Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 5

montalk.net » 4 November 08

How might the final deception scenario manifest? Since aliens are intelligent strategists, the scenario would have to meet the following conditions:

  • Has the lowest risk of failure
  • Is highly plausible and appealing to the public
  • Plays to common weaknesses and false assumptions
  • Builds on the groundwork of previous disinformation
  • Uses the greatest situational leverage to force compliance
  • Provides effective means of quelling resistance and chaos
  • Unifies human power structures and places them under alien control
  • Requires the least amount of energy and oversight by alien controllers

We can make some educated guesses by comparing disinformation with the direction of current political, social, exopolitical, and metaphysical trends. I will provide a possible scenario that would fit, though there would certainly be other possibilities even more fitting. The above conditions should hold true regardless.

Final Scenario Players

A good place to start is analyzing the main players and what role they might take given their strengths, weaknesses, and public perception.


Reptilians have a bad reputation. They are viewed as being too frightening, aggressive, and manipulative by too many. Even in science fiction shows they are portrayed as having a primal, violent, or fascist nature. In abduction research they are infamous for committing acts of torture and rape. Their monstrous appearance alone would induce an instinctive antipathy in most humans, who may subconsciously identify them with alligators, dinosaurs, evil serpents, or dragons. For these reasons it is highly unlikely that Reptilians will be the first alien type to present themselves as the good guys. It would create too much instinctual fear and revulsion atop the shock of Disclosure.

However, considering that reptilian-like beings have been portrayed positively in children’s television shows, their introduction may happen much later once the younger generation has matured and the older reactionary generation died out or gotten accustomed to living in strange times.

Initially they would be better suited for playing the role of negative renegades to be scapegoated as the sole alien group coordinating negative abduction activities. This would build upon existing abduction accounts and fringe literature concerning a nefarious reptilian presence, and it would play to the natural aversion people have to their physiology. As mentioned earlier, one disinformative scenario claims earth has been meddled with by just such a negative rogue faction, that they are in the minority and not representative of the rest of their race who are positive.


Mantids are less commonly reported and stranger looking than Reptilians. Therefore they are even less likely to play a visible role in the beginning. Their appearance as “bugs” would not be conducive to building rapport. They also seem to function as highly advanced interdimensional technicians who rarely transition into our lower physical dimension, therefore they would hang back and orchestrate the show from behind the curtain rather than make an appearance.


Greys are so familiar that their role in the final scenario is guaranteed. Their image is burned into our collective retina through decades of exposure through pop culture, music, fashion, entertainment, crop circles, televised documentaries, and UFO literature. Our protracted desensitization to the Grey presence has been too much of an investment to end without payoff.

Analysis of disinformation suggests they will be portrayed as a mysterious, sophisticated, computer-like, mission-oriented race. They may be presented as caretakers of humanity tasked with assisting our evolutionary advancement through a perilous time, caretakers who have managed the abduction and hybridization program toward this end. Greys will epitomize transhumanist ideals to encourage cybernetic shackling disguised as genetic and technological “enhancements.” They will also exemplify a simplistic Zen-like spirituality that promotes non-discernment and submission in the name of non-dualism and integration.

Due to their strange appearance and vibe, and the diverging public opinions concerning their intentions, Greys will probably limit their exposure and remain more aloof and enigmatic at first, perhaps appearing in an ancillary manner alongside more acceptable alien groups.

Certain Greys may be scapegoated as being of negative orientation, whether said to be creations of the human shadow government to terrorize abductees, some degenerate offshoot of the same genetic line that the benevolent Greys came from, or a group that was kidnapped, cloned, and reprogrammed by negative Reptilians to do their bidding. As mentioned earlier, this would serve to marginalize evidence of truly negative abduction activities and stage a threat to which seemingly benevolent aliens represent the solution.


Nordics are supremely suited for the task of first contact because they look similar to us, which would be a pleasant surprise to those dreading that alien contact will be with grotesque lifeforms. In abduction literature they also have the least amount of dirt on them of any reported alien race.

