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After ten months of observation back in 2004, I concluded that moon phases and periods of hyperdimensional attack are highly correlated, enough so that one can predict them.

They tend to occur within three days of a full moon, three days of a new moon, and within one day of lunar perigee or apogee. Based on this, it sounds like the entire calendar would be filled, but that is not so because each has different intensity, and the intensity varies within the active period. For example, the third day prior and after a full moon is more conducive to trouble than the others; perigee and apogee do more to amplify these.

One thing I can say for certain is that all days free of lunar influence are also free of hyperdimensional/psychic attacks. Several months ago after figuring out this pattern I tested the theory by making predictions. Success rate in predicting lunar-free days as being “good” days has been 100%. Success rate in predicting that lunar-influence days correlate with attacks has been about 90%.

What do I mean by “hyperdimensional attack”? First let me say that ‘attack’ isn’t the best word since it implies victimization. Better words would be “testing” or “challenge” or “initiation” — but these can be euphemistic considering the source and intent of these “greetings” are to put targets out of commission or worse, weaken and inevitably replace/reprogram their souls into service to STS forces.

But as far as this research note is concerned, the term “hyperdimensional attack” refers to cunning operations by negative fourth/fifth density entities to pre-emptively sabotage spiritually progressive individuals and groups in 3D. This is done by attacking the weakest persons at the weakest spots at their weakest moments. These forces have at their disposal limited time travel capability, the ability to abduct and hypnotically program key individuals for later triggering, and are by nature able to foresee our future probability vectors and analyze where the necessary critical points are located.

In moderating my message board, the moon chart together with other tools such as warning dreams, synchronicities, omens, number sightings, ear ringings, deja vu, etc… allow me to consistently predict when the next period of turmoil will be, from what issue it will spawn, and whom it will involve. You can hear a train before it rolls into town…you can sense the precursors of a hyperdimensional “challenge” before it manifests. It’s like forecasting the weather. (Here is an MP3 of a simulated ear tone. Works best with headphones. For more on eartones/ringings, see the In2Worlds article on Ear Tones).

I don’t know the exact reason why these correllate with moon phases, but I do have theories. It’s generally known that emotions are high and judgments are off on full moons. Occult practices are best performed three days before and after new and full moons. So these alone show periods of increased vulnerability in targets and increased offensive ability by the sharpshooters.

An additional possible factor is the alignment between earth, moon, and sun – particularly the gravitational aspects of same. At the center of every cosmic spherical object (star, planet, perhaps moon) resides a dimensional window created from the mutual stress of gravity tugging equally in all directions from that point, opening up a portal into other dimensions and densities. Between the centers of two such bodies a conduit is formed transferring energy between them. Certain alignment between sun, earth, and moon create resonant conditions which allow maximum energy transfer, amplifying the dimensional windows of all objects involved. This, in turn, thins the veil between dimensions and densities and affords hyperdimensional forces an easier time viewing realms and probability trajectories otherwise occluded, helps them work within these newly accessible realms to effect desired change in third density. Nutational points may also be involved.

The reasons are less important than the results – I am absolutely convinced of a correlation between lunar influence and hyperdimensional interference. How do I know it’s actual interference and not just the chaos caused by natural lunar astrological factors? Because these involve clever orchestrations that are clearly set up in advance; the way they play out is too organized to be dismissed as chance.

Certain moon phases give hyper-D attackers an upper hand, but you knowing about this fact puts them in a hard spot: they can surprise you by attacking during a non-lunar day and suffer the weakened energetic conditions, or they can go ahead and attack during a lunar day but suffer complications from you expecting it.

By knowing cycles, one can become free of them. See if the moon chart correllates with anything in your life – if so, you can know what days to be extra alert. And remember, alert does not mean paranoid. As the C’s warned, paranoia will destroy ya. But what can be predicted can also be controlled. In this case, through awareness between myself and a few others, we have been able to head off one attack attempt – that was an act of using cycles and knowledge of precursors to win the battle before it began. The dark works in darkness, and shining the light of awareness into these dark paths renders them useless as sneak attack routes.

