Maximizing Your Potential to Help Others » 30 July 04

In a recent email exchange with a friend, an important subject came up. How can we help others, and what difference would it make? This question came about because he was feeling down and confused about the world and the prospect of acting upon his desire to help. In the past I have had these thoughts myself, feeling dejected with the seeming futility of trying to make a difference in a world brimming with negativity and corruption.

From my own contemplation of the matter, certain answers revealed themselves over time. These I offered to my friend in the following email. I have met many others in recent months who were equally discouraged and confused by these same issues, so for the benefit of anyone reading, I am publishing my email response here. Rather than condensing my response into a formal article, I decided to merely do some minor editing and leave the conversational flow intact.

One of the reasons I am confused at the moment is because I have been talking to a person who is confusing me. He is a really nice bloke, but he asks me about spiritual matters and then the conversation gets all … confusing! I don’t know if the feelings he is sending me are of good nature, or if he is being negative. He totally disables me! I need something to get me back on track.


You see I am drawn to discussing spiritual things with certain people. … for instance, this boy who is confusing me, I walk into his room and he sits there reading the papers getting noticably upset with the state of the world. I tell him to not read the papers if it’s getting him down. He says that is burying his head in the sand. I say it might do you good to be aware of a negative side, but you shouldn’t dwell on it. He says “if you have all the answers, how can I help the world? there is people starving & we sit here eating luxury food etc etc…” I say I don’t know all the answers but am aware of a bigger perspective that may help him see things in a different way” and the conversation ends with me feeling confused and a bit helpless. How can I help people!

Regarding the person who confuses you, consider it a challenge testing you on not only how well you know what you know, but how well you can communicate it to others, especially when there could be things working through them to befuddle your mind (usually involves an energy drain and neurolinguistic programming through their language that works to put you in a slight hypnotic trance, all unbeknownst to them).

The more you learn what you know, and learn how to communicate it, the greater your confidence and power. It’s like wielding a sword…at first it’s heavy and slows you down, but only after practicing can it be turned into a great tool.

Can I ask you a question? What is the best way to help somebody? Should you talk about the bigger picture to other people, or just let them discover it for themselves? If now is a critical time for Earth, is it good to “throw seeds about” or is it unwise?

What I do is “give up” only when my interaction with someone turns purely into a waste of energy. That’s the line you cross when you see they have made their choice and actively defend it to the point of no longer hearing what you have to say. You can tell this happens when they start becoming irrational or argue in circles or simply don’t get what you say no matter how you put it. That’s when naiveté on their part spills over into willful ignorance. Naiveté is simple lack of information but willingness to learn, while ignorance is choice to hear no more. Once you understand this difference, you’ll know when to try and when to stop.

You can plant seeds as long as something goes into them, but once they shut the door and lock it, then your job is done for the moment. So what I do is keep going til I cross that line, then for good measure try a bit more just to make sure their door truly is locked. So cross the line, and go a bit farther, then be satisfied you’ve tried and get on with your life.

I say it might do you good to be aware of a negative side, but you shouldn’t dwell on it. He says “if you have all the answers, how can I help the world? there is people starving & we sit here eating luxury food etc etc…” I say I don’t know all the answers but am aware of a bigger perspective that may help him see things in a different way” and the conversation ends with me feeling confused and a bit helpless.

Whenever you feel confused, that’s usually a sign that some great truth is buried there. Confusion says “Figure me out!!”, like a present contained in a chinese puzzle box…gotta figure out the tricky way of opening it and the present is yours.

For example, a close friend of mine recently complained that we’re here to do good in the world, and yet she’s consuming products that require things be thrown away, which damages the environment so that’s not really helping. She asked theoretically, why not just move into the country and live off the land, grow our own food and help the earth?

There is a paradox there – we come here to help the world, and yet we’re harming the world through our garbage.

After thinking about it, the solution hit me: you must maximize how much of your potential you can manifest. Let’s say your potential is to reveal the truth to as many people as possible, to wake them up, arm them with knowledge to free themselves from the Matrix Control System, to maximize their potential and so on. But you then move into the country away from civilization and spend all day working the farm just to stop yourself from being a consumer that harms the environment — sure, you’re no longer harming the world, but you’re also not applying your potential in ways that could help the world a hundredfold more. If people like us moved into a wooden shack and lived off the land without electricity, we could save the earth for a year but ultimately allow tyranny on earth to prevail for the next thousands of years (if that were our destiny, hypothetically speaking).

