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On the Historicity of Jesus
Neutrinos and Earth Cataclysms
Tuning Forks and Megalithic Technology
Atlantis and the Equinox Cataclysm
Twin Sun

Reality Creation Redux
Law of Attraction vs Law of Awareness
Faux Spirituality
Active Dreaming
Time Speeding Up
Physical vs Metaphysical Conspiracy
Awareness of Negativity
Where are the Good Guys?
Reality Creation: Intending vs Requesting
Positive and Negative

"Thrive" Film Review
Overlooked Aspects of the Alien Presence
Alien Saviors
Are we Grays?

Survival and Emergency Preparedness
Moon Cycles
Boost Your Immune System
Dislodging Negative Entity Attachments
Ether Body and FRV
Coherence Indicators
Real vs Artificial Synchronicities

Derivation of Mach's Principle
Astral Physics and Timespace
Research Resources
The Etheric Origins of Gravity, Electricity, and Magnetism
Tesla Wireless Technology
Reality Uncertainty Principle
Transverse and Longitudinal Waves


We live in a society of fragile interdependencies where medical, police, and utility services can only handle things as they are now during times of peace. They fall short when stretched by circumstances. History has shown that nothing lasts forever and periods of equilibrium have always without exception been punctuated by natural upheavals and man-made disruptions that turn things upside down.

Preparedness spans the scale from quick and easy to hardcore and all-consuming. You take a gamble in what level to go with. Too little and you might painfully regret it one day. Too much and you will have spent time, money, and sacrificed spiritual harmony out of proportion to the risk. But something is better than nothing, which is why I advocate that everyone at least have the basics.

Everyone must be ready to survive at least one week without power, internet, cell service, food, water, gasoline, medical, fire, or police service. One month is a more reasonable goal and would cover the most probable natural disasters. One year would take some serious investment. One decade would require a luxe bunker or well-defended homestead. It all depends on the dangers unique to your region, so plan accordingly.

Thankfully, it doesn’t take much time or effort to get the bare basics, and no skill or training is required for that level of preparedness. The simplest and cheapest anyone can do for short term disruptions is get several cases of bottled water, a first aid kit, low-cost LED headlamp with some extra batteries, battery-powered radio, extra toiletries and meds, N95 or better dust mask and eye protection, and some canned and ready-to-eat foods with decent shelf life. That’s good enough for up to a week and light enough to quickly load into your vehicle if necessary. You can get all these things in one day, put it away in your closet, and go on with your life. Having spare cash on hand is recommended: enough for food, gas, and motel covering 2-3 days of travel. Occasionally check the clearance section at stores; good deals on useful items appear there sometimes. And if something jumps out at you, is on sale, and seems like a good idea, maybe that’s a hint.

For longer term situations (weeks to months) these preparations and more would be necessary, not only in terms of supplies but also skill and fitness. Regarding supplies, basic needs in order of urgency: water, food, shelter, medical, energy/lighting, defense, and tools. Some suggestions with links to Amazon:

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I just watched Thrive and it was a good overview of the problem and some possible solutions. Without a few additions, however, the kind of world view it advocates doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome, since it could just as easily divert onto an alien takeover scenario in the end. But it’s a good start.

To be complete, this vid (or at least the website) would have to get into the following areas:

If those matters are added to what was stated in “Thrive” then we’d have the proper foundation to secure a positive future. Otherwise, as I always say, it could become a road to hell paved with good intentions.

I know from my research into the alien disinformation campaign, that one of the deception lines on the table is to do away with the current corrupt elite and use their demise as a springboard for an even worse alien world order.

All we have to do, then, is indeed do away with the corrupt system we have now, thus the solutions offered in “Thrive” are in the right direction, but when we get to the point of alien contact, to be very careful about their intentions and the long-term consequences of agreements we make regarding them.

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This Research Note is for those who need clarification regarding my position on the historical existence of Jesus Christ, since I mention Christ quite a bit in my Gnosis articles.

Did Jesus actually exist? Common answers include:

A) Yes, he was everything the Bible says he was. Jesus was God’s only begotten Son, whom the Lord sent to die for our sins.

B) Yes, but he was just an ordinary man, at most the leader of a Jewish rebellion against Roman authorities.

C) No, Jesus was a complete fabrication assembled from various pagan sun-god myths of the time.

