Ether Body and FRV » 12 August 06

FRV stands for “frequency resonance vibration” and is a term used by the Cassiopaeans (channeling source) to denote the qualitative nature of a being’s response potential to a spectrum of possible experiences. FRV indicates your learning path, temperament, emotional nature, and level of reactivity or self-mastery.

The lower your FRV, the more you exist on the level of mechanical passivity or reactivity, and the lower your place on the ladder of causality, meaning you are more easily manipulable, have more buttons to push, and are more detached from objective reality. Basically an extremely low FRV pushes you deeper into the STS (service-to-self, aka dark or negative) predator/prey dynamic. Those with low and unstable FRVs sometimes come off as emotionally unstable and delusional.

The higher your FRV, the more you tend towards being consciously active instead of mechanically passive or reactive, the higher your place on the ladder of causality, and the less you are at the mercy of baser impulses, manipulations, delusions, and hysteria. Those with higher FRV are good natured and emotionally stable, grounded in reality, and give off a positive vibe.

Through resonance and necessity, FRV also determines what themes of experience you tune into and therefore attract. This is covered more deeply in my article Realm Dynamics. To summarize, those with low FRV resonate with harsher and stranger experiences because that intensity is needed to evoke some glimmer of truly conscious response, while the conscious consideration that comes with higher FRV means learning and growth can come more gently. Therefore having a higher FRV means attracting a smoother and more positively synchronistic train of experiences.

But the vibrational frequency spectrum alone is not the sole factor involved here. Its amplitude and purity matters as well. The average person may have a weak and muddied spectrum somewhere in the middle, while sophisticated dark beings have a high amplitude spectrum clustered on the lower frequencies, opposite for sophisticated positive beings.

Now, the stronger the amplitude, the more strongly it affects local experiential reality. People who have a strong low FRV can bias the synchronistic nature of their local reality to such a degree that they pull in highly improbable and thus strange experiences of a traumatic and disturbing nature. The stronger the amplitude of high FRV, the more reality biases towards things magically working out for the being in question, as though reality bends around them.

What of a weakened amplitude? Well, even if the frequency is high, with too low an amplitude it has little effect upon local reality. In fact, that can disconnect one from the synchronistic flow since the broadcast signal is weaker. We’ll return to this point in a moment.

Where exactly does FRV reside in a person? Rudolf Steiner has this to say:

It is not possible to draw a fixed boundary between the changes that take place as a result of the activity of the I in the astral body and those that take place in the ether body, since they blend into each other. If something we learn enhances our faculty of judgment, a change has taken place in the astral body, but if this judgment changes our state of mind so that we become accustomed to feeling differently about a subject after having learned about it, then a change has taken place in the ether body. Everything we take possession of in such a way that we can recall it again and again is based on a change in the ether body. Anything that gradually becomes an entrenched part of the wealth of our memory rests on the fact that the work performed on the astral body has been transferred to the ether body.

The I is not working on the astral body when we simply give ourselves up to pleasure and suffering, joy and pain, but only when idiosyncrasies of these soul qualities begin to change. Likewise, this work extends to the ether body when our I applies its activity to changing our traits of character, our temperament, and so on. ( Outline of Esoteric Science )

It is clear from the above that FRV must be a property of what Steiner refers to as the “ether body.” The ether body is the subtle body closest to the physical. One implication here is that if physical technology is about manipulation and measurement of the physical, then exotic technology could include manipulation and measurement of the next step up, the etheric.

The Cassiopaeans stated that aliens and secret government factions possess technology to scan a person’s etheric signature to determine its frequency resonance spectrum. I don’t doubt this for a second because it fits with experience and reason. Abductors must get within physical proximity to accurately scan the ether body (whose field of influence, the aura, is localized) in order to determine a target’s vulnerability to manipulation, at least within the parameters of his or her learning path. They operate within what is allowed not as a matter of respect but a consequence being restrained by quantum / metaphysical barriers rooted in freewill. Upon collision, these barriers invoke macroscopic uncertainty effects that break the phaselock required for hyperdimensional technology to operate in a causal manner upon the target, which is why some targets cannot be killed during abductions even though the aggressors have all intentions of eliminating them.

That FRV is rooted in the etheric body has some interesting implications.

First, if the etheric body is in any way weakened, scrambled, damaged, dislocated, invaded, or corrupted then the relation between FRV and local experiential environment is likewise affected. This means that even if one is good natured, a weakening of resonance amplitude would more greatly disconnect one from synchronistic flow because the responsiveness of environment to FRV is weakened. Posthypnotic programming, etheric implants, and spiritual sabotage may do this directly.

Sleep recharges energy needed to maintain the etheric body. When one is sleep deprived, the etheric body is weaker and the synchronistic protection normally offered by a decent FRV (and decent awareness) may be reduced. Days prior to hyperdimensionally orchestrated disruptions in a target’s life, negative entities may engage in psychic attacks and technological methods to interfere with the target’s sleep and thereby reduce his or her energy, awareness, and the etheric shielding against such hyperdimensional insertions.

If prolonged use of marijuana weakens or tears the etheric, then the expanded insight and emotional stabilization it offers is cancelled by a corresponding decrease in resonance amplitude, making the individual all the more ineffectual and cast adrift in a life that has become synchronistically unresponsive. If they can repair and strengthen their etheric, outer conditions may automatically improve. Or if prolonged and intense use of LSD and scrambles or dislocates the etheric, then it may do the same to one’s experiential reality, though the greatest risk there is some negative nonphysical entity inserting itself into the dislocated portions and turning the person into a darkside asset.

Drug use also makes one more vulnerable to more physical methods of manipulation during abductions because a damaged or weakened etheric creates weak spots or fissures in the quantum barrier mentioned earlier, sometimes to the point where the target can even be killed, consumed or reanimated. Therefore negative entities have a vested interest in propagating the widespread damaging and weakening of the etheric body through all means possible, especially among the potentially aware and spiritually self-empowered whose awareness and FRV otherwise protects them through a strong etheric body. Therefore, watch out because a category of disinformation has been designed just for this demographic to which you as truthseeker belong.

Second, the Cassiopaeans spoke of “FRV robots” without defining them explicitly, but from my in-depth experience and observation pertaining to that possibility, they appear to be rudimentary humans with extremely low FRV who are employed by fourth density negative aliens as decoys, disinformants, energy harvesters, and group-FRV polluters. All of them are emotionally unstable and needy, are “not all there” if you probe their minds, and lack a well-rounded presence within reality as though they are insertions from outside the timeline with only a simulacrum of history. Anyway, the question here is how they have FRV if they are “robots” and the answer is that they are organic like anyone and also have an etheric body. But so do plants and animals. Their auras are rudimentary but present, yet anyone with intuitive/clairvoyant abilities can sense they are definitely “off” and their low FRV can be quite repugnant due to its sheer discombobulated quality. No need to get further into this here, but I can say with certainty that they have etheric bodies despite their lack of individualized self-awareness. I’m not sure whether they have astral bodies, but their overly dramatized emotional episodes never come off as genuine so perhaps they are just physical and etheric body controlled by crude artificial intelligence manually operable at times by some higher negative intelligence.

The point of this research note was mainly to discuss the implications of FRV being a property of the etheric body, that complications with the etheric can interfere with the mutual feedback loop between consciousness and experiential reality, and that the etheric being so close to the physical means that FRV is likely something that exotic technology can directly measure, manipulate, and perhaps artificially project.