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This article explains the system of “densities”, “Service-to-Self”, and “Service-to-Others” as discussed in the Ra Material and Cassiopaean Transcripts and shows how they relate to the occult concepts of the etheric and astral planes. Instead of summarizing what’s already been said, my aim here is more to provide new insights and resolve some common misunderstandings.

Why is the idea of “density” necessary?

Consider the following phenomena:

  • Elementary particles, such as electrons or protons, which display no sentience beyond fluctuating unpredictably at the quantum level.
  • Minerals, which exhibit a highly ordered structure, grow, reproduce, and can exhibit a subtle energy field.
  • Plants, which are alive, demonstrate a growth pattern toward light, and exhibit basic reflexive reactions to stimuli.
  • Bacteria, which are alive and show autonomous motion and rudimentary intelligence, more so than plants, minerals, or elementary particles.
  • Animals, which in the case of dogs, cats, elephants, dolphins, etc. show sentience, emotional sensitivity, memory, and a will to live.
  • Humans, who possess the capacity for self-reflection, self-awareness, self-determination.
  • Aliens, who demonstrate psychic powers and don’t seem to exist completely in our physical realm.
  • Cryptoids such as bigfoot, mothman, men-in-black, etc. who like aliens are not fully anchored in our realm.
  • Ghosts, who seem no more or less intelligent than humans and are simply lacking the physical body.
  • Astral beings ranging from basic parasites and critters to humanoid characters of hostile or benevolent natures.
  • Demons, who range from imp-like minions to chthonic overlords and are the personifications of evil, antilife, antispirit, darkness, and entropy.
  • Angels, who are completely nonphysical and demonstrate perfect congruence with divine ethics and can surgically edit our reality if divine intervention requires it.
  • Higher Self, which is stationed at the end of our personal spiritual evolution and reaches back/down through time to help its past/lower projections still immersed in the human experience.
  • Demiurge, the pseudo-intelligent soul or quantum field of the universe that sustains physical existence as we currently know it.
  • Positive and negative beings, whose existence indicates that a duality exists between those who choose to assist and those who choose to exploit others.
  • Infinite Creator, who is infinitely sentient and both permeates all of Creation and exists timelessly beyond it.

Now, organize these phenomena into a coherent framework that shows the relation among all its parts, and do this via the simplest system possible that accounts for all those parts. What you end up with is something like the density / STO / STS system. It is not the only possible interpretation, but it’s useful and provides a working framework.

Don’t we all have the same godspark, making categorization unnecessary?

We may all be One in origin and essence, but we vary in the expression, form, function, polarity, and intensity of that fundamental spark. That is because we all have different life histories. And once lifeforms acquire self-awareness and freewill, they make different choices in response to their circumstances. So we are unified at the trunk, but diverse at the branches. We are a unified diversity, and classification is needed to better understand that diversity and the relation among its parts.

Where did this paradigm originate?

It was first delineated as such in the Law of One books, also known as the Ra Material published by L/L Research in 1981. These books are transcripts of trance channeling sessions held with a “sixth density social memory complex” that called itself Ra, who explained the concepts of density, Service-to-Self, Service-to-Others, and related topics. Many of these concepts resembled those of hermetic, gnostic, eastern, and other spiritual traditions, just stated in a more technical and complete manner.

Over a decade later, another group using an Ouija board made contact with another “sixth density social memory complex” calling itself the Cassiopaeans. The resulting Cassiopaean Transcripts (1994-2002) greatly expanded upon the Ra Material system and introduced the acronyms STS and STO.

Both channeling conduits were brought to an end by sustained attrition by dark occult forces aiming to corrupt, disrupt, or close the conduits (see Epilogue to the Law of One books and my Cassiopaea warning). Channeling is dangerous and most channeling out there is disinformation. Yet, despite the dangers of channeling, with high quality material the risks are offset by the reward of novel information that simply cannot be found in other “safer” material. For example, an academic study on the UFO phenomenon might represent the hardest proof but weakest novelty, spanning hundreds of pages but barely saying anything deep due to the timid nature of such modes of inquiry. Good channeling, on the other hand, is maximum novelty but minimum proof. The proof comes from its effectiveness when applied and tested, rather than from footnotes and citations.

But due to the inevitable presence of corruption and bias in channeled material, even with the best, one must extract from these sources the logical, relevant, and corroborative information. Doing so reveals a coherent paradigm that is fundamentally gnostic. Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Manichaeism, Buddhism, Zorostrianism, esoteric Christianity, Toltec Shamanism, etc. are variations on the same paradigm. If one does a comparative study of these, one may conclude that their otherworldly sources may be the same that inspired the Ra and Cassiopaean texts.

Below is my personal interpolation of Ra, Cassiopaean, and associated paradigms. It encompasses and goes beyond each of these, as necessitated by personal experience, the experiences of others, and the latest research. No source is sacred, no source is canon, no source is dogma. So I don’t believe in subscribing stubbornly to just one source. Truth must be extracted and assembled from various sources to build the simplest and most elegant theory explaining all that requires explaining, that continually proves itself in the face of new experiences and information.

What is a density?

It denotes a certain degree of sentience. Just as biology divides physical life into six kingdoms, so can we divide conscious life into at least seven densities. Why seven? Because that is the minimum number of classifications needed to account for the plurality of physical and nonphysical lifeforms we know about. There may be more, but there are no less.

We know that minerals are less sentient than plants, plants less sentient than animals, and average animals less sentient than average humans. So already we see there is a gradient from lower to higher sentience. Experience further shows there exist otherworldly lifeforms such as ghosts, aliens, demons, and angels who have capabilities we lack. Clearly the spectrum goes beyond the human sphere.

We can therefore extrapolate this spectrum upwards until the ultimate singularity of sentience is reached, which would by definition be the infinite Creator. Hence, between elementary matter and the infinite Creator resides a spectrum of life that can be divided into at least seven primary levels as follows:

  • First Density (1D) is the lowest, corresponding to subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, chemicals, and minerals, where conscious development is rudimentary and limited to simple awareness at best. Because consciousness, freewill, and nondeterminism go hand in hand, the unpredictable behavior of quantum systems (such as atoms and subatomic particles jittering nondeterministically) is due to their possessing (or being immersed in) an infinitesimal but nonzero level of consciousness, a kind of blind primordial awareness.

  • Second Density (2D) encompasses plant and animal life, where consciousness first experiences striving, will, passion, drive, pain, or pleasure. Examples of the lowest 2D lifeforms include plants, bacteria and fungi, whose consciousness is rudimentary. The higher 2D lifeforms begin experiencing the first inklings of freewill and self-awareness.

  • Third Density (3D) includes humans and other unpolished beings like us. 3D beings possess the seed of self-awareness and freewill. With these, they begin exploring their own individuality and its relation to others, and consequently they begin choosing whether to hone their individuality by helping others or by exploiting them. This process comes with a myriad of experiences and lessons accumulated over many lifetimes that hammers together their core of individuality and exalts it. As the choice of polarity solidifies and the limitations and illusions of life in 3D are overcome, a threshold is eventually reached where one has more consciousness and metaphysical energy than can be contained by the 3D realm of experience, and so one transcends to the next level.

  • Fourth Density (4D) includes beings that have partially transcended the limitations of space-time. They straddle the boundary between physicality and the higher nonphysical realms. Both 4D beings and their environments are part physical, part ethereal. For them, physicality is plastic and responsive to thought. Telepathy and supernatural abilities come easily. They exist behind the dimensional curtain and can project into our physical reality at will. Some are positive, others more negative. The spiritual goal of 4D existence is to achieve understanding of consciousness and mastery of mind over matter, to evolve as a cohesive society, and to fully live out one’s choice of spiritual polarity with intensifying love and dedication. Fledgling 4D entities and societies tend to lack wisdom and perspective compared to the more seasoned ones.

  • Fifth Density (5D) is a completely nonphysical state of existence. It functions both as a stopover zone (the “afterlife”) for departed 2D/3D/4D souls and as a native realm for 5D beings who have evolved to that density after transcending 4D. The natives of 5D seem focused on accumulating the highest wisdom and total perfection of their individuality. This is the first density that is entirely nonphysical.

  • Sixth Density (6D) is also completely nonphysical or ethereal, occupied by individual entities who have attained perfection as far as personal evolution is concerned, who then join with other perfected individuals to evolve together as a soul group unit. They exist as energy beings in a realm completely outside space-time. They are outside the “Matrix” so to speak.

  • Seventh Density(7D) is “unity with the Creator” and the total dissolution of individual existence, though not through annihilation of consciousness but achievement of infinite expansion of consciousness that permeates all life and all existence.

There are no sharp boundaries between the densities; they blend relatively smoothly like the seven colors of the light spectrum. Thus we have animals like bonobos or dolphins who might as well be 3D beings; human occult masters who have understanding and abilities that rival those of aliens; and aliens of such divinity and nonphysicality that they might as well be considered angelic light-beings.

