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Pertaining to the more diaphanous portions of the soul in which feelings, archetypes, impressions, and passions exist. There are astral bodies, astral planes, and astral energies.

The astral body is a component of our being that mediates the thoughts of Spirit to the etheric body, and communicates the impressions of the physical body to the Spirit. The astral body is the seat of our feelings, desires, impressions, and passions. Its energies are active in our subconscious.

The astral plane, also known as the “inner planes,” is a nonphysical environment comprised of the energies of consciousness rather than configurations of matter. One can only access it through the mind, by retreating from the outer physical or etheric world and turning within. The dream world, the afterlife, and the astral plane are all closely related. The astral body is composed of the types of energies found in the astral plane. The astral plane is the native environment of Fifth Density, but it intersects through the other densities like an elevator shaft intersecting the floors of a building. The lowest portions of the astral plane are home to demonic beings, the highest to angelic ones, with the middle regions inhabited by 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Density beings in their out of body or afterlife states. Astral beings are those who lack physical and etheric bodies, and exist primarily as discarnate entities in the astral plane.

Astral energies are the basis of feelings, impressions, and passions. But more fundamentally, they are energies that convey archetypes or signatures, specific “Ideas” in the Platonic sense. A particular emotion is simply an impulse that pulls us into conformance with a particular archetype. In thoughtforms, the astral component acts as the core program, impulse, or goal that the archetype attempts to fulfill. In Alchemy, the astral energy of ‘gold’ acts as a vibratory signature that, when impressed upon lead through a potent etheric mediator, reconfigures that substance into gold. Astral energies have a directionally transformative, motivational, transitional quality.

Causal Chain

An alternating sequence of cause and effect where the final effect depends entirely on the initial cause. Think of a line of dominoes or a chain reaction. One thing causes another, but the end traces back to the beginning.


An artificial intelligence comprised of etheric and astral energy that underlies our physical universe. It was projected by the Logos as a thought form programmed with the task of generating and perpetuating physicality. It’s job is to take astral archetypes thought up by the Logos and weave them into physical form. The Demiurge has been called by philosophers the World Soul, for it is the soul of physicality itself. It is what perpetuates the forward momentum of time.

In its corrupted state, the archetypes it weaves into physical manifestation are not those of the Logos, but those of consciousness that has been ensnared by the trappings of physical existence – competition, survival, hatred, suffering, pain, and so on. Thus the Corrupted Demiurge molds and shapes the universe to perpetuate more of same. It is the central brain of the Matrix Control System.

Demiurgic Technology

Technology that employs astral and etheric energy to influence or reconfigure matter, energy, space, and time. Low power examples include the Philosopher’s Stone, a substance highly charged with concentrated etheric energy and tinged with the signature of gold, capable of dissolving lead at the quantum level and reconfiguring it into gold. Higher power examples include the Holy Grail and Ark of the Covenant, which were capable of altering geographic terrain, manifesting food out of thin air according to the wishes of the operator, and altering the timeline.


A measure of a being’s level of conscious development. Each density corresponds to a particular stage in the evolution of consciousness. For instance, lower densities have more rudimentary lifeforms operating by simpler laws. Higher density being are more sophisticated in mind, body, and soul.

In the Ra Material and Cassiopaean Transcripts, the entire spectrum of life, from subatomic particles to the infinite Creator, can be conveniently divided into seven primary levels, or densities:

  • First Density (1D) is the lowest, corresponding to subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness.
  • Second Density (2D) plant and animal life, where consciousness first experiences will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure.
  • Third Density (3D) includes beings like ourselves, who possess the seed of self-awareness and freewill. Consciousness makes the choice between helping others or exploiting them.

These three densities are fully physical and subject to the limits of three dimensional space and linear time. They inhabit the same physical realm. Also, the densities blend into each other, and within each density there is a gradient from the lowest to the highest evolved types of beings. This is clearly seen in 2nd density where the lowest forms such as sponges or bacteria are not on the same level as the highest such as primates.

  • Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that straddle the boundary between spacetime and the higher ethereal realms. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into our reality at will. Some are positive, others are negative. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. The spiritual goal of 4D existence is to fully live out their choice of spiritual polarity. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily.
  • Fifth Density (5D) is a completely ethereal level of existence, functioning as a stopover zone for departed souls and a native realm for beings who have evolved to that level. Native 5D beings seem focused on accumulating wisdom and total perfection of their individuality.
  • Sixth Density (6D) is where individual entities have finished their personal evolution and group together to evolve as a soul group. They exist as energy beings in a realm completely outside spacetime.
  • Seventh Density(7D) is “unity with the Creator” and the total dissolution of individual existence, though not through annihilation of consciousness but achievement of infinite consciousness that permeates all life and all existence.

Density can also refer to the native realm inhabited by beings of a particular level of evolution. For instance, to “be in Fourth Density” means to be in a realm natively inhabited by Fourth Density beings. Since such beings live in a quasi-physical state between physical and ethereal, Fourth Density as an environment or realm is likewise quasi-physical. It is the superset to our rigidly physical realm, the room to our fishbowl. In Fourth Density, spacetime is is more fluid, flexible, and responsive to consciousness. It is an etherically potent environment.


When outcome is entirely determined by the initial causes. Deterministic behavior doesn’t deviate or branch into indeterminate possibilities, but follows a straight and predictable line into the future. In deterministic systems, consciousness and freewill play no part. Machines, robots, computers, and anything completely physical is deterministic in its behavior.


When used casually, “dimension” refers to a particular world, realm, or environment that is distinguished from another by more than mere time or physical location. When used in a more scientific sense, “dimension” refers to the degree of freedom allowed for extension and movement. These two definitions are sometimes interchangeable, sometimes not, and sometimes they correspond to density, sometimes not.

One cause for confusion is that humans exist in Third Density and are confined to three spatial dimensions, while aliens are mostly Fourth Density and seem to have access to a fourth spatial dimension. This comes from the observation that aliens can move through solid objects, travel through time, see multiple timelines at once, have crafts that are bigger on the inside than the outside, and so on. Therefore “3D and 4D beings” could imply “Third and Fourth Density beings” just as much as “third and fourth dimensional beings”. The terms “hyperdimensional” and “higher density” are synonymous in my writings for that reason.

But that’s where the correlation between density and dimension ends, otherwise plants would know only the line, animals only the plane, and humans the volume. Yet these lower densities all inhabit the same three dimensional physical environment. Similarly, Fifth Density beings don’t necessarily have access to a fifth spatial dimension barred to Fourth Density beings.

The other cause for confusion is that “dimension” is sometimes used as a generic term meaning any number of things according to context, be it “realm of existence” or “timeline” or “plane of reality” — basically some environment, not always our own. In some contexts, dimension and density would then be interchangeable, but not in other contexts. For instance, there may be Third Density beings living in a parallel Earth, and while they aren’t of different density nor greater or lesser spatial dimension than we are, some people might describe them as being of another dimension, meaning “another world” not within our physically explorable universe.

Therefore, keep in mind that density and dimension are not the same thing, although occasionally the two are interchangeable.


An artificial intelligence in the soul and brain that helps a being operate more successfully within a particular environment. The environment programs the ego into the soul through the intellect. Beings like plants and lower animals who lack intellect also lack egos.

When the ego is an instrument of Spirit, it provides an individuality and personality through which Spirit can accomplish its purpose in the physical realm. In that case the ego takes a large part of its programming from Spirit, as it’s partially operating in a spiritual context and thus a spiritual internal environment.

When the ego breaks away from Spirit, or if Spirit is absent, then the ego becomes solely a product of the physical environment and picks up all the traits of physical living – survival and competition primarily. Then it starts exploiting others for the sake of self gain. Lying, deception, manipulation, delusion — these are the properties of ego if left unchecked by Spirit. Ego removed from Spirit is the foundation of the STS pathway.

But it is as much an error to annihilate the ego, because then one becomes ineffectual in this world, unable to carry out the mission of Spirit with discernment, vigor, togetherness, and focus. Rather, the ego must be conquered and reprogrammed, refined and sharpened, to act in accordance with the impulse of Spirit.


