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Our Past, Present, and Future

Polar Mythology describes three phases of history. The first concerns the past, how all of “this” began: the bygone Golden Age, primordial warring among the gods, and their ruining of the cosmic framework. It concludes with higher beings, positive and/or negative, falling into a lower realm of existence.

The first phase was best portrayed in the Matrix films where a Golden Age of robotics gave way to a schism between man and machine, a global war erupted between them, and the human race was subsequently imprisoned in a computer simulated reality. In the Wizard of Oz, Dorothy’s plight with Miss Gulch was interrupted by a tornado (vortex) that, through a traumatic bump to the head, transported Dorothy to the Land of Oz where her conflict continued in a symbolic fashion. And in books like Philip K. Dick’s Ubik or films like Donnie Darko, Vanilla Sky, and Jacob’s Ladder the protagonist had fallen into an alternate reality due to some trauma.

The second phase concerns the present, our world, which sprang into existence as a consequence of the Fall. The traumatic consequences of the first phase induced a collective sleep. Hence we have “fallen” asleep into the World Dream, knocked spiritually unconscious. Here, the openly warring forces of the first phase continue their struggle in a dormant, sub rosa, symbolic, cold war fashion. The World Dream functions as a chessboard of sorts, a game played to decide the outcome of larger conflicts.

Now that higher beings are here, fallen and asleep, what are they to do? What is their purpose? What is their way out? These are the questions explored in Polar Mythology’s treatment of the second phase. The answers are encoded in that portion of Polar Mythology which Joseph Campbell calls the “Hero’s Journey.” I will discuss that in the second half of this article.

The third phase concerns our future, how the consequences of the first phase will reach their ultimate conclusion. Whether one consults Biblical eschatology, Ra / Cassiopaean paradigms, Scandinavian mythology, etc… the Third Phase is always depicted as ending with a final war and the dissolution of the world as we know it.

The Matrix Trilogy ends with Neo and Agent Smith waging their final battle within the Matrix, utterly destroying it, while mankind endures its last stand against the machines back in the real world. In Donnie Darko, a vortical portal ends the alternate timeline spanning the duration the film. In Vanilla Sky, after enduring a simulated dream gone awry, the protagonist finally awakens from suspended animation. These and similar books and movies, as well as the apocalyptic/prophetic portions of Polar Mythology, all provide clues about the fate of our timeline.


In this Gnosis series, it has been my premise that a primordial schism arose between the Creator and portions of its Creation, namely the Demiurge, which developed a rogue parasitic extension called the Corrupt Demiurge. This was the First Fall.

Beings within Creation, possessing the power of freewill, harmonized with the Creator or the Corrupt Demiurge depending on whether they respected the divine framework or turned their back on it. Those who aligned with the Corrupt Demiurge carried out their parasitic agenda of survival at the expense of others.

In its original form, humanity may have been a lesser evolved but benign species created by well-meaning genetic engineers. At some point they came into contact with alien civilizations that were agents of the Corrupt Demiurge. Whether by choice or sheer ignorance, the result was genetic modification of terrestrial humanity toward becoming a fundamentally self-serving species divested of psychic sensitivity and divine harmonization. Humans were spiritually dumbed down but intellectually enhanced. This was the Second Fall, depicted in the story of Adam and Eve.

The Third Fall involved members of the meta-civilization located in our distant past, likely ancestors of the Nordic aliens who inhabited the planet that is now the Asteroid Belt. After demiurgic wars destroyed their planet, the survivors set up camp on Earth, bringing with them the Grail Stone technology. The Superman, Lucifer Rebellion, and Neutral Angels myths seem to depict this.

Their contact with the natives and resulting technological osmosis led to the rise of such fabled civilizations as Atlantis and Hyperborea. These were brought to an end by fluctuations in the Etheric Tide, terrestrial abuses of demiurgic technology, and natural disasters, signifying the Fourth Fall.

Advanced survivors of the Atlantean cataclysm migrated around the world and established new civilizations, impressing their own technology, culture, and mythology onto uncivilized natives. Some brought with them remnant fragments of Atlantean demiurgic technology, and these became the basis of various magical artifacts recounted in myth.

The Grail/Ark Stone was one such artifact entrusted to an elite Egyptian priesthood. The Hyksos invasion of 1628 B.C. and Akhenaten/Osarseph rebellion around 1350 B.C. resulted in hijacking and abuse of the Stone, allowing deeper intrusion of the Corrupt Demiurge into our world and a heavy deviation of the timeline. This was the Fifth Fall.

The next one occurred via the Great Apostasy, the hijacking of the teachings of Christ by the forces of Set/Yahweh/Demiurge. This began around 50 A.D. with the misguided activities of Saul the Roman who converted to Paul the Apostle after encountering a blinding light. Together with the subsequent penning of the Canonical Gospels, this case of timeline intervention by otherworldly forces ultimately produced the Roman Catholic Church, which became directly or indirectly responsible for the death of millions of heretics and unsanctioned psychic/gnostic bloodlines, and the spiritual enslavement of billions more. Meanwhile the Jewish presence in history served as a sand in the oyster that eventually produced the black pearl of Nazism, which became the nucleus of the Military Industrial Complex, which since 1960 has been working feverishly on behalf of negative alien factions to prepare our planet for final assimilation.

That’s a brief rundown of how our world came to be so screwed up. It happened through an incremental series of falls that seem to trace back to the primordial schism between Logos and Demiurge. Or so it seems.

The above description only covers the linear past-to-present version of how we got here. How much of our situation actually originated from the future and from outside time? I have mentioned timewars originating with future portions of the alien meta-civilization, but not yet gone into detail about what these timewars entail in practical terms, or what that says about the fundamental nature of our reality.

