and mixed groups can learn to distinguish between them. There’s a definite difference in the operational methods, the nuances, the feel, effects, technology, etc. between the two. For instance, only alien abductions are capable of abducting only a person’s soul and leaving the body behind. Military abductions are always physical in some way.

However, I do have reason to believe that 1) a lot of UFO sightings are experimental military vehicles (that’s obvious), and 2) that the military is engaging in abductions and sometimes stage fake alien abductions too (to cover their own tracks, and to do damage control for their alien collaborators).

Incidentally, these fake abductions always portray aliens in a positive or benign light. I think this is part of the human groups collaborating with aliens toward a common negative agenda, and thus the human groups making aliens out to be good guys (or scapegoating some alien group that only function as disposable accessories to the real alien conspirators).

The agenda like I said is to portray themselves as our saviors, so that they can come out into the open now that conditions are ripe for that. I think reptilians are disposable accessories, and that the real conspirators are likely human-looking like us. The Nazi drive to create an aryan super-race may have been an attempt to emulate them.

» Why would really advanced aliens need our DNA? Could they not synthesize their own? Why not simply create robots to serve them?

Exactly, I don’t think they actually “need” our DNA. However, I think they need us to be hybridized with their DNA, in order to make us more like them, or at least more like the Grays which are their robotic slave servants. In fact, I think Grays themselves are creatures made from synthesized DNA.

So that’s what the Grays are. Problem is they aren’t capable enough. Here’s the thing — if you synthesize DNA to create something that looks human, sure you may have a walking talking human, but only one that’s good for manual labor, physical security guards, and doing whatever they are told because they are like empty clones. You can’t just make DNA from scratch and expect a soul/spirit to incarnate into it. They need to have soul/spirit as well in order to do things that mere spiritless/soulless clones cannot.

For instance, with my mind I can form a visualized intent for, say, a material item that I truly need… if it’s not an utter violation and bad idea, then within a few days I start getting synchronicities that help bring it about, or give me a very great deal on them. That’s some part of my soul/mind having an effect upon reality, bending probabilities in certain ways. There is no way that a barely conscious robotic organic lifeform can do this. Now I could violate divine law by using this power for STS purposes, which requires more effort and magickal “hacking” but could allow me to, say, manifest political power and elite wealth by bending the timeline. Again, a robot couldn’t do this. Thus I have a tactical advantage.

And so, what I think is happening, is that aliens want to create a hybrid race that allows the human soul/spirit pool to incarnate into it, be locked into it, and yet have those bodies/genetics be controllable like the Grays currently are. This would create a soldier/servant race with far greater usefulness than either pure humans or pure Grays right now.

» What is the motive for the aliens. Raw materials? Some religious motivation on their part?

I base my understanding of their motive on:

1) what they’ve been telling abductees and contactees,

2) what their abductees and contactees and “public relations” personnel have been telling the public,

3) what I have experienced of them personally,

4) what other fields of research not directly associated with aliens, but intersect with them, suggest about true alien motives.

Now, with (1) they’ve been telling abductees and contactees that they need us for our genetic material to help revive their over-cloned race. They say they want to hybridize humans with Grey aliens to create a new race with best characteristics of both. They want to replace humanity with this new model.

That’s a half-truth. Abductees have indeed seen these hybrids and I think I’ve encountered a couple in my lifetime living in everyday society. Some hybrids may only be a few percent alien and the rest human, and are raised in human families to two human parents. It’s scientifically possible to be biologically related to both human parents but have a third genetic component inserted as well. What I noticed about these people is that they were emotionally muted, kind of mentally quiet and blank, but also very intellectual. I sense that they lacked a moral compass and were easily programmable or moldable. For the most part they were nice people just kind of oddly mechanical in their quality of consciousness, reminiscent of a power transformer that just hums quietly with electricity, or perhaps the steadily spinning disk of an idling hard drive.

So genetically altering mankind to be more Grey-like in nature, that’s something I can say with confidence they want to do. Grays are obedient, programmable, very psychic, very intellectual, but easily accessed telepathically like some remote computer terminal for remote operation. Hybrid humans would therefore have those qualities. They would be robust and physical like humans, but more easily controlled and less able to resist. Thus they would be a more hive-minded kind of work force with additional abilities like psychic powers. I would think they’d be used for creating a new force conquer other planets, or just to mine Earth to death for its resources. Just a guess.

With (2) for many decades the disinformation was telling the public that aliens are nice, that we should form a one world government under their leadership and the leadership of human alien hybrids who are more advanced than us stupid animalistic humans. So they want to lock us down under alien control in the near future, and that’s an overt form of alien control. The covert stuff was necessary while civilization was in its shaky growth phase, but now a lock-down phase is possible and profitable.

With (3) I have personally experienced evidence that they are interested not only in biological harvesting, but also etheric/astral/psychic energy harvesting. They feed on emotional energy, the lifeforce energy of people. We are like dairy cows in that sense. This lifeforce energy is fuel for them that allows transdimensional maneuvers like entering realms/timelines that they normally can’t access, or in other ways transgressing boundaries that normally keep them in check.

With (4) I mean fields like occultism, Fortean phenomena, what Islam says about the jinns, or Christianity says about the War in Heaven and spiritual warfare, etc. Basically the idea is that ultimately these highly negative aliens, or whoever controls them, is in it for power, control, and lifeforce energy. They want to control souls, and assimilate beings into helping them assimilate other beings. To absorb more and more into the energy pyramid scheme, with these demonic beings at the very top feeding on all the energy.

So I think energy, power, and control is the ultimate motivation here. But not power by force, rather power by influence. To ensure maximum energy harvest from maximum worlds, to control the maximum number of souls for the maximum length of time. And that grand goal has a long sequence of steps required to attain it. Like on Earth, if we get turned into some controllable hybrid race, which would be a way for overt alien control to succeed without resistance because people are genetically handicapped at that point, then we would soon become suitable to go out and do the same to other worlds.

I came across another theory which I think is also viable, which is that aliens are time travelers from several probable futures all competing over which one will win out in the end. Or rather, say in the future some group has exhausted all its resources. They try to create a parallel timeline with fresh souls and resources that they can move into and feed off of — to do so requires changing the past and getting those souls onto that timeline. Well, so they come back into human history, pretend to be gods, establish what ends up becoming the New World Order, hybridize the population, and create that new future they desired from the beginning. I think that explains a lot, that ultimately it’s an archetypal parasite finding very clever ways, using cover manipulation, genetic engineering, and time travel to expand its food source.

» Have you considered that there might have been past human civilizations before 10,000 BCE that hybridized themselves and went in to space. Such would be human, and thus DNA compatible with us? Could they have returned? An EBE hypothesis would not be necessary in this case

Precisely, that would explain the Nordic alien types. The Grays and Reptilians are harder to explain, unless they are genetically engineered creations by the same people. On the other hand, we know from UFO sightings that their ships are incredibly fast and can move through solid matter, thereby avoiding the issue of interstellar collisions and radiation. There’s no reason why they couldn’t leave our solar system and find another planet to visit. And if so, then no reason why beings from other planets couldn’t likewise visit our world in the past 300,000 years. It’s possible that an ancient advanced offshoot of the human race has indeed gone off-world, and made alliances with other aliens from other worlds, and therefore both right now seem alien to us.

» What do you believe what happens when you die?

First is an out of body experience. You might see your life flash before your eyes as the etheric body separates from the physical. Then you find yourself hovering over your dead body and maybe get to move around a bit.

At that point things start to vary.

Some people eject from their etheric body straight away enter straight into the light which they should see somewhere above them. That takes them into the astral and spirit realm where they undergo a more thorough life review for some time.

Otherwise, if they continue sticking around the physical environment, the etheric body starts disintegrating within 3-7 days. If they were particularly dark in life, they could be solicited by demons during this period. At that point it’s possible for them to suck energy from living beings in order to keep their etheric body from disintegrating. Then they become ghosts or phantoms, Earth-bound spirits. They can also attach themselves to animals of vulnerable humans and become spirit entity attachments.

Otherwise their etheric body dies and they increasingly lose touch with physical reality and begin “dreaming” as they shift from the etheric to the astral body and start entering the astral planes. So things become more dreamlike for them, which eventually becomes the more thorough life review.

In the astral planes, they run the risk of being ensnared by astral predators pretending to be priests or tribal gods or whatever appeals to their belief system. These are demons and other negative discarnate humans. If they died with heavy emotional baggage, psychological addictions, or programming, they can get stuck in these make-believe astral plane environments that appeal to that. There they stay until their astral body is sucked dry and shrivels away and they awaken like from a coma into their deeper, true, more impersonal spirit-centric consciousness. Then they’re free to finally move into the spirit realm.

In the spirit realm, having awoken from their previous stupidity, they have the foresight to plan for their next life and I guess get counsel or meet with other spirit beings. They see what more needs to be done and learned, and feel the call to return to do it right. So they are born again as humans eventually. Only, in many cases, to screw up again, and thus reincarnation keeps repeating.

» When I asked you about what the higher self is you mentioned the word “perfection”, what exactly do you mean by the future perfected version and how do we reach perfection?

Perfection means having none of the flaws of mortal man, none of the ignorance, biases, selfish drives, shortsightedness, temper, egotism, foolishness, etc. and instead being as close to godlike and angelic and powerful as possible without losing your individuality… having accumulated as much wisdom as can possibly be gained by an individualized soul. Strong, steady, aware, balanced, wise, understanding, poised, and free from limitation.

We can’t reach that in one lifetime. I mean, we can indeed reach perfection as far as human potential goes, but there are greater forms we can take that allow further expansion and perfection after that. So in this life, perfection comes down to knowing the difference between what comes from ego/biology/social-programming and what comes from spirit/heart/wisdom, and consistently choosing and acting from the latter. It also means to conquer your day more and more, having fewer moments where you’re being mindless, foolish, or ignorant… and that includes sleep time where we normally lose awareness of ourselves and do silly things in dreams. It means watching our thoughts and feelings to the same degree that we watch what we say and do. It also means striking a perfect balance between compassion and wisdom, love and discernment, heart and mind… for instance, being so loving that you ignorantly feed a psychopath and drain all your resources is foolish and not something met by wisdom or discernment. Likewise, being so unloving yet discerning that you become paranoid and stand-offish while being cold inside, that’s not good either.

» Is your higher self in the sixth or seventh density and can you please explain the differences between the densities?

As best as I can tell, yes, the Higher Self is in lower 6th density. Right around the cusp of 5D and 6D. This is going by the definition of the densities according to the Ra Material.

3rd is where we are. It’s where individualization of the soul occurs, and the choice made toward aligning or rebelling against the Creator.

4th is where the chosen alignment/rebellion is expressed in full. There is still physicality but it’s fluid and more complex. Aliens are in this category.

5th is the first density without any physicality. It’s entirely ethereal. The astral planes are centered around this density. It’s where people stop over when they die, a.k.a. the spirit planes. Animals too, same as 4D beings. Thus the astral plane has various levels corresponding to the various densities, and is like the central elevator shaft of a building that goes up through multiple floors. This is my own definition of how the astral relates to the densities. But only those who have graduated from 4th density and transcended physicality entirely stay in 5D as native denizens instead of mere stopovers.

So at the top of 5D and going into 6D is when evolution as an individualized being alone cannot go any further. All has been squeezed out of that curriculum. So the next evolution is agglomerating into a soul group. This is not the same thing as a group soul, where there is only one soul that splits off parts into separate expressions, like is the case with animals. Rather it’s numerous perfected individual souls working together to continue evolving as a group. That is what most of 6D is about. So the Higher Self is the last and final perfected state of the individual soul/spirit before it moves on into the soul group. As an act of service, it reaches back and helps out all of its past incarnations, which are always active.

Thus for us, the Higher Self represents our future, final, personal, perfected Self. A pole star, so to speak — our direction North toward greater spiritual perfection. We can try to embody it, like Jesus did, and thereby be much more than we currently are. But that doesn’t make us identical to the Higher Self, as we’d still be going through 4D and 5D before reaching that state in full. But tapping into the Higher Self and trying to think, feel, speak, and act like it helps move you in that direction.

After 6D, I subscribe to the Cassiopaean definition, which is that one merges into the Creator and achieve union with all existence. And that this is where evolution ends for the spirit. Not that it gets wiped out and dissolves, rather the Creator who was within that spirit the whole time awakens to its full infinite self, having had the whole path from beginning to end now in its repertoire.

» What are your views on Aleister Crowley? Crowley was quite an interesting character, and his material seems like cool material to draw from.

Well, Crowley chastises the stupidity of 3D false dichotomies, like the kind found in politics or social tradition or religion, to pose his transcendent metaphysical view as the logical alternative. But the trap is that beyond the 3D dichotomies, there is a higher duality — higher negative, and higher positive. Crowley’s material delineates the path of higher negative development, basically how to serve self at the expense of others and finding ways to justify it to oneself.

So he does this a lot, comparing the higher negative alternative to lower common fallacies. That is, 4D STS as the only alternative to 3D STS/STO, so higher vs lower. That’s fallacious black and white thinking. One example is taking a concept like “love” which, to ordinary undeveloped 3D people is just some sentimental hormonal surge and thus animalistic, whereas Crowley defines it in a higher context which I think is close to truth. But, then he goes and puts in a twist or disclaimer that deviates a seemingly positive concept toward negative ends.

For instance, the positive path would mean following your spiritual will and destiny in a way that harmonizes with others and makes consideration for them and the system as a whole, whereas Crowley says, “Every man has a right to fulfill his own will without being afraid that it may interfere with that of others; for if he is in his proper place, it is the fault of others if they interfere with him.” — in other words, do whatever your “True Will” wants, and if it hurts others then too bad for them.

Another example is his idea of “True Will” — it’s a transcendent kind of will that doesn’t stem from social programming or animal impulses, something beyond the regular ego mind’s whims. Well, there are all kinds of subconscious impulses that seem to transcend common will, that come from some place deep and mysterious. They can be divided into two groups, those that stem from spirit, and those that stem from a more demonic sub-ego level. The latter can be quite inspiring and exciting and mysterious, which is what the Nazis tried to tap into, and if Crowley defines that as “True Will” then of course it seems like a good alternative to mechanical habits and social programming. But what about the other “True” True Will? The kind that actually comes from spirit and works in consideration of the good of all? See, that is left out of Crowley’s system.

Anyway, I think Crowley’s material is good for the “higher” aspect, so long as one understands it stems from the negative half of a duality that tries to present itself as, and therefore suppresses awareness of, the higher positive half.

Another thing, I don’t care much for elaborate rituals and convoluted symbolism. That stuff is necessary when you don’t have divine backing but want to have your way anyway and thus need to “hack” your way to results. Ritual magick is hacking to break into what is disharmonious to the total system. Just like a hacker you need to know code, scripts, algorithms, etc. to be successful. But that’s not the only way to be successful. You can do it legitimately too, which is the higher positive path.

» What is your position on the Jewish role in the NWO. Some say its all them, some say it’s not them and that they are actually being used. What do you think?

I believe they are being used. The true NWO elites aren’t Jewish, but light-eyed Aryan types descended from the ancient Phoenicians, Akkadians, Dacians, Druids, Brahmins, Tocharians, etc. They are the closest genetically to the negative Nordic aliens that you hear about in abduction and contactee literature. Think of the Queen of England, the Nazi supermen, or the Rockefellers for instance. Thousands of years ago these bloodlines employed indigenous people (Semites, Egyptians, Meso-Americans, Southern Indians, Paleolithic farmers) to be their power base.

Aliens are the next highest up on the pyramid above the human elite, and thus the top of the human portion ought to be closest to the alien types. You never hear of Space Jews except in Mel Brooks parodies.

Seems like Jews have been thoroughly programmed and used to play a servile role to an invisible elite. Scapegoats, frontmen, henchmen so to speak. Not all Jews of course, I’m talking about the corrupt leaders and blind followers. Every race has its corrupt leaders that are like finger-puppets to an invisible hand. I’ve known Jews who were normal and good people, but then again they weren’t the elites of their kind, just the average middle parts.

The whole creation of Israel was supported by the Nazis. I’d think it serves to corral them into one area, turn the world against them through their own abusive behavior garnering world wrath, and then frying them in a nuclear holocaust.

If you read the Old Testament, their origins depended on a piece of alien technology (Ark of the Covenant) and some psychopathic being that commanded their leaders through it. Thus I think Jews have been played from the very beginning. So those who say the NWO is a Jewish conspiracy are being outsmarted by the true conspirators.

» Does prayer work? And if so, why do they only respond when you ask for help? Is this to do with the rules of free will?

Well I think prayer works in two ways: 1) by what you attract via your own mind, and 2) by what is granted to you by a higher being who answers your call.

Of course, the higher being would know your mind and heart, so if you are begging from a place of chosen weakness or ego then it’s not going to help you.

Commonly, prayer tends to be a form of begging to a higher father figure to grant you some help. I suppose if you are earnest and sincere, then your call will be heard and answered. But it’s also possible that an attitude of victimhood and terror that accompanies it, attracts more of same via process #1 mentioned above.

When I pray, it’s more like “Thank you for… I hereby request that ……” rather than “oh please please please do this…” Just to let it be known what I need, while respecting the freewill of the higher being. I think prayer should be done from an attitude of humility but also assuredness.

They don’t only respond when you ask for help through prayer. Sometimes I was going about my day thinking, “would be nice to have ___” and then forget all about it, and later that day it manifests for me. This has happened a few times. I think something saw my genuine need and arranged it. I didn’t have to get on my knees and pray. It was all about the level of need and sincerity behind it, and the future outcome of it.

So if you’ve done all you can, and still need a bit of assistance, then you can ask. Asking, more so than commanding or pleading. Another form of prayer is gratitude and acknowledgment to the Creator. That in itself can attract more things to be grateful for, thus it’s a good practice to do.

» Ok here’s the thing that I disagree with, or am having a hard time accepting. Your concept that there are both aliens and demons. What makes you sure that demons are not using the concept of aliens as a disguise for their actions?

As far as I know, demons are spirit beings who inhabit the darker levels of the astral planes, the hellish nonphysical realms. As such they have no physical bodies, physical environments, and don’t make use of technology. They can exert physical force in a telekinetic manner, and are able to possess/inhabit people, if they are powerful enough. But the main point being that they are of an occult, metaphysical, nonphysical, ghost-like nature for the most part. They are also opportunistic feeders who run around like sharks for victims to torment.

Contrast this to aliens who show up on radar, leave trace remnants on the ground, implant physical devices, use real technology that the government has attempted to reverse engineer with some success, can be recorded on video camera (UFO vids), and show up in ancient mythology, religion, and folklore as various sky gods who came down to kickstart civilization. So with them, there’s a more physical, technological, long-term agenda. They aren’t necessarily opportunistic feeders, but more like long-term manipulators. Also, there are alien groups that teach a pro-Christ (not in a religious sense, but the same ethics Christ promoted), pro-Wisdom, anti-Demon type of philosophy.

But, I know of examples where demons pretend to be aliens. And they have limits, so they can mimic but not pull it off fully. For instance, they can’t manifest physical ships. So if a target who’s being harassed by demons pretending to be aliens, they might induce in him hallucinations of ships flying over the city, etc. but what he sees never actually affects the environment in terms of radar traces, actually cutting through the air, being seen by others, or showing up on video because it’s mostly in his head.

Also, the demons doing this have only one goal in mind, which is psychological and emotional torment. I know this one guy who fell into this trap and they told him he was being tested and had to obey everything they said… they commanded him to chase after the ship he believed he was seeing, across rivers and fields, through swampy areas, thorns, etc. and the ship would keep moving running him ragged. That’s an example of sadistic torment.

The highly negative aliens are either possessed by, or in league with, demonic forces. But there is a difference between the two. As I said, the demons are fully nonphysical, while aliens are sort of like us in the sense of having bodies and technology. Imagine if humanity continues as it does, often possessed by demons… what if mankind “evolved” another four thousand years and became physical legions that are technology-enabled subordinates to the demonic hierarchy? That’s perfectly possible. So you see, future negative humanity is on the level between current humans and demons. Likewise, right now there are aliens that are in that in-between state. And I have reason to believe there are positive aliens between the levels of humans and angels.

Angels and aliens also have their differences. I’ve had some experiences with angels, demons, positive, and negative aliens; therefore I know there’s a difference between them. So if aliens don’t exist, then angels are also pretending to be aliens, which I find ludicrous. When demons pretend to be aliens, it’s just window dressing without actual real content. Like they might tell you empty words about coming from this or that planet, but they don’t have any real technology or wisdom content to back up the idea that they’re actually alien-like in their advancement. A lot of channeling nowadays is done by negative beings like demons pretending to be ascended masters or whatever.

The line between negative aliens and demons is very blurred, however. But away from that line, I do see there are definitely demons, and definitely aliens as well.

» I’m also wondering why you throw out the entire Bible and take only the gospel of Thomas.

The Gospel of Thomas consists mostly of extracts from the other books of the New Testament, so if it doesn’t ring true then the Bible shouldn’t either. I throw the rest of the Jesus story out because everything else about the Jesus story that isn’t in the Gospel of Thomas is precisely the stuff that, to me, seems to have served the political and pagan occult interests of the Roman Catholic Church. You know, the Sun Cult that crafted most of the Jesus story, 12 zodiac signs around the sun = 12 disciples around Christ, the cult that made December 25th his birthdate even though that was a pagan sun ritual day having to do with the Winter solstice and so on. If you boil the teachings of Jesus to their core essentials, you have the Gospel of Thomas. It’s about the redemption of the Fallen soul and how it may return/enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Not that I ignore the rest of the Bible, just that there’s more corruption there than not. The Bible as a whole is a big composite of positive, negative, and neutral aspects. If you’re filled with Spirit, you can find the wisdom-filled messages of Spirit in a TV Guide. Truth is everywhere, and if the Bible is as corrupted as I believe it is, Spirit can nonetheless give you “x-ray” vision to see the truth behind it without swallowing the B.S.

» I wonder if abductees are programmed at a subconscious level to be more disposed to accept “cataclysm and peril” as some sort of timeline dynamic manipulation? A way that they can try to steer their consciousness onto that timeline.

That’s a good point. It’s happened through cult, religious, and channeling networks that the entities are always inducing an expectation of imminent doom, really trumping up the fear and incapacitating people that way.

I see two types of programming or “education” happening in the alien field. One is the ultra-doomy types where the target just gives up or becomes obsessed with survivalism and putting all life on hold, to wait for the end. That one seems like a timeline steerer through consciousness steering. The other is a more informative “let’s get you trained and ready for upcoming emergencies… here’s how stay calm… here’s some medical training… if things get tough we’ll offer some help, blah blah.” I’m not really aware of any alien groups that claim all will be peachy in the coming years, so maybe cataclysm will indeed happen, but it’s people’s reactions to it that are being programmed. Let’s say spiritual solutions are key, then a high doom mindset would neutralize that.

These abductors could be time travelers from those apocalyptic futures, who are trying to ensure that their timeline happens because they are the ultimate beneficiaries. There seems to be some kind of timeline war going on, or competition over what future happens. There’s an undercurrent of “those who survived the changes, are the ones who are now being abducted before the changes” like some kind of Terminator plot.

The military abductors, some who work with alien factions, seem bent on creating a sleeper army of super-soldiers who will survive and, I assume, establish some kind of order favorable to these black ops groups. Some fascist technocracy, which then would indeed evolve into a highly negative timeline. These abductees get the military, martial arts, criminal arts, survivalist type programming.

Meanwhile, I think the more positive alien groups are programming some people to be ready to counter various alien deception scenarios and function as beacons of stability if things get topsy turvy.

» Where can good news be had if we are constantly sieged out by both 3D and 4D forces? Where can one draw strength to not become critical?

Mostly in our personal victories, faith in the future, and spiritual devotion to ideals and principles that are eternal. You can carve out a pathway to heaven even while surrounded by hell.

The news is full of distractions-of-the-day: cheap thrills, hypnotically engaging dramas, and sensationalism. It’s usually about things happening to other people whom you’ll never meet, problems you’ll never cross paths with, and therefore designed to rile you up with no outlet for doing anything about it.

All it takes is a quick glance at the headlines and a little investigation into new developments that could intersect your life and you need to be ready for, but beyond that, news is among the may things that waste people’s time, money, and energy.

The real positive developments aren’t evident in the news except occasionally when some police state measure or corruption is exposed and disabled, but the real positive gains are underneath, behind, between, and beyond what becomes aware to the masses through manipulated information sources.

The thing is that our world is an intersection of positive and negative realms, positive and negative futures. The matrix media sources try to get us focused on only the negative aspect and make us feel powerless in its grip. But meanwhile, the positive is embedded in the same reality, within and around us. We only have to notice it, set our hearts toward it (while keeping an eye on the negative too, since you don’t want to become blind to anything), and it then takes more root in our lives. In fact, once our lives are going better, we have more hope than ever.

Like I said, pathway to heaven through hell. It’s a matter of choice. Reality is somewhat fluid to our thoughts, and the core basis of our intentions, focus, and devotion is what seeps into reality and becomes stronger — therefore, if you keep your hope alive and set sights on the end goal of a perfect, spiritually liberated world, and work toward it, it will work its way toward you. Otherwise it withers, or at least your connection to it withers and it moves on without you. It’s this faith in a divine plan, in a happy ending, that’ll keep you from letting depression or cynicism disable you. See, even if it’s just a psychological device bordering on wishful thinking, compared to malaise from being overwhelmed by negativity, it’ll make you all that more effective at making a difference since you’ll have more energy and clarity.

Since you can only affect what’s in your sphere of experience, I would say that all your hope and disappointment should rest on the results you see within your own life and those you’re responsible for, rather than on problems and people you truly cannot affect as you hear on the news. If everyone did this, the world as we know it would be covered with everyone doing what they do best, which is improve their slice of reality.

» The Matrix has got me isolated, and in a country run by psychopaths, with most people asleep and either incapable or unwilling to wake, my life’s not working. I have to have a good life for myself, and be able to act in favor of the good future. Suggestions?

As you know, there are deterministic and synchronistic factors behind current life circumstances, and deterministic and synchronistic ways to change them. If one isn’t helping, more of the other can.

The deterministic solutions are all action oriented. You applied those when fending off the psychopaths and applying for school. But then opposing deterministic factors like the economy crashing put a halt to that, and the dominoes have continued falling right up into your current situation, which I’m sorry to hear about and hope is just a temporary setback.

Question is whether there are any further outward physical actions you can take, or whether synchronistic solutions must be used to bend probability enough to give you a needed breakthrough.

One thing I see a lot, is people attempting to move forward deterministically, but getting held back by synchronistic opposition, aka bad luck and things not working out in a highly improbable manner despite them doing what seems logical and should work according to conventional expectations.

Such situations require two things: 1) making sure that the synch opposition isn’t due to you stubbornly pursuing a path that is ultimately harmful and, if not, then 2) resorting to synchronistic solutions.

I don’t know your situation well enough to say what exactly is going on, but on the deterministic side of things, you’d have to do what any person off the street would recommend, aka job hunting, resume sending, attending local job/career oriented events and networking, etc. trying to sell yourself to potential employers. That’s the way it’s done in this Matrix, you fight your way to the top, using your awareness toward cunning and strategic actions. Or at the very least, go somewhere, do something, different from normal routine, in order to break the inertia and allow an avenue for new opportunities, that works on both a deterministic and synchronistic level and helps break the ice.

Or, you could try bending probability a bit. You said that you’ve been trying some reality creation with spotty results. I know the Cass group rants rabidly against the idea of it, saying it’s a form of self-delusion and “buffering” against the harsh reality of life, and that all you need is objective awareness. But they’re stuck in the deterministic frame of reference and are entirely clueless about even the very thing the Cassiopaeans taught, the idea of FRV and realms and how that relates to your learning path and thus your set of experiences in life.

Point being that the root assumptions, core programming, fundamental givens that we have regarding the way life goes, is the way life is synchronistically biased to go. Like I said there are deterministic factors as well that determine how life goes, but the synchronistic aspect is where the “4D” comes into it.

From a traditional occult perspective, it’s about the thoughtforms you have generated, and the foreign thoughtforms from others that have surrounded you, that work like little demiurges upon your slice of reality and shape your experience. From a psychological perspective, it’s the energies and beliefs in your subconscious that do the same thing.

Either way, I know from experience that the fulcrum of the future partially rests on this pivot point at the root level of our minds. By turning ourselves at that level, we change course in terms of the stream of experience that comes to us synchronistically. It really is like changing the angle of a hologram, you experience a new side of the hologram you didn’t before.

Therefore it comes down to methods of reaching and reorienting that level. See, the thing is that if external deterministic factors like being surrounded by psychopaths, a nation going down in flames, economy sucking, etc. don’t just inform your awareness, but sink down deep within you in an emotionally invested, preoccupied, obsessed way, then it’s all locked into place synchronistically as well and you become fully dragged into the lake of your preoccupation. Then it becomes a feedback loop where deteriorating external triggers deteriorating internal, and vice versa.

Consequently, we can and must extricate ourselves from that feedback loop and carve out a pathway to heaven through hell, despite hell. It’s all done in defiance of the past and present, because only then can we break the momentum of the past and shift course to a different personal future. I’m not talking about changing world events, but changing your life circumstances and where you stand with respect to the collective conditions you cannot change.

The most effective way of doing this, that I have tried and confirmed many times, is by emotionally involving yourself in desired outcomes/intended futures, during a state of mind where you’re weaving in and out of sleep, so in the first few minutes after waking up for the day. The conscious and subconscious are then very close to each other, the etheric/astral bodies are loose and easily puff off thoughtforms into the etheric environment, and the mind isn’t fully locked into linear waking reality where the quantum wave function is fully collapsed and too stiff for probability bending. In those minutes where you snooze and come in and out of sleep, try to evoke the feeling that things are actually working out perfectly, that you’re enthusiastic about life finally being back on track, and try to feel gratitude to reality/universe/creator for it.

If you can actually fall asleep momentarily while holding these thoughts/feelings, and if you can carry some of that momentum of optimism-toward-future-despite-the-past-and-present, then you will start seeing effects within three days. Then if you did take deterministic action, or simply did something new where you can run into people you haven’t met yet, you’ll be synchronistically supported instead of hindered toward improving life conditions. You may get the synchronistic breaks you need to bust out of your dilemma.

» The whole idea of positive beings not interfering because humans invited the bad guys upon themselves seems ridiculous considering the deception, mind control, and coercion involved. On a mundane level human laws generally prevent deception and fraud. If a guy robs you via a fraudulent scheme because he gained your trust the police don’t say, “well too bad for you, you trusted him so you invited it”.

Intervention is proportional to the freewill violation. There is a difference between a conscious choice/agreement, and an uninformed/naive one. In law we do see people getting shortchanged, and when they sue, the defense points to the fine print where it’s all spelled out what they agreed to, and the Judge has no choice but to agree it’s all legal, albeit shady.

It’s complicated. If you have spiritual protection, a Reptilian can’t just jump you while you’re hiking in the woods and eat you, because no way is that your choice. However, if two years earlier the Reptilian puts a thought in your head that you are inferior, and you choose to accept… and over the coming weeks you accept more and more of these suggestions… then get terribly depressed… let your life fall apart… get into drinking… choose to tolerate the wrong friends and get into drugs… get involved in crime hook up with Satanists… give away your soul in a ritual… and then weakened by drugs and ritual you go for a hike… then the Reptilian can kill you easily. Not because you agreed to getting killed in that moment, but because your little choices have all added up to an equivalent form of it.

Fact is, positive forces are here and they do intervene in people’s lives depending on all such factors — freewill, karma, destiny, how it affects the future, whether it would shortchange any lessons or preserve them, etc. But the fact that there is a positive presence at all, means the negatives have crossed the line. It’s just that if all negative were to be wiped out now, there are too many people being shortchanged of the huge wake up call they need to be strong and discerning. If God snapped his fingers and all evil went poof, you’d have peace on Earth but it would be a peace amongst naive children, as was illustrated in the Adam and Eve myth. That’s a regression, not an evolution. We’re meant to move forward to have “knowledge of good and evil” (discernment) and that can only be through immunization via exposure, and upon accomplishing that we can “eat from the tree of life” and move into the “Kingdom of Heaven.” Some say since evil has a purpose we should not resist it, but that’s a total backward fallacy. Evil serves a purpose, which is to be challenged and overcome and thereby learned from.

» With the whole prison-planet agenda in play, why do souls continue to incarnate here? On a certain level the whole thing seems very odd.

There are a lot of low-level souls who have no preference one way or the other. Think of some lady born fifty years ago… has a normal life, kids, and passes away. Whether the planet was under this or that alien control, is of no consequences to a life of raising children and having typical human dramas.

Then there are what seem to be higher souls who are somehow stuck here, caught in a karmic cycle of identifying too much with negative and base impulses, and increasingly burying themselves in debt and ignorance. They are the ones the negative forces are trying to keep asleep. And they are the ones that I think positive forces are attempting to intervene on behalf of. But it’s a delicate intervention, just as the alien control system is delicate and waged via info and spiritual warfare rather than outright physical slavery at raygun-point.

So you have souls incarnating here because the prison planet is irrelevant; or put another way, it simply provides a kind of resistance and challenge that serves them in some way. Resistance training, like going to a gym and lifting weights. Other souls incarnate to attempt to counter the negative system, and many get caught up in it, then those who try to rescue them also run the risk of getting caught. Thus a bigger intervention is needed to break it up at the right time, and that’s what I think is happening. Earth is a casino, you could win, or you could go broke, and that comes with all the addiction to gambling and getting involved with the cosmic mafia, etc.

» If we are to experience a wholesale uplifting of humanity over the coming decade, it will require a tremendous amount of energy. I don’t mean to be overly cynical here, but I doubt very much that billions of people are suddenly going to have mastered themselves enough in such a short interval to free their own energy to do the job. Nothing is free in this universe. So, where is the energy going to come from?

Great question. The guru or teacher partially lends energy, and partially activates the energy circuits within a person. A person is like a non-magnetized piece of metal. A teacher is like an electromagnet with current surging through him producing an energy field. The metal becomes inductively magnetized in his presence. So people become addicted to gurus because they get activated in their presence, and it slowly fades away when they’re back home. Unless they learn the technique of modifying etheric energy output, they will go dormant again. Some of this I learned from contactee named Fore on the Open Minds Forum, but there are other sources that say similarly. The point is that one’s own etheric energy can be increased, whether by direct addition or mere stimulation, by an external field.

Alright, so an abductee in the presence of an alien tends to be inductively energized, which causes a shift in consciousness as perception and consciousness expand correspondingly. Castaneda could have his energy or assemblage point modified by Don Juan, through a force of intent applied to his back where the assemblage point resides. The alien field is so strong that it does this near automatically, therefore a person will basically black out or shift to an expanded persona when too close to an alien unless the alien shields this energy consciously.

Now, if you go into the woods and try to raise this energy all by yourself, based on what I’ve read and what Fore has explained, you need to know the precise methods needed to activate your own energy centers. It’s not so much gathering it from the environment, as opening the valves to a source we always have on tap but just don’t have turned on. Still, doing this is very difficult, like becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Yoga and Buddhist techniques, like Taoist Yoga, are examples of how technical it can be.

Alright… now my point. If nothing changes in terms of Wave energies, then only knowledge can do the job. It would take psychically activated and etherically-flowing people to both activate and teach others who then activate and stay that way, whom in turn would have to do that to others. The Cathars had a ritual where such a thing was done. Only problem is that unless a person is sufficiently robust in mind, body, and soul, this can lead to mental unhinging, like an airplane flying too fast and starting to rip apart. Such a spread of knowledge and person-to-person activation hasn’t been done so far, because it must be difficult.

Therefore, what needs to happen is the Wave energy making it easier for such individual activations to occur. I read a paper recently on the use of divine weapons in the indian classical epics. The weapons were withdrawn during the Kali Yuga cycles because they became ineffective for use by humans… probably due to vibrations or energies becoming too low and dense. Meaning that the ambient concentration of etheric energy may vary cyclically. And we may stand on the cusp of such an increase. If Earth goes through, or is irradiated by, a cosmic field of etheric energy then it would be VERY similar to standing in proximity to an alien being pumping out such a field locally.

What that would do is:

1) psychically activate people who can handle it,
2) shift their perceptions toward the etheric/astral and not just physical,
3) alter their consciousness, expanding it beyond the tiny aperture that defines daily human existence,
4) and thereby unlock aspects of soul/consciousness that are only accessible in such states.

To give an example. If your mind is shifted in the presence of an alien, and in that state (Castaneda’s “Second Attention”) you are taught things, you will forget it when you return to lower energy consciousness. But when raised to that level, that knowledge resurfaces. Thus an abductee or a Wanderer coming into 3D may forget most of everything while in regular mind, but upon the hitting of a Wave of etheric energy will remember it all, perhaps like waking from a dream. In the dream one may have been a five year old on a tricycle, but in real life one may be a soldier or firefighter or something… likewise, what we are now (3D STS humans) may become equally trivial/small from the perspective of our elevated, shifted, activated minds. That’s my theory. And only through such an irradiation of the globe can it become a global awakening, although I suspect that there will be many who won’t be able to handle it (illness, psychosis, suicide, panic).

» I understand that this world is an illusion, a matrix program. However, it is difficult to keep this is mind when people behave in such abhorrent ways towards one another. What is the best way to put the illusion aside and go to a higher “frequency” to aid mankind? I’m at a loss as to what to do. Can one changing him/herself really change the world?

From personal experience, I can say that whether it’s the world responding to you, or you merely shifting to another timeline more in accord with your mindset, that there is indeed a link between you and the world, and that changing yourself does shift the probability of things in subtle ways. For instance, intending that animal abusers will get taken down won’t eliminate it entirely, but you’ll start seeing a couple separate new instances in the news about such people getting busted, when in the weeks prior to your intention there will have been none in the news per a search. I suppose that sustained intent can have a greater effect, but there’s only so much one mind can do against the momentum of the collective consciousness.

The main problem is this collective momentum that pushes the timeline forward like a giant locomotive, and the fact that so many of its passengers have paid for that trip and want it to proceed. Think of the millions who voted for some political candidate who turns out to be an idiot or tyrant. That’s a lot of conscious force. Therefore I say that while the collective, general, crowd, majority, etc. cannot be changed by mind alone, at least not very quickly, individuals can however change individual aspects of things. And sometimes that does cascade into big effects.

I myself have been wrung dry of concern for the things I cannot change. Instead of curling up in gut wrenching misery and pity, my emotions actually stay above the zero line, and I feel very calm while simultaneously directing a thought of blessing, comfort, and best wishes to the victims. I focus more on what is within my sphere of influence. My view is that if I have the means to do something, if it has a chance of succeeding, if the leverage is good where output is greater than my input, then it has fallen upon me to take action. Otherwise, I’ve learned that trying to help where life doesn’t place you only ends up wasting energy. So overall I have a very calm, strategic, patient mindset, instead of an emotional one. I used to be more emotional but it didn’t produce anything in terms of change. Therefore I feel more like being some freedom fighter in a country under military occupation who needs to patiently work where opportunity affords and prepare for the eventual moment of opportunity, rather than losing hope or acting blindly. This is what Castaneda called forbearance.

» I saw that you wrote sparingly about your personal experiences of being under attack, but what you did articulate is familiar to me, i.e., “picking up the phone”, “high-strangeness”, ear ringing, energy running through your body, being drained, semantic games, insults, etc. Any assistance or guidance would be most greatly and sincerely appreciated.

One important thing I learned from a friend is that psychic powers of any kind including third eye activation requires a current of etheric energy to flow within, through, into, and out of you. The only problem is that by emitting such energy, which is necessary to power such abilities, it does saturate your local environment, and that in turn attracts negative entities. This can also happen inadvertently if you are too beaming or glowing in your emotions to the point of dizziness (figuratively speaking), then the same process can be triggered unwittingly. In either case, energy outflow into the environment attracts entities plain and simple. That’s one half the equation.

The other half is the mental preoccupation, desperation, suspicion, fear, etc. that is devoted to these oppressive entities. The closer you are mentally and emotionally to them, in other words the more they preoccupy your inner world of what you dwell upon, the closer they come to you. Through some kind of mutual resonance or law of attraction I guess. What this does is set up a feedback loop where the more you respond to them and give them validity, the more entrenched, tangible, and controlling they become in your life, which in turn provokes you into feeling even more desperate and thus giving them even more power and control. They have an illusion, a game, a way of perceiving the situation set up that they expect you to buy into, so that they can be the kings of that game.

I’ve only known a few people who succeeded getting out of this. One of whom is myself. There are a few ways to get out, but the method is rejected by the majority of the ones I tell it to, because they seem to be invested at some level in continuing to buy into the game they’ve been ensnared in, maybe because deep down they derive their identity from being a victim or feel special that nonhuman forces are so focused on them… I don’t know… in my case I just didn’t see a better way until it gradually just became something I shifted into.

Anyway, the method includes any of the following:

1) Improving the feel of your living space by: cleaning and throwing out old junk, rearranging furniture, putting some soothing ambient lighting in place, getting a couple house plants to liven things up, burning scented candles or incense, getting a small water fountain, getting curtains to thoroughly cover the windows if they are a source of fear — anything to create a feeling of safety and sacred space. Also a mosquito net over the bed can help. These are partly psychological, and partly etheric… as in Feng Shui, they can alter the energies of your house or apartment so that it’s not saturated with the toxic fear/dark/oppressive frequency that negs live upon.

2) Stopping all visualization exercises aimed at activating chakras or energy circuits or whatever. Reason being that the more energy in/out flow you have, the more entities are attracted. In a way you need to shut down the gateways that they thrive upon and become as “philistine”/“material” as possible without actually losing your spirituality. In other words, to become more grounded in physicality (not talking about becoming money-grubbing or shallow or sexually devious though, I just mean becoming present in the physical world instead of mind dwelling on the paranormal). Even if only temporarily for your own safety. For me, I find that chocolate closes my chakras temporarily, and mainstream distractions like movies helps take my mind off things too.

3) Trying your best to fill your mental/emotional inner space with something other than the paranormal stuff and the abductions as well. That’s because I found that while abductions do have their physical reasons for happening (mind programming, implants) for some reason they become way more frequent and severe with more after-symptoms if one becomes obsessed with them and highly fearful. Thus by eliminating the latter, abductions drop down to 10% of what they were, and that 10% can be dealt with in physical and spiritual ways via simple tricks like a voice-activated tape recorder or tying yourself to bed with a fresh zip tie that must be cut every morning. In a way this step #3 advocates ignorance, but it’s only ignorance of that which derives its power through investment of belief — meaning, they are bluffs. Only be eliminating your own reality-creation effect in the process, can what remains be dealt with objectively. For myself, I reached a point of not caring and laughing at it, not giving up out of defeat, but abandoning that tired game of fear because I felt I had better things to do in life. That sucked the power out of it.

4) Cultivating two feelings in yourself: a) that everything in your life is getting better again, that there is hope and a bright future, that the world is now out to HELP you, and b) that the divine forces have your back now, that you’re safe and protected, that the storm has lifted and the rainbow’s in the sky. These are feelings you can dwell upon, in a modest, steady, constant way (try not to get TOO giddy about it, as that might lead to energy spillage and once again attracts the negs). This step helps attract positive experiences to boost your confidence and get you back on track.

So overall, these steps entail cutting off the previous negative feedback loop, initiating a positive one, and changing your local environment to help anchor this change. See, what people otherwise try to do, is act within the staged game to find solutions, like say hiring an occult fighter to come in and try and take these entities on directly, or visualizing fighting them, or bargaining with them, whatever… but that’s acting within the box, not leaving the box entirely. It takes a paradigm shift and abandonment of the old game to deplete the momentum the negs have built up. Right now, I only have occasional mind programming to deal with, but nothing like the craziness I had in 2001-2003 when I first got into this field of research and didn’t know about the things I described above.

» In the past couple of years I had a few really weird things happen to me. They all occurred while I was in bed, my body paralyzed, my mind awake. Sometimes right when I was about to go to sleep, I would hear this ringing noise, which sometimes felt more like drilling into my head. Any ideas what that might be?

I’ve experienced what you describe. It does feel like the soul is leaving the body and undergoing a lot of noise, vibration, pressure, or acceleration while doing it. And once free it feels like antigravity or a helium balloon just floating.

Well first of all, when we sleep this happens naturally but normally we’re dreaming or unconscious. Our soul does separate slightly from the physical body, hovering near it for as long as we’re asleep. The problem is when we wake up too suddenly and the soul’s not yet fully back in the body, or when we try to go back to sleep and it starts to separate before our consciousness has drifted off. Then we become aware of this process and experience sleep paralysis among other things.

For our consciousness to move our bodies, the soul has to not only be in the body but attach itself to thousands of little nerve/energy centers of the body. I suspect these are the same network of interface points that acupuncture knows about. Anyway, if the soul’s not connected to those, as is the case when asleep, then you can’t move your physical body. Of course there’s also the physical brain thing that happens, where part of the brain controlling motor movement shuts down, but the soul thing is also a factor. Meaning you’re paralyzed as per classic sleep paralysis if your body has fallen asleep but your mind is still awake.

As soon as the soul detaches and begins separating and hovering, your perception splits into both what your physical senses perceive (due to the brain and your soul’s tether-like connection to it, thus still semi-perceiving through it) and what your soul perceives. By that I mean your soul ears, soul eyes, and other soul senses. Thus if you’re in this state and try to open your eyes, you’re both opening your physical eyes AND your soul eyes. You’ll both see the physical room AND any etheric/astral entities in it.

But even more, you’ll be able to hear your etheric/astral environment while doing this. And as you know it can get pretty damn loud. I read at the saltcube.com website that this is like a region of static between radio stations, and that if you lift out enough the noise goes away. Makes sense. So this in-between region of junk/chaos/noise, or merely a temporary stage of vibration sort of like lift-off of a rocket. So if you hover slight before or after this point of maximum noise, you’ll start picking up on the so-called real “radio stations” (as in telepathic, etheric, astral signals and sounds and not just noise).

I’ve heard various things in the maximum noise level. It used to be a hissing rumble like at a waterfall, but over the past years I’ve also heard an extremely loud mechanical whirring, which incidentally ended up sounding identical to what I heard later on my shortwave/AM radio when I held it up to the Ethernet computer cable right on the other side of the wall where my head is when I sleep. If there’s a connection, then it’s punning that the “ether”-net cable emitted etheric noise. I wonder if it’s by some secret design to pollute the etheric/astral environment and contaminate people’s sleep. On a side note, I noticed that my dreams are a lot stranger when I leave the Ethernet router on, as if something’s using the cable and router as a kind of broadcasting system, strange and paranoid as that sounds.

Anyway, so aside from your soul-ears (I call them etheric ears) you also have etheric vision at your disposal. It’s almost identical to what true clairvoyant seers use to view auras, ghosts, and other things. Except they can separate their etheric eyes from their physical eyes any time of day, even while walking and talking. And ideally they have developed the soul organs so that it’s more accurate and can see more things. What we see when cheating by using the natural sleep function of soul separation to view/hear stuff is, and sorry for the macabre and bizarre metaphor, like an embryo poking its head out and looking around before returning to the womb. It can see things, but not as well as a baby or child or adult for that matter.

But stated another way, we are literally dreaming with our eyes open when this happens. As you know, dreams are internally projected environments with symbolic visuals. Well this same part of the mind that generates those visuals, can decode etheric/astral environmental signals and turn them into symbolic images for you. I suspect the same happens with physical reality too where nonphysical information signals are decoded by our collective consciousness into the appearance of a physical reality but in a way it’s all a holographic universe.

