Alien Saviors » 29 August 05

In 2002 I had an interesting dream. In the dream I stood on a beach at night in Florida gazing up at an amazing auroral display. Solar activity was so high that even Florida was getting auroras. I then ran into a sports bar and saw people staring at the television — news footage of large discs were shown hovering over major cities.

Next in the dream, I was in a mobile home and saw propaganda posters pasted up on the walls advertising these alien arrivals as friends of mankind. In the trailer with me were some of these aliens; they looked like male and female scandinavian models dressed in golden jumpsuits. But as fair looking as they were, their eyes were cold. On a table before me were children’s books with cartoon images of kids playing with dark blue aliens wearing golden helmets. On the TV was an animated cartoon with the same theme. These carricatured aliens had large, round, yellow slit eyes but were depicted as smiling and friendly. In the very last scene of the dream, volcanoes erupted and the ground broke up as lava welled up from the fissures… then I woke up.

Occasionally I have prophetic dreams. In the past, dreams have alerted me to the impending Afghanistan and Iraq invasions, and recently the flooding of New Orleans. Perhaps this alien invasion dream above abstractly represented a probable future where aliens show up as the saviors of mankind. The cartoon images of the aliens with slit eyes were supposed to be reptilians according to the dream, but that is not how I imagined reptilians looked like. But a year after having this dream I came across a supposed photograph of a reptilian in the book “The Blue Planet Project” matched what I saw in the dream. Here is a photoshop enhanced version of the black and white image:

But the point of the dream is that around time of extreme solar activity, mankind was openly contacted by a dual race of aliens, first were ones that looked entirely human but were nordics in golden jumpsuits. Their physical perfection and impression as “golden haired gods” enchanted the ignorant masses into hailing them as the best thing since Jesus. After they secured allegiance from mankind, then came a propaganda campaign to soften up the kids to the reptilians.

(Note: in 2004 I moved from Florida to Virginia and was there for eight years, and figured during those years that the dream could not be prophetic, at least not literally, because I had left Florida for good. Well, due some unforeseen circumstances such as our cat dying of cancer and my medical condition requiring vitamin D from sunlight while winter approached, my girlfriend and I moved back to Florida. As of June 2014, I am still in Florida and the solar cycle is now peaking. It is nearing its downward slope, which ranges from summer 2014 through fall of 2016 — the portion of the solar cycle where the biggest flares tend to occur).

While that was just a dream, over the years I have accumulated reasons to believe in the plausibility of this scenario. I have found other published sources that propose the same. The Allies of Humanity by Marshall Vian Summers is the most simple exposition I have found, but if you read between the lines of alien abduction books and channeled material you’ll find more support.

If there is an alien agenda, it should be reflected in the types of movies that have been made over the past couple decades. These movies can serve to inform, or to deceive, but either way it serves as data to extrapolate the most probable nature of the alien agenda. So with E.T. and Close Encounters we have aliens being depicted as wonderful beings, while Independence Day and the timely remake of War of the Worlds sought to show them the antagonists of humanity. The miniseries V came pretty close to the truth, in my opinion. But the one scenario that as far as I’m aware has never been covered is the concept of mankind joining forces with one alien race in order to combat another.

Now, in my life I have noticed that the little things I anticipate tend not to happen, as though awareness kills the future. On a mass scale, perhaps the blockbuster alien movies are indicators of what will not happen — for similar reasons. Therefore, the one thing they all curiously avoid should be the future that is most likely to happen. What if humanity goes under the karmic knife and experience unprecedented world war, culminating in the appearance of an extraterrestrial threat? Then what if seemingly good aliens “show up” demanding our allegiance to defeat this threat, and after “banishing” the threat they also help us end human suffering and bring about a “golden” age?

Consider the following excerpt from an interesting channeling source :

Radiant pathways open in the sky. Angelic warriors descend and rout the myrmidons of evil. An Imperium of Light ensues.

The shimmer of crystal ships. The smile of star-kings. Gifts. A cure for all disease. Non-polluting energy. A reign of peace. Their reign.

World government. A techno-web. The deviance of cell and citizen is monitored and managed. No crime. No poverty. No illness. All function for the weal of humankind. No individuality.

Mutation. Bio-linkage, brain to brain. Humanity is one. No self but species.

These are images of failure, thwarting of your true design.

What appears to be the beginning of a Golden Age may simply be the cunning implementation of spiritual tyranny by hostile alien forces playing “good cop” and perhaps also “bad cop” in order to trick mankind into abdicating its collective freewill. It makes sense that superior intelligences would seek to trick us into willingly accepting them as saviors rather than crudely obliterating us as depicted in War of the Worlds. At the peak of global distress, their offerings of peace, security, health, free energy, and advancement may be too irresistible an offer for the traumatized masses. They will invade with deception and stay with force, just like any tyranny.

If any of this is true, there should currently be some disinformative efforts underway to prepare people for this scenario. The disinformation would need to portray alien contact as a desirable and positive event, and it would have to underscore the plights of humanity such as disease, pollution, and war. How interesting it is, then, that the Disclosure Project precisely fits this requirement. The project has done commendable work in gathering testimonials and documentation of the alien presence, but toward what ends is this evidence presented? To prove that aliens exist, that the government must admit to the coverup and share what it knows, and to therefore invite first contact with the aliens so that mankind can get on with being saved by the superior technology and guidance these aliens have to offer.

Meanwhile, some players in the exopolitics field put down as disinformation anything that suggests aliens might be hostile. Through malicious naïveté, they ignore the mountains of research published by people like Val Valerian, the late Karla Turner, David Jacobs, James Bartley, Eve Lorgen, and numerous others. Their combined works indicate that the possibility of hostility is at least worth considering. But those who willingly limit what they discuss are those more likely to be the disinformants.

Evidence of the planned alien deception exists right now, in examples like these. This is not a matter of paranoia, but a matter of deduction for those with eyes to see. It concerns a hefty probable future.

I do not doubt there are positive forces, but tend to think they are discreet hyperdimensional beings whose great compassion and wisdom precludes them from bursting through the skies blasting trumpets and announcing themselves as our saviors. Beware of aliens bearing gifts. For more, see my article: Synopsis of the Alien Master Plan.