Reality as Remedial Illusion

What exactly is this reality? We have several clues. Indications of how and why this timewar originated can be found in certain alienology research, channeling material, visions, dreams, prophecies, polar movies and the writings of Philip K. Dick. I’ve had my share of dreams pertaining to this topic, which made little sense at the time but in context of the Gnosis series they make more sense. Here is one from several years ago:

Remedial Time Bubble – In this dream I met Donnie Darko at a disheveled furniture store and he told me the shift from 3D to 4D had already taken place, but that we were now caught in a temporary time bubble right at that moment of crossover. The bubble was a reconstruction of the past, a simulation of the years leading up to the shift, with the only thing different being that some people now had something “extra” (spiritual power and intuition) that would give them better success in making more progress by the time they exit the bubble. This way, the shift completes with a better-prepared group of graduators than without that remedial time bubble.

This is similar to the Time Lateral concept discussed in the Q’uo material, whereby Earth has been quarantined onto a temporal sidetrack away from the main flow of time in Creation. The purpose of the Time Lateral is to give mankind extra time to evolve before rejoining the main timeline and shifting to 4D. This would mean our current timeline is an illusory summer school of sorts, implying the current World Dream serves a beneficial remedial function. Viewed from a higher perspective that could be the case, but within the illusion things are rough indeed, especially if the summer school lessons include dealing with forces heavily invested in keeping the World Dream going forever.

Richard Sauder proposed a similar idea:

Read the article [about time cloaking and imagine what might be possible for an interstellar civilization with a more sophisticated technological base. If you scale the technology up could you create a Time Cloak that would effectively quarantine an entire planet and seal it off from the rest of the galaxy in its own hidden space-time compartment? Just give it its own, independently generated, local time-space coordinates and set it to spinning like a top for hundreds of thousands or millions of years, like a private prison planet, or water-planet torture palace where anything goes and no one hears the screams?

What if?

And what happens when that Time sealed compartmentalization unzips?

You see, what the prison planet wardens want to stifle more than anything, is the World of Unfettered Imagination, because they know that when Sleeping Beauty awakens that there will be Heaven To Pay. (source)

Correlating with this, the Ra Material mentions Earth was placed in quarantine by a powerful overseer group termed the Council of Saturn. Recall that Saturn symbolizes the gateway into the linear spacetime bubble. Fore was told by his Nordic contact that three thousand years ago, Earth was placed under quarantine by a powerful group of third party overseers. Their aim was to clamp down on quarreling alien factions who had too openly meddled with human history. With the quarantine, gone were the days of aliens openly interbreeding with humans, nuking rogue cities like Sodom and Gomorrah, and occupying temples built in their honor. After the quarantine, “god ceased talking to man” and alien wars went covert. Mankind was given opportunity to develop on its own strength, though covert manipulation of human history continued. Fore was told this quarantine is currently ending, and that hostile alien factions are essentially standing by, licking their chops.

Three thousand years ago is also when the Ark Stone disappeared from Israelite hands, when Etheric Tide levels began to plunge, when according to John Baines the Christ thoughtform was invoked, and when the astrological Zodiac still aligned with the visible constellations. Whatever was put in place back then, somehow we are still in it.

The advent of Christ occurred a thousand years later, near the peak of Roman tyranny. The latter resembled the reign of the Anti-Christ as depicted in the Book of Revelation. Jesus prophesied that the Kingdom of Heaven had already arrived and that the World Dream would end within the lifetime of his disciples. Scholars who note that Biblical end times prophecies seem to pertain to events two millennia ago may be partially correct, but there is more to it. The mission of Christ was a failure and instead of ending, the World Dream continued in a strange limbo state in which Christ and Yahweh forces remained suspended in stalemate. The last two thousand years therefore seem like “over-time” in a sports game. The primary game clock ended, but a temporary “overtime” clock is now ticking. The game should have ended back then, but somehow it continued.

Philip K. Dick may have picked up on this when, as part of a series of mystical experiences, he experienced an overlap or temporal resonance between himself and his former incarnation living concurrently alongside him in ancient Rome:

Within our spatiotemporal universe it is impossible that USA 1974 and Rome AD 45 could be one and the same … how could they be? They are at two times and two places. The only way they could be one and the same would be if time and space were somehow not real; or, put another way, if something about the two continua themselves were not real. That is, if Rome was not Rome; USA was not USA; but both were a third thing, the same thing.

This is why I call it a meta-abstraction. USA 1974 and Rome AD 45 are two ways of looking at the same thing: two aspects of the same thing. And the only way you are ever going to realize this is if you literally actually see the two of them superimposed, commingled; and this will only happen if you experience anamnesis; and you will only experience this anamnesis if something stimulates—releases, actually—your blocked memory.

I treat only the spatiotemporal realm as irreal, but, as in Gnosticism, I treat it as a deliberate trap by a deluder; therefore I envision a Savior who reveals the truth to us and who breaks the power of this world (heimarmene) over us (these are two things; he must obliterate time and its power over us, its ostensible reality, to free us from heimarmene). Therefore I envision an antithetical combat—dialectic—between the Deluder, who has only a posteriori knowledge, and the Savior, who has a priori knowledge, concerning us and the hold this world has on us. This is clear Gnosticism; but I envision the real world as Plato’s Form world, and I hold, with Plotinus, that it is near at hand, not a transcendent deity far removed from here; it is here and that deity is immediately here. I envision a hierarchy of realms, as with Plotinus. We fell; we were in a sense ensnared; we took this spatiotemporal realm to be real; we made an intellectual, not moral, error, and it was us, not our ancestors; each of us is a soul splintered through thousands of miles and thousands of years. Likewise, the real, morphological realm is exploded through our realm; the way of return is through anamnesis: by this we re-collect (ourselves, each one his own Self […]).

PKD is correct that linear time is an illusion and our World Dream is a symbolic projection of higher archetypal dynamics. Some have observed that history moves in cycles. A few go further and say linear time itself is a spiral, periodically overlapping its former position and repeating events with mere cosmetic variation. In our nightly dreams, several successive dreams can express an underlying meaning in different ways to ensure we get the point; reality may be little different.

PKD surmised that the tyranny of ancient Rome and the burgeoning tyranny of New World Order are two instances of the same transcendental thing, which he called the “Black Iron Prison,” which is none other than the Matrix Control System, realm of the Corrupt Demiurge, Fourth Density STS, the most negative probable future, the lower circle of the vessica pisces.