Their exceptional physique and beauty directly appeals to our deepest of genetic programs: physical attraction and familiarity. This would dispel xenophobia, which is normally rooted in revulsion to strangeness. For example, they would inspire reverence instead of fear, earning popular descriptive terms like “angels” or “space babes” instead of derogatory terms like “bugs” or “gators.”

Nordics are the ideal superstars of the alien disinformation campaign, followed by Greys, and both may appear together to the world as they already have to abductees. However, the first Nordics to initiate galactic diplomacy will probably be negative types or clones since positive ones are noninterventionist and would not push themselves on us. Therefore only the negative factions would purposely step onto the scene first with fanfare aimed to impress. Discerning individuals would see through their lies, but the rest of humanity would be too dazzled and enthusiastic about welcoming these seeming heralds of hope, change, and enlightenment.


It is also possible that a previously unknown alien faction will make an appearance. They could be very strange, barely humanoid, maybe plasma lifeforms having the appearance of higher dimensional beings. Since they will never have been reported in research literature, if they play a negative role in the final scenario, they could very well be artificial projections or creations. Black ops factions could easily produce such a creature using nanotechnology, holography, and other methods.

The advantage of an alien so strange, immaterial, and seemingly innocent is that it would evoke wonderment instead of fear. Humans would have no symbolic precedent like insects or alligators to associated with them, except maybe ghosts or spirits. Their role would start with a blank slate from which any story can be constructed without negation by prior abduction research or conspiracy theories. Their only giveaway would be whom they support and what action on our parts they demand; if these are in line with the negative alien agenda, then their bodily form and origins are irrelevant.

Shadow Government

Lastly, the other primary final scenario player is the “shadow government” which includes the military-industrial complex, corrupt political cabals, black ops military networks, certain secret societies, and various corporate and scientific conglomerates. While there may be internal divisions among them, overall it appears they are functionally complicit with the alien agenda. Either they have realized that they cannot beat dimensionally superior forces and have joined them in return for preservation of power through the coming times, or else they are desperate enough to try to overtly seize world power and buck the alien controllers by force, which would fail and play right into alien hands.

Whether intended or not, the shadow government is working as the construction crew for the overt alien control system. They appear responsible for the following:

  • Manufacturing and installing the advanced surveillance technologies and control infrastructure needed to run a worldwide police state
  • Directing decisive historical events like totalitarian legislation, wars, terrorism, assassinations, disasters, and financial collapses to move mankind ever closer toward global self-enslavement
  • Acquiring maximum mind control over the population through psychoactive frequencies and subliminal broadcasts
  • Manufacturing artificial humans or clones to move into influential nodes of power
  • Operating remote viewing and special modeling systems to predict threats and instabilities to the system
  • Abducting/programming certain citizens to create sleeper agents, agent provocateurs (including violent anti-alien survivalist types), and subdue threatening individuals
  • Creating decoy abductees who are given screen memories of positive encounters with the wrong alien types
  • Grooming disinformation agents, hijacking the channeling and crop circle phenomena, and creating sanctioned releases from insiders to steer public perception of the alien presence

Regardless of whether they are doing all this to advance solely their own power or are knowingly laboring for their alien masters, it is through their efforts that the control system they build will be ready for use by negative aliens and their more dependable proxies. Again, this demonstrates the efficiency by which negative aliens operate: getting the population to enslave itself before handing over control.

In the final scenario, the public role of the shadow government may be to provide some whipping boys who will be punished for crimes against humanity and conspiring to suppress human evolution. The controlled exposure and purging of corruption at “the highest levels” would play to populist anger against the elite responsible for their sufferings. For example, consider what would happen if the World Trade Center attacks were fully disclosed to the world as having been an inside job, and if numerous other corrupt activities of worldwide human leadership were exposed as well. Not only would it lead to the destruction of the old political order, but it would diminish confidence in human leadership as a whole, and that would boost support for a non-human solution to the human problem.