What are STO and STS?

They are the two fundamental pathways that conscious evolution can take. They denote one’s spiritual polarity. In other articles, I prefer using the more generic terms positive and negative.

These dualities follow from the fact that 1) you are conscious, 2) your consciousness is individualized, which gives you a sense of “self”, 3) you interact with “others” who are also conscious and individualized, 4) you have the freewill to choose the relation between your “self” and these “others.” Consequently, you either choose to grow at their expense (be predator), let them grow at your expense (be prey), or grow in a way that benefits both/all/most (neither predator nor prey).

The STS or “Service to Self” path means serving self by exploiting others, but since big fish eat little fish, that also means being exploited by more powerful predators, hence STS existence also makes one prey. Thus both predator and prey comprise the STS polarity. In being predator, the system becomes unbalanced in one’s favor. In being prey, it becomes unbalanced in others’ favor. Either state is one of imbalance where a part of the system suffers and hence the whole system suffers from not being in its most optimal and efficient state where the greatest evolution for the greatest number of beings may occur.

But the STO pathway is beyond that predator-prey dynamic. As an STO being, you would be cognizant (and directly perceptive, rather than merely taking it on faith) of the fact that all is One, that by helping others you are helping the “you” in “them.” You would work toward the maximization of energy, growth, freewill, awareness, and power of everyone including yourself, in a balanced and harmonious way. This is not just an intellectual “going through the motions,” but a free-spirited expression of the love, empathy, wisdom, and liveliness that wells up from the true and permanent core of sentience within you, also known as spirit.

In this way, you are helping the system as a whole, bringing it toward greater efficiency and efficacy in moving conscious evolution forward toward ever-greater congruence with the infinite Creator, thereby helping the Creator achieve self-realization. The impulse to accomplish this comes from the spirit (divine intelligence) within, and so the feedback loop between internal and external/transcendent Creator is thereby closed.

STO bears some similarity to “light”, “divine”, and “good”, while STS relates to “dark”, “infernal”, “evil.” But unlike the latter terms, there is no moralistic, relativistic, subjective, “because my religion said so” dimension to it. Rather it follows logically from such concepts as freewill, self, other, and conscience/empathy or lack thereof, which are universal and self-evident concepts from which we each can identify, confirm, and draw conclusions. Thus properly defined, the terms STO and STS avoid the many pitfalls of the vaguer subjective terms.

The phrase “helping another” is also cause for confusion. The problem arises when people don’t differentiate between the lower and higher parts of another person. They are unaware which of the two they are actually helping and thereby growing or exacerbating. Are they worsening another’s STS tendencies through this help? Or are they facilitating another’s spiritual empowerment and awakening? They think help has to be blind and unconditional, in their minds incorrectly meaning without discernment or discretion. That only ends in heartbreak, loss, and burnout. Nor do they recognize when a person is thoroughly under the control of his or her lower aspect and cannot be helped at this point in their evolution. Love must be fortified with wisdom; otherwise one ends up as prey, which is STS.

How is this not dualistic thinking?

It is dualistic, but for good reason. Freewill is the ability to choose, and choice requires at least two genuine options. The two most fundamental, profound, and enduring options are whether to observe, honor, and support the divine spark within all, or to disregard and act against it. And thus are born the STO and STS pathways. To believe in freewill is to admit the potential duality of its expression.

STO and STS comprise a legitimate duality, perhaps the only one. There are plenty of false dichotomies, all of them existing within the STS realm where illusion, deception, manipulation, and ignorance are the norm. It is right to call these out as dangerous forms of dualistic thinking. But don’t let these examples lead to the erroneous conclusion that all dualism is false. Discerning between real duality and false dichotomies is important.

There may be one genuine duality, but it has been imitated by numerous illusory ones. To throw out the genuine along with the imitation is a straw man fallacy and a win for the STS Matrix Control System. Example: rejecting religious moralism in favor of moral relativism, and in the process ignoring the higher objective ethical framework beyond both. Likewise, to accept the imitation along with the genuine is also a win for the Matrix. For example, believing that certain religious, political, or social norms are expressions of absolute good.

What exactly is meant by “self”, considering there is more to our being than just our everyday mundane self?

This is a matter of semantics, so we have to clear up the definitions. The key to solving this is that technically there are at least three selves: 1) the Higher Self (of which you are an independent and self-aware projection), 2) the middle self (the sentient individual reading this now), and 3) the baser self (commonly known as the “shadow”, which Jung calls the “id”, Castaneda the “predator”, and generally speaking is the sum total of your biological and social programming, negative entity attachments, and negative subconscious complexes). The human ego is a product of #1 wearing #2 as a mask formed and distorted by #3.

When talking about the Higher Self and lower self, the definition of “lower self” depends on what it’s relative toward. If it’s you compared to your Higher Self, then you are technically its lower self. But the baser self is lower than even you. So the phrase “I will not give in to my lower self” is said from the middle self regarding the baser self, while “the lower self must align with the Higher Self” is said from the middle relative to the higher.

Further, the ego in the original Jung/Freudian sense simply means “the me” which would mean your middle self, a.k.a. you.  However, when we say that someone is being egotistical, or that we must conquer the ego, we’re really talking about the baser self being overactive and needing to be reigned in. So “ego” can mean either the middle or baser self, depending on context.

So when STO and STS refer to self and other, this “self” refers mainly to the middle self, the one that is incarnate, consciously thinking, acting, choosing, and growing as an individual.

This middle self has the option of choosing in favor of the Higher Self or the baser self, typically stated as choosing between spirit or ego. Ego in that context means the baser self, the “other, within” — basically the devil on your shoulder. You can’t serve the baser self by serving others. You can only serve your middle and Higher Self by serving others, because only these get anything out of that. The baser self is strictly a predatory/parasitic/mechanical thing and the source of STS impulses. 

What about Service-to-All?

This concept was invented by those who misinterpret STS and STO as meaning predator and prey. They view “Service-to-All” or STA as being the transcendent, balanced, and neutral alternative to that dichotomy. STA is based on the misconception that Service to Others means “serving only others, while ignoring self,” such as being a doormat or ascetic who is weak and neglectful of his or her own well-being. By neglecting yourself, you handicap your future ability to do good, thereby decreasing your total positive impact and increasing imbalance, which is STS.

Properly defined, STO means serving self through serving others in a balanced way that is of maximum spiritual benefit to all. It means being neither predator nor prey. It does not mean being a doormat, nor neglecting personal well-being to the point of interfering with one’s future ability to serve, which is a shortsighted form of martyrdom. So what some define as STA is already the correct definition of STO, therefore the term STA is unnecessary. What they call STO is actually the prey component of the STS predator-prey dynamic. Therefore, instead of [STA (neutral transcendent) | STO (prey) | STS (predator)] it should be [STO (neutral transcendent) | STS (prey vs. predator)].

The difficulty with treading the STO path is that it involves maximization of energy balance and freewill in a system, and supporting this balance requires an intelligent exercise of freewill to consistently hit the sweet spot for any given situation. To balance a broomstick is hard, while letting it fall is easy. Being STS is easy because no genuine spiritual intelligence is needed to be a passive lump being preyed upon, or to give into reactive behavior and let yourself fall under Matrix influences into animalistic or demonic states.

The only daily challenge STS predators have is in being cunning and watching their own backs. The irony is that every STS predator is prey to a bigger STS predator except the one at the very top of the food chain, and even that entity is perilously close to collapsing under the weight of its own darkness. Thus to be STS means to be both predator and prey.

We humans are 3D STS and we are preyed upon by more powerful 3D STS humans (criminals, international bankers, negative secret societies, psychopathic corporations, etc.) who themselves are fodder for 4D and 5D STS beings who prey upon them as well as us. Meanwhile, we eat plants and animals, who eat even lower lifeforms. That is the STS food chain.

STO beings are outside that food chain, ideally neither feeding on us nor contributing to the amount of imbalance in the system. They follow the dictum: do no harm. This they observe to the best of their ability, and that ability increases the higher the density.

How do densities relate to the STS and STO concept?

The higher the density, the more intense and pure the expression of STS and STO archetypes. That is because as consciousness grows in power, intelligence, energy, sophistication, understanding, perception, and love of self / others, the complexity and scope of what it can do likewise increases. Thus it is able to better express the STS or STO archetype.

The choice to align as an individual with the STS or STO pathway begins in 3D due to this being the level where self-awareness, freewill, and thus self-determination first arise. Up to that point, one simply acts according to one’s nature as predetermined by physics, chemistry, biology, and occult factors.

This brings up an interesting point, though, which is that the STS and STO archetypes are reflected even in 1D and 2D, at least in rudimentary ways. For example, among the elements some are more lifegiving and noble, others more poisonous and disintegrative.

