Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 2

montalk.net » 19 October 08

The All-Pervasive but Hidden Nature of Alien Control

Alien interactions are not solely confined to mysterious sightings at a distance, or abductions that only happen to a few rare individuals. It is not something that can be kept at an intellectual distance, where, if you have neither seen a UFO nor know yourself to be an abductee, aliens have no presence or influence in your life. In truth, aliens have a seeming omnipresence enabled by their interdimensionality that extends their influence not only into our homes, but also into our minds. No one is immune to this except humans of zero interest or those with special tactical awareness who have taken full countermeasures. Being useful or threatening to the agenda of even one alien faction will attract their attention, which leads to subsequent covert monitoring and influencing. They have no logistical limitations concerning whom or how many to target.

As mentioned, aliens can lurk nearby while invisible. In physics terminology this happens when they have not yet fully rotated themselves into our dimension, their quantum wave functions have not fully collapsed into our reality, or their quantum phases are not fully locked into our own. In occult terminology, this happens when they manifest within the etheric plane without condensing fully into the physical. The etheric is a transitionary boundary layer between the physical and nonphysical, functioning as an invisible substratum to the physical world but containing energies, beings, and constructs that influence the physical at the quantum level. Think of it as the backstage to our reality, the area behind the curtain of our limited five-sense perception.

In this invisible or etheric state, aliens can monitor targets without normally being noticed. By getting close to their targets, they can more effectively project strong thoughts into a person’s subconscious, giving him impulses, ideas, or inspirations that he will take as his own and act upon unless he questions their origins and rationality.

They can reach into a person’s body and manipulate his or her chakras and etheric energy circuits to effect anything from enhanced or diminished psychic abilities to emotional and mental imbalances and physical illnesses. Greys in an etheric state are known to attach themselves to a person like an invisible parasite, subtly influencing the person’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors even as he goes about his day1. Aliens who require lifeforce energy for sustenance can also lurk in proximity to highly emotional, sexually charged, or distressing human activities to harvest the energy released.

Targets may also receive etheric implants, etheric gadgetry attached to them externally, and etheric devices or observation booths installed into their homes for monitoring and influencing purposes. This capability can be scaled up to allow alien bases to coexist on top of physical human military bases or airports, for example, dimensionally shifted and thus overlapping, seemingly occupying the same three dimensional space2.

These things occur beyond the perceptual reach of normal waking consciousness and the detectability of standard recording devices or scientific instruments. Nevertheless, animals can perceive etheric activities, as can clairvoyants with second sight, individuals awakening from sleep into a brief hypnopompic state, and those whose consciousness has been chemically detuned from physical reality through hallucinogens. Etheric beings and devices may also show up symbolically in dreams, although dreams alone are not a reliable indicator of what is happening in the etheric environment.

Because of their hidden nature, none of these phenomena are all that credible in the eyes of nuts-n-bolts researchers or those with mere casual interest in the subject of aliens. Therefore this aspect of the alien presence, which is perhaps the most ubiquitous, is also the least perceivable and believable by the greater majority. This would benefit any covert agenda aiming to project a false front on the superficial perceptible level, while allocating all serious activities to hidden realms.

Alien abductions also have this duality. On the surface, abductions are purposed toward using humans for scientific study and experimentation, as biological assets for the production of human-alien hybrids, and for the training of abductees to campaign for disclosure, peace, environmental conservation, and other politically correct causes. While these elements do exist within the abduction phenomenon, other less noble purposes are also present but kept hidden.

Energy Harvesting and Implants

One of these hidden elements is the harvesting of lifeforce energy from abductees by traumatizing them with fear, terror, pain, sexual violation, humiliation, or despair. Negative emotions trigger a thick emission of subtle energy from the abductee that is then collected. Greys nearby the abductee can function as siphons through which remotely interfaced Reptilians can slurp up the energy. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, one being sham medical procedures whose real purpose is to disempower and torment the abductee under the guise of necessary research3. Most of this is covered up with layered screen memories of superficial positive experiences, whereby the abductee may have faint memories of being taken and have an irrationally wonderful feeling about it on the one hand, but lingering anxiety and signs of post-traumatic stress on the other.

Yet another method is to induce an atmosphere of fear in the life of the abductee, fear of being taken again, fear of having their children targeted, and fear of creepy aliens skulking about the house at night. Abductee reports of being raped by reptilian entities are not uncommon, which would be a more direct method of harvesting energy and psychologically fracturing the abductee.