If carefully orchestrated, none of this purging would wipe out the functional core of the shadow government; rather it would be a change at the surface, a symbolic gesture that the old has died and the new is to begin. It would then be an opportune moment for amnesty and rehabilitation to be offered to members of the shadow government so that their tools of control can seemingly be transformed into instruments of peace. Should this happen, there is grave danger that “instruments of peace” may instead mean black ops technology rising into public use against dissenters branded as “human supremacists” and “anti-alien terrorists.” If the public welcomes this move as a necessary step toward safeguarding peace and progress, then there could quickly arise a new kind of tyranny.

Final Scenario Possibilities

Alien disclosure will happen in multiple phases, that much is guaranteed. Incremental adjustments to mass consciousness keeps things stable and allows predictive models to calculate the next optimal move. The initial phase must be the most conservative of all to minimize risk and panic, but the process accelerates when the risk of failure diminishes with each successful step.

So I will now explore one possible version of the final scenario, divided into five key phases. The point is not to declare how the future will go but show the minimal level of complexity involved in a final scenario, demonstrate how easily existing trends and conditions can converge to fulfill an agenda, and point out the kinds of dangers that must be acknowledged and preempted.

Phase 1: Confirmation and Fascination

Proof of life is found beyond Earth. This could be microbes or their fossils discovered on Mars, or intelligent signals received by SETI. Scientific, religious, and philosophical debate follow about the implication that we are not alone in the universe.

The debate evolves from what it means that we are not alone in the universe to whether we are being visited by intelligent extraterrestrial beings. The UFO phenomenon becomes more plausible and receives greater public interest. Credentialed opinion leaders in UFOlogy and exopolitics step into the spotlight, sharing their information or disinformation with the world.

Phase 2: Anticipation and Organization

UFO sightings increase in boldness and frequency, answering the burgeoning question of whether aliens are visiting us. The question starts shifting toward “Why are they here?”

This leads to growing interest in what abductees and contactees have to say since they have personally interacted with aliens and have been told of their intentions. Attention will also broaden into the purported messages from aliens themselves, seemingly sent by way of crop circles, channeling, and anonymously circulated statements. Here is where the bulk of disinformation is unleashed to shape public perception of alien motivations.

Networks and institutions geared toward preparing humanity for alien disclosure and galactic diplomacy proliferate and become highly organized and influential. Governments are pressured more than ever before to disclose the truth about aliens.

Phase 3: Desperation and Confrontation

Economic, political, and environmental problems that took root during the first two phases now come to a head. Severe weather problems are blamed on manmade global warming. Disruptions to food and energy production and distribution lead to greater civil unrest. Antiestablishment sentiments escalate into rioting and acts of terrorism, which lead to checkpoints, the proliferation of citizen snitch networks, and possibly roundups and internment camps.

People start seeing the problem as originating with the evil global elite who are trying to consolidate and preserve their power through the chaos they have created. People are desperate for global regime change, for renewable technologies, for freedom and food/medical/financial security.

Positive public perception of aliens contrasts ever more sharply with negative perception of human authorities, causing a growing demand for alien intervention.

Phase 4: Revolution and Eradication

Aliens make first contact in a limited way, enough to prove they exist and communicate their intentions and demands. Mass panic is prevented by police state conditions restricting commotion and by the preceding acclimation program making this anticipated rather than feared. Aliens promise security and stability in exchange for cooperation, which will be gladly accepted.

Unprecedented disclosure follows. An end is declared to lies, deception, coverups, wars, and suffering as the antagonists are exposed and the old order crumbles. Police state instruments are retooled to keep the peace as galactic diplomacy goes on and the pro-alien movement becomes the new order.

Abductees and contactees who were groomed for the task now become the liaisons doing the heavy lifting of transforming society into conformance with the alien agenda. The process will appear democratic rather than dictatorial as change proceeds from within society through these liaisons.

The world unites. All science and religion are absorbed into a single alien paradigm. Stubborn religious and political factions refusing conformity are declared ignorant, obsolete, and dangerous. Worldwide, pro-alien fanaticism leads to the persecution of dissenters. Anyone opposing conformity to the alien agenda is lumped into the same category as anti-alien terrorists, backward religious fundamentalists, and remnants of the old order attempting to undermine the alien occupation.