Likewise, the first and second coming of Christ are also the same thing at a higher level, two intrusions into our spacetime bubble by the Kingdom of Heaven, the most positive probable future, the realm of the Logos, the realm of Fourth Density STO, the upper circle of the vessica pisces.

PKD interpreted our reality as an overlap between these two transcendental principles. From the perspective of timeline dynamics, this means alternate Fourth Density futures existing now in quantum superposition. These eventualities exert their influences upon a common past as part of a timewar. Or as explained in a previous article, our World Dream is a symbolic projection of competing external influences warring over what emerges when it finally ends.

Except if we take into account the seeming overlap between modern days and the events of two thousand years ago, which themselves were culminations of what began a millennia earlier, it’s as if the world did end back then and everything since has been a kind of purgatory. Purgatory is defined as a realm of “purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven,” which is the same concept as a remedial time bubble.

The implication is that three thousand years ago, following the abuse of the Ark Stone and subsequent invocation of divine intervention, divine overseers implemented quarantine. This quarantine functioned like Safe Mode when a computer is infected with a virus. It separated us from the greater flow of time in Creation, putting us on a temporary/alternate timeline, more of an experimental sandbox than the real thing. Under the quarantine, alien enemies were disallowed from warring openly, thus their conflicts went covert, like enemies sitting down to a game of chess to settle their difference. The game was on. It was supposed to have concluded a thousand years later with the manifestation of Christ and the triumph of a genuine spiritual movement. But dark powers had grown too strong by that point and the game could not end, thus it went into overtime and things got even worse. So now the stakes are increased, and instead of Rome/Pharisees versus true Christians, it’s planetary alien takeover versus the awakening Christ-like consciousness in suitable individuals. This is all speculation, but it follows logically from the sources discussed above.

This calls into question when the World Dream began. Did it begin with the primordial schism between Logos and Corrupt Demiurge? Did it begin with the failure of Christ’s mission? The answer is that every Fall induces a corresponding World Dream, which nest within each other like dream levels depicted in the film Inception. To awaken from the primordial World Dream, one must first awaken from a series of lesser ones. In theory, awakening could therefore begin with the most recent Falls and proceed backwards. From a timeline dynamics viewpoint, each World Dream is a temporary timeline birthed into existence through an errant choice; it contains experiences, challenges and opportunities ultimately meant to help correct that choice, hence it is a remedial timeline, though one that carries the risk of branching onto an even worse one. We experience this in our own lives when we make stupid choices that take us away from our destiny; after weeks, months, or years of being lost in the woods, we finally get back on the main road and then our journey continues. Within that sidetrack, however, the main flow of our life seems to stand still; when we get back on the main road, the main flow picks up again.

The Third Phase

In the next thousand years, mankind will witness the conclusion of a timewar that may have started in the future and spanned back in time to when the Nordic meta-civilization destroyed their planet approximately 70,000-80,000 years ago.

That date is based on the circular distribution of sacred sites they left around the world, which delineate Earth’s former equator; its North Pole is located in Alaska, which according to pole shift researcher Charles Hapgood was the location of the pole 70,000-80,000 years ago. The Cassiopaean Material also makes several references to that time range for the destruction of the Nordic planet and how long the Greys and Reptilians have been manipulating the timeline; and the Q’uo material claims our third density time bubble goes back 76,000 years.

The future extensions of that meta-civilization comprise the bulk of time traveling alien factions here now, whose observed activities fill the pages of alienology and Fortean research. This timewar rippled back in time, converging along various critical choice points in history and producing the numerous intermediate falls discussed. How far in the future the timewar originated is uncertain; various clues suggest sometime during the Age of Aquarius, which is 2,600-4,800 A.D. and time travel will certainly be a common reality by then.

This timewar will conclude with mankind being locked into either the best or worst of all possible futures. Once human history passes a point of no return, the quantum superposition state between these probable futures collapses; one future becomes fully real while the other goes poof. Right now things are still up in the air.

On this topic, a few of my dreams have been relevant:

Timewar – In the distant future a war has broken out between the forces of balance and the forces of conquest. The latter had escaped into the past in order to manipulate history to give themselves victory. The forces of balance were symbolically portrayed as a legion of knights gearing up and marching through a portal into the past (our present). Here they went on their separate ways to carry out their mission, soldiers in a timewar. They were guided by an oracle, a mysterious source of help originating from their future.

Divine Lights – In a large underground cavern, the floor had one side covered with a glowing colony of lights, and the other side with a dark colony of black fungus. In the dark colony a group of entities made a decision to jet upwards through the cavern ceiling and try to conquer the world above. Members of the glowing colony got alarmed and gathered their forces. I heard the phrases “By the Father, By the Son” as the lights too jetted upwards through the cavern onto the surface world (our world) try and stop what was to happen.

War Zone Astral Projection – In a grimy room in war-torn country, bodies were stacked like firewood and new weapons were being made to increase the lethality of fighting forces. Situation was going from bad to worse and we knew we had to get out somehow. In the room, my coworker tells me “There is another parallel dimension where we can go for several hours at a time.” We lie down and trance out to travel to this dimension. What we do in that dimension affects what happened in this one, and our aim was to undo the terrible conditions in our dimension or escape into the other permanently.

Timewar Virus – In the future there were time travel experiments. A squadron of boxy-looking flying ships were to travel into various points of the past for whatever reason. But some were accidentally contaminated with a virus. Half went into the past before the other half realized the contamination, but by then it was too late. This virus had infected the timeline and was causing severe problems. So the ones who stayed behind worked out a plan, and it involved going into the past in a very deep and thorough way, almost implying incarnating as past native citizens. There was talk about how they had to bargain with the dark side and undergo very difficult restrictions in order to enter the past in order to stop the virus. I heard one crew member say, “Well if those are the dark side, then where are the good guys?” and another crew member said with resignation, “That’s us.”

