Reality Creation Redux » 24 May 10

As you may know, consciousness influences reality by affecting the probability of events. It does so at the quantum level. Based on my observation and experimentation, the basic principles are as follows:

1) Awareness / anticipation repels.

2) Ignorance / denial allows.

3) Intent / emotional resonance attracts.

Here I want to focus on the third one, the attraction mode, and explain it in the simplest and clearest way. It boils down to one rule:


In other words, the mental and emotional state that you hold in the present, attracts future events that engender more of the same.

What is the mechanism behind this? I believe that emotions can travel through time. A strong emotional pattern in the present resonates with the same emotional pattern in some probable future. When both match, a feedback loop arises between present and future that causes this future to be energized and amplified, enhancing its ability to merge into the present. (Same goes for attraction with other realms of existence; when you resonate with a pattern there, feedback loop arises, and you pull it in. That’s why an all-consuming dread of demons or aliens, or a strong love for them, can bring their realm closer to yours, energize them, and manifest them more tangibly in your experiential reality).

Keep in mind that everything I’m talking about here deals only with the synchronistic and probabilistic side of life — that which is still up in the air, open to change. There is also the causal and deterministic side which includes all the physical effects of physical causes that, no matter how much you try bend probability, cannot be overridden or undone. If you total your car, and then try to hold a feeling of relief, don’t expect the accident to magically reverse itself, because what’s done is done, what’s fated is fated; at best, you may nonetheless attract an easy and speedy legal, financial, and physical recovery from the accident. Whatever probable future you attract is one that incorporates your already existing present and past. New Agers go very wrong when they try to ignore currently existing problems and think that by shutting it from their minds it will disappear from their reality. Not so, the Law doesn’t work that way. You can shape the future, but you can’t really change the past you remember.

Now, here are some examples of how like begets like.

  • Anticipation begets anticipation: If you anticipate something, you will attract a situation where you’re still anticipating it, meaning a situation where it hasn’t happened yet.
  • Paranoia begets paranoia: The more emotionally paranoid you become concerning aliens, matrix agents, demons, ghosts, surveillance, black helicopters, gang stalking, etc… the more you attract experiences that amplify your paranoia. The manifestations of these phenomena will keep increasing in overtness and severity until you either snap out of it or your mind snaps. Along the same lines, mindsets of victimhood begets victimhood, fear begets fear, terror begets terror.
  • Gratitude begets gratitude: If you practice an attitude of gratitude, thinking of all the things you are grateful for and really living in that feeling, then events will arise that give you even more reasons to be thankful. Thus, an emotional pattern of gratitude is one way positive synchronicities can increase.
  • Annoyance begets annoyance: If something causes you a moment of annoyance or irritation, and if you let yourself run away with those emotions, then you increase the chances of yet another thing happening that causes annoyance. Unless you turn yourself around, this can snowball until your whole day goes to hell.
  • Worry begets worry: If you are needlessly worried, more events will arise that give you something to worry about. This can be worry over money, health, security, and so on. By “needlessly” I mean worries over problems that don’t yet exist and are still weak probabilities, especially those you can’t do anything about right now — worries that are more the products of neuroticism than concerns over actually existing problems that require immediate attention.
  • Relief begets relief: If you are worried about an uncertain outcome beyond your control, then adopting an attitude of relief enhances its chances of having a good outcome.
  • Amazement begets amazement: This is a fun one. If you adopt an attitude of awe, wonder, and amazement, telling yourself that life is profoundly jaw-dropping, then just watch freak events transpire that really leave you awe struck in a good way. Wait a few days, sometimes reality takes a while to catch on.

As you can see, the simple principle LIKE BEGETS LIKE explains much. You can substitute your own words into this equation, like ‘weird’ or ‘synchronicity’ or ‘hate’ or ‘love’ or ‘desperation’ and find real life examples.

Mainly it shows that a mere prolonged mental/emotional pattern is enough to attract corresponding experiences. There is no real need for complex visualizations, incantations, affirmations, and ritual formulas just to experience this phenomenon.

Thus it’s possible for a spiritually radiant, humble, and discerning human being to acquire the protection and blessings of synchronicity just by virtue of his or her default harmonious mental and emotional pattern. In channeling-speak, it means that an STO candidate or STO being still makes use of this reality-bending principle, but without needing to always specify what to intend; it happens naturally through outer synchronizing with balanced inner.

Visualizations and Specific Intentions

Of course, it’s possible to go beyond mere emotional resonance and resort to visualization and intent to single out a specific thing for synchronistic manifestation. It still works on the same principle of resonance and feedback loop between present and future, because you are required to produce within yourself the same senses and feelings right now, that you would experience upon the fulfillment of that goal. Like in the Bible where Jesus heals a guy by thanking God for healing him, as though it were already done, and therefore it was.

So when the reality creation pundits say to visualize your goal fulfilled in the greatest detail, incorporating all five senses, and really feeling it emotionally, ultimately they’re just getting you to establish, in the present, the probable future pattern of your choice. Present locks with future, feedback loop mutually amplifies, and future becomes present.

It’s just that specific visualizations are risky. They easily become acts of black magic if the goal is chosen out of ignorance and the emotional pattern originates with ego and base desires.

Intending for a very specific thing is fine if you work within the framework of necessity and destiny, like if you have no choice but to select the details of the inevitable. Otherwise you will manifest something prematurely, inappropriately, regrettably, and perhaps even disastrously. Most cases, attempting the latter will simply fail and nothing happens; higher forces intercede and block your foolish act; but if you push hard enough, often enough, you will get and regret your wish. Black magic uses rituals to push past these natural safety barriers and attain that which pleases the ego but kills the soul.

Optimal State of Consciousness

This “mind affecting reality” can all be done through intermittent sessions of emotional broadcasting, or by having it become the default constant “climate” of your consciousness. The latter is better of course, since ten minutes of resonating with relief and gratitude may get overridden by the following sixteen hours of stress and worry.

Ultimately this research note is not about “doing something specific to get something specific” like most Reality Creation texts, but about being aware of how your outer reality is partially (not completely, since reality is shared) reflective of your own inner landscape, and how therefore it’s necessary to practice emotional hygiene to keep your slice of reality in good synchronistic order.

Now, if you do attempt a session, the best time to do so is while in the state between waking and sleeping, when your consciousness is not fully dreaming, yet also not fully back in waking life. Like after waking in the morning, with eyes closed, dipping in and out of sleep. A light sleep state, in or near the hypnagogic state of consciousness. Alpha and theta brainwave state. Controlled daydreaming while being unaware of one’s physical surroundings. Completely lost in the thought, completely and effortlessly absorbed in it. You and the thought or feeling are not divided, not observer and observed, but lost as one.

This is the state when the barriers between your conscious and subconscious are weakened, when your etheric body is somewhat decoupled from your physical body, when you as the ‘quantum observer’ are not fully collapsing the reality wave function — therefore, the state where reality is particularly pliable. The subconscious, the quantum ocean, the etheric — these realms are where the magic happens, where reality is shuffled, where the potter of existence does his work.

Among numerous other applications, this is the best state of mind for prayer, meditation, intention, affirmation, visualization, or just holding a particular thought or emotion.

Also see my other Research Note on this subject: Law of Attraction vs Law of Awareness