Police state instruments, enhanced by black ops and alien technologies, are then turned against these non-conformers. They are routed out and converted or eliminated, all in the name of defending peace, freedom, and the future of humanity.

Phase 5: Evolution and Assimilation

Humanity moves peacefully into the future. Hybrid/indigo children take elite leadership positions as they mature. The majority of the surviving human population move into mining, industrial production, and agrarianism using leased alien technology to build and sustain the infrastructure of the new civilization.

Survival, prosperity, environmental harmony, and physical and mental perfection become the new focus. Cybernetic and genetic enhancements are welcomed to increase telepathic, telekinetic, clairvoyant, and other superhuman abilities. Alien technology and services are credited with taking humans up the evolutionary ladder.

Humans become increasingly cybernetic, psychic, and technologically sophisticated but at the price of discernment, genuine spiritual connection to the divine, independence of thought, and awareness of greater truths.

In the end, humans are fully hybridized and perfected as a more tangible, powerful, physical, and dimensionally flexible tool of negative interdimensional forces. Assimilation complete.


A scenario like this should be foreshadowed by trends active and visible right now. Several possibilities come to mind.

First is the popular anticipation that we will soon be transitioning into an age of enlightenment. The timely arrival of aliens in the near future would play to those expectations if they presented themselves as our ushers into the golden age.

Second is the crop circle phenomenon. Some crop circles are purely abstract and communicate messages on an archetypal metaphysical level. These seem like the more genuine ones. Then there are crop formations that encode literal events, dates, and messages in ways that appeal to intellectual puzzle solving. They show signs of being manmade, whether laid down by skilled ground teams or printed onto the fields by space-based directed energy weapons, which would implicate involvement of black ops groups who, as already mentioned, are complicit with the alien agenda. Some of these formations allude to the importance of the Mayan calendar end date, others pretend to be direct messages from Greys.

Third is the phenomenon of Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseed, and Hybrid children. While some might just be kids with handicaps and delinquencies who have been given New Age euphemisms, others do seem to have advanced natures. The latter might be human-alien hybrids seeded into human families or advanced souls here to experience and catalyze the coming changes. This is not surprising considering how, according to the theory of reincarnation, souls are born into the times matching their current needs and abilities.

The problem is that these special children could be exploited as footholds and liaisons by negative alien factions. Imagine if millions of parents were told their children were of prized alien heritage, having been equipped by alien “benefactors” with special abilities and knowledge to lead the world into a new era. What parents would reject the alien presence and thereby risk rejecting their own children? For most the choice is automatic: to accept and defend both. They may have been vetted to ensure this. Further, they would view people who are averse to the alien occupation as being potential threats to their children, and that brings out a strong defensive instinct.

As for the children themselves, at least the ones who don’t know it already, finding out about their special status would be a major ego hook. What young person would refuse the power, identity, and privilege of becoming liaisons to the alien groups with whom they feel a kinship…especially after having been shunned by their “muggle” peers all their lives due to being different, or after having long felt they might have a greater purpose?

There are indeed positive souls here with a greater purpose, and many of them have suffered social isolation from being so different all their lives. Some might even be liaisons for genuinely positive alien groups who are opposed to the negative intervention. That’s not the point, and these individuals should never be discriminated against just because they have special abilities or relations with aliens. The point is that young people like these, and others specifically groomed and programmed for the task, can be lured into pitching for the wrong alien faction. That’s the danger here. Therefore they must become wise enough to see through the deception and ego hooks, and use their powers to defend truth, freedom of thought, and spiritual sovereignty.

Fourth trend is the percolation of the alien subject into mainstream religion. Christianity is the largest religion, followed by Islam and Hinduism, and its largest denomination is Catholicism. This makes Catholicism the largest religious denomination in the world. It stands to reason that the alien agenda would employ Catholicism to acquire easy influence over the minds of millions. Catholicism could serve as the primary vehicle of western religious reformation and assimilation by the alien agenda.