If interpreted as a prophetic dream, the Book of Revelation gives further insight on the timewar. It prophesies the rise of the Antichrist, the subsequent Battle of Armageddon, and the coming of Christ who will reign for one thousand years. At the end of this period, called the Millennium, dark forces only temporarily suppressed will rise from their Abyss and wage one final battle.

Little thought is given in Biblical eschatology to this final battle, but considering it would occur very well into the Third Phase after the Etheric Tide has already transformed mankind into a meta-civilization, this final battle may actually be the one that started the timewar. The imminent rise of the Antichrist and battle of Armageddon is only the portion of the timewar culminating in our near future, at the end of the three-thousand-year quarantine period. It is the end of the Second Phase, punctuated by the global alien deception attempt and the Gnostic insurgence that undermines it. After that precarious situation passes, the Etheric Tide pours in and the Third Phase begins.

The Third Phase consists of meta-civilizational activities culminating in beginning and end point (“alpha and omega”) of the timewar going back 70,000-80,000 years. Again, this is merely the picture that emerges if one were to synthesize Biblical eschatology with everything else discussed so far. It will be after the arrival of the Etheric Tide, after the “Fourth Density Shift” that personal destinies will fully blossom, the Grail Stone retrieved and reactivated, and the timewar eventually be brought to an end. It will be a battle waged through time, and is already being fought through time simultaneously by our past, present, and future incarnations.

It’s important to note that the Millennium is a transitional period in which linear time gradually dissolves, but does not completely disappear until the very end. Perhaps the Etheric Tide onsets gradually, or stated another way, the transition to 4D takes place over several centuries. Point being that during the Millennium, aspects of 3D existence are still in effect, even if destabilizing. In quantum physics term, this would equate to gradual delocalization and decoherence of the wave function defining our existence. For some time, linear timelines, parallel timelines, and alternate futures would still exist and timeline dynamics would still be in effect. Only at the end of the Millennium would the World Dream completely end and all this timeline business be put to rest. Thus the timewar could only exist until the end of time, and hence in the Book of Revelation there is one final battle before we all go home.

Some clues about the final days of the Millennium can be found in Robert Monroe’s books. In Far Journeys (pp. 206-227) and he chronicles his astral journey to a probable Earth located just beyond the year 3,000. There he found the planet had been transformed into an Edenic state with a population of two million superhumans who had no clothes, buildings, roads, or other unnatural structures. They lived in complete harmony and mastery with Nature and mentally manifested all their needs. In Ultimate Journey (pp. 33-42) he encountered a very similar civilization and version of Earth but supposedly located one million years ago; this latter civilization was about permanently phase out from physicality and linear time altogether. Perhaps these were one and the same positive meta-civilization, projected into different parts of our linear timeline.

In Far Journeys, Monroe was also told about an unusual cosmic energy convergence that would irradiate Earth in our near future. This represented a rare and significant moment in our history. A great alien presence has gathered to observe this event, and I would add, to influence the outcome. Monroe was told that the Edenic Earth was just one positive probable future, whereas the more negative ones could include extinction of the human race. I would further add, that other timelines include genetic enslavement by some of these alien factions who have gathered here. Monroe was shown that this event is a cataclysmic period of chaos, crisis, and opportunity from which numerous probable futures split off. Thus it is the largest choice point on the timeline and the key focal point of the timewar, hence all the past several thousand years of preparations leading up to the events of our near future.

Competing Probable Futures

There still remains the question of how precisely the timewar originated in the first place. An educated guess would go something like this:

There may have originally been a single positive timeline that produced a benevolent but naive human evolution; this timeline would have been a Golden Age of sorts. Earth could have been a completely different place in that timeline, an Edenic state without seasons, tilt of the axis, moon, or other World Dream Symbols reflecting a fallen existence. This would have been a positive meta-civilization.

Then came a schism, an accident, or an intrusion of some kind. It could have been contact with a negative alien meta-civilization from elsewhere in the universe or from a parallel timeline where evolution had taken a negative direction. Or it could have been the genesis of negative factions within their own ranks, as per the Lucifer Rebellion myth.

In either case, these negative forces would have hijacked the positive timeline and attempted to rewrite it in their favor. But the way timeline dynamics works, one cannot just rewrite the past with a snap of the finger since the past is held in place by the volitional momentum (freewill, consciousness) of the souls who are living in it. However, at the very least, their minds can be telepathically biased so that they make different choices than they originally did. Given enough time, such biasing can lead to a complete revision of culture that perpetuates programs conducive to the establishment of the desired negative future. The goal of negative timeline manipulators, therefore, would be to persuade the souls of the past to deviate onto a different future. Hence all the finesse by the alien deception campaign in their use of disinformation to persuade us to choose them, instead of invading with full physical force.

What they are doing is much like an entrepreneur creating a new store and then persuading customers of a competitor store to shop at his place instead. If he can successfully win over these customers, the competitor store folds up and he becomes the only such business in town. But if he fails, then his investment in the new store would have been for nothing. This is an accurate metaphor for the quantum superposition state that exists between alternate futures. Negative timeline manipulators have initiated a new probable future where they reign supreme if only they could deviate past souls onto that future. Before the timewar, the timeline may have been a single steady progression into the future, but after the timewar, the future is uncertain due to ongoing alterations and therefore multiple probable futures exist, each one less than fully real because none has a monopoly over the past. The goal of each probable future would therefore be to undercut the competition and consolidate the customer base entirely for themselves. This is how they could establish themselves as real and permanent.

What happens to a probable future that loses too many customers? It’s difficult to say, but considering how our own lives get better when we receive positive feedback flow from the future but fall apart when we get on the wrong track and have lost such feedback, it would be reasonable to say that a probable future collapses in upon itself via negative synchronicities that manifest as mounting cataclysms. Hence the idea of the world as we now know it, which is a product of negative timeline manipulation and largely the handiwork of the Corrupt Demiurge, ending in cosmic destruction with the removal of the negative World Thoughtform perpetuating it. The world as we know it must end before a positive timeline can take its place.