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With 2010-2011 seeing the rise of Wikileaks, Anonymous, Arab Spring, and Occupy Wall Street movements, it seems the “bad guys” are facing growing resistance. It seems they might finally be going down, and a new system of fairness, justice, freedom, and democracy is on the horizon… Wait, maybe it’s not that easy. There are some important things to keep in mind, discussed below.

I see these protest movements as a further advancement of the polarization phenomenon. Polarization means the undecided, apathetic, indifferent separate out into opposing extremes. Light gets brighter, dark gets darker; smart get smarter, dumb get dumber. As time goes on, it gets harder to stay on the fence. What we are seeing now is just the beginning.

At the mainstream level, the polarization phenomenon is still in its infancy. The divisive issues are limited to mundane political, financial, and environmental ones and the response has largely been symbolic. It’s a good start but still in its fragile infancy.

These political and financial catalysts will escalate up to a point, perhaps economic and social collapse, armed revolution, and World War III. But as big as those may seem, these issues will eventually be displaced by even bigger ones. They will give way to an entirely new species of catalysts belonging to a completely different paradigm.

For instance, currently the protesting public are fighting over strictly 3D Matrix Control System issues. Sooner or later these will be made obsolete when the alien issue rises to the forefront. What does it matter that you lost your home, when you’re about to lose your whole damn planet? The alien catalyst will skip the question of whether they exist and go right to how to handle them and whom to align with once they do show up. This catalyst will be far more divisive than the current political ones.

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Nearly 80% of earth’s core and mantle heat comes from radioactive decay. Radioactive decay rates are affected by neutrinos. Supernovas release 99% of their energy as neutrinos. Taken to its logical conclusion, this implies that if Betelgeuse goes supernova and becomes bright enough to appear like a second sun, Earth will be irradiated by those neutrinos, decay rates will be altered, and there could be enough of a change in core-mantle temperatures to upset the convective processes and disturb the tectonic plates, hence global earthquakes and volcanoes.

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After ten months of observation back in 2004, I concluded that moon phases and periods of hyperdimensional attack are highly correlated, enough so that one can predict them.

They tend to occur within three days of a full moon, three days of a new moon, and within one day of lunar perigee or apogee. Based on this, it sounds like the entire calendar would be filled, but that is not so because each has different intensity, and the intensity varies within the active period. For example, the third day prior and after a full moon is more conducive to trouble than the others; perigee and apogee do more to amplify these.

One thing I can say for certain is that all days free of lunar influence are also free of hyperdimensional/psychic attacks. Several months ago after figuring out this pattern I tested the theory by making predictions. Success rate in predicting lunar-free days as being “good” days has been 100%. Success rate in predicting that lunar-influence days correlate with attacks has been about 90%.

What do I mean by “hyperdimensional attack”? First let me say that ‘attack’ isn’t the best word since it implies victimization. Better words would be “testing” or “challenge” or “initiation” — but these can be euphemistic considering the source and intent of these “greetings” are to put targets out of commission or worse, weaken and inevitably replace/reprogram their souls into service to STS forces.

But as far as this research note is concerned, the term “hyperdimensional attack” refers to cunning operations by negative fourth/fifth density entities to pre-emptively sabotage spiritually progressive individuals and groups in 3D. This is done by attacking the weakest persons at the weakest spots at their weakest moments. These forces have at their disposal limited time travel capability, the ability to abduct and hypnotically program key individuals for later triggering, and are by nature able to foresee our future probability vectors and analyze where the necessary critical points are located.

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As you may know, consciousness influences reality by affecting the probability of events. It does so at the quantum level. Based on my observation and experimentation, the basic principles are as follows: 1) Awareness and anticipation repel. 2) Ignorance and denial allow. 3) Intent and emotional resonance attract.

Here I want to focus on the third one, the attraction mode, and explain it in the simplest and clearest way. It boils down to one rule: Like begets like. In other words, the mental and emotional state that you hold in the present, attracts future events that engender more of the same.

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Officially, tuning forks were invented in 1711 by John Shore, a British Musician. Unofficially, their existence traces back to ancient Celtic and Egyptian times.

Nowadays they are used mainly for testing hearing, tuning musical, keeping time in a quartz watch, and teaching the principles of vibration and resonance in the classroom. The alternative health community uses tuning forks for healing purposes.

But what did the ancients use them for? I believe they were mainly used to cut, drill, and levitate stones. I will provide some information in this note regarding these applications.