Anyway, all this means is that when you see through your soul eyes, you may see not only what’s actually there in the etheric environment, but run the risk of having genuine internal dream imagery also superimposed on it, the latter being more hallucinations then, than actual perceptions. So not everything you see in this state is what’s in the room, some is a product of your own subconscious superimposed on it.

I’ve seen some strange things in this state. It happens when I nod off to sleep, especially during a daytime nap, and then suddenly flip open my eyes the moment I catch myself doing so. Several times I’ve seen what look like flies on the wall or ceiling, one time a hornet crawling up the window drapes, but most of the time what looks like tissue paper immersed in water and these floating amoebas and writhing balls of spaghetti. When I’m about to get sick, I might see a cloud of black seeds being blown at me. I think some of these are etheric precursors or accompaniments to internal biological processes, which the subconscious projects forward. But one can also see actual external phenomena in this state. One time I awoke to see this blond human-like alien but with huge frickin’ blue eyes standing right next to me, wearing this silver puffy jump suit and mid-back wavy blond hair. I sat up casually and said hi as the image faded along with my return to consciousness.

How do you know the diff between an internal projected image and actually seeing what’s there? Simple, if you move your eyes, and it stays in the portion of your field of vision you originally saw it and moves with your eye movement, it’s a projection. If it stays fixed with the background of your environment, then it’s really there. Or so I think at the moment.

Anyway, if you’re ever in paralysis and want to break out of it, I read that it helps to try and wiggle your toe. This way you’re sending a signal from head to the other end of the body and waking up/synching/attaching the nerve points along the way. If you’re in the grip of an entity, then try to shake it free mentally by changing your thoughts, feelings, vibe/attitude, as quickly as possible. It can’t hold onto you if your mindset changes too quickly, or to something it can’t match. For instance, a demonic being won’t be able to hold on if you suddenly shift toward positive vibes, like if you invoked the power of divinity and a feeling of protection.

One last things. Twice now I was able to pay very careful attention while waking suddenly from a nap and seeing things in an etheric state and then returning fully to my body as I come to regular waking consciousness. Both times I noticed that, during the return, my visual perspective would literally slide down from the position of my forehead down to where my regular eyes are. In other words, my visual perspective would move by about 2 inches, without my physical head moving. This can mean only one thing, that my etheric eyes were detached and floating up near the forehead area. In fact, the first time is when I was sitting cross legged in a chair and nodded off, and when I opened my eyes I could see the top of my toenail, but as I fully awoke the perspective changed and I saw only the top knuckle of the toe, no longer the toenail. And this past time, I watched some folds in my bedding rotate in perspective as my vision began synchronizing with my physical eyes. Thus in both cases vision originated at the forehead. Maybe that’s the third eye, or maybe that’s just etheric eyes being extended to that area. But it’s proven to me that I’m not just seeing through physical eyes when this happens, but that perception is quite possible without them.

» I’ve been studying Revelations and here is something about Israel. Revelations says that what happens in Israel determines how much time is left for humanity. When Israel is surrounded by armies this is getting close to the world-wide destruction coming.

First question is, what does Revelation mean by “Israel”? Is it defined by:

  • political boundaries, meaning Israel is what we see on the map, an artificial nation forced into existence after WWII,
  • genetic boundaries, meaning Israel would only consist of the genetic descendants of the original Israelites, which would exclude most Israeli citizens today since a majority are of German/Polish/Russian descent,
  • or spiritual boundaries, meaning it’s about the collection of higher caliber souls that were once incarnated among the Israelites, but which since that time may now be incarnated scattered about in any and all other races?
Personally I think the first is a deception, that it’s a political counterfeit of the real spiritual “Israel”, created to prematurely fulfill end-times prophecies. All I’m saying is that when nations do come against the political Israel and a deceiver arises and then is defeated, people shouldn’t make the mistake that the antichrist is gone and now a golden age can begin. No, I think that’s when the actual deception starts. I mean, consider the weather disasters happening… on the one hand people say it’s signs of the end times, but what does it mean that HAARP technologies are inducing them? It once more points to a premature artificial end times, which would give rise to a premature artificial Christ/Kingdom of Heaven before the real thing ever occurs. Just my personal view.

» Lets suppose you have been given the opportunity to address one who was actually assembling demiurgic technology for the purpose of service to others and the creation of a light based reality? What would you say to them?

I’d say that you better first train and pray and work to receive the illumination, the knowledge, the wisdom, and the guidance/orders first from higher divine power because otherwise your mortal motivations might be too shortsighted to make permanently effective use of the technology. Train yourself, pray for that higher wisdom, so that you use it in harmony with the higher intelligence that knows what needs to be done. Don’t use it solely out of revenge, regret over some past wrong (bringing back a loved one), etc. It must be used only when you’re illuminated with full knowledge of how and why you must use it. Because the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and last time someone used the Ark Stone for what at the time seemed like righteous reasons (free the slaves from Egyptian oppression) it lead to a major corruption of the timeline.

» What is your opinion of the environmentalist and animal rights movements?

Few can deny that protecting the environment and championing the welfare of animals is a good thing.

But the “movements” by definition make it their sole goal, to the exclusion of all other considerations, and that can lead to net imbalance in the end. In other words, they can become fanatical and overboard with it, and lose sight of the hierarchy of priorities in certain cases.

Too often they fail to take the big system and long range views into account. Thus they can be shortsighted. I’m talking about extreme examples like releasing ferrets from some farm, only to have them get squashed to death on the nearby highway.

While there is some logic and ethics involved in what they do, too many of their members are driven solely by emotion, and that leads to childish recklessness.

I also find it interesting how environmentalists are still deeply imprisoned within the mainstream paradigm. For instance, they know all about global warming, carbon emissions, the benefits of solar energy, reusing materials, etc. but mention scalar physics, free energy, antigravity, Tesla, suppressed inventions, etc. and they balk with skepticism and resort to logical fallacies or outright ignorance, preferring instead their petty “mainstream” solutions, which will always be inferior to the cheap energy provided by oil. Therefore they are too often gatekeepers of the liberal minded crowd, and they don’t even know it.

It’s bad enough when either get mired in idealism to the exclusion of reality. It’s worse when even their enemies are mired in reality to the exclusion of spirituality. The latter is what’s being left out in the false dichotomy between environmentalists and anti-environmentalists. The battle between them is like one between immature children and greedy old bastards. Neither are truly intelligent, altruistic, wise, and aware of the greater spiritual picture that everything must be compared against.

So to sum up, I’d say their heart is the right place but their head is in the sand.

» Have you looked at the bicameral mind or any of that research? Do you think that we are divided or cut off and that our natural state would be a type of whole brain functioning?

It’s pretty true. Consider how in dreams, even when we become lucid, we experience dream seemingly independent characters and environments generated by some part of our mind that is NOT the part witnessing these things in the dream. And yet if we get good at lucid dreaming, we can indeed change the environment and characters but it takes practice. This means the other part of the mind can be bridged.

It’s also known in alien abductions and shamanic work (Carlos Castaneda and Theun Mares) that we can enter higher states of consciousness where streams of experiences and memories recording during previous attainments of that state become available again, whereas back in regular waking consciousness these are inaccessible. When a shaman moves your “assemblage point” or an alien induces in you an activation of your etheric body to an energized state, you awaken from your mundane awareness into a more complete one.

It seems that right now, in our everyday awareness, we are running on auxiliary backup mode. Like those powered-down ships in science fiction movies. The main systems are not online. We don’t have access to the memories, knowledge, or expanded perceptions of our more complete self. And yet we can indeed enter that state through occult training or by accident sometimes.

There is indeed a higher part of our being, like a satellite, of which we are just a menial autonomous ground probe wandering the surface.

Whether the bicameralism is a psychological defense mechanism against the pain of having fallen from the spiritual realms, I’m not sure I buy that. I think it’s more a consequence of incarnating into a body that has been genetically engineered by nefarious forces to be handicapped this way. Birth, interfacing with the human brain, and social programming pose powerful forces that can override the soul’s innate higher qualities.

» According to Castaneda, we are prisoners of a “predator” that came from outside, and it could be compared to a parasitic attack, or to a symbiosis in a bad way, that was not necessarily required for our “evolution.”

Exactly, and it ties into what Rudolf Steiner said:

Therefore, the opportunity exists – a short time before we are born, not long before we are born – for another spiritual being besides our soul to take possession of our body, of the unconscious part of our body. It is this way; a short time before we are born we are permeated by another being – in our terminology we would call it an Ahrimanic spirit being. This is within us in the same way that our own soul is within us.

These beings who spend their life by using human beings, in order to be able to be in the sphere where they want to be. These beings have an extraordinarily high intelligence and a significantly developed will but no warmth of heart at all. Nothing of what we call the human “Gemut”. And we go through life, my dear friends, in such a way that we have our souls and a Double of this kind, who is much more clever, very much more clever than we are, who is very intelligent, but has a Mephistophelian intelligence, and an Ahrimanic intelligence, and also an Ahrimanic will, a very strong will, a will that is much more akin to the nature forces than is our human will, which is controlled by the mind and the heart. […]

These beings of high intelligence, but of purely Mephistophelian intelligence, and with a will more related to nature than can be said of the human will, these beings once decided out of their own will that they did not want to live in that world in which they were destined to live by the wisdom-filled of the higher hierarchies. They wanted to conquer Earth; they need bodies, for bodies of their own they do not have. They use as much of the human bodies as they can use, because the human soul cannot entirely fill up the human body.

You see, as the human body develops, these beings are able to enter into it at a definite time before the human being is born, and below the threshold of our consciousness they accompany us. They cannot endure one thing in human life, they positively cannot endure it, and that is death. Therefore they must always leave this human body in which they have established themselves before it succumbs to death. They continue to have a very great delusion, for they want to be able to remain in human bodies beyond death. That would be a very great achievement in the kingdom of these beings but that they have not yet achieved. […]

In the coming centuries it will have to come to man’s knowledge more and more that he bears such a Double within him — such an Ahrimanic – Mephistophelian Double. Man must know it. […]

It’s also worth mentioning that when Steiner says, “the human soul cannot entirely fill up the human body,” that means emotional traumas through shock and abuse or chemical traumas through drugs like LSD can fracture off parts of the soul, leaving even more of a void for these Ahrimanic forces to inhabit. Spiritless people are the emptiest of all, and so they like a public bicycle they can be ridden by any number of forces at any time. But even spirited people who suffer soul fragmentation can come under these influences more readily, just not to the same degree or as often.

This is basically the same thing as entity attachment and demonic possession, though the latter is the highest degree of that phenomenon. The mistake is in thinking that either you’re projectile vomiting and talking backwards in Latin, or you’re free of possession. It’s not black and white like that. As Steiner said, there is a base level or default version of it that we are born with, which resides in the back of our minds as what Freudian psychology would call the Id-Ego complex. It’s our internal prison warden keeping us locked into the Matrix Control System.

As Don Juan explained to Castaneda:

In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engage themselves in a stupendous maneuver-stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators” mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now. I know that even though you have never suffered hunger, you have food anxiety, which is none other than the anxiety of the predator who fears that any moment now its maneuver is going to be uncovered and food is going to be denied. Through the mind, which, after all, is their mind, the predators inject into the lives of human beings whatever is convenient for them. And they ensure, in this manner, a degree of security to act as a buffer against their fear.

» I’ve got a question. About Yahweh. Why do you characterize him or it as urging man toward a material orientation? Or subjugating spirit to matter? I think I’ve told you about my thoughts about him and the blood sacrifices that he seemed obsessed with.

No doubt Yahweh (or Jehovah, depending on choice of terminology) had a thing for blood sacrifices. I mentioned in my Ark of the Covenant article that such sacrifices release great quantities of the type or frequency of etheric and astral energies that make the Yahweh entity stronger. If you think about it, nature itself — the law of the jungle, dog eat dog — is a giant factory for producing such energy. Life develops only to meet a grizzly death in the jaws of a stronger life form. You could say that nature, and hence matter, is inherently oriented toward the subjugation of spirit to matter.

The only time spirit triumphs is when it’s stronger than the influence of matter and physicality. Take a child born into a real hostile ghetto-like environment. If the spirit is weak, the kid will be a product of his or her environment and probably turn into a criminal. If spirit is strong, then despite all physical influences, he/she may rise against it and become the exception to the rule and live a more altruistic and noble life.

It seems that the Yahweh entity is pretty much a personification of physical nature and matter, which operates by rules that are ultimately opposite to those of spirit and consciousness. Not that Yahweh directly tells people to believe only matter exists and we should become completely materialistic (that’s more the purpose of Ahriman, another branch on that tree of evil) but rather Yahweh’s influence takes the laws of determinism, physical causality, biological survival, etc. and extends them upward into the etheric and astral domain. Same way that the human ego is the same thing extended up into the psychological and social domain.

So even if Yahweh is being indirect in serving matter by, say, pushing a religion that demands blind obedience, daily mechanical worship, ritual sacrifices, appeal to the reptilian part of the brain by playing to fear and neuroticism, etc. these ultimately serve ends that, at their very root, seem to be steeped in the blind, deterministic, cruel qualities of matter. It’s an invasion of determinism and mechanicity into the sphere of consciousness where freewill and spontaneity should reside.

If the Corrupt Demiurge continues assimilating beings to the very end, what would be left is a hellish totalitarian Borg collective that, once it exhausts all its resources, would probably collapse in on itself like a dying star into a black hole. Then the last traces of spirit and consciousness would probably freeze into permanent atrophy and become just as cold and blind as matter itself. Hence the end is a return to the beginning in that case.

» It is said that the path of sanctification is one of hard inner working. Can you provide some advises about the way to reach this point of evolution required to be a candidate for true initiation?

As far as I can tell, it’s a combination of the following:

  • Identifying and overcoming your own blind mechanical reactivity, ego-based impulses, emotions like contempt, hubris, and vicious hatred, etc. — basically identifying the beast within and consistently choosing the opposite of what it desires. Here you are shining a light on the baser aspect of your personality.
  • Reinforcing the expression of your heart and soul, meaning training your sense of compassion and understanding for others. doesn’t mean let them abuse or walk all over you, but I mean to aim for an understanding of what it’s like to be in their shoes. This helps reduce unfairly contemptuous and judgmental thoughts. Here you want to nurture your heart/soul based feelings instead, so that you grow closer to the warmth and understanding that you might find in a positive secret society, angelic, or Christ-like individual.
  • Having a curious mind that likes to ponder philosophies, observe nature, learn about the universe and metaphysics, contemplate the mysteries of life, etc. This helps to train your sense of self-discovery, logical analysis, and intuition. Pondering and analyzing also trains discernment, and that leads to wisdom when applied in life.
  • Being a bit daring with personal fears that hold you back for no good reason. We are socially programmed to stay in a cage of conformity. It’s a good idea to try and extend ourselves beyond that cage, with discretion of course, but mainly to demonstrate and be comforted in the fact that our spirit is stronger than the programming, and if heart and mind deem something a good idea, we shouldn’t let risk of embarrassment or failure keep us from following that.
  • On the more technical side, being able to maintain a continuous line of awareness as you fall into a dream state is THE skill that opens up all other shamanic and clairvoyant abilities. I mean, once you can lucid dream at will, you can commune with nonphysical positive beings who notice that you’re awake in your dreams, and who therefore know you’ve passed one of the initiations that most people never do. Look up “active dreaming”, “wake induced lucid dreaming”, and “mind awake body asleep” for more on this subject.
In short one has to overcome everything that is of the world that has grafted itself upon us, and simultaneously nurture and expand the spirit/soul/mind component until it is not longer beaten down by the first, and so that it shines brightly and without hindrance. This can happen even in certain tests in life, severely difficult tests, where we have to choose between following ego versus following spiritual wisdom, and when choosing the latter we may get contacted or just synchronistically winked at by positive forces for doing the right thing. So in those cases, initiation is not from a long line of discipline in following the above points, but in an instantaneous demonstration of having transcended the lower self.

» I have been working hard on inducing lucid dreams recently and have come close at times but not quite there. Are there any tips you could recommend or any techniques?

I’m actually still working on this, not for lack of knowledge on how to do it, but lack of the energy to carry it out. The problem comes down to energy, and here I mean vital energy. When you have more vital energy, you are more alert, more joyous, less able to be put down or discouraged, and less likely to be entranced or hypnotized by something. It’s the energy of your soul. My energy levels fluctuated cyclically, so some parts of the month I have more energy than others, and my dreams are better too.

I noticed that in dreams, I require a certain level of mental/soul energy to even admit to myself that, yes in fact this is a dream. I noticed a few times that I just felt tired, and in the back of my mind I didn’t want to become lucid because it would mean exerting effort and potentially waking up. This was just the faintest impression I caught once. Meanwhile, other times I had quite a bit of energy while asleep and lucid dreams came easily. Or alternatively, I had a lucid dream and I woke up and just felt so awake and rested and energized even though I hadn’t had my full hours of sleep.

In other words, if you have too little energy, no amount of auto-suggestion, reality check practices, etc. are going to help you, because you’ll both lack the willpower to carry out those practices, and the energy to do them in dreams.

Thus there is a conundrum, which is this: How do you have enough energy to become lucid, but not so much that you have trouble falling asleep? Or put another way, how can you get to sleep with the maximum amount of energy? The answer is a combination of rapid sleep induction techniques, whole body relaxation, and going to bed when you’re not even tired. If you have trouble staying asleep, especially during the final hours, but manage to stay under anyway, then much of the time you’ll either have really awesome dreams or else become lucid in them.

Hence the trick of wake-back-to-bed, where you stay up for an hour. That gets the “awake” neurochemicals flowing, which ensure that when you do go back to sleep, you’re not as “asleep” as you normally would be, hence more easily can become lucid.

But gaining more energy is a complicated subject, it gets into such things as soul fragmentation and the Toltec practice of recapitulation, of gaining back personal power as Carlos Castaneda would say. That’s the fundamental cure. I suppose you could also request to your Higher Self to give you more energy especially while asleep, maybe that will help. But doing whole body relaxation and going to bed an hour earlier than you normally might, and stilling your mind so that inner dialogue doesn’t keep you awake, that’s one way of going in with more energy.

» Robert Monroe and Gurdjieff considered the energy-collection system to be a built-in part of the cosmos, necessary for evolution, whereas you seem to view it as totally and inherently negative.

My view has been that “soul energy” or what Monroe termed “loosh,” spans a wide spectrum in terms of its vibrational essence and level refinement. It would seem to me that the shift from a Golden Age to Iron Age came not with a decrease in total biological etheric energy output so much as a shift in the type of energy being produced, from a more positive type of loosh to a more negatively tinged type.

Perhaps the alien manipulators and negative energy harvesters had cut themselves off from the Divine, which would explain not only their need to harvest energy from lesser lifeforms instead of tapping into it themselves from the Infinite Creator, but also their need to harvest a specific kind of energy produced through processes that accompany being cut off from the Divine. Thus utter suffering, depression, vengeful hatred, depraved lust, and so on. It’s an energy that resonates with their own low soul vibrations.

If people turned toward producing positive loosh again, it would connect them to the Divine, and the manipulators wouldn’t be able to use that energy without themselves also converting to a more Divine orientation. Anyway, that’s just how I figured it.

As to the positive aspect of the energy economy, well here’s the thing. If you produce positive loosh through an act of love or worthwhile sacrifice, you emit that energy but you probably acquire or produce an equal or greater amount within yourself from “Source”. You know the idea of paying it forward, or giving to receive, etc. It’s the principle that is very much like Free Energy, in that you multiply what you have. Versus negative loosh, where when you give it up, since you’re disconnected from the Divine in the act, you end up depleted.

Thus the negative loosh economy is “conservative” in the physics sense, in that every gain in one place comes with a loss elsewhere, and finite supplies are divided up and competed over. In a positive loosh economy, no one gets depleted, as the Creator always fills the cup. It’s kind of like the mythical idea of a cup or cauldron or horn of plenty that could never be exhausted. What I call the “energy farm” is more the negative loosh economy, due to the negative connotation of “farm.”

Also I’m familiar with Gurdjieff, and also Boris Mouravieff, who explained another positive aspect of the energy economy. Mouravieff diagrammed it out pretty nicely. In short, humans act as energy transmitters that feed a lower order of evolution in order to boost them to higher evolutionary status. In the process, humans evolve higher as well, thus it’s a grand ladder. It’s like a mom nursing her baby. Baby grows, mom gets wiser, and it’s all good. Both connected it with the moon, which is an embryonic planet that feeds off us, or rather the beings use it to feed off us.

David Icke recently wrote a book on the moon-energy connection as well. Except Mouravieff went a step further and said that a portion of humanity consists of what he called pre-Adamic humans, which I’ve termed spiritless humans, and they act as veritable milking tubes for the rest of humanity. I had to read the Cassiopaean Transcripts to get further insight on the matter, which is that there was a time when the human to spiritless human ratio and interaction was healthy and the whole cosmic energy cycle was in harmony; but that these spiritless humans have since been co-opted by the alien manipulators so that instead of evolving, these humans are merely used as the milking tubes for these alien manipulators. Thus nothing is evolving really, mankind is getting beaten down and sucked dry, and the alien manipulators are getting fatter and more able to feed off others in the universe.

Hence, the parasitism of energy that once occurred to humanity in a more healthy way (like mother to baby) has been corrupted, and little positive can be said about the energy economy today. Things are in great disrepair on this planet, as you know. But there is still a positive energy economy, though it’s insignificant in comparison to the negative one. That’s why I didn’t comment on it in Fringe Knowledge, partly because without further elaboration it would make positive forces seem like just another kind of parasite, which is not true in my opinion as I don’t think they are in it strictly for the energy, since they do care about our evolution and ultimate spiritual well-being while the negative forces don’t. It was a subtle distinction I didn’t want to have adding complications to a book that, to the newbie, is already a brain twister. I mean when two people genuinely love each other, they are emitting positive loosh that “feeds” the other person. That isn’t parasitism, as it’s just a way for both to tap energy from the divine source within themselves and bring it into manifestation. There is no loss, only net gain there. Love is free energy.

» To cite what may be the ultimate non-duality, I’ve gotten some striking reports from experiencers over the years which make a case that sometimes the very same beings can manifest as extremely positive or extremely negative, depending on the perception and/or the soul-nature of the human who encounters them ~ sometimes even at the same time.

Right, I do take a more dualistic position, because from my personal experiences with aliens I’ve noticed competition/opposition among them, indicating they are not all a unified body acting positive or negative according to whim, but they are indeed split along set ideological lines. It’s really tricky though for the following reason:

You can have a self-serving, manipulative, negative alien that a) portrays itself as a loving “god” to gullible worshippers, example being their pretending to be “Commander Ashtar” or whatever, and b) portraying themselves as caricaturized boogeymen to feed off the fearful. Or you can have positive, benevolent aliens that a) portray themselves as a more approachable, dumbed down, anthropomorphic good guy to relate to a person and give them support, and b) act in a stern, harsh, and disciplinary manner if one offends them or does something really stupid that they feel you should have known better than to do.

Thus both can act in, what to the average person, might seem more positive or more negative. Except the negative aliens acting positive isn’t exactly the same as positive aliens acting positive. Same with them acting negatively. There are distinctions which speak of a more fundamental dualism there.

I’ve read some of John Keel’s books where he gets into the trickster nature of these entities, how they can act nice or evil at whim, but those types of entities I think are negative aliens, demonic beings, and astral critters that love to play such games, whereas the genuine positive aliens aren’t that duplicitous, at least in my research and experience.

In other words, among the negative alien types, you have a lot of role playing and false dichotomies being used, with the false dichotomy obscuring the deeper dualism. That’s why in my Discerning Alien Disinformation article I keep emphasizing the idea of distinguishing between bad guys pretending to be good guys, and genuine good guys. That’s the key question that none of the disinfo vectors dare to discuss because it’s the Achilles” heel of their machine.

False dichotomies work so well because either 1) you believe the false dichotomy and choose either the false good guy or the bad guy option, or 2) you realize the false good guy option is a sham, and thus conclude there are no good guys at all. In either case, the third option beyond the two false choices is ignored. I think that’s why false dichotomies are the oldest trick in the book, because it works so well again and again.

» The idea that a UFO could get shot down by the terrestrial military lies outside my paradigm. It might make sense to me if it were qualified by further information: perhaps you would call it a case of humans using alien technology. In my view, though, such technology would most likely be purely psychotronic, and perhaps the Cryptocracy has access to a whole secret range of it.

I think that if human technology alone were allowed to progress for another couple thousand years, it would reach a point where it’s no longer technology in the way we conceive it, but a kind of metaphysical magick. Thus at one end of the spectrum you have pure matter-energy-spacetime type technology. On the other end you have stuff that is totally beyond that and wholly in the realm of metaphysics. But to get to the latter, you go through an intermediate ambi- stage where it’s a bit of both. That’s where I think a lot of alien factions reside. Hence in the ambi- category, it shares two baselines: the physical and the metaphysical.

If you go a little lower, then it’s more in the extraterrestrial camp. If you go a bit higher, then it’s more in line with the ultraterrestrial metaphysical paradigm. But usually it’s somewhere in between. Or I should say, it’s variable according to use, and who is using it. Example, an alien ship might be primarily a thoughtform type construct that stays in an etheric state; for observation or abduction it projects into physicality and then is shot down by advanced weaponry; pieces land, and when analyzed are shown to consist of metal alloys. So was that ship ultraterrestrial or extraterrestrial? I’d say it was ambiterrestrial and variably more one or the other depending on its use and the state it was in.

The reason why I’ve gravitated a little more to the extraterrestrial side, is because of all the research points about underground bases, underwater bases, localization to this planet or that star system, and their needing to use technology rather than pure mental magick to, say, walk through walls or levitate someone out a window or whatever. This localization to points in space and time (alien base in the Ural mountains, ship hovering overhead, light seen northwest at midnight, etc.) and their being burdened by limitations that require technology to get around, shows that most alien factions we know about from alien research literature are not as “ultra” terrestrial as, say, higher divine angelic type beings who have never been known to employ ships or weapons or bases for that matter. So they resemble more the extraterrestrials, but are definitely not as limited in reality as the public conception of extraterrestrials makes them out to be. Definitely not as nuts-n-bolts as NASA, that’s for sure.

But if you go back in time to medieval and ancient accounts of these beings, they were clearly tangible back then and employed technology, and again were not modern day human military in antigravity ships. Besides, where did humans get that tech so quickly, going from horse and buggy in 1895 to flying saucers in 1945? If UFOs are human crafts, then they must be an advanced offshoot of humans that were flying around thousands of years ago already, or else they are simply time travelers and all non-human looking aliens are their genetic creations, but that leaves a question of why human DNA itself shows sign of having been engineered aeons ago. Did future humans genetically engineer the human species itself? What came first there, the chicken or the egg? That paradox is easier solved by saying aliens exist and got the whole thing started, and time traveling humans are just a small subset of that phenomenon.

» You pinned down freewill as the ability to choose between negative & positive, selfishness vs. service to others, but for most people, as Gurdjieff would say, there is no one there who can choose.

I always thought Gurdjieff was overreaching with his claim that pretty much everyone was a machine, and that neophytes in the Fourth Way were machines without souls until many years of self-remembering and other practices might give them an inkling of a soul. That doesn’t take into account continuation of esoteric evolution through multiple lifetimes, allowing one to sort of pick up where one left off, or the idea of higher souls coming into 3D to help out. Both of these cases would be born here already with “something” inside, which I’ve come to call spirit. It’s just a question of how many of the latter there are, versus humans who have nothing inside that resembles spirit.

I also assumed that for anyone who’s gotten to a point in life where they were willing to read my book all the way through, or pursue the kind of subjects you and I discuss on our sites, that such a person wasn’t the run-of-the-mill asleep or empty human.

Also, freewill isn’t an absolute thing, but a matter of degree. You can have a little freewill or a lot, it’s not an all-or-nothing deal. As long as you have some, even if it’s not a lot, you can make choices of thought, feeling, or action that helps you get more. All you need is the minimum threshold of awareness, energy, and willpower to get that process going. Even with Fourth Way, people must have had enough to choose to enter that path to begin with and pay attention to what Gurdjieff was saying. Maybe Gurdjieff just defined freewill in a more strict manner, perhaps meaning being a liberated sage/jivanmukta as in Buddhism. In that case, 99.99% of humanity does not have freewill. But I view freewill in gradations, and think more people have enough of it to make a difference than Gurdjieff would give credit for.

» Finally, let me ask you about your assertion that there are “metaphysical laws” which prevent even the most dastardly negative creatures from violating the freewill of other beings. Maybe it’s just the way you phrased it, but I’m not aware of any such law or laws. Perhaps you can elucidate, and mention the source(s) of this premise.

I noticed this from observing the way they work in my life and other people’s lives. If someone is a threat to them, they don’t just push a button and have the person disappear or drop dead. There’s always a gradual stalking and weakening process, and a subtle “permission asking” process, by which the person is tempted and if he/she makes the un-spiritual choice, it gives them more leverage to take it further during the next iteration. This tells me they are working within limitations imposed on them. They’re always trying to get permission, trying to tempt, trying to trip and dissuade. These are the actions of beings who are flying under the radar, working with loop holes, hacking the system so to speak. They don’t have absolute power. However, if a person or society or entire planet gets to a point where, through successive investment of their manipulation successes these beings finally get to the check mate stage, then they can swoop in and turn everyone into alien sausage meat if they wanted. Like the Nazis rising to power; doing it democratically, until at the end nothing could be done to stop the extermination of dissidents.

So let’s say you’re a target and have been for several years, and their stalking and massaging of you has resulted in your weakening and the making of a cascading series of stupid choices; you’re weak and depressed and paranoid because of all of it. Then one night a black shadow being comes in, wraps itself around you, squeezes until you can’t breathe, and you die of a heart attack or asphyxiation. The whole time you scream no no no, you don’t want this, you don’t choose this. Now, was that a freewill violation or not? It was in that moment, but it wasn’t in the big picture because you spent the past several years giving away your freewill piecemeal so that in this final act, you face the consequences of your past accumulated indiscretions. But the fact that these forces had to stalk you for several years shows they lacked the power initially to just do away with you, even though in the very end it seems like they had total power over you in that one final moment.

Things that can weaken a person:

  • deep obsessive paranoia and fear
  • having intentionally invited these forces into your life
  • occult rituals and pacts, maybe bargaining with them for favors in exchange for your soul
  • weakening by drugs and alcohol
  • prolonged depression and suicidal thoughts, acts of suicide
  • feelings of exasperation and giving up of all hope
  • choosing a partner who is an energy vampire and/or psychopath
  • being drained by a life of choosing to have had kids that are energy vampires or psychopaths
  • ending up in jail at the mercy of the prison system, or choosing to enter the military
  • working for the military or government or black ops and signing papers allowing your termination if you violate the contracts
  • living by the gun or sword and accumulating much karma from the harm of others
  • having had karmic accumulations from past lives, and that includes demonic pacts made in other lives.
Genuine freewill violations still happen, but I think they require physical force, for the perpetrator being completely in the physical. For nonphysical entities to try and take you out whenever they wish, they will run into metaphysical opposition of some type. I don’t know if it’s a natural law, or if it’s more protector beings stepping in to counter it. All I know is that physical violators don’t tip toe around the issue and just go for it, while astral, alien, and demonic beings tread very carefully and have to “hack the system” so to speak to pull off their offensive maneuvers. And even then, physical hit attempts like getting smashed by an oncoming car or assassination by bullet can get thwarted if higher law or higher positive beings step in when some “game rule” violation occurs.

» How imminent is a zombie apocalypse? Or do you think it is predictive programming? Just wanted to know your thoughts on it. I’ve noticed a lot of zombie related themes on the History channel.

The zombie obsession seems like a combination of several things:

1) A deep-seated anxiety in the population about the spiritual zombification people, which manifests symbolically in actual zombies depicted in movies and TV shows. From a Christian perspective I would say it’s a collective subconscious response to the rise of the anti-christ force in the human population. From a secular conspiratorial view, it’s simply the increasing depravity, stupidity, and programming of the gullible portion of the population. Anyone with spirit/soul can sense that others around them are in a downward spiral, going further and further from what it means to be human. Hence, becoming non-human, the walking dead. It’s worth mentioning that in dreams, dreaming of zombies represents attacks by people who can’t think for themselves; they have no brains, and want to take away your mind (eat your brain).

2) A deep-seated anxiety in the population about the imminent collapse of civilization and the shift toward survivalism. They can sense the floor is about to drop away. This anxiety is manifesting in many ways. Not only from the growing prepper movement, but even something as simple as the rise of SUVs ever since the turn of the millennium. People want to own something rugged because they are scared and insecure. Like animals reacting prior to an Earthquake. Well, the whole survivalism and prepper movement can be expressed in a socially acceptable way if the fear is made of zombies. Hence that stupid Zombie Squad culture where people are buying real militarized vehicles and guns with live ammo “just for fun, in anticipation of a fictional zombie apocalypse.” They’re doing exactly what the militia groups are doing, but since it’s against zombies somehow it’s cool and acceptable. But the event they are fearing doesn’t have to be zombies.

As to whether an actual literal zombie apocalypse could happen, I’d say the chances of that are slim. One possibility is that odd solar EM, or weakening of Earth’s magnetic field, or who knows what else, causes mass insanity and psychosis in people who can’t handle it. Those microbiologists who were killed over the past decade under mysterious circumstances, I looked into what their specialties were and putting it all together it looks like the shadow government is engineering a DNA-specific pathogen that can induce mad-cow type symptoms, in effect giving dementia to enemies and rendering them easier to round up. Either way, if there is an epidemic of dementia or psychosis, they wouldn’t be corpses crawling out of the ground, but rather given enough starvation can turn into desperate psychos preying on the weak in a post-collapse situation. That’s the closest I can foresee us ever getting to a zombie apocalypse.

But overall though, I’d say it’s primarily a socially acceptable “fun” way for people to prepare for something they may not consciously realize is actually coming (a breakdown of civilization), and is always a way for the government and military to indoctrinate people into that mindset, and teach them survivalist skills to make it through. Hence even Spielberg’s show “Falling Skies” about an alien invasion; it’s just prepper porn for the most part, and teaches the audience how to forage for food and medicine, set up camp, go on military strikes, etc. This goes hand in hand with the military abduction (MILABs) projects that aim to create an army of sleeper agents that can survive a collapse situation and I guess fight whomever these military programmers think are the enemy. Evidently black ops (and aliens) know what’s coming, and they’re programming people directly and through media to react a certain way to whatever’s coming.

» How do I find an authentic goodhearted alien?

You mean how to meet one in person? If you’re a contactee/abductee then maybe you already have, and don’t remember it.

If you’re not a contactee/abductee, then you have to ask yourself, what would motivate a good alien to go out of his/her/its way to meet you, considering the circumstances on Earth. Circumstances are that in certain countries (NATO, USA, etc.) negative alien groups have jurisdiction since they’re the ones with whom the shadow government has made treaties. These aliens and government have such countries on lockdown, making it difficult for good aliens to be as open as they used to be. When you hear about UFOs getting shot down, it’s not government shooting down alien crafts in general, but shadow government + negative alien technology shooting down good alien crafts when they get detected occasionally and intercepted. This means it’s very risky for a good alien to just show up in every day circumstances and meet you, unless they are very careful to hide their true nature.

Anyway, the only way to get their attention is if you get involved in their affairs enough to either impress or concern them. The more you step on their turf, the more they step into yours.

They’re concerned about how the public perceives them and their enemies, how intelligent people are regarding alien matters. Thus if you become a researcher in this field, do a good job of exposing their opposition, do a good job of helping the good guys empower people, then these good aliens know you’re on their side. If you demonstrate sufficient selflessness, chivalry, courage, intelligence, discretion, discernment, etc. and they think it’s safe and fruitful to meet you in order to speed up your path, then they might do so.

The least likely of all possibilities is that they meet you while you’re fully awake going about your day. More likely you’ll get a visit one night halfway in/out of sleep. Even more likely they’ll just telepathically broadcast into your dream state. That happens quite easily and often actually, since it’s risk-free and only limited by how busy they are with other projects.

If you want to see one without necessarily interacting with them, you might find a few at UFO conventions and similar types of events. They could be there as observers, pretending to be human. You might not know who they are. But if you look at everyone, chances are that at least one or two people are one of them in disguise. They tend to use remote controlled clones as ground probes, so that they don’t have to risk themselves being here directly. But the consciousness piloting the clone is them. I don’t know what they’re clones of, though, except that they’re flesh and blood vehicles that could pass any medical exam as seemingly fully human.

Funny story… many years ago I asked the universe to let me meet a Nordic in public, so that I could sit down and chat with him, and have him tell me something very inspiring. Well, I forgot about this request and two weeks later this event came up at the local book store. I checked it out and afterwards got to meet the speaker. It was Richard Bach, the author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions. He was a tall guy with blond hair and blue eyes, and one of the warmest nicest people I ever met. I mentioned my website and he told me to keep it up, that he appreciates what people like us are doing, and that we need more such people. Anyway that was pretty encouraging. No I don’t think he was a Nordic alien, just that reality had a sense of humor in fulfilling my wish. Indeed my wish was fulfilled in the sense of a Scandinavian looking guy fitting the qualifications; I just forgot to add the part about “real live alien” to my request when I said, “Nordic.” But close enough anyway, as I’d probably fall over from shock if I met a real Nordic while in my regular waking state consciousness, due to their intense energy field and inhumanly large eyes.

» I was wondering how would be a defense mechanism to avoid alien manipulation, as you mentioned “No one is immune to this except humans of zero interest or those with special tactical awareness who have taken full countermeasures”. What would be those full countermeasures? Especially when somebody already suffers from Energy Harvesting and Implants?

Full countermeasures requires being very psychic, in order to detect when negative aliens are attempting to manipulate or scan you, and thus you can develop more reliable ways of blocking them. You have to be almost on the level of an alien to block their attempts directly. But to become that is difficult; it takes a lot of work to achieve that, at the risk of other problems like health issues that come with being psychically active.

Otherwise, you can go a long way simply by not doing what these aliens are trying to get you to do. They are always trying to modify your behavior toward something that is beneficial to their agenda. The energy harvesting is more something that happens on a mass scale with religion, entertainment, violence, sex industry, and so on. That aspect is more directly operated by demonic beings and any alien groups that have a foot in that realm. It seems in general that aliens, as far as their involvement in the lives of truthseekers goes, are more focused on the strategic benefits, than the energy harvest. For instance, they commonly do the following:

1) Program a target to become obsessed with a certain individual or subject that is unhealthy, unproductive, wrong, or disinformative.

2) Program a target to hook up with someone who is likewise manipulated. See Eve Lorgen’s work on the “alien lovebite” phenomenon for more on that.

3) Program a threatening target to lose interest in what he/she is doing that the aliens find threatening. The person might feel hopeless, depressed, unable to think about that subject, and so on.

4) Break up that target’s relationship with friends, family, lovers, forums, networks, etc. that the aliens disapprove of. This is done by planting false suspicions in people’s minds, playing their weaknesses against each other, or outright abducting and programming someone to stop caring about you and to have an aversion to you.

5) Get a threatening target to self-destructive via emotions of anger, hatred, irritation, depression, unlovingness, etc. at the worst time, in order to make the target sabotage him or herself.

6) Get a gullible target to start loving these aliens and worshipping them, in order to act as a PR person or sales rep selling those aliens as the “good guys” to other naive people.

7) Monitor a target for upcoming times in his/her life when the future is greatly in flux, where it could either go really well for the person or really well for the alien manipulators; and then to use telepathic persuasion, posthypnotic programming, manipulated agents sent to him/her to push a certain choice, or just to cause confusion or irritation or whatever to pressure the person into making the more negative choice.

These are some examples. Obviously the solution, if you can’t block their attempts directly, at least you can block the successful outcome. If you watch your own thoughts, sudden impulsive feelings, changes of emotion that are uncalled for, anything out of the ordinary that occurs in your train of thoughts and emotions — if you can catch those, and use will-power/self-control to choose a healthier alternative, then you defeat their attempts. Remember, they want you to think, feel, and act in a way that benefits them instead of what benefits your own freedom of mind, peace of heart, and fulfillment of love and life. They will give you everything except freedom and awareness; thus watch out for people who have been suckered through such tricks and cheer for their alien benefactors, because these people are simply mouthpieces for them.

» In reading further on your site, I saw a part that mentioned usually negative forces will attack harder if you make the wrong choice, and usually attacks will subside when you make the right choice. Is this a hard and fast rule in your experience?

No, it’s a general trend that occurs in conjunction with other things going wrong in life including accidents, illnesses, lots of setbacks, and every little thing seeming to conspire to annoy you. Because then it’s more a general symptom of your “reality immune system” being depressed and just as with the body then experiencing many different illnesses simultaneously (viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc.) same with reality, with negative force attacks only being one of those.

It’s possible to make a right choice and get more attacks under the following circumstances:

  • You’re previously made deals with neg entities or innocently invited their presence, in this or a past life, and there’s some kind of karmic or pact bond going on with them. So that when you choose to leave them behind, they still have enough “legal” jurisdiction over you to try and scare you into staying. This usually involves them giving you nightmares, visiting you at night, lurking around the home trying to cause trouble. But at the same time you will also get synchronistic help in continuing to choose to leave them and follow a new and brighter path. Then as you continue on that path, the attacks subside as you draw further and further away from this. Versus being on the wrong path, where the farther you go the worse the attacks become since you’re treading deeper into their territory.
  • You’re choosing to embark on a project that has serious threats to their little control system, that attacks them directly. I don’t mean writing a book on how to be spiritual, but writing a book exposing the truth on abductions or how to defend against demons, etc. stuff that directly steps on their toes. Then they reciprocate, for as long as they can. At the same time, you will get synchronistic help and protection if your vibe is balanced. An example would be, life is pretty good and you’re emotionally balanced and mentally objective, but dark forces try to steer someone’s car into yours to kill you, but a glitch in the traffic light system causes you to hit the break when you otherwise would have gone through and the dark force attempt to kill you fails.

If you’re already in pretty deep under their influences, then just like being in the middle of a dark forest, if you want to get out, you still have some of that dark forest to go through. The test is what happens when you continue with the clearing attempts. Does it gradually get better or worse? Usually what happens is, these entities will be weakened, so their attacks will be less frequent, but out of desperation they’ll save up what energy they have to make those sporadic attacks worse, as a gamble that you’ll be cowed back into giving up.

It’s easier to open a door and let things in, than to make things leave by closing a door. The stubborn degree to which they stick around is proportional to the degree you in some way, intentional or not, invited them in. Nothing to feel guilty over, in fact if that’s all it was, then at least you have the confidence in knowing you’re on the right track and that it may just take a little more persistence than usual to shoo them out.

» I want to believe information like I read on your website, yet I have no concrete proof any of it is real. My logic and reasoning prevent me from believing anything I read without definitive proof.

It seems to me you require not logical proof, but experiential proof. Something you can personally experience, upon which you can build lines of reasoning.

As for me, well I had some alien and ghost encounters as a kid, and have had enough synchronicities, deja vu, ear ringing, precognitive dreams, etc. from month to month that I’m always reminded reality is stranger than what the materialistic determinism mindset of science would admit.

Even so, I believe a good number of “fringe” ideas even without having experienced them myself. My reasoning is that if enough people I personally know have independently experienced something, and if I can’t find an easy explanation to show that they are mistaken, then I take it for what it’s worth.

The problem with skepticism is that much of it is pseudo-skepticism. That is, either false logic or false premises applied to rationalizing away an anomalous phenomenon.

One example is when they try to debunk life after death, alien abductions, matrix glitches and the like, they purposely exclude the facts/observations/details they cannot explain, leaving only a small sample which they then debunk and pat themselves on the shoulder for doing so. Real example is astrology; maybe you know about the test where they gave everyone the same horoscope, or different people the wrong horoscope, and the people all agreed that it was accurate. That’s somehow supposed to prove that astrology is bunk. Well, why were the horoscopes used, ones from some national syndicated column written by a superficial astrologer, and not the real and deep analyses done by true professionals? Because if the latter, then the debunking test would have failed. So you see, by excluding certain things and knocking down a straw man, pseudo-skepticism makes a big error.

There are also key root assumptions that can entrap us. One is the assumption that nothing should be believed unless it is proven. This kind of logical positivism has its problems. There’s actually no logical reason why that assumption is sacred and true. One could just as easily say, anything is possible until shown to be impossible or highly doubtful. Both of these approaches are valid.

Another root assumption is that we must think in “all or nothing” terms, in binary ways. That is, either something has conclusive proof and therefore is true, or no conclusive proof and we can’t accept it. How about probabilistic thinking, like the kind used in court of law — if there is enough circumstantial evidence, then a verdict can be made.

And another error is thinking that you must only believe that which is 100% true and proven, and once you believe it, you must commit to it for the rest of your existence. In other words, no risk taking, no revision, no rapid prototyping. Only incremental steps, taking one bite of perfection at a time, until you achieve at a whole of perfection. This kind of timid attitude is good if you’re an engineer building bridges since being highly experimental means risk to public safety, but when it comes to finding out what’s really going on in reality, it’s okay to “take your best shot” and build a viewpoint with loose tolerances, trying and testing it out, and seeing how well it works, then making revisions as time goes on to increase the resolution and accuracy of your picture.

To not believe anything until you’re 100% sure is like trying to build an engine with 0 tolerance in the parts. It’s impossible, or at least incredibly expensive. Loosen the tolerances a bit and you might get something up and running, so that you can test performance and modify the engine as needed.

Anyway, all I’m saying is that there are different approaches, and the one adopted by rigid academia isn’t always the best in all cases. If you look for concrete holes/counter-examples, look for the underlying motive of a text and see where it leads to, and if you’re open to revising your views if you come to discover something was false or shady, then it’s definitely okay to temporary accept sources that may not be 100% in every way. It’s like eating food, if you only wanted to eat 100% pure food, you’d be limited to sugar, salt, and distilled water. Otherwise it’s best to take what you can get and try to make the pros outweigh the cons.

I should also add that I do a lot of reasoning via counter-example. That is, eliminate the impossible via counter-example, rather than proving my point of view through supporting example. A lie can be supported by a thousand facts, but it can be demolished with only one counter-example. It has to be a valid counter-example though, not disproving astrology with a rigged test or saying that, since if you poke someone’s brain and they feel a “presence” that therefore all alien abductions are mere brain phenomena. That’s pseudo-logic.

So when it comes to any view I hold on my site, I ask the question:

  • Is it internally logically consistent?
  • Can I find or think of any counter-examples?
  • Is there anything it fails to account for?
  • Is there an alternative that is better in every way?

Rather than:

  • What sources of authority have voiced this idea?
  • What scientific studies have been done to back this up?
  • How many of my peers hold this view?

The problem with the latter is that credibility is often a matter of group consensus, and delusions/limitations shared by a group can lead to seemingly objective “truths” being endorsed by all that are, in fact, false. If that weren’t the case, Thomas Kuhn would never have written the book on scientific revolutions.

So as far as the ideas on my site are concerned, if there’s not a better alternative, if it accounts for what I know up to now, if I can’t find any counter-examples, then I go with it for now, until those conditions are met and then I modify it to improve it.

Again, if the casual reader is lacking personal experience, or anecdotal experience from others, or if he/she hasn’t done the broad level of research into diverse areas, then he might find many of these ideas unnecessarily complex, and opt for Occam’s Razor by picking a simpler or more common explanation. Occam’s Razor says, “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” but necessity is a subjective thing dependent on how many outliers or counter-examples or anomalies are taken into account by the person making that judgment. That’s why pseudo-skeptics must exclude these, so that they can have Occam’s Razor lead to their rationalistic solution.

» Is there any kind of tests I can do to prove any of the information to myself in regards to this matrix being real and valid?

There are a couple you can try.