So the final implication is that via demiurgic technology, hijacking of the timeline originally took place in the “future” and reconfigured the past, initiating a war for balance by the positive forces. The hyperdimensional battle required going back in time, even incarnating into the past to continue the war on the terrestrial chessboard. Remaining positive factions of the meta-civilization would assist these ground forces. They would receive help in the form of synchronistic support, outright intervention in critical situations, subconscious training, and oracular avenues such as synchronicities, dreams, visions, inspirations, and direct messages if needed.

These soldiers of light must survive the conditions of the Matrix Control System by gaining mastery over their lower selves while nurturing and activating the full manifestation of Spirit. The next part of this article concerns their path.

The Heroic Avenging Fool

In the Finnish and Icelandic myths discussed in the previous article, a magical millstone was fought over until it sank in the ocean or else shattering upon the waves. The sinking millstone consequently churned a great whirlpool, symbolizing the genesis of our linear timeline. This act brought to a close the First Phase.

The story ends with the birth of a new hero, who would become the central character of the Second Phase. The previous protagonist, whose time has passed, builds a ship of copper and sails off toward the whirlpool, entering its eye and disappearing from our world. As he leaves, he promises to return one day when dire conditions necessitate his help. This is mirrored in the King Arthur myths about the magical sword Excalibur, which was bestowed and retrieved by the Lady in the Lake according to circumstance. All of this ties back to the idea of demiurgic technology as well as higher consciousness returning along with the Etheric Tide, and being removed as the Tide wanes.

With the beginning of the second phase, a new protagonist appears. His name in various myths includes Kullervo, Amleth, Hamlet, Horus, Theseus, and Parzival. These are the avenging heroes, divine redeemers, and pure fools, who were born to right the wrongs that engendered the Second Phase. Within the World Dream, they carry out missions that originate from the Real World.

Horus, Parzival, and Amleth

One of the earliest avenging hero myths is that of Osiris, Isis, Seth, and Horus. Osiris and Isis were king and queen. The king’s brother Seth became jealous and plotted to kill him. He did so by offering a contest where anyone who could fit into a coffin he had made would get to keep it. When Osiris laid down into the coffin, which had been custom built to his size, Seth sealed it shut and threw it in the Nile, where it floated north to Lebanon and got stuck in a tree. The tree had been harvested and, along with the coffin, became a pillar in a great temple in Lebanon.

Already, one can see how this cosmic archetype was mirrored in the historical episode of the Ark Stone being sealed in a box (‘coffin’) and taken north to Lebanon where the Phoenicians and Proto-Israelites used it to expand their empire.

The myth continues with Isis finding the coffin and transporting it back to Egypt but leaving it in a marshland. This is mirrored in the Ark Stone being retrieved from Lebanon when Solomon’s Temple was sacked by Thuthmose III. The marshland reflects its subsequent location in the Great Pyramid, in Northern Egypt where reed marshes were prevalent.

In the marshland, Seth comes upon the coffin and subsequently dismembers Osiris into fourteen pieces. This is mirrored in the Semites occupying northern Egypt, where the Ark Stone and pyramids were located. Osarseph, the rebel priest of Akhenaten who became the historical basis for Moses, was one of them. The Semites of Egypt had always taken Seth as their patron deity; one could say they were allegiant to the cosmic thoughtform represented by Seth, who was none other than Yahweh, the Corrupt Demiurge. In Egyptian paintings, Seth is depicted as a strange beast that has no analog to animals of nature; this is to indicate that Seth, or rather the Corrupt Demiurge, is an unnatural creation, and likewise the timeline he engendered is corrupt, out of place, artificial.

Like the protagonists of the Finnish Myth trying to find the shattered pieces of the Sampo, Isis was able to retrieve most of the pieces of Osiris, but not all. The fourteenth piece of Osiris, his phallus, had been swallowed by a fish. Likewise, in the Icelandic tale, the millstone had sunk irretrievably into the ocean. Consequently, Isis creates an artificial one of gold and resurrects Osiris who then impregnates her. Afterward he is given proper burial ceremonies and withdraws from the world, like the Finnish protagonist entering the maelstrom.

Isis gave birth to Horus. He was the falcon-headed god, son of Osiris, and eternal enemy to his evil uncle Seth. Why the head of a falcon? The meaning of the falcon propagated through the ages, down to the old practice of heraldry. On family crests and coat of arms, the falcon continues to mean “a pursuer, one who will not rest until his objective is achieved.” (source). Horus was born because Seth killed his father, and he exists as a pursuer of Seth, as one who will not rest until the objectives of recrimination and restoration are accomplished.

In previous articles, I have consistently referred to thoughtforms as entities that arise to fulfill a purpose, that do not rest until their objectives are realized. The restorative mission of Horus, combined with his single-minded determination, shows him to be a thoughtform whose sole purpose is to right the primordial wrong that brought him into existence in the first place. Horus is none other than Christ, and his opposition to Seth is once more the Christ vs Yahweh conflict. So when conspiracy researchers point to parallels between Christ and Horus, the connection is quite a bit deeper than they might realize. Horus/Christ is an entitized correction mechanism sent by the Logos to counter the corruption of the timeline.

Now, Osiris was a god situated in a limbo state between the land of the living and the land of the dead. His original phallus was lost, but the gold one served in its place. Paralleling this, the Grail King Amfortas was gravely wounded in the groin, living in a half-dead state neither lying down nor standing up. The holy spear and Grail served to ameliorate his suffering and keep him alive long enough for Parzival, the redeeming, avenging, heroic fool, to restore him and become the new Grail King. Thus the Grail is to Parzival what the golden phallus is to Horus.

As explained, the Grail Stone is a physical mediator for the Christ thoughtform to illuminate, enliven, and instruct the Grail knights in their mission to carry out the divine will. Likewise, in Egypt there existed a group known as the Followers of Horus, who were in charge of guarding and operating the Stone. They were the earliest recorded example of the “Christian Progeny” spoken about in Parzival, to whom the neutral angels entrusted the Grail. Some researchers claim these Followers of Horus were not fully human, which would be in accord with what was explained in Part 6 of the Gnosis series, that keepers of the Grail are likely human-Nordic hybrids.