Compare oxygen and uranium, for instance. Oxygen is an important component in biologies. Uranium meanwhile is not essential to life; instead it is an unstable element whose decay is a pure expression of entropy. By destroying DNA, its radiation knocks down what evolution has built up. Wilhelm Reich, who experimented with orgone (etheric) energy, found that ionizing radiation turned healthy orgone into deadly orgone. Likewise, clairvoyants can sense differences among the auric energies of various minerals, some having a vitalizing and healing effect, and others an interfering, discombobulating, or lowering effect.

In early 2D, some plants are harmless and live in balance with nature, even providing nourishment and thus supporting life. Others are poisonous, parasitic, predatory, and generally dangerous. Fungi, bacteria, insects, and animals likewise polarize into a spectrum from the archetypally more positive to the more negative.

So you could say that every species is representative of an archetype, and that archetype is closer toward the STS or STO end of the spectrum. This is explained by an occult perspective whereby every 2D species actually has a group oversoul that exists as an individualized 3D persona in the astral plane (with which shamans interact, like when they talk about communicating with the spirit of a particular plant or animal species) and this persona is what is polarized more toward STS or STO.

Now, there is a natural order to our world whereby everything that lives must eat. Some forms of eating are more STS than others. Eating low on the food chain is less STS, but there is a limit dictated by biology. Obviously we cannot live by eating dirt, and so we must eat plants. But even fruits and plants don’t always provide sufficient nutrition, so we may require animal products as well to the extent that our personal genetics and lifestyles demand; some people do well on a vegetarian or vegan diet, some do not, and some are in denial about how poorly they are faring on an inappropriate diet. Note that killing or impairing oneself through malnutrition, on the assumption that one is sparing life, is actually an STS act when the resulting tiredness, loss of clarity, and illness keeps you from doing the novel and positive things you came here to do; in that case, there is a net loss in the growth of the system. Therefore the final tally, the big picture, the long-term consequences are what ultimately determine the value.

In eating, a life is taken (or denied, as in the case of eating a fruit or seed) to serve oneself. The natural order is that higher eats lower. That is the STS food chain as allowed within the divine framework to the extent that it supports life. Lower is sacrificed to advance the evolution of the higher, hence the system as a whole progresses toward a higher state. As long as the higher uses that nutrition to output an equal or greater amount of novelty in the system than was taken through eating, there is negative entropy and hence a net gain overall.

The problem is when lower eats or harms higher and retards evolution, thereby slowing or inverting the natural order. Only the most archetypally STS of 1D and 2D forms exhibit this trait. There is a fascinating phenomenon in demonology where certain lifeforms tend to pop up synchronistically when there is a demonic presence around. We are all familiar with Beelzebub’s association with flies. Centipedes, poisonous snakes and spiders, cockroaches, scorpions, mold, ant swarms, and wasps are better examples.

What is it that sets these apart from other lifeforms including predators like lions, which don’t seem to have a demonic association? The answer is that these are lower lifeforms of a poisonous or predatory nature that have the ability to harm something much higher on the evolutionary ladder, and often do so without mercy or discretion. How is that any different from what demons do? Hence the archetypal resonance between the two, and why one often accompanies the other. Physical lifeforms associated with conditions of cold, damp, death, decay, disease, putrefaction, and darkness are mirrors (as above, so below) of the demonic hierarchy doing likewise at the etheric and astral levels. Demons are vibrationally lower beings who seek to poison our consciousness and feed off the decay of our spirit.

So, even though the individual STS and STO paths begin in 3D, enter their sublime expressions in 4D, and attain perfection in 5D, they still have their mirroring resonances in 1D and 2D, just that life at those densities lacks the self-determination needed to embody those paths at the individual and freely chosen level. In 6D, STO beings have moved beyond individual evolution toward evolving further in soul groups.

6D STS beings don’t exist except as a harmonic overtone of the collective consciousness of STS beings in the lower densities. In other words, STS exists in 6D only as an archetypal thoughtform, an impression stamped into the etheric and astral substrate, a malicious command injected into the program known as existence, an artificial intelligence that carries out its given directives — this I have termed the “Corrupt Demiurge” in my Gnosis articles. More on that subject below.

How do densities relate to the physical dimensions (length, width, height, time)?

Higher densities can access a higher dimension beyond ours, lower densities can only access the lower dimensions familiar to us. That’s as far as the relation seems to go.

Obviously rocks, plants, animals, and humans interact with each other with full tangibility and zero ambiguity, so at least on Earth, the first three densities are all mired in the same linear time and three dimensions of space. They all have bodies anchored to spacetime.

4D beings such as aliens, however, have demonstrated the ability to access a fourth dimension (or the fifth, if you count time as the fourth dimension). Through this higher dimension they can phase themselves in and out of our timeline, slip through solid walls, travel through time, slide between timelines, and view the probable events of our past, present, and future simultaneously as though spread out like a tableau. 5D and 6D beings can do likewise, just with greater fidelity and without the aid of technology.

So despite their differences, the first three densities occupy the same three-dimensional space. And although fourth density is associated with the fourth dimension, that does not mean Fifth Density can access the fifth dimension, or Sixth Density the sixth dimension, or Seventh the seventh.

If densities signify degree of conscious evolution, then what does it mean to “be in Fourth Density” or “be in Fifth Density”?

This has to do with the fact that lifeforms of various densities exist in various corresponding environments owing to the limitations or powers of their consciousness.

Beings of the first three densities on Earth inhabit a completely physical environment while they are incarnate. Since 3rd Density humans live a physical life, sometimes it’s convenient to make 3rd Density synonymous with physicality or third-dimensional existence, since for humans one implies the other. Therefore to “be in 3rd Density” can mean being here in this physical realm.

Similarly, 4D beings exist in a variably quasi-physical / quasi-ethereal environment owing to their greater conscious development and/or technology that affords them access to the dimension beyond space-time. This state comes with its own principles and environmental characteristics different from ours (more of an extension or superset). Thus to “be in Fourth Density” means to exist in that quasi-physical realm. The same goes for 5D beings, whose existence takes places in a completely ethereal or metaphysical environment that may be called Fifth Density as well.

So strictly speaking, there are only three major types of environments: physical, quasi-physical, and nonphysical. But for reasons explained above, these can be termed 3rd, 4th, and 5th/6th Density as a matter of convenience due to one usually implying the other.

That said, it is important to distinguish between density as a measure of consciousness, and density as a signifier of environment. While the two correlate, they are not permanently locked together. For example, it’s possible for a 3rd Density entity to “be in 5th Density,” as happens after death when a human enters the afterlife. Here we mean a 3D consciousness entering a nonphysical environment. Since that environment is normally the native realm of entities that have achieved 5th Density consciousness, we can say that the afterlife takes place “in 5th Density”. But that doesn’t mean a deceased human is a 5D being in terms of conscious evolution. He’s just a visitor in the “visitor area” of 5th Density.

Likewise, a 4D lifeform can enter a 3D environment, which simply means he/she/it becomes physical. And a 3D human can be brought up into 4D, say via an abduction or perhaps entering an underground military base that has been technologically shifted into a “sideband” of reality via displacement along the fourth dimension.

What is Fourth Density like, precisely?

No precise answer can be given. We either don’t know because we haven’t personally experienced it, or we have experienced 4D but cannot access those memories in our current state of consciousness, or we can remember but cannot put it into words, or we can put it into words that make sense to us won’t be understood by a reader who lacks the proper experiential context.

But that doesn’t prevent us from making an approximation based on several clues:

1) What the Ra and Cassiopaean sources have said regarding Fourth Density, as well as what aliens themselves have told or shown people.

2) What abductees and contactees have observed of the capabilities, behaviors, mistakes, technologies, tendencies, and limitations of alien and shadow military abductors.

3) The so-called “Oz Factor” surrounding abductions and contacts, such as temporal discontinuities, warping of space, change in the ambiance of the local environment, or altered states of consciousness and perception.

4) Fortean phenomena as investigated by Jacques Vallee and John Keel among others, which demonstrate that aliens are not constrained by our known laws of physics and that one’s consciousness is a key variable affecting the probability and nature of human-alien interaction.

5) What folklore, mythology, religion, and occult traditions have said regarding non-human beings, their technology, their habitats, the laws or principles by which they operate, or their capabilities and limitations.

6) What can be extrapolated from exotic physics fields concerning complex spacetime, ultra relativity (what is beyond space-time), holographic reality, quantum phase and gauge freedom, and what quantum physics experiments have yielded concerning probable futures and probable pasts interacting with each other. These scientific discoveries point the way to understanding the nature of hyperdimensional beings and technology.

7) Anecdotes of shamans, spiritual masters, and alchemists throughout history who succeeded in transcending 3D limitations.

8) That the line between 3D and 4D is blurred, meaning we can already experience faint versions of 4D principles and phenomena. An example is reality creation, i.e., using your mind to attract certain probable futures. By extrapolating these early stirrings of 4D, we can determine what must be the norm in 4D.