The first is the reality creation test. That’s where you try to manifest something innocuous through emotion/visualization. The goal of the test is to prove to you that reality (or rather probability) can be molded by thought. Only problem is, you have to do it believing it’s real, since doubt and skepticism will block your subconscious from making the connection with reality and bending probability that way.

To do this test, during the first couple minutes after you awaken for the day, as you lie in bed, visualize an improbable object or situation and put yourself into that image as if it were happening right now, and you were feeling amazed or awed by it having materialized for you. For instance a blue fedora with a gold bell on it. Something you wouldn’t see any day of the year no matter how hard you tried. Feel the emotion, visualize the object or situation, imagine the smell and sound and texture of it, etc. and do that for two minutes or so. Then get up for the day and forget all about it. Repeat this every day for a week and something very close to what you had imagined will come your way synchronistically against all odds.

The second test is dangerous and I don’t advise it, but mention it for illustration. It’s to prove to you that aliens and/or negative astral entities exist. What you have to do is read one or two alien abduction case story books, maybe some on military abductions, anything alarmist and scary. Then you have to work yourself up emotionally to really fear them. You can print out a picture of a Gray alien and tape it to your ceiling and stare at it while you lie down. If you can work up the fear enough over the span of a week, pretty soon they’ll begin entering your life, drawn in by the psychic beacon you’re sending out. Then if one night you suddenly feel a wave of sleepiness and are told to be still because they’re coming, and you do fall asleep, you’ll have yourself an abduction. If you enjoy your perceived memory of the abduction (which is a false screen memory) and ask for another, they’ll come again, and the more you do this, the more your freewill slips away and the more they turn you into their little lab rat. Not a fun thing.

Third test might get you a visit from an alien. Join a forum that deals with the alien subject, and make it a point to consistently point out that aliens are manipulative, that they use deception tactics, that people need to question the intention of their alien contacts. Research the subject and give examples of where they are being deceptive. Rain on people’s parades, especially at channeling and New Age forums. But you’d also have to know what advice to give these people to help them break free from their alien handlers. You’ll piss off a lot of the alien overseers, and they’ll pay you a visit one night. You might get psychically scanned which induces vertigo, or suffer bouts of tinnitus. But at least you won’t be getting abducted all the time like in the previous test.

Fourth test is pretty nice. It’s like the one about manifesting a strange object or situation, except you instead visualize something good. I don’t know, maybe that everyone goes out of his or her way to help you and be nice to you. Or you have to convince yourself that there’s a benevolent force conspiring to help you at every turn in the most amazing ways. Keep up that feeling every morning for a week, and it will begin happening.

Fifth is… and I don’t normally recommend this… but try to have an ayahuasca drug experience. Unlike other hallucinogens, ayahuasca (or the DMT in it) creates a very lucid experience, one deep enough that it’s very difficult to try and explain it away as a pure hallucination what you experience or are shown and told. I don’t normally recommend it because I prefer people get convinced through research and reason, but if that’s not enough, then ayahuasca is a good and relatively safe last resort.

What you will notice about all these tests is that they involve you — your state of consciousness, your feelings, your thoughts, your awareness, and most of all your volition. That’s why evidence for all this stuff is so compartmentalized; too often it’s personal and non-transferrable, but that’s not a mark against its validity, it merely speaks to the nature of these phenomena. Only matter, energy, space, and time are universally objective and analyzable by anyone regardless of who or what they are; the same can’t be said for phenomena that sit on the edge of reality and, like quantum phenomena, require participation of the observer

» What I wanted to ask is about positive and negative energy. I’ve read quite a lot about it but I’m not getting the point as to, are we not supposed to feel negative at all, or is it what we do when we are in that negative state?

What matters more is your fundamental outlook, the “color” of how you perceive and react to the world every day. The background music of your life. The “ground” upon which your thoughts and moment-to-moment feelings wander. Do you know what I mean? It’s your inner climate, the default way you react to things, the quality of your nature. It’s like the subconscious “tone” that’s always there underneath, which you might not always be conscious of, but it colors the way you see, think, feel, and act.

If this is negative, then that is when you make it easier for negative forces and illness and accidents to come your way. If this is positive, then you will likely notice an increase in good luck and everything going well.

As for moment-to-moment feelings in response to things, negative emotions are fine if they come from the soul and not from ego. So let’s say a news story about an abused child. If you feel sad, your heart aches, then that’s good because your soul is feeling concern.

Then let’s say a news story about a thief who steals from old women and ruined many of their lives — there you have to be careful, because it’s very easy to feel hatred and contempt and revenge, and since it’s a news story you can do nothing about, those emotions can’t go anywhere, and begin polluting your aura, so to speak, harming only you.

Where anger comes in useful, is if you are personally being violated or intruded upon by someone rude, selfish, ignorant, etc. and you have to stand up for yourself. If that anger motivates you to overcome fear of intimidation, and you simply do what must be done, and the result is that you regain your freedom somewhat, then that is also good.

Emotions are best used to fulfill the choices you make. If you choose to speak up to someone, to put them back in their place if they are being unfair, then the emotion can help you carry out that choice if confidence is lacking. However, it’s dangerous when emotions make the decisions for you. Then you may make bad judgments. Thus every time an emotion tries to sway you to make a choice, pull back and use your mind instead to make sure it agrees and that you’re not acting blindly. If all is okay, then go with it. Otherwise, you might find out that, no, it’s not a good idea to act on it right now.

There is a difference between feelings of the heart/soul, and feelings of the ego/animal within. We have to distinguish between these two. The heart/soul will always agree with wisdom and reason, but the ego/animal will go against it. Thus there are times when negative emotions are fine, but the only way to know for sure when they are, is to do a mind/reason/wisdom check when they arise, to question them, and to choose whether to proceed with them, or to diffuse them through a change of perspective based on a more expanded, higher perspective.

But those kinds of reactive emotions are not as big a deal as the more underlying, permanent, emotional “climate” of your being, which as I said need to stay on the balanced/positive side to avoid attracting misfortune.

» What do you think about people who are “possessed”? Do you believe they are technically “dead” and their bodies are used much like a stolen car, or are they trapped somehow and unable to regain control of their bodies and mind?

From what I’ve seen, it’s a spectrum of gradual possession. Some people are just easily influenced and occasionally have external forces speak/act through them. Others are helpless against a negative/psychopathic persona that possesses them only 75% of the time, stepping in and out as circumstances make convenient.

And then there are people who, it seems, have no original human soul inside them, but are 100% piloted by a non-human intelligence. The latter are quite sure of themselves, slick, manipulative, with an evil glint in their eye even when they’re smiling. It’s like the entity knows what it’s doing, and this is the way they are all the time. The most successful ones among these become influential people in society, anywhere there is money and power. That doesn’t mean all powerful people are of that type, just that the possessed are conveniently positioned by the demonic hierarchy into those places to feed, exploit, and make things harder for good people. So, certain politicians, music and movie producers, artists, city council and school board members, supervisors and CEOs, correctional officers, social workers, lawyers, judges, etc.

But demons and demented ghosts take what they can, and their lower less intelligent minions find hosts among the lower classes if there is a localized position of power that can be exploited, for example a violent or sexually abusive stepfather that again, “conveniently” comes into the life of an innocent and bright young girl and makes her life hell. There are stories of sick couples that kidnap and torture children. They tend to be on drugs and have severe alcohol issues too, which makes possession even easier. No normal human being with an active spirit would engage in those acts. And if spirit isn’t there to add an element of conscience and empathy, then something else will take the wheel. These people are less than animals, because even animals don’t do that kind of stuff in nature. Thus whatever force is piloting them, is outside the circle of life and nature, and that is identically the demonic realm which is a cancer upon Creation. Cancer serves a purpose but it’s not natural. Its purpose is to be fought and overcome, thus setting right the weakness or imbalance that brought it on.

The only ones who can recover are those who have a real human soul (spirit) inside them, and who are sufficiently alive inside to 1) realize that they have been influenced or possessed at times, 2) are able to distinguish between their own thoughts/feelings and the artificial ones, and 3) have the willpower to do something about it. Usually it’s people in the early stages; either that, or people with schizophrenic type disorders who try out spirit releasement therapy or similar. That’s where the work of Dr. William Baldwin and Dr. Shakuntala Modi come in. They use hypnosis to try and rid patients of their negative entity attachments, which works because it removes the infection at the subconscious or astral level where it resides.

» I saw an interview with Marshall Vian Summers through Project Camelot awhile back where he made some pointed comments about free energy technology, which I’m interested in your take on.

Right, free energy isn’t free in an absolute sense. It’s more about where the energy ultimately comes from, at what cost. In the case of human free energy technology, it actually comes from time itself. In other words, time slows down a little around these devices. However it has other quantum ripple effects that then impact human health, the weather, Earth seismic activity, and so on. You’d have to know these effects and why they occur in order to design free energy devices properly so that their “exhaust” doesn’t pollute your local etheric environment with toxic energies. The flip side of that is, you could then pump energy into something, and have it convert to the other way, so that instead you have enhanced human health, quietened seismic activity, etc.

So free energy isn’t as simple as just making free electricity, there are some other small details that need to be figured out to make it safe, but yes I do think it can be done. I mean, having a 1kw free energy generator for a home should be doable if the NWO forces back off from killing or buying out the people who do it.

The biggest argument against free energy is that with free energy everywhere, there’s no limit to how much resources can be harvested, machines produced, etc. and so under our current culture whose “modern sophistication” is just lipstick on a pig, with some people and corporations and military being as greedy and cut-throat as they are, resources would be gobbled up exponentially. So unless you could also make free matter, you’d run into problems there. If we start colonizing other planets thinking it’s like the early frontier days, as Summers says we’ll quickly discover that there are no frontiers in this sector of the galaxy since jurisdictions by various aliens are already well established. We’d be like jungle natives setting out on a boat thinking we could colonize other continents like Europe and North America.

The only thing limiting resource usage would be if free energy only worked by putting out X amount of power per cubic meter of space, perhaps by it drawing from the surrounding ether like a dehumidifier draws water from the air, and there’s only so much ether around to do it. Then it would be like solar power, in that while the quantity is infinite, the rate of tapping it is limited. Then it could work I guess.

There was a Stargate episode about the Tolans who offered their less advanced planetary neighbors free energy, but the people there used it to fuel their war machines in unlimited ways, and it ended up destabilizing and blowing up the planet. Perhaps that’s what happened with Atlantis and the primordial Nordics blowing up their home planet. I think some forces feel likewise if Earth had it in wide open use. However, it seems black ops with their antigravity triangles and such have it, and it’s interesting to think that the shadiest predators on the planet are the ones who use it, while good people continue slaving their lives away to feed the oil industry.

But overall, what will probably happen is either, a) aliens take over, put everything on lock down, and free energy becomes available in a highly regulated way with strings attached, or 2) humanity undergoes a reset, and the survivors build their own small-scale free energy devices under a new culture of responsibility which, coupled with a reduced population, will prevent resources from expiring as quickly. The latter then eventually evolves into the kind of civilization that the Nordic aliens are at already. So, with increased power comes increased responsibility, and responsibility from the viewpoint of the irresponsible seems like limitation and restriction, but that’s the price to pay.

Otherwise, free energy can be done right now if it stays underground (figuratively) and is only in the hands of the good people to give them a leg up on the NWO oppression system. For instance, enough to power their homes and cars and allow them to live off the grid, easily. If it stays there, good. If it gets picked up by corporations and overhauls the military with tanks and jets and planes that never run out of energy (think giant killer predator drones hovering over our cities 24/7 without running out of fuel, with energy beam weapons to zap dissenters, etc.) then obviously that’s a problem. Thus ultimately, it’s our current culture, and current corporations and military that are preventing the responsible and necessary use of free energy. If the system ever collapses and wipes them out, then free energy could blossom. I also think that people would need to develop, maybe naturally if you consider the Etheric Tide idea discussed in Gnosis Part 7, certain clairvoyant/psychic abilities so that they can see and feel any otherwise invisible effects of these generators.

Thus, any current free energy researchers would do well to stay underground and pass their technology on in secret, to secret networks who need it, perhaps the same networks who will one day topple the NWO structure, and only after global collapse and cultural reset can they then bring it into the open. That, in fact, is very much like any secret society in history who possessed some great power, be it the real Rosicrucians or immortal Alchemists, who did exactly this.

» What’s your take on Marshall Summers/Allies of Humanity material?

Well he doesn’t acknowledge the hyperdimensional, timeline split, or time travel aspect of it. His paradigm strictly deals with 3D aliens: extraterrestrials. Maybe we just differ in our semantics. Now, the Allies themselves, being that they had to observe from a distance, were chased down, etc. it does sound a lot like what you’d expect of an upper level 3D extraterrestrial group. I mean, considering we have more advanced aliens (Nordics, etc.) that are here on Earth and have been for decades, so obviously the latter have better evasion or defense tricks to do that here on the ground. That is, if the Allies are even real.

So let’s assume for a second that the Allies aren’t real, and Summers is a disinformation vector. In that case, I suppose the only angle I can pull from his material, is that it nudges us toward a certain probable future where, except for some psychic/gnostic skills, we exist in a world of dwindling resources, continuing physical limitations, and having to deal directly with the 3D/4D STS factions that have trade routes through this part of the galaxy. In other words, it’s a very material-based idea, materialistic future, no timeline splits or shifting to some other dimension or anything. But who knows, maybe this is the more realistic view. I just find it interesting that the nonlinear time stuff, hyperdimensional aspects (like them being involved in our everyday lives, monitoring, nudging, etc.) is being left out, that’s all. Also about aliens not being able to breathe our atmosphere — abductions show they breathe ours and we breathe theirs, as far as I can tell.

What the Allies say of the alien disinfo campaign is correct, as far as my own research has borne it out to be. The importance of Knowledge/Gnosis is self-evident too. Overall though, net effect of the messages is positive. I wrote Discerning Alien Disinfo not only to expose the agenda, but also to augment Marshall’s message because his books seemed intentionally vague on specific tactics being used, so I wanted to bring those in detail out into the open.

» How does the etheric body work, especially in regard to the physical and etheric and genetics? The same for the astral body.

Alright, well it’s a field that biases the probability of quantum events. So if at the quantum level, matter normally wants to continue the way matter does and follow the course of entropy and disintegrate, the etheric field can change this so that matter acts in a more organized, ordered, and intelligent way. In other words, it has the ability to produce negative entropy. After all, the law of thermodynamics is just a statistical observation, and negative entropy isn’t impossible just highly unlikely. And yet, improbabilities is what the etheric body can produce, namely by guiding cells and DNA to perform as it should. It acts as a guiding template along which biological processes can flow, similar to iron filings following the field contours of a magnet.

So the etheric is able to overcome the default behavior of matter. Or put another way, default behavior of matter is simply how it behaves when there is no extra etheric body nudging it otherwise at the quantum level. Now the stronger, more complex, and refined the etheric energy field, the greater that matter is influenced by it. In the case of humans, we have just enough of the etheric body to allow our spirit/mind to influence neurons, and thereby enable our brains to mirror our thoughts and muscles to obey our will. The etheric body also maintains health and vitality, as mentioned.

The place where etheric body interfaces with the physical is likely at the level of microtubules, dimers, and so on. The site quantumconsciousness.org explains it very well. In a nutshell, inside these small biological structures called dimers, there is an empty pocket in which electrons exist in a quantum delocalized state. Anesthetics have the ability to plug this up and temporarily prevent the electrons from doing what they must, and so consciousness leaves the body at that point. These electrons are called Pi electrons. They are one of the many states in which electrons can exist within/around a molecule. But what makes them special is that they are quantum delocalized (in a ghostly superposition state) while simultaneously creating effects that are, in the end, physical on an everyday scale. So that’s where the quantum world meets the classical world, and where the etheric body ultimately is able to influence the physical, at least in biology.

Beyond this usual state of affairs, we run into the limitations of the physical: aging, five-senses, illness, gravity, and so on. These we cannot overcome in our current etheric body state, since our etheric body is only strong enough to sustain life as we currently know it. However, if we are able to increase our etheric energy, then these limitations begin to be correspondingly overcome. For instance, if beforehand DNA activity and epigenetics (the way genes are turned on and off) only corresponded weakly to our thoughts and emotions, with extra etheric energy the response would be far greater. Thus I hypothesize that if Earth were to be irradiated in a strong etheric energy field that elevated its quantity and quality in every living being, you would see a great acceleration in evolution all over Earth, and perhaps this explains some past explosions of life on Earth. But now, for us, it would allow for faster natural genetic evolution.

Additionally, if our etheric energy were to increase, certain dormant or embryonic structures in our etheric body would be activated. Think of a crashed spaceship that has been off-line for hundreds of years, and someone connects a proper power source to it. Now all the main subsystems come back online and perhaps the ship can even take off and fly home. Same thing in our case, we would acquire perception beyond the five senses, increased control over our physical environment via thought/emotional energy, and other paranormal abilities. It would be like a desert blooming after a rain.

If our etheric field extended beyond our bodies and reached out into the environment, then anything it touches would become more perceptible directly influenceable by us. Why? Because the etheric influences matter at the quantum level, and if the etheric is directed by our minds or higher minds, and is able to alter the etheric “code” beneath/behind a material object, then the object can be made to move (per telekinesis) or more exotic things like teleport, dematerialize, and so on. I believe that initially, this would not be easy at all, but might require technology that is built on the principles of not only physics but also etheric energy principles. And, for example, in the Old Testament the accounts of Moses using a staff to raise water up into the air, or the Ark parting water, and other seemingly magical acts, are an example of this. For back then, ambient etheric energy levels on Earth were a little higher than today, and occultists/priests with the proper knowledge and perhaps technology could make use of those improved conditions.

But for now, the etheric is both a mirror copy of our physical body, and something extra — a superset. It not has mirrors of our physical organs, but also contains structures/organs for which there are no physical correspondences. Some of these grow naturally when etheric energy is increased. Certain hermetic, yogic, shamanic, etc. practices aim to condition and amplify the etheric body’s energy flows, in order to activate and grow these structures. If the etheric body becomes so strong that the physical body comes under its complete control, then you have shape-shifters and people who can teleport themselves, walk through walls, perhaps exist beyond time. The body is absorbed into the etheric like retractable landing gear into an airplane. Or perhaps the body is not even needed, and the etheric can just manifest one out of thin air when needed. This state is more akin to that of angels and the djinn and the elementals, and aliens as well, although aliens have a physical body while angels do not unless they want to temporarily project one.

As to what the etheric body/energy actually IS — well, I suspect it has to do with “imaginary energy” or “imaginary matter” — that is, in Einstein’s theory of Relativity, when you surpass the speed of light, matter becomes imaginary matter. As in, multiplied by the square root of negative one. Or, shifted dimensionally by 90 degrees, same thing. In other words, it would take physics/math language to attempt to describe what it really is.

Whereas the etheric’s job is to interface the soul with the physical, to provide the structures and rhythms and patterns and templates according to which matter should be patterned, the astral body is not in any way physical. It is the seat of emotional energies, desires, passions, and impressions. But it interfaces with the etheric. So between the mind/spirit and the etheric, is the astral body, which influences the etheric similar to how the etheric influences the body. It’s not at a quantum level anymore, but beyond in the metaphysical realms, where this interface happens. But the astral also has structures that loosely correspond to the etheric. In fact, the chakras are multi-dimensional conduits that link the astral with the etheric with the physical body. It is said (according to Rudolf Steiner) that upon deep sleep, the mind along with the astral body leave and enter the spirit/afterlife realm and commune with the beings there, while the etheric remains with the physical body and undergo the restorative processes that sleep brings. And that when dreams begin, that’s after the mind+astral returns and loosely mingles with the etheric body without fully entering the physical body yet. What the astral soul underwent in the spirit realm, this mixes with, or filters through, the etheric body and the physical brain, and the combination produces our dreams as a projected result. Upon awakening, all four of these (mind, astral, etheric, physical) merge back together.

Upon death, the physical body drops away but the other three remain together, and one exists as a disembodied human for a while (several days it’s said). Then the etheric begins dropping away, and one slips away from linear time and physical reality. The astral body is then purified or stripped of its attachments/desires and might even fall away from the mind/spirit. The latter then goes on to the afterlife, while in some cases the astral shell continues on until it fades away. But the astral shell, or even the etheric body, can survive and go on separately from the mind/spirit, and this shell is what’s often channeled via ouija board. I even read in one of Steiner’s books, that in the orient certain black magic societies capture these shells and use them for nefarious deeds, or that demonic beings can slip into them and wear them, and soak up the energies given to them by people who practice ancestor worship. Well, same way there is abnormal psychology, this here I guess would be abnormal metaphysics.

» I read an article by someone who is purportedly the human representative for the Pleiadeans on Earth. Prior to seeing this article, I had hopes that at least the Pleiadeans would be kosher, but no, he was channeling for the Ascended Masters. YIKES! I know the Ascended Masters belong to the Great White Brotherhood and are a spiritual branch of the Illuminati. One of my friends who I shared this with said we might as well shoot ourselves and I am close to loosing hope for a brighter future.

Well the problem is that negative forces, hoaxers, and delusional New Agers have created caricatures of the real thing and either usurped the name, or created a new name to designate their fabrications.

So there may in fact be positive humanoid aliens and a positive spiritual brotherhood. They might even be called the Pleiadeans and Great White Brotherhood. But that doesn’t mean everyone who identifies themselves under those names, or associates with them, is necessarily also positive. In fact I’d say that a huge majority of the latter are nothing but impostors and scammers.

I mean, how many humans, aliens, demons, etc. throughout history have posed as “God” to their unsuspecting victims? Negative forces obviously can’t gain much allegiance by revealing their true colors, so they wear the colors of the good guys.

The Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, and Galactic Federation of light as known by those names are false, as those names originated with certain channelers and hippies and not with anybody actually known by that name. I mean Ashtar sounds like a joke derived from Ashtaroth, the name of a demon who “who seduces by means of laziness, vanity, and rationalized philosophies.”

But I know from personal experience that positive aliens, some looking like humans, do exist. Only, they never identify their real names, where they come from, and they sure as hell never call themselves by grandiose titles like “Melchizedek Princess of the Mintakan Crystal Dolphin Alliance” or something along those lines.

The only reason you know they’re positive is by their actions and the end results of their words, the knowledge and training they give to make you a more aware, ethical, powerful, and freer human being. And not through obvious, over used, trite sayings that anyone could get from fortune cookies, but through timely, specific, powerful knowledge that makes a difference, that you can verify through personal experience and reason, that has a certain deep elegance to it testifying to their experience, wisdom, and intelligence.

The real good guys aren’t the sappy cartoons that you read about in New Age literature. They’re more mature, mentally lucid and sharp. They say a lot with few words. You know how my site gets to the point and cuts through the crap. Well, same for these guys, just to a higher level. What they say accords with the facts. If someone calling himself Commander Ashtar says all negative aliens have just been kicked off the planet and we should rejoice, but you yourself are still getting symptoms of alien monitoring and abductions, then guess what, that Ashtar character is full of it.

I don’t see a reason to shoot ourselves, because the situation isn’t hopeless. I mean, we’ve known for a long time — from dreams, prophecies, trends, lessons of history — that the world needs to change, will change, but that the transition would be mightily difficult, and that dark forces would reach an excruciating crescendo before their downfall. So we’re at the foothill of that dark mountain, and sure we have a difficult time to get through, but there’s a positive light at the end of the tunnel. We shouldn’t give up, because the fight has yet to truly begin. We just have to hang in there and take our battles one day at a time, keeping our eye on the faithful positive outcome at the end.

» What is your impression of the “journey” that Robert Monroe was describing in the final two books? Do you feel he used a level of metaphor to describe his soul’s journey, or was it a true recounting of his experiences?

Well, at worst the two books may have been a fictional narrative woven together from actual experiences he had while out of body. The same way made-for-TV movies of true stories have an exciting plot overlay that ties it all together even though in real life it wasn’t quite as coherent. But to be honest I think he was recounting the experiences as he had them.

The problem lies in the fact that astral experiences are only partially objective, in that what you see is more your own subconscious interpretation of what’s actually there. It’s like the code behind a website, and what you see in your browser — what you see is specifically made so by the browser and computer’s library of how to interpret that code. So I wouldn’t take everything he said he saw as being exactly how he described it, but may have been partially symbolic representations.

The other problem is his way of making sense of the experience. Like in one, he was in the future and met that woman with the corn, and in another experience he seemed to meet the same woman with corn but on an Earth one million years ago. This seems like a contradiction, unless he actually visited a realm that was outside linear time somehow, or if time were a timeloop so that our future is actually our past, or something like that. Since Monroe didn’t bring up these possibilities, that contradiction was something certain critics pointed out as being suspicious about his books. But I don’t think they’re suspicious.

And the last problem is that what you see in the astral depends largely on the state of your being, your consciousness. Some things you just can’t see, because it’s beyond your mental scope. Like I know psychics who can read everything about a person that is within their own comfort zone, but if the psychic knows nothing about aliens or military abductions, then when they read such a person/abductee, that aspect of the person is invisible to them. It seems that different existences are more segregated/quarantined on the other side, and therefore you could talk with an astral entity who knows all about one segment, while knowing nothing of the other.

This can lead to conflict between books on the afterlife where some say it’s all heaven and roses, and others say it’s a big energy farm where trickster beings feed on our souls. I don’t believe these are mutually exclusive, but two different areas of the afterlife. I believe we are only as free in the afterlife as we are while living, thus if while living we are slave to some heavily controlling religion or cult or personal attachments, then these fetter our soul afterwards for some “time” until we finally move on past them.

» What is your impression of the “freewill” vs. “determinism” paradox and how do you see it affecting an individual who has introduced themselves to the idea that they have a “greater essence” existing outside of “time” who may have already written the entire incarnation out for them?

As best as I can determine, the life plan/destiny decides what generally must happen and why, whereas you while incarnated determine more how it manifests and when. For instance, if there is a key lesson you must learn (as so chosen prior to incarnation) then it’s up to you how quickly you learn it; often people will fail the first several times and only the fourth time does it finally click and they break out of that lesson loop onto the next one. That shows an element was indeed fated, but the timing and severity of it was up to you here. There also seems to be the phenomenon of exit points, where you might have a handful of times in your life where it would be a good time for you to die and leave, or to continue on for some “bonus rounds.” Thus you might have a close call with death that gets averted at the last moment during such a point. Or things might lead up to such an exit, but in the end it fizzles out, probably because during “night school” you elect to not check out just yet.

So that’s another thing, it seems the part of our being that made the choices for the plan, still exists outside of linear time while we are here, and it’s possible to revise, updated, add-to, or somehow amend the plan while we’re still alive.

Role playing video games, or choose-your-own-adventure books, are a good metaphor for all this. There is a predetermined structure, but you choose certain options from the ones given. Hence it’s a mix of freewill and determinism.

» What technology do you use to gain insight (meditation etc.)?

Mostly it’s research and contemplation, with some random intuitive insights and observations throughout the day thrown in, and occasionally an enlightening dream, also conversations with others in which ideas spontaneously arise. But of all these methods, contemplation is the only one that consistently pays off. I’m talking about sitting or lying down with a notebook or blank sketchbook, writing down the mysteries/perplexities on my mind, brainstorming possibilities, pouring over my “knowns” and experiences, and mapping out possible solutions. Intuiting them, then writing them out in plain language, then going over them looking for counter-examples, holes, insufficiencies. And in the end, summing it up in a paragraph what the conclusion is.

Not all the time do I solve the question, and often I’ll have to read or research, and synchronistically I’m guided to some key items of info that make it all click. The more difficult and bigger the problem, the longer it takes, but many things I’ve gotten to the bottom of to my satisfaction. They stand as working hypotheses until more info comes along that suggests the need for a better theory, or a counter-example that shows my theory was flawed. But yes, contemplation, introspection, tuning into intuition, analyzing it with logic, converting it into words… that’s the real grist mill that grinds out the bulk of what you see on my site.

As for meditation, I see that more as training the mind to stay disciplined and enter alternate states of awareness without losing itself, such as entering a waking dream state, which has NUMEROUS uses and is the key to healing, remote viewing, clairvoyant, and other powers. I just started browsing through that Silva Method book by Jose Silva, and the first half I’ve read so far is in line with what I’ve read in the books of Rudolf Steiner, Theun Mares, and other hermetic/gnostic /shamanic types. That kind of meditation, as well as simply raising your mood into a more spiritually lofty attitude, those are the only meditations that I do when I can. But not mantra chants or anything like that; I think the Maharishi Technique is self-hypnotizing and can turn the brain to mush.

» The aliens are visiting us for thousands of years, there are archeological and historic proofs, but for some reason today they visit us but remain hidden.
I don’t know why they want to be visible now, as the disclosure campaign suggests. Maybe to start a new religion and be adored as gods?

I’ve heard a couple theories toward that end. One is that a kind of quarantine was put in place by a third-party powerful alien group, whereby other alien groups were prevented from being openly walking around pretending to be gods. Therefore these aliens had to become covert, with only occasional limited contact. Mankind was to be left alone (at the public level) to develop on its own.

This occurred around 1,000 to 800 B.C., which matches with mythology and the Bible where it is said that the Gods stopped talking to man. But, theory is that the quarantine will soon be lifted because mankind has now reached legal age. Hence the alien groups who had to be secret, will soon be allowed to reveal themselves again. The only difference is that today we have science, nuclear weapons, space weapons, global military, and more… therefore they cannot come back pretending to be magical gods, but would have to use a scientific and logically paranormal “mythology” to present themselves.

And that’s the picture they have been giving to abductees and contactees for decades now, as if to prepare the public to perceive aliens in a certain way, so that in the end these same beings can rule over us except we will follow them from different reasons than the past. Like if in the past they were seen as divine gods, then today they might be seen as technological superiors here to help their young brothers and sisters on Earth advance as well — so long as we obey them and eliminate any human “bigoted” resistance working against their trying to help us. In other words, they are just the space version of Nazis or Communists, and it will be one tough battle preventing such a scenario from manifesting if they try to do that in the next decade.

I suspect that the current global economic disaster just beginning, and the first early stages of World War III in the mid-east, are steps in their agenda to make people weak, confused, divided, and desperate for help, so that these aliens can step in and offer help with dangerous compromises on our part.

» I have heard claims that the white light at the end of the tunnel during near death experiences is a trap. Do you have any ideas regarding this?

Personally no I don’t think so. Reason is that any accounts of discarnate humans who do nothing but latch onto other people, steal energy, enter into service of demons, or are just stuck and confused in some astral realm, they all were ones who never went into the light, and only guiding them into the light frees them up.

One thing is certain, the light is the way out and into the true spirit realm (5D/time-space) and subsequent incarnation. So if someone wants to avoid reincarnation, then they should avoid the light, however they end up going nowhere instead and just hang out in literal limbo like a kid being trapped in an empty classroom after everyone else has gone home.

I’m not aware of any genuinely positive entities showing signs of being truly wise and good, who say never enter the light, or who offer a better alternative for that matter. Meanwhile, those who do say it’s a trap have some huge flaws in the methods they used to obtain that idea, and the rest of what they say shows further signs of fatal naïveté, corruption, or demonic deception.

For example, Major Ed Dames the remote viewer, who was one of the first to say that the white light was a trap, has no protocols in his method of remote viewing for guarding against disinformation. His only concern is getting consistency among remote viewers instead of noise/nonsense. So if he gets a signal/message, he automatically believes it must be legitimate because it can’t just be imagination. But there’s no consideration of the possibility that it was purposely broadcast to him and his remote viewers by say a demonic entity.

The only real bad thing about the light is that it seems to obliterate everything about you that was not fully absorbed or imprinted upon your core spirit. Castaneda therefore wrote about recapitulation as the way to avoid being “eaten by the Eagle” — theoretically it eats the copy of the memories you made if you recapitulate them first while alive. Then your original memories stay intact.

However, Rudolf Steiner said that only the spirit core survives the process of reincarnation, and only what in your lifetime entered into the deepest core of your awareness therefore survives.

Hence, if you recapitulate meaningful experiences deeply enough, you might absorb those memories into that core, hence it survives the entering-the-light process.

I think the “white light is a trap” idea is largely disinformation made appealing by its contrarian nature. But it’s propagated within the context of a world view where there is nothing redeeming about being here, hence no such thing as “growth”, lessons, wisdom, or positive destiny. More, this world view says that this world is nothing but a demonic energy farm we’re all trapped within by our consistently going to the light and getting recycled. The people who push it seem to be not know about, or speak about, or care about, the hidden structure behind a person’s life that indicates there’s some kind of learning curriculum going on here, despite the energy farming which also happens.

That’s why I say on my site that Earth is both a prison/farm and a school. It’s like when you go a theme park… you go there to have fun, but is that its purpose? No its purpose is to make money, but it does through you getting to have your fun. Likewise, Earth seems to be set up like an energy farm, but that’s not all it is. It’s also a testing grounds and growth medium for the soul.

I’ve never encountered a report, anecdote, or anything about a soul who did not go into the light and is now in a better place for it. But there are numerous accounts of such souls instead staying earth bound, and the darker ones coming under the service of demons. Therefore, would it not be in the interest of demons to get as many people to not go into the light as possible, so that they loiter around and can be scooped up by these demons and put into their service? I think the contrarian, tantalizing, edgy nature of the “white light is a trap” idea seduces a lot of people but the data to support that idea is sparse if it exists at all.

There are a couple caveats to the “Earth is a school” viewpoint, however.

The first is that the school aspect for you isn’t 100% guaranteed. I mean, you’ll learn no matter what, but it’s possible to make poor choices over and over again that get one further trapped in suffering to the point of redundancy. For example, if one screws up big time and chooses (at a higher level) or is made to (if one is incapable of choosing for oneself) reincarnate for a remedial lifetime to correct the errors made in a previous, well that’s one whole lifetime wasted on something that could have been avoided by not making those foolish choices to begin with.

In that case, it’s not that the remedial life was somehow destined, that the bad choices that precipitated it (like committing mass murder) were somehow destined as well, that the whole thing was to be allowed and embraced as part of the ‘reincarnation experience’ — no not at all.

We do have freewill, enough to decide which path we choose in life when given the choice. The goal is to learn through experience, either through hard experience when we just don’t know any better and make a bad choice, or through nice experience if we actively apply our powers of intuition, observation, and love of learning to learn from the mistakes of others and gather wisdom and understanding pre-emptively.

Reincarnation does serve a purpose, and it’s not completely a trap. But it can become a trap (for a while) if you keep recycling without growing or learning anything new due to bumbling through the consequences of your mistakes, like a kid that keeps failing and gets held back over and over.

What’s to be embraced about reincarnation is that, first, you do have the opportunity to learn, grow, experience, love, create, etc. and second you have the opportunity to help others who are here. If you want to stick it to the Matrix, well now you’re here and can do so. Plus everyone you interact with in a meaningful way, you impact, and vice versa. There are things that can be done here, that cannot be done in a less physical or vibrationally dark environment.

And for those who say Earth is hell and point to all the ones who are suffering, if that’s all it is, then why is it possible to adjust your consciousness, your vibes, and create a life that’s full of fun, love, happiness, spiritual learning, that gives you the opportunity to work on yourself and gain spiritual energy, power, and wisdom that could lead to your liberation from the incarnational cycle through graduation? Why does that option exist if we’re all trapped in a pointless existence? Obviously because the latter is not all there is to this.

And if the point of amnesia is to make us repeat the same mistakes in an endless cycle, then how is it that kids are not born as blank slates but come with deep inner knowing, biases, talents, etc. that carry over from past lives and allow picking up where one leaves off?

That’s why I think the skeptics are not seeing the full picture and jumping to a simplistic black-white conclusion.

It’s more subtle in reality, because it’s both a prison and a school, except it’s up to you to choose via your actions and thoughts, feelings, and beliefs which one to make it for yourself.

» Is the moon an artificial object?

Compared to other solar system objects, the Moon is anomalous in several ways. Its relative mass to the planet is unusually large, its orbit is unusually small, its density is too low, and its core is strangely undersized as well. It is unlike any other body in the solar system. And while the Moon is 400 times smaller than the Sun, it is also closer to Earth by the same factor, hence Sun and Moon appear to have the same average width in the sky, allowing for solar eclipses. Its nearly circular orbit maintains this improbable relation within a small variation. Since the Moon’s orbit increases slowly over time, only within the span of the past million years has this condition existed — the same span of time during which intelligent life on Earth arose, upon the only planet in the solar system’s habitable zone. What are the chances of all this happening naturally? Slim to none.

Therefore at minimum, it seems the Moon was artificially placed into its current orbit. When did this occur? Probably around the same time Earth acquired its tilted axis and four seasons; the Moon serves to stabilize Earth’s axial tilt. It was only after the end of the Jurassic period that warm blooded animals and deciduous vegetation proliferated, indicating evolutionary adaptation to the introduction of seasons. Therefore it’s possible that even 150 million years ago, the Moon did not exist around Earth.

But why was it placed there? According to Hermetic tradition, the Moon is an embryonic planet placed around ours to siphon off the energies generated by the suffering and death of intelligent terrestrial lifeforms such as humans. This matches rather well what has been known about the Moon in both scientific and occult areas of investigation. For this and other reasons, I believe our Moon has been artificially placed by superior beings who have vested interests in the cultivation and periodic culling of intelligent life on Earth. It stands to reason that they may have modified it internally as well to suit their purposes. Thus a natural planetoid may have been artificially modified and intelligently placed around Earth to serve some cosmic agenda.

» I don´t remember you mentioning Sophia anywhere on your Gnosis articles, so I am curious, what do you think about this mythos?

I only mentioned Sophia briefly. I think she’s equivalent to the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, the Advocate, the Comforter. In the Christian paradigm, when Jesus Christ left his disciples behind, he promised them that an “Advocate” would take his place and speak through them, inspiring them, doing God’s work through them. This Advocate also became known as the Holy Ghost. But that’s the same concept as Sophia, holy wisdom that enlightens, illuminates, awakens, and animates you. It’s a feminine nurturing energy because like a mother bringing an embryo to term, the Holy Spirit or Sophia brings about the birth of the higher mind into the lower mind. That’s what I think Sophia really is. Obviously if there is a Father, a Son, then where is the Mother? It is Sophia.

In that other Gnostic myth about Sophia, the Aeons, the Demiurge and how the universe came about, Sophia plays the role of Logos, in the sense of her being the creator of the Demiurge. So Sophia is indeed both the Logos and the Holy Spirit, and these are just different terms or angles of the same cosmic being.

Steiner had a triad of: Lucifer, Ahriman, Sorat. Sorat being the Sun Demon with his “flying monkeys” (like in Wizard of Oz) the Asuras. Sorat is a purely destructive force that aims to destroy individuality and form and reduce things to formless chaos. Ahriman being that which crystallizes into soulless order. And Lucifer being that which illuminates with false light and brings egotistical transcendence toward realms of delusion and mania.

So it stands to reason that the positive is also a triad. 1) The Creator/Nous (infinite creator), 2) Logos/Holy Spirit/Sophia, and 3) Christ. Also known as Father, Holy Ghost, and Son in Christianity which due to its patriarchal nature prefers using “Holy Spirit” instead of the more Gnostic “Sophia.”

» Is there anything that people who are new to truthseeking need to watch out for? Will they be targeted for not staying asleep?

One thing that happens is that the neophyte will be approached by a spiritual con-artist (or multiples of them) who will try to befriend and beguile them. They come on quickly, share certain uncanny things in common as a gimmick to build rapport, and then try to sell the neophyte on some wrong belief system, on a destructive relationship with them, or anything that would either shut the neophyte down or more often, lead them astray and turn them into an asset for the dark forces. That’s because these forces are efficient, and if they see a ripple in time, they will trace it back to the source, which is when a person first is on the edge of awakening. That’s when the person is also most naive, and hence influenceable. It’s the logical choice of where to nip that “weed” in the bud.

There’s also a phenomenon where a person’s life falls apart and when they’re broken and can’t sink further, they have an epiphany and rise from the dead, so to speak, into the light. However that’s more a catalyst that propels them into awakening (because they would have been too stubborn or programmed for anything less harsh to work). I don’t consider this the same phenomenon as the preceding paragraph, as it seems more in the area of “destiny” (as in a pre-determined time of triggering and forced awakening) than as a hostile attempt to trip them up.

Another thing, some people may have made pacts with dark forces earlier in life, or in previous lifetimes. And when they awaken in this life and try to break free, those forces still have some of the old “signed papers” that give them permission to enter the target’s life more deeply than if the person never had anything to do with them. So, such people will get way more hard-hitting resistance by forces, including accidents, injuries, hauntings, and generally forceful and scary stuff that tries to push them back in line. If they keep up, they break through the resistance. It’s like reaching escape velocity, the black hole will fight to pull you back in at first.

But generally, the deceptive spiritual con-artist trick is the most common one. They remind me of desperate salesmen who put on the charm but get quick to the selling point, and they often go nuts or get angry if you don’t follow along with them quickly enough.

Lastly, if you do awaken and your light shows, this attracts further neg entities (nonphysical) and probably also negative aliens if you’re of concern to them, like if your words and actions intersect their agenda and interfere with it. If overt scare tactics don’t work, they resort to covert telepathic persuasion and night-time mind programming to induce feelings of apathy, depression, doubt, and distraction with the mundane. They can do this slowly over the span of a couple weeks so that if you’re not careful, you slip into it gently without realizing. That’s why it’s good to write down a snapshot of your true self and true spiritual mindset, and compare yourself with that periodically to see how far you’ve deviated, then re-commit yourself to make the correction.

If you do a lot of good, shine the light bright, become an outlet of positive influences, then dark forces bring out their big guns. Usually 5D STS entities. If you read the Ra Material, I think it’s later in Book III where Carla Rueckert came under the surveillance and encircling of a demonic entity. It was trying to make her ill, and if she went out of body, then to snatch her soul. Demonic beings are a PITA. If you have karmic issues that attract them and allow them to attack, and if you’re revealing weaknesses by betraying your conscience or being somehow stubborn and ignorant, then these entities have the ability and permission to hack away at your defenses. Otherwise, if they’re doing something just because they want to, then you can call on higher divine light beings (angels basically) to come down and clear out your place and remove all dark beings and protect you from them.

Lastly, I know from experience and those of others, that be it aliens or demons or even black ops military, that there is an attempt to use posthypnotic programming on key targets along the lines of “you will not remember who you are” and that kind of stuff. They want to keep the lion asleep.

» I want to grow more, but I feel kinda lost. I haven’t lost hope, but I feel like I’m just living and don’t have any direction.

Hang in there. You may simply need a change of pace, a change away from what you’ve been doing so far. Maybe it comes from trying too hard instead of doing what feels fun and natural, which can turn life into a drag of self-imposed expectations and obligations that weigh you down. Maybe it comes from sticking too closely to familiar territory and comfortable old ways, and therefore getting stuck in a rut. I feel you need help and input from the outside, contact with new things, to infuse some novelty into what may have become a self-enclosed situation that loops without meaning.

I watched a video recently by this marketing guy who explained that we have two sides of us, the side that society expects us to be, and the side that we truly want to be at the soul level. He said that magical things happen when you get in touch with the latter, meaning when you figure out what you truly want at the core. That’s where you identify your meaning in life.

So he said one way to do this, was to do the following exercise: if there were no limitations and no consequences, what would your perfect every day be like, from beginning to end? This is to get you thinking in terms of what truly excites you, what would satisfy you, what would be the life you would genuinely enjoy living?

He himself did this exercise in a very detailed way, writing several pages describing the experience (sights sounds smells events, location etc.) of his ideal day from waking to sleep. Details helped him experience it internally. Then he forgot about it, and several years later found his notebook and realized he was now living the life he had envisioned back then. It’s a bit of reality creation, but that’s more a side-effect of the exercise.

Point being that if we’ve confined our imagination with self-imposed limitations of what society expects, instead of letting our dreams and wonder and hope run free sometimes, then we deny ourselves the core meaning of our lives as well. Richard Bach said, if you argue for your limitations, they become yours. Therefore as a change of pace, as a means of getting out of a rut, as a way of getting back in touch with meaning, it would be worthwhile to ponder something along the lines of this exercise, to be free for a moment and entertain the deepest wishes of your heart.

That actually sets things in motion, whereby meaning begets meaning — synchronicities arise that reinforce the process. So what started solely in the mind, may become outmanifested in subtle ways that increase hope and meaning.

I also recommend temporarily dropping any philosophical burdens you might have, and taking some time to do seemingly frivolous things (in the category of play, explore, enjoy). Not sure if you have any nature there, but that’s one option. The purpose is not to ignore your problem, but to give your soul/subconscious some breathing room to work on it, and to boost your morale a bit with some figurative and perhaps literal sunshine. It will help to stoke the fires of our your soul a bit, bring some color into your outlook, and that in turn opens the flow again and together with the above-mentioned exercise ought to bring a gradual resolution to your problem through the new insights and synchronous events that follow.

» Just a question about what you have discovered in your search of how religion ties into all of this.

Religion is the body of spirituality. Spirit can survive without the body, but the body cannot thrive without spirit. Likewise, spirituality doesn’t need religion, but religion does need spirituality. Without spirituality, religion is a dead corpse. That’s what you see nowadays in much of organized religion — a zombie that mimics the original living spirit, but feeds on the “brains” (thinking ability, soul energy) of its followers.

When people read the scriptures and derive wisdom and upliftment from it, they are picking out from it the spirituality. That’s good. Wisdom is universal, it speaks to the spirit. There is also dogma and superstition that people mistake for wisdom and power. Take for instance the Catholics and how they believe some wax figure of some saint will keep demons away. That’s not much different from voodoo.

Then there are others who cannot see the spirituality in it, but who just dress themselves up in the clothing of religion, parrot its statements, and use it to control, degrade, and persecute others. So for some people who don’t themselves have spirit, for them religion is a corpse they can possess and wear as an identity, as an excuse to commiserate with others like themselves, as an excuse to feel united like a tribe against a common enemy (usually those of another faith).

Or I put it another way. Religion is the Wal-Mart of spirituality. Wal-Mart helps get global goods into pretty much every town, it’s easily accessible to all. People can buy goods with little effort. They can have a job whereas previously there were few jobs in town. But at the same time, Wal-Mart is a parasite that kills other small businesses, exploits its workers, and leads to the problem of slave workers overseas. Low Prices here comes with high price to living conditions elsewhere.

Same with religion. It has convenient books anyone can read, convenient answers, buildings you can go to, people who preach to you as you just get to sit and listen. It helps bring the potential for spirituality to MANY more people who otherwise would be too lazy or isolated (in terms of location or access to literature) to hear of it. Therefore it’s a mass solution that, ultimately, aims for quantity over quality. But the price is that other smaller, perhaps more spiritual streams of knowledge, can become denied to these followers.

For instance, someone becomes Christian… they get indoctrinated with the Bible, then are told Gnostics are agents of the devil. There, the entire stream of Gnostic spirituality has just been denied them. Thus they are like people who could once only crawl on their belly until religion handed them a crutch, then they were able to hobble around, but the crutch made them dependent so that they could never walk or run. It’s a help in the short term, that hurts in the long term. Worse, they begin spiting those who claim they can walk, saying it’s an affront to humility because only Jesus Christ could walk, and who dares compare himself to the son of god? Well I can guarantee that Jesus never meant for us to crawl in his shadow. Our path is to walk shoulder to shoulder, arm in arm, with our divine siblings. If anything, organized religion nowadays is an instrument of the antichrist.