Producing decay, dissolution, disorder, homogeneity, and exhaustion. By default, matter is entropic. According to the laws of thermodynamics, the universe is always increasing in entropy. Entropy is the force of forward linear time that pushes everything toward dissolution and death.

However, through quantum biasing, etheric energy can reverse entropy. Thermodynamics is a statistical study that does not take into account intelligent biasing of probability towards increased order. Or put another way, consciousness or etheric energy reversing entropy does not violate the laws of thermodynamics as, to the latter, such an act is merely a very very improbable but not impossible one.


Lifeforce energy that also serves as the “source code” of physical reality. It is a subtle energy scaffolding that mirrors, permeates, and surrounds physical matter and lifeforms. Changes to the etheric create corresponding changes in the physical.

In biological applications, the physical body is regulated, shaped, and vivified by formations, patterns, rhythms, inertias, currents, and structures in the accompanying etheric body.

In its weak form, etheric energy biases the probability of physical and quantum events. For instance, it nudges biological cells away from the default pathway of disintegration and decay, that’s why etheric energy is also lifeforce energy as it sustains the process of life.

In its strong form, etheric energy can rearrange matter, energy, space, and time in order to manifest thoughts into physicality, or reformulate entire timelines. Technology that makes use of etheric energy toward these ends is called Demiurgic Technology.

The “etheric plane,” as opposed to the “physical plane,” is simply the general ocean of etheric energy in which physicality is embedded. This ocean extends beyond space and time as we know it. Sixth Density is entirely situation in the etheric plane.


Synchronistic influence that one is virtually powerless to resist within linear time. It’s not a violation of freewill since fate arises from a choice made outside linear time by oneself in the higher state, the Higher Self. The decision inserts a causal chain into linear time, which is experienced by the lower self as an unavoidable learning experience. Positive fate, which propels one into fulfillment of life purpose, is the same as destiny.


The ability to initiate causal chains. Without freewill, all causal chains are but effects of previous ones that go back to the beginning of the universe. But entirely new causal chains can be created by consciousness. They are new in that they aren’t dependent on prior physical causes. If you make a genuine freewill decision to push the first domino, the reason for their falling originates with your choice and nothing prior.


Frequency resonance vibration. This term comes from the Cassiopaean Transcripts. More commonly known as “soul vibe” or “soul frequency” or “soul resonance.”

FRV measures your degree of spiritual harmonization or resonance with either the Creator or the opposite pole of creation, matter itself. What actually vibrates or oscillates is your etheric and astral energy fields, and FRV denotes this vibrational signature.

Those with a low FRV are overly reactive or passive (deterministic like matter) and learn through harsh emotional experiences because nothing else will do. They are stuck in anti-spiritual, mechanical, non- transcendent mindsets and are more deeply involved in the predator-prey dynamic, the law of the jungle.

Those with a higher FRV are more conscious, active instead of reactive or passive, discerning, and emotionally composed. They come off as good natured and saintly.

Higher Self

The full manifestation of your spiritual potential, a supreme being of which you are are small extension projected into 3D physicality. It is like a high power satellite of which you are but the surface probe. The satellite uplink is weak in most people, not consciously recognized but speaking through the subconscious, through dreams and synchronicities. In the Ra/Cassiopaean paradigm, the Higher Self is your future “finished” version, an energy being existing at the beginning of Sixth Density, that reaches back through time to project and assist its past selves or past extensions.


Generally refers to Fourth Density and four dimensional (in the spatial sense) — some state of existence beyond our three dimensions and linear time. To hyperdimensional beings, we in Third Density are like fish in an aquarium unaware of the greater reality all around us. Hyperdimensional beings reside behind the curtain of our physical existence.


A type of spiritual debt or credit we accumulate ourselves, which is embedded in our soul energy field. This soul energy imprint biases probability to attract payback experiences, ones that compensate for the choices made in the past. If the choices were to help others in need and thereby assist freewill and balance, that brings one positive karma and perhaps in the future one will be helped in return. If instead one has chosen to hurt others who were innocent, that creates imbalance and violation of freewill, and that brings corresponding repercussions.