Father Gabriel Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory and Jesuit priest, has stated that aliens may exist, that believing in them does not contradict belief in God, and that since they are part of Creation they are our brothers. Another high-ranking Vatican official named Monsignor Corrado Balducci, who is a demonologist and theologian and member of the Roman Curia, went on record saying that alien contact is real, that aliens occupy the levels between humans and angels, and that none are demonic. While these were personal statements, the Vatican did not issue disclaimers or denials against them, indicating that as time goes on the Vatican will incrementally come closer to admitting these views as official policy. What will stay absent is the equally valid idea that some aliens occupy levels between humans and demons and use demonic tactics in accomplishing their ends, which includes using the Church as a means of portraying themselves as our angelic brethren.

Fifth trend is the extreme effort to pin global warming solely on humans despite evidence indicating natural solar cycles are the primary cause. These cycles depend on the variations in the combined gravitational and magnetic forces exerted upon the sun by orbiting planets. In turn, these planets are affected by the change in solar output. Humans are not the cause of observed global warming effects on Mars for instance.

Even if carbon dioxide emissions were the cause of global warming, the ones pushing this agenda are conspicuously ignoring true solutions like the proliferation of free energy technology. Instead they demand greater global government intervention, enforced energy starvation, and economic constriction of the population. Collective fear and guilt are induced over mounting weather disasters, leading to increased willingness to make unnecessary sacrifices for the sake of political correctness and planetary survival. This will create enough anger against our human leadership and guilt against ourselves for destroying the environment that aliens will seem perfectly justified in admonishing human ineptitude and offering themselves and their progressive human liaisons as the solution.

Now, this does not excuse the continuation of human environmental destruction, rather it suggests blame should go where it belongs and the proper solutions implemented. “Saving the Earth” should never become a convenient vehicle for executing nefarious political and alien agendas, but unfortunately it already has and will continue in the years ahead.

Sixth trend is the recent shift in policy toward disclosure of alien life. Television specials on UFOs are now tipping more to the believers than the skeptics when it used to be the opposite. Various governments are in the process of releasing previously secret documents and databases on UFOs, and the United States will follow under the next administration1.

What all this indicates is a shift away from coverup of the existence of aliens toward a coverup of who they are and why they’re here. Skeptics are increasingly being presented as shut-eyed (literally in some cases) and the believers and witnesses as credible and logical. It’s a move from one coverup to another, and many who are cheering for an end to the first coverup are sleepwalking right into the second. We can expect this trend to continue and become ever more blatant. In the end there will be full admission that aliens do exist and have been visiting us, but that they are friendly and here to help us get through some tough times. Disclosure will be partial, sanctioned, and disinformative to the extreme.

The seventh trend is the exopolitical rush toward petitioning for alien intervention, organizing citizen contact groups, and forming disclosure networks aimed at ending the UFO coverup. Their eagerness for Disclosure risks making no provisions for discerning between positive aliens and impostors. Some believe all aliens are benevolent and therefore no need exists for questioning the alien presence. Others acknowledge aliens are varied in their intentions, but limit their definition of alien hostility to physical aggression like torturing humans, downing aircrafts, and attacking military installations.

It would show lack of discernment to persistently ignore, ridicule, and rationalize away the possibility that alien hostility can come under the guise of benevolence. Bolder examples may very well be evidence of grooming and programming by those same forces. If aspects of the movement were sanctioned by dishonest alien forces, then exopolitical activism could become the ideal vehicle through which our collective freewill is handed over. With additional foresight, however, it could just as easily become an effective defender of truth, wisdom, and sovereignty.

So to fulfill its maximum potential, the movement should never underestimate the sophistication of alien deception, and instead explore how this deception could occur and construct the appropriate contingencies and standards for ensuring such deception will never succeed. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain by doing so. The solution is being both pro-Disclosure and pro-discernment.

Why Now?

Those who orchestrate the final scenario are careful, strategic, and efficient. They take the safest, slowest, and most exhaustive approach they can within the given time limits, but it appears they are now on a deadline given the speed at which the police state, global turmoil, and alien disclosure trends are progressing.

