"Thrive" Film Review

montalk.net » 4 February 12

I just watched Thrive and it was a good overview of the problem and some possible solutions. Without a few additions, however, the kind of world view it advocates doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome, since it could just as easily divert onto an alien takeover scenario in the end. But it’s a good start.

To be complete, this vid (or at least the website) would have to get into the following areas:

  • That the human corrupt elite aren’t at the top of the pyramid. There are non-human beings above them who are pulling the strings.
  • That it’s not solely the human (or even alien) manipulators who are responsible for our sorry situation, but also partly the fault of general human complacency and, more importantly, un-remediable spiritless humans who comprise a portion of the population and act as a corrupting force on the planet. They are hired clappers for the control system.
  • That these spiritually handicapped humans, and here I mean natural born psychopaths, will exploit and ruin any utopia given enough time, unless people become aware that not all humans have a moral compass. For instance, they will worm their way into the leadership structure and within several generations we’ll have a repeat of the problem.
  • That aliens who offer us technology and assistance with a smile may not necessarily have benevolent intentions. They could be like drug dealers offering a free fix, just to get us hooked.
  • That taking down the current corrupt human elite system is only half the battle, the other half is taking on the alien control system that would try to spring up afterwards.

If those matters are added to what was stated in “Thrive” then we’d have the proper foundation to secure a positive future. Otherwise, as I always say, it could become a road to hell paved with good intentions.

I know from my research into the alien disinformation campaign, that one of the deception lines on the table is to do away with the current corrupt elite and use their demise as a springboard for an even worse alien world order.

All we have to do, then, is indeed do away with the corrupt system we have now, thus the solutions offered in “Thrive” are in the right direction, but when we get to the point of alien contact, to be very careful about their intentions and the long-term consequences of agreements we make regarding them.

As for the presentation, from an effectiveness point of view I felt that the UFO part should have come later, or been left out completely. On the other hand, Foster seemed like he was going chronologically according to how he stumbled upon everything, and in that case it makes sense. Likewise, in my early teens I was first into the UFO subject, then got into free energy and antigravity research, then came upon inventors getting suppressed, then investigated the whole NWO / corrupt elite stuff, and only at the end of it all did it connect back up with aliens when I realized some factions were at the top of the NWO control pyramid. That’s largely the same sequence he portrayed in Thrive, minus the final part about aliens running the show.

While the positioning of the UFO segment may not have been optimal or complete, it nonetheless made the presentation unique; otherwise it would have been just another Zeitgeist rehash. I’d say it was a commendable effort overall, but neither an optimal nor perfect fit for the intended goal. It makes a better foundation than ceiling, meaning people who are introduced to fringe knowledge via such documentaries should go beyond them when ready. In that sense, Thrive is what it is, and better that it’s out there than not.

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