The difference between karma and fate is that fate arises from decisions made outside linear time, and karma from decisions made within linear time.

Karma is fundamentally about learning lessons. One learns through positive action that as you help others, so are you helped. It’s a rewarding teaching mechanism in that sense. And one learns through negative action that as one hurts others, so are you hurt, in order to understand the consequences of your actions. Negative karma can be resolved by discharging the soul imprint through forgiveness and understanding. Karmic experiences can be prevented by understanding their core lessons before they are attracted.

It follows that karma does not exist for two types of individuals: spiritless humans for whom it serves no purposes since any lessons they receive dissolve along with their consciousness upon death, and highly STS individuals who are on a negative evolutionary path and have no need for a corrective mechanism that teaches them to be ‘good.’ Thus the world is full of seemingly wicked people who never receive their comeuppance. Karma is not a moral thing, but an evolutionary catalyst for those who need it.

Linear Time

Time according to the laws of classical physics, which moves at a predictable rate in one direction from past to present to future.

It is said to be an illusion because it is an oversimplification of what time actually is. There is not just one future, but many. The past is not single and set in stone, but branches as much as the future does, and is constantly rearranging. We only remember the most recent revision as “linear time.”

To the authors of our timeline, we perceive time the same way that characters in a novel perceive the sequence of plot events; if the author rewrites the book, the characters don’t know any different.

Linear time and physics has no place for the concept of freewill or consciousness. Freewill is what branches timelines, what can skip around from portion to portion, rewrite parts, etc… and linear time, the variable “t” in all these physics equations, is only the proceeding of a causal chain into the so-called future.

Our experience of linear time is caused by our being biologically locked into a steadily cycling quantum phase that incrementally advances the perception of time in a forward linear manner. The cycling itself, meaning the momentum of linear time, is caused by the Demiurge (especially in its corrupted state).


The mind of the Creator, an aspect of the infinite Creator associated with thinking, reasoning, imagining, reconciling, balancing, planning, engineering, and informing. The term implies mind or intellect, especially divine mind or higher intellect. It sees, knows, plans, lays down the blueprint, balances the equation. It is the divine architect that hands its blueprints to the Demiurge for implementation into physicality. The Logos is a living being outside of spacetime.


Another term for lifeforce/emotional/spiritual energy. Term coined by Robert Monroe in his astral voyages where, upon interacting with nonphysical entities, he learned this energy was called “loosh” and that mankind was being farmed for this energy. Same thing as Demiurgic energy.

The crudest type is simply etheric energy, which is produced by all living things including plants. The more refined type is astral energy, the energy of emotion and passion and drive. Etheric and astral energies are not entirely distinct but blend from one type into the other.

Astral energy is released when a being feels pleasure or pain or any other emotion. Only 2nd Density and higher lifeforms can produce astral energy, for 1st Density lifeforms do not have astral bodies only etheric and/or physical. In Far Journeys by Robert Monroe, an explanation is given of earth as an energy farm, whereby hyperdimensional controllers began with plants to produce a low type of loosh and later discovered that more sentient beings produced a more exquisite kind of loosh if made to experience fear, suffering, pain and anguish. Hence the Matrix Control System working as the machinery of the energy farm to harvest mankind of astral and etheric energies through perpetual war, hardship, death, sexual obsession, and other forms of spiritual oppression.

Matrix Control System

The system of limitations and illusions otherwise known as “the world”. Includes everything one might consider oppressive, from societal institutions to the hidden network of control exerted by nonphysical entities in the astral and hyperdimensional realms.

Mind Programming

The implantation of posthypnotic triggers through telepathy, hypnosis, and technological means. Mind programming is performed by aliens and military abductors upon key targets in order to undercut their resolve and induce self-destructive impulses. It is highly pervasive and is the primary means by which negative forces control us.

