Physical vs Metaphysical Conspiracy » 6 December 05

Something to keep in mind is that dark forces operate on both metaphysical and physical levels. Most redpills are familiar with the physical side of the conspiracy: Federal Reserve, Bush/Obama, Iraq/Afghanistan, Bilderberg, Trilaterialists, international bankers, engineered genocide, JFK, media propaganda, etc… You can watch this conspiracy unfold in the news.

Waking up to what’s going on in the world is important. But this calls for caution when you consider the metaphysical side of the conspiracy: higher density controllers, soul frequency manipulation, spiritual disinformation, timeline steering, and so on. In short, dark forces can further their metaphysical conspiracy by exploiting the very avenues that seem to undermine the physical conspiracy.

Take the news, for instance. Awareness of world events gives you a certain level of lucidity concerning what we’re facing. Getting “outraged” at shocking stories of corruption and injustice can make you feel self-righteous, motivated, and awake. But from a metaphysical point of view, if this bitterness leads to persistent pessimism and a darkening of your heart, then despite getting politically smarter you become spiritually dimmer. This has metaphysical consequences that outweigh anything gained through awareness of the physical conspiracy. Political revolution without spiritual evolution has lead to all the tyrannical “-isms” of history.

Why is metaphysics important? Because by thinking, perceiving, and acting at that level you can do things that are impossible on the physical. It is a greater order of power that works on the quantum, chaotic, nonlinear level of reality. Dimming your spiritual light through emotional preoccupation with lesser orders of awareness screws you over at that deeper level. It cuts you off from those higher abilities and perceptions you need to really make a difference.

This makes no sense to those who are stubbornly stuck in the physical ways of doing things. They simply lack the context to think outside their material paradigms. This doesn’t mean darkness can be erased through denial; the opposite, in fact… but awareness must be of a higher order than mere physical.

Being metaphysically potent means acting according to a higher understanding of how consciousness shapes experience and vice versa. It requires being aware of both the physical and metaphysical currents of experience. Read my article Realm Dynamics for some relevant concepts to ponder.

Some might wonder, “But being that we are third density, how are we to know what fourth density principles are and how to apply them?” Well, remember that the lower realms are subset of the higher, meaning that the workings of the higher are all around and within us. By being observant and intuitive yet discerning, you can put the pieces together and learn some things. All you have to do is try, make your best guess, test it out, and learn through trial and error.

The agnostic mind likes to moan, “but how can we even know such a thing?”, “but how can we be sure?”, “but how can we know we’re not deceiving ourselves?” — but but but… By taking your best step instead of vacillating over whether it is the absolutely right step, you can get much farther in the long run. Nothing is without risk, and errors of belief aren’t that big of a deal if you learn from your mistakes.

So to summarize, it is important not to fall for the metaphysical conspiracy by ignorantly limiting yourself to mere understanding of the physical conspiracy. Countering the metaphysical deceptions requires opening your eyes and your heart and studying up the occult, alien, esoteric side of existence. In other words, be aware and be positive, strive to know yourself as much as you seek to know the world, and get to know the metaphysical world just as much as the physical. That is balance… that is covering all your bases.