Spirituality is not confined to any one book, any one religion. Thus, becoming dedicated to just one religion to the exclusion of all others guarantees having an incomplete spirituality, as you then limit yourself by the limitations of that religion. Spirituality is built through experience, observation, intuition, realization, revelation, and the compassion of the heart which builds understanding. Religion is a crutch that helps along that path, but is just one means to an end. You can do just as much, and more, without religion, if you are intelligent, honest with yourself, observant, intuitive, and pursue a wide variety of books and correspondences to discover the universal spiritual law behind it all.

» Last night was the most terrifying night of my life. A few hours before I was filled with joy and enlightenment. I was contemplating many of the things I had just learned when all of a sudden I heard a faint ringing that sounded exactly like the recording you played on your broad cast. An hour after I received another ringing that was a little louder than the first. I tried to tell my self I was imagining it. That I was just being paranoid. But my paranoia only increased from there on. I took me many hours to fall asleep and all night I allowed fear to overcome me. How do I over come this fear before it gets out of hand?

Since you most likely haven’t been abducted yet, you’re not really stuck. People get stuck after they’ve invited them in, gotten abducted a few times, continue to hold an inviting favorable view of aliens, and agree to more abductions. So if it hasn’t begun for you, then you’re in a good place to reject it.

Have you heard an ear ringing before this incident? If not, then sure they might have picked up on your call. But, again, that doesn’t mean you’re doomed, because abductions haven’t begun. They might have just been checking to see who you are, if you’re serious, and how useful you are.

Right now, three things will help you:

  • Willfully stating your intent that they get out of your life and never come back, that you want nothing to do with them, and that you are closing the door on them permanently.
  • Doing whatever is necessary to get a grip on yourself and not feel fear. rather, you must induce feelings of relief, security, safety, and assurance. Be it through autosuggestion (affirmations that reprogram your subconscious) or leaving some lights on, putting on an attitude of righteous confidence like they better not mess with you or they’ll regret it, or:
  • Requesting, or simply visualizing and feeling, that genuine angelic protectors (kind of like noble and divine guardian spirits) stand around you as you sleep, facing outward ready to strike back anything malevolent that dares to intrude. This works best if you can feel a sense of relief/comfort/security after putting this request/visualization into motion.

So mainly you express your resistance and revocation of consent, you put on your confidence, and you request protection from real angelic forces. And then I’d avoid thinking or reading much about aliens for a few months until your emotions settle down again and you can read it calmly. The battle is mostly in your mind now, since reality creation via the mind-reality feedback loop will decide where this goes; by adopting the feeling that it’s over and you can be calm and happy again, you help bring about that very outcome. Consider it a challenge on how well you can control your thoughts and feelings. It’s not a skill that “3D” humans need to learn, but something more part of the “4D” learning curriculum, so you’d be getting a head start or at least a preview of one of the challenges future stages of evolution have to deal with, namely how to structure your internal world in order to structure your external world.

If you need physical deterrents, the voice-activated digital recorder trick seems to work for me, or one of those trophy trail cams from Bushnell that can make sure you stay in your bed and nothing sneaky comes around. I haven’t had to resort to the Bushnell, but I do run the recorder. But for now, I’d advise doing the above three methods.

If by chance you get an ear ringing and a sudden impulse to go to sleep, and by trying to stay awake you start feeling tingly or like a lead blanket being draped over you, and especially if you see imagery of aliens in your mind’s eye on top of it all, then get up, turn the lights on, walk around the house, splash water into your face, or even grab a flash light and jog up your street for a couple minutes. This will break the lock. That happened to my girlfriend once. She did that once or twice and didn’t have to deal with them again. But if you do the three things I mentioned, most likely you won’t have to deal with that.

» You wrote, “There are no hidden variables in quantum theory, only those created on the spot by conscious selection.” I agree that, according to the Bell Theorem, experimentally verified by Aspect, there are no LOCAL hidden variables. This does not rule out the possibility of NON-LOCAL variables, though, such as the quantum potential posited by David Bohm.

Bohm’s theory looks deterministic at first, in that a real particle is nudged along a certain path depending on the forces it experiences on its journey through the quantum potential field, sort of like a charged particle’s trajectory through the electric field. The response of the particle to the force field is deterministic. But all Bohm really did was push the non-deterministic aspect further into the background. The catch is that the quantum potential itself is said to have many random fluctuations or variations in it. Bohm gave no explanation for what exactly causes the variations in the quantum potential, saying only that it may be due to further variables yet to be discovered, and that his theory was therefore a work in progress. He kind of glosses over that point.

So sure, given a certain quantum potential field, the particle moves through it in a classical way, but the field itself has non-deterministic (seemingly random) features, which results in the particle’s behavior to be ultimately non-deterministic.

This means that consciousness, rather than selecting a particular state of the particle from an amorphous cloud of possibilities, instead selects the features of the quantum potential. The result is the same. Consciousness chooses something, the whole thing is basically non-deterministic, even if the field-particle interaction itself seems deterministic when viewed in isolation, due to the field (rather than the particle) being the thing chosen.

And yes, the field has to be non-local because, as with the delayed choice and long-distance entanglement, it has to transcend time and space. For example it means that a particle’s path through an unobserved double-slit experiment that happened 10 years ago, was determined by a quantum potential whose “random” features are decided now upon observation. It’s not “turtles all the way down” (infinite regress); there is one ultimate nonlocal hidden variable that decides it all, and that is consciousness existing outside the space-time framework.

So in my article, I did mean the impossibility of local hidden variables that imply complete deterministic behavior. The problem is that while non-local variables may exist, their existence does not allow for complete deterministic behavior either. I like the idea of a quantum potential, it seems similar to the idea of etheric energy fields. It implies that the mind influences physicality via the quantum potential, which is what I said concerning the etheric energy field.

There are no interpretations of quantum mechanics, be it Feynman or Bohm or others, that successfully rule out the role of consciousness in non-deterministically choosing the observed state of a system. None offer an explanation as to what does the final selection, saying only that it’s due to a “random” factor, which is a cop-out meaning nothing beyond “we don’t know, we can’t say, we won’t go there, we have no comment.” It proves consciousness indirectly by denying any other possibility (such as deterministic factors).

Or, if you want to say that quantum physics (regardless of interpretation) neither confirms nor denies consciousness, then you can ignore quantum physics altogether since it becomes a non-factor, and then it’s free game for other things like paranormal studies, parapsychology, synchronicity, occultism, and mysticism to make that determination. And they all weigh in favor of consciousness.

» I would like to know about timeshifts and how they may be caused and by what?

Since we’re within time, like characters within a novel, we cannot see it from outside. Therefore the true details behind time shifts can’t be stated for certain. We can only make inferences based on the anomalies that surround such shifts.

One kind of shift is simply where everything’s headed in a certain direction, but at the last moment deviates so that the original intended direction is missed, like swerving around an object in the road while driving. This may simply be due to conditions changing suddenly, like people becoming aware of it, and thereby altering its probability. There’s a difference in probability of something depending on whether you’re expecting it or not. Somehow, expectation of an event affects how likely it’s to happen. So if next week we are to experience a grand Earthquake, but one that only has a 80% chance of occurring, then if we suddenly become aware of it potentially happening next week, say through an unEarthed prophecy or some remote viewer saying it’s on its way, then conditions have changed, and it might drop to only 10% probability.

Another kind of shift is an externally, artificially, induced one. Here I’m talking about aliens, divine intervention, maybe black ops military with time manipulation abilities, who aim to either induce an event into happening or prevent it from happening. Let’s say in a week, the sun’s going to throw out a CME that will ruin all electronics on Earth and end civilization as we know it. Let’s say this has been certain for several years that it’s going to happen. So then, something intervenes. Maybe not by tweaking the sun, but somehow shifting us in time, or shifting us to a parallel timeline where the sun won’t be doing that for another couple hundred years. Kind of like evacuating a building if they know a bomb’s in there. I don’t know how this would be done.

Either way, though, there ought to be several anomalies.

1) Leading up to such big events, there ought to be many dreams, synchronicities, signs, and such that it’s going to happen. I’m not talking about people on youtube ranting about it happening, but things everywhere including your own life suggesting something is right around the corner. That’s because it really is on its way, and like an approaching thunderstorm can be heard before it starts raining, an approaching event can have precursors like this.

2) The event then does NOT happen when it’s supposed to (based on the precursors). And this equates to a sudden jerking of the steering wheel to swerve. As a result, more anomalies pop up. More synchronicities, maybe good ones, good omens I mean, indicating things are looking up now.

3) There may then be a lull period of a couple days or weeks where, because the timeline has just suffered a jolt, it doesn’t quite know what to do next, and it takes a while to readjust to the new mode. During this lull period, nothing much happens in terms of personal, life, global events. Things are on pause, or better yet on mundane loop mode, filling in the time. The bigger the event averted, the longer this lull period.

4) People will have memory glitches, a sense that one day is really another, or that the flow of time isn’t quite what they think it should have been the past week or two.

See in2worlds.net for articles with anecdotes about these and related kinds of anomalies.

» Do you suppose the prime matter (in Aristotle’s hylomorphism theory) to be etheric energy?

There’s debate about whether Aristotle truly believed in prime matter. He didn’t dwell on it much, basically only inferring it in order to keep his theory consistent. Because he believed the four elements are the basic forms of matter, but that since they can change into each other then there must be an underlying prime matter, which is pure potentiality without form. Prime matter wasn’t the first and most important basis of his theory, upon which he based everything else. More like he reasoned backwards from our everyday world to the simpler things, and was forced to indicate that prime matter may exist as the logical conclusion of his theory. So if you define it as pure potentiality without manifested form, then yes blank basic etheric energy would be it. However, etheric energy does have form many times, just that it’s not always physical. But generic etheric energy is the basis of everything physical, so yes overall I’d say the two equate.

» Where did Humanity originate from, and was it a natural or artificial process?

Natural selection and random mutation only accounts for a small part of human origins. These can bring about micro-evolution, meaning relatively trivial changes like average height, strength, body morphology, lung capacity, and so on. But major changes such as simultaneous changing of hair color, eye color, skin color, facial features, skull shape, and vocal tract — in the time allotted by archeological evidence — cannot be explained by mere Darwinian evolution. It is therefore unlikely that Asians and Caucasians evolved naturally and directly from Africans. This suggests they were artificially created. Lloyd Pye has written extensively on the topic of artificial genetic manipulation of the human race, and points out how the human genome has over 4,000 genetic errors, an unprecedented number indicating our species has endured profuse levels of genetic editing.

In context of mythology and alienology, this suggests various alien factions have had a hand in creating the human species. It seems there existed an original humanoid template around 300,000 years ago, artificially created by aliens from the pre-existing simians on Earth. This basic template was then further differentiated into various races according to their intended environment and function. Africans were probably the oldest and most native of all races, especially suited for Earth’s close proximity to the Sun. Caucasians are likely not from this planet, but from an aquatic planet further from the Sun, such as the one that is now the asteroid belt. Modifications of the basic template may have included insertion of alien DNA or a merging of various alien species DNA. Africans, in being direct descendants of the original inhabitants of Earth, would therefore have the least amount of modification and alien DNA, compared to Caucasians who could have the most. This idea is further reinforced by what we can observe today in terms of the common tendencies, personality traits, preoccupations and dysfunctions of the various races, which reflect the nature of what particularly was merged with the original humanoid template. For instance, if alien DNA was added, then these traits may reflect the intrinsic idiosyncrasies of the alien species in question.

So once these unique races were seeded by aliens in their environments, only then would Darwinian evolution produce further but subtle variations, but never any completely new races. Thus the origin of humanity as a whole is both natural and artificial, on Earth and off-Earth.

» Do you think that in 4D any of the entities have mental disorders, or have they perfected themselves through mental discipline and genetic engineering to avoid such things?

Higher 4D STO beings, no, because higher density positive is a path that first involves achieving mastery of your lower self, and that means immunity to all its quirks and glitches. You could say that they are more sane than even the sanest 3D human, because being 3D STS is basically a psychological and spiritual disorder in which we are disassociated from our higher Self and have numerous sub-personalities within us, not to mention our egotistical preoccupations which are a form of neurosis. Humanity in general is insane by 4D STO standards, and it’s only those who have that more than anyone else who gets labeled insane by society.

But lower 4D beings, including aliens we might consider neutral or positive just not that far into 4D, they do seem to have issues here and there. They can be haughty, obsessive, given to martyrdom, foolhardy if too optimistic about their chances of success, and probably suffer from stress. Also if they have access to psychic abilities, to step outside linear time, to view things clairvoyantly, to sense probable futures, etc. there could be dysfunctions that involve those dynamics that we can’t even conceive. They have feelings we cannot feel, and so they may have problems we don’t have yet.

But 4D STS, definitely, since STS is the grandest of all disorders. Higher STS beings might be more measured, stable, and perfect in the 95% of their beingness, but in the other 5% which is their core, they are some sick puppies.

» Strange question, but what does karma and reincarnation say about innocent people who get murdered (say a random hit and run/terror attack or mugging) or die in accidents? Isn’t that an outright violation of freewill by negative forces if the person gets killed via unfair and unsuspecting means?

Ironically, the existence of karma necessitates the possibility of freewill violation, as only through violation of freewill is negative karma incurred.

Therefore those who say there are no victims, that whatever happens to a person is a result of karma, are contradicting themselves. Because if that were true, then no freewill could ever be violated since all is chosen, and hence without violation of freewill there would be no karma incurred. So without the existence of karma, how can everything be the result of karma? It’s a non-sequitur. New Agers just haven’t thought it through to the end to realize they are contradicting themselves.

Fact of the matter is, since freewill exists, it’s possible for one person to choose to offensively violate another’s freewill. If the total amount of freewill afterwards is lower than before, then that is a violation to the entire system. Hence if things are fine, and someone chooses to murder and kill an innocent person, the after state is lower in total freewill and balance. But if a police officer shoots and kills a murderer who is about to execute his next victim, then even though he denied the murderer’s choice to kill (in essence violating it) the total freewill state after the act is enhanced since the victim is spared undeserved violation.

Point being that if freewill is undeservedly violated, be it outright violence or even subtle things like persuasion and manipulation or neglect, then whatever causes regret to the higher mind/spiritual core of the perpetrator establishes a kind of negative karma for that person.

So in some cases, sure a murder victim could be experiencing the end result of his or her own karma from this or a previous life. In other cases, the victim is truly innocent and, in being done wrong, gets some kind of karmic compensation for the next life, while the perpetrator gets negative karma.

Then there are spiritless humans, who have no karma because karma is a spiritual self-correction mechanism and it serves no purpose for such people. They live entirely by the law of the jungle, and the laws of chance. They can end up in accidents, as crime victims, perpetrators, etc. without any higher meaning or higher consequence to it.

These spiritless humans seem to be the ones who fulfill a spirited person’s negative karma. For instance, if a spirited person killed another undeservedly, there is deep spiritual regret to the point of choosing to experience that next time around. So there’s another common paradox, which is that if such a person does get killed next time around by karmic choice and consequence, then wouldn’t the perpetrator himself then acquire karma, and have to do it his next life, causing yet another perpetrator to do likewise? In that case the cycle never ends. But with spiritless humans, yes the cycle does end the first time, if the one fulfilling the original perpetrator’s karmic consequence himself incurs no karma, due to being spiritless.

What this means is that spiritless people are heavily under the influence of a spirited person’s karmic field of energy. So that if a spirited person is “clean” then the spiritless are synchronistically repelled from harming him or her. On the other hand, if the person has weaknesses in that field, then the spiritless are moved in it like iron particles in a magnetic field. They are activated by it, and unwittingly help (in a painful way) that person work through such issues.

However, two spirited people can, prior to being born, agree to help each other sort out karmic issues too. So there are both spirited and spiritless humans who can respond to your karmic needs.

As you can see, it’s more complicated than the typical New Age view, but taking into account just a few more factors, I think it all makes sense.

» The Buddhists teach of the ultimate nature of no soul, is it possible that these spiritless humans that do not possess the 2 higher chakras (emotion and intellect) are merely just ego-less humans? this would make sense to me as the emotion and intellect are what the ego is comprised of.

From my readings of western occultism, gnosticism, Fourth Way and so on, we have two emotional centers and two intellectual centers — the higher and the lower of each. The higher emotional and intellectual centers are those associated with spirit, gnostic revelation, creativity, intuition, and enlightenment. The lower intellectual center is a machine-like computer that’s only good at comparing, contrasting, computing, and calculating. It is unlike the higher intellect which truly knows in the highest sense. The lower emotional center is what animals have, and it’s the seat of basic emotions and drives. Spiritless humans have the lower intellectual and emotional centers, but not the higher versions of those.

So it all depends on how you define ego — if you define it as the higher intellect and higher emotional centers, then yes I would agree that spiritless humans are ego-less humans. But if you define ego in the conventional way, as the “me” that is merely the product of biological and social programming, then ego would be composed instead of the lower intellectual and emotional centers. In which case, spiritless humans do have ego, and pretty much only ego. Making them highly egotistical. If you were to erase their ego, they would cease to exist. Whereas in a spirited human, if you erase that ego, they would lose their human personality but still exist as a transcendent higher point of consciousness, the spirit, with its two higher centers.

Therefore you could call it the higher ego and lower ego, if you want to be precise. In my Gnosis series, the first article, I talk about the higher and lower ego and how they relate and differ.

About the Buddhist doctrine of no soul (anatta), Buddhism views things from the ultimate absolute perspective, in which case everything except for the infinite and undivided Creator is an illusion. That may be true from the absolute perspective, but here on a practical level within the illusion, there is indeed something “temporarily permanent” in us. It’s not unchanging, but grows from experience to experience, lifetime to lifetime. It starts small, and gets big, but before it existed, it was One with the Creator. And after it finishes its journey, it will again be One with the Creator. In between, it is an illusion, a dream, an imagined journey — if viewed from the perspective of the Creator. But on that journey, and within it, it is very much real. If it exists for a million lifetimes, then even though it’s a temporary blink in context of eternity, during those lifetimes it is more real than, say, the lower ego which only exists for one lifetime. So in that paradigm, a spirited human is one who has something that is relatively more permanent than what a spiritless human has, even though both — in context of absolute, infinity, eternity — are illusions and non-existent.

» How can one choose STO if one is filled with hatred and contempt for the overwhelming majority of humanity?

Mainly you have to understand who is who and why they are the way they are, and view it all from a higher context. So in your case there are:

A) portion of humanity you feel hatred and contempt towards, and

B) portion that you don’t feel that towards.

Of (A) there are:

1) The greedy inhuman predators who are behind the wrecking of the planet, the child sex slave industry, international banking scam, and so on. They are the true forces of evil, have chosen their path, and are working feverishly to destroy all that is good. But they masquerade as humans, and win either by making you their prey, or by getting you to hate all humanity for the actions of these parasites and thus turn you into an enemy of humanity just like they are. These are the only ones that truly deserve hatred.

2) The spiritless humans who are both their henchmen, pawns, and victims. To me, these are irrelevant non-factors. If the world went up in flames and these burned along with it, I wouldn’t care. I mean, sure they suffer like animals caught in a wildfire, but I don’t get too attached to them. I don’t get frustrated at them and their decadent idiotic ways either, because it’s no different from maggots in a garbage can doing what they do. They are what they are. This is their only life and in the big scheme they just don’t have any permanence or importance. They just don’t matter to me.

3) The spirited humans who are young souls who were preyed upon and programmed into becoming zombies, who are misguided and didn’t stand a chance against such overwhelming control. They went down a wrong path in life by not knowing better. They weren’t bad before, and they won’t be down the line, but for now they are intoxicated. For them I can only feel sorry. They are spiritual tragedies, like that brother or sister you once revered but who has since that time wound up in jail and become a total screwup.

Then, of (B) there are:

4) Those spirited people who are well meaning, open to improvement, and have a greater positive than negative effect on the world around them. Some are saints, some are like us, some are meek but gentle people. They are the hope and seed of a positive future. And they are humans too. Some are still children, some are nearing the end of their life. Point being that these are good people at heart, and they exist. Do they deserve to be hated because of the rest of humanity? No way. They are like rare flowers in an otherwise barren landscape, and it’s great during those rare times you come across them.

So really, contempt and hatred is only justified for (1) and they are in the minority. So you can cut down that hatred from “overwhelming majority” to a minority if you really wanted to, if you understand that (2) are irrelevant things that simply are what they are, and that (3) simply don’t know what they do.

But even so, you don’t actually need seething hatred and bitter contempt to know that (1) are wrong, and that you stand opposed. That just comes from an inner knowing. You can feel calm, strategic, like facing a sports opponent, without having to be trembling with tears of rage. Prolonged feelings of hatred and contempt that you can’t act upon, only end up polluting your soul and leads to illness and misfortune. So as a strategic occult maneuver, it may be necessary to keep the volume of those feelings turned way down, and instead rely upon pure understanding to differentiate between what they stand for, and what you stand for.

And the way you can do that, is by focusing on (4), on their existence, on the fact that any positive future will hinge on them, and that they are the only ones you really need to be focused on. Also, on the fact that whatever happens to the world, it doesn’t have to happen to everyone. Therefore if (4) can wind their way through it and come out alive and build a new future, while (1) and (2) go down with the ship, then that’s cause for hope. That’s what I’m hoping for at least. And if I hold onto that, even if only as an occult strategic maneuver to prevent myself becoming hopeless over the things I can’t act upon at the moment, then it helps me be more effective, balanced, and alive in life. My mind is on the future, on empowering the good people, and getting ourselves through this mess, and subverting (1) when opportunity affords, but it would be a terrible mistake to focus only on (1)(2)(3) to the exclusion of (4) and the possibility of hope.

» I was wondering what is your take on Kundalini Yoga? What is Kundalini and how is it linked to the Matrix System?

Well, the kundalini comes from the base of the spine, which is associated with the lowest chakras. As you know, the human being is both animal and divine, a sort of half-being. The physical, etheric, and partially the astral bodies are essentially animal in nature, while the spiritual core is divine. Well, the kundalini comes from the animal part. It’s kind of the “Earth ground” (in electrical terms — the thing that connects one down into physicality) of the chakra system. That’s both a good and bad thing.

Bad because, in occult tradition, it is said that kundalini is actually the energy of illusion, maya, the matrix, physicality, and I would say also the Demiurge as the gnostics envisioned it. I don’t see it as a divine thing, but rather the opposite of that. Not to say it’s satanic or evil, just that it’s our energetic ball and chain that anchors us into this realm of illusion.

Now, at the same time it’s good in that, if you are a really evolved being who has all the other chakras in tip top working order, then the kundalini would be the final grounding rod whereby the divine energy surging down through that and meeting the kundalini energy surging back up, the two together would allow for control of physical reality. Except in this case, control of physical reality according to divine command, rather than vice versa.

So think about what happens if you only stimulate the kundalini center, without having the other chakras in order. Then you’re unleashing the animal/matrix/maya energy without a higher intelligence to properly use it. It’s like lighting the fuse of a model rocket engine without so much as a rocket or launchpad.

It’s actually better to go the other way — work first on the heart, throat, and crown chakras — if you want to do chakra work. Because those then allow you to do the lower without experiencing the unpredictable side effects of the lower.

Premature kundalini activation is dangerous. But it has differing degrees of severity. The most severe case is a lady I used to know who saw a UFO up close when she was young, thereafter went blind, and thereafter had a kundalini activation that caused partial human combustion. Others just get a partial activation, overstimulate their lower chakras, get spiritually out of whack and become egotistical snakes in the grass.

» Is there anything more one can do to prepare themselves for the “event” whatever it maybe?

Many things have been predicted for the “end times” including any of the following:

  • Magnetic pole shift, where N and S reverse on Earth. In between, there is no magnetic field, or else it is patchy and several spots on Earth will have none for a short while. This is a problem because the magnetic field shields against dangerous solar particles, so some spots will receive dangerous radiation. If that ever happens, one would need to stay indoors while it’s happening, in the lowest spot in the building like a basement.
  • A physical pole shift. not that the physical north and south poles reverse, but where the north pole where it is now could tip and slide maybe 1/8th of a turn, causing places like Australia to then shift toward the new equator or maybe the USA up toward where Canada is now. A pole shift might take hours or days to complete. But during that time, there would be severe Earthquakes and massive tidal waves from the ocean sloshing, and parts will have severe winds. The places that will not have much of anything, are near the axis around which the continents shift during the pole shift, so some spots can come out unscathed.
  • Incoming comet or meteor bombardment. Basically fire raining from the sky, starting fires and smashing unlucky homes, making people very paranoid about being outside. This has happened before in ancient times. If it’s a really big comet that passes very close, then there will be electrical arcs in the sky too, which will make a trumpet-like sound due to the way it cooks the air.
  • Massive volcano and Earthquake activity all over the globe. This can be caused by comets, meteors, physical, or magnetic pole shift. So this one is pretty likely if anything at all happens. Problem with volcanoes is that they throw up lots of ash into the atmosphere, blocking out the sun for at least a year or more. Summer would feel cold as winter, and there would be no food grown. This happened once in 535 A.D. when much of Europe fell into the Dark Ages afterwards, and a plague spread that wiped out most of the Roman Empire.
  • An etheric/nonphysical energy wave that will sweep through the solar system and affect our consciousness. it might make “mundane” people go insane from being able to handle it. It could cause others to achieve a kind of superconsciousness complete with psychic powers. It would open our psychic eyes, and we’d be able to see who is whom, including aliens and neg entities and all that. Even if only this happened, it would cause a downfall of civilization and the rise of a new one with far less people.
  • A timeline split where part of the population wakes up one day in a new and better reality, maybe an alternate Earth where they have a chance to start things anew, while the old population stays behind to live their last days on a dying Earth and then goes extinct.
  • An alien war/invasion where aliens show up and try to take control of the planet, but another alien group steps in, and an alien war ensues where much of the planet might be destroyed. Or perhaps some people are taken by aliens while the planet undergoes Earth changes, and then they are brought back to repopulate in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • A huge solar flare that hits Earth, generating so much electrical and magnetic activity that anything electronic will be burned out. there are stories among the ancient Celts of not being allowed to wear anything metal, because it would become hot and throw off electrical arcs. Yes, this would happen if a large electromagnetic pulse were underway. It would induce electrical currents in anything metal, and make them hot, melt, and cause electrocutions. If nothing else, computers, power stations, cars, planes, etc. would cease to function. Such solar flares can also cause Earthquakes and volcanoes to go off.

But… how much of the above will actually occur? And how soon? I don’t believe 12/21/2012 will see any of the above. Why? Because there are a lot of prophecies from different cultures, they generally point toward the same kind of ending, with similar sequences of events that lead up to the ending. And right now, we have not yet seen all of these sequences play out yet. Meaning another couple years are needed for them to occur first. What I mean is, if they prophesy that there is WWIII with nukes and tanks, then that cannot happen after a solar EMP event because that would fry out electronics and prevent those war machines from working.

Honestly, I think it’s like approaching a waterfall on a boat. The river is calm all the way near the end, where then you start hearing the rushing of the waters and the boat picks up speed and then you fall over. So we maybe a couple years away from a waterfall, and I think the next year will see a slow speeding up of the boat speed. When things go bad, it would likely go very quickly depending on the cause.

You really can’t prepare for all possibilities. I tell people, prepare as you would for a strong storm that would knock out power and leave you without groceries or clean water or gasoline for a month. So a month’s worth of provisions is logical. This will give you a month to think about what to do next. If instead you try to secure a year or more worth of provisions, then that is so much equipment and money and time spent, that you almost give up your regular life and destiny in order to focus on only that, and this is not good, and is spiritually harmful. Plus it won’t be portable, and if you had to evacuate your home you might lose most of it. Therefore in my case, I prefer preparing enough that could fit in my car, and no more. Thus if I had to evacuate with advanced notice, I could take it.

But beyond that, it’s really about being spiritually balanced so that you have good luck and divine intervention, which is worth more than guns or knives in a chaotic situation. I mean, it helps to have first aid knowledge, maybe how to set up a small solar panel charging station, and other skills, but these must be balanced by a confident, peaceful, faithful attitude too.

» Do soulmates really exist?

There are different phenomena that can be categorized under the title of soul mates. For example:

  • Two independent souls that developed in such a way that they became more resonant and compatible and complementary to each other, enough so that by chance or higher arrangement they started crossing paths more and more in lives, and developed a love and bond to each other. So that, in the next life, they agree to cross paths in even more meaningful ways and perhaps even spend their whole adult lives together.
  • One higher soul that splits into two complementary halves that each are born into the world and either in this life, or in another life, find their way to each other.
  • Two souls from the same former planet, realm, or dimension, or time who used to know each other because they were on the same group or team, so to speak. So now, on Earth, they may be one of dozens of others from the same group or team. When they meet each other, they recognize the similarity and as if they know each other, that they’re both part of something in common. But that doesn’t mean the other person is the only soulmate they could encounter.
  • Two independent souls that get caught in a karmic entanglement during some lives, and in this life plan to spend much time together to work it all out. Destiny will seem to bring them together for a period of time, as they need each other for each other’s soul development.

All of these ought to be possible. Maybe some could be named other things, like “polar couple” or “twin flame” but most people might perceive all of these as being soulmate.

My current girlfriend seems to be one. Oddly, we have everything precisely opposite including both western and eastern astrology, but somehow we’re compatible enough to stay together and we’ve done a lot in terms of mutual soul development. However I don’t believe that everyone needs a soulmate to move forward. Though in my case, we both helped each other stay alive against dark force manipulations and traps. I saved her life a few times, she’s saved me from making some stupid decisions in life that would have ended my path.

» How do you go about figuring out the concepts you’ve written about?

First, define the problem: What is the exact issue here? What precisely is the question that’s stumping you? How would you explain it to someone who wants to know what puzzles you?

List the Facts/Knowns: Survey the facts of the matter. These are the puzzles pieces you will work from, or at least use as the foundation. These are things you cannot deny, that you must work around. Anything you come up with must take these into account and cannot ignore them.

Deduce some things: Take your facts and deduce some implications from them. These are extensions of the facts, the things they imply if taken to their logical conclusion. Add those to your list of Facts/Knowns.

Review the problem: In light of these knowns and conclusions, is the answer to the problem any clearer? If you’re lucky, then in the process of extrapolating you ended up answering your own question. Otherwise, continue on.

Make creative guesses: Start brainstorming a list of possible answers to the problem. Search your entire mind, feel out possibilities, really crank those gears in your head. Keep returning to the problem, and ponder over the knowns, and then get back to your intuitive feelers to probe different candidate ideas.

Unpack the thought-balls: You will get vague senses of ideas at first, more of a non-verbal sensation of a concept percolating its way up into your conscious mind. Your goal is to circle around these thought-balls and dissect them and translate them into key words, diagrams, phrases, sentences. Make these written/drawn things part of your brainstorming list.

Coalesce into definite possibilities: These will bundle into various clusters of possibilities. Like three main possibilities, each with a cloud of details or ideas surrounding them.

Analyze the result: Now analyze these in context of the knowns, and allow through only the ones that fit the knowns, take them into account, and have no holes or gaps. Fish out from your list of ideas, those that are both logically and intuitively sound. They will both make sense and feel right, fit the facts, and shed light on the problem.

Keep the best: The best ideas are a “bingo” or “eureka” type effect, like the penny dropping, a realization made, the problem being unraveled a few steps. They are revelations, and come with a small paradigm shift in your mind. Circle these ideas, or put a star or exclamation mark next to them.

Deduce again: With this new revelation in mind, add it to your Knowns and repeat the process, thinking through to new conclusions extrapolated from this new expanded set. You will likely then come up with a few new questions or issues to resolve. If you hit upon those, again make creative guesses, unpack the thought-balls, analyze them to weed out what doesn’t fit, and take your best candidates that pass all the tests and once more add them to your Knowns.

In the end, survey all your newly found “eureka” ideas, gather them up, and write out a detailed answer to your original problem. The answer should be a distillation of what you have discovered and concluded. It could be a numbered list of pure essential principles or laws or conclusions or things you need to keep in mind. These will form a new theory of sorts.

Test your theory. The theory will then make certain implications, now see if they fit with other data as you encounter it. If your theory is good, its predictions and implications will keep fitting and fitting with new sources you encounter. It will clarify them, unravel them, act as a kind of master key to them. Otherwise, you may encounter a source that contradicts your theory. In that case, you’ll have to analyze both to see which one is at fault, or whether both need to be replaced by a third yet unknown theory. This contradiction then becomes a new problem, for which you can repeat the above process.

» What is the situation with military working with aliens and also shooting at alien crafts? What exactly is going on?

In short, the government (and here I mean black ops military and shadow government) made deals in the 1930s-1950s with alien factions that could provide them with knowledge, technology, and a strategic alliance. These then became “friends” of the government, and they worked together on joint projects. They were the ones who said, we’ll give you technology if you let us abduct your people. Because the U.S. was at war with the Germans and later the Russians, the military and government leaders felt it was a necessary deal to make, to defend national security.

Now, the problem was that during that time, the government allegedly also met with other alien groups that offered to meet. Except these groups basically said, no we will not give you technology, we will offer words of wisdom and warn you against pursuing your reckless, selfish, warlike ways. If you give up your nuclear arms and become fair and wise leaders, and knock off your tendency toward tyranny and oppression, we’ll become your friends and support you in every way that doesn’t interfere with your planet’s freewill. Hence no technology. These aliens were enemies of the other aliens.

So the government had to make a choice, and they chose to make a deal with the devil. In fact, they probably realized that these other “good guy” aliens were a threat to them, to their burgeoning military industrial complex, and the “bad guy” aliens probably told the government that unless you help us take these other guys down, we won’t continue giving you technology and support. It goes deeper than that, however, because of WWII when the Nazi scientists were shuttled to the USA and became the nucleus of the black ops world; those scientists brought with them their negative alien affiliations, which were what gave the Germans such advanced technology for their time. By the 1950s, they were starting to take over, and subsequent meetings with aliens would favor treaties only with the negative groups. Right around 1960 is when this black ops, negative alien, military industrial machine grew out of control, and not long afterward is when Eisenhower gave his farewell speech warning about it. The Betty and Barney hill abduction involving Gray-alien and Nazi-like individuals happened later that same year. Then a couple years later Kennedy got shot, and that put an end to the old America. What came afterwards was a product of the nazi-alien-military-industrial complex.

So the government together with these bad guy aliens formed an alliance. The alliance included shooting down the crafts of their common enemy, which to us are the relative good guys. Thus the government is using alien technology to defend their territory against aliens of the opposing faction that they didn’t make a deal with. Little did they know that the hostile aliens were playing them like fiddles, and I think it was around the early 1970s that they realized they had been had, except by then it was too late.

So I think at that point, they realized they could only do damage control, and that’s when the alien disinformation campaign came out in full force (in the early 70s). That’s when types of aliens comprising the negative alien group (Grays, Nordics, Reptilians, Mantis) were starting to be pushed into the public consciousness. That’s when the government began abducting people (MILABs) to create fake alien abductions to present those negative aliens (particularly the Grays) as benign, if not benevolent, mainly to drown out any reports of the truth, which is that abductions had gotten out of hand and the government could do nothing against it. The fake abductions also served to ensure that it never appears as if the government and aliens were working together, because in truth it was the government working for a force they could no longer resist against. That’s why so many pro-alien disinformation people are former military or intelligence, or still on the government payroll.

I do think there are parts of the human elite network that are not under alien control, that might even be fighting against aliens altogether, but they are doing it out of selfish reasons. As in, they want to control the planet for themselves, and not be working for an alien controller. But they are in over their heads, and any attempt they make at creating an NWO just for themselves, would just as soon fall into the hands of the negative aliens.

» There seems to be more than one “Illuminati” operation, with both being described as “good” and “bad” by each other and many others. I am a little confused by this.

I don’t trust the sources that claim this, or claim to be of one side. I think those are hoaxes. Like Ben Fulford and Drake for instance. I think they’re playing people, or are themselves being played.

But as for the real Illuminati, you have to understand that over thousands of years, rare knowledge and power falls into the hands of a few. Some use it responsibly, protecting it from abuse and from idiots, until a time comes when it can be shared. Others use it for self-gain only, to manipulate the masses.

Even a good secret society can have a falling out with dissenting member, and that rebel then goes off and starts his own secret society. Or perhaps a portion gets overtaken by demonic beings or whatever. Point being that you have good ones and bad ones, just like with aliens. In fact the good ones are likely interacting with, or taught by, the good aliens. Same with the negative secret societies and their nonhuman benefactors.

So yes, if you call the “Illuminati” the general class of humans who have superior knowledge and power, then there are conflicting agendas, some more benevolent, some more evil. But those internet hoaxers who spell out what these agendas are, I don’t have much trust in them. Too often these opposing factions (as described by the disinfo artists) are just false opposites meant to set up a particular point of view in the audience.

For instance, one Illuminati faction is “good” and wants humanity to have open and free contact with aliens who are our friends, while the other Illuminati faction are “bad” and want to keep us in the dark about it all in order to keep the planet to themselves, to keep humanity technologically stunted. Well, false dichotomy there.

Truth is that negative aliens pretending to be good guys will make contact with general humanity, with the help of those human elites they have co-opted. If that happens, then if you buy that B.S. you’d think “oh great, the bad Illuminati have been defeated, the good guys won, now we can enter a golden age!” Not so fast.

» How did you manage to pull off your website and network despite the threat of being taken out?

Mainly because around 2003 I began to realize the overt threats were empty. I remember getting beeps, clicks, hisses, volume dropouts on my phone conversation with other fringe people. And then I realized, if they were REALLY seeking to monitor me, why let me know about it? Why make it so obvious? Well, it was because they had no power to stop me from speaking, but they could try to make me paranoid and thus make me stop myself from speaking. This shows they had less power than they’d like me to believe. And after I laughed them off and continued, the signs of monitoring on the phone stopped, because now it was ineffective and a waste of their time and energy.

Now, aliens and demons are only obvious in your life with obvious threats if they think you will get scared and shrink away from doing any further harm to their operation. But once you see through that, they lose a big chunk of their power. Then they switch to stealth mode to salvage what they can by using telepathic persuasion, abduction, mind programming, and maybe angry human agents to try and make you depressed, lose confidence, and give up without realizing that the source of this depression and loss of confidence is actually their ploy and not a natural product of your natural failings. They try to turn you against yourself. That’s how it really works, not the black vans tailing you to Dairy Queen.

Remember this: To fully take you out, they have to start small and maybe go through a series of ten incremental steps before you’re so weak that they can permanently immobilize you. Each step requires your participation and willfulness to engage in it and sink further into negativity and ignorance and delusion. Thus if you catch yourself in the first 2-3 steps and correct yourself, you will never make it to steps 9 and 10 where you’re weak enough to be taken out. That’s how I’ve done it. I know my normal state of mind, normal state of life, and am able to spot when I go astray, and then I correct myself.

If you’d like to know what role divine intervention and guardian spirits play in all this, well they are one of the reasons it’s a multi-step process before you’re killed off. Every step is something of your own freewill choice that relinquishes a corresponding portion of the protection you might have had. So by step 10 you’ve pretty much tied the noose around your neck and jumped off the chair. They can’t intervene at that point because it’s your own doing. What they can do, however, is intervene against outright violations which would be dying at step . Not everyone has that protection. It depends on why a person is here, what their requirements are in life as far as a mission or learning curriculum is concerned.

» In this road of “Consciousness” is it safe to say that no harm could ever come to you, example, car accident, getting shot, being raped or mugged. Or will it depend on what level you are on, how far you evolved, that certain events or deities can no longer harm or effect you?

It definitely depends. Not only on your current mental, emotional, spiritual state, but also on what agreements you made before being born. Just as there are millions of reasons why someone might travel to France, there are many reasons a soul might come to Earth. Sometimes it might be to carry out a certain category of services to the human race, on the condition that one would be protected during that. In which case, sure during life that person may get saved again and again from the kind of harm that would stop their service before it’s finished.

However, even if someone has protection, I think it can be given up. For example, if someone gets off track in life, becomes very hateful and paranoid and, let’s say, abandons the service mission in favor of becoming obsessed with martial arts and weapons training and survivalism, then the protection might be forfeited.

Or let’s say the person makes a series of bad choices and gets engaged in voodoo, black magic, satanism, or other rituals where they swear allegiance to the Devil. Well, if that choice is made deeply enough, then it could likewise forfeit protection from the divine forces.

Or if the person gets attacked in life by demonic forces… the forces would be allowed to attack because it’s a gamble. If the person survives, they become stronger than they would otherwise, which is a spiritual risk worth taking. On the other hand, if the person is not strong enough or makes bad choices (usually based on ego and illusory insecurities) then the attacks may succeed. Then if the person gets so down that they attempt suicide, it’s possible the suicide might succeed. Although I’ve known people who’ve had protection in life, and when they tried suicide the gun jammed for the first time ever, and they reconsidered their choice. So even a choice to kill oneself can get intervention in special cases.

So the above are special cases. Generally speaking though, it seems that the more you matter to others and the future, the more you matter to the forces that care about the future and those others. Therefore if you were to be harmed, their interests would be harmed, and they might have a hand in protecting you.

The reason we can be harmed at all, despite the existence of freewill, is first and foremost, that choosing to come here means choosing to accept the risk that comes with existing in a physical environment where other beings with freewill exist. If they are stronger, they can use force to overcome you. Freewill violation is possible here. Accidents do happen. But the higher priority a situation, the more extreme the intervention.

If you consider someone whose only purpose in life is to be born as human, experience what it’s like, and begin the journey of becoming an individual, mature soul eventually… then there are no real big priorities. It wouldn’t matter if they won the lottery or were murdered, as the goal is simply to experience. For them, chance plays a greater role.

This, in contrast to what I said earlier, when a higher soul on a mission comes here, then it seems they have a specific and narrow set of boundaries that are allowed in life, and protection comes with that. But due to freewill, I don’t think anything is 100% guaranteed or fated.

» What are your thoughts on past life regression therapy. Do you have any experience with it?

I haven’t done it myself, because I never found a local hypnotist who specialized in that. You might get actual memories, or you might get false ones. False ones could come from having a symbolic “dream” about some emotional or physical issue that’s plaguing you.

If you go to sleep with a stomach ache and dream that you’ve been stabbed in the stomach, that makes sense, it’s symbolic. But if you do a past life regression and have had worries about your stomach lately, and you see a scene that you’ve been stabbed in the gut, does that mean that’s how you died in a past life? Maybe, or maybe not.

I think it can work, if you are deep enough in a hypnotic trance. Not all people are hypnotizable. And not all hypnotists are good at what they do. It’s not commonly known, but hypnosis isn’t just about guided words. The best hypnotists have an occult power to manipulate your etheric energy field, to displace it from your head so that you lose regular consciousness. Franz Mesmer, who popularized hypnotism, had this ability.

Another issue is that if you are knocked out deeply enough, then it’s possible for other entities such as ghosts, demons, aliens, or whatever to take over your body temporarily and speak through you. Dolores Cannon has had alien entities speak through her clients, picking up conversations where another client had left off, even though the two didn’t know each other. This can be an avenue of great disinformation.

So there are some risks and noise associated with hypnotic regression and therapies. Whatever details you discover, if they can be checked against history and verified, then of course that makes it more believable.

There are forms of past life therapy that don’t seek to reveal any facts, but merely treat psychological, emotional, and physical conditions. Those are helpful in treating something, but it may not necessarily always be the truth of what happened in a past life.

» Why don’t good aliens come to liberate our planet from the evil forces controlling it? I’m sure they could easily win.

I think the problem is humanity itself. Back when I ran a forum, there would be really subtle trolls that would worm their way in from time to time. I could see them right away, but most people could not. If I booted them before they had a chance to reveal to everyone who they were, there were a lot of upset people thinking I kicked out an innocent person. Sure, it was my forum and I theoretically could do what I wanted, but the troll attempt may itself have been an attack to make me seem irrational and tyrannical, the very thing I wanted to avoid (due to having faced that same crap on the Cassiopaea forum).

Anyway, although I could have easily deleted their account and banned them, I didn’t. Why? Well, for one they were entrenched in the hearts of the majority of the members. Patting their backs, appealing to their ego. People would have come to the troll’s defenses, not knowing that deep down the troll was being a dishonest manipulator. Secondly, the people had a spiritual lesson to learn about discernment. If I kicked the troll out right then and there, the people would not have learned that lesson and instead would have turned on me.

So the same thing applies on the world scale with aliens. First of all, positive aliens don’t want to interfere with the world if possible, therefore if right now the negative alien stuff is in the background and most of the world continues on not even believing in aliens, there’s no reason for positive aliens to reveal themselves and the whole alien presence through what could be a bloody fight over our heads. Thus they would have to take out the negative aliens covertly, and that simply cannot be done considering how negative aliens have deep underground bases and the cooperation of our black ops military and satellite networks that can monitor when positive aliens enter their restricted air space.

So really, the main reason positive aliens haven’t done it, is because to do it means to reveal the existence of aliens to the planet. What’s so bad about that? If it’s not done right, the world would indeed spiral into chaos. Think about how sensitive the economy/markets are to a simple report that comes out of some U.S. financial agency. The implications of aliens would destabilize things quite a bit. Also I suspect there is a third party overseer like a referee that’s disallowing it, or at least has been for some time.

But let’s say negative aliens revealed themselves first, once they feel confident they can lead us humans to the slaughter now that they have the slaughterhouse fully up and running. At that point, positive forces could step in — however, if they did it RIGHT AWAY, it would be like me kicking out the forum trolls right away. People would be wondering, gee here we had these aliens from the Ashtar Confederation offering us free energy, peace, and knowledge… and all of a sudden their ships are being blown out of the sky by this other group. What would people think of this other group? They’d see them as enemies of peace and progress, perhaps as alien controllers wanting to keep mankind from advancing technologically. If they attacked our military bases and fried your uncle because it turns out he was a robotoid working on behalf of the negative aliens, you would turn against them too. It would be 9/11 times a million.

So the positive aliens would have to wait until a critical moment when 1) enough people have seen what the first bad group is really like, and also 2) enough people have learned to be self-reliant instead of depending on aliens for progress. The second point is another reason positive aliens haven’t stepped in. Once they do, or if they were the only ones who did, all human eyes would turn to them for help, technology, etc. and if they give us technology, they’d have to show us how to use it, they’d have to be there for tech support and repairs, and we’d become increasingly dependent on them instead of being able to work our way up to their level. It’s like when the Europeans encountered the natives, the latter were given things that today make them pretty much totally dependent on us. They depend on the government now for handouts in their reservation, and they live in squalor.

Anyway, it would be a disservice to us, and to them, for them to come out first and try to not only kick out negative aliens, but then have to get us up to speed on their star trek world and technology. If the world were made of nothing but people like you and me, positive aliens could show up and explain the conspiracy and we’d nod our heads and react in a wise manner. But we’re in the 99 percentile and there are billions who will not react wisely at all.

That’s why I think they’ll let the bad guys show up first, pull a great deception, and at the verge of the point of no return, only then can they step in and offer some tactical assistance but mainly giving us critical knowledge so that we can make an informed choice and out of our own power and buck the negative aliens. Then the positive guys would hang back and let us develop on our own, and perhaps in 500-1000 years we’ll be mature enough to stand with them instead of being on our knees like superstitious natives begging the “gods” for gifts.

» Would you call biblical creationism vs scientific evolution a false dichotomy?

Yes, because each side is based on flawed and incomplete assumptions, and each side uses the faults of the other to justify their own validity. Both of them ignore better possibilities.

For example, what if each species has an oversoul, and intelligent mind located in the astral planes that presides over the whole species. The various animals in that species are individual extensions of this oversoul. When the animal dies, its energy is withdrawn back into the oversoul. Now, what if this oversoul uses the entire species as a kind of body to evolve itself over hundreds of thousands of years. And what if, when the time comes to employ a new form, this oversoul induces a probabilistic pressure that causes mutations to arise in the animals that end up producing a new species, and the oversoul transfers on to that one?