To maximize how much you can help the world, you have to weigh the costs and benefits of doing or not doing something. The cost is between how much you help the world by doing it, and how much you hurt the world by failing to spend that time making better use of your potential. This will vary from person to person, but one thing I guarantee is that the only way to know what’s right for you is to know what gives you enthusiasm, what is naturally in line with your drives, your skills, and the needs of the world.

Some examples I can think of are donating large sums to charity and working in soup kitchens. Depending on who you are, these may or may not be the ideal options for you. There are those who do precisely these things because that is the maximum extent of their potential, and they know it because it is their heart that leads them to do this. If you have time you cannot think of spending any other way, then naturally these are right for you.

But for me, other than giving money to homeless when they come my way on the streets, or having spent time doing volunteer work in college when I had the time, I don’t go out of my way donating to charity or working at homeless shelters because I’m busy helping the world in other ways. When I donate, I don’t give money indiscriminately, but rather where it counts — where a little can go a long way. Tithing the homeless is an example. So is donating to a fellow truthseeker’s website. Under higher laws, only time is a limit, never money. When you give for the right reasons, reality compensates you: give to receive.

Regarding many of the “altruistic” options the Matrix gives us are just the opposite – most amount of money for the least amount of effects. Think about donating to the “National Cancer Foundation” to help with cancer research. Sounds like a noble thing to do, but in truth cures for cancer are being suppressed by these same pharmaceutical companies, and it’s amazing how much money universities blow on research that ultimately does nothing. A hundred thousand dollars for a university physics lab may build a machine whose results may be published in an obscure scientific journal that gets forgotten, or a hundred thousand dollars in the hands of a renegade inventor presently working in his garage on a free energy machine may be enough to change the world.

It’s all about where you put your time, energy, and money. Not only must you maximize your potential, but you must apply it in a way that makes use of others’ potential in the best way as well.

Many compassionate people from 4D incarnate into 3D and often sacrifice themselves for the well-being of others, only to learn eventually that wisdom is needed in knowing when and how to help. This is the lesson we need to learn.

Sometimes a little harm is needed to access an exponentially greater amount of help. I use gasoline to power my car, so that I can network and buy things I need to help others. The harm I do is insignificant to the help I try to accomplish. And being that the SOUL is what matters, metaphysical help is far more powerful than sheer physical help. Therefore, you also must learn to prioritize things.

Then there are problems you can’t do anything about, like the starving children in Africa. Well, you could go there and help them for the rest of your life, but the issues above must be taken into account. The least you can do, however, is send them love and compassion, which helps ease the suffering of their souls on the metaphysical level.

He says “if you have all the answers, how can I help the world? there is people starving & we sit here eating luxury food etc etc…”

See, what would this guy be implying? That we should feel guilty about what we have (which ignores that we chose our life before incarnating), that we should live like the starving people (which ignores that we’re living the life we’re supposed to), that we should give all our food to them (which would be impractical), etc…? When we can help someone, then we should help in the wisest manner possible. If we cannot help someone, then we should not worry about it other than sending them some metaphysical help like a prayer. Everything happens for a reason, because of a choice.

You cannot help everyone in the world – if you have to choose between feeding someone in Africa versus India, how is this less “sinful” than choosing between donating to such charities and using the money to, say, write a book that helps free the minds of thousands? This is IF you had to make that choice – often you can indeed contribute money toward charity and still have much left over for helping others in more productive ways, but nevertheless wisdom demands optimization and the long range view.

What do you suggest? I want to help stop that horribleness in the planet…all the ignorance and negative energy.