From the above, we can easily conclude there is more to existence than the everyday material world of our five senses. For us, time seems to move in a linear direction at a steady rate, we are limited to three dimensions of space, the speed of light is constant, gravity cannot be manipulated nor can time, and most people have never witnessed major anomalies that make them question their reality. But anomalies do happen and they represent cracks in the façade of this illusion. The implication: maybe what is the exception in our world is the rule in another.

4D is a superset of 3D, like how the complex plane in mathematics is a superset of the real number line (there is more truth to this than the analogy implies). So if we are confined to the real number line, they have access to the entire complex plane. In other words, they have access to a higher dimension.

What we have (matter, energy, space, time, bodies) they have, but unlike us they are not bound to having only that. 4D is not a diaphanous nonphysical existence; it is very real and tangible in its own way, just different from ours in that beings there also have access to etheric perception, etheric technology, and etheric manipulation; also they are not hampered by the rigid constancy of time and space. To such beings, matter and energy are amenable to manipulation by the mind. Reality is more fluid, variable, malleable, and selective there.

They have a deep understanding that matter and consciousness are the same thing at the root. The illusion separating the two is smaller there than here. In 4D, matter appears to be more deeply charged and impregnated with consciousness and etheric lifeforce energy, so everything there has more vibrancy and intensity than our anemic “desert of the real”.

4D has space but is not restricted to just the three spatial dimensions. It has time, but is not restricted to linear time. If a 4D being wishes to experience time linearly, it can. If it wishes to confine itself to a three-dimensional environment, it can. If it chooses the time and space in such a way that it matches ours, then that is the method by which it projects itself into our 3D environment.

To show up at your front door for dinner, such a being would have to use its mind or technology (usually both) to synchronize its time rate, timeline, moment in time, and position in space with the target point. Or it can opt to show up invisibly simply by staying slightly phased out (displaced along the fourth dimension) instead of fully locking phase with our reality. Hanging back like this keeps them from suffering the side-effects (energy leakage and loss) of becoming fully physical in our environment. When they project fully into 3D, they become 3D beings for their duration here; if they stay too long, their 4D awareness can slip away and they risk getting stuck.

Due to the malleability of physicality in 4D, concepts such as left and right, forward and backward, here and there, past and future — these are more or less variable, their validity depending on how tightly a 4D being (or group of them establishing a mutual environment) can focus and hold these concepts in place. Without that focus, things take on a more “Alice in Wonderland” tone. If through black ops technology or some natural anomaly a human were thrust into 4D without mental training or some technology to stabilize him, he would probably be caught in a kaleidoscopic fluid reality and lose his mind, like how the poor sailors of the alleged Philadelphia Experiment, at least the ones who escaped getting embedded in the walls or bursting into flames, went insane.

The reason these illusions of space and time define our existence here is that they are the chalk and chalkboard upon which we learn our 3D lessons. These restrictions are what allow the kinds of dramas, challenges, and triumphs we experience as humans. They are the medium or matrix of our growth. But they are not permanent fetters, anymore than a five pound dumbbell is a permanent training tool for a bodybuilder. In 4D, the restrictions of 3D space and linear time have served their purpose and are no longer the primary framework for the catalysts of evolution, but they can be invoked as needed, same way we can invoke arithmetic even if we know algebra or draw stick figures even if we can paint.

Similarly, whereas average animals and lower humans learn through physical pleasure and pain, higher humans can also learn through emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain and joy; life in 4D hinge more on the latter as learning catalysts versus physical pain, illness, and suffering that defines life in the 2D/3D jungle.

When a particular 4D incarnation has reached its length and grows tired, the being dies, goes to 5th density for recuperation and contemplation of its life, and then is born again into 4th density to begin a new life. Thus reincarnation still exists in 4D, but how it happens varies depending on whether one is early 4D or upper 4D; the latter, where mind has achieved greater mastery over matter, may not require birth into an infant body, but instead the body could be directly precipitated using the power of thought.

Instead of being reborn as a 4D infant, one could (if allowed) choose to be born into 3D as a human baby, which is what the Ra Material calls a “Wanderer”; that is, someone from a higher density who incarnates in a lower. Or the incoming soul could take over the body of someone whose soul agrees to leave (or is forcibly removed), this being known as the “Walk-In” phenomenon. In 3D, a higher density soul would be encumbered with typical 3D limitations, but something of their 4D mindset and mission remains, even if only subconsciously. Perhaps that allows them to advance their 4D cause from the inside and accomplish here what they could not from the outside (this has to do with laws of non-interference).

Much of individual development in 4D revolves around training the mind, body, and spirit to achieve greater metaphysical abilities to be applied in all areas; for instance, being able to project oneself into 3D requires a higher level of consciousness mastery, and so organized training exists in 4D to teach and develop that skill among others. Shortcomings in mental abilities can be compensated by technology, thus it is the less evolved 4D groups who rely more heavily on technology.

4D beings are telepathic, some more than others. While they can speak in words if they need to, telepathy is how they normally communicate because it is much higher in bandwidth and fidelity, like high definition video versus smoke signals. They can read our minds like open books since we have no familiarity with telepathy and thus have not put in place any psychic safeguards against being monitored. They can also write to our minds to varying degrees depending on our level of mindlessness, suggestibility, or psychic sensitivity. Additionally, they can perceive etheric energy and thus can both observe and manipulate our aura or etheric body, through which they can mentally induce paralysis, heal or sicken, induce emotions or take them away, induce pain or numb it, and enhance consciousness or knock it out.

As for the visual appearance of 4th Density beings, since they don’t have 100% control over their environment or bodies (only partial) they are still influenced by the genetics of their second and third density ancestry. So a fourth density being whose ancestry included humanoids like us, will look humanoid in 4D as well. If they evolved or were genetically engineered from reptilians or insects, then likewise they will have those characteristics. This is in contrast to 5D, where consciousness has grown so powerful that it can project/dissolve a custom body as needed.

Yet, despite the external resemblance, the specific genetic coding and structure, physiology, organ structure and placement, and the chemical makeup of the 4D body is not necessarily identical to its 3D ancestry. That is due not only to them having advanced genetically, or having modified themselves artificially, but because matter in 4D operates by an expanded superset of physics and is more enlivened or enriched by consciousness and lifeforce energy. Hence, more is possible there in terms of what types of biological processes (just as with their technological processes) can arise, and so that leads to some differences in the function and structure of the body as well.

For example, a 4D nordic alien may resemble a 3D human enough to walk among us without turning too many heads, but anyone like a doctor looking more closely would be perplexed. Their dietary requirements would not be the same as ours either. We require thousands of calories, lots of protein and carbs and fats and fiber and most of it leaves as waste, which speaks to the inefficiency of our digestive systems. Meanwhile, they could get away with much less. Some reports describe them eating jello-like foods, broths, and crystalline beads that they demolecularize and absorb straight into their bodies. The type of food and method probably depends on their genetics and degree of mind-over-matter mastery.

Due to their being psychic and having a highly energized etheric body, 4D beings are not divided within themselves in the sense of having a higher, middle, and lower self all cut off from each other, or having different personas wrestling over the steering wheel of the mind as humans regularly do. We are only in that condition because our etheric energy levels are so low, and our etheric circuitry so inactive or latent, that the different parts of our being are not connected by the necessary communication linkages. So the 4D mind, soul, and body is comparatively more whole, interconnected, harmonious within itself. In the STO mode, this includes an active uplink with the spirit or Higher Self. In the 4D STS mode, it is only the middle self merged with the demonic energies of the baser self that guide action; or if no middle self, then a hive mind, external demonic influence, or external proxy control by forces higher up in the STS food chain.

Likewise, because such beings are telepathic and can perceive the “vibes” of others, 4D societies are not divided within themselves like ours are. Due to our psychic blindness and inability to quickly understand another person from the inside out, we remain relatively disconnected and disorganized except through commonly enculturated beliefs and lifestyles. But if you could know your neighbor as deeply as your own mind and vice versa, you wouldn’t need years of friendship and countless hours of discussion to come to some equilibrium or harmonization of your standing and understanding with each other.

Now apply this to an entire society. 4D beings are connected telepathically to others who are compatible with them, and so a spontaneous type of psychic network emerges whereby all individuals, without losing their individuality, understand and harmonize with each other into a more organized, cohesive, and connected whole. This is what the Ra material calls a “social memory complex.”

4D STO and STS are of different vibration, different goals, different orientations. Normally they don’t interact with each other, let alone bump into each other in 4D (middle and higher 4D especially). From our perspective, they might as well be on different realities or timelines. That is because in not being locked into one instance of spacetime, they can segregate onto separate ones, similar to how walkie talkie communications can be assigned to different channels. One group of friends chooses one channel, another chooses another. We 3D beings, meanwhile, are generally locked onto one channel with everyone talking on top of everyone else and wars breaking out as a result.