A modern example of the avenging hero-fool archetype is Shakespeare’s Hamlet, inspired by an old Scandinavian tale of an avenger named Amleth. Shakespeare transposed the “h” in Amleth to create the name of his character.

Hamlet had an evil uncle who murdered his father out of jealousy, married and corrupted his mother, and usurped the throne. Under the oppressive reign of his evil stepfather, he carried out his revenge with great cleverness and patience. He pretended to be an insane idiot so that his enemies would not suspect his plans, thus he could exist among them while making preparations for his final move. When his enemies did have suspicions and put him through various tests to expose him, Hamlet’s quick thinking preserved his cover, causing their plans to backfire.

In the end, Hamlet and Amleth succeed in their revenge, Amleth bringing the burning building down upon his drunken enemies, whom he had ensnared in a net, and then slaying his uncle. Hamlet’s story ended with a sword fight in which he was victorious but soon after died from a poisoned blade wound.

The Meaning of the Fool

In the above stories, the father represents the divine Logos, evil uncle the Corrupt Demiurge, and mother the Matrix. The Corrupt Demiurge usurped the Logos and took control of the Matrix. The avenging hero represents the Christ intelligence, whose role is to destroy the Control System and bring the Matrix back into rightful harmonization with the Logos. The heroic fool, however, represents more the portion of this Christ intelligence that is working within the system to undermine it, the “ground team” so to speak.

The fool represents what the Ra Material calls “Wanderers,” or what the book Bringers of the Dawn calls “Systems Busters.” These are higher souls who have volunteered to incarnate into the Matrix Control System to help. Entering via the womb and being confined to a primitive human body means donning the shackles of mental and spiritual retardation. By default they forget who they are and, like Tarzan, get “raised by apes of the jungle.”

Hence by entering this world, they become “idiots” relative to their original form. But underneath, they still maintain an innate sense of wisdom, freedom, and spiritual intelligence that puts them out of step with social norms. As much as they need to become human to survive here, they must also overcome or reject social programming that might interfere with their mission. To society, they may appear as fools for not buying into the Control System values. And should these souls awaken from their programming and begin the inner and outer search for truth and purpose, they would soon think, speak, feel, and act according to higher knowledge and standards that society simply cannot comprehend, thus they would once again be seen as fools for subscribing to “utter nonsense.”

Everyone reading this knows firsthand how society too easily dismisses higher wisdom as lunatic ravings. I can say with certainty that if you have read this far, you are likely a Wanderer, and you have walked the Way of the Fool. Here I am simply revealing what this path signifies and why it exists.

Hamlet pretending to be an idiot to escape the suspicion of his enemies, how does that apply to our situation? As explained, by becoming human we can exist here relatively undisturbed. We are still in the Second Phase, where the spiritual war is fought sub rosa. Amleth played a fool until the end. The time has not yet come for open use of superhuman abilities, which is reserved for the Third Phase. Imagine being born with pyrokinetic, telekinetic, spacetime bending powers — how far would you have gotten before you were incapacitated and kept in some underground base for study and experimentation? We are born and live as fools, so that we may enter society as any other human might, and take up positions through which we can exert our subversive influences.

But just as the Christ intelligence has its alien and human representatives, so does the Corrupt Demiurge. We live under the watchful eyes of the evil uncle, under surveillance by higher dark forces. These are the demonic legions and negative alien factions that target, abduct, program, and manipulate us. They are the negative timeline manipulators that have been at this game for tens of thousands of years. Like our own efforts, their plans are currently carried out covertly. Abduction and programming happen in secret; demons move among us invisibly. The more we expose ourselves and threaten their agenda, the higher priority targets we become.

Like Amleth’s enemies testing him to discover his true motives, these forces are very interested in discovering our true mission. They may sense we are threats and program us accordingly to lose faith and interest in our quest, but they may not know our specific missions because these remain locked away deep within our souls, unknown even to us, until the right time when they automatically unlock. This may explain the commonly reported practice in which an abductee is seated before a screen and shown random apocalyptic imagery; perhaps the locks are being picked. Not until the influx of the Etheric Tide and a convergence of other factors would the full cache of hidden knowledge and purpose be opened. Then, like Excalibur rising from the lake or the sword being drawn from the stone, it would signify the start of the Third Phase.

We also face everyday testing by the enemy in the form of provocations, temptations, and distractions that probe our weaknesses. These aim to extract “evidence of impurity” by which these beings acquire metaphysical right to attack us further, which from our perspective seems like karmic punishment but to them appears as convenient openings in our defenses.

The Pure Fool

In the First Phase, pure beings were unwise and thus vulnerable, which brought about the Fall. In the Second Phase, purity was replaced by strength and cunning. Both conditions signify states of imbalance. In the Third Phase, purity, strength, and cleverness will combine into a balanced whole. These signify the perfection of spirit, body, mind, and soul.

The combination of virtues equates to having eaten from both trees in the Garden of Eden. These characteristics together form the base of spiritual chivalry, which will mature in the Third Phase but is already blossoming within the Hero/Fool during the Second Phase.

While the hero and fool act with purity and innocence, they also have cleverness and strength. They need strength to withstand the pressures of the Control System, and cleverness to navigate its obstacles. Their strength comes from not being divided within themselves, not saddled by self-doubt or social programming.

The Biblical character Samson was strong because his hair had never been cut; cutting of hair signifies a trimming of one’s true nature to conform to standards of the Control System. In the end, his remaining strength allowed him to push apart the columns of a building and crush all his enemies, much like Amleth casting a net over his enemies and bringing the burning building down atop them. Again, this pertains to the Christ intelligence destroying the World Dream, partly by removing/retrieving that which supports it – our collective ignorant participation in it.