Energy harvesting is not limited to abductees; it occurs on a global scale in a more horticultural manner wherever there are clusters of emotionally charged situations releasing usable quantities of energy. Examples: large hospitals, major sporting events, mega-churches, natural disaster zones, any event involving mass casualties, and areas afflicted with war or starvation. This energy is used for nourishment and to power certain etheric technologies and interdimensional maneuvers4.

Some alien implants are powered by this energy, especially the etheric types of implants. Like any etheric thoughtform, they will go inactive if deprived of their energy source. This happens when one refuses to indulge in the particular base emotions sustaining these implants, which tend to be the same emotions encouraged by them.

Alien implants are designed not just for remote monitoring purposes, but also remote influencing. Physical implants in the brain can monitor thoughts and produce a disorienting effect when a forbidden line of thinking arises5. They can record one’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions for periodic analysis by an alien observer. The data retrieved may indicate weaknesses, threatening trends, and useful tendencies to take into account during further manipulations. Etheric implants can be placed anywhere depending on their function, including in the head to interfere with thoughts, the lower torso to jack into the lower chakras and manipulate base emotions, and elsewhere for tracking and other purposes6.

Mind Programming

Another prevalent but little discussed aspect of abductions is mind programming, the insertion of harmful posthypnotic commands into an abductee’s subconscious. The command to forget an abduction and remember a screen memory is just one manifestation of this phenomenon, and it can just as easily be used for more insidious purposes.

These commands are given while the abductee is in an artificially induced hypnotic trance and can lie dormant in the subconscious until triggered hours, days, or weeks later to produce a strong compulsion to carry out the command. They may also work continuously to bias thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and reactions in a predetermined direction. The aim of mind programming is behavioral modification toward greater compliance with an agenda and greater submission to the abductors and mind programmers. Alien posthypnotic commands are given telepathically and come with nonverbal layers reinforcing the accompanying verbal command.

In mind programming, desirable behaviors are induced and undesirable ones suppressed. The first includes obsession with disinformative ideas, intensely desiring further abductions, falling into an artificially orchestrated relationship with another abductee, and being compelled to rationalize away ideas that contradict the agenda. The second includes sudden and total loss of faith in pursuits that would have undermined alien control, becoming irrationally antagonistic and breaking relations with friends, having a strong aversion to certain lines of research, or simply being struck with spells of forgetfulness or sleepiness when getting too close to forbidden territory7.

If an abductee is targeted for elimination due to having become too aware, unpredictable, or influential in defiance of the agenda, then programming becomes a tool of attrition hitting multiple subconscious vulnerabilities simultaneously for extended periods of time. It wears down the target through repeated inductions of doubt, procrastination, cynicism, anxiety, apathy, fear, irritability, aggression, depression, perversion, suicidal thoughts, and other self-destructive thoughts and feelings. These symptoms do not exclusively indicate mind programming, rather they are selected from the pool of human dysfunctions due to their especially destructive nature.

People unaware of mind programming are easily defeated by it because they take these unwelcome thoughts as their own. The key to countering mind programming is to identify irrational impulses as they arise, use willpower to keep defying these impulses until they cease, then analyze and fix what personal vulnerabilities were highlighted by the experience.

Although manipulative aliens may use overt threats, rewards, punishment, and harassment to get their way, these tactics are not subtle and thus less likely to succeed when a target grows aware of them. It is more effective to bypass the conscious mind altogether, sneak beneath the threshold of awareness, and thereby reduce the possibility of suspicion and resistance. Aliens are more sophisticated than generally credited, especially when it comes to their tactics of persuasion.

Hyperdimensional Manipulation

To give indication of the level of sophistication involved, consider that mind programming is often paired with another set of tools aliens possess: the ability to view probable futures, make small alterations to the past to change conditions in the present and thereby shift the odds of those probable futures, and program useful people into functioning as strategic players who carry out certain actions.

This allows orchestration of problematic life situations toward which the target will react in the most damaging way according to his posthypnotic programming. Both external events and the subconscious are set up like dominoes so that they knock each other down and produce the desired outcome. This can be used to socially isolate targets, break up networks, subvert organizations, undercut collaborative projects, and hijack the making of critical decisions. All of it is routine for interdimensional beings who have access to our minds, who have good monitoring abilities, and who are not limited by linear time or logistical shortcomings.