Of course, in practice this isn’t so black and white and is actually more a matter of degree, since by changing our own thoughts and feelings we can do something similar just in a weaker sense, more along the lines of probability bending and thus manifesting for ourselves a future that keeps us from running into people and situations that don’t fit that vibe or mindset. Just that in 4D, this is taken to a whole other level and is the default mode of operation.

However, when 4D STO and 4D STS concern themselves with 3D affairs like the fate of our planet and whether humans should be exploited as a resource or nurtured toward spiritual maturity, or if some abductee or contactee is of vital interest to both, then these 4D groups collide and are forced to interact over such matters, be it via collaboration, diplomacy, or fighting. Thus it’s not so much that STO and STS fight each other directly in 4D (although they can) but rather that they fight over us and through us. In fact, you could say that our history, our reality, and in some cases our own lives are largely the reflections/products of conflicting interactions between higher density forces.

As the Ra Material explained, the main goal of 4th Density social memory complexes is to exercise and thus develop their STO and STS natures by reaching out to less polarized (that means us) civilizations and catalyzing their polarization toward greater STO or STS, in accordance with the individual and collective freewill of those civilizations. What the STS forces get is more food, energy, resources, and slaves/recruits. What the STO groups receive is the learning, growth, and satisfaction that comes with looking out for their spiritually younger siblings.

What about the reported shift in consciousness that occurs when you enter a 4th or 5th Density environment, is that the same as becoming a 4th or 5th Density being?

If you were to take the soul of the average animal and give it a human body, it would now have access to the human intellect and be able to learn how to speak and function in society. With an upgrade in biology comes new tools, in this case physical/neurological ones. However, this humanimal would be a rudimentary human with no wisdom under its belt, no higher spiritual priorities, and would likely be preoccupied with personal survival and reproduction because that is all the soul has known so far. Thus it would experience an altered state of consciousness due to a different body and better brain, but at the core it would remain a 2D being.

Likewise, when a purely 3D human is brought into 4D via abduction, psychic, or technological means, he would experience an altered state of consciousness but remain 3D at the core. The change in consciousness comes mostly from an upgrade in his etheric body circuitry, due to etheric currents being shifted and heightened within him, which in turn is due to the 4D environment being denser with such energies. This etheric activation enables certain psychic functions that allow bypassing some of the limitations of the physical brain. He or she would feel lighter, more alive, be able to comprehend much deeper and wider thoughts, and be able to perceive and remember things that otherwise are inaccessible.

But until he lives there for a long time and learns the gamut of lessons unique to 4D existence, he would remain a 3D being at the core. And when he is brought back to 3D and his etheric energy subdues back down to base levels, all of that fades away and he might even forget his experiences there, for they were perceived and recorded in a portion of his being other than the physical brain into which he is now locked.

Similarly, if a 4D being incarnates into a 3D human form, or projects itself down into 3D and becomes fully physical for far too long, the 3D environment and laws of physics would begin impeding this being’s formerly high caliber abilities. Like a plant cut off from light, it may enter a kind of spiritual sleep, a kind of stupor or amnesia. In a sense, a former ‘god’ becomes a mere ‘mortal.’ At their core, they will still be 4D but they will now be subject to the entropy, inertia, and handicaps typical of 3D environments and bodies.

And when a person dies and goes to the 5D afterlife, in being freed from the restrictions of biology, linear time, and space, he would now have an expanded level of perception but still only have 3D experiences and wisdom gathered at the core of his being, with more to acquire in further 3D lifetimes.

Now, the tricky part is that not every human is necessarily a 3D soul. If a 4D soul incarnates as a human (say, as part of a humanitarian mission) then if this person were brought into 4D during an abduction, he would return to his former self during his stay there, instead of merely being augmented with foreign abilities. In fact, these abilities might feel familiar. (Higher density beings who incarnate here into 3rd Density are termed “Wanderers” in the Ra Material, “Systems Busters” in Bringers of the Dawn, and “Helper Souls” in my book Fringe Knowledge for Beginners).

Similarly, when a 5D being incarnates as a human and later dies, its entrance into 5D density is not merely a temporary sitting down at the sidelines in between incarnations, but a return home to the nonphysical realm it natively inhabited before coming here.

So there is a difference between having your consciousness altered into something unnatural to your level of evolution, versus having handicaps lifted and returning to your true self in that higher density.

If STO serves others, does that include allowing themselves to be abused by STS who selfishly demand to be served?

No, because that creates further imbalance. To help the wrong person, in the wrong way, the wrong time, or for the wrong reasons is to harm. To feed STS in a manner that clearly exacerbates or enables their STS tendencies is to increase the total imbalance of the system, making that an STS act, one that arises from lack of understanding and foresight. This creates negative consequences such as draining of energy, time, health, life, and resources and leads to inevitable regret once the damage is done and realized.

This is a difficult but necessary lesson to all who are progressing in an STO direction but are still in contact with STS environments and beings. People who are loving, compassionate, and kind but who lack strength, discernment, and wisdom will encounter human and non-human predators who initiate some very painful learning lessons. Higher feelings are not enough, one also needs higher intelligence, for the higher aspect of one’s being has both a higher heart and a higher mind. In other words, the higher emotional and higher intellectual centers must both be actualized to secure an STO state.

Keep in mind that as humans, despite our good intentions, we are still 3D STS beings. That means we exist in an STS realm and are therefore in direct contact with other STS forces. It also means we are running on finite energy, time, and resources. That is why we can encounter abusers in the first place, and why we get burned trying to help them. In turn, that is why we also need strength, discernment, and wisdom to navigate through these obstacles. These higher intellectual qualities can only be gained by immersion in the STS realm and confrontation with its forces and pitfalls. This fact was encoded in the myth of Adam and Eve eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and being expelled into the Wilderness, where that knowledge could be acquired.

Compared to our difficulty in dealing with other STS individuals and beings, things are different for higher density STO. First, they are not limited in energy, time, or resources like we are, therefore they can give more of themselves without suffering imbalance as a result. Angels don’t have to sleep eight hours a day, feed their children, or betray their integrity to make ends meet. To be STO means to be free from the constraints that define life in the Matrix. It is inner spiritual freedom that leads to outer freedom, not vice versa.

Second, beings in the higher densities are not as crammed together and tangible to each other as they are here in 3D. Here, a good hearted person and a nasty thug — each in their own realm or mode of living — are equally physical to each other, and sometimes paths cross and there is a murder. In 3D, both are physical and only the probability of physical interaction is influenced in the sense that karmic and soul resonance factors can sway whether the paths cross in the first place, or whether synchronistic factors prevent the intersection of their circumstances. But synchronicity aside, randomness and the law of the jungle also exist, and sometimes violations happens just because they can and someone chose to violate.

But in higher densities, realms are separated by “frequency,” somewhat like different stations on the radio spectrum. Two separate realms might be intangible to each other, just as one radio station is not heard on another. In higher densities, STO beings cross paths with STS beings by choice, not by force as is our case where humans share the same physical environment.

Note that there are plenty of anecdotes of divine forces “coming down” to deal with demons or pluck someone in a near death experience out from the lower astral realms, so it’s not like STO beings by virtue of their soul resonance differences cannot ever enter an STS realm. They can and do when necessary. However, as mentioned earlier, STS seemingly cannot enter the STO realm, for they cannot make it far before they lose their energy and cohesion upon encountering the higher vibratory energies. Therefore higher density STO don’t have to worry about defending themselves as much as we do.

Third, higher density beings have spiritual powers that allow them to read one’s mind and soul. Therefore they are not easy to trick. A selfish man begging “God” for petty victories and vain successes can be read like an open book, and the only beings who answer his prayers are STS forces who have a Faustian bargain to offer. In contrast, humans who lack telepathic powers — and sometimes even simple intuition — can be fooled by a charming scammer who then proceeds to bleed them dry financially.

Therefore higher density STO endure no constant risk of being abused by STS. We, on the other hand, must make up for our 3rd Density limitations with strength, discernment, and wisdom. We must understand that not everyone returns kindness with kindness or respect with respect; some people, as well as demons and negative aliens, see our kindness and respect as weaknesses to exploit. There is no sense in sacrificing oneself to these predators, as it only increases imbalance.

Does that mean STO never helps STS?

No. We are fundamentally STS, and yet STO beings do help us sometimes. Higher STO forces can help STS beings if doing so increases the total balance in the system. How is that possible? Because not all STS beings are 100% STS, meaning some still have a part of them potentially resonant with STO impulses.

It’s possible for someone to be STS yet be moving toward STO. Position versus velocity. Thus we must differentiate between the state of being STS or STO, and the direction of change toward becoming more STS or STO.

One can have STS qualities, but less so than other people, and less with each passing day. Perhaps one’s altruistic motives still have elements of selfishness, but if one’s intentions and actions result in increasing balance in the world, in enabling greater awareness in the uninformed and freewill in the oppressed, then that carries a net gain in the cause of service to others.