If you can’t do something physically, then you can only work on the metaphysical level which is good because that’s where the physical is projected from anyway. You can be a beacon – by discovering your inner truth, manifesting it as practical knowledge, and maintaining your frequency and confidence in what you know, you become a beacon broadcasting higher frequency and higher knowledge into your environment and into the lives of all who cross your path. You create ripple effects in reality, sending waves out through the lives of others. You throw seeds and they grow in those whose minds are fertile. You create a forward cascading effect into the future, in ways only the divine mind can grasp in its entirety because the future is nonlinear – small things can have HUGE effects if applied in the right way at the right place at the right time. You can’t calculate these ahead of time, but know that by following your divine calling, you’ll always be on target.

You don’t have to yell in a park to teach the truth, you can simply discuss it with those who bring it up in conversation – just speak your mind in the most logical way you can, share your opinion when called for. You don’t have to give your life to charity to be altruistic – while that’s great for some, for others who have a different level of potential, this can only be a side project but not the main thrust of life.

Think about Neo and Morpheus in The Matrix. They knew their goal, and they knew that it takes a little hurt to do a lot of good. It’s not about “right” and “wrong” but a matter of what needs to be done and the wisest way of doing it. Maximizing potential isn’t as simple as following society’s criteria for what the right thing is to do. Surgery requires creating a wound to fix an internal problem. Likewise, sometimes the physical in the world will be harmed slightly so that the root cause on the metaphysical level can be fixed.

But what is the best way to help? To sit over my computer reading C’s and other material? Or to get off my arse and go and do some helping? Charity work, cooking for homeless people etc.?

Imagine you had the wit, the strength, and the knowledge to tell that guy exactly why he shouldn’t gripe about the headlines. Imagine him lighting up with recognition, of him seeing that truth that has always been within him. Say he then stops wasting his energy and starts refining how he can best help the world, and how all who then cross his path share in his ignited light. Okay, so this is an ideal scenario that doesn’t always happen, but unless you know your truth and have practiced the clarity of mind needed to share it, this can never happen.

Reading the C’s transcripts may seem like nothing on the physical level, but on the nonlinear and metaphysical level you now understand how it can indeed help. In life, it is very difficult to make things happen that aren’t in line with the flow of your destiny. To serve means to serve when called to serve, not just to go out and start picking things to serve. When your heart calls you (via enthusiasm or inspiration), when someone calls you by asking you a question or leaving himself open to your words and thus subconsciously asking for your help, then that is the time to act. And to act well, you must be knowledgeable and wise – which is why learning is far from fruitless. The more knowledge you have, the more you understand where help is needed, how to apply it wisely and effectively.

I want to get rid of this helpless feeling. I want to stop talking about “higher” stuff and start acting higher. But I don’t know how a higher person would act! I feel I am kind and caring, but what’s the point of being kind and caring if I don’t get out there and care for anybody? etc…

Let’s say you’re a person who likes to give presents. Do you go out and just force presents into people’s hands? No, giving when not called for is not giving at all. I know people like this who do it literally, they get internal satisfaction from giving things to people, even when people don’t even need or ask for what they are given. This is why patience is required for the right moment. Until that moment, you can only become better prepared to meet it.

I think you are doing a grand job with your web site, I could make one too…. but there again we could just end up with a world full of people reading stuff on the internet and thinking “yeah that’s good stuff”. but how is this really helping?

Think of it this way. There’s someone out there right now whose future can benefit from you speaking your truth. You have a role to play in his life – and whether you fulfill it is up to you. Among the many people nodding their head with what they already know by reading your site, there will be a couple who will open their eyes for the first time. Even if it’s a single idea that they haven’t thought of yet, it’s enough to kick them into an interesting direction. The divine flow works through all channels that can contain this flow. By opening up your channel, you give one additional outlet for the divine flow to do its thing. That’s how it works. It’s like building a new road in town – sure, people can say “just another road” but who knows what difference it can make…by taking a shortcut, the ambulance may get to the hospital soon enough to save someone.

Because of the eventually unpredictable effects of our actions, the best we can do is live our destiny and our heart’s calling to the fullest, regardless of whether we think anyone is listening or not – because what we THINK we are doing isn’t always how things really end up working out. I don’t get much feedback on my site, but occasionally someone tells me that because of my site, he and his whole circle of friends have now hit upon some new ideas and have been helped. THAT is something I could not predict, but it happened anyway.

These are important points to consider, because they are things I’ve had to learn for myself, and things I understand can discourage a lot of us if we are unaware of them.