Reality Uncertainty Principle » 3 April 05

Some things you can predict with certainty, other things you cannot. The difference between science and metaphysics is very simple: for science, the end is contained in the beginning; for metaphysics, the end is open. Let me explain this because it is a valuable concept to understand.

When you can predict what will happen at a particular moment in time, that event might as well have already happened. Throw a ball in the air at a given velocity and a physics formula will tell you when and where it will land. Its landing spot is decided the moment it leaves your hand; the beginning contains the end. This is what science strives toward: to study nature in order to predict it, to predict nature in order to control it.

But science encounters a little difficulty in the quantum domain. It’s known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which explains that you cannot completely nail down the behavior of reality at the subatomic level. For example, the more you know where a subatomic particle is located, the less you know where it’s going and vice versa.

Position and momentum, these are like the opposite views of the same cube. In one view we see three sides, in the opposite view we see the other three sides. The more we see of the first, the less we see of the second and vice versa. Yet all six sides exist simultaneously as part of the same cube.

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle is simply a clue from our Creator that 3D space and linear time are illusory, that everything is happening in the Infinite Here and Eternal Now. Existence is an unchanging holographic fractal; the only thing that moves and changes in this fractal is the focal point of our consciousness. The “future” is an endless zoom into the fractal.

While science says the Uncertainty Principle is limited to the quantum domain, this is actually not so. Like leaves floating swiftly along a river we sense no immediate motion around us and falsely conclude the river is still. In truth, quantum principles are in full effect even on the macroscopic scale, but since our experiences through “linear time” are products of these effects, we are oblivious as leaves in a river.

But the Reality Uncertainty Principle is very evident for those with eyes to see. Here I am talking about the spiritual principle of manifestation, how the universe answers earnest requests through nothing short of surprises. Either you receive at the expected time in an unexpected manner, or receive in the expected manner at an unexpected time. Usually it’s a little of both.

Quantum mechanics concerns itself with position and momentum, but these are just questions of “what” and “when” — space and time. The timing and nature of synchronistic answers to spiritual requests are also questions of “what” and “when” — space and time. The Uncertainty Principle is as valid on the macroscopic scale as on the quantum. As above, so below.

Linear time does not exist because there is no change in the infinite fractal, only a change in our point of observation. The only true time is that which measures our sequence of freewill choices, lessons, and increments of soul growth — the measure marker of our pathway through the infinite fractal.

But the critical point is this: without choice, there is absolutely no time. In a deterministic system where the beginning contains the end, the beginning and end occur without advancement along true time.

It is for this reason that such events can be predicted with absolute certainty, for they take place within the same frame of the cosmic film strip. Metaphysical events take place between such frames. Putting it another way, the events studied by science take place within this universe, while metaphysical events like synchronicities involve dynamic shuffling between universes.

Just as rotating toward you one half of a cube rotates away the other half, so does focusing on the timing of a metaphysical event “rotate away” the expected nature of the event, and vice versa. The solution? Don’t expect at all. In other words, patience and non-anticipation. You can go through life without manifestation rituals, just a happy-go-lucky attitude that lets good things fall into place like a cube falling into a square hole. (Though, keep in mind that due to the Law of Awareness, you should indeed calmly anticipate and prepare for the bad things, in order to head them off).

But if you do make a request, follow Ron Popeil’s advice: “set it and forget it.” Through non-anticipation you leave the timing entirely ambiguous, which according to the Reality Uncertainty Principle keeps the integrity of your request entirely intact.