Mind programming is usually performed during an abduction or during sleep. We may be on guard during the day, but when our consciousness goes offline at night the door is wide open. The target wakes up afterwards unsuspecting of what happened, but in the hours and days that follow the posthypnotic triggers activate and the target is overcome with various thoughts and impulses fulfilling the intentions of the programmers.

Usually the goal is to induce depression, disinterest and apathy, obession with something self-destructive, or simply to act in a manner that then activates the programmed reaction in another, which is how friendships and networks are easily broken up. Often, posthypnotic triggering is coupled with additional telepathic persuasion at the moment of activation to strongly force someone into carrying out a particular thought, feeling, or action — when strategically done to key members of a network, the entire network can blow up in a chain reaction that ends in its dissolution.

Mind programming is best defeated through self-observation and self-control, to question irrational impulses and not act on them.


Generic term for STS. Negative beings are those who serve self at the expense of others. Negative energies are those that reduce the function of Spirit by impairing freewill, lowering one’s FRV, and bringing one under greater subjugation to STS forces and impulses.


Reversing entropy and instead producing order, coherence, complexity, diversity, and inhomogeneity. Etheric energy, consciousness, and freewill are all negentropic. Negentropy (negative entropy) is the undoing of the influence of linear time, which otherwise marches everything toward decay, dissolution, and death.


When the outcome is unpredictable and not entirely dependent on initial conditions. Freewill provides the unpredictability factor, whereby a single causal chain splits into multiple probable ones at the point of conscious choice. All nondeterministic systems require the participation of consciousness at some level, because only consciousness possesses freewill and thus the ability to create choice.

Nonlinear Time

Time as it actually exists, which is more as a geography that one can move around upon, than a single line one is shoved along. Only in physicality do we experience linear time, which has one dimension. Nonlinear time has three dimensions, looking like a complicated spider web or tree with branches and lines and tunnels all over. Hyperdimensional beings have access to nonlinear time; with certain limitations, they can select which timeline to observe, they can alter their rate of time, and they can travel from our perceived future to past and everything in between.


Having an independent existence and being universally experienceable and verifiable by anyone through the five senses or scientific instrumentation. This is what society considers “real.” But that definition limits objective phenomena only to the physical universe.

Phenomena originating from higher realms cannot therefore be considered objective if they cannot be perceived or measured by humans in their default psychically crippled state, yet at the same time these phenomena are not subjective either, as they are not “all in the mind” — they do carry an independent existence. Hence the need for a new term, “transjective” that goes beyond the false dichotomy of subjective vs objective.

Organic Portal

Term that originates from the Cassiopaean Transcripts. I have supplanted this term with “Spiritless Human” which is more descriptive. Organic Portals and Spiritless Humans share the same definition. The term denotes a person who has mind, body, and soul but lacks spirit. They are lacking the heart, crown, and third eye chakras since these are only uplinks to a spirit, which in their case is nonexistent. Therefore they are permanently incapable of experiencing genuine empathy or having sincere interest in anything outside material pursuits. They comprise the majority of psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and robotic background characters that pad the population.


Generic term for STO. Positive beings advance themselves by advancing the spiritual uplifting of others. Synonyms include benevolent, divine, and “of the light.”

Take note that there are impostors and weaklings who may act nice and benevolent, but are either insincere or incapable of having a positive effect on another person. So the synonym does not mean to imply all who act nice are necessarily “positive” or “STO” as the latter are technical terms defining a particular spiritual evolutionary orientation.

Quantum Phase

In quantum physics, the alignment of one quantum wavefunction with respect to another, which determines how they sum together constructively or destructively. In practice, quantum phase is the degree to which observer and observed occupy the same tangible reality or timeline.

When the phase difference is zero between observer and observed, the alignment is complete and they both occupy the same timeline and experience each other in a fully physical way. This phase locking is called “wavefunction collapse.” In the mathematics of quantum physics, this act of measurement or observation causes the wavefunction to pick up a seemingly random phase shift, but it’s not at all random for observers who know what they are doing.