Why would they even bother messing with single individuals? Because small actions can have large consequences. Interdimensional entities have an overhead view of our timeline, able to see the past, present, and future simultaneously as an intelligent, complex, and dynamic network of causal segments and choice points with which they can interact. Due to various quantum and metaphysical factors, they are limited to varying degrees in how much of this network they can perceive and alter. Their standard mode of operation is to target critical moments on the timeline where our future is most in flux, where the smallest nudging on their part produces the largest favorable outcome for them. These moments are choice points where a straight sequence of events splits into multiple probable futures.

The person whose decision these futures hinge upon is then targeted through programming, telepathic persuasion, coercion from people who have been unwittingly influenced to play that role, baiting through artificial synchronicities (freak coincidences designed to create misleading impressions that a certain decision is the right one), disinformative dreams or visions, and other creative forms of persuasion.

Simply by influencing his or her mind into making a different choice, the timeline can be altered.8 Small alterations shift the game board and open opportunities for bigger alterations, which in turn prepare the stage for even larger ones. No choice point on the timeline is too small to target since small decisions can cascade into big effects down the line. By patiently and strategically carrying out this process, alien timeline manipulators seek to achieve the ultimate goal of completely turning over a timeline network in their favor, thereby securing a probable future where they have achieved unassailable dominance over their enemies.

Manipulation of Mass Consciousness

For humanity at large, the ultimate choice point is fast approaching and involves a global decision concerning our relationship with alien forces who will have revealed themselves by that point. Are the people of earth ready to make that decision? No, but time is up. As things currently stand, the decision would be heavily biased by the backwards assumptions underpinning our various cultures, the irrational exuberance of religious expectations, and the narrow-minded recommendations of scientific Academia who are clueless about the hidden layers of the alien presence. Then what must be an informed decision will instead become a disinformed decision thanks to alien propaganda and the influence of compromised opinion leaders groomed to persuade hungry minds with selective evidence and slick sophistry.

This is conveniently in line with the nature of hyperdimensional conquest. Unlike physical warfare, it employs nonphysical weapons to fight for nonphysical territory. It is the way of psychological, metaphysical, and interdimensional subjugation. Since consciousness is the foundation of reality, manipulation of consciousness is what secures control over the minds and souls of entire civilizations and thus their destiny and reality. That is the danger we now face.

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2 The late Adrian Dvir claimed aliens had installed a dimensionally overlapping medical clinic into his apartment. Contactee “fore” (member of the Open Minds Forum) was taught by his alien contact about “phasing technology” that could make objects invisible and pass through solid matter. The Cassiopaean Transcripts in session 951104 discusses alien bases dimensionally overlapping human military bases.

3 The Cassiopaean Transcripts session 941022: “Extreme fear and anxiety builds up fear/anxiety energy which is of a negative nature which fuels the beings that you speak of in that they draw from that and produce a sort of a fueling energy which keeps them going as one of their forms of nourishment based on their metabolic structure. From The Law of One, Book I, Session 26: “The Orion group uses the physical examination as a means of terrifying the individual and causing it to feel the feelings of an advanced second-density being such as a laboratory animal. The sexual experiences of some are a sub-type of this experience. The intent is to demonstrate the control of the Orion entities over the Terran inhabitant.”

4 Far Journeys (Monroe, 1978, pp. 162-172) gives an allegorial depiction of earth as an energy farm producing “loosh” for nonphysical beings via fear, suffering, and death in humans. The same idea has been portrayed in films like The Matrix (1999) and Monsters, Inc. (2001).

5 It is not uncommon for individuals to suddenly get sleepy, fidgety, or brain-fog when reading, watching, or hearing something they are “not supposed to learn.” Such materials tend to center on information helpful to freeing them from manipulation by negative forces. I suspect that brain implants could accomplish this automatically by monitoring for keywords or key-thought-patterns and injecting an electrical or etheric impulse to disrupt the thinking process. Posthypnotic commands could do this as well.

6 The Love Bite (Lorgen, 1999, pp. 199-200)

7 Secret Don’t Tell (Emery, 1998) gives a comprehensive overview of mainstream knowledge on hypnotism, mind control, and posthypnotic programming. This mainstream knowledge only scratches the surface, however. Alien and military abductors may use more sophisticated techniques like detaching the soul from the body, virtual reality equipment directly linked with the mind, remote dream manipulation, gravitational pulse guns to induce trance states, sophisticated drugs that operate at the quantum level, and vocal hypnotic scripts generated by AI systems integrated with remote viewing networks to gauge the probability of success resulting from a particular command.