Atlantis and the Equinox Cataclysm » 18 September 06

For an explanation of frequency resonance vibration (FRV) or “soul vibe” please see my previous research note. Now, through intent and the transmutation of negative emotions into positive, it is possible to momentarily raise your FRV. The end result should be an elevated mood and conscious lucidity, reduction in passivity or reactivity, and greater perspicacity.

Raising FRV from neutral to positive mood is used to connect one with positive probable futures, as when manifesting through intent, or initiating communication with higher positive entities. Raising FRV from negative to neutral is done by degrees to get one out of a depressed or reactive states of mind, particularly those that are the result of psychic attack or lunar energies.

The thing to notice is that the raising sensation can be felt. It is not just an auto-release of endorphins as that is just a byproduct of something nonphysical, rather it is an actual feeling of being raised, but not in any three dimensional direction. So let’s make a working hypothesis that raising your FRV actually shifts you in a fourth dimensional direction (likely the same direction that Stephen Hawking has popularized as imaginary time). This hypothesis is useful because in accordance with metaphysical fact, by raising FRV enough you could leave the 3D plane and enter into a 4D positive realm. So tuning the dial to a higher station gets you there.

Likewise, lowering your FRV by intensifying and purifying your lowest frequencies of resonance would eventually pop you into the 4D negative realm. One might ask, how can lowering FRV bring you into a higher dimension? Answer is shown in this diagram:

As you can see, lowering FRV simply moves one in a negative fourth dimensional direction, and raising moves one in a positive direction. This is interesting because from a 4D perspective the negative realms are actually beneath 3D. Those of us accustomed to thinking in terms of “densities” (degrees of consciousness) may not have found this initially apparent. But here we are talking instead about dimensions (degrees of freedom in motion). Fourth density STS beings are higher than us in terms of density and complexity of dimension, but positionally lower than us in the fourth dimension. Remember that the third dimension is just a subset of the fourth and like a horizontal plane there is space above and space below. So when heaven and hell are said to be above and below, this is just a metaphor for positive and negative realms being ana and kata, respectively. Ana and kata are the four dimensional equivalents of up and down.

One reason this hypothesis works is because mythology frequently makes references to dark forces residing in the abyss, underground, in tartarus, at the bottom of the ocean where it is cold, dark, and still. It is true that negative beings have bases that are literally underground, but the myths also refer to their being fourth dimensionally beneath us. Steiner and the Theosophists refer to this as the Eighth Sphere. The abyss also seems to be the quantum foam from which our three dimensional physical existence and its timelines spring forth, and likewise it is the place physical dimensions and timelines may return to when wiped from active existence.


This then brings us to the myth of Atlantis. There are enough archeological, religious, geographic, and mythological pieces of evidence that Atlantis existed, and popular theories say it disappeared between twelve and thirteen thousand years ago. The most convincing evidence for Atlantis is that early civilizations sprung into existence quite suddenly at highly advanced levels of cultural and scientific sophistication, yet these immediately degenerated over the following millennia as old knowledge became lost. This indicates they were seeded by sophisticated remnants (survivors) of a pre-existing advanced culture. And yet, the majority of physical evidence of Atlantis from the time of the end of the last Ice Age is curiously missing. Maybe more should have survived if Atlantis merely sank beneath the waters.

But what if the myth speaks not (only) of a physical cataclysm, but a hyperdimensional one? What if Atlantis sank into the quantum abyss and the new timeline that sprang forth contained little physical evidence of the previous one?

I am reminded of Matrix Reloaded where it was revealed that the underground sanctuary Zion was just the most recent version, whereby the older versions had been intentionally wiped out by the machines to make room for the next try, the next “iteration of the timeloop.” The Matrix Trilogy is modern mythology, and as such includes data about hyperdimensional history. For instance, note that the Keymaker mentioning a “314 second” time limit could very well be code for “timeloop” since 314 is the circle constant PI and seconds is a measure of time. Another movie, Donnie Darko, contains similar themes when a temporary timeloop is spawned by a dimensional glitch from the future. We may also take into account ancient mythology, like those analyzed in the book Hamlet’s Mill that appear to describe precession of equinoxes when referring to events like the “unhinging of the millstone” but may in fact refer to an unhinging of the time axis, and also the battles between hyperdimensional forces if you read between the lines. If you research this stuff deeply, you may even conclude that our current timeline may very well have resulted from a monumental abuse of hyperdimensional technology, that we exist in a temporary timeloop perhaps very different from the original. The full exploration of this idea can be viewed in my Gnosis Series.

Returning to the subject of Atlantis, another interesting thing is that if the Fall of Atlantis occurred 12,000-13,000 years ago, that is exactly half of a precessional cycle. Every year at spring equinox the sun rises at a slightly different spot relative to the background of stars, traversing the entire zodiac of constellations over a 25,700 year period. This is known as the Great Year, or Platonic Year. For each zodiac sign there is an age lasting around 2100-2150 years, and currently we are in the Age of Pisces heading over the next several centuries into the Age of Aquarius. The Fall of Atlantis occurred opposite our current age on the zodiac circle, during the Age of Virgo going into Leo.

