Vibrations » 16 January 05

Everything is vibration. Think of what reading material “resonates” with you, what ideas “ring” true, which people have good or bad “vibes,” or who is on the same “wavelength”. These are more than just metaphors, they are accurate ways of describing the vibratory aspect of our reality. Even quantum physics is all about wave interactions.

Resonance brings to mind cymatics, the study of wave motion. Vibration alone is just a set of numbers describing amplitude, frequency, and phase. But when vibration is applied to an object, the waves reflect upon themselves, interfering to create standing waves with a unique geometric arrangement. Cymatics is therefore the study of how sound converts into geometry and vice versa.

For example, if a metal plate sprinkled with sand is vibrated by a tone matching one of its resonant frequencies (matching the pitch at which the plate naturally rings when struck), then standing waves arise in the plate. The sand collects in areas where the waves are zero and helps visualize what the standing waves look like, which gives rise to interesting patterns unique to the tone applied. Here are some examples:

Which pattern forms depends on what resonant frequency is vibrated, which in turn depends on the physical characteristics of the plate itself. Anything that vibrates will contain standing waves. This includes bells, tuning forks, resonant chambers, stones, etc. As long as the applied frequency matches the object’s spectrum of resonant frequencies, standing waves will result.

Our soul vibrates, its spectrum of frequencies depending on the soul’s resonant characteristics. It is known that two tuning forks with the same physical characteristics resonate with each other. Likewise, two people resonate with each other when they share common soul elements. It is important to note that simply having common interests is not enough to cause resonance. There must also be a compatibility on the soul level that you can feel.

Why? Because there is a difference between resonant vibrations and forced vibrations. A tuning fork and a loudspeaker can both create a certain tone, but only the tuning fork does so naturally. The loudspeaker will not resonate with the tuning fork because the tone it generates is forced and doesn’t arise from its natural mode of vibrations. Many of our interests, personalities, hobbies, tastes, are “forced vibrations” consisting of programs and memes working through us, just as electricity works through a loudspeaker to generate sound. But that doesn’t mean these things necessarily arise at the soul level. This explains why having common interests or personalities isn’t enough – what’s internal is what counts, as that is where resonance arises.

So what about resonating with a particular idea? In my case, the method I use to construct my belief system is to question everything, and of all that survives my questioning I take that which resonates as true. But how does this resonance arise?

If we resonate with an idea, it is because we have at one time learned it through personal experience. Let’s say your soul is like the metal plate, and every lesson you learn impresses a new feature upon the plate that adds to its spectrum of resonant frequencies. Then even if you forget all the things you have learned consciously before, meaning even after the tone is turned off, these impressions remain in your soul. The next time the idea comes along (the tone sounds) it vibrates the corresponding resonant frequency and you feel something “connect” or “ring true” even though you have no immediate logical proof or reason to show why. To fully retrieve this knowledge, it is then your job to reconstruct the logic behind this intuitive impression and manifest that which you have once learned but since forgotten.

This shows that many times, learning is actually an act of spiritual remembering. This is best accomplished by exposing yourself to many “tones” and paying attention to what resonates, then using the intellect to give concrete substance to these amorphous intuitive impressions and throw out what is false.

Have you ever read a book without much interest, and after reading it again many months or years later find that you missed so much and it’s actually really interesting and exciting? In that amount of time, you grew to expand your spectrum of resonant frequencies, and therefore could resonate with more of the book when you reread it. It’s like a metal plate that sounds dull but after being hammered into a fine instrument resonates brightly at many different tones.

The principle of seeking that which resonates with your soul applies not only to reading material, but people and life experiences as well. Resonance shows you the path of least resistance because it sets your heart alight with enthusiasm and synchronizes you with the flow of life. The more you choose to pursue that which resonates your soul, the closer you get to superconductive existence. What vibrations you then emit impress themselves upon the environment, aligning the events you experience just as a resonating metal plate aligns the sand particles sprinkled upon it. The beautiful geometry that arises then manifests in the form of synchronicities and serendipitous opportunities.

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