Then what you have there is self-guided intelligent evolution of species. It’s neither purely random mutation and natural selection, nor is it some one single Creator god.

How come neither side wants to even discuss this possibility? Well, the answer is that one bases all its beliefs on a books whose authorship they don’t question, and the other side bases all its beliefs on the realm of the five senses and cannot comprehend let alone perceive etheric and astral energies.

So there you have it, the dumb arguing with the blind. And most people fall for this dichotomy, thinking there must only be those two choices. The fact that they can see flaws in the opposing side, somehow convinces them that their own side must therefore be right. That’s a logical fallacy. Why is it that they assume it’s either one or the other? That’s called binary thinking, and it’s the #1 flaw in the human mind. Such people have the intelligence of a light switch, either on or off, 0 or 1, right wing or left wing, evolution or creationism, false choice one or false choice two.

» Do you think any high profile conspiracy researchers like Alex Jones, David Icke or Jesse Ventura are disinformation agents?

They strike me as people who have a ceiling on their beliefs that they won’t go beyond. Alex Jones has pressed himself up against that ceiling for over a decade and won’t go further. Thus he’s like a broken record. The Bohemian Grove thing was as far as he went, brushing up against the occult aspect of it all. But he still doesn’t believe in aliens, nor has he seemingly studied metaphysics. Those are the true source of the problem.

What Jones, Icke, and Ventura are doing is exposing the 3D level of the conspiracy. Icke goes further, but there are things even he refuses to talk about in depth. Examples would be the abduction phenomenon and MILABs and military working with aliens, also the idea of negative Nordic aliens. He’s all about the reptilians mostly, but I think reptilians are a decoy or at least subordinates that answer to a higher darker power. Therefore if aliens that look like Nordics show up and say they want to help us fight off the reptilians, Icke’s paradigm would fit right into that, even if the Nordics themselves (or a faction among them) were the true bad guys.

Ultimately I like all three of them, within the circle of their expertise, within limits. For a person who is new to the fringe stuff, these guys can teach a lot. The only caveat is to not let their ceilings become your ceilings. They are good stepping stones.

I don’t think Icke or Ventura are knowing disinformation agents. Jones I’m not sure about, as he goes from calm to crazy in two seconds and calms back down again, which isn’t normal and seems like an act, thus I think he’s acting a lot of this, which makes me question what he really cares about. It’s actually easier for him to simply be a MILAB, programmed to be obsessed with this subject. Why? Basically to fire people up and sow the seeds of the next American revolution, which is needed to bring down the nation and allow it to eventually be disassembled and taken over by the NWO (maybe through a China/Russia war as well).

» David Icke once mention that if you hire security guards, to protect your house and to protect you, you are manifesting the fear of being attacked from you thoughts into 3D reality. And may actually be attracting such negative situations into your life.

In reality, the attraction of such events depends mainly on your emotions and deepest of beliefs and not on your awareness, knowledge, or calm thoughts. Therefore a person who has no security guards, no weapons, who is kind but meek, if that person spends all day deeply and neurotically fearing getting attacked by muggers or robbers, that will draw it in. Same with someone who hires the armed guards out of a deep fear and preoccupation.

If one wanted to have the best of both, it would require thinking objectively about risks and what needs to be done about that, but NOT having any emotional attachment or preoccupations or deep beliefs about imminent harm coming to you.

But more importantly, what Icke says applies only to attraction. If you drop your emotions/beliefs about a threat, all that does is not attract it anymore. However, it does not mean blocking it totally. So if you’re not attracting it, that doesn’t mean it can’t also happen by chance now, or by the freewill of the attacker to choose you instead of the neighboring houses. The only thing that blocks actual events, is calm awareness of it, strategic preparation for it, and divine/higher protection.

To reiterate, what happens to a person is a mix of:

1) Probability-shifting — Using your thoughts/emotions to influence the chance of an event BEFORE it ever has the opportunity to manifest. Example is calmly being aware of the possibility that your car tire might go flat on a trip, and being mentally prepared for it. The expectation alone can prevent it from happening, more often than not. Another example is having a deep gnawing fear of the tire going flat, and therefore attracting it instead.

2) Physical/material causality — Using actions, choices, words, preparations, material goods to make something happen or to forcefully prevent some event from being able to manifest or to succeed. Example would be replacing your tires with pop-proof tires, thus it can never get flat on the trip. Causality is also the reason why, if you now go outside and choose to jump off a balcony, you will indeed (99.999% of the time) get injured. You chose a physical action that results in physical harm. On the other hand, if you have special protection, while you might get harmed in that case, the next day when you walk under a piano being lifted to the top floor and the rope breaks, but you’re not aware of that and didn’t choose it, something might intervene to prevent you from getting hurt. The difference being that you chose the first case, but not the second.

3) Random chance, other people’s freewill — There’s no bigger reason to it. It happens because it could, or because of astrological influences beyond your control, or because someone simply chose to do it and you were in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time. Example would be sitting down on a bus seat, only to realize someone left a half opened packet of mayonnaise on there and now your pants are stained. Maybe there’s no higher reason for that, just sheer accident without major consequence. If it doesn’t change anything in the big scheme of things, then there’s no reason why higher forces would try micromanaging that situation. On the other hand, if you now go home and change your pants, thereby getting off the bus early and afterwards that bus crashes off a bridge, then the mayonnaise could indeed have been a higher intervention.

David Icke’s situation only covers the second example listed in #1 above. But it’s only part of the picture. Therefore people who believe that the 2nd part of #1 is the 100% explanation of ALL that happens to us in life, they are incorrect.

Nonetheless, it is an important part of our reality. Take note that the actual proportions of #1, #2, and #3 in life varies considerably from person to person. One person’s life might be mostly a result of #3 or #2, while another is mostly #1. Theoretically, it would be possible for a certain person to have 100% of just #1… what kind of person would this be? I’d imagine someone like a Buddha or Jesus or some divine emissary in human form who has no lower ego, who is wise and spiritually strong, pure, and never strays from their higher consciousness.

» What about the Asian religions(Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Daoism)? Are these religions wrong like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam?

Their basis predates certain events that happened from 3000 B.C. onwards that have bearing on our world today, of which Christianity, Judaism, and Islam originate from. I detailed this in my Gnosis series on my site.

In other words, asian religions are more generic, universal, and concern more the absolute nature of things. Whereas Christianity concerns are more localized to the specific alien/spiritual conflicts that arose on Earth in recent times. Meaning, yes overall Asian religions are less “wrong” or have less “agendas” — BUT, they are also less relevant, or are outdated, in some ways.

It used to be that empires spanned regions like Asia or India, and the goal was stability and for people to keep things the same. In which case, leading a simple life according to Asian religious concepts is fine. You try to eliminate the ego and meditate and don’t rock the boat. That’s how China stayed pretty much the same up until 1800-1900 when the West brought the industrial revolution and imperialism over.

Well, that simplistic stability thing won’t work today anymore. Christianity is an apocalyptic religion. It’s about an end to history and time and the world as we know it. It’s more of an emergency evacuation procedure book than Asian religions which are more like “general tips on enjoying your stay.”

The problem with Asian religions is that they don’t train the intellect, individuality, or ego enough. They favor collectivism and uniformity and a simplistic existence. In some ways I think they are regressive, in that they aim to get you to strip away what makes you human so that you revert to your primordial higher spiritual self. Well, that’s one way to do it, but it’s going backwards. Western esotericism is more about refining and perfecting your human aspect and then placing it under the command of spirit, so that you move forward toward perfection instead of backwards. You keep your assets and then some.

Ultimately we need to extract the best from everything, instead of subscribing to any one particular religion.

» Who exactly are the Pleiadeans? Are they the same as Nordics maybe?

I’m not sure that they actually come from the Pleiades. They tend to use star names or mythology names to identify themselves, but mainly to protect their real identities. Who are they really? Well, I think they’re humanoid, but they might be hiding their identity because what they’re doing isn’t sanctioned by their own government or some intergalactic politics.

For instance, USA and Russia during the Cold War had an uneasy peace. If the USA officially sent a team of psyops into some satellite nation of Russia in order to spread anti-Russian movements, Russia could get pissed and even launch a military attack on the USA. But if some maverick activist group from the USA went over there and tried to start a movement, Russia might be pissed at that group but couldn’t hold the USA accountable and so there wouldn’t be a war/attack. However, they could still get angry at the US for allowing the activist group to go over there. Hence the group might be best off being totally secret and not revealing who they are, or where they are from. Actually “going there” isn’t the best metaphor — more like they stay in the US but use email, websites, social networking, and instant messaging to remotely influence the political terrain of that nation.

Same with some of the good guy Nordics;if they’re helping people on Earth, and Earth is primarily a negative-alien controlled planet, and those who control it have an uneasy truce with the Nordic homeworlds, then you can see why the good guy Nordics have to be careful. Not only are they in enemy territory, but if their homeworld is found out and held accountable, it could shatter the peace and start a hot war. That’s the line of reasoning that Marshall Summers published in his Allies of Humanity Book 3.

I think a hot alien war is likely in our future. The only reason the peace might exist, is because Earth hasn’t yet aligned itself 100% with one side or the other. Until it does, there may be a third party alien referee or overseer group in charge of protecting planetary freewill, that is keeping alien sides from being more brash in their moves. But when the time comes, they’d probably pull back that protection now that Earth has reached “legal age.”

That would entail a kind of disclosure, and people recognizing aliens and making the choice. At that point, the sides would up their game and it could spill into a full on war if things go crazy. Abductees have been dreaming of aerial ship battles by the thousands. Hell, some abductees have been given training on survival and manning ships and using advanced weaponry — not only alien abductees but MILABs too. Hot war indeed.

There are some channeled sources on the net today that claim to be the Pleiadeans but they act more like figments of imagination or more likely demons/spirits pretending to be them, or Grays pretending to be fluffy sappy lovey dovey Nordics for purposes of monitoring and control. Just because something claims it’s Pleiadean, doesn’t mean it is.

“Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak is pretty legit. I’m not sure if they are Nordics who dictated that book through Marciniak, or higher up nonphysical entities who used the Pleiades constellation as a symbol to sign their calls with. Keep in mind that a Nordic might tell one person they’re from Sirius, and tell another they’re from Tau Ceti, another they’re from Alpha Centauri, another they are from Lyra or even the future. Generally speaking though, when fringe people on the net have said “She’s a Pleiadean” they’re usually referring to a human-looking alien preferably with nice hair and curves in a bodysuit.

As for Billy Meier, from what I can tell he probably had real contacts as a kid, but as a young man he may have stopped having those contacts, became a bit egotistical with delusions of grandeur, and then gradually formed a cult and hoaxed some photos, and later may have come under the control/guidance of Grays or negative aliens. There’s a valid core to his story, but it’s only in the very first few Contact Notes he published; then it seems he ran out of real material, and began making up the rest. That tells me he had real contacts at one point, but they stopped, and he fabricated the rest.

» Do you believe that the more you are aware, into fringe, and are involved in other things you are more likely to be affected by ETs?

It depends on whom you affect via your knowledge and actions. It’s possible to attract attention only from demons and ghosts, but none at all from ETs and vice versa. And with aliens, it depends on whether it’s the long term strategist types who are manipulating human history, or the more opportunistic ones who just want to play with and feed upon humans, because they are of the demonic persuasion.

The long term strategists you can only attract if you are useful or a threat to them, and that basically means you go out there on the net or locally and begin exposing them and their methods, and make new insights that haven’t been made before, causing these being to panic and want to shut you down before you cause more harm. Or you can simply ask too many good questions on some abductee forum, cause people to doubt their own alien handlers. That works too. But if you don’t have an interest in aliens, or discuss them, then you’ll likely never interact with these ones.

The alien opportunists are more like demons, in that they pick on the weak, paranoid, jumpy and play games with them until they crack and go nuts or commit suicide or become a total passive puppet to them. Or perhaps those are demons pretending to be aliens. Hard to tell, it’s a murky area.

So whomever specifically you’re useful or a threat to, is whom you’ll get attention from. Thus if you’re a political activist trying to expose the nuclear industry, you might get attention from political groups and government agencies who feel threatened by that. If you’re a Christian thinking you’re waging spiritual warfare against the dark powers, then you’ll probably get demons coming after you. If you research the alien agenda and expose some new information, you’ll get aliens.

It’s also about your potential for these things. Some people are smart, observant, and independent enough that they could very likely begin to affect things. The alien long term strategists watch out for this the most. Some aliens are relatively benevolent and they look for babies with certain qualities including intelligence and open mindedness and spiritual maturity to then contact throughout life and train to oppose the negative alien agenda. But the negative aliens can see those babies too as a possible threat; they read their souls, determine probable futures, and then begin shaping them the opposite way as much as they can. It’s an invisible time war of sorts.

» What would you say to an atheist or agnostic or nihilist or anyone that doesn’t believe in a divine creator of the universe?

First I would say that they are probably thinking of an anthropomorphic God as envisioned by the religious, but that the real divine creator may bear little resemblance to that. Therefore if religion turned them off to the idea of a God, have they considered other more reasonable possibilities for what a divine creator actually is like?

Second, I would ask them, where do you think consciousness comes from? If they say the mind is a byproduct of matter, that consciousness arises as an epiphenomenon (outgrowth) of material causes, then I would ask them, at what physical level does consciousness have its beginnings? The neurons, the chemicals, the molecules, the atoms?

If they say any of those, then I would say, did you know that the brain is a quantum computer, and that the behavior of neurons originates at the atomic and subatomic level? If they say of course, then I would say, did you know that the quantum behaviors of electrons and other subatomic particles have been proven in quantum physics to have no discernible physical causes? That therefore no amount of math or measurement can predict what exactly a subatomic particle will do next? So if consciousness arises from quantum behaviors, then consciousness does not have a physical cause. That is what quantum physicists have determined.

I would say: So you saying that consciousness is an epiphenomenon of material causes is wrong. It arises from nonphysical factors that you don’t know about. And it leads to something that is intelligent, self-aware, creative, and has freewill. If I said that consciousness preceded matter, and that the quantum fluctuations seen in matter which generate all the subsequent physical phenomena are ultimately caused by consciousness, then the brain is not only a quantum computer but a receiving device for a nonphysical consciousness.

I would ask: Now let me ask you, where did the universe come from? (They will say Big Bang or that it always existed). Then I say, Stephen Hawking who is considered the smartest and more respected physicist alive, says it emerged into existence due to quantum fluctuations in the vacuum. Now, what causes quantum fluctuations? Not material causes. Therefore the physical universe came into existence from a metaphysical source. There is nothing that disproves the possibility that this metaphysical source was conscious. If they say that I can’t say that because I can’t prove it, then I tell them, then if not a physical factor that caused it, what is it then? If they say they don’t know, then I say, well then you admit ignorance on this point, whereby at least I have a working hypothesis based on principles that also explain how consciousness arises in the brain. Then the debate could go on to finer points.

» Do you know anything about similarities between how “classic” Monarch and/or ritual abuse style programming and that of MILABs and/or abductees presents in those subjected to either?

Well I have some ideas about the differences.

The newer MILAB (military abduction) methods seem to have these capabilities:

  • Taking an abductee through a portal instead of by van/helicopter.
  • Being able to remotely speak hypnotic commands into the mind instead of needing to be there in person.
  • Ability to remotely induce scripted dreams, or virtual reality scenarios.
  • The ability to remotely split the mind remotely or nonviolently through traumas virtually induced in the person’s mind.
  • The use of injectable drugs that act on the soul itself in some way, instead of being mere regular psychotropics.
  • The use of technology that can interface with consciousness, maybe detach the soul from the body slightly during an abduction (an induced OBE)
  • Activity in the astral realms, such as taking the soul but not the body during an abduction (I’m unsure of this, as I think it’s more an alien capability).
  • The incorporation of remote viewing and remote influencing to program a person with commands designed to activate at the event viewed.
  • Implants that are not metal, don’t show up on x-rays, and don’t emit detectable radio fields.
  • Ability to take an abductee into some parallel dimension (lower fourth density) which also induces an altered state of consciousness or memories that cannot be accessed back in our regular dimension, but only while there.

» Do think the spiritual warfare techniques you and others with similar viewpoints have suggested (such as Carissa Conti, Eve Lorgen, etc.) give for MILABs/Abductees would work for those who are not sure what category to define their programming in?

Yes, more so now than back when the old style Monarch stuff was being used. The old stuff seems to be more physical, regular technology, as in get taken by car or truck to a building, shot up with drugs, traumatized, and programmed. Whereas the newer methods seem to involve occult principles, hyper-dimensional physics, and transportation between dimensions. The spiritual warfare techniques are against metaphysical, occult, interdimensional phenomena.

Spiritual warfare doesn’t work so well on physical phenomena like a bear trying to come through your window. However, we do know from reality creation methods that intention affects physical events too by altering their degree of probability, so it’s not entirely useless against physical things especially in preventing them from arising in the first place.

As long as an event is still “out there” in the future, as long as an entity is still “not fully here and physical” (it’s in what the Theory of Relativity calls the “spacelike” region), as long as military abductors are trying to get at you from the other side of an interdimensional portal — you and they are not 100% in the same physical reality. Therefore, the interaction between both of you is not 100% deterministic, physical, force based. And so it ought to be more sensitive to metaphysical laws and factors, since there are some non-physical factors involved. Meaning spiritual warfare ought to be more effective in such cases.

That, unlike the bear, who is here right now in your physical reality and it would be better to grab a stick or a shotgun to fend it off. Again though, spiritual warfare or just prayer/intention could reduce chances that a bear would pick your house, but it’s not failsafe.

» Did god or the creator create our souls and our physical bodies and then aliens tweaked us along the way or did the creator create our souls and then aliens created our physical bodies?

I think God projected forth our spirit, the central core of our being. The soul is more a temporary energy sheath around the spirit, that helps spirit interface with the body.

I think both the body and soul can be modified by aliens, but the spirit cannot unless it chooses to be.

As far as I understand, animals (average ones) only have a body and soul. So imagine that Earth had a natural evolution where animals with body and soul up to our ancient ape ancestors evolved. Now if aliens came along and modified them, turned them into more humanoid shape in order to be better slave workers … then you’d have just a more capable kind of animal.

But now imagine that this higher animal was sophisticated enough to start housing a spirit. What if spirit came from another higher dimension, and was enticed into occupying these higher animal bodies. Maybe for the benefit of getting to experience physicality. Maybe it was a curiosity akin to Adam/Eve eating the apple.

So once the spirit was stuck in Earth reincarnation cycle, in the human body, I think other aliens came along and made further tweaks to the body/soul complex. And so on several more times. From what I gather, the human species was not meant to become its own flourishing civilization like we have today, but was originally just an experiment or slave race.

But now that we’ve picked up and run with our progress, I think it’s sort of like a kid in a custody battle being old enough to decide whom to live with — the race is now on to influence us to choose sides. The sociopathic daddy (4D STS) wants us to go with him, so to speak. And that’s where my “Discerning Alien Disinformation” article comes in.

» I’d like to know what you think of the holographic universe theory.

I’m a believer in the theory. My view is that reality is a fractal hologram that, by itself, is a static pattern of all possibilities from past to present to future. And that we are the ones that travel through it, activating/playing it like a laser illuminating one instance of an object when shining on holographic film.

Though it gets more complicated in that we collectively seem to be chained at the ankles to each other. When you’re wearing a chain, you have some freedom of movement but can’t stray too far from the rest. Likewise, we might be able to tweak our timelines a little (and thereby attract synchronicities and miracles) but don’t really change the world as a whole, since we’re in this together. Thus our travel through the fractal hologram is a group effort.

The other feature of the holographic universe theory, that the small parts contain the whole, well yes I guess technically that is true, but I haven’t found it to have much practical significance. What I mean is, the below mirrors the above, but just like how a hologram’s smaller piece doesn’t contain as much resolution as the whole, there is just the resemblance and not a perfect correspondence. And so a shell might mimic a galaxy but the shell obviously doesn’t contain stars and planets with little humans on them. So the general form is replicated, but the details differ.

In my book Fringe Knowledge for Beginners, I discussed the above idea a bit more than on my site.

The physics community has had some researchers looking into the idea that our universe is holographic in the sense that it’s a higher dimensional thing (a space-time thing) encoded in a 2 dimensional surface. This was in the news again recently. Years ago I read of another scientist who proposed what this 2 dimensional surface actually was: the surface of a black hole.

Well, my own physics research has concluded that we might as well be living in a black hole. Or put another way, between our universe and a parallel universe is a wall, and this wall is the surface of a black hole. To leave our universe means to climb out of a black hole, so to speak. But what a black hole’s surface really is, is the place at which light is stationary. So the surface itself is nothing but light, in a singe timeless pattern. What does a hologram encode? Patterns of light. So yes, I believe that’s what the fractal hologram is, a holographic pattern of light recorded onto the surface of a black hole, and we are living within/upon it. That’s pretty mind blowing.

» What really happens when a Christian thinks they are saved or a born again Christian? They think this is proof of the biblical god and they say he gives them the faith to believe in him.

In some cases an actual angelic, higher self, or divine force can stand in for whatever figure they imagine they’re in touch with. This would depend on the person, if they have a genuinely good heart and all that, and are holding fast to the kinds of ideals that such higher beings find honorable and righteous even if the name/image of whom the person is addressing is inaccurate.

But I think in a lot of cases, it’s no different from when a cult member initiate finally “breaks” and falls for the cult leader. A kind of Stockholm syndrome, which is really a survival mechanism whereby the ego thinks “If I can’t beat em, join em.” It’s the human equivalent of a dog showing its belly to an alpha dog. By playing the subservient, you might gain favor from that which you fear and perceive as having power over you. So in the case of some Christians, there is a belly up movement in a last ditch attempt by the ego to survive. I mean, if they are threatened with eternal damnation in hell, that they are sinners, and that Jesus is the only way, then you can see what the fear/threat is that causes this reaction.

Deep down I don’t see such Christians actually believing it from a “knowing” viewpoint. An exception would be if they had a near death experience, a really powerful dream, maybe an entity that looked like Jesus came to them and made an impression. Then they are speaking from experience, although they accepted and did not double check the experience to make sure it was legit. But the rest who don’t have that, they do it on faith or make-believe. There’s a lot of self-induced psychosomatic reactions such as shaking or feeling chills or whatever that a person could mistake for the Holy Spirit, and take as proof the Christian god has touched them.

What I’m saying is that if deep down they have doubt, this doubt they try to make up for with double the amount of zealousness and devotion to the Christian memes they have assimilated. They proclaim it loudly and Bible thump all the time because they are insecure and trying to ignore and suppress that gnawing doubt. Someone who is genuinely in touch with the divine, simply lives it. Any proclamations they make would come from the heart. There is no nervousness or “trying hard to convince myself” type feel to their words, as is the case with a lot of Christians who have the religion but not the spirituality.

» Do you think that the mastery of astral travel (if the phenomenon is real at all) is a necessary prerequisite for liberation or enlightenment?

No, by itself astral travel does nothing to make you more knowledgeable, enlightened, or spiritual. That is because you only tend to encounter layers of the astral planes and beings who are equal or lower than you in consciousness/vibration.

Mostly it’s a waste of time, and can be dangerous if you are under negative entity attacks. They can pull you out of the body and sever the soul connection to the body if they are strong enough, and then they can take your place. People who astral travel too much seem to lose parts of their soul slowly, like it wears away.

I think it’s only safe if you’re already an esoteric initiate, well trained over your mind and emotions and are spiritually balanced. Then if you’re that high, and you astral travel to attend some meeting in the higher astral planes, sure you could gain from that. But most people just going exploring or flying around, no that’s not good. Astral travel isn’t something you do to become more enlightened, it’s something you can do more safely near/after becoming enlightened.

Lucid dreaming is safer. Any positive being that can teach you anything, can do so by projecting itself into your dreamscape if needed. You don’t leave your body (that much) and therefore cannot be taken away and replaced.

Another thing that is better, is the “mind awake, body asleep” state. This state is a prerequisite for astral traveling. Meaning, you have to be in that state to project. But when you’re in that state, you don’t necessarily need to astral travel. You can remain close to the body, but detached from it only slightly, so that you can think while being free of the physical brain. You can do many things in this state like remote viewing, remote healing, self-healing, soul fragment retrieval, and so on.

» What are fallen angels? Are they the same as demons or were they mistaken for aliens in ancient times?

The ancients couldn’t tell a spaceship from a helicopter, a time traveler from an angel, or a ghost from an albino. So when they speak of “angels” sometimes it was really angels, sometimes it was aliens.

In my view, aliens occupy the part of the evolutionary ladder between angels and humans, and between demons and humans. So angels and demons are more extreme manifestations of “perfection” of light or darkness, whereas humans are somewhat in the middle zone, and aliens are on both sides of that zone with some being more good and some more evil.

Angels are created perfect, with not much freewill. So they have neither the faults, nor the freewill, to become something other than what they are. I just don’t see how they could have fallen and become demons. Thus I don’t believe the Biblical myth about literal angels having fallen. However, I do believe that myth refers instead to an alien civilization that was once in harmony with the divine, but some of its members became a bit too proud and selfish and thus a schism erupted, and some of them “fell” — they’re not demons, but rather some of the negative aliens we encounter today, including and especially the negative Nordic types.

» As far as inviting divine influences into my life, do you recommend I read up on how to channel higher beings?

No, there’s really nothing fancy involved. They’re telepathic anyway. Don’t think of names or personalities (like Sananda, Ashtar, Elohim, etc.) as they don’t really have names. Higher divine beings are just no-nonsense, understanding, beings that represents truth, balance, justice, ethics, and the power of spirit. They resonate with the energy of love, power, compassion, hope, beauty, truth, justice and so on. Therefore if you invoke some good vibes in yourself, then think both of them and of your own consciousness within as being a godspark related to them, that will get the process going. Think of it more as a resonance with them and what they represent. They’re not weak, therefore you shouldn’t be. They’re not in fear, therefore you shouldn’t be. They are powerful and noble and beautiful, therefore you ought to invoke that within yourself to achieve that resonance. You can mentally or verbally invite them to protect you and show you wisdom, lucidity, and goodness… and ask them to clear your mind, body, and soul of all negative influences, and also to clear your surrounding space and keep dark entities away. That’s what I do, it helps. It might take a week or so. The more you feel your inner attitude change, the more they can connect and help straighten out your life and environment too.

If you suddenly begin automatic writing, speaking in tongues, or channeling them in a trance then there’s a 99% chance it is impostor entities coming through. They’re chomping at the bit to create new gurus through whom they can control gullible followers. Higher divine beings are discerning and knowledgeable, therefore you should be also. The more gullible, wishful, and deluded you are, the more you will attract entities that play on those weaknesses. That accounts for most of the channeling literature out there. The channeling that’s actually good, you will notice the people involved are sharp, good-natured, discerning, and have integrity. It’s better to receive anonymous insights given to you through the back of your mind in response to questions you are pondering over, as then your logic and research can crunch through those intuitions and filter out any corruption. I think that is the preferred form of contact by higher beings because you do your half of the work, exercise your freewill, grow as a seeker, and don’t turn these entities into objects of worship.

» Have you been conflicted with being pulled in one direction by the collective machine while knowing that your efforts are better served in other capacities?

That was behind my decision to quit college and do other things. I was 4 years into a physics and engineering degree, had 2 years left. But in working with grad students and professors I knew what was ahead of me in Academia and didn’t want to do it. The problem was that to succeed (or even not fail in it) you have to give it 100% of your dedication and belief. You have to have faith in the system. I couldn’t simultaneously have only 50% conviction in it, while having the other 50% be my awareness of alternative physics and the conspiracy.

Anyway, from everyone else I’ve talked to over the years who have been in a similar dilemma, here’s what I concluded.

First, if a mainstream job is taking all your time and energy so that you barely have any left for more important and happier things, then that’s a problem. But if it’s a tolerable job that is merely an inconvenience that takes up 1/3rd of your day — yet easily pays the bills and leaves you with enough time and energy the rest of the day/week, then for some people that’s the optimal point of balance because peace of mind is worth the hassle.

There were times when they quit without having a backup plan, without having something better already getting off the ground, and the result was that instead of slaving away at a job, now they were slaves to worry over making ends meet. So they had more time and energy in a sense, but not the financial freedom they had before. Thus they traded one problem for another.

The more successful stories involved a gradual transition. Like say, cutting back to part-time hours while working on the Plan B. Once Plan B’s income increased to a sustainable point, they quit their mainstream job and did that instead. This is the least risky way, as if Plan B fails you still have basic original income to fall back upon.

Another guy I know was at a graphics design firm doing really tedious and boring work for like 15 years. Eventually like old gum, it lost its flavor and all last drops of enthusiasm disappeared. He couldn’t go on anymore. In that case, it was a kind of ultimatum, and really a non-choice as he just couldn’t function anymore without sinking into depression and listlessness were he to continue. That’s an example of where, if you have no choice but to quit, then it’s the right choice to do so. He also had a really good attitude though, and had a dream of doing music production (he did that as a hobby for years). It’s what he REALLY wanted to do. So he quit the job, and I think within a week or two synchronicities piled up and now he’s an internationally known mixer/producer of electronic music. His attitude is what helped him most there, I think.

So I would say, the more you have luck/synchronicity/mind-over-matter as demonstrable forces in your life, the easier it is to quit something and “magically” have success in a new endeavor closer to your heart. The less you have those assets, the more you have to rely on pure common sense and strategic planning, such as shifting gradually without making any super risky moves.

There’s a kind of residual inertia that builds up in life from all the habits, negative beliefs, choices (good or bad) we’ve made — including going back to before we were born, which now manifests as the “hand of fate” that imposes certain limits on what is good for us to do. If we try to do something outside those limits, then we lose the support of the invisible helping hand we might have, and even get illnesses/accidents/misfortune as a kind of warning sign, like the rumble strip of a highway if you veer off the road too much.

The more of this residue there is in the path of your current dreams, the more time and effort it takes to dissolve it and achieve that dream. The residue varies from person to person according to their subconscious baggage and life circumstances. Ok, so someone in jail for the next 20 years wanting to be a forest ranger in 5 years, that’s not going to happen as easily as someone who lives in Colorado outside of jail. More inertia.

So the degree to which there is inertia, we must rely on patience, strategy, and direct action. The rest, however, is a matter of synchronicity and luck as determined by your mindset and how much your goals are in alignment with your destiny. Thus some people seem more lucky than others, but really it’s a ratio between their “residual inertia” vs their “mind over matter” factor.

Personally I like to play it safe and smart, have strategic pathways in place to get what I need, but I also maintain a good attitude so that I’m not becoming my own enemy by manifesting bad luck through a rotten despairing attitude. Nothing is worse for your life than waking up every day into a state of cynicism, depression, loathing, guilt, resentment, or depravity. That shapes the day synchronistically and thus influences the course of your life. Hold the opposite mindset to get off on the right foot, and the rest of your problems will be easier to tackle.

So sure, there can be little miracles helping us out, and I let “reality” take care of that half, while I take care of the mechanics and practical aspects of things. Meeting “reality” halfway has worked out well so far.

» How do you make people believe what’s going on without them thinking you’re crazy?

People are each at a certain level of awareness. You can only take them up a couple notches from that level. So if they are at a very low level of awareness, you can only bring them to a low (rather than very low) level. If you tried to bring them to YOUR level, which may be too much of a change, they can’t follow and will lack the context to appreciate what you’re saying. Hence the phrase, “casting pearls before swine.”

Some people are naturally curious and open minded but simply haven’t had the chance to come across key information. This is my definition of naïve. If you can pique their interest with a series of “what if” questions that gets them coming up with possibilities simply as a fun exercise that requires no commitment of belief, then you can probe how open minded they are.

However, if they sense that you are trying to convert them, then they will shut down and become resistant. Therefore if you are as honest and innocent as possible, co-wondering with them, like “You know, I keep thinking what life would be like if aliens were real and showed themselves to the world tomorrow. What do you think, Fred?” and “I watched this documentary yesterday on UFOs and am starting to think there might be something to it. Have you ever seen anything weird?” Rather than “Aliens are here and they’re going to take over soon, why can’t you see that? Sheeple!”

So basically you have to fish for any curiosity or context they might have, that could get them interested. You can’t impress a belief on them. Well, you can through pressure and manipulation but that’s no different from how religions and cults do it. Rather you have to offer more info to the part of them that wants it. So first find if they are interested, if you can engage their interest, and then feed that interest in measured doses up to what they can handle. Don’t be a snaky salesman or some petty guru who is power-tripping on the whole master-initiate thing. Keep it real and down to Earth. If they can see that you’re interested in an innocent harmless way, and they then “think along” with you rather than being “talked at” then that’s good.

The problem is that some people simply “don’t believe” more as a safety mechanism because they’re fundamentally incapable of handling awareness responsibly. Not to mention, some are simply not here on Earth to do anything beyond live a hum drum life and reproduce. If you somehow succeeded in getting them to believe, either by exposing them to real paranormal phenomena or faking it, you’d be violating their freewill first and foremost, and you’d also likely make them become unstable, paranoid, super depressed, angry, and dysfunctional. Or worse, they become zealous nuts and next thing you know they’ve joined a cult because they have zero discernment.

Other people may seem like they are interested, but more as a way to placate you, or more as a passing form of entertainment. So they might converse with you or even read a book, and then a month later it’s like it never happened. Beware of such types and don’t let yourself be disappointed by them. You can’t satisfy an interest that doesn’t exist. They’re just patting you on the head or caught up in your enthusiasm as if hypnotized, then forget all about it when they switch back to their default trance state of being a cog in the wheel of the matrix.

So in a nutshell, it varies from case to case, you have to probe for who has potential interest, pique that interest, and then supply it. But just preaching and barking at people without discretion rarely works. Might as well wear a sandwich board on a street corner.

» How come “lone nuts” have never taken it upon themselves to kill these NWO elites?

Part of the problem is that there are forces who manage things from behind the scenes, in ways that most people don’t realize.

Let’s say a lone nut somehow decides to go after some elite person. Well, black ops and secret society and alien groups already have remote viewers in place and can read minds anyway, and know he is going to do that. They use telepathic or technological means to subconsciously sway him away from that, with thoughts such as “It’s not worth it” or “just kill yourself” or whatever — and the person decides against it, and you never hear about it in the news. End of that problem. Meanwhile another person contemplates it, and negative forces find it useful… maybe they can get some ritual death thing out of it, or maybe it’ll serve some gun control law that’s being contemplated. So they encourage it and allow it, or ensure it happens in the first place because this lone nut is one of their mind control agents.

Someone has to be aware, and has to be under the guidance/protection of destiny and whatever angelic/positive alien forces require, in order for him/her to get something major done. In other words, if a person WERE to kill an elite, or do something that majorly goes against the NWO, it would only be the final act in a kind of battle or wager or negotiation that’s already gone on behind the scenes, likely outside our 3D reality.

I think it’s rare if not impossible for someone purely out of their own freewill to go out of his way and commit an act that changes history forever, that impacts hundreds if not millions of lives. I think such power is heavily monitored and controlled invisibly. People try to do things without even realizing that their subconscious, their health, their finances; their life can be influenced toward or away from that goal. Thus there is a backdoor in their minds, in their life, that allows/prevents them from doing such things.

This also goes for free energy or antigravity inventors who want to change the world by releasing radical technology. Do they know about telepathic persuasion? Do they know about abductions and posthypnotic programming? If not, then they don’t stand a chance. They can be made to sabotage themselves and their relations with others.

» In your books so far I haven’t found your answer to these questions, or at least the question, “what is this all about-what is the final result supposed to be?” I understand the idea that we are here in this giant classroom learning what was planned for us to learn, but even if we learn every lesson perfectly and quickly—what is it all for? Is there any relief from the eternal learning environment? Will all of this “learning” be put together and form the perfect world for humans, the planet and everything else that lives on this Earth?

I think the fact that consciousness is dynamic — meaning it perceives, it reacts, it acts — means that a being is always changing in some way. This also means that a state of unchanging utmost perfection forever and ever (like the Christian idea of Heaven) is not suitable for consciousness as we know it. It seems to be the slight imperfections, the limits, the part still unfulfilled, that drives life forward and that produces the variety of life we see.

Therefore I think we can attain to relative forms of perfection, rather than absolute perfection. What does that mean? It means reaching the conclusion of our current phase, our current environment, our current stage. The thing that we are currently moving toward in the short term.

So when you say a perfect world for humans, the planet, and life on Earth — that wouldn’t be perfect from an absolute perspective because why should an animal be limited from talking, why would an insect still die after two weeks — and if death were also solved, then the question is why (if life is perfect) would animals and humans be limited in how much they can reproduce and enjoy reproduction before overpopulation kicks in. Meaning, even a world of maximum harmony still has limitations and imperfections due to fundamental flaws built into that system.

The deepest flaw is that two or more independent beings exist at all, instead of everything being united into one infinite self-aware unity without need for physicality or any other realm beyond one’s own self. Ok, so that is the idea of the “Infinite Creator” in his/hers/its un-differentiated form. A single point of infinite intensity without nothing else existing, just pure consciousness aware of itself.

But then I wonder, how long can such a single being exist, before it gets “bored” (or rather, before consciousness being what it is, needs some space to move) and desires to explore its own nature in a more variety-filled way. Well, that impulse would result in the projection of an infinite variety of distortions away from absolute unity and absolute perfection. And it’s the pathway back to unity and perfection that represents something new and interesting, that would allow the infinite Creator to experience more than its own solitary unchanging self.

There’s a satisfaction that comes with knowing something, with finding out a mystery, with realizing that something is an illusion, with correcting errors and misperceptions. Life begins at the chemical and bacterial level, eventually gets to the plant an animal level, and then to human-like beings. It’s as if the earlier stages were preparation to allow the birth of a kind of consciousness (individualized self-awareness) capable of contemplation, learning, epiphanies, and so on. And from that point onward, it’s like the layers of illusion get stripped away as a being grows into greater awareness and power and the ability to create. It’s as if the individual being slowly ascends to become more and more like the infinite Creator, until eventually awakening into the infinite after having explored the full potential, the full pathway, of its separated self from the initial projection forth from the Creator all the way to the eventual reunification, a long journey like Lewis and Clark expedition. I mean, why did Lewis and Clark go all the way out west only to end up back where they started at the end? Because it wasn’t about the end point, but the journey and what they discovered along the way. They were mapping the unknown, turning potential into actuality.

So I suspect that the absolute purpose of consciousness is similar, to map the remaining unknown areas of its own infinite potential. And that this comes with a certain satisfaction of knowing and realizing and being, that issues forth from the very fundamental thing that makes up consciousness (to perceive, to be aware, to know).

However — aside from that absolute purpose, there are many “mini games” within it. I mean, there are so many illusions within illusions, little mini games or side paths one can take in the mean time. Ok, so let’s look at humans for instance. Let’s say that for some of us, we weren’t always human… let’s say we were originally inhabiting a more spiritually harmonious state (like the Garden of Eden myth) but that we were given a choice to enter a different kind of experience. We took it — foolishly or courageously — and now we’re here, having forgotten our original state, and possibly ensnared by a rather evil (meaning, run by beings who are even more deeply trapped in the illusion) control system that seeks to keep us here for as long as possible. So then, the purpose of this mini game would be to master this current experience, reawaken to our prior original consciousness, except now augmented or enhanced by the skills/strength we acquired while here living numerous lifetimes out in this 3D world of ours.

So should we then attain to a 4D positive type of existence where things are harmonious again and we know who we really are, that completes the mini game. That’s presumably the purpose of our little phase we’re going through right now — but it’s not yet the end of the road. Because even if we did acquire a positive 4D state, I bet it won’t be long before some folks — with their newly awakened hearts, power, and courage — realize that there are still beings stuck deeper in the illusion, let’s say humans who didn’t make it out, or beings on other planets that have been enslaved by a dark control system, and so these folks would now have a new mission, which is to help those less fortunate. That’s a new mini game. It’s a new type of experience, that ultimately serves the big absolute purpose of infinite self-exploration, but in the mean time it’s a mini-goal that is within reach at least.

» I think it’s important for me to know why we need to hang in there and that it’s more than just learning for the sake of learning or for the entertainment of entities attending their version of the Roman Games.

To hang in there, is to believe in the purpose and eventual conclusion of the mini game. If it had no good purpose and didn’t really have a conclusion, then there would be no reason to hang in there. Personally, I have hope and faith based on what I see. I take everything I can into account and that gives me hope.

For example, I know from experience that there is a tug of war, and that there do exist higher forces that seem to value integrity, freewill, knowledge, responsibility, compassion, understanding, and freedom. These are values I agree with. That these forces exist (to me), and yet there are also negative forces that value the opposite, shows me that negative forces don’t have 100% control over everything. I mean, the fact that I can even think about this stuff and converse with other people about it, shows that they don’t have 100% control. If they did, they’d snap their fingers and no human would ever think dangerous thoughts ever again. But since we can, and since I know such positive forces exist, I at least know that we’re not 100% doomed.

Then I look at the path my life has taken, and how even in some other people’s lives (whom I’ve known for years) I can see them being put through an invisible curriculum, a preparation path, to equip them with certain skills and set the groundwork for certain opportunities and projects in the future. Something higher is orchestrating it. And the end goal of that preparation, from what I can tell, seems to be toward creating a body of aware people who can serve as wayfarers for others during a time of chaos and rebuilding, when uncertainty and fear are rampant due to old paradigms crumbling due to the ground shifting beneath the feet of modern society. I don’t know what causes it, whether it’s a slow collapse or cataclysms or aliens showing up or what. But to me, it looks like the tug of war between dark and light will be spilling into the streets at some point in the future.

Then I notice how this is all in keeping with prophecy from numerous cultures, religions — and some of it even in alignment with scientific research, economic trends, current events and so on. Therefore I believe that things are coming to a head, and if the prophecies are true, it will end in a golden age eventually, and a new spiritual Renaissance for humanity. However, current trends and prophecy also indicate that there are some bumps in the road, that it may get darkest before dawn. I’m prepared for that.

So from the above, I have reason to hope that there’s a happy ending, that there’s a purpose to what we’re doing here, and that we have to hang in there because higher forces — who seem to have a broader perspective than we do, and can see futures we cannot — seem to be investing their energies and efforts into us, and into this endgame we’re witnessing. If they think it’s worth their time, then maybe it’s worth our time to endure and play our part.

That’s how I view this mini-game we’re in. It’s not so much that we’re puppets being watched by spectators, but that we’re both the spectators and the players. When people do an extreme sport like climbing Mount Everest, they are not doing it for others really. They do it to prove something to themselves, and to find pleasure and satiety in the journey and the challenge. I think that’s the absolute goal of what we’re doing, but in the mean time we do have this tug of war thing to deal with, which I find pretty exciting actually.

» What are your thoughts on transhumanism?

I’ve been studying transhumanism and Kurzweil over the past few months. It is what awaits us if the world continues as normal. Even if there were no aliens, no ghosts, no demons, no NWO, no comets or solar EMPs, we’d still be heading toward a technological apocalypse of sorts.

Kurzweil is right that technology is growing exponentially and will reach a singularity. Political opposition, climate disasters, economic collapses may slow it down, but as long as knowledge can be stored and distributed then knowledge will build upon knowledge and technology will keep increasing.

Right now we have nanotech, genetic engineering and analysis, drones and humanoid robotics, computer power, solar power, and battery capacity as trends that are growing steadily. If things continue, by 2025 drones with super-capacity batteries will be as common as wifi routers are today. Remember back in 1998, Wi-Fi internet was barely even known. By 2008 it was everywhere. Drones today are burgeoning, but they’ll be common in the late 2020s. Some time in the 2030s we’ll have fully functioning humanoid robot drones, similar to the Terminator movies.

What will happen is that segments of society and the military and elites will continue upwards in their tech trajectory. In truth, what will be coming out is black ops tech that was known decades earlier. It’s just being brought onto the surface, so that it can be used publicly upon the public. Portions of society will reject and resist this. You may see Luddite terror increase. It would reach a crescendo whereby, in the end, basically you’d have a very small elite with very high technological power fighting a larger number of less-advanced freedom fighters. The problem is that they’d have aerial and humanoid drones to do the fighting for them. That includes hunter-killer humanoids that operate cars, planes, helicopters, rifles, etc. blast open doors, flip your car over, return sniper fire in less than a quarter second, leap 20 yards and tear your head off. Five hundred of those could probably take out 100,000 human fighters. That’s when the luddites would be wiped out, unless they develop hacking/psychic skills to disable those things.

And the other risk is a full on Terminator/Matrix scenario where an AI does break away from human control and whips up a perfect plan for wiping us out or enslaving us. By that point, people’s brains will be jacked into the network anyway, so this AI virus could just as well take over their minds too. And there’s no telling that, if it’s a quantum computer running the AI, that some group of demons couldn’t set up shop in the computer room and condition the etheric energy there in order to interface themselves with the AI and thus virtually incarnate into mass consciousness.

The question is whether divine/alien/secret society forces would allow this, or whether they’d treat like a Tower of Babel thing and step in to “confuse our tongues” by smashing the machine, so to speak. I mean, what if the technological singularity is what brings on a hyperdimensionally ordained solar EMP event that pushes us back to the dark ages technologically, to ensure humans survive without technology that would wipe out the whole planet and thus ruin the “crop.”

Looks like no matter how you slice it, we’ll see some crazy end times stuff in our lifetime.

» Could you provide some examples from your own life on how you can still have courage to live in this often superficial, harsh, even hopeless world?

Myself, I was stuck in a hopeless doom phase for much of 1996 to 1999. Then I read some books on Hermeticism and realized that there could be a higher divine order and purpose to a lot of things. Prior to that point, I thought that the aliens, new world order, psychopaths, etc. were all there was. It was them, and then us powerless humans.

But afterwards I realized there were good guys too: human good guys, secret society good guys, alien good guys, and of course the divine beings. However, there was a reason why they behave the way they do. And there is a reason why evil exists in the world. Once I understood that picture, I was able to feel secure in being aligned with the good, without at the same time being crushed by the seeming hopelessness and evil in the world.

Religions rely on faith, such as “God works in mysterious ways” and so on. Well, faith is a form of ignorance and it should be no substitute for understanding, insight, and knowledge. Faith should begin only after the latter have reached their limits, and not a moment sooner. For me, faith is extrapolation based on knowledge and experience. I’ve experienced positive synchronicities, an invisible helping hand, and very subtle guidance that has helped me become more aware and responsible — and thus I have faith that it will still be there in the future. I can’t know 100% that it will, but based on past trends I believe the trends will continue. That’s faith based on experience, and it’s reasonable.

Now, the reason I mention that, is that the superficial, harsh, hopeless nature of the world is just one layer of it — the layer that is most easy to see, and most shown to us in media and news and displayed by people around us.

However, it can be counterbalanced with knowledge and understanding of the higher metaphysical context of it all, and knowledge of the good forces and when/how they intervene and when/how/why they don’t.

This knowledge is what builds security and stability. And it can only be gotten by a bit of experience, but mostly by reading and contemplating some good sources that attempt to explain how it works. That’s why I mentioned the “Wanderer’s Handbook” in my last email, because it’s one example of a worldview that helps make some sense of it without need for much faith or blind worship of something.

I’m at a point now where I feel like someone engaged in a game of chess. I don’t fear the game, but I do have a calm and steady determination. I went through doom for so long that I’ve become immune to it. If something weird were to happen like alien ships flying overhead, I think I would feel a bit of excitement and determination but I wouldn’t freak out. Because ultimately I feel secure in the idea that 1) I am an immortal point of consciousness merely peering in through my physical eyes, and 2) there is a divine plan where things do work out in the end, even if things are rough in the mean time, and 3) there are good forces that can assist if we hold to positive ideals and keep our hope/vibes up. And even if none of them were true, these beliefs still hold value as a strategic move to maintain composure in times of crisis.