When higher density STO help such people, it is done with the aim of increasing total balance, awareness, and freewill. Thus some peripheral STS tendencies can be overlooked if the STO-directed aspects of a person prevail in a given situation and its outcome. It would be these latter aspects that are assisted.

We can and should do likewise when helping others, since indiscriminate enabling of their baser impulses decreases balance, awareness, and freewill overall. A person’s baser self is essentially an externally grafted parasite holding the middle and higher self hostage. By feeding the hostage taker, one is working against that person’s true self. Thus respect for freewill requires discriminating between the lower and upper aspects of a person and not indulging their lower impulses.

Do higher STO ever work with higher STS?

Since the STS mode of existence comes with a deep seated ignorance and denial of one’s true nature and place within the divine framework, it’s doubtful that STS forces fully understand the STO way of thinking and being. They might be aware of the existence of STO groups, but perceive them as an intimidating enigma to be reckoned with. At worst, they view the STO forces as an annoyance or serious threats depending on how much their activities interfere with their own.

There seems to be a mutual understanding between them, however, that each has its jurisdiction and purpose. Conflict only arises when jurisdictions are perceived to be violated, or when circumstances only allow mutually exclusive courses of action to be taken that can only benefit one side, or when one encroaches upon the goals of the other. Otherwise, each generally acts independently.

It also depends on the density level. At the upper levels, the vibrational difference between STS and STO is so wide that it’s unlikely that the highest of angels would ever interact with the most chthonic of demonic overlords at the bottom most astral levels. This, versus lower 4D where STS and STO alien groups are not as vibrationally distant and, due to having etheric and physical bodies, may sometimes encounter each other in those environments. In 3D, we are all physical and it’s only geographic separation and good behavior that keep us apart.

If a region like North America is under STS alien and black ops jurisdiction, then unauthorized STO activities here that directly undermine their agenda is treated as a threat. Shadow military using alien technology shoot down STO crafts for that reason, all the while working directly with the STS alien factions that control them or give mutual materiel support. If an STO alien group wishes to operate here, they would either have to do it covertly or with permission, and the latter comes with strings attached. Permission would be granted if there is potential gain for presiding STS authorities. In rare circumstances, this may include working with them, or working directly under their supervision.

Naturally, the outcome of such arrangements is never a done deal. There is no guarantee of the desired outcome, only a risk of loss and possibility of gain that cannot be acquired any other way. In other words, STS and STO can interact in a seemingly cooperative fashion but really it’s a gamble most of the time.

For example, consider the case of a certain person who has come under the concern of demons and angels. The demons, being what they are, seek to feed off the disintegration of his soul, while the angels normally protect him from such paranormal meltdown. Then let’s say part of his destiny is to become a writer and teacher on the subject of demons. He cannot do this without experiencing them directly. So the angels withdraw their protection enough to allow him to experience their influence, with the potential outcome that he will overcome the challenge and grow knowledgeable, strong, and wise concerning their nature and methods of operation. But that outcome isn’t guaranteed. He could, by his own choice to indulge in his vices when nudged by these demons, descend into alcoholism, perversion, depression, violence, or illness, suicide, and eventual death. The demons need not even know of the gamble being taken; they might only see that the target is wide open and then, being opportunists, jump at the chance. In that case, an STS force carries out its agenda not knowing that it’s unwittingly serving a positive ends provided the person(s) enduring their attacks play their part and make it through in one piece.

So it’s not usually STO and STS working together in the sense of old friends having tea and playing chess, or one playing good cop and the other bad cop while behind the scenes they are buddies, but rather STS carrying out its psychopathic agenda while STO allows, cooperates, or makes concessions on the slim chance that it could backfire on the STS forces and bring about a more positive outcome than otherwise achievable had that gamble never been taken. STO forces, in being aligned with the divine will and not being blinded by the denial, ignorance, and delusion of the STS pathway, can see outcomes that the STS cannot. Therefore they (or rather the divine intelligence they are serving) are given to using the little things like synchronicity or butterfly effect to confound and ultimately throw the best laid plans of the STS forces awry despite the latter’s seemingly superior (to us humans) logistics, technology, infrastructure, and calculations. STS function more deterministically, STO more synchronistically.

In practice, we typically find that an incredibly positive outcome came about only because some instrument of the STS forces (a matrix agent) became the catalyst that deviated the target onto a positive timeline instead of the intended negative one. At first it would seem the STS forces intentionally brought about the positive outcome, but in actuality they intended the opposite, but they simply lost the bet and it backfired.

In attempting to make someone weaker, they take on the risk of potentially making him or her stronger. This is true both individually with regard to our dealing with matrix agents or occult attacks, and collectively with humanity facing the various alien, black ops, and end time agendas. In the case of someone spinning off onto a positive future due to a matrix agent acting as the catalyst for that, if we look more closely we see that there was an equal or greater chance that things could have turned out horribly instead, but due to the person playing it safe, wise, and smart it went the opposite way.

It may be said that STS and STO together provide us with the tools, circumstances, and opportunities that increase the rate at which we polarize onto the STS or STO pathways, depending on how we choose to use them.

The Internet, for example, has obviously been a tool for education and spiritual liberation thanks to the proliferation of awareness-raising websites, ebooks, podcasts, and videos and free access to them. It has allowed people otherwise isolated and alone to connect with each other from around the world. And yet it just as well has dumbed down an entire generation with distractions, group think, memes, and soundbytes.

More importantly, the Internet has given the surface and shadow governments an easy way to monitor and profile everyone, in order to build digital models of individuals and networks of individuals to determine whom to control to what extent, or whom to outright round up and eliminate when the opportunity presents itself.

One opportunity would be during a future solar EMP event when society is days away from total chaos and a complete communications blackout allows for surreptitious military operations such as this. They would need to neutralize subversives during time of great chaos, otherwise the latter’s ability to affect the course of history grows exponentially due to the butterfly effect amplifying their actions.

Right now with the status quo still in check, there is a lot of cultural and economic momentum acting as a buffer that makes the system resistant to change. Activists are limited in their reach at the moment since most people are too satiated and complacent to care. But during times of chaos they are suggestible and easily influenced, hence the need to wipe out opinion leaders whose influence runs contrary to the agenda of these STS factions.

But the outcome is still up in the air; such attempts may backfire and be the catalyst needed to deviate humanity onto a positive future, provided things are handled wisely.

How do the physical, etheric, and astral planes as defined in occultism relate to the densities?

The physical plane is the aforementioned space-time continuum, to which the first three densities of life on Earth are bound while incarnate. Animals, plants, and people are very much anchored into the same environment. While all densities have access to the physical plane, just the first three tend to be mired here. Higher density beings prefer staying in their less restrictive higher dimensional environments.

The etheric plane is the “computer code” beneath physical matter, energy, space, and time. Changes to the etheric create corresponding changes in the physical. As humans we only perceive the physical plane, yet it is upheld, permeated, and underpinned by the etheric plane. Physicality is like the tip of the iceberg, and there’s plenty underneath the surface of the etheric ocean.

The etheric plane encodes not only physical objects but additional energies and structures that are nonphysical and invisible to our eyes. So what to human perception looks like a simple plant, in the etheric plane it also has a subtle energy body where the plant’s life force resides, which is visible to clairvoyants as its aura. There are also etheric structures that have no corresponding physical aspects, such as ghosts or thought-forms, or etheric organs in and around the human body that aren’t just mirror duplicates of the physical ones. So there is a lot of “metadata” in the etheric plane not visible in the physical.

The astral plane is more of an inner dimension of consciousness rather than something that underlies space-time like the etheric plane does. The astral environment is completely nonlocal, nonphysical, dream-like, energy-based, and to some degree symbolic. It exists beyond space-time; some would call it time-space instead, a kind of mathematical inversion consisting of three dimensions of imaginary space and one of real time, which is opposite that of physicality as we know it. That is, linear time there can be traversed as easily as we can walk through a network of tunnels. Alternatively, think of it as looking at the index or table of contents of a book and being able to flip to different chapters. Where in the plot is the table of contents? Nowhere, it’s outside of it, yet references it.

What one perceives in the astral is to some degree symbolic interpretations of what’s actually there. This is due to the mind interpreting energy patterns and entities there via its own lexicon of familiar imagery, similar to how dreams are symbolic representations of otherwise ineffable archetypes. So what may seem to the human mind as a library of knowledge there (here I’m referring to the fabled Akashic Records) might be perceived by an alien as a databank full of holographic information bubbles. When near death or past life experiencers report visiting a wonderful realm of landscaped parks and relaxing benches in the afterlife, there is likely no actual grass and wooden benches in the astral plane, it’s just what their mind interprets of the abstract energies and constructs there, or what it creates via its own projections.