Had they another century to draw these out, they would face far less scrutiny. That they are acting desperately and multifariously indicates that something beyond their complete control is happening or imminent. They cannot prevent, delay, or accelerate it, and must instead accommodate, incorporate, and divert it like a judo fighter redirecting rather than stopping the oncoming momentum of his opponent. Why?

Reason 1: Reaching Maturity and Sustainability

If we compare modern days with those a millennium ago, it becomes clear why, from a strictly opportunistic perspective, the time for an overt alien takeover is now instead of earlier. Only now are we intellectually and technologically advanced enough to globally enslave ourselves, adopt the alien paradigm, and function as skilled and viable assets to their agenda.

If this were attempted a thousand years ago, aliens would have had a troublesome liability rather than asset to manage. They would have had to provide all the technology, education, and training themselves — a tall order considering the ignorant, crude, and fragmented state of the population back then. Why not wait (or time travel forward) several centuries, dropping catalysts along the way to speed up the advancement of civilization, until conditions were ripe?

It is not military opposition they are trying to overcome, but inertia and lack of efficiency, otherwise they would have taken over during the age of swords and bows. Inertia can only be overcome through patience and carefully implemented catalysts for growth, just as a crop must be patiently tended before ready for harvest.

Reason 2: Approaching Critical Points on the Timeline

This presents a crucial problem to alien controllers: a civilization advanced enough to efficiently work for them is advanced enough to effectively work against them, or at least slip out of their grasp. The moment of maximum efficiency is the moment of maximum risk.

Today we find ourselves in the most precarious of situations, an extraordinary bifurcation point between doom and liberation, and the tactic being employed is to disguise doom as liberation.

The future is in flux, hinging on the degree of information or disinformation forming the basis of our personal and global choices. Modern history is clustered with critical points on the timeline that would attract intervention by interdimensional or time traveling forces because these points represent windows where the future can be most efficiently influenced. It should therefore be no surprise that alien activities have increased exponentially this past century as we approach the grandest of nexus points.

Reason 3: Incoming Natural Cataclysms

Natural cyclical cataclysms further threaten to destabilize the control system. Possibilities include extreme solar flares, mass volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, super-storms, cometary bombardments, magnetic pole shift, physical pole shift, and the onset of a new ice age. For thousands of years humanity has remained mostly free of these threats, but the cycles appear to all be converging during the coming decades. We are already seeing disruptions to the food supply due to diseases, droughts, and floods ruining crops simultaneously worldwide.

The control system cannot survive intact without adapting to these disruptions. Adaptation means increasing the level of control, like a farmer rounding up his livestock in preparation of a severe storm and confining them to the barn. As a matter of efficiency, the control system goes one step further by exploiting early threats, whether real or manufactured, to gain the control needed to survive the later threats. Example: global warming is largely the result of natural solar system cycles, but by instead blaming human carbon emissions as the sole cause, the control system can lower the standard of living and deprecate the self-esteem of humanity so that, desperate and demoralized, humans are more willing to hand their sovereignty over to seemingly wiser authorities. The authorities then have the necessary means of tying down their human livestock.

Reason 4: Burgeoning Phenomenon of Human Spiritual Transcendence

The physical reasons above should make a decent case why the alien agenda is moving forward so quickly at this time. I believe there are metaphysical reasons as well, which despite seeming more speculative are still personally verifiable.

The primary metaphysical reason is that portions of humanity are moving toward spiritual transcendence, toward acquiring the spiritual awareness and interdimensional abilities needed to overcome the control system. This is not just the result of human spiritual evolution increasing the need for a more expansive state of existence, it is also the manifestation of divine intervention during difficult times accelerating the spiritual empowerment of individuals who choose to participate in the process.

We are dynamic beings capable of personal spiritual growth, so there is no reason why we cannot achieve transcendence in greater numbers given enough time and opportunity. Interdimensional alien civilizations were not always at that level, meaning they once occupied a more limited existence like our own before transitioning. If they can do it, so can we.

Already throughout history there have existed transcendent humans working as the great spiritual masters and teachers of the ages, and while they were the exceptions for their times, their message has been that we can and will achieve equal or greater.