» I’ve been reading David Icke’s “Infinite Love is the Only Truth” recently, and he says that reincarnation is part of the matrix plan to keep us here and in the matrix, and it doesn’t have to be. So where do we go? I’ve heard that the tunnels with the lights at the end are traps.

The cases of discarnate humans are who are Earthbound as ghosts or hitch-hikers who ride on people, or who are trapped in a state of dream-like delusion in the astral regions — they always seem to be the ones who didn’t go into the light. And by helping them to realize and see and enter the light they are freed from that condition.

I mean, I’ve never heard of a case of someone who didn’t go into the light and was now free and happy for it. If the light/tunnel is a trap because you reincarnate, then not going that route seems to place you in an even worse state of being a wandering ghost with you hands in your pockets and needing to feed off the energy of the living to maintain coherence and nearness to the physical plane. I’d call it a vampiric or zombie-like existence, like someone who becomes a vagrant in an airport because he never took a plane out of there.

So the choice seems to be between being born into another body or becoming a homeless ghost. I don’t know how long I could keep up the latter. At least I know that while living, I get to experience and learn and grow and make a difference in the world.

The idea that reincarnation/Earth is a trap is a popular one becoming more popular. I think it arises from a couple incomplete observations and a modern contrarian or paranoid culture that likes to rebel at any idea of control. The observation includes some people recounting how they didn’t want to be born again, that they thought they did good and were done, but were forced anyway to come back. Now, I could tell by their voice that they were nice people but also a bit naive and child like and definitely not on the level of a seasoned STO-oriented person who is an old soul wise and pretty much a “master” of sorts — those are examples of who graduates to the next level. At least, those are the kinds of beings we do find in the next level up, and there’s a continuum or spectrum where we are right now to where they are so I don’t think it’s a case where they’ve always been that way and we’ll always be stuck here — the continuum of different people at different stages shows it’s a smooth pathway to the top and anyone can make it who chooses to work on it.

If a person complains they cannot do it because every time they’re born they forget, and keep making dumb choices — well actually you don’t need to consciously remember the event that taught you a lesson in the past life. If you did remember, it might only be an intellectual understanding like don’t betray someone because they will burn your house down with you in it. If you truly understood from an empathic point of view, from regret and guilt, that betrayal for selfish reasons is harmful, it sticks with you at the very core of your soul and you’ll be a different person next time. Progress is rough for some people but whether it takes them one lifetime or ten lifetimes they seem to come around. The evidence of that is that there are good/wise people now who, when they have regressed their past lives, they’ve had ones where they were bad news but over a few lifetimes they grew out of it.

Soul evolution takes a while, and that’s the other problem: for us, 10 years is a long time. A lifetime is as big as we can imagine. But to higher beings who know that our spirit is immortal, permanent, and that these souls/bodies we taken on for each life are just temporary containers — they have a much longer term view than us. The problem is people taking linear time, their bodies, their lives too seriously, giving it an immense value (based on assumptions habituated out of ego/human brain/finite existence on Earth) that creates a seeming but illusory unbearable cost to have to be born again. From the viewpoint of spirit, it’s just not that big of a deal — from spirit’s perspective. I mean, we’re like 5 year olds and they’re like adults in comparison. As 5 year olds we have no idea how much it takes to, say, become a professional in a particular career, or how much more schooling we have ahead of us, and we throw a fit when we are forced to go to school or get to bed early or not eat all that candy.

If people didn’t change, didn’t ever learn, if some babies weren’t born innately wiser and more sentient than others, if there weren’t people who were so advanced to the point of magicality as if they exist on the very threshold of this dimension — then sure I’d say we’re all trapped and there’s no point to life here except to be food.

But the continuity of growth, even with some side tracks and dips before going back up (like the way a business grows), tells me that yes there is a purpose for being here and yes there is a way out, but that it’s not as quick and easy as some people would like it to be. And that dropping out of school is not the same as graduating and being done with it. Every time you sign up for next semesters classes you’re committing yourself to being “trapped” again, but I don’t think it goes on forever ad nauseam. If there were no point to our existence, there wouldn’t be higher forces engaged in a tug of war over whether we enter into greater freedom and wisdom or into greater bondage and ignorance, nor would there by a synchronistic hidden hand to life arranging certain key moments and people that build lasting friendships and changes to your character.

So what I really see happening is a juxtaposition of two programs, one a kind of spiritual curriculum/benevolent sandbox/school of hard knocks, and two an actual occult oppression system filled with deceivers and manipulators both in the physical, etheric, and astral realms. So there’s both going on. It’s just that people aren’t making the distinctions between the two, or factoring in how much freewill factors into the equation, or even that instead of each side being clear cut in their own jurisdictions (suggesting that everything is in its right place) there are indeed transgressions or freewill violations or imbalances happening. Yet, these transgressions don’t imply that therefore all that happens in the afterlife, or here on Earth, is under the domain of the dark forces. It’s not that simple. This duality with some gray areas in the middle where transgressions happen, that’s why the world is even the way it is, and why a divine intervention necessitating the correction is underway and will shape our future.

To conclude, I’d say the situation is complex and there’s both good and bad happening at the same time, and people are getting fragmented information and drawing ill-thought conclusions from it and erring on the side of a simplistic “it must all be a hopeless evil prison” or “it’s all a grand happy school and everything that happens has a good reason behind it” — I think it’s somewhere in between, and which one you’re moving into is up to you.

» Wouldn’t it be desirable for our Higher Self to give up everything and head to a mountain and silence our mind so the only will we would listen to is his?

Well I’d say that the Higher and lower self (us) are connected like a circle’s circumference and center point is connected via a radius. When the circumference pays attention to that higher center, it’s tapping into the HS. I think this can be done in every day life, not only just through isolation and meditation.

It starts with kindling intuition, compassion, and nurturing that which gives you a true and genuine sense of soul-satisfaction or happiness, as opposed to the glee that the ego experiences when it beats a rival or sees the latest issue of a porn magazine has arrived in the mail or whatever.

In other words, differentiating between ego/lower impulses, and higher impulses, and nurturing the latter. You can feel the latter, I mean you feel a certain thing when you do an earnest act of kindness, for instance, not necessarily a “gee look at me I’m such a good person” but more like “I feel for you brother, be well.” This also goes into creativity, or figuring out an answer to a grand mystery and feeling the awesomeness of existence because you just glimpsed a bit of its underlying elegance. Or pure beauty in all its forms, whether architecture or a certain scene. The part of you that senses these impressions isn’t the ego.

Myself, I don’t find much value in sitting in meditation with a silent mind. If it’s silent, nothing’s happening. If a thought enters, I banish it. How then, am I supposed to think the thoughts of my HS, experience its content, if I’m keeping my mind silent? I find that contemplation is better than that kind of meditation.

I get more out of pondering and crunching through mysteries in my sketchbook. Whenever I open my mind and intuitively feel out the answers, the answer precipitates at the edge of my conscious awareness and I then reel it in and turn it into words, then I logically analyze it. That’s bringing something from another realm into this one, actualizing it, being able to communicate it.

But to get actual pictures, audio, imagery, even speech from your Higher Self while you’re awake and walking around, requires being psychic to some degree. That requires actual psychic training to build etheric organs around your head and crown area that can establish a two-way communication with the higher mind. Without that, you can still exercise the heart/intuition/wisdom that is the default nexus point or intersection where your Higher Self is plugged into you.

» Could Astrology be a way for the Matrix to control us? Could it in a sense be a set-up utilizing the magnetic fields of the Sun, Earth and Moon? I notice how people seem to invite the influence of the Matrix into their lives by getting into Astrology. Much like religion, television, sex, drugs, “patriotism” and other control mechanisms, could Astrology be part of how the meta-human realities control humanity?

I’d say in the same way that winter, spring, summer, and fall are means for the matrix to control us, for these too are related to alignments stars and planets (Earth and sun in this case). This whole physical universe is a machine, especially on the macroscopic scale where there aren’t many surprises and things go on like clockwork as far as alignments and positions are concerned.

The difference of course, is that something like the influence of Pluto in Sagittarius doesn’t make much sense from a magnetic or even gravitational point of view. Pluto has barely any gravity effect on us, no electric or magnetic effect either. So something else is going on there.

There are various possible explanations as to how it works. One is that although Pluto doesn’t have much gravitational force, it is still a uniquely composed mass with an associated etheric layer to it (same way crystals have an etheric aura) and it may have a certain vibrational fingerprint. It may be emitting an etheric “sound” that reaches us here, that isn’t proportional to its mass necessarily, anymore than a person’s vibe is somehow related to his or her body mass.

Similarly, different regions of the surrounding universe might have different vibrations. So when one of those adds up with one of Pluto’s vibrations, you get a certain “chord” here on Earth, and that influences things at the quantum level and skews probability in a certain archetypal way corresponding to Pluto and Sagittarius in that case.

Another possibility is that there is no direct etheric force being applied to us. Rather it’s all about the collective unconscious and magick. When a magician draws a pencil trace on paper in the shape of a certain symbol combined with another, and it causes the intended target to fall in love or heal a leg injury or whatever, it’s just symbolic programming instruction. So when Pluto is in Sagittarius, perhaps it’s no different — it’s one symbol in relation to another, and on the mental/astral level that means something, it’s a certain command injected into the reality mainframe.

Where the Matrix comes in is that people aren’t entirely free if their lives are subject to the pull of these etheric or magickal influences. It’s like we’re boats with constantly shifting winds getting blown off course. Worse, those who know these wind cycles can predict the direction of the boats, and prediction is a further form of control. Like if I were a scammer, and some astro alignment were coming up having to do with deception and people losing money to scams, well that would be a good time for me to run some operations. Scale this up to geopolitical events or even ritualistic stuff in the media, and you can see they are capitalizing on certain influences.

I say this because the motion of the planets against the stars is set. It’s not something the Matrix can fiddle with willy nilly. Its power to control lies in the predictability of this influence, and the fact that people aren’t as secure in their freewill due to these influences.

Though I should add that from an esoteric and occult perspective, these influences do serve a purpose which is to motivate the action of those who are unable to act on their own. If a puppet can’t move on its own, it needs strings to pull it. This goes for the moon too, and that’s what Gurdjieff was talking about with the moon being likened to the pendulum on a clock; it’s what drives the motion of the clock. In people who don’t have much freewill to begin with, they are set into motion by the influence of the heavens (as well as biological and social conditioning of course).

Why isn’t biological programming and social conditioning alone enough to drive these puppets? Because notice that astrological influences are complex. It’s more nuanced and appropriate to the kinds of dramas that are unique to the human as opposed to animal experience. For example, Mercury retrograde involves misunderstandings and mechanical or electrical problems. We’ve only had electronics since the 1900s and animals don’t build machines. And that’s why I think astrological influences are an additional and necessary driver for people who lack freewill. Social and biological programming can’t do things like make your computer break down, or give your car a flat tire, or make people hostile against each other for no ordinary reason. Thus it’s a pendulum that drives these finer category of events of human life on Earth.

Though if we have freewill, these influences are a nuisance. It’s said in esotericism that it’s important to escape the zodiac, to go over and against time itself. In other words, to disentangle yourself from the machine. The more you apply freewill toward keeping yourself out of the baser emotions, and the more you choose to keep your vibes positive and mind clean, the less severely you will be “punished” by astrological factors.

As for people getting into astrology, it’s a double edged sword. I don’t believe astrology itself is purely evil in every way. I think it’s similar to weather forecasts but can have negative uses. There’s a difference between viewing astrology as fate and viewing it as probability.

It may be fated, due to the predictability of planetary alignments, that probability increases on a certain day for something. That’s precisely the same thing as in quantum physics when the wave function is said to evolve deterministically; the wave function is a bundle of probabilities whose shape can be calculated with perfection, but which of those possibilities becomes manifest is not set in stone. In astrology, it’s a fallacy to believe that a particular alignment means some associated event is fated. It’s not. But that it’s become more likely or less likely, that aspect does follow predetermined rules.

When astrological influences apply pressure, you still have freewill to go with it or fight it. People who make their decisions solely based on astrology are submitting their freewill to the machine, which is not good. It’s not something that should make your decisions for you. It’s something that, like a weather forecast, you merely take into consideration. It has to be used carefully and in balance.

» I was wondering if I could get your opinion on Chakra removal. I have been researching this a while, read some articles and watched some YouTube blogs with people who’ve claimed to have removed them or have had them removed.

They’re probably just removing surface layer energy patterns in the etheric/astral body and mistaking it for the chakras being removed. Unless they can literally see the chakras and manipulate them objectively, they’re kind of shooting in the dark and going on how they feel before vs. afterwards, meaning they don’t know for sure whether the chakras are being removed, if they’re merely being tweaked, if an entity they’re asking to do this is giving them false feelings of confirmation, if it’s just etheric/astral gunk they’re removing, and so on.

Same with the removal of the astral body. They might just be “taking a shower” and then raving about how great it is to “remove your skin that way,” when they were just removing dead skin cells and dried sweat and oils. Wonder what would happen if you used those same methods to try and remove your brain… I bet you’d feel better but the brain’s still there.

About chakras being a form of enslavement, that really depends on how you define chakra. In my understanding, they are subtle energy function centers the same way the brain has centers for speech vs. music vs. math vs. emotion. I don’t see how the etheric or astral body is supposed to be completely featureless without a single meridian, meridian point, or chakra. They’re all different degrees of the same thing. As long as energy is coursing through the subtle body, it’s going to follow certain pathways and pool in certain areas, engage in certain patterns, etc. and these organize into various systems and subsystems of which the chakras are major nodes.

I know of aliens putting etheric implants into a chakra to put a cap on it, for example. It stands to reason that if the chakras themselves are enslavement tools, then aliens wouldn’t need to put something external onto it to keep it from functioning. And why would they create a heart, crown, or third eye chakra anyway that would allow humans to tap into wisdom and knowledge and perceptions that could undermine the control system? They should have only created the lower chakras in that case. It seems to me the higher chakras bother them, threaten them, and they do what they can to shut those down. That’s why I don’t think chakras are completely a negative control system.

» Given your research of mankind, this planet and to some extent even the universe, have you formed a personal philosophy of life by which to live or embraced a particular path, dogma or avenue of study which you’re convinced is true?

The closest published source would be the Law of One material, particularly regarding what it means to be “Service to Others” and being a so-called “Wanderer.”

But there are others that come close, and differ from the above only in that they come from an older time period where certain terms, concepts, and memes didn’t yet exist. These are Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Gnosticism, and New Thought/early Christian Science (which is just a 20th century Christian-based version of Hermetic/Rosicrucian knowledge).

Also to some extent Buddhism, but I don’t agree with dissolution of individuality being the penultimate goal; I think individuality should be cultivated and turned into an effective “knight” that can serve his Lord/Lady (which is the heart or spirit or higher self or divine impulse).

The basic principles summarized:

  • Thoughts have consequences even if not acted upon; do not harm or violate innocent people with your thoughts and feelings.
  • Thoughts and feelings affect reality cumulatively, so if you want peace, harmony, and prosperity in your life then don’t emotionally obsess about doom, hatred, despair, etc.
  • People are dual beings with a higher and lower aspect; focus on serving their higher aspect and help it become wiser, stronger, more secure; don’t feed into their lower aspect. Same goes for yourself.
  • Violating other people’s freewill incurs self-imposed karma if your learning path is of a positive polarity; remember that their freewill has to do with their higher aspect, not their lower wants or dislikes.
  • Your own self-awareness is present within others as their self-awareness, it’s a different instance of the same absolute Mind; be mindful of this unity behind all life.
  • The higher aspect of a person has a higher heart and higher mind; lower aspect has a lower mind and lower seat of emotions; don’t confuse higher with lower, but distinguish between them.
  • Higher mind is gnosis, intuition, revelation, divine reason. Higher heart is compassion, empathy, love, humility, courage, and chivalry. Make the lower mind (intellect) and lower emotions subservient to these.
  • Train your mind (both lower and higher) by regular contemplation of mysteries, paradoxes, things you’ve seen/read/heard, your life situation, new ideas, etc. especially with a notebook or journal or sketchbook.
  • Truth isn’t relative or subjective, there is a definite framework of real truth that can be discovered through experience, observation, experimentation, reason, and intuitive revelation.
  • Ethics isn’t relative or subjective, there is a divine framework of right and wrong of which our human ethics and morals are but a crude approximation.
  • Train your heart/emotions by meditating before stepping out of bed on positive ideals such as gratitude, enthusiasm, optimism, love, camaraderie, compassion, and so on.
  • Life has a certain flow or curriculum or boundary; when you step too far outside that, you are on your own and things can get rough. There is safety, efficiency, and success when you walk the line of destiny.
  • Don’t sacrifice yourself for others to the point where you impair your long term ability to help others by being run down, sick, tired, disgruntled, etc. Rather maintain balance between caring for self and others.
  • If you can help it, don’t follow leaders who are less capable than yourself, or take on obligations if your heart’s not in it.
  • Life is short, the body is temporary; how you live is more important than how you die.
There’s more but these come to mind at the moment.

» If the negative ET’s have the ability go move around in our timeline and change things/events, how can we possibly ever come out ahead as they can (apparently) always go back prior to the incident that “woke the human race up” and make sure it didn’t occur. It seems to me like it’s a no win situation for mankind.

There are a couple things that put a silver lining on this cloud:

1) That there seem to be other aliens or perhaps angels that can make counter-moves on the timeline. For example, if an alien tries to go “back” and cause a driver to swerve into your lane and kill you, some positive force might go “back” and insert a thought into your mind to slow down (for no reason you can discern yet) and you do and then the other driver crosses in front of you into a ditch without hitting you.

2) That the negative aliens don’t have 100% freedom in time travel and what they can change. There are rules to time travel, and I think they have to do with quantum physics and metaphysical/occult laws.

3) If a time war is happening, then the past we remember is the “final” past. That means at some point, the buck stops and the past remains as you currently remember it. Sure it could change tomorrow, but the fact that you keep perceiving a forward movement in time with a steadily passing past, shows that the time war isn’t an infinite thing, and you’re making steady progress into the future despite it all.

4) You still have some level of freewill, spirit, and hence uncontrollability and unpredictability. That means even if aliens could see into the future, they can only see probable versions of you. In my life, they act as if they can only influence probabilities and try to influence me, but not stop me cold by say dropping an airplane engine on my head. I’ve had premonition dreams of their upcoming attempts, and by becoming aware of it I’m able to sidestep their attempts. If I’m getting feedback from the future and act accordingly, then I’m changing the future, and contradicting whatever it is they originally expected I would do. This shows me that I myself have some power; it’s not much, but it’s something.

» Also, I keep reading from various authors that it’s necessary to see through the “deception” and become more spiritually aware. I am all for that, but how does it help? If you can see what’s going on for what it really is, what can be done about it?

The world at large cannot be changed, I don’t think. One reason is that there are too many naive, stupid, or ignorant people (in the technical sense of those terms, not derogatory) who need, want, and sustain the negative control system.

However, what you can do is protect yourself from it as much as possible, and help others who are receptive do likewise. It’s not about saving the world, but saving yourself and a few others from the world and its inevitable demise. At least that’s how I see it. Quality over quantity.

You can make more informed choices. If you know how the financial system works, maybe you won’t be so eager to sign up for that 401k or whatever. Maybe you won’t be drinking Coke all the time, or chowing down on GMO corn. Maybe you won’t vote for the next Bush or Obama, let alone campaign for them like a chump.

Maybe you’ll see things coming because you have your eyes open, and will take the exit door onto a safer pathway while the herd stampedes onwards toward the cliff.

Maybe if aliens show up and show us with gifts of technology, you’ll recognize the disinformation tactics and know they’re not the good guys, and you won’t get the cool brain-enhancing chip they’re giving away.

Maybe someone who’s on the cusp of awakening gets into a conversation with you, and you have a hard drive full of videos or eBooks you could transfer, etc.

Overall it’s about making yourself more prescient, helpful, agile, and prepared. Preparation is what happens in between action. Action moments are few and far between, and the “what can I even do right now?” sentiment can get irritating and exasperating if you don’t realize that living, being, and preparing are important, for they make you enjoy what you’re doing and make you more capable of acting when the opportunity arises. Think of it like being a fireman; lots of sitting around playing cards and sleeping and training… until the alarm rings.

It’s also easier to push what’s already falling… right now the status quo is trembling but still on all its four legs. You can’t really push it over. But when it stumbles, you can then guide the direction it falls. Times of chaos, when people look to you since you’re prepared and have strength and therefore can offer guidance, is when you can nudge things way more easily and efficiently than you can right now. You can’t right now tell the average person how to distinguish between good and evil aliens if they don’t even believe in aliens, due to Obama not having gotten on TV and announced it (that’s about the only proof they’ll take, short of ships hovering over major cities). But if such an event happens, suddenly they’ll be freaking out and look to you for any tips (or worst case, with xenophobic paranoia since you might be “one of them” — must watch out for that too).

We need to empower ourselves and eventually network together and support each other so that like ants forming a raft we can stay afloat while the world collapses under its own weight, then we can nudge the outcome and rebuild things the right way.

» I have been quite duped. My own desires and the aliens” promise of the fulfillment of those desires has enticed me to continue much like the carrot and the donkey. The beginning was quite dramatic and beautiful, and then turned into something other. In truth, they simply used me, drew upon my energy and life force and manipulated and lied to me. I feel often a fool and should have known better, but alas, I didn’t act upon all the red flags that I saw. I have ceased believing in much of anything spiritual… I simply can’t trust anything.

This is a good time then to discover what is genuinely spiritual versus what is not. You still have your own sentience, volition, consciousness, self-awareness… and a portion of that contains the seed of hope, triumph, will to overcome. It’s something you already have, the trick is to not allow that “something” to be abandoned, forgotten, or given up on solely because a relatively external thing such as a higher self cannot currently be reached. In other words, you may come to full realization and practice regarding the power of self-reliance and sovereignty and being “above” this whole mess. It may come with a bit of a feeling of humor, relief, a flippant indifference toward these entities, and a renewed focus on your life/future and what you want to do with your life and thoughts and energies.

See, part of the problem is that yes these entities exist, and yes being aware of such phenomena is good, however beneath a certain threshold of spiritual strength and balance this can turn into a kind of exasperation, desperation, exhaustion, and constant preoccupation that in itself feeds and sustains their connection to you. Now, depending on how deeply you perceive them, there may be some psychic activity going on with you; these entities interact with those who can perceive them, that’s why they don’t bother doing this stuff to people whose chakras are closed off because it would be like making funny faces at a blind man. Therefore I sense that you may need this kind of grounding, which is the opposite of visualizing energy balls within you and other practices that actually stimulate your psychic circuitry and output energy that attracts these entities like moths to flame.

So since you’re in an emergency situation, I recommend doing a month’s work of grounding yourself, entering the kind of mindset of the average person who doesn’t have or believe in paranormal phenomena, who finds joy in regular things like nature or movies or cafes or tangible things, and who doesn’t think about or acknowledge or care about “entities” — it’s a kind of anathema or excommunication you’ll be doing on the entities. To give them the silent treatment, or rater, to erase them as much as you can from your daily thoughts and focus, to displace them in your mind and life with other stuff.

Now, this seems like a form of ignorance and materialism. But it’s one of the few times that ignorance has an actual use, which is to weaken that which derives its power from your continued belief and preoccupation with it.

I say that because I used to get paranormal stuff and it was a very fearful and desperate time in my life. But after I did some things to create a feeling of safety and relief (at the time I had issues with microwave energy beams coming through the windows, so I put up foil-lined Mylar sheets to block it, which incidentally blocked visibility of the outside which was the source of my fear due to entities lurking out there) then most of the paranormal activity went away, due to my feeling of safety and relief and getting on with my life. I broke the feedback loop. Life became more grounded and “real” instead of some twilight zone nightmare.

Anyway, flipping that inner switch from victimhood to indomitable power and nonchalance is worth a shot. I’m thinking perhaps at some higher level you’ve placed yourself in this situation as a test, as a crucible to forge a new spiritual strength within you, and that the true higher forces are withholding their help so that you develop this. What “this” is, exactly, is freewill. Pure freewill. To choose IN SPITE OF current and past circumstances. To set your sights on how you’d like things to be, on happiness and relief, and to WILL it, to put your foot down and MAKE IT SO because you know you can, must, and shall. That’s what I’m talking about; I think sometimes our efforts to solve a problem is done while holding certain root assumptions that actually validate and reinforce and sustain the problem. It’s in turning around those root assumptions (which is flipping that switch) where the key resides.

» I used to always worry and wonder what is the point of reincarnation if you forget everything and have to start over each time. I tried to find the answer but never could.

About reincarnation and forgetting, what we go through in life should ideally change our being at the core. It changes our nature, our intrinsic wisdom and how we react or act regarding situations and choices we face. These changes occur at the soul/spirit level and are innate, subconscious. They are not just what we have learned, but what we have become.

And these “dents” or “augmentations” are relatively permanent, in the sense that they survive death and are still inside you when reborn. Thus you may not remember at a conscious level the events that lead to a particular lesson or change of being in the past life, but the lesson/change is still there at a spiritual-instinctive level.

Some things in life we just know better than to engage in, some choices we don’t make because at the core we just don’t stand for it, meanwhile another person waltzes right into it like they’ve never gone through that or seen its consequences (meaning they haven’t been dented by that experience). There’s a reason why some of us have insight and standards that others don’t, that weren’t necessarily taught to us in this life. It’s because these standards are part of our being, probably from having learned the hard way another life.

See, the true test of whether a person is kind, is whether he/she is kind out of the goodness of his/her heart. That means, doing it as an expression of his/her being, not out of intellectual memory that “ok last time I was nice to someone, then life was nice to me, so now I’ll be nice to this person because I can’t wait to have life do something nice to me in return.” Or similarly, “Someone up there is watching me, so I’ll be nice because I don’t want to get punished by them.” Those are examples of cheating or insincerity, or at least not true tests. To not know you’re being tested, is the true test. Likewise, to act differently than how you did before, despite not remembering the former event, shows that your very core of expression has changed, and that is the true test therefore, and why I think amnesia works.

However – if you are here on a mission, and not just here for your own soul growth, then remembering may be important. Also, most people can’t handle even just 70 years worth of life before becoming crabby bastards bitter and jaded; if they went through 700 years I can’t imagine how grim and cranky they would be by then. For them, a fresh start helps.

But if someone has the ability to withstand time and not become bitter and withered at the spiritual level, then in theory he/she should be able to handle past life memories without being incapacitated by their cruelty and suffering and loss. It’s hard enough losing a relative or loved one, and to remember the dozens upon dozens is a bit much. But if you can handle that, and if you have a mission, then I think past life memories are deserved and may come naturally. I think that’s what true esoteric initiation in the old mystery schools was meant to give, a means of making you stronger and being able to withstand all that, so that you can retrieve your memories and achieve true confidence in your purpose here.

» I would like to know who are the planetary helpers, just some overviews. I’ve read the Ra Material and got curious what is the capability of the
beings that help the 6th density beings in the so-called Harvest.

Well it’s 4th, 5th, and 6th density STO beings and 3rd density people like ourselves who may actually be some of these higher STO beings incarnated into human form. As humans we help out in what ways we can, according to ability and circumstance, basically just being a positive rather than negative influence on those around us and on society in general. Doesn’t need to be anything big and epic, as anything helps even if it’s only to one other person.

The 4D STO beings are mostly certain humanoid alien types, some of them people call Nordics or Pleiadeans but not all who look like that are positive, same way not all who are Asian or White among us are positive.

These types seem to scan the population for kids who have unusual intelligence, spiritual, psychic, or intellectual abilities who can be trained to become helpers in some way. Some of those kids might be those 4D/5D/6D STO beings in human form, not always knowing their origins due to amnesia that comes with having human wetware (brain and body).

I don’t think there are any STO Grays, because they are robots with the sentience of geckos and might only at best be used as worker drones by positive alien groups to help with initiating contacts but I think most reports of Grays are actually negative types pretending to be positive, and that includes staged abductions by black ops military to cover up the true nature of the alien presence. There might be some positive Gray hybrids, but only because they have a spirit that has overcome the Gray genetic influence that tends to make a race be extremely Asperger or autistic, which isn’t healthy.

5D STO are nonphysical beings like spirit guides, and perhaps there are some discarnate (3D or 4D beings without bodies because they aren’t incarnate) ones as well. Though many people who can talk to spirit guides who tell such people to do things, are actually talking to deceiver entities. I think the real STO ones stay in the background and don’t interfere to the same degree, and only help in subtle ways like guiding dreams of giving hints to the subconscious.

6D STO are like angelic beings, oracles, entities outside of space-time altogether and are able to create positive synchronicities and seem to have fine level control over our reality. I think they can rewrite time if needed, but are wise enough to not do that regularly. They are the referees of reality. If they do intervene, it’s only under the most extraneous circumstances and then it’s an absolute, unstoppable, inarguable intervention. Problem is their foresight is extreme, patience just as extreme, and understanding even more so. Thus we can shake our fists all we want at them for not stopping Fido from getting run over by a car, but the fault lies with us being shortsighted rather than them being cruel.

There are also 3D/4D secret societies made of advanced positive humans, in counterbalance to the 3D/4D negative secret societies that are running the New World Order agenda. These are the true Rosicrucians, Illuminati, alchemists, hybrids, and so on. They are embedded in our population and have secret technology and knowledge that they use for good, but the reason why they don’t just snap their fingers and take down the NWO agenda is because it’s a delicate situation and there is a proper timing and sequence to everything that maximizes the metaphysical/karmic experience for humanity and so they act only in appropriate ways at appropriate times without cutting this “experiment” or “experience” short for everyone.

» Why do people get so angry at animal abuse when in contrast with human torture?

Animals are more innocent than humans. Not all animals. When we hear a story about a shark that was killed after it attacked a boy, people are glad to hear that. I think animals and plants already show archetypal reflections of the STO and STS principle. Sure, it manifests in a rudimentary prey vs predator form there, whereas for us it’s not just predator vs prey since STO goes beyond that false dichotomy. Still, there are animals, plants, and fungi that feed on death, decay, disease, etc. and that’s the very first stirring of the STS archetype.

Anyway, that said, most animals aren’t intelligent or have enough ego in order to be sadistic. (Though cats do torture game, dolphins can as well, and so on, and I should mention that even among cats and dolphins there are more positive and more negative dispositions among them. That’s because at those advanced stages of the animal kingdom, individuality is already beginning to manifest on a per-animal basis. They can even have more sentience than spiritless humans).

My point is that when it comes to good animals, they don’t have a mean bone in their body. And so when they get harmed, it’s pretty obvious they are the victim. They don’t have karma, so they don’t deserve what happens to them. It happens solely because they are too weak and perhaps at the wrong place and wrong time. Therefore we can’t help but feel sorry and protective regarding them.

When it’s a human, there is some ambiguity there. Did the person do something to bring it on… did they have a karmic reason for it… was she a nice person or a mean person… See, it’s a well known phenomenon that when an unattractive ethnic woman gets raped and killed, her picture may be in the news but people forget it quickly. If it’s a young, pretty, white girl then suddenly it makes the national news and everyone feels it’s so tragic and what a shame she had to suffer, etc. That is because they perceive it as the defiling of something healthy, innocent, cute — just like when it comes to cute animals getting abused. People get more outraged at a puppy getting kicked versus a large German shepherd. Same thing.

Biologically, it appeals to our in-built desire to protect babies. Babies are cute. Animals that have baby-like features in the face (neoteny) are considered cute. When babies get harmed, we get extremely pissed. Though we also get pissed when we see, say, an elderly frail woman getting pushed over and kicked by some punks. So it all comes back to violation of the helpless (whether they are babies or little animals or elderly) touching something within us. There is less ambiguity in those situations, and an underlying assumption of innocence and vulnerability.

So altogether, I think it’s a combination of biological instinct to look out for our young, combined with a metaphysical knowing that animals are not capable of evil like we are therefore they have an innocence and purity that is similar to that of a baby. Though “vulnerability” itself can then start including the frail elderly or pretty cute faces in the news as well.

» Can an alien who genuinely feels love for a human still be considered Service-to-Others if the aliens force themselves into the lives of the humans they feel affection for and disregard the fact that the human in question might be overwhelmed by it?

That’s a good question. If you look at the spectrum from extreme negative on the bottom to extreme positive on top, then near the middle you have negative-neutral aliens and positive-neutral aliens.

The positive-neutral ones are positive but they’re not THAT wise and experienced, so they might be idealistic or naïve and therefore do “positive” things that end up being mistakes, sort of like PETA letting ferrets loose from a farm only for them to get crushed by cars on a nearby highway. There was a love and concern but it was shortsighted.

Meanwhile the negative-neutral ones might be negative but not super experienced or cunning either. Think about gang members, mafia groups, or the Nazis/Communists and how within their respective groups they loved each other and would “help a brother out” — so there’s love there too, but as a whole they were predatory. The Nazis had dogs (German shepherds) whom they loved. So they loved animals too. They would help an Aryan granny cross the street. But overall they were screwed up paradigms. Their love for their dogs was a bit twisted the same way a man might “love” his handgun or rifle. He loves the power it gives him, what he can do with it to intimidate others or patch his insecurity and paranoia. Or think of a narcissistic girl who loves having her “friend” with her solely as a energy source to feed off of, to make herself look better in the company of others. She likes her friend as an accessory, not a person. So that’s the kind of affection these neutral-positive beings tend to have. Anytime you overlook the spirit-based individuality of someone and love them for something you affiliate them with, it’s not true love but a selfish delusion.

The extreme negative aliens have love strictly for themselves, so it’s more pure form of selfishness or darkness and being at the top of the food chain they have no “brothers” to love or work with, only “underlings” to use as tools and command around. So there’s very little “other-love” there.

The extreme positives are wise and experienced and that, unfortunately, is why they are so hands-off with everything because they can see the long term picture and know that short term gains might be outweighed by long term damage. We want immediate intervention, not knowing the metaphysical context or long term imbalances that could result. But I think these beings know what they’re doing, and they leave it up to the lower positive martyr-like beings to play the heroes and learn their lessons from that.

» May I ask why you feel that lucid dreaming is safer than astral projection? I understand the analogy, but they are both ultimately a mental projection, aren’t they?

From what I understand, the difference comes down to the proximity to the physical body and physical realm. Physicality is a bit like a turtle shell, and going out of shell creates certain vulnerabilities.

In lucid dreaming, a portion of the subtle body naturally detaches as it always does during sleep and hovers very close to the physical. And in that state, it then experiences an internal projection of the dream environment. I guess it’s like stepping onto the roof of your house to get a better neighborhood Wi-Fi signal to browse the internet with.

When I was lucid dreaming and then focused on my own self-awareness, I woke up into my astral body which was partially detached already. It wasn’t just changing dream states, but an actual awakening or exiting from the dream, just as if I had awakened into my physical body at the end of a sleep cycle. So I was in the room, but not in my body, though very close to it. At that point, I could employ the standard projection techniques, in this case swinging or rolling out, and I experienced the extreme tug, sluggishness, or gravity that people describe which lessens the further one gets away from one’s body. Also the loud noise, wind, and acceleration at times.

So this tells me that was a somewhat tangible experience rather than solely just a mental projection as a dream environment might be. I really was in some portion of my soul that was gaining distance from the physical body, and I could move around the bedroom with it. If I had been unable to get back into the physical body, it probably would have died in its sleep.

Someone I know did something stupid once. If I remember correctly, he called out to the shadow people and challenged them, saying he would fight them and kick their ass. Well, not long after, he and his girlfriend went to bed and that’s when the shadow beings came. He woke up to them pulling him out of body and dragging him away. He fought as hard as he could. Meanwhile, they were also dragging his girlfriend away but she was able to fight them off more easily and woke up. She tried waking him but he wasn’t responding, while from his perspective he was being pulled out the bedroom door by these beings at that time. After struggling some more, he broke free and returned to his body and finally woke up gasping. So lesson learned. His experience matched what his girlfriend experienced.

In a lucid dream, we can have all sorts of nightmares but not die from it or risk not waking up because it’s just an internal mental projection formed by the subconscious mind or soul turning archetypes and various psychic energies coming in, into 5-sense constructs. What happens during the astral state is similar in that the mind turns energy patterns and psychic data into 5-sense constructs, except those patterns are really external and occurring there in the environment. Thus if your soul is being pulled away, it’s being pulled away for real in that case.

I’ve known others who did a lot of astral projection and the effects reminded me of what happens to heavy LSD users, in that a part of them seems to get lost, and worse, something else takes its place. I can imagine it being like a cookie being repeatedly taken in and out of a jar, the crumbs come off every time and eventually it’s only half the cookie. Also, I think the willful intent to project far and wide, versus just the nightly thing where one remains close to the physical, can loosen up the bonds between soul and body a tad too much and like Velcro wearing out it just doesn’t stick well anymore, and so the person isn’t as grounded. And with a loosening of bonds, I think other entities have an easier time manipulating the person too.

So for all these reasons, I would say lucid dreaming is safer than astral projection. I suspect it’s possible within a lucid dream to psychically tap into an actual astral realm and experience without actually leaving your physical body too much, versus the typical astral projection state where you fly out and away. Like drugs, astral projection is all right a few times but heavy chronic use may have the above-mentioned side effects. Also, it depends on how targeted one is by negative forces, as to what the risks are. I myself wouldn’t do it because these forces are circling me 24/7 and I have to be careful about my defenses.

» Like you I apply scientific theory to everything, and I just can’t find a shred of supportive evidence for these things in the “real” world. How do I make the connection?

The flaw may be in our definitions of “evidence”. Scientific proof is that which can be shared/transferred to anyone, and/or which can be replicated and independently verified by anyone. The problem is with the term “anyone” because it assumes the phenomena has absolutely no dependence on the “whom” of this equation. We already know from quantum physics that the observer plays a role in the outcome of an experiment, and presumably a different observer would produce a different outcome. But before the advent of quantum physics in the 1920s, science assumed matter is all there is, and that it behaved predictably like a machine. Therefore, they figured the observer had no role, and must be kept out of the equation. Thus they established the concept of “scientific proof” where it didn’t matter who did the experiment; everyone should get the same results if they apply the same experimental methods.

This is 1800s science, and oddly enough skeptics nowadays are still using 1800s scientific thinking when already by the 1920s it was proven that the world is not a machine independent of the observer. So in a way, those who consider themselves “scientists” and “rational” are being irrational in holding onto outdated scientific assumptions. It’s been a hundred years since quantum physics and all they can do regarding that is shrug their shoulders and say “stuff is random and we can only examine it probabilistically, and we won’t get into the question of the conscious observer since our job is only to get results in experiments and not question the whys, because the whys are left up to the philosophers.”

So if you were to scale quantum physics up to the macro everyday human level, what you get is a collection of observers (all of us) each influencing the manner in which the wave function of existence becomes the history/timeline that we see before our eyes. Each of us affects what experiences we pull toward ourselves. And so the quality of our consciousness, the metaphysical things that affect what we pull in probabilistically (destiny, karma, all that stuff) plays a role in whether or not we can even access certain types of objective phenomena.

See, there’s a flaw in thinking that things are either subjective or objective. Subjective means it’s all in our heads and doesn’t affect reality, objective means it’s completely real and has nothing to do with what’s in our heads. But what if what’s in our heads determines whether or not we can access a certain corner of objective reality? Then it goes beyond both, and I’ve had to call it transjective as in transcendentally objective.

The point is that some proof can only be accessed by some people, and cannot always be transferred between people. It can be as simple as a dream I had this morning, which I cannot transfer and prove to you it took place. To me, I have 100% proof for myself that it occurred, to you there is 0% proof beyond your trust in my word. Dreams are somewhat subjective though, but then consider say aliens or ghosts or angels or demons or whatever who are real and independent beings, however their realm only intersects yours if you are “tuned” to them in some way. If your consciousness/soul is “broadcasting” on their frequency in some way, you will experience them objectively. But if not, then you won’t.

So that’s one complication, that our own soul/consciousness plays a role in whether we intersect and thus can experience a particular phenomenon.

The other complication is that with aliens we are dealing with intelligent beings who, based on available data, have the capability of 1) seeing into the probable futures with varying degrees of clarity, and 2) time traveling to a limited extent. In the first case, they can tell whether they will leave behind an item of evidence and whom it would reach, and what the impact of that would be. If they don’t like that, they can avoid leaving that piece in the first place. Thus they are far less prone to accidents than we are. In the second case, they can travel in time and reverse a mistake on their part, so likewise they wouldn’t make such glaring accidents as to leave clear evidence behind. This means they only leave behind as much evidence as they want to whom they want. Therefore they can keep a very tight leash on how much proof of their existence is circulating around.

I’ll give you an example. Years ago at a bookshop I met a guy and his girlfriend and we got talking about the alien subject; he told me how his brother on the West coast is an abductee who has had some harrowing experiences with them. He was dead serious when he said his brother was able to film the onset of an abduction, how he was in the alley behind his building filming one night when they arrived and knocked him unconscious but the camera kept rolling after it fell to the ground. The video showed them walking towards him and the camera and you could see their feet only. The guy said he saw that video and several others and was blown away by it. So I said, wow this is amazing have you thought about putting it on YouTube? And he said that they and his brother didn’t want the publicity so they wanted to keep it quiet. So I said we should get together because I’d like to see it then myself. He said sure, but was in a hurry and had to leave. He knew who I was through my books and I asked him to email me. Guess what, I never heard from him again.

So an item of proof that could have really shocked people slipped away just like that. So casually, “didn’t want the publicity.” And that’s how this stuff stays under wraps, not with MIBs threatening people at gunpoint, but a mere shrug and “meh, it’s too much trouble” and that’s the end of that. It takes almost nothing for an alien to drop that suggestion into someone’s head to not share something, if the person thinks it’s his own thoughts. And this can be done all over the world, easily, and so once again we have a dearth of true proof.

The difference between “no proof due to it all being fake” and “no proof due to quantum and alien precognitive censorship” is that the latter still has 100% personal proof for those experiencing it, of which I am one. So where does that leave people like you who don’t? As I mentioned above, you’d have to make up for it by exploring all the anecdotal evidence, sorting through it, and coming to a probabilistic assessment of what to believe. That which makes the most sense, fits the pattern, and is validated by further research and new events, is good enough to keep as a working hypothesis until the need arises to modify and improve it.

So really, it’s all about research and reading between the lines. Analyzing motives of the witnesses, their sanity/intelligence, and not always taking what they say at face value since they are just reporting their interpretation of what happened (what they were shown) and not always what actually transpired. The latter can be deduced by comparing multiple cases and sleuthing out the underlying agenda, just how detectives work in solving cases. A detective case is never as simple as “Oh here’s a video of the guy doing the crime” — sometimes it’s lots of circumstantial evidence that builds up enough to get a conviction.

I agree that on the internet, especially, there are a lot of deluded, truly schizophrenic, or attention seeking hoaxers and victims of government psyops that stage fake alien abductions and all that stuff, but amidst the noise is a signal. Or rather, sometimes the signal is what the noise avoids. Sometimes it’s not about what is shown to us (the cases being published in books and newspapers) but what is being ignored, suppressed, avoided (such as the issue of how to distinguish between positive aliens and impostor positive aliens). There are, however, abduction forums, books, videos that can be used. Cases to study, I mean.

So you ask, why does this stuff only happen to people who are powerless to bring it to public attention? That’s pretty much been answered: because aliens know the impact of the evidence they leave behind, and ensure that the only evidence that gets out is that which either doesn’t change anything, or changes it when and how they want it to. The latter is exemplified by them turning on their damn headlights when they fly around at night. Why do they need to do that? They could just fly in the dark. But no, they are actively marketing themselves, slowly and gently, through proof that has a certain level of plausible deniability so that it reaches those who want to believe but is dismissed by those who don’t.

» Would I be correct in my assertion, that you write more for people who have awakened to the 3D manipulation, but have yet to see and grasp the 4D(spiritual/metaphysical/alien) manipulation?

Yes. I write to fulfill a need, and there are many books and websites out there covering the 3D conspiracy. You know, the 9/11 cover-up, Bilderbergers, Illuminati, even the government UFO cover-up. Those fields are saturated with material.

Also they only address the enemy outside the gates, not inside the gates. Inside we have the 4D manipulation of our own minds and souls. If we lose the battle there, then the external war is already lost.

This happens to people who study so much 3D conspiracy that they end up falling for a 4D agenda; for instance, getting so cynical, pessimistic, and angry about human elites running the planet, that they become dead and bitter inside. Nasty angry people. Spiritually they have succumbed, even if externally they are still fighting against the 9/11 cover-up for instance. They have no balance, and they are striking at the branches instead of the roots. They are guarding the front door while the back door is wide open.

In fact, there are disinformation agents who very openly discuss the 3D conspiracy, but grow rabid and manipulative when you mention either/both the alien and spiritual/hyper-dimensional aspect to the conspiracy. It’s because that’s where the real manipulators are, and where the real solutions are to be found.

So you see, the trap is for people to either fall for negative awareness or ignorant positivity. The latter is those New Age-oriented types who have no concerns for the problems of the world and try to ignore it, in order to focus solely on improving their selves and lives but in a superficial and ego-based way. They actually don’t care to help others, but want to use reality creation methods to manifest millions for themselves for fame and fortune.

Which is why, on my site, I recommend positive awareness. To see truth from a higher context, instead of ignoring what is uncomfortable to hear, or instead of focusing only on the uncomfortable and succumbing to emotional suicide from the higher lack of perspective that could balance it out. Those who focus only on the 3D conspiracy, or who choose ignorant bliss, are in the pockets of the 4D manipulators, and they don’t get real interference, only superficial interference meant to make them think they’re on the right track. It’s when you ARE actually on the right track, that you get covert interference meant to make you doubt yourself or stray onto a wrong line of research. Which is what I have to watch out for constantly.

» I was just wondering what you believed about spirit guides?

In a lucid dream I asked that all souled beings here reveal themselves to me. And a blue van drove up, door slid open, and inside were six people of varying races and ages and professions. After discussing with them, they said they were my helpers. Each had a set of specialties. Like one guy was military looking and specialized in psychic combat and self-defense. Another guy was into humor and physics. There were two women, one asked me to describe how she looked, and after remarking that she looked Asian, she looked amused and commented to her friend that it’s curious how she often comes across as Asian. Meaning that’s not her true form, just how my mind read her energy signature.

I do think we have at least one helper or spirit guide. More of an angelic being though, that we have by default looking out for us, even though humans tend to ignore their intuitive nudges and frustrate them to no end. The Higher Self is one such guide, the most important of all. There are also alien types/hyper-dimensional beings, say ones whom you were part of before becoming human, and now your buddies back in hyper-d land check in on you.

To a small degree deceased humans can also be spirit guides. Only problem there, is that too many such cases are astral impostors and predators/parasites. Or just plain old human entity attachments, where they get stuck on you after dying and refuse to leave you, because they don’t know how to enter the light or else enjoy still being human. I know people with “spirit guides” who are dependent on them, and the “spirit guides” tell them everything to do, down to the smallest detail, and run them ragged like mice in some cruel science experiment. So watch out, some people who are big into spirit guides are actually riddled with astral parasites. You can tell by what the spirit guides say and instruct. Real spirit guides can offer profound, concise, and true guidance. Fake ones just toss you something trite and possibly incorrect, like a con-artist might.

I don’t mention spirit guides much on my site because it’s risky becoming preoccupied with the idea you have a team of characters always around you, and that’s it’s safer only believing and trying to contact the Higher Self because that’s the big and reliable one. Even if you do have a team, they ought to reveal themselves to you and become obvious if needed. I mean, they can give you just as much info through dreams, and when you contemplate stuff and get ideas, without you having to face-to-face converse with them. It’s more innocent that way, I mean less egotistical when you get help without you knowing it. Because once you know it, then things might get a bit weird between you and them. That’s just how I see it though.

» Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?

I view Jesus and Christ as two separate beings, the first human-born, the second nonphysical and divine, who became as one during the ministry of Jesus Christ. By acting through Jesus as a vessel, truth and light was injected into the timeline. The Christ mission was incomplete and has yet to be fulfilled as evidenced by the state of the world. I define Christ as an intelligence projected by the Creator toward the restoration of the corrupted timeline back/forward to the Golden Age. Also I consider only the “Q” document and the Gospel of Thomas to be reliable texts of what the historical Jesus Christ actually taught.

So to answer your question, not Jesus himself, just Christ the divine projection of the Logos, sent to guide humanity back to the so-called Kingdom/Garden, which I interpret to be a higher positive realm of existence, aka 4D STO Realm (although the Garden was technically our former 3D STO realm, so we’re not retrogressing to Adam & Eve naïveté again, but rather moving forward toward congruence with the Elohim in a 4D STO realm).

So I see Christ more as universal initiator than personal savior. Christ has nothing to do with religion, as the latter is a human dogmatization and corruption of universal spiritual truths and principles.

John 10:34-35: “We are not stoning you for any of these,” replied the Jews, “but for blasphemy, because you, a mere man, claim to be God.” Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your Law, ‘I have said you are gods?’”

John 14:12: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.”

If we take these quotes as valid, then they show that Jesus was an exemplar of what is possible for a human, that what happened to him and what he did, can happen to us and we can do. How? By becoming pure living expressions of the Christ intelligence. Only then are “we as gods” and can we “do what I have been doing… even greater things.”

Thus to elevate Jesus the man, the personality that walked Earth two millennia ago, to so high and unique a status that he becomes an idol and we become but unworthy worshippers, is to go against the very mission and words of Jesus Christ because it keeps us down on our knees instead of rising up and meeting his example. Jesus pointed at the Truth, and people worship his finger. We must walk in his footsteps in order rise shoulder to shoulder with him.

I think what separates Jesus from other people is that, the soul/spirit that was born as Jesus the human, was nonetheless among the wisest, oldest, and most advanced spirits/souls in history. That’s what it takes to become a vessel for the Christ at so early in history and have an impact so large. Buddha and the other avatars likewise.

But now, since it is the end times, the same will be possible for many to achieve within a short time, to become expressions of Christ. Only by the latter, which I interpret to be the Second Coming, can we defeat the Anti-Christ forces and merge Earth with the Kingdom. Jesus Christ the guy in a robe with beard is not descending from the skies to save us all, rather it’s a global and widespread phenomenon that will allow humanity to save itself through the awakening of Christ in many — thus the son of man will come in “clouds” (read: multitudes) and thus Mark 13:21: “At that time if anyone says to you, ‘Look, here is the Christ!’ or, ‘Look, there he is!’ do not believe it.”

Anyway that’s my view. The modern mainstream conception of Jesus Christ, promulgated by the power hungry Church and politicians of the first centuries A.D. served to distort and quarantine the Christ mission to as non-universal a role as possible. A pathway meant for all fallen beings has been turned into an excuse for sectarianism and bloody crusades. I hope that Christ finally breaks free from the fetters of organized religion.

» (Question about why some turn Christian overnight and become very irrational and fanatical about it)

If someone buys mainstream religion hook line and sinker, then it’s because something has bypassed their logic and sinks its roots deep into the emotional, egotistical, and subconscious layers of the mind where it’s rationalized instead of analyzed. Meaning an emotional event that overwhelms them, some logical fallacy they fall for, or something that satisfies and ego need. For example:

  • They pray to God for a miracle, get a miracle (which could be caused by anything), and not only think it’s proof of God, but proof that they should now memorize the Bible and become hardcore churchgoers. Even if it were God, that doesn’t mean they should become fanatical Christians.
  • They have ego insecurities with need for approval. They find in Christianity both a reason to feel guilty about themselves (because they are sinners) and the solution (become a fanatical Christian to gain God’s favor and be forgiven).
  • They are at their bottom point in life, pray to God for help, then get a synchronicity (like a phone call from a Christian friend) asking if they want to go to Church. They break down and think this is the answer, and then become fanatical Christians themselves.
  • They notice that people they respect, like professors or bosses or friends, are Christian and go to Church. They realize Christians aren’t as fanatical as they previously figured. But they ignore the fact that even smart people can split their minds and make some room for illogical religious beliefs. So they take after whom they respect, and join the Church.
  • They weigh the risks of not believing Christian truths (eternal damnation in hell) to risk of believing in Christian lies (just being an innocent fool) and feel it’s better not to risk eternal damnation, so they become Christians. But this is a logical fallacy, since you should not let imaginary risks influence you. What if another religion comes along and says “if you don’t believe in us, not only will you burn forever in hell, but so will all your loved ones” — now are you supposed to convert to that one just because the risk is even higher than that of Christianity?
  • They equate Christianity with the only way to be moral, ethical, and wise. As if being a non-Christian means you can only be a depraved maniac who stabs people in the back. Not so, because we have spirit/conscience within us that we feel when we hurt others, and that kind of understanding is more real than blindly following commands in some book.
  • They notice that all the nice people they know are Christians, and the depressed or negative people are not Christians, and being nice people themselves they think they have to join the Christians. This is seeing things in only black and white. If they themselves were nice, without being Christian already, then that shows you don’t need to join the Church to be nice. You just act on your heart. What they see just means they live in a narrow minded town where everyone happens to be either Christian and nice or not Christian and not nice. But that’s just that town.
  • The Bible answers some mystery or question for them, something they always wondered about, that mere school education did not answer for them. So they conclude there’s something to Christianity, and start studying the Bible. Their mistake is thinking a few answers means it has all the answers. There may be yet another non-Christian source that has even MORE answers than even the Bible, so why are they stopping at Christianity thinking that’s all there is to know?
  • They have a supernatural experience, a vision or a dream, in which they encounter Jesus. This emotional impact of this overpowers their reason, and they start rationalizing its reality instead of questioning whether it was just a dream or some form of deception. And even if it were Jesus, that still doesn’t mean they now have to swallow the whole Bible and join a Church, since the latter two are corrupted versus what Jesus actually taught.

All of these are examples of something bypassing their critical thinking ability. Usually either some form of authority, or an emotional impact. It leads to a betrayal of reason, intuition, and experience.

In contrast, some other Christians have an intelligent, independent, and illuminated perspective. They don’t blindly swallow dogma. Religion is like a reflecting pool: some can make out reflections of spiritual truths high above the plane of religion, others see no reflection and drown themselves in the pool.

» Considering that negative aliens use human beings for energy, do you think that more enlightened humans become vegan so that they don’t exploit other life forms?

If people’s genetics/blood type/metabolism allow them to be vegans without ill health consequences, then definitely. I noticed that it’s fair-skinned and light-eyed people with A, B, or AB blood types that handle it well, and dark-haired brown-eyed people with O blood that handle it worst.

But if someone is not biologically suited for veganism and they suffer from malabsorption and malnutrition, fatigue, spacey headedness, etc. then their total ability to help other people spiritually will decline, and that has worse impact on the system as a whole, and therefore the future of mankind, than the cost of taking an animal’s life. That’s not an enlightened thing to do.

Some occult practices like advanced astral projection or deep trance meditations require a vegetarian diet at least in the days or weeks leading up to it. Usual explanation is that meat lowers your vibration and therefore you can’t pull these maneuvers with such lowered vibes. But that’s only a small part of it. Rather, it’s the same reason fasting is recommended — because the body must be made weak through starvation and malnutrition, so that the soul and spirit can more easily detach and do their thing. The stronger the body, the greater its “magnetic” pull on the soul.

Implying, therefore, that meat imparts bodily grounding and vitality — to a degree. Thus if you need to be “here” in reality, if you need to be grounded and sharp, and if you need to have physical energy and boldness, then depending on your biology you might need meat in the diet.

I don’t eat soy because of the estrogen mimickers it contains, beans contain too many indigestible substances that upset my digestive system, and I can’t handle lots of carbs either. Therefore I would not do well on a vegan diet with its few remaining options. Thus in my case, I choose to stick with a regular balanced diet because ultimately, it gives me the time, energy, clarity, grounding, and health stability that I need to think and work hard toward critical goals. I would be doing a disservice if I became listless and passive and mentally fogged on a vegan diet. Now if I retreated to a lifestyle of meditation and non-thinking and effeminate passivity, then the side-effects may not bother me as much.

If someone can do veganism or vegetarianism just fine, then they have no excuse for not eating lower on the food chain. But people who aren’t suited for veganism or vegetarianism become progressively impaired by it, and just like with alcohol their impairment keeps them from seeing just how impaired they are. So with mental faculties dwindling, they become increasingly shrill and illogical and cranky, not to mention pale and wan. It takes a lot of time and energy spent researching, shopping, preparing, and eating to stay healthy as a vegan.

What bothers me are 1) emotionally hysterical vegetarians who use their lifestyle as an excuse to justify a vicious contempt and egotism bordering on the demonic, and 2) self-absorbed meat eaters who have no regard for animals and gorge themselves way beyond dietary necessity, especially those who think animals aren’t conscious.

If you’re going to eat meat, be mindful and respectful, don’t support abusive farming, and make up for the loss of animal life by putting out an equal or greater amount of good into the world. Enlightened people would know what is best, and sometimes that means going vegan, and other times might mean including meat, depending on their biological needs.

» Any thoughts on the place human positives refer to as “home”, where it is said that the dark humans are not allowed entry upon death, and where constant and vigorous research of every imaginable type is conducted before handing knowledge to Earth-dwelling humans?

Two things come to mind.

First is that it sounds to me like what some sources (the Cassiopaean Transcripts and Ra Material) call “fifth density.” More common name is the afterlife or spirit plane, but it’s that level of existence where spirits go in between physical incarnations. From what I understand, spirits that still incarnate into physical bodies go to this level temporarily without being native to that level, whereas higher beings who have moved beyond physicality live there natively. So the same level is home to both beings who are native to it, and those lower beings who only stop over temporarily before moving back into physical life again. That level has the akashic records, symbolically experienced by us as a library containing all experiences ever experienced and lessons learned. I visited it once in a lucid dream where I asked to meet my higher self.

In Robert Monroe’s books, he talks about some of the intermediate layers between ours and this spirit plane. Maybe it was him, or some other source, but one of those places was termed “summer land” because it was always summer time there with the sun always near sunset or twilight, very pleasant.

Second is that it might instead by positive “fourth density” which is like a higher, more malleable, but still tangible plane of existence just above or beyond our physical, but not one that is as high as the spirit plane. In that level, your personal soul frequency and spiritual orientation determines your residence within that level, like the realm that you occupy, and so dark humans would naturally not be able to vibrate high enough to enter it. Also, the beings there, many of them looking human like us but of a higher superhuman caliber, do tend to deliberate over what knowledge to carefully provide to us lower mortals. But positive fourth density blends smoothly into fifth density, so the two above are somewhat part of the same continuum.

I don’t know the exact name of the place though. There are also other planets where positive beings may originate from, planets where dark forces are banished or unable to find such places.

» In terms of reality creation, what happened with the massive and (presumably) brutal extinction of the dinosaurs? Since they were animals with no higher, cognitive function, they must have been exempt from the concepts of attracting probabilities into manifest existence.

Reality is dual in that there are spiritual laws and physical laws. The lower the consciousness of something, the more it comes under the dominion of physical laws and less priority it takes within the spiritual realm of things.

Take a rock for instance, for the most part it’s entirely under the laws of physics and chemistry, in being crushed, dissolved, transformed, thrown, mined, and so on without being able to resist, and without anything intervening on its behalf. Whatever can happen to it, happens to it, because it’s very low consciousness.

Plants are next up. Things happen them as well… animal comes along and eats it, and its life is over, and it can’t even run. Might have evolved poisons and thorns, but that’s about it. So a forest fire can rage and wipe out thousands of square miles of trees, and there’s no higher divine beings stepping in keeping it from happening because in the big scheme of things, the trees don’t matter much as individuals because they aren’t all that individual. It’s like the cutting of hair, which doesn’t destroy the person. Likewise, a forest burning down doesn’t kill off the group soul of the tree species. It’s an entire species getting wiped out that might matter, but one tree or another maybe not as much.

And so it is with animals. The higher the animal, the more it might matter. For instance, a pet seems to matter enough that certain ones get destined to be assigned to certain humans, especially good humans who give them care and raise their consciousness. Maybe those animals are on the brink of incarnating as humans and need that boost. The less individualized the animal, like say a worm or swarm of insects, the more physical things can happen to it without interference by spiritual beings.

As far as the dinosaurs go, it was probably a combination of both physical and spiritual circumstances. Spiritual because their death allowed for the rise of mammals, and mammals allowed for more diverse and successful building of individualized consciousness, as in humans. Since crocodiles are millions of years old and haven’t changed much at all, it’s possible that the reptilian lineage reached a dead end in terms of its potential. So in the big scheme of things, the comet impact was allowed because ultimately it serves a positive purpose in the long run. It’s not so much dinosaurs themselves attracting it consciously, as that kind of phenomenon only belongs to beings with individualized consciousness of a higher caliber since it’s a Creator-like trait of creating and manifesting. Rather it’s natural laws sending comets to Earth and there being no reason for higher beings to stop it.

Even in human civilizations, heavy disasters have happened with huge loss of life. Like 90% of the population getting wiped out. It’s those who survive, who either do so by luck of nature, or by destiny. Same with those who die, sometimes their life has run its course and they’d be better off checking out for now and coming back later in better conditions, or sometimes they live or die by natural circumstances because they themselves don’t matter much to spiritual stuff either due to being too low of consciousness, meaning their needs are too basic to require needing to stay in that body at that time.

» What does “soul death” for STS beings actually mean? I’m assuming that once they’re destroyed their energy is reconstituted by the Creator and used to make something else. Since, at least in theory, energy can neither be created or destroyed where do these dead beings go?

The only explanation of that, that I have seen, is in the Cassiopaean Transcripts where it says that, in the final stage, they implode like a star collapsing in on itself and become the equivalent of black holes, metaphysically speaking, which translates to them being recycled as elementary matter. Meaning that matter is frozen consciousness, that which has the least freewill of all. Makes sense that if they keep losing freewill the deeper the go into STS, that the ultimate end of that would having no freewill at all, which is identically matter.

» What will happen if our hologram of existence succumbs to a negative, STS take over? Will the Creator simply reabsorb it into itself after learning what it’s like to have that experience or will it continue to explore what it’s like to be in the negative?

You mean if our entire universe comes under STS domination? I think it would result in loss for the Creator through the curtailing of potential. And for that reason, the Creator would do well to intervene when and where necessary through divine servants, to make sure it never gets to that point. That doesn’t mean it won’t reach that point on this planet or that, just talking about the universe as a whole. So Earth matters enough, but not enough that the negative stuff has been curtailed from the very beginning. In fact, I think the Creator or whoever calls the shots, is a very good strategist in bringing a world to the brink, in order to maximize the experience and lessons learnt from the dark side, before putting them away.

But if Earth were to succumb fully, it would mean a very long time of darkness that spreads a bit like cancer through the local part of the galaxy, until some distant future time when the Divine has another chance to turn it all back. Because that chance exists, the Divine isn’t snuffing out the dark on Earth right now. Besides, to do so through direct intervention would violate freewill as well. The Creator seems to take more of a backseat approach, letting freewill on all sides do its thing until it gets to the point where freewill for all is about to become irrelevant through complete enslavement and implosion of all consciousness.

» I understand what you mean that the Creator doesn’t want to violate free will and therefore isn’t stopping the progression of various negative events in our world but is there really a finite period for the Creator to intervene in our matrix/hologram? Or as you put it, “a chance to turn it all back?” It’s hard for me to imagine a multidimensional, omniscient being ever running out of options about when it can “recall” a “cancerous” reality… How can a chance ever be closed to the Creator?

Mainly because the loss would be greater than the gain in forcing a chance where there shouldn’t be one. It would mean the erasure of a lot of experience and lessons learned by a lot of beings to just go back and wipe it all out for the sake of saving something that, if it were allowed to continue to its next opportunity point, would leave those lessons intact AND still allow for all things to turn out well in the end.

If the Creator is infinite, then the Creator is also infinitely patient, and I think that farsightedness and patience is at the root of why the Creator seems cruel. Those who protest the cruel-seeming Creator risk being like children who can’t think with far enough a view like parents, and so if parents let a child fall of his bike instead of always being there, it’s to make him a better bicyclist. All the child sees is abandonment.

In my experience, the past is malleable and there is timeline manipulation by positive and negative forces, but they seem to be cumulative additions instead of erasures of what’s already been chosen. Imagine a wall with graffiti — it’s one layer after the old, layer upon layer, instead of one getting erased before the next layer is added. These little changes are there to influence choices made now, so that the future is changed. This is different from outright changing the past so that the future is outright different, it’s more subtle and preserves freewill. So I would imagine the Creator works likewise, allowing freewill to run its course and interceding only when doing so assists a future rather than undoing all the choices of the past.

» What are your beliefs on NESARA?

There is no NESARA in effect. The people who run it are scammers who have been leading other people on for years and years and years. There is an actual law or bill called NESARA but it is nothing as huge as these folks claim. Additionally, the government and legal system don’t work that way where some legal thing like this is a magic bullet that just causes them to crumble and restore everything to right. No, there are plenty of legal items that would have done that already, like the missing 13th Amendment that disallows anyone with titles of nobility (like Esquire or Knight) from holding government office, which would purge government of everyone who has ever become a high lawyer.

The government consists of people and psychopaths who don’t follow the law if they don’t have to, who cheat and twist and bend and ignore the law as they see fit. The real NESARA is too piddly for them to even pay attention to. But the scam is severe enough that followers of FourWinds writings have lost a lot of money and never gotten it back. Every other week they say NESARA is about to go into effect, but for decades it has never happened, because it’s not as big and real as they claim. So I would stay away from it, not send any money, and focus on other ways to create change.

» Do 5-D hyperdimensional beings think it’s really possible to “win” in the end? Aren’t they aware of the Creator or are 5-D beings and their ilk soulless and therefore like the Demiurge and Archons, no more than high-functioning, entitized aspects of a negative ego, stuck in a feedback loop of feeding their endless hunger for control?

STS itself comes with a very deep-seated element of denial. This denial is at the root of consciously chosen STS path. Wishful thinking is a better name for it, which is the denial of reality and truth, and the adoption of selective perception. Because only the latter, an illusion, can keep the ego intact and safe and looking good. It’s this same denial that makes every element of the STS hierarchy revel in it being the boss stepping on those below, when they themselves are slaves getting stepped on from above.

I mean, when they do notice themselves getting stepped on, in reality they have two choices — get out of the STS predator-prey hierarchy, or fight harder to get higher up the ladder. In the beginning they keep fighting… I think that at some point there are drop-outs, however, who might get tired and burned out from it all, and it is they who may drop out and apply their knowledge toward STO purposes… but only if they discover within themselves some glimmering of spirit and have it grow strong enough.

So to answer your question, yes I think 5D STS thinks it can win. It wishes it can and strives for it. And at the deepest level it’s likely a blind urge that they don’t question, a hunger to control and expand the empire of control. Also the threats of competition and usurpation from those below the hierarchy keep them going, as they need to be leaders. So they’re as much pushed from below as they drive themselves, and this is possibly what drives some off the cliff into STS implosion.

» How does something become a 4th or 5th dimensional being?

The best book on that is the Ra Material, aka The Law of One books. Language is a little dense, but the cosmology of it is very elegant.

In short, a 3D being just finishes up all the lessons involved in being 3D and outgrows it. During 3D, individuality grows and becomes purer and purer to whatever polarity it has been growing toward, and eventually it breaks completely free of all that makes a 3D person limited. Generally speaking that’s when the individuality is strong enough that it remains continuous between waking sleeping, life, and death instead of losing itself, and when it gains sufficient mastery over the etheric and physical bodies.

So in a human case, that would mean breaking free to some extent from physical biology, ego, brain limitations, linear time, five-sense perception, and other things that keep us bottled up in a matrix reality. It’s enlightenment in Buddhism or becoming a master shaman/nagal/sorcerer in the Toltec system, or becoming Christ-like in the Christian system. There’s a point at which the spirit/soul/consciousness becomes aware and powerful, more so than the influx of matrix/physicality influences keeping it down, and that’s when it rises.

They don’t become 100% free of physicality, as even in 4D there is physicality, just kind of plastic and more vibrant and responsive to thought. It’s not until 5th Density that one is in the spirit realms, which is the density one temporarily visits between lifetimes.

Or to put it another way, a physical human becomes more and more spiritually pure. Some psychic powers begin manifesting. They look at the world differently than before. They become less and less fettered by things that limit others. They grow tired of typical 3D ways of living, needs, goals wants, and attachments. They become more interested, observant, and steeped in higher spiritual dynamics that really work, and they can prove it by living it. They become increasingly transcendent. And then at some point there is a flip-over.

One historical example is alchemist Fulcanelli — that link is an interesting article there about his Obi Wan-Kenobi-like presence after his supposed death.

The 3D to 4D transition is possible for a single person through spiritual perfection, but also apparently through a boost by some kind of Wave or Shift, sort of like what’s been prophesied regarding the whole 2012 idea. The boost is what allows maybe someone with a mere 75% perfection rate to flip over, whereas without that boost (say a guy like Fulcanelli who did it when Earth was not under the influence of such a boost) might need 95% to get on out of here. That’s just my interpretation, and it worries me only because this means there could be a lot of people who flip into 4D who are basically naive concerning things there, and thus easy game for any negative beings already there. Whereas someone who goes that master-occultist-shaman-etc. path already has training and wouldn’t get lost during such a flip over.

» Is the Starseed Movement a possible front for an alien takeover?

Well I think the Starseed movement can deviate from a similar but real phenomenon. I do have reason to believe that beings from other worlds, other times, other dimensions or densities incarnate as humans. And that many of them may afterward feel alienated, as well as having a vague longing for their home world. And they may be here on a mission too. But that’s where the similarity between this real phenomenon and the Starseeds movement ends.

The Starseed movement may deviate in the following way:

1) When it emphasizes the ego-identity of being of non-terrestrial origins. Meaning, people take this label “Starseed” and dissolve themselves in that identity, taking it on along with all its baggage and ready-made answers it provides that may not be true to their actual purpose and soul origins. So it risks straying into Ren-fair or Trekkie fetishism, in addition to making people stop examining their own purpose after having found something that seems to provide a convenient one-size-fits all set (like religion or cults or political groups).

2) When it emphasizes the “dislike Earth, long for home world instead” feeling, which is okay in moderation but not when it interferes with the fact that, if you came to Earth, you did so for a reason, so be here and be present and fulfill your potential. Reveries for another world that leads to escapism, irresponsibility, denial, etc. is the danger here.

3) When it leads to over-alienation from humanity, and over-affiliation with extra-terrestrials. Worse, it may hitch you to the wrong alien group. The Gray agenda for instance makes use of this, taking people who don’t remember what alien group they actually came from, and telling them lies that they used to be Grays and are here to help mankind welcome the Grays. Just because you feel you are alien, does not mean you need to become a Gray-hugger, because they’re not the only aliens in town and you may well be affiliating yourself with the very forces you came here to counter.

4) When it builds a base of support for the Grey hybridization and takeover agenda. That is, to have a youth movement aligned with Grays or related aliens, to lead the charge toward transformation of society into one lead by human-Grey hybrids who have control over the affairs of man while serving their alien progenitors.

5) When the love-n-light angle is unbalanced toward New Age denial of discernment of dark force existence and tactics. For instance, how many Starseeds are aware of negative aliens pretending to be good guys and how to distinguish between them and the real good guys? Some, but majority I would say are not aware. You can emphasize love, but only if balanced with sharp discernment and wisdom and understanding. Instead, New Age uses the idea of love, in its lower dopey naive form, toward tranquilization of intellect and discernment. And then other groups who are paranoid and cynical like the Quantum Future Group use this as an excuse to bash all love and positivity as being tranquilization, which is false and an equal and opposite fallacy that serves those same negative alien forces, since the Matrix Control System plays false opposites against each other toward a common dialectic synthesis.

6) When it takes attention away from the point of being of service in a true, humble, realistic, practical way. If you are from another world, you don’t need to boast about it, fantasize about it, preoccupy yourself with the superficial details of your star system, construct your own alien language like Trekkies learn Klingon, and so on. No need to worship your alien affiliates. What truly matters is the spiritual mission. If there is an alien mission too, then you better be sure it’s what you came here to do, and not what aliens of opposing sides have programmed into you during this lifetime to serve their ends.

So I agree with you that the Starseed movement has problems, just like the Indigo/Crystal children movement. Ultimately I’d say it’s deviated aspects can become primers of mass consciousness, or the forerunner, to an introduction of alien-human hybrids en masse.

» There is one thing I can’t figure out about the dimensional timeline splits around “2012”. I had a dream that there will be three different divergent paths, one hellish (negative), one pretty white picket fence like (neutral), and one where fairies live (positive). If this is true that the doorway will be opened and we will synch to the path that is congruent with spirit level needs, than what will happen to the remaining 2/3 of people in the other timelines that are not synched with the one I am going to end up in? Disappear by some means?

I’ve wondered the same thing. There are several possibilities:

1) Smooth segue: The other 2/3 people gradually and smoothly leave your sphere of experience through a natural parting of ways. Let’s say civilization breaks down, there is no news, people are cut off from each other except in groups. You only see and experience those you’re with. Then everyone else can fade out and it wouldn’t make a difference to you. Decades pass and they might as well be dead, you’ll never know. You just come across other people belonging to your 1/3 population. If you ask them about the other 2/3, everyone one of them will say, “I don’t know, last time we saw each other was before the cataclysm, and we went in different directions and I haven’t seen them since.”

2) Timeline rewriting: your own timeline and memories get rewritten all the way into the past, so that those 1/3 you are with will seem like those are the only ones who were on Earth for as long as you can remember. Same for others in their respective timelines. Those in the hell timeline will only remember being born into a dark hellish world and living out a sucky existence.

3) Three copies from one timeline: Each of the three groups wakes up one day, not knowing that 2/3 of the people around them are actually on other timelines, and what they see of those people are just empty holographic placeholders, like echoes of their real selves. They look physical, but are like broken records whose growth and sentience has left them, and they are like background characters now while your life shifts to interacting with those 1/3 you’re with who are still real.

4) Everyone goes poof: you wake up one day and 2/3 of the people are missing. They have gone to the other timeline. The world is a lot less populous and everyone wonders where those people went. From that point on, it’s only your own 1/3 that remain in the world. And since their spiritual development is within your 33% percentile, the timeline from that point on will develop accordingly. Thus, the hellish timeline is the one where the bottom 33% of the world’s population go, and since they are selfish greedy people, their world will go to hell quickly.

5) One world, two new dimensions: the world continues, but 2/3 of the population develop extra-dimensional abilities. Those of the negative orientation become increasingly interfaced with a hellish dimension that they can cross over into and back, and eventually stay there permanently, while those of the positive orientation do likewise with some higher plane of existence. Those in the middle are stuck in 3D linear time as always, and if that timeline comes to an end then probably like all cataclysms in the past, through mass death from cataclysms. Meanwhile, the other 2/3 will enjoy the benefits of their respective negative/positive dimensions that they now can access.

  1. may already be happening, judging by the increase in empty people out there, if that’s what’s causing the problem.
  1. is what I’m hoping for, nice and easy transition and no bad guys to deal with, if you’re in the good guy timeline.
  1. is likely if the world status quo remains, while awareness continues to spread among those who are open to truthseeking.
  1. has some logical problems, like if the timeline changes so drastically, how is it that you can have certain grandparents or parents if they’re actually now on the other timeline with a different past…
  1. is the most plausible, or at least true to my experience about how people seem to branch timelines in minor ways through simple parting of ways and never seeing them again.

So, some food for thought. I don’t know which way it would go, but there are ways it can be done.

» I was reading through the “intelligent design” article and was wondering if you could explain as best you could the exact process of metaphysical soul coupling to the physical body. I’ve wondered about this for a long time, even before researching fringe topics.

The only thing I can say for certain is that the interface must happen at the quantum sub-atomic level. Only at that tiny scale does the behavior of matter become truly unpredictable. As long as something is perfectly predictable, it has no freewill, no consciousness, it’s just a machine ticking along according to the mechanical laws governing it. That’s what matter above the sub-atomic level is like; it is a bunch of dominoes knocking over more dominoes, each effect having a prior physical cause.

But at the sub-atomic level, you can have an effect without any discernible prior physical causes. A radioactive atom emits an electron suddenly; why now and not a few moments earlier? What caused the electron to just eject right then? Science cannot say. What causes a photon to “choose” to go through one slit cut into a board versus another slit? Science cannot say. There are no physical causes at work here; if there were, they could be measured, studied, and used to perfectly predict what an electron or photon will do. But there is that mysterious nonphysical factor.

What this means, is that there is something nonphysical influencing things at the sub-atomic level, which starts a mechanical chain of cause and effect that amplifies or cascades up into the big world we see around us. Thus at the root of physical reality are little quantum switches, little events, that are decided by a nonphysical factor. The factor, of course, being consciousness or conscious energy.

Now obviously you don’t have to intend each neuron in your brain to fire, you just think a thought and the corresponding neurons fire; those neurons firing are, at their very beginning, quantum phenomena sensitive to nonphysical influences. So when you think a thought, there is likely some intermediate energy field that does the job of synching your nonphysical mind with the physical neurons. And that’s what the occultists call the astral and etheric bodies. They’re interface fields. The etheric is the one closest to physicality, therefore I would say that the etheric energy field is what “bends” quantum events into happening one way instead of another.

With just the bare minimum conscious energy, and here I mean the consciousness of a rock or even a molecule, the quantum events will be without purpose or order; they will be unpredictable but not with intelligence. It takes a complex consciousness (a soul/spirit) and an equally complex physical mechanism (like the brain, with its billions of neurons, each of which is sensitive at the quantum level) to create a walking talking intelligence like we ourselves.

So how exactly does the etheric energy field influence a quantum event? I don’t know, other than to speculate that all possible choices already exist in this self-contained matrix, like a choose-your-own-adventure book already containing all the outcomes; and that the etheric energy somehow flips us to the right page according to which direction of the story we choose next (whether to think one thought or another). But all I know for fact, is that science leaves a wide door open when it comes to quantum physics; they cannot rule out consciousness being something nonphysical, all they can do is say they have no proof since they aren’t even looking for it.

I read in Rudolf Steiner’s books that after death, the physical body is left behind and the Mind/Spirit (core of being) is left only with its etheric and astral bodies surrounding it, and within a period of a few days or weeks the etheric body likewise disintegrates (called the “second death”) and after much longer time, the astral is also cast off.

So then the process reverses when about to enter a new life; the spirit coagulates around itself an astral body, gets drawn to a fetus in gestation that offers a matching life ahead, and then the etheric body starts forming that will bind the Spirit//astral to the physical body. So it’s a gradual process of growth of the interfacing fields between physical body and Spirit. Apparently it’s a bit more complicated; I mean, there’s supposedly discussions with higher beings about the life you’re about to enter, some tweaks you do to your life plan, and so on, and then entering the fetus and being born.

After that it takes years for the astral and etheric to fully crystallize and solidify into the body; so a young child will still have an immature and vulnerable field there since it’s not firmly planted. I think that’s why they can see strange stuff, get more negative entities going after them, because they are more vulnerable (yet also more flexible and vibrant) than adults whose fields are a bit more leathery and resilient although dimmer due to energy loss throughout life.

I’m thinking there’s a resonance or feedback flow between the potential lives one can incarnate into, and what one’s needs and karmic issues are. There’s never a perfect match, but I think we’re born into the lives that best match our mission, learning needs, and abilities. So this resonance could be what starts drawing a Spirit to its next life.

» I was hoping you could give me and others your thoughts on suicide. I am not considering it. I am just curious about your thoughts on the subject.

The kind of suicide where you’re going through a tough but necessary phase of life, and instead of dealing with it you hurry up and kill yourself under a temporarily and emotionally intoxicated state of mind, that’s the kind where afterwards you supposedly regret it severely. Odd comparison, but it’s probably like waking up discovering you wet your bed — you were in a dream, did something you knew deep down wasn’t a good thing to do, and only after waking up do you realize the mistake. Because once you kill yourself, you can’t come back, and so if from your higher sober state of mind you had much more planned in life, by checking out early you made a major F-up and will reincarnate to finish up what you didn’t before. It’s a major rebellion that you did against your soberer Self. The regret is a lot more severe once you’re out of the body, and this tends to trap souls in a vicious circle. So you get lost souls sometimes this way, who stay in the astral planes a lot longer than other souls who died under different circumstances.

There are sober forms of suicide too, however. One is killing yourself to save another, like a sacrifice. Another is when you’re about to be killed by the enemy or tortured or whatever, with little hope of surviving, and it’s better to check out now peacefully. I think in Buddhism, these two forms of suicide are allowed because they are noble. Jesus handing himself over to the Romans is an example; because the sacrifice serves a higher good in the long run. The Cathars only allowed suicide if it was done under the most positive and blissful state of mind. Incidentally they would commit suicide in pairs, so that they would continue their companionship even after leaving the body.

Problem is that there are demonic and negative astral forces rampant, not to mention military/remote-influencer and alien forms of telepathic persuasion and mind programming that can drive a targeted person toward suicide. Or mental illnesses or chemical imbalances. If someone dies under those influences by committing suicide, it’s still a screw-up but really, screw-ups are counted in terms of freewill — how much freewill did you have to act differently? Should you have known better? Or did you have no choice because you were just so overbearingly hammered? I think that determines the amount of regret and cause for reparations after death.

Sad to say, I see suicide rates increasing dramatically over the next couple years as people’s cushy lives fall apart — especially if there is ever a public perception that hope is lost and that there’s no future. Not that it’ll necessarily go that way, but if it does, the natural reaction for many will be to quietly commit mass suicide.

My own philosophy is that unless you have no choice but to sacrifice yourself to save others, or to avoid guaranteed torture before death, there is never a good cause to kill yourself. Because even in WWII, those who survived the holocaust went on for years afterwards and did things they wouldn’t have, if they just committed suicide early on. You never know what’s going to still come after your current time of troubles. If you’re still alive, then you still have a reason to be here. When your life is finished, you’ll be finished. May not seem finished to others, but they don’t see the bigger picture maybe.

» Could you comment on the web-bot project at halfpasthuman.com?

I treat their reports the way one would interpret dreams. Dreams contain nonsense, real prophetic elements, and most of it all wrapped up in symbolism. A dream about a tornado may not be about real tornado, but say an emotionally stressful situation. So if they’re predicting something like an island sinking, it may be symbolic of it being economically ruined. That’s how I view their reports.

As for what they describe of the future (not specific events, just general trends), my conclusions are largely in line with theirs. Like, often Cliff or George Ure will say something that matches what I just recently figured out. Maybe they’re reading my stuff, I don’t know. Maybe we’re both plugged into something.

Anyway, I wouldn’t take every prediction in the web-bot reports literally, however you can tell from their material that they have a broad perspective. They are aware of aliens, conspiracies, politics, economics, time shifts, and so on. So I appreciate more their view on trends and events, the connections they make, than the web-bot output itself.

» Can you share some insight on Taoist philosophy?

It’s all about acting on the level of mind/quantum instead of matter/force. Like turning a key to open a door versus bashing it in with a sledgehammer. It’s also about transcending false dualities, and reaching a higher creative solution to things. Like a riddle, where the obvious guesses at an answer that take the riddle literally are always wrong, and the true answer is always on a higher plane of creativity that has an element of unexpectedness to it. So Taoism is about that which is always beyond the bubble of our “common sense” — and at a higher level of “uncommon sense” so to speak.

You’re right that non-anticipation is a large part of that. The future hinges entirely on the present. By synchronizing your mind and actions with the flow of time as it passes through the present, you act in an immediately responsible manner. Versus, say, positioning your mind within the past/future aspect of time where you calculate based on the past in hopes of creating a certain effect in the future, which is like walking in the dark based on some math calculations and hearsay about what’s in front of your path, versus seeing the path itself or rather feeling it as you walk it, which is Taoism.

So yes, Taoism is a very anti-matrix kind of thing. It goes against ego and linear time conditioning. Its only potential downside is that if misapplied, or not applied in balance, it can make one passive as a vegetable during situations where synchronicity has guided one to be there to fight. So Taoism is about responding in the optimal manner according to one being in touch with that most optimal probable future whose influence guides one in the present, and if this requires a bit of fire and action then so be it; therefore Taoism shouldn’t be confused with total and absolute non-resistance and passivity in all cases, as the latter only applies to cases where ego-based stupidity is what’s calling forth the fight and it’s better to outflank the ego and do what the matrix-ego-inspired situation doesn’t expect/demand.

» As I understood your book, prime targets can be repeatedly assaulted through abductions despite heightened awareness (or even specifically because of it). It would seem to me that anyone who was victimized this way and accepted the parameters of potential future assault would be catatonic and constantly freaked out, terrified of sleeping.

There are consequences, actually. But to address to core of your question, both alien and military abductions create a mind split in the person at a relatively young age (I’m guessing 4-8 years old) where one part of the mind (abductee mind) is what wakes up during an abduction and experiences it, and the other part (mundane mind) is only active during the person’s everyday life.

The abductee mind is sequestered at all other times, except for unintended surfacing in rare instances during the day when triggered by some sense stimulus that maybe resembles something it witnessed. That’s when some of its memories briefly cross over into the mundane mind, and an abductee actually remembers some of what happened.

If you were to switch these around, whereby the sequestered part becomes the main consciousness of daily life, then yes one would be a complete wreck. But what we are during the day, our mundane mind, is kept quarantined from this other part, and vice versa. There is only residual contamination between the two.

The things that don’t depend on state of mind do leave more of a residue however. For instance, bruises, scars, pains, soreness, tiredness, mental fatigue, and drug or electroshock after-effects (in the case of military abductions). So a person can wake up with some of these symptoms but no memory of the abduction encounter.

During the onset of an abduction, there is a transition between the mundane mind and the abductee mind. Thus if a person wakes up to a presence in the room and gets really terrified, and only then switches minds, then the next day or night they could feel kind of jumpy because their mundane mind did get traumatized a little, but not as much as their sequestered abductee mind did after that during the abduction.

Another thing is that abductions are not all directly traumatic. If it’s a programming session, and done by aliens, it’s actually quite passive and uneventful. So imagine a person who is sleeping gets taken out of their body, or maybe their body itself is taken as well, and the whole time they are in this very sleepy trance state, semi-dreaming as they’re being shuffled about. And then they get placed before a machine or Grey or something that transmits telepathic information into their heads to create posthypnotic suggestions, then they’re placed back in their body/bed. During this, there may never need be a moment of physical struggle, terror, torture, or anything. So even if you had this a few times a month, it wouldn’t be as taxing on a person as you’d think from reports of the more stressful abduction.

That said, there are lots of cases where a person, due to their mundane mind really focusing on the alien stuff and being obsessed/terrified with it, creates a feedback loop whereby those same forces have more access to this person, and become more overt/tangible in their interactions. That’s when then quarantine breaks down a bit, and the person does indeed fall apart. Their mind gets shattered over time. So you’ll see abductees who are a bit hysterical, wild-eyed, not all there in the head, because their mundane minds are fried from this. A mind native to this 3D matrix existence needing only to think enough to buy groceries, raise kids, work and pay the bills is too fragile in the face of contact and psychic interface with alien beings.

The catch is that the abductee mind, and the mundane mind, in being somewhat separate, have different access parameters and permission levels. If during the day you say you want nothing more to do with aliens, but your abductee mind doesn’t make that same commitment, and if you get abducted in such a way that little trace of it spills over into your mundane mind, then those abductions can indeed continue because to the mind making that intention, it’s being fulfilled. Therefore it would take intentions and commitments by the mundane mind so prolonged and deep, with such attention toward carrying over all through the night, that it percolates down into the subconscious and thus the same “basement” that the abductee mind shares, and then therefore can bubble up into the abductee mind and make a difference.

The weak minded are vulnerable to invasions into their more remembered reality. Meaning, a much more overt, memorable, tangible, and frequent alien presence in their daily life, instead of it being quarantined to that part of life one doesn’t really remember. So if you ever come across a person who has all-out alien stuff that seems non-stop, and they’re wrecks as though curled up on a corner sucking their thumbs, that’s an example of someone whose abductions and alien activities have been allowed to infiltrate too much into their mundane life. Another example of that is being wide awake, and aliens showing up and squashing your mind asleep or into trance to take you; that never happens to me. Instead I first go to sleep myself, and then when my mundane mind is out to lunch, that’s when it can happen.

Lots of weird things happen while we sleep, including negative astral critters, succubi, etc. stopping by sometimes to jack into our dreams and feed off us. That’s way more common than an actual alien presence. Astral things are as plentiful as ocean life, whereas aliens are fewer in number and thus less prevalent.

Practicing lucid dreaming sounds like something useful in your case, if you haven’t practiced that already. I still haven’t mastered it, and only still have them spontaneously. But being aware in your dreams, I think would work to stave off a lot of abductions. For instance, if you do wake up into your mundane mind with a presence in the room, you still have time to fight it before you flip over into that tranced out abductee mind. I know people who stopped abductions this way. It may be said that staying non-lucid and not resisting such an abduction is tantamount to giving it permission to continue.

» Given the demiurges” and archons” surveillance power and technology, they should know they we are real threats to them. Why don’t they just eliminate us right now? Perhaps they are not able to somehow?

That’s right, they are working within a greater law framework that they can’t violate. But they are good at finding loopholes, which is the one about freewill. If piece by piece we give away our freewill, a point comes when we have given it all away and virtually given permission to have us killed.

One example is getting tempted with drug or black magic abuse, and after a while you make enough deals with the dark side that they own you, and then when you cross them, they do indeed kill you. Same thing with people who get clearances in the military, they sign away their life, and then when they blow the whistle they die. Like Phil Schneider. Another example is dark side bluffing you with some scare tactics, and you choose not to keep a grip on yourself, and gradually you become more paranoid and spiritually weakened, then you get sick and die or whatever.

Another way you can be killed is if you are about to do something that pisses everyone off, good guys included. For instance, you’re about to unleash Free Energy technology to the world. Why would positive side not want that? Well, I think ultimately they do, but the right thing at the wrong time under the wrong circumstances leads to trouble. It’s like an FBI sting where they’re almost at the point of nabbing someone, and then some idiot jumps in and starts shooting at the criminals, which blows up the whole operation and the bad guys get away. Free energy is like that… it will turn the world upside down and screw things up before its time… and if we only wait a few more years then the time is right. But guys have tried to do it prematurely and died for it, killed by oil interests and negative forces, and they didn’t get protection from the positive side because of them being a bit too reckless and premature.

Point being that it all starts somewhere, and is a gradual process toward you being killable, legally killable that is. So as long as you don’t take those first steps, or as long as you know the warning signs and correct yourself before it’s too late, then you’re okay. Therefore it’s mostly an internal spiritual battle. if you stay on track, I don’t think you can be killed. But you have to be cautious, keep yourself balanced, and don’t stubbornly go against the flow of destiny. When you start straying, that’s when you get sick a lot, accidents happen, etc. and those are warning signs. Not to mention, dreams will warn you too. So yeah, if you get out of warm water, you’ll never be in hot water, so to speak.

» I read on your site that it is possible (once awakened and lucid) that material laws can be broken. Is this implying that we can fly, just like we can fly in a lucid dream? If so, what exactly needs to be done to become lucid?

When spirit becomes master over the mind, and mind over the soul, and soul over the body, then the body is absorbed into the spirit and comes under its full command. That’s when the body no longer obeys physical laws, only metaphysical laws. It’s when a body can be materialized or dematerialized at will, without technology. Certain advanced positive aliens can do this. You’ll also read of this in some of Carlos Castaneda’s books, where highly trained shamans can do this. If you have never read Carlos Castaneda, I think that will give you an idea of what’s required.

The main problem is that we are held here by a kind of “gravity” — not strictly the physical gravity, but a conscious kind of gravity that holds us to the illusion that reality is completely real. Even if you tell yourself that a pen isn’t real, and thus you try to move it with your mind, there is still a part of your mind that remains unconvinced. That part is your subconscious and unconscious, and it can’t be convinced just by your surface conscious mind willing it.

To reach that part of your mind is difficult. You have to be able to focus without focusing, intend without being aware that you’re intending, and other Zen-like paradoxes. One of the introductory skills needed for this, is being able to keep your mind awake as you fall asleep. So instead of dissolving into a dream and forgetting you’re dreaming, you stay aware while your body fully falls asleep and dream images appear. In this state, you can even have your eyes open and, with enough training, move around and talk.

It’s in this weird state of consciousness that you can do lots of things, and it’s the starting point for being able to override physical laws. It’s because in this state, you are not 100% locked into physical linear time reality. You can see things you can’t normally see (mostly etheric thought-forms and invisible beings hanging out). And you can then start manipulating etheric energy, which is the precursor to physicality. In this state, you are more merged with your subconscious than otherwise, and so reality becomes more fluid.

But yeah, I’d say check out some Carlos Castaneda books. They’re mostly fictionalized, but the ideas discussed are pretty valid I think. A big lesson in there is conserving energy and switching to alternate states of consciousness. You need energy to overcome that conscious gravity that keeps you stuck. Ever had a lucid dream opportunity where you were just too tired while asleep to bother becoming fully lucid? I have, and it showed me that becoming aware takes energy, mental and emotional and spiritual vital energy, and if you’re not bursting with this energy, then you won’t have the coherence and enthusiasm and concentration to step outside your rut.

And so with waking reality it’s similar, except even more difficult, because in dreams it’s only your subconscious keeping the dream environment stable, whereas in waking life it’s the mind of all beings in this universe. So you have to overcome that, and this takes a lot of energy and subconscious detaching.

By the way, it’s a lot easier to bend probability and create synchronicities, than outright break the laws of physics. According to quantum physics, the laws of physics we know are just averaged out values of little tiny quantum fluctuations. Sort of like how a big crowd doesn’t move as a whole, even though the individual people in it are bustling about. So it’s hard to get a whole crowd to move (meaning, to bend physics) but not hard to get one critical person to move which then influences the future in an interesting way. So what I’m saying is, if levitating is too much of a feat, no worries because you can do lots of cool stuff still if you just try to bend ordinary probability instead. See my Reality Creation Redux article for some tips on that, it’s in the Research Notes section of my site.

» Have you determined a way to know for sure if you are under attack of a negative entity/alien/boogie/etc.?

There tends to be a clustering of symptom. If you only had one symptom, then it could be explained away, but several together makes it more definite a conclusion. Here are some possible symptoms:

  • Ear tones/ringings — usually a sign of getting pinged by some psychic entity, meaning something interested in watching you right now
  • Seeing warning omen signs — certain synchronistic numbers, certain insect infestations, bunch of police/ambulances, etc. Whatever symbolic dictionary applies to you and gets the point across.
  • Seeing faces of aliens or ghouls as you close your eyes and try to go to sleep. These hypnagogic images are visual representations of psychic impressions.
  • Nightmares, gory dreams, really uncomfortable dreams like something’s trying to mess with you.
  • A sudden, uncalled-for, irrational shift into depression, wild anger and irritation, or hopelessness.
  • All this happening during an important time in your life, like working on a project, or contemplating a decision, that could have positive outcomes.
  • Increase in injuries and objects breaking and illness
  • Insomnia and a feeling of wariness or jumpiness like something’s around when you try to sleep, also extreme amped up feelings, elevated heart beat, and racing mind while trying to sleep, that keeps you up and leaves you tired from lack of sleep. Sort of like too much caffeine, but not having had any caffeine.
  • Unusual tiredness, headache and nausea and chills, that come on suddenly, and leave suddenly and don’t have prior physical cause that you can pinpoint.
  • Temporary intestinal/digestive issues that don’t trace back to dietary causes.