If we draw the precessional cycle as a wave, it is evident that both the beginning of the wave and its halfway point cross the zero line and thus share common qualities. If the beginning marks the Fall of Atlantis, then the midpoint basically marks 2012-2013 AD, the symbolic mile marker on the Mayan Long Count calendar, which may signify the beginning of an era of increasing dimensional shifting providing an opportunity for some humans to rise towards fourth density. This is primarily a positive shift, a rising toward something higher. Notice how this is opposite what happened to Atlantis; whereas Atlantis sank into the abyss, we now have an opportunity to rise into the heavens. All of these ideas may be elegantly related in this diagram:

As you can see, the Fall of Atlantis marks descent into a negative half of the cycle. No doubt, history since then has been quite dark. And half a precessional cycle afterwards, we now cross that zero line again, this time into a positive phase. In the terminology of Ra, I would say that the heights of corruption and darkness reached by Atlantis made for a social memory complex on the verge of graduating towards a 4D STS state of existence. Not everyone in Atlantis would have qualified due to lack of sufficient polarization, and they would have been recycled, allowed to continue in the next timeloop which is the one we currently find ourselves in. The negative ones who graduated gained abode in the quantum abyss from which they have for the past twelve thousand years manipulated their counterparts within the 3D timeloop, namely those negative secret societies who have run the show in all great civilizations of history (Egypt, Sumeria, Babylon, Rome, etc…).

It is only appropriate then, that this time we are experiencing now may be an opposite shifting, one towards a restoration of balance (in the end). But again, the primary point of this research note is to emphasize the importance of thinking fourth dimensionally, and how doing so unlocks many secrets of mythology, history, current and future events.

What if the dating of Atlantis is wrong?

That said, I have reasons to suspect that Atlantis may not have existed 10,000+ B.C. but rather 4,000-3,000 B.C. (or just slightly earlier). This is based on well-developed civilizations springing up around that time, one of which was involved in the building of the Great Pyramid. Prior to that time, there were no great advanced civilizations of significance; even Gobekli Teppe and the Vinca civilization were primitive compared to what came after. It doesn’t makes sense for Atlantis to fall around 10,000 B.C. and its survivors to lay dormant for more than six millennia before suddenly emerging around 4,000-3,000 B.C. with knowledge, culture, and technology intact in order to seed new civilizations in their image.

The conventional dating of Atlantis relies heavily on retro-calculation from the current astronomical conditions, which assumes the rate of precession of earth’s axis has remained constant for tens of millennia. Perhaps that is not the case. Perhaps there was a skip in the precessional cycle along the way.

This is further confirmed by archeological artifacts being plentiful in association with Leo (lion) and Virgo (fat woman) worship occurring around that time (the Sphinx near the Pyramid is one example, the fat women statues of Malta near the megalithic temples there is another) suggesting that perhaps the ages of Leo and Virgo and the transition between them happened during 4,000-3,000 B.C. rather than thousands of years earlier.

Meanwhile, the subsequent ages of Cancer and Gemini (it goes Virgo -> Leo -> Cancer -> Gemini -> Taurus) have little or no presence among archeological artifacts indicating worship/celebration of those ages. Rather, it goes from Leo straight to the Taurus, hence the ancient Apis Bull worship in Egypt.

This would make sense if there were a devastating pole shift around that time which knocked Earth’s precessional cycle out of whack, causing it to rapidly skip Cancer and Gemini and leap right into Taurus. Could that be the symbolic significance of the Minoan practice of Bull Leaping? The Mayan Long Count calendar, said by the Mayans to signify the beginning of time, begins in 3114 B.C., further underscoring the idea. It marks the beginning of a new age, and possibly a new timeline.

This catastrophic skewing of the precessional cycle I call the “Equinox Cataclysm.”

So if Atlantis really existed 4,000-3,000 B.C., then they may have actually been the trans-Atlantic proto-Phoenician, proto-Indo-European civilization that sprung up (or “landed”) in what is now Lebanon and Turkey, and who colonized Spain, Ireland and Scotland. Through their sophistication and ingenuity they became wealthy beyond compare. Their descendants (Minoans, Phoenicians, proto-Celts) remained so, up until about 1500-1400 B.C. when the Bronze Age collapsed due to their being militarily overwhelmed by Egyptian and other forces. Their last remnants were known as the Veneti and Tocharians who died out by 500 A.D.

So if it was 4,000-3,000 B.C. and not 11,000-10,000 B.C., then that suggests the 3D/4D etheric cycle has more to do with Earth’s axial alignment than some fixed measure of time. Incidentally, the Platonic Year happens to equal the time it takes light to reach us from the Galactic Center. That is, there may be a kind of resonant wave phase-lock between Earth and the Galactic Center.

I am reminded of the quantum phenomenon of spin, where a detector’s spatial orientation determines how it detects the incoming electron which has spin up or spin down (spin is more complicated than that, but a simple explanation suffices for now). What if Earth’s axial direction relative to the wave emission from the Galactic Center affects how it “detects” those emissions? What if that affects the timeline of Earth, its etheric / 3D / 4D conditions? Perhaps that is the key to explaining why precessional ages seem to correlate with the occult, cataclysmic, and social phases of history.

Putting all this together, I propose that around 4,000-3,000 B.C. (or slightly earlier) a geophysical, temporal, and/or hyperdimensional cataclysm occurred that caused a fourth density civilization (the original Atlantis) to “fall” fully into third density Earth, to be injected into the current timeline. This civilization subsequently civilized the primitives around the globe and thereby birthed various civilizations that started at the heights of sophistication but gradually degraded over the following generations.

Maybe Earth was supposed to take another several thousand years before reaching the Age of Taurus, but a cataclysm caused a premature shifting of the axis, thereby changing the alignment/tuning with the Galactic Center wave emission, thereby prematurely bringing our timeline in contact with 4th density forces. Their consequent involvement in our history has created modern day conditions that are almost entirely of, by, and for various fourth density agendas. But if our axial orientation is now shifting to the sign opposite to the one during which Atlantis fell, then we may soon experience an upward rising instead, and will therefore enter their territory this time, instead of their entering ours.