First consider this photo of the Abernethy Pictish Stone in Perthshire, Scotland:

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In the face of a disintegrating healthcare system, skyrocketing insurance costs, and increasing need to be self-reliant, we would do well to improve our health and remain free of accident, illness, and injury. Achieving this requires balance on both a metaphysical and physical level. Let’s examine the metaphysical preconditions for good health first.

Metaphysical Causes of Illness

We know that stress reduces the immune system, but aside from the biological mechanism behind this, there are metaphysical ones as well. The physical body is supported at the quantum level by the etheric body, an energetic scaffolding that keeps everything in order. A breakdown in the etheric body leads to increased entropy in the physical, allowing viruses, fungi, and bacteria to more easily establish themselves with an infection. Several things lead to damage of the etheric body in the form of rips, blockages, and darkenings.

First are negative emotions like fear, worry, anger, hatred, contempt, guilt, and depression — especially if repressed. For example, reading an emotionally distressing news article and boiling with anger, but being unable to do anything and just letting the anger linger, that causes negative etheric energy to build up in one’s etheric body (actually the astral, but it filters down into the etheric) and causes damage. It also spikes the cortisol and adrenaline levels which can wear down one’s physical immune system. Another example: excessive fear, worry, depression, and cynicism over financial and economic conditions will affect one’s etheric body and magnetize one to the probability of getting sick. Last example: internally raging at someone and wanting to verbally thrash them but having to hold it in, that can case an imbalance in the throat chakra and increase chances of a sore throat infection.

Second is stubbornly pushing oneself toward some goal or duty that causes one great stress and discomfort, especially something that is soul-killing. This is a big one. There is a flow to life, a rhythm and direction of optimal balance where your soul maintains health and equilibrium because what it experiences in life matches its spiritual needs. Going 180 degrees against this is like pressing on the gas pedal with the breaks on; it creates friction and stress that can burn out the engine and the breaks. How does one go against the flow? By pursuing ego-inspired or socially-forced goals that go against wisdom and destiny. Sometimes we feel we have no choice, and sure enough sometimes we don’t, but other times we do have the choice to stop some unwise course of action but stubbornly push for it anyway. That’s when accidents and illness increase, which are synchronistic forms of “smoke” and “fire” caused by “friction.”

So those two factors alone, negative emotions and pushing against the spiritual grain, are enough to weaken the immune system and attract disease. Other factors like sleep deprivation and substance abuse can also weaken or damage the etheric body.

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Just as there are physical pathogens like bacteria, viruses, and parasites, so are there nonphysical pathogens in the form of etheric parasites, discarnate humans, aliens and demonic beings that can attach themselves to a living person, drain their energy and influence their thoughts, feelings, and personality. The present situation is analogous to how several centuries ago society knew nothing of physical pathogens and the bacterial and viral origins of disease. They fell ill and knew neither the cause nor medical remedy. Likewise, today people get attachments and know neither the cause nor remedy.

Etheric Parasites

Etheric parasites are negative thoughtforms, which are temporary beings generated in the etheric plane. The etheric plane is a nonphysical substructure underlying our material reality. Etheric energies and constructs are invisible “metadata” that can influence physical events at the quantum level. In occultism they are also called tulpas, egregores, or larvae.

Etheric parasites are generated by human thoughts infused with emotion and intent. This creates an energetic construct in the ether akin to an eddy in a river but imbued with artificial intelligence and purpose. Its most common purpose is to continue its own survival by feeding off the same kinds of energy that gave rise to it. If it was generated through hate, it will induce hateful thoughts in its host to suckle more emotional energy of that type.

These thoughtforms float around in the ether, which interpenetrates and underlies physical space, and can influence the thoughts and emotions of people onto whom they latch. Thus the negative thoughtforms generated by one person can induce negativity in another, proving they are not just internal subconscious subroutines. Occultists know how to create these intentionally, or to produce other effects in the ether, in order to consciously influence the mind of another person. But most thoughtforms are created unwittingly by our everyday sparks of emotion, fantasies, and moments of ill intent.

To people with clairvoyant vision, they can see these parasitic energies budding off the person generating them and turning into grotesque forms. The color of the energy is always black, red, orange, olive green, muddy brown, and other dull colors. When these turn into thoughtforms, they appear symbolically to the clairvoyant mind as amoebas, insects, crabs, spiders, black globules, etc… Again, the fact that clairvoyants can see these indicates they are objective constructs in the ether and not just internal psychological processes.

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