It’s easy to see how strength and cleverness are tactical advantages, but how might purity and innocence be likewise helpful? Because the hero and fool are aligned with their hearts, with spirit, with the divine will, they have synchronistic superiority over their spiritually inferior enemies who only have cunning and force on their side. Synchronistic superiority means things work out in unexpected ways when one stays true to one’s higher, nobler Self. Ground troops receive “air support” as long as their positions are visible and distinct from enemy forces; if they lower themselves into darkness, they cannot be helped.

Dorothy was a pure fool who, out of concern for the Witch’s broom being on fire, poured water to extinguish it but ended up inadvertently killing the Wicked Witch in the process. Amleth thrust his sword into a wall to test his strength, and ended up killing an assassin who had been hiding there about to attack (compare with Logion 98 in The Gospel of Thomas). In our own lives, traps set by dark forces backfire when we maintain spiritual composure; their obstacles become our stepping stones. These examples illustrate how one can win a fight without fighting, just by acting naturally in a non-anticipatory manner and having the pieces fall into place.

Of course, as Wanderers or Systems Busters facing harsh odds, the best approach is combining all our assets. While science and the stiffer esoteric schools advocate only strength and cleverness, and while certain religion and softer spiritual practices advocate only purity of soul, each has its shortcomings. There is no point reinforcing the front door when the rear door stays wide open. What we have, we must use. Those who give up the intellect for the soul or vice versa are missing the point. Hence the dictum “be wise as serpents, gentle as doves,” and why I emphasize combining a positive attitude with greater awareness.

The Unity of All Esoteric Training

The Way of the Fool is a spiritual school of hard knocks that employs life itself as the classroom. Its initiates operate in the wilderness like paratroopers launched into enemy territory. They learn their lessons through direct contact with the conditions of life in the World Dream. Hard experience, synchronicity, independent study, observation, dreams, and intuition are among the teaching tools.

Then there are occult teachers and formal esoteric schools that provide a more disciplined, protected, and accelerated environment for spiritual growth. Examples include Fourth Way, Inner Christianity, Sufism, Rosicrucianism, Toltec Shamanism, Anthroposophy, and Gnostic/Hermetic organizations.

Both formal and informal esoteric pathways share the same goal, to fortify Spirit and enable its triumph over matter. This entails disengaging from lower/outer and engaging higher/inner, resulting in Spirit influencing the World instead of vice versa. The opposite is true for people who are spiritually asleep; via genetics and environment, the world molds them into becoming mere instruments of the Matrix Control System. Esoteric training aims to reverse this.

To disengage from lower/outer means to observe and master (if useful) or reject (if harmful) everything the Control System has grafted onto us: all the bad habits, prejudices, mindless instincts, egotism, ignorance, chaotic thoughts and feelings, petty concerns, baseless fears and illusory goals. It means to see through illusion and take back power from the World Dream.

To engage the higher means to get Spirit back online in our lives, minds, bodies, and souls. Feelings are harmonized with Spirit via devotion, humility, compassion, understanding, patience, forbearance, and love. Life is harmonized via higher thoughts and feelings initiating synchronistic support and wise action clearing the way of obstacles. And the lower mind is harmonized when it becomes aware of information streaming from Spirit. The latter occurs in small flashes when, through contemplation, intuition leads to revelation, and revelation builds wisdom and discernment. But it doesn’t become a constant light until the mind achieves continuity of consciousness between waking and dreaming states, so that even while awake one can access the dream state and thus receive communications from the subconscious, which is really a gateway to the higher mind. This bridge is enhanced by the development of psychic structures in the etheric body that mediate information between different aspects of one’s being. This bridge allows under current conditions what would otherwise only be possible during an Etheric Tide.

Whether one examines the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Gurdjieff, Mouravieff, Baines, Mares, Castaneda, etc… they all basically boil down to disengaging from lower and engaging higher.

For Wanderers on a mission, it seems that life helps them achieve this up to the minimum threshold required for them to do what they are here to do, rather than spurring them on to superhuman perfection. Thus while we should strive to overcome the lower and activate the higher as much as possible, we should not get depressed if certain goals remain beyond reach, especially ones that are not mission critical.

Nonetheless, we would all do well to practice disengaging the lower, cultivating synchronistic support, and building up more conviction, courage, understanding, forbearance, and compassion. We have to be mindful of what originates from our lower nature versus higher nature and distinguish between them so that we can consistently choose the latter. This will “tide” us over until divine grace or some cosmic shift grants us etheric activation and spiritual transcendence that currently seem beyond practical reach.

If we want to reach that transcendental stage sooner, esoteric paths require total death of the lower self in order for the higher Self to take its place. In the Path of the Fool where life itself provides the catalysts, such a thing is quite painful; if such a thing becomes necessary for some of us, it’s an unfortunate possibility that the appropriate catalysts will likely be provided by the aftermath of the traumatic global cataclysms on the horizon.

The Gnostic Teachings of Christ

How the foregoing discussion of fools, heroes, wanderers, and esoteric training fits into the Gnosis series is amplified and clarified by the wise and prophetic words of Jesus Christ. Or at least, what little remains of his original teachings. (See my Research Note on the Historicity of Jesus Christ).

Aside from the Beatitudes (the Buddhist-like lessons given via the Sermon on the Mount), the Gospel of Thomas is as close as it gets to the original teachings. As much as modern Christians might deny it, the four Biblical Gospels themselves were already part of the so-called “Great Apostasy,” which is the turning away of Christianity from the original spirit of Christ’s messages. They were propaganda pieces aimed at Jews, Greeks, Pagans, and Romans in order to hijack a burgeoning spiritual movement. Christianity became a weapon to bring diverse cultures under the control of a single political monster hiding behind the cross. Meanwhile, the original teachings of Christ propagated onward in secret until one version was set down in writing by the scribes of the Nag Hammadi, from which the Gospel of Thomas emerged into modern light.