For this to occur on a wider level, all it would take is a synchronization of conditions and catalysts working internally and externally upon us to facilitate our spiritual awakening, liberation, and empowerment. Those who are receptive to this influence would rise up and polarize away from the rest who are more predisposed toward willful ignorance and entropy. (Note that this polarization phenomenon has nothing to do with moral judgments, rather it follows from the natural dissonance that arises between individuals who are treading incompatible life paths.)

Taken to its logical conclusion, the polarization phenomenon would lead to a transformation of the world as we know it and the bifurcation of consensus reality into mutually exclusive realms of existence. All of this dovetails with trend studies, Biblical eschatology, Native American prophecies, Scandinavian mythology, Sanskrit cosmology, and channeling, contactee, or abductee accounts concerning the imminent fate of humanity.

So it appears that, apart from the converging physical factors mentioned earlier, there are several nonphysical factors coming together as well:

  • The spiritual maturation of a portion of the human population and their readiness to graduate from this limited mode of existence.
  • The implementation of a divine plan to augment the process and combat the grave imbalances created by the alien control system.
  • As discussed in my article, The Physics of 2012, the irradiation of our solar system by a traveling event horizon or wave of hyperdimensional energy. This would serve to loosen the gravitational binding of consensus reality and allow easier graduation or bifurcation onto interdimensional realms of existence.

Preservation of Hyperdimensional Control

Assuming dimensional transcendence is a real possibility for us, how might alien controllers preserve their power in the face of it? Through the alien agenda now being implemented. They would achieve this by first winning our willful submission to their authority, then locking that submission into place through dependence, addiction, spiritual sterilization, and cybernetic assimilation.

Keep in mind that human transcendence does not guarantee being fully in the clear. Rather it means a leveling of the playing field more so than retirement from the game. Instead of aliens having exclusive access to the backstage of our reality, hidden from view and inaccessible to our reach or perception, our transcendence would mean removal of the curtain and being able to see and interact with them more directly.

This could be another reason why aliens are shifting toward overt instead of covert control: it may soon be impossible for them to maintain the privilege of invisibility if more of us gain greater clairvoyance and dimensional mobility. If their revealing is inevitable, they must preemptively condition us to view their presence in a positive light.

Another problem we face is that if, like moving up grade levels in school, no knowledge of the next stage is necessary to graduate from the existing one, there will be throngs of graduates who are absolutely clueless about the interdimensional alien agenda and the subtleties of the new existence. And even if there were no “dimensional shift” it would still be the most flexible, progressive, and helpful people who make it through the coming times.

These well intentioned but potentially undiscerning (concerning alien or hyperdimensional matters) people are the ones most easily ensnared by the alien deception. They are also the most valuable because they would statistically comprise the bulk of transitioners. It could be said that the future of humanity hinges on their choice of alignment. The alien disinformation campaign is already heavily targeting them: exopolitical activists, New Agers, progressive religious people, special children, contactees and abductees, fringe researchers, truth seekers, and others who are more receptive to selfless causes and novel ideas than the mainstream. These are precisely the ones who would make it to the next level without always having the foresight needed to avoid the pitfalls afterward.

What is happening now has all the characteristics of a timewar waged between interdimensional time traveling forces. The goal of any timewar is preservation, reinforcement, and expansion of the probable future or reality of origin. The more souls are aggregated onto a particular timeline, the more stability and power is given to that timeline over others. Moving the human soul collective onto a negative timeline requires a collective choice. Thus, we have the disinformation program and the temporal manipulation of history and genetics to bias this choice heavily toward one favoring the negative timeline.

I have delayed discussion of positive forces because the nature of negative aliens must be understood first. So in the sixth and final part, I will discuss to the best of my knowledge who they are, what they are like, how to distinguish them from impostors, and provide some tips on positive solutions to the issues raised in this book.

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1 In 2007, the French government released three decades’ worth of formerly secret UFO reports, of which over half the cases were still unexplained. The British government did the same in 2008 by releasing their archives. Canada and Denmark followed suit in 2009.