Faux Spirituality

montalk.net » 16 January 07

Mainstream spirituality is becoming less of an oxymoron by the day. Movies like “What the Bleep” and “The Secret” are gaining appreciable popularity. But the belief that you create your own reality (YCYOR) is tricky business; on the one hand being a chronic cynic does invite an extraordinary share of misfortunes, but staying positive by ignoring negative issues that need to be solved is also dangerous. The situation regarding “The Secret” (and the imminent flowering of related “spiritual” themes in mainstream culture) is precarious because as the saying goes, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Pitfalls include denying personal and world problems that still need attention, and misappropriating metaphysical principles to satisfy ego-based greed and materialism, which treads dangerously close to black magick.

Where could this all lead? I have noticed a prevalent problem of faux spirituality mixed into the alien disinformation literature out there. It employs concepts like nondualism, zen-like consciousness, integration of polarities, and getting away from victim-mentalities. Sounds nice, but the way these are portrayed is a mere simulacrum of the real thing. For instance, nondualism in this case encourages ignorance of functional differences rather than acknowledging these difference in context of the fundamental unity of all things. Or the zen-like consciousness is said to be a “spiritual” state of mind achievable via transcendental meditation, yet TM lowers consciousness into hypnotically suggestible states. Victims are told that victimhood is merely a perspective that can be eliminated by welcoming and seeing their abuse as a good thing rather than using freewill and awareness to break free of their oppressors. And the integration of polarities is used to justify the idea of human + alien coming together to form a mixed hybrid race with the best traits of both, but really that is genetic enslavement of the human soul matrix.

Even the Law of Attraction has been twisted into the idea that if aliens are in any way manifest in your life, it is because you have already agreed to working with them, that you have attracted them into your life and must therefore, as an act of responsibility and maturity rather than denial, acknowledge this choice and honor it by working with them. But that would be like buying from every salesman who knocks on your door. The flaw of this reasoning rests on the fact that there is a difference between agreeing to face the possible risk of a negative experience, and agreeing to go through that experience itself. For instance, every time you drive a car you choose to face the risk of an accident, but you do not actually choose to get into an accident per se. The difference is choice — in a situation of possible risk you can choose, through awareness, to avoid the negative possibilities, whereas having already chosen to experience one of those possibilities would mean violating your own freewill in avoiding it.

The preceding is just one example of how negative aliens use cunning to manipulate their victims into willingly accepting their abuse. You have to realize that 90% of the population has an IQ below 120; it takes a certain threshold of intelligence to see through alien manipulation. If aliens can deceive (for the sake of discussion) 90% of the population, then they pretty much have their game in the bag.

The point is that negative forces do appear to be invested in spreading New Age concepts now more than ever in order to create a conscious environment for the open acceptance of what they have to offer, rather than the covert “science/religion” game they’ve been using in the past. The only way alien deceivers can assimilate us willingly is to make us aware of higher dimensional reality and the interplay between mind and matter. It is a Luciferic deception because they bring light, but it is a false light unaccompanied by the warmth of wisdom and true understanding that comes from the heart. The plan is not that they enslave us violently, rather that we welcome them smilingly.

On the bright side, negative forces usually take a gamble on everything they do with the risk that should they fail, their actions would produce more “good” than had they never acted in the first place. They give lots of truth with a nice dose of lies that spins it all towards their agenda. For truth-seekers like ourselves, this is an advantage in that if the deceptive part can be revealed for what it is, replaced by a superior truth alternative, then the total outcome is positive. For instance, if my friends never listened to me about the idea of reality creation (Law of Attraction), but through some outside agenda they eventually are convinced of its merits and go nuts for it, there may come a time when I could successfully say, “okay, now that you’re aware of THAT part, here are some pitfalls to look out for, and here is a superior alternative to apply all this successfully.”

My main drive in life is to discover deceptions, expose them, and come up with superior alternatives. I think if a deception can be laid out clearly enough, many people would listen in time. However, that is assuming they are rational… sometimes the ego is so invested in a false belief it will use irrational methods to argue away an uncomfortable truth.

Like with YCYOR… people are easily caught in the false dichotomy of “be positive and don’t acknowledge the negative” vs “acknowledge the negative and don’t be positive”. Well, why can’t it be “be positive but also acknowledge the negative”? That third choice transcends the first two… but I have noticed that people generally have a hard time getting past that fallacy of false opposites and are somehow wired to think in a binary “either/or” way instead of acknowledging a third transcendent choice. The interesting part is that if this third choice is shown to them, they will misinterpret it as defending the other side’s position and attacking their own. It’s no different from people who think Democrat and Republican are the only two choices, and will classify any political view into either category.

I think the “spiritual awakening” happening now is partly an anti-christ phenomenon, a false counterpart to the second coming, the latter being an awakening of the higher self awareness within many of us. But I believe the momentum built by the agenda through its dishing out truth in hopes of steering it toward deceptive ends can instead be re-steered towards liberation.

So, how will the infusion of New Age concepts affect the collective consciousness? Left alone, it would doom this planet to become willfully assimilated. But if carefully exposed and redirected it could do the opposite. The situation could be a divine plan potentially derailed by negative forces, or perhaps a negative agenda being overturned at the last moment by divine forces who had it planned all along.