Coherence Indicators » 6 August 05

[updated October 2021 to match current indicators page]

I have assembled a page containing various indicators that potentially relate to realm conditions. That is, various phenomena that may correlate with hyperdimensional activity. Visit this dashboard here.

The first item there is an indicator light showing the coherence in a larger array of random number generators, part of the Global Consciousness Project. The redder the color, the greater the improbability manifest in the random number distributions. This is the same project that detected a spike in coherence hours prior to the September 11 attacks, and other major disaster and emotional events. I believe that 9/11 involved artificial timeline alterations through dimensional engineering, which by their very nature cause probability anomalies.

These anomalies manifest on the crudest levels as deviant statistical fluctuations in quantum chaos, reflected in the random number generator results. On a more meaningful level these probability anomalies also manifest as synchronicities and improbable device malfunctions. That is why objects breaking, even physically, are sometimes associated with negative hyperdimensional activity. Timeline editing creates glitches as a side-effect, just a consequence of realm dynamics.

After many months of observation, I have found that for myself a red indicator color means “sliding into negative timeline” while blue means “shifting and bypassing a negative timeline” and green means “more of the same.” For instance, when things get very weird and rough and some trouble in my life is about to break out, the color when I check it is always orange or red. However, if I suddenly apply great awareness and intention to pre-empt the trouble before it even erupts, not only does the weirdness fizzle away but the indicator then turns blue. This has happened too many times to be coincidence. Awareness can head off probable futures, which is why expecting attack (without emotional investment, I should add) is a good idea while impatiently anticipating good things tends to prevent them from manifesting.

Next is a set of random words (noun and adjective) from — this may have personal synchronistic significance for you like an oracle. Underneath is a random I Ching hexagram.

Next is an approximate depiction of the current moon phase. More on the moon later.

Next is an image of the current sun showing any visible sunspots. The greater the sunspots in the red box, the greater the resulting realm instability. Again, I found that negative experiences correlate heavily with sunspots being in the red box overlaying the image. Not sure why.

Then an info panel from showing solar wind speed and density. Solar flares, being plasma shockwaves, also carry with them a longitudinal magnetic vector potential wave, essentially a gravitational potential wave, which I think is the primary instigator of realm fluctuations. Translation: when solar activity is high, things tend to get wacky. Negative hyperdimensional forces have an easier time changing things when realm conditions are unstable, such as during certain astrological alignments and when the earth’s magnetic field is buffeted.

Then, a link to the solar-xray flux intensity graph. These give a heads up on potential flares coming in, if they are directed toward Earth. That’s because X-ray is electromagnetism that travels at the speed of light and takes 8 minutes to reach us, while the associated charged particles travel more slowly and are therefore hours or days behind.

Next is a link to a chart of recent sunspot count numbers. You can see where we are in the current solar cycle. Note that the right half of the cycle until about halfway down is when the chance for strongest flares occurs. CMEs can also happen at any point, even when there are no sunspots, due to holes in the corona of the sun that can only be seen under certain wavelengths of light.

Next, the planetary K index which indicates how badly the Earth’s magnetic field is being distorted by an incoming flare or coronal mass ejection. The ionosphere is also affected, which fluctuates the values of the Schumann frequencies (Earth-ionosphere electromagnetic resonances).

The following two charts from Russia show how the Schumann frequency changes over the days. The first shows frequency drifts for four different Schumann frequencies, and the waterfall chart below shows intensities. You can see green, yellow, and red splotches caused by geomagnetic storms from solar winds impacting the magnetosphere. Since brain wave frequencies and Schumann frequencies are in the same range, there could be modulation of neural activity by Schumann frequency variations.

Next is a Neutron Monitor, which correlates with cosmic ray intensity hitting earth. Cosmic rays come from the galactic center. Their intensity has been scientifically correlated with deaths from stroke, noncardiovascular causes, suicide, traffic accident. Pandemics also come at the peaks of this graph. As you can see, COVID was timed (since it was artificially released) to coincide with the most recent peak. The peak from 2009 was Swine Flu.