Given the above, we can summarily state that 1D, 2D, and 3D are locked into the physical plane when awake and incarnate, that 4D beings additionally have access to the etheric plane, and that 5D beings exist natively in the astral plane.

Note also that as long as a being has an astral body, under certain conditions it can shift its focal point of awareness into the astral environment. Therefore those of 2D, 3D, and 4D can access the astral plane (5D) during sleep, astral projection, and the afterlife. That is because the astral body is rooted in the astral plane even while we are awake and alive; it interfaces with the etheric and physical bodies via the chakra and meridian system, whose components function as translators, transducers, and transceivers between the physical and metaphysical. Thus the 5th Density environment (the astral) can be visited by entities that are not necessarily 5th Density themselves.

What do occult researchers mean by the astral having lower, middle, and higher regions?

Empirically speaking, the lower astral regions are dark and oppressive, some would say “low vibration,” where one finds lost souls and demons. The most powerful demons inhabit the lowest levels, being quarantined there by their own inertia and inability to withstand the energies of the higher astral realms, as if they were the black holes of the spiritual world. From that dark place, they can only project themselves with varying degrees of success into the etheric plane and exert varying degrees of influence upon the physical environment and humans, plants, and animals.

The middle astral region is where average animal group souls, deceased humans, and other 2D/3D density beings (or their astral components) reside or visit. The higher regions are where positive 4D, 5D, and 6D beings reside or visit.

Does it therefore mean the lower, middle, and higher regions of the astral correspond to the lower, middle, and higher densities? Not necessarily: negative 4D and 5D beings are higher than us in terms of conscious sophistication and power (and thus density level) and yet when astral they populate the lower astral regions.

Thus the sliding scale between highest and lowest astral regions entails not density level (at least not directly in a one-to-one correspondence) but rather “vibration” or spiritual purity, integrity, light, vitality, and power. It has more to do with the STO-STS spectrum, than the 1D-7D spectrum.

The higher astral regions have a divine quality and are home to transcendent masters and angelic beings. The lowest regions have an infernal quality and are the home of demons. The difference between angels and demons is the polarity and degree of their spiritual qualities (their STO-ness or STS-ness). Both have extremely large and pure amplitudes of vibration, just that they differ in frequency, one being extremely high and the other extraordinarily low. Angels and demons are on the same sliding scale, just at opposite ends. This scale measures whether a being’s astral body is imbued more with affinity for divine, negentropic, creative, loving, noble impulses… or demonic, entropic, deterministic, hateful, and self-serving impulses. In other words, spiritual life or spiritual death.

Humans are in the middle zone, having comparatively weak and impure amplitudes and having frequencies hovering near the middle of the spectrum. Of course there are saints and psychopaths among us, but they aren’t as polarized as higher density beings of STO or STS orientation because 3D human limitations (our biology, lifespan, physical strength, stamina, and intelligence) place a cap on how much we can accomplish in one life and thus how deeply we can polarize. Higher density beings have more latitude, longer lifespans, and greater intelligence and therefore can polarize more intensely. Animals, meanwhile, in not having as much sentience and thus not as much freewill, are not as polarized as we are, and therefore haven an even dimmer soul vibrational amplitude.

As a being evolves through the densities, its ability to resonate with the divine or demonic increases. In other words, it expresses STO or STS more intensely and at greater extremes of frequency. Hence in the astral, a good-natured human might be a little higher up than a benign animal group soul, and a positive alien higher than the human, and angels higher than the alien. But once you factor negative beings into the equation, you see that higher density does not always mean higher in the astral because a negative alien or demon will be lower in the astral than a negative human.

Again, whereas density measures a being’s degree of conscious sophistication, evolution, and power, there is an additional spiritual or astral factor that measures the presence of light, purity, spirituality, and vitality. This factor can be positive or negative in value, and by clairvoyants is perceived as brightness or darkness of energy. Hence, among 4th Density beings you have both positive and negative types, and this refers to their spiritual polarity or astral qualities, i.e the intensity and purity of their STO or STS tendencies. For example, the lowest beings in the astral, the chthonic demonic overlords, are incredibly dense and pure centers of STS impulses, like black holes. Meanwhile angels are likewise intense and pure centers of STO impulses, like radiant suns.

In occultism, the astral body is the seat of cognized impression, passions, willpower, emotions, and wishes. These are all energies or impulses that, like vectors, point in a certain direction. For us humans they can either point more upward and toward our higher nobler self or downwards toward the baser self. When the astral body is polluted with impulses that point in the direction of serving matter, it undergoes a bit of spiritual entropy or decay or darkening because it loses the nondeterministic creative qualities intrinsic to spirit and instead subjects itself to the deterministic entropic tendencies of matter.

Demons are an extreme example of the latter, who despite being nonphysical are nevertheless embodiments of death, entropy, decay, destruction (characteristics of matter, as proven by the laws of thermodynamics) and sow these wherever they go. They are extensions of the “Abyss,” reaching upward like tentacles and pulling everything it can grasp down to its level. Demons pollute our etheric environment with their low vibrational energies, make plants, animals, and people ill as a result, and seek to destroy all qualities of spirit within a person.

So the higher and lower astral environments are inhabited by beings of higher and lower spiritual polarities. Thus a kind of resonance is established between who you are and where you go in the astral. This explains some of the discrepancies between what people experience when they die. Some report entering a healing environment surrounded by loving helpers, others report being taken into dark hell worlds of torment. The latter admit to being angry, selfish, negative people, so what they experienced correlated with who they were internally at time of death. To visit the higher astral regions, you have to be of a corresponding higher spiritual nature or be taken there by divine grace.

Of course, positive beings from these higher regions can elect to come down into the lower ones without too much difficulty when divine intervention is required. In contrast, the lower beings cannot enter the higher because they lack the energy, strength, and integrity to rise up without losing cohesion in their chosen astral polarity; thus such beings tend to disintegrate (they describe it as burning, as in “the light is burning me”) if they enter too vibrationally high an environment, which is the last thing they usually want.

Note that even our everyday 3D environment, with its everyday events and everyday people, is vibrationally higher than the level where these demons originate. So when they project themselves out of their astral pits into our environment (mainly our etheric environment) they undergo disintegration unless they can gather enough dark energies to condition a space (such as a bedroom, bar, basement, corner of the closet, a haunted box, tomb, etc.) to make things more comfortable for themselves, commonly referred to as nesting.

Therefore it follows that by conditioning a physical space with higher vibrational energies (via love, devotion, gratitude, happiness, health, life, freshness, brightness, etc. or simply requesting a higher spiritual intelligence to bless and protect the space) that makes this environment especially caustic to demonic entities.

Where do angels and the Higher Self fit into all this?

We know that angels are natively nonphysical; that’s why you never see them with functional suits, devices, ships, bases, or eating food. In being nonphysical, they don’t have physical limitations that require technology to overcome. For the same reason, demons in their natural form also don’t display technology, let alone clothing. The etheric plane (which is tied to the physical) however has laws that are quasi-physical in nature, thus there exists etheric technology, devices, ships, and bases. However in the astral it’s all 100% consciousness.

Therefore we can say that angels, who are energy beings (not necessarily robed humanoids with wings) are at least 5D. But angels are a bit impersonal, rigid in their ethics, group-oriented, and extremely powerful. This would place them above your typical 5D denizen who has comparatively more individuality and thus more autonomy. Therefore angels are likely 6D beings.

If we go by theological and occult explanation of angels, they are not necessarily lifeforms who have evolved upwards from 1st to 2nd to 3rd density all the way to 6th. Rather they are directly-projected emanations from the Creator, from the top down. As Rudolf Steiner explained, they are direct personifications of cosmic metaphysical laws.

As for the Higher Self, according to the Ra and Cassiopaean Material, 5D is the last density where individualized personal progress is possible. The end of 5D comes with perfection of the individual path. In 6D, further progress is only possible as a group, since highly integrated networked consciousness represents a new dynamic over the individual.

So since the Higher Self is a kind of impersonal perfected self, but not yet one that is integrated with other Higher Selves as part of a soul group (which is not the same as a group soul, which is the oversoul of a species of animals or plants), that would place the Higher Self at the transition zone between 5D and 6D.

Why do the Ra and Cassiopaean sources differ on the upper densities?

The Cassiopaeans say 7th Density is the end and represents ultimate union with “One/All”, while Ra says 7th Density is still somewhat like 6th density where they reside and that 8th Density is where it all ends/restarts. So the only difference is semantics, in that what the Ra source terms 6th and 7th density are for the Cassiopaeans merely the earlier and latter parts of 6th Density.

How does this density paradigm explain the Demiurge?

Ra mentions negative forces can’t evolve past 5D. That appears to be true since individual evolution ends with the end of 5D, and STS evolution focuses on enhancement of the individual self at the expense of everyone else. Therefore it would be impossible for a negative individual to give up his individuality and remain negative.