» I wish to ask you how you filter these emotions of distaste out when you see the world decaying.

You mean moral and spiritual decay with dark people doing evil things?

The way I see it, those people are not in control of themselves, not all there in the head, sometimes not fully human. They may be acting in perfect harmony with their nature if they are being controlled by ego or demonic influences, same way a shark eats innocent people just because that’s in its nature to do so.

So first of all I see them as either being defective (like a crazy or retarded persons) or else not really human (like a demon). In either case, there is no disgust within me coming from the “They should know better!” perspective, because they don’t and can’t know better. They are what they are.

Secondly I believe there is a divine framework that puts me in the right spot at the right time, according to my abilities and resources. Therefore when I encounter a situation when I can indeed do something about these dark people, or to help those they oppress, then I will. Until then, I am patient, knowing it’s not yet time.

Third, I believe there will be a time of reckoning. That darkness will get what it deserves. This makes me patient.

Fourth, I realize that everything beyond my ability to change is wasteful for me to fret over. For that, I leave it to others, until my time comes to do my share.

Fifth, I think these people are goners, and so I don’t really care about them because they will have no presence in the future. Or so I hope.

Ultimately I take a practical approach, where I only care about what is within my place to care about and do something about. The rest I accept as inevitable for the moment and I endure it patiently.

» (question about ear ringings/tones)

I talked to an alien contactee, who is knowledgeable on such matters, and he believes ear ringings are caused by an entity or person distorting your own body’s etheric field in the region of the head, which creates an abrupt alteration in blood flow and pressure to the ear, causing the inner ear organs to register a ringing.

They would distort your field by trying to remote view you, focus on your energy and purposely try to distort it, or some other act where they have to consciously focus on you. The entity could be a person who is truly psychic, an alien who checks in on you, a nonphysical being like a deceased person’s spirit or some angel-like entity. Ear ringing may be a side-effect of what they’re doing, or a purposeful induction of a tone in order to communicate with you, perhaps about the future as you noted.

My asian grandmother said left ear means someone’s talking bad about you, right ear means someone is thinking blessings. I myself have found that my left ear means an upcoming attack/test consisting of me getting very angry at someone, while right means an attack consisting of me having a moment of panic and loss of confidence. So it means different things to different people, but in all cases it’s someone else’s (or something else’s) psychic influence affecting the etheric field of your head around the ear.

So if you get one, most likely someone or something has you in mind at that moment. I also found an interesting phenomenon today. Had an ear ringing while in the kitchen, and it went away shortly, then when I returned near the same spot in the kitchen, it came back. Then it went away. I suspect perhaps an entity, not completely physical and not visible, may actually have been standing there. So I would move my head around the kitchen and when I got to another spot the ringing happened once more. Maybe I was intersecting where the entity stood, and ear would thus ring. After another minute of this, the kitchen was clear, but I ran to the living room a few feet away and at one spot it happened again. So if it was an entity, it was moving around. Suggesting that an ear ringing can be caused by such an entity right next to you maybe touching or somehow influencing the field of your head.

Though it can be done remotely as well, it seems. I have never gotten an ear ringing from a regular person though, no matter how much they were thinking of me positively or negatively. It’s more a trait unique to psychic beings who know how to project their own energy field or disturb mine. Some are negative, doing this to monitor you and see what your current state is, as well as what’s on your mind and maybe even scan your immediate probable futures. Others could be positive and trying to help by giving you an intelligent signal in either ear, that, once you figure out what it means, can alert you to certain ideas you’re thinking that are important and correct, or certain events coming up that you should be warned about.

I’ve had a couple ear ringings occur while I was asleep. This was in 2002. I dreamt of being in a fire station, with our black cat there, and the fire alarm was going off, while I noticed at the same time my actual ear was ringing. That’s what first clued me into the idea of what the ringing meant for me. Black cat for me meant presence of a nonhuman supernatural force. Fire alarm means an urgent situation or warning. So I concluded that my ear ringing meant like an alarm going off for me, about a dangerous situation coming up. Since that time, my ear ringings have always matched such situations which often do arise within hours or a few days. The only time nothing happens, is if I have enough dreams and ringings and other signs to know the nature and timing of the upcoming event; once I know what it is, that somehow seems to prevent it from manifesting.

So, since it means different things to different people, you can do what you’ve already been doing and find patterns in when they happen, what ear, how loud, how long, and how high or low the pitch. I’m glad to hear that you paid attention enough to notice a pattern already.

» It seems that the deception is being perpetrated at all levels by the alien presence! Everything also points to a clear ownership of the astral plane/spirit plane by the alien/demon entities themselves. It seems that these higher entities have transcended love…is it the means that is used to keep us trapped on this level?

“Higher” beings just means they are more complex and perceptive than we are. There are higher positive beings, and higher negative beings. The higher positive beings have not transcended love, but have mastered and perfected it to an extent. They know its power and live it. The higher negative beings have vanquished love, at least the love of others as they still love themselves I’m sure like any tyrant would. But in doing so they put themselves slaves to the highest negative beings in their hierarchy. They live on a spiritual credit card system, where they have certain powers but only because they’ll repay it in double when the time comes. They don’t actually own any true spiritual wealth. Higher positive beings do, because they earned it through hard choices and experiences and cultivating their awareness, their soul light, and their love of balance, truth, and of other beings.

But love itself has different levels. There is the lowest level which isn’t really love but carnal attraction based on hormones and genetic programming. That’s what most people call love, the love between young lovers I mean. They say they’ll love each other until the end of time but a few months into marriage they already hate each other; it’s because it was a chemical love that wears off, not anything based on true soul appreciation and bonding.

Real love makes you more of who you really are. Fake love intoxicates you and makes you less than you really are, impairs your consciousness. That’s their main differences.

I define love as the force that drives spirits toward greater perfection and congruence with the Creator. In other words, it’s the impulse within you that gives you concern and appreciation for the spiritual health of another. That makes you care about them and support them in a healthy way. That’s love of another person. Love of ideas, love of truth, is likewise the impulse that moves you forward to greater states of evolution, to greater awareness, through those truths/ideas. Love is an arrow that points upward to infinite consciousness. Wherever you are, it points upward. So it’s sort of an anti-gravity force. Whereas ego is like the ground pulling you down. It takes freewill and effort to stand upright and fight against the pull of gravity. Higher positive beings are like the birds who can soar freely.

There is an interesting movie about this subject, called Ink (2009) — some places online offer it for free viewing. The first half is kind of slow, but by the end it pays off because it’s really a touching movie about redemption and how humans are caught in an invisible war between higher positive and negative forces.

Now, the astral planes are like the ocean. You have different depths, and at the bottom it’s dark and cold and heavy and weird creatures dwell. Those are the lower astral planes. Up near the top is sunlight and highly sentient and positive beings. Where you go depends on the quality/vibration of your consciousness. Think of people who are always angry or shameful or fearful… that’s a kind of resonance in their soul that, after death, guides them to a corresponding level. From what I have read/heard/seen, what happens in the afterlife (at least for a period of “time” between physical death and eventual return to the spirit realm) is heavily dependent on your beliefs, programming, biases, and addictions that you die with. There also appear to be parasitical entities in the astral that feed on such lost souls. For instance, those who die believing in purgatory may end up in an astral level where such entities pose as priests or holy figures telling them they are in purgatory and that they must wait and suffer and pray (feed these entities their soul energy) if they want to get out. So these beings either wake up and realize what a false illusion this is, or else stay and give their last etheric/astral energy until their etheric/astral shells shrivel up and fade out and only then does the spirit, the conscious core, move on to the spirit realm.

So I believe you are only as free in the afterlife, as you are in life. If you are slave to lies in life, then you may be slave to lies in afterlife. If you are lucid, careful, discerning, and aware in this life, then likewise after death. The Tibetans liken the afterlife to something that is similar, but deeper, than what we experience in sleep. Thus what dreams we have are an indication of how likely/easily we can get caught up in afterlife illusions.

The important thing to remember is that, in the absolute context, and at our core, we are immortal spirits. The point is best illustrated by a dream I had a couple months ago. I was having lunch at a Chinese restaurant with two blond women (looked like aliens). We were conversing and they asked me a question/riddle: “What do science and spirituality have in common?” — and I answered, but the answer came out of me almost as if they were suggesting it telepathically. The answer was that both involve energy not being created or destroyed, rather transformed from one state to another.

They elaborated that what we take as 3D reality is like a self-contained bubble, a special kind of environment. That the true inner core of us, that spark of sentience, is situated and originates from outside that bubble. That it is immortal and transcendent, and cannot be harmed. But that there are forces in the bubble who are native here, or at least trapped by their own choice to be the way they are. They may eat our bodies, even harvest our soul energies. But in the end, they are the prisoners of their realm, and we are above beyond it even though we are temporarily extending ourselves here into this environment.

Anyway, point being that up to a point you do have negative alien and demonic forces controlling a lot of what’s down here. The bright side is that they control through cunning and deception due to our own ignorance and bad choices, not so much because they have absolute power. If they had absolute power, they wouldn’t need to hide themselves or manipulate so cunningly, they could just do it simply and openly. In my own life, there is a tug of war between them/my own ego, and higher spiritual beings/my own heart or spirit. These forces put pressure on us when we are to make a choice. Even a small one, where we choose between giving into selfish base impulses or listen to our conscience and common sense.

As long as we become aware of negative impulses and choose the alternative, in that moment we triumph over even an entire group of demons or aliens. Because their reach is limited. But if we are so weak, then of course it seems like they have control over us. And fact is, most of mankind is very weak and asleep, due to genetics, diet, environment, and social/religious/education programming.

Who’s on our side? I believe in the Higher Self. Which on my site, and in other published materials, is described as that future final version of us, perfect as we can be, high up in the chain of spiritual evolution, who can look back and help out its past selves still moving forward. It acts as a silent chaperone, a whisperer or ideas, a small voice of conscience sometimes. Guiding in the right direction. We have other positive forces, including positive aliens if they have an interest in you (if you’re an alien contactee/abductee). They all help silently for the most part. They guide covertly rather than intervene. Although based on close calls with accidents and such, it seems they do intervene when there is no choice. Like if negative forces manage to take control over some car driver, who then swerves into your lane to try and collide with your car and kill you, positive forces then, in seeing that you have no freewill choice in the matter either way, will step in and bend the laws of physics if necessary. Not every collision is such a violation though; sometimes it’s random chance to someone who is not yet high priority or sufficiently in tune with higher forces, or who attracted/desired it out of some spiritual imbalance or karmic need. But certain people seem to have protection. I think it depends on how much they matter to others, how much the future depends on them, how aligned they are with genuine spiritual forces and not just impostors pretending to be good guys.

» How do I align with these positive transcendent forces?

Positive forces gain satisfaction from seeing a person make the right choices, acting from their more noble and loving side. See we are confronted with choices everyday on whether to give in to our selfish, contemptuous, blind ego impulses, or to stay conscious and sacrifice our egos to do the right thing. It’s by consistently making those right choices and consistently sacrificing the lower ego impulses that we start aligning with the higher, not just in our intention, but in our actions. So we do make mistakes, but it’s the persistence to keep getting back on track and adopting a higher perspective as often as possible that counts.

Now, as far as positive aliens go, it seems they are more limited in their resources than, say, higher more angelic spiritual beings. Therefore they’d notice you if you are of concern to their particular mission or agenda. However, I suspect that they work more with people who made pre-life agreements with them, who may be one of them now incarnated in human form. Thus I’m not sure whether an alien group would care too much about a person they’ve never ever had affiliation with. On the other hand, we always have the choice to get involved with their business, let’s say spreading the word about whatever message they are aiming to send humanity, like educating people on the possibility of deception by opposing negative groups.

That said, the one thing not to do is look into the sky and send a strong message that you want contact. Because it’s like shouting at the top of your lungs in a war zone; you don’t know which side might hear you and come. However, you can try to maintain a steady composed attitude on the positive side of neutral, and basically place yourself in serve of positive higher power to effect positive change to the degree of your ability. You may then notice opportunities pop up where you can do a little thing to help someone in a spiritually meaningful way.

There is a lot that keeps positive forces from doing a face-to-face meeting with a person.

For one, apparently it’s dangerous for them to show up in the physical as airspace is monitored for those incidences and they can be shot down by military weaponry upgraded by opposing alien faction technology.

Secondly they are very non-interventionist and don’t want to interfere with anyone, and would prefer helping you in a way where you don’t even realize you’re being helped and where you do most of the work yourself. This is necessary for you to grow strong, instead of being carried and thus grow weak.

And third, it’s difficult asking them without some level of ego and anticipation involved; for instance, if you were to look up and ask for a sign from them, and a star appears and moves in response, would your heart skip a beat? If so, that is a sign of anticipation, possible fear, and those act as blocks to the request; not until you remain completely calm would they consider it, as anything beyond that is interference and runs the risk of unpredictable reactions on your part.

So you’d basically have to tread the positive path for the sake of the love and fulfillment of it, rather than the expectation of future reward or passing of some test, and then you naturally grow to that point where when you least expect it, it will happen and you won’t be surprised but rather calmly relieved.

» Based on the principles we’ve studied (stuff like Steiner’s work, Mouravieff, Gurdjieff, Baines, etc.), how would you go about debunking the idea of solipsism? I mean, one of the hermetic principles is “all is mind”, there are other notions such as those from Ra and Cassiopaeans that talk about the so called “Law of One”. If in fact, “all is mind”, how can we prove that everything is not just a creation from our own subconscious minds? Solipsism seems absurd, but how can you find concrete evidence for individuality other than our own?

The fact that others have enough freewill to do things against our will shows that their minds are functionally separate from our own. The fact that reality stays constant even if we are unconscious shows something more than just our minds is keeping it together.

Also if you are in any way intuitive or clairvoyant you can sense the consciousness of other people, see their energy fields, and know they are sentient beings versus, say, dream characters who lack that energy and sentience.

And if our own minds are creating all this, why is our dream environment malleable to our intent, but physical reality is a lot more solid? Shouldn’t they both be the same if they’re both projected from the same subconscious?

Now if you’re talking about reality being created by our collective rather than just your or my subconscious, then yes, the more consciousness you include in the picture, the more reality is a projection of it. Through reality creation (manifestation) we as individuals can indeed influence our reality a little bit, like manifesting some opportunity or material item. The collective subconscious of humanity may likewise manifest collective events and circumstances. Yet that doesn’t mean everything is a product of collective human subconscious, just as not everything in the world is a product of my or your own mind. There are intelligences beyond humanity, on other worlds, in the cosmos, that also have a say in what reality is.

The difference between solipsism and the Law of One, is that the latter says only that we are of the same substance, essence, origin, but that we are endowed with freewill to pursue our own paths, that we add our influence to the common reality. Whereas solipsism says your mind is the only one, and everyone else is just a figment of your subconscious projection as in a dream.

There is a difference between just imagining something, dreaming it, and experiencing it for real. Imagination is no more creative than your conscious mind. Dreams have the novelty of being projected by your subconscious, so at least it has some autonomy and originality, but then again beings can telepathically project into your dreamscape to provide new information as well. And reality is the most autonomous of all; I can go to college knowing nothing about higher math or physics, and it makes more sense that an actual teacher gives that to me, than to say it was in my subconscious all along. Reason being that even in dream, logic can be scrambled and breaks down on closer examination, whereas in real life mathematics is solid from beginning to end, just like physical reality is.

» I am very distressed by the current state of our world, and even more so by the direction we seem to be heading in. It feels like an overwhelmingly dark force is guiding things from behind the scenes, yet there is no positive counterbalance to act as an opposition to the malevolent intentions steering the planet.

There are a few things I keep in mind when feeling like this.

First is that we can only act within the sphere of our influence, meaning we must accept that which is beyond our reach, while focusing on what is actually within our current circumstances, resources, and abilities to do. So dividing things between what you can do, and what you cannot, helps to take away some of the worry and shift your concern to where you can actually do something about it.

Second is that there is an optimal time and method for each action. Meaning that if your intuition says no, and circumstances aren’t right for you to act, but fear and frustration push you into acting anyway, you will find that you meet only further frustration. Therefore it comes down to patience and foresight, and careful listening to intuition for when you suddenly realize the moment of opportunity has arrived, that you’re enthusiastic about it, and that you now have the means to do take a particular action. Then you go for it. So the idea that there is indeed a guidance or flow to things, helps you be more patient.

And third is the idea that the majority moves in a deterministic direction, a direction that’s ill-fated by the sheer fact that they are so stubbornly programmed and stuck in their ways, or maybe because at some level they almost need to experience tough times to jar them out of their slumber. Those people you cannot help, beyond providing an option for an informed choice like maybe making information available. But then there is the minority who can indeed be helped. They can weave their way through what the majority experience without themselves getting taken down. And it is they who matter most. Therefore if you focus on victory one person at a time, rather than trying to change the entire world, you can get more done. If you think in terms of quality of enlightenment, rather than quantity of people reached, then you’ll have less frustration.

» What if those negative abduction experiences you describe were human in origin? I mean, how do you know for sure that they were actual aliens, beside a gut feeling? Because I think it’s possible for the negative experiences to be fear mongering by some secret human group.

I can tell a difference between human and alien, both have their capabilities, which are very similar, but they differ in style and characteristics.

Generally the human groups are more crude, are anchored in the physical plane, tend to use concepts of sex and violence (like gun nut/survivalist) in their mind programming, are restricted to working out of underground military bases, are themselves a bit perverted in mindset with human-type humor mixed in, and have human vibes.

Generally the alien types shift frequently into a non-physical/etheric/hyper-dimensional state, often do soul abductions (which human groups cannot do) for mind programming purposes (that’s where body is left in bed, soul extracted upward into ship), have an energy field around them that is very strong and can shift your consciousness into trance state just by being around them (whereas humans need hypnotic triggers like a strobe light or verbal command), are always able to “hang around” you in an etheric state (whereas for human types it’s more cumbersome, requiring cloaking and teleportation which takes extra time and effort and risk and isn’t done that often). Also there’s no mistaking Grey alien vibes. There’s an actual vibe to their limited consciousness and their very being that would be different from a mere cloned or artificial human-manufactured PLF (programmable life form, term used by James Casbolt and Greer), which is more just a flesh-robot. Real Grays have something more beyond that.

Now here’s the interesting thing. The human groups are very advanced, and the most advanced ones are seen by abductees working side by side with aliens who usually act in a supervisory role in underground military bases. They’re not just props shuffled in to make the abductee think aliens and military are working together, as they’re too involved in tasks there and display psychic powers typical of aliens. By advanced, I mean these human military groups have remote viewing technology, limited invisibility cloaking, very limited psychic powers (but still above average), teleportation technology that can extract an abductee from bedroom, and electromagnetic trance-inducing technology.

But like I said, aliens and the human groups have their qualitative and logistical differences. It’s like eagles versus turtles. Sure a turtle could strap into a glider harness and fly, but an eagle can do so anytime, do it easier, and better. So it appears to me that military groups are either cooperating with, or have been taken over by, negative alien groups, and that together they are pushing a disinformation scenario that will ultimately get us to turn toward a false-positive alien group for leadership in the years ahead. In other words, the trump card that needs protection is whatever alien group will be pushed as the good guys; the rest are disposable scapegoats to be used in the various disinfo scenarios. For instance, in Greer’s scenario that trump card (aliens) is well protected by the cover story that supposed bad aliens are just PLFs (programmable lifeforms) created by the human military to deceive the public. Other disinfo vectors use reptilians and/or Grays as the sole scapegoat, leaving the blond/Nordic aliens as the trump card.

In my opinion, Grays, reptilians, some military factions, and some Nordic groups are part of the same conspiracy. The real good guys are other Nordic factions and whatever miscellaneous lesser alien types are on their side of non-interventionism. So you see, by splitting up the conspiratorial group into various “good cop” and “bad cop” divisions, we think we’ll be choosing the good against the bad, when really it will be two choices leading to the same outcome. The real good guys would represent a third choice that isn’t obvious. Who knows, maybe they will be demonized for trying to withhold technology from humans (which they do for ethical reasons, but portrayed as wanting to keep us in the dark) whereas the false positive groups will give us lots of technology but with a heavy price of our freedom and sovereignty.

» Have you had any positive alien encounters? It sounds like from what you’ve experienced that its all negative and scary stuff.

Yes, although the positive groups are incredibly discreet. They are non-interventionists who respect freewill, and know that a person they are guiding from behind the scenes needs to make his/her own choices in order to grow strong as a spiritual individual. Whereas the negative groups want to interfere, want to take away a person’s freewill by rigging their choices through false information and mind programming. That’s really what the difference between positive and negative aliens comes down to. Some groups are in the middle zone between these, most notably time travelers who are advanced humans but not necessarily advanced by 4D alien standards.

So my contacts with them have been mainly through abductions I don’t remember, although they are rare and are not preceded by the negative precursors and negative after-effects. They have other precursors and after-effects unique to positive abductions. Also they prefer dream-time contact more than physical. I heard it’s because the military-alien alliance is heavily monitoring U.S. airspace and tries to shoot down any positive ships that they can track, and so coming in for a physical encounter is very dangerous for them. Thus psychic projection into dreams or staying purely in the etheric. It seems they do more to your subconscious to inspire you with ideas that you then develop on your own without knowing the source. They stay behind the scenes, like I said. Every once in a while I might have a dream encounter, or dream fragments reflecting an encounter earlier in the night.

I also suspect that positive groups are loading up people’s (their contacts) subconscious minds with knowledge and instruction, that stays safely buried until some future time when it’s needed. A bit like sneaking weapons into enemy territory and caching it there for an eventual revolution. And I think that’s what the negative alien/military groups fear the most, and why they try to monitor and counter-program anyone who might be part of that.

» How can I fight better these dark forces that sometimes take hold of me, and who get very angry as soon as someone tries to supply me with assistance?

Alright, being here in this world is a bit like diving into a muddy river with garbage and piranha swimming around in it. As long as we’re in that river, we cannot be completely clean and dry and safe. So instead we can minimize attracting piranha, avoid coveting and consuming the garbage, and know how to wisely respond to any provocations. The more knowledge, self-control, and spiritual harmony you have, the less you will be affected by these things. They still exist around you, but you then no longer are always at their mercy.

For instance, just because you use a computer, glitches can happen either naturally or be induced. That’s a given. But your reaction to it is entirely your own choosing. I received a fortune cookie once that said, “You control your own reactions, and therein lies your freedom.” Very wise fortune. I also think oracles and fortune cookies and such, can be avenues for messages from beyond this space-time.

Anyway, what I do is 1) minimize attracting negative attention, and 2) maximize the elegance in how I handle such attention when it comes.

Minimizing attention is tricky. But basically the brighter the light, the darker the shadow, meaning the more you swing into strong positivity, the more you catch attention of dark forces. Which is fine, as long as you’re strong and aware enough to handle the attention. You only want to minimize it enough so that you don’t attract more than you can handle. And the way that works, is by never straying too far from your equilibrium, but just going positive enough that over time that becomes your new equilibrium point, then you can go a bit further. Handling the attention is all about controlling your reactions, all about knowing what the attack is trying to get you to do, and then not doing that.

I noticed that attacks generally operate through:

1) getting you to back down through fear and intimidation,
2) getting you to lose faith and confidence through depression and sudden feeling of emptiness and doubt,
3) getting you obsessed with some big distraction that you know deep down is a waste of time,
4) inducing a moment of forgetfulness that leads to a big drama (like forgetting to save a document, forgetting keys, etc.),
5) getting you to shoot yourself in the foot through an over-reaction, like saying regretful words to someone,
6) wearing you down through sleep disturbances and other people in life that cause you stress.

Of course these happen naturally too from time to time, but when they cluster together the probability of it being mere chance goes way down. These are all means that dark forces regularly use. I’m sure you are familiar with a lot of them. There are other methods that I can’t think of right now.

So basically being calmly vigilant/watchful, taking precautions, thinking ahead, using self-control to nip any irrational thoughts and feelings in the bud, and staying positive enough to not get imbalanced by negative moods — these work pretty well for me. And the thing is this — if you are already prepared to handle something ahead of time, it has less chances of happening. I mean, why would dark forces attack you where you are prepared and strongest? They would call off the attack since it would be a waste of their energy. Thus they always hit where you aren’t looking, where you aren’t expecting, what you aren’t noticing.

And thus awareness is key. But calm awareness with a tinge of positivity and confidence and optimism, because emotion does attract experiences or bend probability, and if you have this underlying fear, like a gnawing worry that grips you and has a life of its own, that means you are magnetized and attracting more of these than you actually need to. If you can be solid as a rock and tranquil as a sea inside, yet aware and precautionary on the outside via your awareness and actions, then you’ve got your bases covered.

Hmm, that’s all that comes to mind right now. I’m still in the process of figuring this all out too. It would be a lot easier if I could see etheric things at command; then at least I can see my own etheric/auric imbalances, what physically invisible entities are around, and so on. But for now, it’s about doing what we can with our common sense, experience, and intuition.

» Did aliens introduce the knowledge we know as occult or esoteric knowledge and thus begin the mystery schools of antiquity? Or are aliens and their connection to mankind’s origins just a part of a deeply esoteric doctrine.

Mystery schools almost always claim to have been given their knowledge by higher beings, whether directly by such a being (like the idea that Hermes Trismegistus was an extraterrestrial) or indirectly with a human being transferred that knowledge through revelation by either aliens or divine beings.

So yes, it seems that knowledge about things beyond the human sphere, were injected into our knowledge pool by beings from beyond the human sphere. But they could be aliens, angels, demons, future human time travelers, the species group consciousness of animals or hallucinogenic plants, elemental beings, etc. Maybe different sources depending on the tradition.

It does seem that Hermeticism, Sufism, and Toltec shamanism were both seeded by humanoid aliens. I’m guessing possibly Nordic-like humanoids, since accounts of their philosophy is similar to what ended up being transmitted through those mystery schools. Not to mention, humanoid aliens would be similar enough to us, that techniques that worked for them might work for us. Although I can’t rule out them being so smart as to custom design spiritual practices tailored to our physical and nonphysical makeup.

There may sometimes be a long chain of transmission between the original nonhuman source and the final human tradition. For instance, take someone like Rudolf Steiner who started the anthroposophy movement. Well when he was young, he got in touch with and got tutored by what were likely real Rosicrucians (not the modern ones that advertise in magazines). He was taught a lot of stuff by them, but also had enough psychic vision and intellect to figure things out for himself. But they definitely gave him a head start. Where did they get their knowledge? Probably goes way back. Real mystery schools don’t just pass on dead knowledge, like what the freemasons do, but also keep it fresh with communion with that higher source. So those real Rosicrucians, for all we know, could still be actively taught and guided by alien humanoids. Thus the knowledge and skills to expand that knowledge could both originate, and later be expanded and refreshed on an ongoing basis, by non-human beings.

William Bramley’s book “The Gods of Eden” says as much, that aliens founded the Egyptian mystery schools, and that a rebellion or split happened that began a dark brotherhood that has ruled Earth to this day.

» If multi-dimensional beings exist who can manipulate events in past, present, future in order to advance their objectives, why would anyone be “allowed” to publish information about them like this website? And does the simple fact that it exists here and/or me being able to read it, demonstrate that it must be of no significance towards my own personal growth?

Timeline manipulation has its limits, or degrees of limitation depending on who is manipulating and using what method. The one thing limiting everything is freewill. It seems that timeline manipulators try not to violate freewill for whatever reason. I suspect it’s some law of metaphysics and physics that they must obey in order to even “get a lock” on a portion of the timeline to edit.

But of those who do not violate freewill, some respect it completely, and others try their best to subvert it indirectly without directly violating it. Of the latter kind, what they do is hit points on the timeline where a decision is being made, or some pivot point, sensitive point, critical moment, that sort of thing. Could be as simple as someone deciding whether or not to attend a conference where, if they did, they would end up meeting someone that changes their life in a positive direction; suddenly they get hit with a feeling of sadness and depression, and mistaking it for an intuitive warning not to go, stay home, and thus the future changes. That’s an example of a past point being hit with an emotional signal in order to change the future. It happens all the time.

Another method used is some kind of synchronistic obstacle. Say this person is on his way to the conference and a really odd obstacle arises, let’s say an accident or roadblock with cars backed up for blocks. Originally this accident didn’t happen. Either the driver got hit with sudden sleepiness and crashed or maybe looked down at his cellphone when originally he wouldn’t have, or maybe the accident isn’t even real but some kind of artificial event sequence patched into the timeline. Point being that it doesn’t violate the person (visiting the conference)’s freewill because he still has the choice of waiting an extra ten minutes or taking a detour, he can still make it, just now his choice is a little harder to accomplish than before, but not completely blocked.

So timeline manipulators often hit the softest spots, which are thoughts and emotions and beliefs. After that, they might be able to insert artificial events. I don’t know how real those events are, but they are physical and can be touched, it’s just that they weren’t originally there prior to the edit. There also appears to be certain technology that allows greater degrees of timeline editing, their advantage lying not in how sophisticated the technology is, but what “access privileges” it has been given by its designers, which depends on the highness of consciousness and spiritual development of the designers and builders. It’s attuned to their consciousness, and if they have great powers over reality, then so will the device, thus if the device is somehow captured and used by lower negative forces, those forces will have greater power than they would otherwise. In the Bible, the Ark of the Covenant was one such device.

Negative forces patiently manipulate the timeline. If you have ever played pickup-sticks, it’s like that… careful editing here and there where possible without disturbing too much at a time, but approaching the goal of domination. They are limited by the freewill of the population they are trying to ensnare. And that’s a problem because positive forces, let’s say divine intervention, is likewise limited by freewill of those they are trying to help. Therefore a slow process of manipulation is countered by a slow process of liberation, and that’s what we’re in right now. Lots of tug of wars going on, from the tiniest to the largest, and I believe it will escalate severely in the years ahead.

The reason freewill must be preserved is because that is the point of creation, to learn and grow from the choices you make, it’s the prime directive of existence. If the Creator wanted to micromanage everything and control it according to its own Will, then there would be no freewill and no being could choose alignment with the Creator because the choice would already be made for him or her. But if there is choice to choose negative, then the choice for positive is real and so even the most powerful of positive beings, the Creator, needs to allow for freewill, maybe even enforcing it, but not doing anything about people choosing negative if they so desire and if it serves their learning path in the end like the story of the Prodigal Son.

Our personal choices and experiences do matter. We do navigate our way through the terrain of life. Timeline manipulation changes the terrain here and there, and maybe now we must climb a hill twice as high as before, but we still climb if we must. The edits bias our choices, but don’t completely block them. Well, the only exception is if a being much more powerful than ourselves, but of a positive nature and connected to ourselves (like our Higher Self) deems it absolutely necessary to keep us from making a choice that would ruin everything, then we will find our ability to make the choice blocked. Maybe we encounter obstacle after obstacle, or some situation that forces us to not make it, and in the end we give up because we simply cannot do it. That happens rarely but it does happen.

Aside from changing the terrain, timeline manipulation may also attempt to influence our decisions, emotions, beliefs… and there you use discernment and self-control to distinguish what is true, and what is genuine intuition or higher knowing and not just some artificial blast of emotions trying to be plastered onto you.

» Why are you sure that we have freewill and not are living in a simulation?

We could be living in a simulation, but even then we have limited freewill. Freewill isn’t an all-or-nothing thing. There are different levels of it. You can have freewill within restricted parameters. In fact that’s what physical reality is. If you have freewill to choose your direction in life, but not freewill to jump off the ground and float in mid-air, does that mean you don’t have freewill at all? It just means you have freewill in some areas, and not in others.

So, what makes me think we have any freewill at all? Mainly because by becoming aware of a chain of causality, one can go against it. If we have no freewill, then everything is pre-decided. Thus even if I become aware of the future, if there were no freewill then there’s nothing I can do to change it. And yet, I can. If you were God and told me I would drop my pen in exactly 5 seconds, based on that I can choose to keep holding it, making the prediction wrong.

In a more real-life example, we can see a tug-of-war in our own lives, opposite impulses pulling us in different directions. But it’s not always the strongest one that wins. For most people it is, as they’re not aware, not having willpower, and not caring, so they go whichever way the wind blows. But by becoming aware of these impulses, one can then choose which to go against. If all environmental and biological conditions induce a feeling of hunger in me, and I have before me a plate of food, then causality says I would be driven to eat it right away. If I didn’t think, I would. But if I become aware that causal forces are driving me to eat, that awareness alone is enough for me to choose to resist, thereby contradicting causality and showing I have freewill.

» (question about Sasquatch/Bigfoot)

I am in complete agreement that Sasquatch is not just a sophisticated bipedal gorilla-like animal native to certain mountains and woods. There is a supernatural component to them. No corpse has ever been recovered. And like you said footprints disappear into thin air.

Three possibilities come to my mind:

1) They are mere projections or illusions created by nonhuman trickster entities (the “ultra-terrestrials” hypothesized by John Keel in The Mothman Prophecies).

2) They are actual physical beings, but have developed the ability to dematerialize, teleport, become invisible, etc. (like chameleons changing color, but on a much more sophisticated level).

3) They are physical, but not native to Earth, and under the ownership and direction of other entities who use them, move them, and disappear them as needed.

The third possibility is supported by abduction/UFO accounts, where the Sasquatch has been seen during some abductions man-handling abductees. For instance, someone gets abducted while going for a walk in the woods; they get paralyzed by some force field and then a Sasquatch carries them into a craft where other beings like reptilian, mantis, or Grays await to carry out the finer details of the abduction. As far as the Sasquatch goes, if physical beings like ourselves can be teleported into and out of alien crafts, then aliens (whomever they may be) could do likewise with physical servants in their keep. No abduction account, to my knowledge, has ever portrayed Sasquatch in a position of authority. They are always lower class servants, used mainly for brute physical tasks.

Now in my own experience, there is a definite difference between demons and aliens, although it appears to me that negative aliens (including those pretending to be good guys) are either possessed by demons or ultimately working in their service. The difference is that demons are more spirit-like, nonphysical, non-technological, opportunistic, like sharks feeding on a person and trying to possess them, whereas true aliens tend to be more patient, strategic, and far more likely to use actual technology whose reason for operation you can sleuth out, whereas trickster/demonic entities rarely do that, and if they do, it’s strictly sham props psychically projected that don’t have any substance to them or logic to their operation.

But for all practical purposes, negative aliens and demons are both bad news, and both operate along the lines of spiritual warfare when ensnaring and manipulating their targets. Spiritual warfare works against both of them as well, but that doesn’t mean aliens and demons are identical, in my view. More like demons have both feet in the nonphysical realms, aliens have one foot there and one foot in the physical. Thus, with both sharing operation/presence in the nonphysical, spiritual warfare is used by, and can be used against, both of them.

In fact, that is the great secret being hidden in the alien/UFO phenomenon — that it has a spiritual/demonic component, and that spiritual methods can be used to combat them, because they’re not 100% 3D physical beings like us. I’d say aliens are amphibious, some mostly like us, some mostly like demons, some perhaps even resembling angels, and everything in between. It’s a spectrum, not a black and white thing. After all, even with people you have a spectrum… some are more angelic/Christlike, others are more demonic in their predatory ways, and everything in between.

» From what I understand, the aliens intervening the humanity at this time are 3-dimensional beings and not hyperdimensional beings as you claim. I thought all their abilities (such as walking through wall — by somehow aligning electrons of all the atoms of nearby objects including their bodies and abductees” bodies in order to lower the densities) were via technological devices.

There are two mainstream (in the UFO community) views on this. One is that all aliens are physical 3D beings from other planets. This is the nuts-n-bolts “extraterrestrial hypothesis” espoused officially by . The other is that they are shadow puppets projected by nonphysical trickster entities using the guise of aliens to playing to our modern science fiction expectations. That is the “ultra-terrestrial hypothesis” espoused by Jacques Vallee.

Neither of these explain the full range of observations from abduction reports and alien/UFO encounters. I think these two are just opposite ends of the same spectrum, with most aliens being somewhere in between and able to shift between degrees on the spectrum.

If they downshift fully into our 3D spacetime then they are physical to us. If they upshift toward a more timeless state, then they can view history from outside of time. In between, they are relatively tangible to each other and use actual technology, but all of it is naturally invisible to us because it is shifted away from our reality. If we get abducted and shifted into their environment, then we can interact. If they shift into our environment, we can interact as well. But by default we are in our environment, and they are in their native shifted environment.

There are several reasons why I think this is likely:

  • Of all the thousands of UFO sightings and drawings of alien crafts, there is very little similarity among them. As if the ship for each sighting were newly made and never used again. If these were physical crafts built just like our military builds their jets, then we would see the exact same crafts repeatedly throughout history. That they are new each time suggests they are materialized or projected on the spot as needed, indicating a projection into our reality from some other dimension.
  • Strong indications that some aliens are involved in harvesting our emotional and life-force energies, that it gives them sustenance and may be used in their technology. This says that neither they, nor their technology, is 100% physical in the same way ours is. Because they have requirements for something nonphysical to accomplish things that don’t fit within our 3D physics.
  • We know that nonphysical beings like ghosts, angels, demons, and spirits exist. We know from observation how they behave, how they don’t use technology, how they can lurk around invisibly yet subtly influence us, how they can sometimes even materialize to our five senses. Aliens can have all these traits but not as purely so, suggesting aliens are somewhat in between where we are, and where these purely nonphysical beings are, on that spectrum.
  • Jacques Vallee pointed out how again and again their technology and behaviors don’t fit within 3D physics, within linear time, within purely physical motivations. He concluded that they are nonphysical, but I think they are in between and that both their technology and bodies are more fourth dimensional than three dimensional. But they can still become physical, as all the trace evidence and physical evidence of UFOs and aliens suggests. Only that other observations show they are more than that too.
  • Beings can move through walls, be invisible, materialize without the aid of technology. Some aliens can do this, and they tend to be the really advanced ones. So if they’re not using technology to do it, but can do it with their minds alone, are they still to be considered 3D beings like us? If ghosts can do it without technology, why not aliens. The line between technology and mind is blurred at this higher level; technology is just the application and externalization of what consciousness alone can do given enough spiritual development.
  • There’s the phenomenon of aliens abducting only people’s souls, not their bodies. And also giving people etheric implants and not just physical. Also the phenomenon of alien entity attachments, that is, a nonphysical Grey alien attached to a person possessing him or her. And additionally, people who astral project can often see aliens (including Grays) hanging around the room that were invisible to physical eyes. These are not characteristic of purely physical beings with 3D technology like ours. It suggests they are of a dimensionally more expansive nature than our own daily existence which is strictly limited to 3D matter and linear time.
  • There are frequent anecdotes where aliens indicate being able to directly perceive our probable futures, our alternate selves, and how they need to adjust themselves to our particular time or time rate or frequency, that they need to focus or synchronize themselves with our present moment in space-time. This indicates that they are not 100% from here, from this time, from this space. Also they seem adept at time travel, or seeing the timeline from outside of time. They may be on a different “channel” or “radio station” so to speak, nearby yet not always fully in our environment.

So by hyper-dimensional, I mean their default state of existence is a superset of ours. We are like turtles who can only crawl on land, and they are like certain birds who can dive, swim, walk, and fly. We occupy a plane, and they occupy not only that plane but the space above and below it. We are like squares, they are like cubes. We perceive and build our technology on strictly 3D physics, and they perceive and build their technology on what appears to be 4D physics. I’m not saying they are nonphysical beings. Just saying that they are variably physical, being able to crawl on land like us, but also being able to take flight and live in trees above where we can see and interact with them.

» What is the role of emotions? They are what connect humans together. They essentially are the matrix. They are how we relate to one another. By paying attention to my own emotions I find I change the outcome of many of the people around me. Sometimes this is for mutual benefit and sometimes not.

Emotions are forces that push us out of homeostasis or equilibrium. If they are harmful emotions, they push us backwards and beneath our potential, to make us underachievers through our depression/self-doubt, or make us do unwise reactive choices like acting in a moment of hate only to regret it later. If they are helpful emotions, they can push us forwards past homeostasis into new territory we otherwise wouldn’t have had the confidence to enter. So emotions are like gravitational fields; they bind us toward or against the object of attraction/repulsion, against our tendency to remain where we are. They can be a hindrance of the end result is something unwise or limiting; helpful if the end result is an expansion.

We can use emotions if 1) we become aware of them as they arise BEFORE they influence our decision, thinking it over and then deciding whether to go along with them (then amping them up to motivate us) or whether to dissipate them through an act of willpower and higher understanding of the situation. So they are like horses too — do you ride the horse where YOU want to go, or do you let the horse take you wherever IT wants to go (off a cliff)?

The matrix control system aims to trigger emotions of hindrance and ignorance. That includes both ignorant bliss that makes you ignore problems, and negative emotions that preoccupy you with imaginary problems or create them in the first place. So it’s a gravitational field of sorts pulling us toward the matrix by limiting us and swaying our choices in the wrong direction.

The higher balance between these is positive emotions rooted in or checked by awareness to make sure it’s a healthy impulse. Then it’s a gravity field originating from a probable future of greater spiritual strength and success. So if you are lacking motivation for something out of sheer apathy, hesitant to change, not really feeling like being nice today, etc. then one can invoke emotions to give yourself some momentum towards that ends.

The secret to “reality creation” is resonating with the very future you are aiming for, by feeling now exactly how you would feel then when it’s accomplished. The emotions resonate your future self who feels the same. Then you need awareness to avoid the pitfalls on the way. In reverse, probable futures on their way can induce corresponding emotions in you now. So if someone is bad news, you may feel a gut reaction or aversion to them, since not only do you subconsciously know who they are inside, but the future calamity brought about by your interaction with them ripples back in linear time and hits you in the solar plexus.

» What does STS and STO stand for?

STS stands for “service to self” — it’s a term that originated with the Ra Material (aka The Law of One books).

STO means “service to others” — both these terms were used in abbreviated form later in the Cassiopaean Material.

These represent the negative/positive spiritual orientations, or paths of spiritual evolution. The STO path serves self by also serving others. The STS path serves self at the expense of others. STO is the path of balance and maximum freewill, while STS is the path of imbalance and maximum control over others.

There’s a common misconception that STO means never serving self, and blindly serving others and getting eaten alive by abusers taking advantage of one’s kindness.

That is not at all what STO is. STO is serving the spiritual upliftment and empowerment of others, which doesn’t happen when you’re just feeding their egos or predatory impulses.

If you are unwise and ruin your health and life overextending yourself, you end up reducing your lifespan and energy and thereby reduce how much total positive impact you can have. Which is why STO is about balance and maximization, balance between self and others.

STS is a path of evolution in the sense that one becomes more perfected as a separated fragment of the Creator, by rebelling against Creation and trying to make everyone else an extension of your will. The end destination of that path is to merge with the sleeping half of creation, which is physical matter. Before that, such beings make it up the ranks of the demonic hierarchy and eventually cave in on themselves from being so dark and low vibrational.

» What if STO’s are just putting out the energy as food for the STS’s?

That’s not really STO then. It’s not STO to feed STS, as that would be increasing imbalance. STO is about maximizing balance in the system overall, which means not contributing to further imbalance and restoring balance where needed. Those compassionate but naive people who just feed the predators have the right intentions but not the wisdom. And very often they are acting from secret STS motives to make themselves feel better like they are goody martyrs or something. A real STO does it out of understanding and love, not just blind pity.

That’s why it’s said that we here, no matter how good our intentions, are fundamentally STS. And although we can become candidates for STO status, being that we’re humans in this matrix system means we have STS flaws and thus our good intentions will easily feed the STS because we are part of that food chain. By becoming wiser and acting more from our wisdom/heart/spirit, we avoid misplacing our help and therefore grow closer to STO graduation. Love without wisdom is foolishness if you think about it.

There is common misunderstanding on the net about the meaning of STO and STS. STO is serving self by serving others in balance between yourself and others, while STS is serving self through exploitation of others with imbalance between yourself and others. So the important point is balance versus imbalance, rather than never caring for yourself versus only caring for yourself. Maximum balance is they key, maximization of freewill in yourself and in others, not one at the expense of the other. Freewill is they key to conscious evolution; without it, there would only be deterministic motions rather than evolution and hence no novelty for the Creator. That’s why maximizing freewill is maximizing the purpose of Creation.

Also, as long as we are in human physical bodies on 3D Earth, we are fundamentally STS due to our biology and mode of existence. We can have STO impulses, lean in an STO direction, but we are still tied to an STS existence in an STS world. Meaning, we still need food, shelter, money, and we are stuck in linear time bounded heavily by physical laws. The balance between our needs and what we give therefore makes us less capable of serving the spiritual awakening of others than what a true STO being can do who isn’t part of this matrix Earth world, because they have less physical and logistical limitations.

For instance, whereas we can blindly help someone who abuses our trust, and we lose a couple months rent in the process and then go hungry, a completely STO being would first of all be able to see someone’s needs and not fall for such a mistake, plus they would be so in tune with the flow of the universe that they would never experience lack due to synchronistic help and being able to bend time and so on.

So the best we can be is aim in an STO direction (serving self in balance with serving others) even if our location is in an STS mode of existence. Besides, if one were to be imbalanced toward serving others at the expense of taking care of self, then one would die sooner, become poorer sooner, and otherwise be incapacitated, which makes one less capable in the long run of maximizing the helping of others. Therefore only balance maximizes it, whereas shortsighted martyrdom cuts it short in the long run. Unless of course one absolutely must make an act of martyrdom if it maximizes things (for instance, the myth of Jesus willingly going along with the crucifixion, because in not resisting he was to only grow that much more powerful in the minds of man).

So either way you do end up serving yourself. Question is, do you do it at the expense of others, or by also helping them along as well? Do you acquire freewill and personal power by taking it from others, or by helping them attain it too? It’s the net result that counts for now. Your intention is what matters too.

» We are like batteries, either taking energy in or putting energy out. We sometimes have to take that energy back or we run low.

The thing about STS is that it’s defined by limited energy, limited resources, and thus competition and survival. Maybe you’ve noticed how when you truly love someone or something, your energy available toward it is much higher than if you feel aversion and must force yourself to be with them or do the task. If you love something, like music or hanging out with friends, your energy to do that will be greater than even your physical impulse to sleep, for some time at least. This shows that love, and STO-oriented impulses that truly come from within, originate from a boundless source. And this means that we become more capable of giving with fewer drain on our insides, if we act from noble soul-inspiring motivations. But while human, it’s still not infinite, and you’re right we run low, not to mention our lifespans are limited. So without awareness to make sure the energy goes in the right place, we might as well be dumping it down a toilet; especially if we step over the line and help people who refuse to help themselves, who become dependent on you to carry their weight; no STO being would do that, since they would see that this actually spiritually harms the person by playing into their ego and spiritual weaknesses. The price is a weakening of their spirit, and a weakening of yours. Therefore awareness is necessary to optimize where you put your energy.

» I searched your site, and there is little talk about the military. How does this fit into the whole picture? Can you be in the military without negative effects, or is this exactly where they want you to end up to brain wash you?

When you join the military, you sign over your life and your freewill. They can move you wherever they want, experiment on you, send you into combat to die, etc. So although it sounds like a brave and adventurous move to see the world, your world actually grows smaller because you can only be where they order you to be. Also basic training requires some degree of breaking you down and remolding you. That’s brainwashing. The mental focus is on killing, violence, rut