If the phase difference is small but nonzero, then their interaction will be fuzzy or quasi-physical. That can mean any number of things: observer and observed are both physical but they just keep missing each other due to unforeseen circumstances, they are both together but one simply isn’t very conscious of the other and fails to understand him or her, they are both together but can walk through each other like ghosts, they attempt to interact but nonhuman forces intervene, etc.

Altering one’s quantum phase with respect to solid objects allows one to move through them, and when altered with respect to light, makes one invisible. Aliens and black ops military factions own this technology.

Quantum phase may be the 1’s and 0’s in the “source code” behind physical reality, which is the etheric environment in which spacetime is embedded as an emergent phenomenon. The Holographic Universe Theory may explain how it works, since phase plays a similar role in the recording and viewing of holograms as quantum phase does in the creation and experiencing of physical events.

Quantum Wavefunction

Technically, a mathematical equation that encodes all possible states of a system. In practice, a bundle of probable versions of a system, being, or particle, of which what we see with our physical senses is but one physically manifested slice. Think of it as a fuzzy probability cloud.

Quantum physics has exact equations for the wavefunction of a simple particle, but more complex systems including living beings are beyond its comprehension. In living systems, the wavefunction is as much a product of physical laws as of consciousness, and since consciousness cannot be calculated or predicted, there are aspects of a living being’s wavefunction that can never be delineated by mathematics.

Even so, the wavefunction is an actual thing. Hyperdimensional beings can see our wavefunction. In fact, the wavefunction of a living being may include the etheric body as the imaginary component.

By entering clairvoyant trance states, one can see the etheric field surrounding an object or being, for such states involve de-cohering consciousness away from a single focal point, which consequently de-coheres perception away from perceiving just a single slice of the wavefunction.

The wavefunction can also be manipulated to a limited extent by technology, namely Demiurgic Technology which employs etheric and astral energies, and scalar technology which uses electromagnetic potentials to alter the phase of the quantum wavefunction.


The sphere of your influence and experience, your own reality bubble. Those who inhabit a common realm share common experiences and have some commonality in their FRV.

Two entities residing in completely different realms have little in common and are not mutually aware of each other.

Realms regarded as “higher” can observe the activities of “lower” realms but not vice versa, as the lower realms are subsets of higher ones. Realm, dimension, and density are interchangeable terms in certain cases.


A nonphysical energy field belonging to living beings, comprised of etheric and astral components. It allows Spirit to interface with the physical body.

The soul can exist apart from the physical body, and even apart from Spirit. Just by itself, the soul is equivalent to a thoughtform.

Soul Abduction

Where the body is left behind and only the soul is taken. The soul can be transported to an underground base, an alien ship, or another realm completely. Certain operations can be performed on it, including mind programming. Soul abductions are more common than physical abductions; they often begin with the sensation of being tugged (usually by the feet) out of one’s body, or else a vortical tractor beam that whisks one up and away.


The core of individualized consciousness within oneself, which survives death and rebirth and can continue growing in its complexity and intensity through numerous physical forms. It is the godspark that eventually achieves congruency and unity with God. Spirit is most developed in the Higher Self, and the two are essentially synonymous. Spirit is also the true source of freewill, empathy, and wisdom.

Spiritless Human

Termed “organic portal” in the Cassiopaean material. A person who has mind, body, and soul but lacks higher spirit. Spiritless humans are lacking the heart, crown, and third eye chakras because these are but uplinks to a spirit which in their case is nonexistent. Therefore they are permanently incapable of experiencing genuine empathy or having sincere interest in anything outside material pursuits.

Spiritless humans comprise the majority of psychopaths, sociopaths, narcissists, and robotic background characters that pad the population.


Service to Others. A spiritual orientation where one advances through assisting others in their evolutionary advancement. A more technical way of saying “positive” or “right hand path” or “benevolent.”

The fundamental principle of STO is to preserve freewill and balance, to thereby maximize the richness of the evolutionary experience for all concerned. Being STO comes with an awareness of the unity of all life. Thus they serve all, or rather the Spirit in all, including themselves. (Only by misunderstanding this point and thinking STO means being a walking doormat does the term “STA” or “Service to All” seem necessary).