Cosmic rays are strongest when the sun’s activity is lowest, since the solar wind deflects cosmic rays coming into the solar system. So the pandemic and death correlations could just be due to low solar activity, which also means low neutrino output by the sun. Neutrinos are basically subatomic photons with a different angular momentum than regular photons. That is, they come from the nucleus and affect the nucleus, whereas regular photons come from electron orbitals and affect electron orbitals. So they affect nuclear processes, hence the discovery that solar neutrinos may be affecting radioactive decay rates on Earth. Since radioactivity is a quantum phenomenon, it’s possible that neutrinos affect quantum processes in general, and through the butterfly effect can therefore affect probabilities in our everyday life.

Next is the current month’s moon calendar showing shaded regions signifying times when the moon’s alignment with the sun exerts the strongest influence upon us. Read my article Food for the Moon for an explanation on what this chart means. Basically any shaded region heightens the probability of trouble, the amplification corresponding to height of the shaded region. This calendar now generates automatically. You can download this to run in your browser offline.

Then comes a map of atmospheric electron density. HAARP is known to modulate this variable. It also varies with day/night cycles naturally. What effect electron density has remains to be seen. Changes in electron density should theoretically cause weak electrogravitational waves or changes in gravitational potential, which may have psycho-biological effects. If we had a map that showed rate of change in electron density, rather than its current value, that might prove more valuable.

Then we have a map of recent earthquake activity. There are so many earthquakes it is difficult to tell whether anything is anomalous, but I thought it might be useful anyway. Click on the image to visit the page from which the image was pulled, this allows you to hover or click over any circle and get info on the magnitude, time, and location of the earthquake.

The national weather map indicates several things besides rain. Realm instabilities, particularly friction between realms and skirmishes between hyperdimensional forces, tend to reflect in a rather messy weather map. Read the Cassiopaean Transcripts and Trevor Constable’s book “Cosmic Pulse of Life” for more about the relation between weather and ultraterrestrials. Weather modification by people playing with cloudbusters is also a cause for certain weather patterns, particularly occluded/stationary fronts, so some discernment is needed in distinguishing between these two causes of chaotic weather. Whatever the cause, it is interesting to see correlations between the weather map and the other indicators on the page.

Then we have a forecast of the next day’s planetary aspects. That is, certain astrological alignments between planets and earth. Each planet’s vibrational emissions encode a certain archetype, and the angles formed between planets shows how these archetypes complement or oppose each other. Angles called squares and oppositions indicate friction, meaning realm conditions are negatively affected by such configurations. For those experiencing attention from hyperdimensional forces, due to a need for economizing the resources for such attention, when realm conditions are weakest is when such forces manifest most abrasively, so astrology can be useful in knowing ahead of time when a window of trouble is approaching. This is followed by an astrological forecast for today that interprets the active aspects.

And last comes the current astrological chart. Useful for those who know how to read it. Basically squares and oppositions are what to watch for. That is, red lines making 180 or 90 degree angles. Good thing about this chart is that you can see how close or distant we are from such alignments. But even more importantly, I discovered that the more clustered everything is on this chart, the worse things get. I wrote a Python script to calculate the standard of deviation (spread) of the planets and then graphed them. It’s a huge PDF file — the lower the value on the graph, the more clustered the planets. So high = good.

This indicators page is just an experiment, a useful dashboard to get an indirect glance of how the matrix is doing. Saves me from having to click through numerous websites, and I figured readers might be interested as well. Why do I think it is important to know of attacks? Not out of fear so much as curiosity and tactical advantage over an invisible suppressive force that relies on our ignorance and unsuspecting selves to achieve success. Taking care of external factors makes it easier to identify our inner issues that we need to deal with separately. Just don’t let the indicators page become a self-fulfilling prophecy for you; stay calm and objective.