However, the Cassiopaeans say there still exists a “thought-form reflection” of the STS archetype in 6D, whom the reptilians worship and is called by some Ormethion (from Greek hormon meaning “that which sets in motion”, horman “impel, urge on”, and horme “onset, impulse”). In short, it is identically the Corrupt Demiurge that I discussed in my Gnosis series.

The Corrupt Demiurge is a portion of the “world soul” (whose substance consists of the astral and etheric planes) that has acquired negative programming (a universal ego) and therefore works in the service of matter rather than spirit. It is not a sentient negative being like a 5th Density demon that has graduated to 6th Density, but something more omnipresent and impersonal, a kind of harmonic overtone in 6th density of the STS collectives in the lower densities and lower levels of the astral plane.

The Corrupt Demiurge bears the outer characteristics of a 6D construct, but while being of a negative spiritual polarity (low frequency vibration). But it’s more of an artificial intelligence without true sentience; it proceeds with pseudo-autonomy while lacking the spirit core that might have given it true sentience. Hence it’s more of a demon-like machine, and hence it is the central mainframe of the Matrix Control System. It is therefore a negative thought-form reflection in 6D, especially in light of what I explained in the first Gnosis article about what a thoughtform is, namely an etheric and astral construct with a programmed intelligence.

Thus what Ra and the Cassiopaeans say is not a contradiction since Ra says individual, personal STS evolution beyond 5D isn’t possible, and the 6D thought-form reflection is not a product of an individual’s evolution to that state, but more an imprinting of the 6D Demiurge with the STS impulses of sentient STS beings in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th Densities.

Why do the Demiurge, Higher Self, and Angels seem to have quantum-synchronistic control over our physical environment?

The Demiurge is traditionally understood to be the shaper, fashioner, perpetuator of our physical universe. It does this according to whatever directives it’s given. Ideally it takes its directives from the divine and fashions physicality in a divinely harmonious manner. But the corrupted portion of the Demiurge presently does this in the interests of matter and the STS food chain, thereby establishing harsher than otherwise predatory and spiritually oppressive conditions for those under its dominion. Therefore the Demiurge and/or Corrupt Demiurge are, by definition, active at the “root level” of our physical existence, meaning they are actively shaping our five-sense reality via the etheric plane (which, as you may recall, is the “matrix code” behind physicality).

Now, the Higher Self was explained as being at the border between 5D and 6D, while angels were firmly in 6D. The Ra and Cassiopaean sources also claim to be 6D and say they are light beings. It’s interesting to note that one thing these all have in common is that they function as oracles. An oracle works via synchronistic communication. Synchronicity is the opposite of material deterministic causality; synchronicity occurs thanks to something outside space-time influencing the course of events here. When you shuffle tarot cards, throw I Ching coins, receive an omen or encounter an everyday synchronicity, these can only come about because probability is being tweaked at a very fine level — the quantum level — with surgical precision.

Divination employs methods of communication with intelligences who possess such finesse and control; if they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to influence random events into meaningful patterns. So divination is one means of contacting oracular sources. Hence, oracular intelligences are the same ones that have surgical control over our physical environment (way beyond the capability of 4D beings). This suggests that there’s something about 6D that demonstrates an immense mastery over the etheric and hence physical environment.

To better understand this, observe the following relations between physical, etheric, astral and the densities:

At the very beginning of 1D, elementary particles are found. They are nothing more than physical bodies. Thus 1D is associated with the earliest stirrings of matter.

In the beginning of 2D, the plant kingdom arises, which differs from elementary particles in that plants possess a vibrant etheric body in addition to the physical body. Thus the beginning of 2D is associated with the first stirrings of the etheric.

In the latter half of 2D, the animal kingdom develops, which has acquired an astral body in addition to the etheric and physical. So upper 2D is associated with the first stirrings of the astral.

In 3D, individuality begins to manifest and via the freewill this endows, one chooses the spiritual orientation of whether to work for the good of everyone, or work only for oneself at the expense of others. 3D is therefore associated with the first stirrings of individualization and freewill, which are properties of spirit.

In 4th Density, with the choice of spiritual polarity having been made, it is now lived to its fullest. One’s individuality and freewill are thereby mastered, and so spirit is developed to its fullest.

In 5th Density, one leaves physicality completely behind and moves on into the astral environment and perfects oneself there. Here, the astral nature is mastered.

In 6th Density, beings acquire mastery over the etheric environment, which allows them to alter our reality at will.

In 7th Density, one becomes unified with All, and that includes matter and all other aspects of existence. Hence one achieves true mastery over existence itself.

Notice the symmetry in this. Whereas matter first arises in 1D, matter is subsumed upon attaining 7D. Whereas the etheric first arises in lower 2D, it is mastered in 6D. Whereas the astral first arises in upper 2D, it is mastered in 5D. And whereas individuality and spiritual polarization first arises in 3D it is taken to its logical conclusion in 4D.

For some reason this symmetry has never been discussed in either the Ra or Cassiopaean or derivative material, yet it’s obviously there.

The point of this is to show that since upper 1D / lower 2D and 6D are counterparts, that if the etheric body initially develops in the first, etheric mastery is acquired in the latter. And by controlling the etheric plane, they control our space-time continuum fully. That is how the Demiurge perpetuates our universe. Hence 6D and the types of intelligences found there have bizarre control over our physical environment. 6D STO are completely outside this snow globe we call reality, looking in at us and tweaking things as required, limited only by the laws of the divine framework governing the whole thing.

Why doesn’t the Higher Self just tell us everything we need to know, or take us over, so that we skip right to 6th Density?

One of the fundamentals of this creation is freewill and self-discovery or self-learning, because in acting and experiencing, one grows. That’s the point of being separated from the Creator or Higher Self and being endowed with freewill. It’s the absolute core directive of our existence. Why are there video games instead of just books and movies? Because people want to play and discover for themselves, they want to exercise their freedom and experience a world.

So it’s more than just knowledge-lessons, but also soul-growth and deepest wisdom and self-discovery at work here. Some things we know only because we have gone through them, and these lessons and changes would not have penetrated so deeply into our souls so quickly if one were just watching from the sidelines.

If the Higher Self really is the end point of one’s personal evolution, an omega reaching into the river of time to help out its lower/past tributaries, then it’s very unlikely that within your currently human lifetime you can become 100% identical with it.  You can only “channel” it or “anchor” it so to speak, but you won’t fully be it because you haven’t gone through the future paths that it’s already gone through. Intellectual learning isn’t the same as testing yourself and being changed by the experience. 

Being that we are autonomous, yet potentially connected with the Higher Self if we choose, there is a golden mean between the two extremes of being 100% your Higher Self, and 100% your baser self.  It’s the place where you are most conscious, devoted, effective as a human being: noble and ethical, in intuitive or conscious communion with the Higher Self, given to creativity, self-expression, discretion, chivalry, love, empathy, and so on. 

Contrary to popular opinion, the baser self isn’t what makes us human; it’s what makes us animalistic or demonic. The middle self is what makes us human, in that we have the capacity to choose what we align with, listen to, and think and feel from. By choosing spirit, we express it, thereby exercising it, and consequently growing increasingly congruent with it. That pathway of congruency is an ongoing process lasting into 4D and 5D as the choice of STO is lived out to its fullest.

Where is the so-called Kingdom of Heaven among the densities?

Clearly it would have to be an STO realm. But what density? Notice there is a distinction between the mythical Garden of Eden and the Kingdom of Heaven. They are similar in that both are domains of the divine. But in the first, humans are naive and innocent beings, pure yet vulnerable. That represents the 3D STO state, which is a form of infantile bliss.

The Kingdom of Heaven is said to be accessible through the mediation of Christ, who is equated with Life and thus with the Tree of Life. Entering the Kingdom of Heaven is not a return to the old but a stepping into a new transcendent state, a graduation of sorts. In the Book of Genesis, the Elohim lament that if Adam and Eve ate also from the Tree of Life (which Christ later represented) and not just the Tree of Knowledge (which ejected them into the 3D STS realm in order to learn the nature of good and evil) then they would become like the Elohim and acquire everlasting life. This shows that the Elohim themselves are transcendent, and the Christ connection implies they are denizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thus at minimum, the Kingdom of Heaven is the 4th Density STO realm. If we interpret the Kingdom to be entirely nonphysical, then that would place it in 5th Density, meaning the upper strata of the astral. It would be useful, therefore, to generalize the Kingdom of Heaven to mean the 4th, 5th, and 6th Density STO realms. It may be defined as “a transcendent STO state and environment.”

The Kingdom of Heaven would be a composite of these densities. It would thereby consist of 4th Density STO “knights” at the bottom, 5th Density nonphysical “kings” or “wizards” or “masters” in the middle, and 6th density “oracles” or “godheads” or “unseen ones” or “angels” near the top. This structure is represented in the Grail myths and imitated by various chivalric orders throughout earthly history, for example the Cathars.