Defense involves donning protection by upping one’s emotional frequency, “creating” reality by intending that all goes well, and increasing awareness by expecting attack and knowing how to counter modes of attack. Most of this is covered in The Art of Hyperdimensional War. The rule of thumb is this: if you can guess an attack method before ‘they’ have a chance to pull it off, they will call it off and try another until the window of opportunity closes. Awareness “heads off” such possibilities before they manifest. Expect the unexpected.

Now, for those who have read Food for the Moon, I constructed a number of moon charts showing the full, new, quarter, perigee, and apogee.

Perigee (moon furthest in its orbit) and apogee (moon closest) have been incorporated into the shape of each new or full moon window by placing a peak at the midpoint between the new or full moon and the closest apogee or perigee. In my observation, the highest probability for “lunacy” occurs near this average. In other words, if the perigee or apogee happens at the very end of a moon window, then the peak would be three-fourths into the window.

Second, I put a minor bump at quarter moon. That is when the moon is half full, when in astrological terms the sun and moon are square. Square aspects are antagonistic, and as I have found, minor disruptions sometimes crop up on those days.

Now, further narrowing down the peak probability within a moon window requires the use of personal biorhythm charts. In my experience, the more waves cross on any given day, the more likely that day will see improbable manifestations of “negativity.” Personal reality unlocks, becomes more easily reshuffled.

Some might ask why any of this is necessary if one should strive to be aware all the time. My reply is that it’s not about when to be aware and when not to be aware, but rather when one should be more aware than usual. Trying to maintain peak awareness all the time would tax your system and create unnecessary stress. But by knowing the cyclical factors behind turbulent flavors of experience, you can economize your energies by maintaining peak awareness when it counts most.

The moon cycles affect some people more than others. You will know through observation whether this is valid for you and those you interact with. I have received many emails from people who have independently discovered this themselves, that things tend to get rougher around the new and full moon than other days of the month.

Also take a look at my Coherence Indicators research note, which contains a link to a dashboard of different phenomena that tie into current realm conditions.

Regarding the mechanism behind these indicators, my best guess is that earth undergoes unstable gravitational fluctuations that temporarily mess up the borders between strata (realms) in the fourth dimensional spatial continuum, allowing infernal forces native to the strata beneath our own easier access to our reality. These fluctuations are brought on by anything from astrological alignments to the longitudinal vector potential stream buffeting the earth whenever the sun throws a coronal mass ejection our way.

As for HAARP and its sister sites across the globe, these pulse the ionosphere to create modulated longitudinal waves that change realm characteristics on the ground in a controllable way, which further assists hyper-dimensional manipulation of our reality. Weather control is only part of the effect, but still an important one as evidenced by HAARP waterfall charts in the days leading up to Hurricane Katrina. Mind control is another by-product, although “mood control” would be more accurate. As some of you might have noticed, mood can tie into weather, weather can respond to mood, weather can reflect hyper-dimensional happenings, those happenings can affect mood, etc… it’s all quantum entangled.

Reason I mention this is because the mechanism underlying the “food for the moon” effect may just be the same one underlying HAARP technology, solar storm effects, and so on: realm boundary perturbation through exotic gravitational field geometries or modulation. Just my educated guess.

Later I removed perigee and apogee since their effects were too minor. The minor bump at quarter moon stays. Again, that is when the moon is half full, when in astrological terms the sun and moon are square. Square aspects are antagonistic, I have found the potential for minor disruptions increases those days but only a third as intensely as the new or full moon windows. Mercury Retrogrades and strong geomagnetic storms (due to solar activity) make for prolonged lunar-like influences.

Currently the moon chart is auto-generated via javascript application on my Coherence Indicators page at