At their core, the teachings of Christ are highly dualistic, apocalyptic, prophetic, and gnostic. Christ was not strictly concerned with getting us to live better lives here, or countering the karmic mind-traps that Yahweh installed in his people, but helping us get ourselves out of here. His primary mission was to end the World Dream and bring his spiritual kin home, to redeem the Fallen. So while modern scholars and theologians interpret the Gospel of Thomas from the viewpoint of generic spiritual wisdom we can apply in our everyday lives, make no mistake that Christ had more in mind than giving fortune cookie platitudes.

According to the teachings, humanity is comprised of the spiritually Living and the spiritually Dead. The Dead are products of this world, subject to its rules, obedient to its standards. They sacrifice spiritual priorities for personal and material pursuits. Meanwhile, the Living are in this world but not of it, they contain an inner quality that transcends worldly factors. We become more one or the other depending on where we place our priorities.

The Kingdom of Heaven is the original home of the Living, from which they fell and to which they will hopefully return. It is not a location within spacetime, but a higher realm surrounding and interpenetrating the physical world. It is all around us but invisible to the five senses. The Kingdom of Heaven has already come, but it has not yet been widely perceived. It is also within us but unrecognized by the everyday conscious mind. To transition into the Kingdom of Heaven externally, one must transition into the Kingdom of Heaven inwardly, for it’s through an internal conscious and spiritual shift that we experience the corresponding external shift. The Kingdom is both a state of existence and a state of mind. In modern lingo, the Kingdom of Heaven is higher density positive existence, both as a mode of being and realm of habitation.

Whereas the World operates on the principles of cunning, calculation, physical power and determinism, the Kingdom of Heaven acts via synchronicity, nonlinearity, and nondeterminism. That is how the Kingdom of Heaven destabilizes the control system and lends support to its own: not through sheer force, but through unfathomable elegance and subtlety. It employs the butterfly effect to leverage the smallest nudges into the greatest of outcomes, the ultimate form of spiritual jujitsu.

The World is an impermanent illusion, an ouroboros condemned to consume itself into nothingness. Therefore its epiphenomena, the Dead, likewise lack permanence in the greater framework of Eternity. The Living are immortal in that they continue existing even if the World ceases to exist, whereas the Dead would disappear along with it. Like with dissolution of the physical body, one must possess spirit to consciously survive death. The Dead have no probable future extensions, no existence outside the World Dream, they are but hollow memories waiting to be forgotten.

The goal of spiritual discipline and training is to activate and build spirit within us. Spirit is not a product of the physical world, therefore it has permanence beyond the lifespan of the World. In building up everything associated with spirit, we translate ourselves into the Real World, the Kingdom of Heaven, and overcome death and dissolution.

The World as we know it will come to an end through a great revealing. A time will come when the Living have their spiritual eyes opened. This will occur when they succeed in being filled and activated by the same wisdom and intelligence that illuminated Jesus (and other avatars like Buddha). This is the so-called Second Coming of Christ. For the Living, it has already begun with a gradual opening of awareness and building of wisdom and intuitive perception. In the end, it will result in full etheric activation combined with harmonization with the Logos, whom Christ called the Father. Those who are activated will be able to see and recognize what was formerly hidden by worldly deceivers and the five senses. Secrets will be exposed, pretenses revealed, and illusion will fall away. They will finally see and enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Presently we are controlled through our investment in illusions. We are attacked through gaps in our awareness. All our willpower and energy are useless if we lack the awareness of where and how to direct them. Thus awareness and vigilance are crucial. As long as we are here, we must be wise and discerning. The biggest illusions are those that employ false dichotomies; the World is spun from these. They can be as basic as the seeming separation between inner and outer. In reality, there is no separation, and in knowing this we can change the outer by changing the inner.

When you recognize an illusion for what it is, that illusion ceases to hold power over your choices. Thus to overcome the world, one must recognize the world for what it is and implement that higher understanding. In doing so, one steps away from the World and toward the Kingdom. The closer one approaches the Kingdom, the more one comes under its jurisdiction, the more one lives by its principles, which override those of the world. As an example, the power of synchronicity easily trumps the forces of determinism. Worldly limitations and concerns that apply to the Dead may not always apply to the Living.

False opposites must be reconciled and transcended before a person can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. One cannot cling to illusion and leave the realm of illusion at the same time. To completely enter the Kingdom, one must therefore achieve non-dual consciousness in the sense of being permeated by an awareness that sees through false dualities and recognizes the higher truth beyond them. It is not just a superficial intellectual understanding, but a higher state of consciousness. In this state, one is not divided within oneself, rather there is total sincerity and complete unity with the heart, subconscious, higher mind, and other aspects of our being that are normally compartmentalized away during mundane waking consciousness. In this state, one acts with singular purpose and knowing, as Christ did. This state cannot be achieved by convincing yourself into seeming certainty, rather it must flow naturally from transcending the mortal mind and merging with your higher mind.

This non-dualism is not an endorsement of indiscriminate mindlessness, however. A higher kind of objective dualism is called for, one that discriminates between the World and the Kingdom and between the standards of the Living and those of the Dead. Thus the role of Christ is not to unify the World but to bring total division between the Living and the Dead, not to bring peace but initiate total war between the World and the Kingdom. The role of false dichotomies is to distract us from this higher dualism, to keep us busy making false or irrelevant choices instead of the one that truly counts.

When the great revealing occurs and the Living fulfill their potential and increasingly see the Dead for who they are, there will be no alternative but polarization at every scale. The same way we observe our own dark side and leave it behind, so will this happen on a collective scale. The role of Christ is to separate the weed from the crops, harvest the crops and burn the weeds. Only at the time of the great revealing will it become absolutely clear what is weed and what is crop. Until then, each grows among the other unchecked.

Christ unifies the Living, but divides them from the Dead. The Living must recognize and love each other, for they are one in purpose, essence, and origins. They must cast off what does not belong to them: the fetters of social and biological programming, ego-based impulses, emotional addictions, material obsessions, illusory fears, and mortal personality. In the end, they will be stripped of these and will stand spiritually naked before the World, unassailable in their strength and purity, thousands of Christs holding torches to the framework of our sham existence.

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