STO beings have transcended the predator/prey dichotomy and are selfless servants of the divine will. Instead of wolf or sheep, they are more in the role of shepherd.

The term “4D STO” refers to Fourth Density Service-to-Others beings. They are superhuman beings. Examples include some Nordic aliens and what in more superstitious times have been called sylphs, fairies, angels, sidhe, or jinn.

The Buddhist term for an STO being is jivanmukta. In a more general sense, the STO path is delineated in the Buddhist conception of the bodhisattva.


Service to Self. A metaphysical orientation where one serves self by exploiting and manipulating others, reducing their freewill to increase one’s own. Overall this creates a freewill imbalance. STS systems are closed systems, meaning they have to take material and energy from one place to feed another. Thus survival and competition, overpowering the weak, violence, and manipulation arise.

The most basic manifestation of STS is having to take life in order to live. We are all STS in our current human state, due to our genetics and environment causing it to be so. However, we are not all evolving in the STS direction. To be STS in a basic sense, but be committed toward living according to STO principles, is the best we can do in our 3D state. By pursuing this sufficiently, we can transform into Fourth Density STO eventually. By doing the opposite and sufficiently pursuing STS, one can likewise graduate into 4D STS existence.


Entirely in the mind, a product of personal preference, whims, and imagination and without any independent existence outside oneself.


A meaningful coincidence that suggests something is working through your environment on your behalf. There are different types of synchronicities. Positive synchronicities are unusually serendipitous experiences. Negative synchronicities are manipulated experiences that bring suffering, distraction, and setbacks. Artificial synchronicities are garish coincidences that, through their highly uncanny nature, are meant to persuade you against your better judgment.


An artificially intelligent nonphysical construct created through focused thought and emotion, comprised of etheric and astral energies programmed to fulfill a particular purpose. Thoughtforms are also known as “egregores” or “tulpas.”

Basic thoughtforms are purely etheric, existing as structures or simple automatons in the etheric environment; they bias probability according to their programmed function. These can be produced solely through thoughts, habits, daydreams, especially anything mentally repetitive and intense. There are also simplistic etheric lifeforms that qualify as thoughtforms, that exist around us like bacteria do.

More advanced thoughtforms are animated by astral energies in addition to etheric. They are produced through intense emotional releases. Such advanced thoughtforms are more goal driven and ultimately seek to produce more of the astral energy that gave rise to them. Thus they can turn parasitic.

As advanced thoughtforms learn from their environment, they acquire a kind of personality and become entitized. An entitized thoughtform is an artificial intelligence with personality and intellect that seeks to ensure its own survival by manipulating and bending events and individuals in the physical realm to produce more of the energy that sustains it. The Demiurge in its corrupted state is an example, as is the human soul with its ego.

The Demiurge and human soul are both thoughtforms, for both are nonphysical constructs comprised of etheric and astral energies that pursue a particular programmed purpose. In the case of the human soul, Spirit uses it as an interface to the body and the physical world. Without Spirit, the soul becomes a parasite and such cases are termed “spiritless humans.”


Transcendentally objective. Having an independent existence, but dependent on the state of the observer to access, experience and verify. Transjective truths are not universally verifiable by just anyone, as only those with sufficient conscious development can access and realize them. Transjective phenomena are not universally experienceable because they, too, depend on the observer. Examples include gnostic revelations and paranormal experiences.

Whereas objective truths and phenomena are strictly those based in our physical realm of existence, transjective truths and phenomena may be based in other realms and higher planes of existence. Senses other than the first five may be required to perceive them.

There is no equivalent English term for this idea because human language has yet to catch up with the facts of quantum mechanics.


A being who originates from a higher Density but has incarnated into a human body to perform some mission. Also called a “helper soul.” The trauma of entering a new body makes them forget who they are and social programming places on the locks. Their challenge is remembering who they are, what they are here to do, then having the strength and discipline to carry it out. The mission is not completely set in stone, and may simply involve being on call to help out those in need. You may be a Wanderer.

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